C.T. Russell Database Help File

This web site is a work in progress. The goal is to provide a searchable web site dedicated to Charles Taze Russell's publications and supplemental publications that index or reference his work. The following are some instructions we hope you will find helpful. If these are not helpful please let us know using the email address at the end of this document.

Please note that we are trying to keep the function of this web site simple and compatible with the various web browsers and devices everyone may be using. If you need the text to be larger on the screen then use your browser's option to increase the font size.

The default screen for this Web site has the menu options across the top and the Dedication below. When you select the Studies menu option the screen will display the Tabernacle through the Sixth Volume. The text Volume 0 was added as a prefix to the title for the Tabernacle so it would appear first in the list. Click on one of the blue arrows next to the title of one of the Volumes and it will expand to show the chapters. Click on a link to one of the chapters and the screen will be replaced with the text for that chapter with its own vertical scroll bar.

Where applicable there is a "Go Back" button at the top and bottom of the page. You can also use the browser's Back button or if you are using a tablet or smart phone the built in back function. Additionally, when displaying a list of publications you will see 2 buttons above the list. They are Expand All and , Collapse All. The Expand All and Collapse All options will automatically expand and collapse all of the blue arrows to show or hide the underlying links.

When you select the Search Menu option you will be able to type in the text string you would like to search for. The search will return links to all of the documents with occurrences of the text you were looking for. Select one of the links to open the document in the text window. To quickly locate the search text in the displayed document use the browser's Find option to search for the same text string within the document. Use any of the available back options to go back to the search list.

You can search on any combination of words. The search only returns a list of the documents that match the criteria you have requested. To search for a phrase put the phrase in quotes. You still need to do a secondary search by opening a document and using the browser's Find option to locate one of the words or the string of words you are interested in.

Email support if you have questions about this web site.