Obadiah 1

Obadiah 1:1

Concerning Edom -- Christendom. D15

In battle -- The time of trouble. D527

Obadiah 1:15

Day of the LORD -- Approaching time of trouble. R2338:5

Heathen -- Nations. R2338:5

Done unto thee -- Shall come into judgment. R2338:5

Obadiah 1:16

Ye have drunk -- Of the confused doctrine of Babylon. R3999:3*

They -- The nations, not the people. R2338:5

Certain systems of the present time which shall utterly fall, shall go down completely. R5327:4

Shall drink -- Drink of the cup of the Lord's anger. R2338:5

They had not been -- They will be utterly destroyed as nations in the time of trouble. R2338:5

Although the nations shall never rise again, the people who composed the various nations shall come forth from the grave. R2338:5

Death everlasting will be the penalty inflicted upon all who do not eventually come into the fullest heart-harmony with the Lord. SM766:2; R4553:1, R5327:4

Those who refuse to profit by the glorious opportunities of the Millennium. R4553:1; Q763:2

Used in connection with certain systems of the present time which shall utterly fall, go down completely; might also apply to those who sin wilfully in the Millennium an die the Second Death. R5327:5

Obadiah 1:17

But upon mount Zion -- The spiritual phase of the Kingdom of God. A297; T33

Shall be deliverance -- In the Times of Restitution. D558; F355; R2503:6, R2504:1,2,5

The sight of the drunkard of verse 16 is a good token to show that the deliverance is even now on Mount Zion. R3999:3*

The house of Jacob -- Natural Israel. C278; A300

Obadiah 1:19

They of the south -- Those restored to perfect humanity. D653

The mount of Esau -- Christendom. D15

Obadiah 1:21

And saviours -- Christ Jesus and his Bride. R238:2*

Leaders guides, kings and priests, typified by those who judged Israel. R528:1*