To place the glorious works which adorn the literature of England and America within reach of the readers of other countries, was the aim of the noble originator of the “Tauchnitz Collection.” And in selecting the Word of God as recorded by the Apostles for the thousandth volume of the series, he has chosen the most appropriate crown for such a structure of human genius.

As early as the reign of Elizabeth, the English nation possessed an authorized translation, executed by the Bishops under the guidance of Archbishop Parker; and this, half a century later, in the year 1611, was revised at the command of James the First by a body of learned divines, and became the present “Authorized Version.” It is the New Testament portion of this version which forms the thousandth volume of the “Tauchnitz Collection.” Founded as it was on the Greek text at that time accepted by Protestant theologians, and translated with scholarship and conscientious care, this version of the New Testament has deservedly become an object of great reverence, and a truly national treasure to the English Church. The German Church alone possesses in Luther’s New Testament a treasure of similar value.

But the Greek text of the apostolic writings, since its origin in the first century, has suffered many a mischance at the hands of those who have used and studied it; the mere process of constant copying and recopying alone having given rise to many alterations. The Authorized Version, like Luther’s, was made from a Greek text which Erasmus in 1516, and Robert Stephens in 1550, had formed from manuscripts of later date than the tenth century. Whether those manuscripts were thoroughly trustworthy — in other words, whether they exhibited the apostolic original as perfectly as possible — has long been matter of diligent and learned investigation. Since the sixteenth century Greek manuscripts have been discovered of far greater antiquity than those of Erasmus and Stephens; as well as others in Latin, Syriac, Coptic, and Gothic, into which languages the sacred text was translated between the second and fourth centuries; while in the works of the Fathers from the second century downward, many quotations from the New Testament have been found and compared. And the result has been, that while on the one hand scholars have become aware that the text of Erasmus and Stephens was in use in the Byzantine Church long before the tenth century, on the other hand, they have discovered thousands of readings which had escaped the notice of those editors. The question then arose, which reading in each case most correctly represented what the apostles had written? By no means an easy question, since the variations in the documents are very ancient. Jerome notices them, and many were in existence even as early as the fourth century. Scholars are much divided as to the readings which most exactly convey the Word of God, but one thing is agreed upon by the majority of those who understand the subject, namely, that the oldest copies approach the original text more nearly than the later ones.

Providence has ordained for the New Testament more sources of the greatest antiquity than are possessed by all the old Greek literature put together. And of these, two manuscripts have for long been especially esteemed by Christian scholars, since, in addition to their great antiquity, they contain very nearly the whole of both the Old and New Testaments. Of these two, one is deposited in the Vatican, and the other in the British Museum. Within the last ten years a third has been added to the number, which was found at Mount Sinai, and is now at St. Petersburg.

These three manuscripts undoubtedly stand at the head of all the ancient copies of the New Testament, and it is by their standard that both the early editions of the Greek text and the modern versions are to be compared and corrected. Indeed, it is not too much to hope that by their means a Greek text of the New Testament may sooner or later be settled, which shall serve as the basis of translation for all Christian communities. But before this can come about, it is of the greatest interest to all Christians who value the sacred Scriptures, to understand the relation which the ordinary Bibles of Europe and America bear to the very ancient documents of which we have been speaking. And it thus occurred to Baron Tauchnitz and myself that it would be to the interests of both piety and learning if we took the occasion of the thousandth volume of the “Tauchnitz Collection” to issue an edition of the English Authorized Version of the New Testament, which should exhibit the various departures of that Version from the three oldest and most important manuscripts.

The effect of thus comparing the common English text with the most ancient authorities will be as often to disclose agreement as disagreement. True, the three great Manuscripts alluded to differ from each other both in age and authority, and no one of them can be said to stand so high that its sole verdict is sufficient to silence all contradiction. But to treat such ancient authorities with neglect would be either unwarrantable arrogance or culpable negligence; and it would be indeed a misunderstanding of the dealings of Providence if, after these documents had been preserved through all the dangers of fourteen or fifteen centuries, and delivered safe into our hands, we were not to receive them with thankfulness as most valuable instruments for the elucidation of truth.

It may be urged that our undertaking is opposed to true reverence; and that by thus exposing the inaccuracies of the English Version, we shall bring discredit upon a work which has been for centuries the object of love and veneration both in public and private. But those who would stigmatize the process of scientific criticism and test, which we propose, as irreverent, are greatly mistaken. To us the most reverential course appears to be, to accept nothing as the word of God which is not proved to be so by the evidence of the oldest, and therefore the most certain, witnesses that He has put into our hands. With this view, and with this intention, the writer of the present Introduction has occupied himself, for thirty years past, in searching not only the libraries of Europe, but the obscurest convents of the East, both in Africa and Asia, for the most ancient manuscripts of the Bible; and has done all in his power to collect the most important of such documents, to arrange them, and to publish them for the benefit both of the present age and of posterity, so as to settle the original text of the sacred writers on the basis of the most careful investigation. And it is the same conviction that has led him to undertake the more popular task of preparing the present edition of the English New Testament. In no country have his labors and happy discoveries been so warmly received and so thoroughly appreciated as in England, since his first visit to Oxford, Cambridge, and London, more than a quarter of a century ago; and he has therefore good ground for hope that the present work will meet with interest and success in the same quarters.

Before proceeding to speak more particularly of the present edition it will be advisable to say something in detail about the three great manuscripts so often already referred to.

The first which came into the possession of Europe was the Vatican Codex. Whence it was acquired by the Vatican Library is not known; but it appears in the first catalogue of that collection, which dates from the year 1475. The manuscript embraces both the Old and New Testaments. Of the latter, it contains the four Gospels, the Acts, the seven Catholic Epistles, nine of the Pauline Epistles, and the Epistle to the Hebrews as far as IX. 14, from which verse to the end of the New Testament it is deficient; so that not only the last chapters of the Hebrews, but the Epistles to Timothy, Titus, and Philemon, as well as the Revelation, are missing. It is in three columns to a page. The peculiarities of the writing, the arrangement of the manuscript, and the character of the text—especially certain very remarkable readings—all combine to place the execution of the Codex in the fourth century, possibly about the middle of it. Owing to the regulations of the Papal library it was for a long time very difficult to make use of the manuscript. But in the year 1828 an edition of it was undertaken by Angelo Mai, afterwards Cardinal, at the instance of Pope Leo XII. The work did not, however, appear until 1857, three years after Mai’s death, and is extremely inaccurate. Many hundreds of its errors are corrected by the present writer in his Novum Testamentum Vaticanum, 1867; and further corrections were supplied by the facsimile edition of Vercellone and Cozza, 1868, which are included in the Appendix Novi Testamenti Vaticani, 1869.

The Alexandrine Codex was presented to King Charles the First in1628 by Cyril Lucar, Patriarch of Constantinople, who had himself brought it from Alexandria, of which place he was formerly Patriarch, and whence it derives its name. It is written in pages of two columns, and contains both the Old and New Testaments. Of the New, the following passages are wanting: Matt. I. I to XXV. 6; John VI. 50 toVIII. 52; 2 Cor. IV. 13 to XII. 6. In addition to the Bible the manuscript contains the Epistle of Clemens Romanus (the only known copy), a letter of Athanasius, and a treatise of Eusebius upon the Psalms. On palaeographic and other grounds, it would appear to have been written about the middle of the fifth century. The NewTestament was published in quasi-facsimile in 1786 by C. G. Woide, and has been recently re-edited, with corrections, in a smaller shape, by B. Harris Cowper. The Sinaitic Codex I was myself so happy to discover in 1844 and 1859, at the convent of St. Catherine, on Mount Sinai, in the latter of which years I brought it to Russia to the Emperor Alexander the Second, at whose instance my second journey to the East was undertaken. It is written in four columns to a page, and contains both Old and New Testaments—the latter perfect, without the loss of a single leaf. In addition, it contains the entire Epistle of Barnabas, and a portion of the “Shepherd” of Hermas, two books which down to the beginning of the fourth century were looked upon by many as Scripture. All the considerations which tend to fix the date of manuscripts lead to the conclusion that the Sinaitic Codex belongs to the middle of the fourth century. Indeed, the evidence is clearer in this case than in that of the Vatican Codex; and it is not improbable (which cannot be the case with the Vatican MS.) that it is one of the fifty copies of the Scriptures which the Emperor Constantine in the year 331 directed to be made for Byzantium, under the care of Eusebius of Caesarea. In this case it is a natural inference that it was sent from Byzantium to the monks of St. Catherine by the Emperor Justinian, the founder of the convent. The entire Codex was published by its discoverer, under the orders of the Emperor of Russia, in 1862, with the most scrupulous exactness, and in a truly magnificent shape, and the New Testament portion was issued in a portable form in 1863 and 1865.

These considerations seem to show that the first place among the three great Manuscripts, both for age and extent, is held by the Sinaitic Codex, the second by the Vatican, and the third by the Alexandrine. And this order it completely confirmed by the text they exhibit, which is not merely that which was accepted in the East at the time they were copied; but, having been written by the Alexandrine copyists who knew but little of Greek, and therefore had no temptation to make alterations, they remain in a high degree faithful to the text which was accepted through a large part of Christendom in the third and second centuries. The proof of this is their agreement with the most ancient translations— namely, the so-called Italic, made in the second century in proconsular Africa; the Syriac Gospels of the same date, now transferred from the convents of the Nitrian desert to the same British Museum; and the Coptic version of the third century. It is confirmed also by their agreement with the oldest of the Fathers, such as Irenaeus, Tertullian, Clement, and Origen.

These remarks apply to the Sinaitic Codex—which is remarkably close in its agreement to the “Italic” version—more than they do to the Vatican MS., and still more so than to the Alexandrine, which, however, is of far more value in the Acts, Epistles, and Apocalypse than it is in the Gospels. A few readings, as remarkable for the correspondence which they disclose in the date of the manuscripts, as for the testimony which they bear to their authority,

I propose now to bring before my readers.

1. The ordinary conclusion to the Gospel of St. Mark, namely XVI. 9-20, is found in more than five hundred Greek manuscripts, in the whole of the Syriac and Coptic, and most of the Latin manuscripts, and even in the Gothic version. But by Eusebius and Jerome (the former of whom died in the year 340) it is stated expressly that in nearly all the trustworthy copies of their time the Gospel ended with the 8th verse; and with this, of all existing known Greek manuscripts, only the Vatican and the Sinaitic now agree.

2. The opening of the Epistle to the Ephesians in our Bibles contains the words, “to the saints which are at Ephesus.” The words “at Ephesus” were not in the copies used either by Marcion (A.D. 130- 140) or Origen (185-254); Basil the Great (who died in 379) also states that they were wanting in the old manuscripts of his time; and the omission agrees well with the encyclical character of the Epistle. At the present day the words are found in many ancient Greek manuscripts, and in all the ancient versions; and even to Jerome no copy was known which did not contain them. Now, however, the Sinaitic and Vatican manuscripts alone agree with Basil, Origen and Marcion.

3. Origen states—and the statement is confirmed by various quotations before his time—that in John 1. 4 some copies contained “in Him is life,” instead of “in Him was life.” Whereas that reading is now found only in the Sinaitic manuscript, and in the famous Cambridge copy of the Gospels known as the “Codex Bezae”; although it is shown in most copies of the Italic version, in the old Syriac, and the oldest Coptic version.

4. Jerome mentions, in reference to Matt. XIII. 35, that Porphyry, the opponent of Christianity in the third century, accused the Evangelist of having said “which was spoken by the prophet Isaiah,” a reading which is exhibited also by an authority of the second century. To which Jerome adds that well-informed people had long before removed the name of Isaiah from the passage. Now, of all our manuscripts of a thousand years old, not one exhibits the name of Isaiah except the Sinaitic, with which a few of later date agree.

5. The passage John XIII. 10 is cited six times by Origen; but the Sinaitic MS. alone (with a few copies of the old Italic version) gives it as Origen does, namely, “He that is washed needeth not to wash, but is clean every whit.”

6. In John VI. 51—where the passage is very difficult to settle— the Sinaitic Codex alone among all Greek manuscripts has the undoubtedly right reading, namely, “If any man eat of My bread he shall live for ever. The bread which I will give for the life of the world is My flesh,” which is confirmed by Tertullian, at the end of the second century.

Many other examples of the kind might be given. In the facsimile steel engraving which forms the frontispiece to the volume, my readers may examine for themselves the style in which each of the three great manuscripts so often mentioned is written. Initial letters are found in the Alexandrine Codex only, and in not having them the other two agree with the Herculanean rolls of the first century.

I have only further to speak of the method pursued in the printing of this edition. The text is that of the English “Authorized Version,” exactly reproduced; and in the notes are given the variations from that text in the three manuscripts above named:—

S denotes the Sinaitic MS.

V " the Vatican; and

A " the Alexandrine.

S*, V*, and A* denote that the words so accompanied are the original reading of the respective MSS., though altered by a later hand; while the later readings themselves are denoted by S2, V2, or A2 respectively. But my readers will bear in mind that, as a rule, I give only the original readings, and very rarely the ancient corrections.

The sign “om.” denotes that the words to which it is prefixed are omitted; “adds” or “add” that they are added. For instance: “SV om. ever” signifies that the Sinaitic and Vatican MSS. the word “ever,” given in the English text, is omitted: while “A adds saying” signifies that the Alexandrine MS. adds that word to the passage referred to in the English text.

Notes belonging to the same words in the text are divided by a comma; those belonging to a fresh passage by a semicolon. When words from the text are quoted in the notes they are followed by a colon, and then by the correction of the manuscript. Thus, “suffered he their manners: A bore he as a nurse”—which denotes that the last five words are given in the Alex. MS. instead of the first four which stand in the English.

Many obvious blunders which are found in the manuscripts are passed over in silence. But others, evidently wrong, are so denoted by the words “an error” or “a mere error.” I have no doubt that very shortly after the books of the New Testament were written, and before they were protected by the authority of the Church, many arbitrary alterations and additions were made in them. On the other hand, many variations are obviously only matters of pronunciation, and of little importance; others again arise only from the Greek idiom, and therefore need not be noticed.

Inaccurate or insufficient renderings I have denoted by the words “translate” or “all MSS.” Thus “translate by the well” denotes that that is a more accurate rendering than the “on the well” of the English Bible. Scholars like Trench, Scrivener, and Alford, whom I have usually followed in such cases, will know how to add to these latter corrections, but the plan of my work did not allow me to give more than I have actually given.

Lastly, I have to acknowledge the kind assistance that I have received in this work from my learned friend Mr. B. Harris Cowper.

No single work of ancient Greek classical literature can command three such original witnesses as the Sinaitic, Vatican, and Alexandrine Manuscripts, to the integrity and accuracy of its text. That they are available in the case of a book which is at once the most sacred and the most important in the world is surely matter for the deepest thankfulness to God.

Constantine Tischendorf
Leipzig, Christmas, 1868.


Title: SV After Matthew


3 V Zare

5 SV Boes; SV Iobed

6 SV and David (om. the king) begat

7 SV Asaph

8 SV Asaph

10 SV Amos

12 V Selathiel

14 S* Sadoch

25 SV had brought forth a son


3 SV the king Herod

6 S om. for

18 SV om. lamentation and

21 SV and entered into


2 SV om. and

6 S* om. of him; SV in the river of Jordan

7 S*V to the baptism

8 SV fruit

10 SV om. also

11 S For I indeed

14 SV But he forbad him

16 S*V om. unto him; SV om. and before lighting


1 V into the wilderness by the spirit

3 S came, he said unto him

5 SV and set him

12 SV when he had heard

13 SV Capharnaum

18 SV he saw (om. Jesus)

22 S* left their ship

23 V And he went; S* about Galilee; S* teaching them

24 V om. and after torments


1 V om. unto him

4 S2 that mourn now

16 your good works: V* your good things

22 SV om. without a cause

25 SV with him in the way; SV and the judge to the (om. deliver thee)

27 SV om. by them of old time

28 S* om. after her

30 and not: S* rather than

32 SV whosoever putteth away; V and whosoever marrieth her

39 S on the right cheek

44 SV om. bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you; SV om. despitefully use you and

45 S* om. and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust

46 do not even etc.: S* the publicans also do the same

47 SV do not even the heathen the same?

48 SV your heavenly Father is perfect


1 S but take heed; SV your righteousness

2 S* verily, verily

4 SV in secret, shall reward thee (om. openly)

5 SV and when ye pray, ye shall not be

6 SV om. openly

7 V as the hypocrites do

8 S*V for God your Father

12 S* V as we have forgiven

13 SV om. for thine is the kingdom— Amen.

15 S om. their trespasses; S the Father forgive you your tresp.

16 S* as hypocrites; S* their face; S* for verily

18 S* and the Father; SV om. openly

20 S and steal

21 SV thy treasure; SV thine heart; V om. also

22 V of the body is thine eye; S om. therefore

25 S om. or what ye shall drink; S* for the body

27 translate add to his life one span (literally one cubit)

32 S* for God your Father

33 S his kingdom and righteousness, V his righteousness and kingdom

34 SV shall take thought for itself


2 SV om. again

4 S* or how sayest thou; S to thy brother, Brother, let

5 S cast out of thine own eye the beam

8 V it is opened

9 SV of whom his son shall ask

10 SV or shall ask

12 S* om. therefore

13 S* for wide and broad is the way

14 S2V2 how strait

22 S* cast out many devils

24 SV shall be likened

29 SV as their scribes


3 SV And he put forth; S* om. immediately

4 S* said

5 SV when he was; SV Capharnaum

6 S* om. Lord

7 V om. And; SV he saith; S* follow me, I will come

8 SV but the centurion

9 SV a man set under authority

10 V with no man in Israel

12 S* shall come out into

13 SV way, as thou; SV and the servant; S* in the selfsame hour. And the centurion returning to his house in that same hour found the servant whole.

15 S*V unto him

16 All MSS. with a word

18 S* saw multitudes, V saw a multitude

21 SV of the disciples

22 S but he saith, V but Jesus saith

23 S into the ship

25 SV and they came to him; SV save: we perish

26 S* the wind

28 S* when they were come; S* of the Gazarenes, V of the Gadarenes

29 SV om. Jesus; S* to destroy us

31 SV out, send us forth into the herd

32 SV into the swine; SV the whole herd (om. of swine) ran


2 SV om. thee

5 SV om. thee; S* om. and

8 SV they were afraid

9 S* om. from thence; S* of custom: he saith

10 S* And as they sat at meat; S* om. came and

12 S when he heard; SV om. unto them; S do not need physicians

13 SV om. to repentance

14 S*V om. oft

17 S but new wine must be put

21 S* om. but

22 S* But he turned

24 SV om. unto them; S* to scorn, knowing that she was dead

26 S her fame

27 V om. him

28 S* was entered; S* the two blind men; S* to do this unto you

31 S* om. all

32 S om. man

35 S* om. and before preaching; V om. among the people; S* people, and they followed him

36 SV because they were harassed


2 SV and James

3 S om. and Lebbaeus, whose surname was, V om. Lebbaeus, whose surname was

4 All MSS. the Cananite

5 S* om. saying

8 SV raise the dead, cleanse the lepers; S2 om. raise the dead

10 SV nor yet a staff

11 S enquire in it who is

12 S* salute it, saying, Peace to this house.

13 SV return upon you

14 S house or city or town

15 S and the land of Gomorrha

16 S* as the serpent

25 SV Belzebul

40 and he: S* but he


2 SV he sent by his disciples

5 S and the dead

8 S* why went ye out? to see a man; SV om. raiment

9 S*V why went ye out? to see a prophet?

10 SV om. for

15 V om. to hear

16 SV calling to others

17 SV om. unto you after mourned

19 of her children: SV* of her works

21 S sitting in sackcloth

23 SV Capharnaum, shalt thou be exalted unto heaven? thou shalt be

27 S* unto me of the Father

29 S* om. of me


4 SV and they did eat the shewbread; V a thing which it was not

6 SV that something greater than the temple is here

8 SV om. even

13 S om. like as the other

14 SV and took counsel

15 SV and many followed him

22 V they brought; S that the dumb spake and

24 SV Belzebul

25 SV And he knew

27 SV Belzebul

30 S scattereth me abroad

31 V shall be forgiven unto you men; SV shalt not be forgiven (om. unto men)

35 SV om. of the heart

37 S and by words

38 V om. and of the Pharisees; SV answered him

44 S* om. when he is come; S and swept

46 S* om. desiring to speak with him

47 S*V om. this whole verse; S2 then said one of his disciples, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren without seek for thee

49 S* the hand


9 S*V om. to hear

11 S om. unto them

14 SV and by them

17 S om. for

22 S*V of the world

27 S* hath it the tares

28 the servants: V they; SV say unto him

29 SV saith

33 S spake he unto them, saying

34 not: SV nothing

35 S* Esaias the prophet; S*V om. of the world

36 SV Then he sent; S and entered into

37 SV om. unto them

40 SV of the world

41 S the angels

42 S* and they cast them

43 S*V om. to hear

44 SV om. again; V om. all

45 S*V om. man

46 SV but when he

50 S and they cast them

51 SV om. Jesus saith unto them; SV om. Lord

55 Joses: S John, V Joseph

57 S but he said; V in his country


3 V For Herod had then

4 S om. unto him

12 S* his body, and buried him

14 SV and he went forth

15 SV the disciples; S send therefore

16 S* but he said

22 S And he constrained the disciples, V And straightw. he constr. his disciples; S into the ship

23 S* om. when he had sent the multitudes away

24 V was now many furlongs distant from the land

25 SV he came

26 S* but when they saw him, S2V but when the disciples saw him

27 S* he spake

28 S If it be thou, Lord

29 to go to Jesus: V and came to Jesus, S* to come. Therefore he came to Jesus

30 S*V* om. boisterous

33 SV om. came and

34 SV they came to land unto Gennesaret

35 S of the place


1 SV then came to Jesus from Jerusalem Pharisees and scribes

2 SV the hands

3 S* om. also

4 V for God said; SV Honour father

5 S* by me, it is nothing

6 and honour not: SV he shall not at all honour; SV om. or his mother; V the word of God

8 SV om. draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and

12 SV the disciples; V and say

14 S*V om. of the blind

15 SV the parable

16 SV and he said

17 V om. yet

22 SV om. unto him

30 S blind, maimed, dumb, V maimed, blind, dumb; SV at his feet

31 V the dumb to hear; S om. the maimed to be whole; S and the lame

32 S the disciples; S2 said to them; V om. now

33 SV the disciples

36 S* and the two fishes; SV and gave to the disciples

38 S beside children and women

39 All MSS. took the ship; SV of Magadan


2- 3 SV om. When it is evening—the signs of the times

4 SV the sign of Jonas

5 V the disciples

6 S om. unto them

8 SV om. unto them; SV ye have no bread

11 SV concerning bread? but beware of

12 S* not beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees, but

13 SV that the Son of man is?

17 SV but Jesus answered

19 SV om. And before I will give

20 SV the disciples; S*V that he was the Christ

21 S*V* Jesus Christ

22 V and saith unto him rebuking

26 SV for what shall a man be profited

28 SV that there be


4 SV let me make

8 SV save Jesus himself only

10 S the disciples

11 SV and he answered; V om. unto them; SV om. first

15 S om. Lord; SV and is sick

17 S* but he answered and said unto them

18 S and he was cured

20 SV and he saith unto them; SV of your little faith

21 S*V om. this verse

24 SV Capharnaum

25 S he was entering

26 V now when he said, Of strangers, Jesus said unto him, S now he said, Of strangers. Now when he said, Of strangers, Jesus said unto him

27 a piece of money: all MSS. a stater


1 V Now at the same

2 SV and he called

8 SV cut it off and cast it; SV maimed or halt

11 SV om. this verse

12 S* om. into the mountains

15 SV om. against thee; SV go, tell him

19 V again verily I say

21 S* came Peter and said, V came Peter and said unto him

24 S* many talents

25 SV the lord; SV and wife and children

26 V om. Lord

27 V of the servant

28 V om. same; SV om. me

29 SV om. at his feet; S* V om. all

30 S* and went

31 S now they came

35 SV om. their trespasses


3 V om. The; SV om. unto him; SV om. for a man

4 SV om. unto them; V he who created them

8 S Jesus saith unto them

9 V om. and shall marry another; V causeth her to commit adultery; S om. and whoso marrieth—adultery

10 SV the disciples say; S* om. unto him

12 S* om. for

14 S said unto them

16 SV one came to him and said, Master, what; S may inherit

17 SV Why askest thou me concerning what is good? He who is good is One

18 S om. unto him

19 SV Honour father and mother

20 S*V om. from my youth up

21 V saith; S* become perfect

22 S om. that saying; V great riches

24 S that it is

25 SV the disciples

29 S* om. houses or, S2 adds or houses after or lands; V om. or wife; V receive manifold

30 S last shalt be first, and first last


4 S into my vineyard

6 SV om. hour; SV om. idle

7 S* om. us; SV om. and whatsoever— ye receive

8 S and give the hire

9 V but when

10 V and when

16 SV om. for many be called, but few chosen

17 V but when Jesus was about to go up to Jerusalem, he took; SV apart, and in the way he said unto them

18 V om. to death

21 V but she said, Grant,

22 SV om. and to be baptized with baptism that I am baptized with

23 SV om. And; SV om. and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with; V or on my left

24 S they began to be much displeased with

26 SV om. but; V it is not so

29 S* om. him

30 S Have mercy on us, Jesus, thou son, V O Lord, have mercy on us, thou son

31 SV O Lord, have mercy on us, thou son

34 SV immediately they received


3 S hath need of it

4 S but this

7 S*V the clothes; V and he sat thereon

9 SV went before him

11 SV is the prophet Jesus of

12 SV om. of God

13 SV but ye make it

17 S* om. of the city

19 S* and nothing was thereon—and he said

27 S Jesus said unto them

28 S* two sons. He came; S in the vineyard

29 V said, I go sir, and went not; S* om. but

30 S* to the other; V said, I will not: afterward he repented, and went

31 SV om. unto him; V The last

32 V neither repented afterward

33 SV There was a householder

36 S* And again he sent

45 S But when


7 SV But the king was wroth

10 SV* the bridechamber

11 S* om. there

13 SV om. and take him away; SV and cast him

15 S* om. in his talk

21 SV om. unto him

23 S* And the same day came Sadducees

27 SV om. also

29 S And Jesus answered

30 V om. of God

32 SV He is not the God

35 SV om. and saying

37 SV But he said

38 SV the great and first

39 S*V om. And; V the second is likewise, Thou

40 S* om. all

44 SV till I put thine enemies under thy feet


3 SV om. observe after bid you; that observe and do: S* that do, S2V that do and observe

4 SV But they bind; S great heavy burdens, and lay them; SV but they themselves will not

5 SV for they make; SV om. of their garments

7 SV Rabbi instead of Rabbi, Rabbi

8 SV om. even Christ

9 SV your heavenly Father

10 V because your master is one

13 S* om. But

14 SV om. this verse

19 S Ye blind (without fools and)

23 V but these ought ye

26 V* the outside of it

27 S* indeed they appear

32 V* And ye shall fill up the measure

34 SV scribes; some of them

35 S* om. son of Barachias

38 V om. desolate


1 SV went out from the temple and departed

2 SV But he answered and said unto them

6 SV for it must come

7 S shall be earthquakes and famines in; V shall be famines and earthquakes in

9 S* of the nations

10 S and shall deliver up one another to tribulation; S om. and shall hate one another

17 SV to take the things out of

18 SV his garment

22 S* were shortened instead of shall be shortened

24 S that, if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived

26 S* om. wherefore

27 SV om. also

28 SV om. for

30 S* and all the tribes of the earth shall mourn

31 S with a great trumpet; S and he shall gather together

35 S* om. this verse

36 SV add nor the Son after not the angels of heaven

37 V For as the days

38 V in those days that were

39 V om. also

42 SV what day

45 SV the lord; S shall make ruler

48 S if the evil servant; SV om. his coming; SV and eateth and drinketh


2 SV were foolish, and five were wise

4 SV in the vessels

6 SV om. cometh; SV om. him

8 A oil of your oil

9 S* for you and us; SV om. but before go ye

13 SVA om. wherein the Son of man cometh

16 VA2 and gained other; V om. talents

17 SV om. And; SV om. he also

18 A one talent; SV digged the earth

20 A but he that; S received the five, came; SV om. besides them

22 A the two came and; S om. Lord; SV om. beside them

31 SV om. holy

33 SA on the right hand; S on his left

40 V* unto one of these least, ye

42 V* and I am thirsty

44 S* om. also; SVA om. him


3 SV A om. and the scribes; V* om. of the people

4 V* om. and kill him

8 S the disciples

9 SVA for this might

17 SV om. unto him

20 SA with the twelve disciples

21 S he saith

22 SV om. of them

25 S Jesus saith unto him

26 A the bread, and gave thanks and brake it

28 SV om. new

33 SVA unto him, If (S* om. If) all; SVA because of thee, I will never

36 SVA Gethsemani; SA unto his disciples; S om. here

42 V om. saying; SVA om. cup; SV om. from me

43 SV and he came again and found them asleep

44 A om. the third time; S the same words again

45 SVA to the disciples; V for behold the hour

50 S But he said unto him

51 V which were with him

53 SV om. now; S* presently give me here

55 SV om. with you

56 V all his disciples

59 SV om. and elders

60 SV but found none, though many false witnesses came. At the; SV om. false witnesses after came two, A* om. false

62- 63 S* om. Answerest thou—and said unto him

63 S2V om. answered and

65 S* saying, Behold he hath spoken; S heard the blasphemy

70 A before them all

75 SV om. unto him


2 SV om. him after delivered; SV om. Pontius

4 All MSS. om. the; V2 betrayed just blood

9 S* And that was fulfilled which; S And I took

10 S and I gave

11 SV om. unto him

15 S* they asked

22 SVA om. unto him

23 SV And he said

24 V om. just; S* but you will see

28 VS2 And they clothed him

33 S unto the place Golgotha

34 SV wine to drink

35 SVA om. that it might be—did they cast lots

40 SA save thyself, if thou be the Son of God, and come down

41 SA om. also; S with the elders and scribes

42 SV save. He is the King

43 A om. now; SV let him now, if he will, deliver him

45 S* om. over all the land

46 SV Eloi, Eloi; SV lema, A lima

48 S om. of them

49 SV after to save him add but another took a spear and pierced his side, and there came out water and blood

52 S* om. And the graves were opened

53 SV om. and went

55 S were also there

56 S* Among whom was Mary the mother of James and the Mary of Joseph and the Mary of the sons of Zebedee; Joses: S2 Joseph

58 SV commanded it to be delivered

64 SVA om. by night


2 SV om. from the door

5 S* om. unto the women

6 SV where he lay

9 SV om. as they went to tell his disciples

10 S* go tell the brethren

12 S* with the elders, they took counsel and took large money and gave it unto

14 SV om. him

17 SV om. him

18 S* om. unto them

19 SA om. therefore

20 SVA* om. Amen

MARK Title: SV After Mark: A The Gospel after or according to Mark.


1 S* om. the Son of God

2 SV in Esaias the prophet; S I will send; SV om. before thee

4 S* And John; SV John the Baptist was in the wilderness; V preaching instead of and preach

5 S* and they of Jerusalem were all baptized

8 SV om. indeed; S* om. you after shall baptize

9 V om. And before it came to pass; SV in Jordan of John

10 S descending and remaining on him

11 S* a voice (om. came); SV in thee I am well pleased

13 SVA om. there; A and angels

14 V And after; SV the gospel of God

15 S* om. and saying, S2A om. only and

16 SV And as he passed along by the sea; SV and Andrew the brother of Simon; SV casting nets here and there into the sea, A casting a net here and there into the sea

18 SV the nets

19 S* om. a little, V om. thence

21 SV Capharnaum; S on the sabb. day he taught in the synagogue

23 SV And straightway there was

24 S*V om. Let us alone; S we know thee

25 S*A* om. saying

27 S om. among themselves; SV What is this? A new doctrine with authority! He commandeth even the unclean spirits

28 S* om. immediately; S2V spread abroad every where throughout; S* Judea instead of Galilee

29 V when he was come out of the synagogue, he entered

31 SV om. immediately

34 S* om. of divers diseases; S2V because they knew that he was Christ

35 V om. and departed

37 SV And they found him, and say

38 SV Let us go elsewhere into the next towns

39 S* And he came to preach, S2V And he came preaching

40 V om. and kneeling down to him and, S om. to him; V Lord, if thou wilt

41 SV And he moved; S om. unto him

42 SV om. as soon as he had spoken

44 SA om. nothing


1 SV And when he entered again into Capharnaum after some days, it was noised

2 SV om. straightway

3 SV they come bringing unto him one sick

4 SV not bring him unto him

5 S* My son; SV om. thee

7 SV Why doth this man thus speak? He blasphemeth.

8 V om. so; SV he saith; V om. unto them

9 SV om. thee

11 SV Arise, I say unto thee, take up

12 SV And he arose, and immediately took up; V om. saying; S* saying, It was never so seen in Israel

13 S* And they went forth again to the sea; S* resorted unto them

15 SV And it cometh to pass, that he sitteth at meat in his house, and many; A came also and sat together

15- 16 S and there followed him also scribes of the Pharisees, and when they saw that he was eating

16 V And when the scribes of the Pharisees saw that he eateth with sinners and publicans; S that your master eateth; SV om. and drinketh

17 SVA om. to repentance

18 SVA and the Pharisees; used to fast: translate were fasting; SV and the disciples of the Pharisees, A om. and of the Pharisees

20 SVA shall they fast in that day

22 SV else the wine shall burst them; and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: Vand the wine perisheth and the bottles; S*V but new wine must be put into new bottles

24 A why do they that which is now lawful on the sabbath day

25 S saith

26 V om. How

27 A for man, not man


1 SV into a synagogue

2 S whether he healeth him

5 SVA om. whole as the other

7 SV Jesus with his disciples withdrew to the sea; S from Galilee and from Judaea followed him

8 S* om. and from Idumaea; S* from beyond Jordan, they about Tyre; SV hearing

10 A also as many as had plagues

13 S but they came

14 SV twelve, whom also he names apostles

15 SV om. to heal sicknesses and

16 SV And he ordained the twelve, and Simon he surnamed

18 All MSS. the Cananite

19 S* And he went

22 S Beelzebul, V Beezebul

25 S that house will not be able to stand

26 S* rise up against himself, he is divided and cannot stand

27 SV But no man

28 SVA and the blasphemies

29 S but shall be in danger; SV of eternal sin

31 S and his mother cometh, and his brethren, V and his mother and his brethren come; calling him: A seeking for him

32 SV and they say unto him; A and thy brethren and thy sisters

33 SV and my brethren

34 V om. And before he looked

35 V om. For; SVA my brother and sister


1 SV and there gathereth unto him a very great multitude

4 SVA om. of the air

8 SV and did yield fruit, in that it sprang up and increased (literally springing up and increasing)

9 SVA om. unto them

10 SV the parables

11 SVA Unto you is given the mystery

12 SV and it should be forgiven them (om. their sins)

15 SV that was sown in them, A that was sown out of their hearts

18 SV And there are others who are; SV these are such as have heard

19 SV of the world; S* and the dec. of riches choke the word, and the lusts of other things entering in, and it

24 SV and more shall be given unto you (om. that hear)

28 SVA om. For

32 SV And when it

34 V And without

36 SVA other ships

37 S2V so that the ship was now full, S* om. so that it was now full

40 SV Why are ye fearful? have ye not yet faith?


1 S*V of the Gerasenes, S2 of the Gergesenes

2 V om. immediately

3 S and no man could any more bind him even with chains, V and no man could any more bind him even with a chain

4 tame him: A bind him

5 SVA he was in the tombs and in the mountains

6 SV And when he

7 SVA and saith; A Son of the living God?

8 S And he said

9 SVA And he saith unto him, My name

10 A And they besought; S send him away

11 SVA unto the mountain

12 SV And they besought him

13 SV And he gave them leave; A* om. unclean; SV into the sea, about two thousand, and

14 SV they that fed them fled; S2VA And they went to see

15 S And they came; SV sitting, clothed

18 SVA And when he cometh

19 SVA And he suffered him not

22 SV om. behold; SVA he falleth

23 S and beseecheth him

25 SVA And a woman

27 SV had heard the things concerning Jesus

28 V om. but; S but his garment

33 S* and knowing

36 SV But Jesus having casually heard the word

38 SVA And they come—and he seeth

40 SV in where the damsel was (om. lying)

42 S for she was about twelve years old; SV and they were straightway astonished


1 SV and cometh

2 S all these things; that even etc.: SV and such mighty works which are wrought

3 S of James and Joseph

4 S* om. and among his own kin

6 S And Jesus went

8 SV no bread, no scrip

10 A And he saith

11 S And whatsoever place shall not receive you; SV om. verily I say unto you—than for that city

12 S and preached unto them

14 V and they said

15 SVA But others said; S And others, That it is; SVA om. or

16 V he said, John, whom I beheaded, he is risen, S he said, He whom I beheaded, this John is risen

17 A had sent forth and put John into prison, and bound him for Herodias’ sake

20 V knowing that he was a just man and an holy, he kept him; observed: translate kept; SV and when he heard him, he hesitated much

22 SV came and danced, she pleased Herod, and them that sat with him. Now the king said

23 S om. of me

25 came in: S came

27 SV and commanded him to bring his head

29 S and laid him in a tomb

30 S* all things, what they had done and taught

33 SVA And they saw them departing; S and many knew them; SV om. and came together unto him

34 SV And when he came out, he saw

35 S* came and said

36 V and buy themselves something to eat (om. for they etc.), S and buy themselves victuals, something to eat (om. for they etc.)

38 And when they knew, they say: S And they come and say, A they say unto him

41 SV gave them to the disciples

43 S and of the two fishes

44 S om. of the loaves; VA om. about

45 S into a ship

51 SV om. beyond measure and wondered

54 A straightway the men of that place knew him

56 SV or into cities or into country


2 SVA om. they found fault

4 SV om. and of tables (translate of beds or couches)

5 Then: SV And; SV with defiled hands

6 SV om. answered and

8 SV om. For; SV om. as the washing of pots and cups: and many other (A om. other) such like things ye do

12 SV om. And

14 SV And when he had called the people again unto him; V he saith; S Hearken and understand (om. unto me every one of you)

15 SV which come out of the man

16 SV om. this verse

17 SV asked of him the parable

18 S Do ye not yet perceive; S from without entereth, it defileth not the man

21 SV proceed evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders

22 thefts: SV adulteries

23 S and they defile the man

24 SV into the coasts of

25 SV But straightway a woman; S and came in and

27 SV And he said unto her

28 S yet the dogs eat under the table of the

30 SV she found her daughter laid upon the bed and the devil gone out

31 SV from the coasts of Tyre he came through Sidon unto the sea

32 S* his hands

35 SV om. straightway; S and straightway the string of his tongue

37 V as he maketh


1 SV being again great; SVA he called his (S the) disciples unto him

3 SV and divers of them; V are from far

4 S And his disciples answered and said, From

6 SV And he commandeth

7 A and he blessed them; S* and he blessed and set them before them

8 S And all did eat, V and they did eat

9 S And they were four thousand, V And they were about four thousand

10 S* And straightway Jesus entered; SV into the ship; V Dalmanuntha

11 S seeking of him to see a sign

12 V om. unto you

13 S om. into the ship, A into a ship

16 SV om. saying; V they have no bread

17 V And when he knew it; SV have ye your heart hardened?

18 S* om. and before having ears

19 S and how many

20 S And when the seven loaves; V om. and before when; S And they say, V And they say unto him

21 S unto them, Do ye not yet understand? A unto them, How is it that ye do not yet understand?

22 S2V And they come

23 A and put his hands upon him; V he asked him, Seest thou ought?

24 SVA I see men, because I see them as trees, walking

25 SV upon his eyes, and he saw and was restored, and saw every thing clearly

26 S* saying, Go not into the town, S2V saying, Go not even into the town; SV om. nor tell it to any in the town

27 A he asked the disciples

28 SV And they told him saying

29 SV And he asked them; V om. And before Peter; S the Christ, the Son of God

33 A But when Jesus had turned about; SV and saith instead of saying

35 SVA om. the same

36 A For what shall it profit the man, SV For what profiteth it a man

37 SV For what giveth a man in exchange


2 S into an exceeding high mountain

3 SV om. as snow

6 SV what to answer

7 SV and there was a voice out of the cloud, This is

11 S Why say the Pharisees and the scribes

12 SV And he told them (om. answered and); A as it is written instead of and how it is wr.

14 SV And when they came to the disciples, they saw; S*(VA) questioning among themselves

16 SV And he asked them; SA(V) What question ye among yourselves

17 SV om. and said

19 SVA He answereth unto them

23 SV If thou canst (om. believe)

24 And straightway: S* om. straightway, S2V om. And; SVA* om. with tears; SVA om. Lord

29 S*V om. and fasting

31 V om. unto them

33 SV And they came to Capharnaum; SV om. among yourselves

34 A om. by the way

37 S one of these children; S and whosoever receiveth me

38 And John answ. him saying: SV John said unto him; SV om. and he followeth not us; SV because he followed not us

40 A against you, is on your part

41 S2V in the name, that ye belong to Christ

42 SV om. in me

43 to go: S* to enter

44 SV om. this verse

45 S to enter maimed or halt into life; SV om. into the fire that never shall be quenched

46 SV om. this verse

47 SV into hell (om. fire)

49 SV om. and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt


1 by the farther side: SV and the farther side

2 VA And Pharisees

5 SV And Jesus said

6 God made: SV he made

7 S and his mother; SV om. and cleave to his wife

10 SV the disciples; SVA of this matter

12 SV And if she shall put away her husband and marry another

13 SVA and the disciples; SV rebuked them instead of rebuked those that brought them

14 V om. and before forbid

16 SV in his arms, and blessed them, and put his hands upon them

17 A into the way, behold, a certain rich man came running

19 S* om. Do not commit adultery, S2 reads Do not kill, Do not commit adultery; V* om. Defraud not; S* and thy mother

20 S And he said unto him

21 A Then he beholding him; S Yet one thing; SV om. take up the cross

23 S and said

24 A But he answereth and; SV om. for them that trust in riches

25 to go: SVA to enter

26 SV saying unto him, Who

27 SV om. And before Jesus; S* said

28 SVA om. Then; S and have followed thee, what shall we have therefore?

29 And Jesus etc.: S Jesus said unto him, Verily, V Jesus said, Verily; V or mother, or father; SV om. or wife; S* for the gospel (om. my sake and)

30 S* om. houses and brethren and sisters and mothers (S2A read mother) and children and lands with persecutions

33 S* om. and unto the scribes

34 SV and shall spit upon him, and shall scourge him

35 V the two sons; S saying unto him; S2V whatsoever we shall ask of thee

35- 37 S* Master, we would that we may sit one on the right (om. That thou shouldest—Grant unto us)

38 and be baptized: SV or be baptized

39 SV om. indeed

40 SV or on my left hand; S is prepared of my Father

41 A they were much displeased with the two brethren

42 But Jesus: SV And Jesus; and their great ones: S and the kings

43 S But so it is not among you

44 of you: SV among you

46 SV Bartimaeus, the Son of Timaeus, blind and a beggar (V a blind beggar) sat by the highway side

49 SV and commanded, Call him

50 rose: SV sprang up

52 SVA and followed him in the way


1 A to Jerusalem and the Bethphage

2 S* om. over against you; SVA whereon never man yet sat

3 SVA he sendeth him again (A om. again) hither

4 V a colt tied by a door without; in a place where two ways met: translate in a cross road

6 SV as Jesus had said

7 SV And they bring; S and they set him upon him

8 SV and others spread branches, which they had cut out of the fields

9 SV om. saying

10 A And blessed be; SV om. in the name of the Lord

11 SV And he entered into Jerusalem into the temple

14 SVA And he answered

15 SV and he went; A that sold and bought therein, and

17 SV And he taught and said unto them (V om. unto them); shall be called of all nations the house of prayer: translate shall be called the house of prayer unto all nations

18 SVA the chief priests and the scribes

19 VA they went out

20 S* And in the morning he passed by, and they saw

22- 23 S If you have faith in God, verily I say unto you; V om. For; SV he shall have it (om. whatsoever he saith)

24 SV What things soever ye pray and desire

26 SV om. this verse

28 SV and said unto him; SV or who gave thee

29 SV And Jesus said unto them

30 S The baptism of John whence was it? from heaven or of men?

32 SV But should we say, Of men; they feared; S* om. indeed

33 SVA and say unto Jesus; SV om. answering


2 SV of the fruits

4 S* om. servant; SV om. and at him they cast stones; SV and they wounded him in the head and entreated him shamefully

5 SV om. again

6 SV He had yet one wellbeloved son, he sent him last unto them

9 V om. therefore

15 knowing: S* seeing; S* bring me a penny hither

16 And they said: A they say

17 SV om. answering; V om. unto them

19 V and leave no child; SV should take the wife

20 SVA om. Now

21 neither left he any seed: SV and left not any seed

22 A And the seven had her likewise, and left no seed, SV And the seven left no seed

23 SV om. therefore; SV om. when they shall rise

24 And Jesus etc.: SV Jesus said unto them

25 S but are as angels in heaven

26 translate in the book of Moses, at the bush, how God

27 SVA but of the living (om. the God); SV om. therefore

28 perceiving: S* seeing

29 And Jesus etc.: SV Jesus answered, The first is, Hear, O Israel

30 A and with all thy mind, and with all thy soul; SV om. this is the first commandment

31 And the second etc.: SV the second is this; S but there is none

32 V om.And before the scribe; SVA for he is one, (om. God) and there

33 S with all thy heart; SV om. and with all the soul; S* and to love thy neighbor

36 SV om. for; thy footstool: V under thy feet

37 SV om. therefore; S* and how is he

38 SV om. unto them

41 SV And he sat

43 SVA and said


2 SV om. answering

5 SV And Jesus began to say unto them

6 SV om. For

7 S see that ye be not troubled; S*V om. for

8 SV om. and after kingdom and after places; SV om. and troubles; SV the beginning

9 S* om. to yourselves; V om. for before they

11 SV And when they; SV om. neither do ye premeditate

12 SV And the brother shall

14 SV om. spoken of by Daniel the prophet

15 SV om. into the house

18 S*V that it be not

22 S But false Christs; SV om. even

25 SVA And the stars shall fall from heaven

27 S And then he sendeth; V the angels

32 VA of that day or hour; V no not an angel in heaven

33 V om. and pray

34 SV om. and before to every man

35 SV whether at even


2 SV For they said

3 SV om. and before she brake

4 SV om. and said

5 S For the ointment might have been sold, V For this ointment etc.

6 S for she hath

7 S2V ye may always do them good, S* ye may do good

9 SV But verily I say; SV the gospel

10 A om. one of the twelve

14 SV Where is my guest-chamber

15 A om. and prepared; SV and there make

16 SV And the disciples; S* went forth into the city

18 V which eat with me

19 SV om. And before they began; A one by one, Is it I, Master; SV om. and another said, Is it I?

20 SV And he said (om. answered and); A that dippeth his hand with me

22 S2V he took bread; SVA om. eat after Take

24 V om. unto them; SV om. new

25 S I will not drink of the fruit

27 SV om. because of me this night

30 S om. twice

32 SVA Gethsemani; A to the disciples; V* om. here

37 and saith: A he saith

38 SV lest ye come into temptation

40 SV And again he came and found them asleep, for

43 A Judas Iscariot; SV om. great

51 SV a young man (om. certain); SV and they laid hold on him

52 SV om. from them

53 S and here were assembled; A and the scribes and the elders

55 A for false witness

58 We heard him say: S He said; A I destroy

60 V Answerest thou nothing that these

61 SA But Jesus held his peace; of the Blessed: S* of God, A of God the Blessed

64 S Behold, now ye have heard

66 S a maid

68 SV I neither know, nor understand; SV om. and the cock crew

69 translate: And the maid seeing him again began to say; V and said to them

70 S* om. And before a little after; SV om. and thy speech agr. thereto

71 S* om. of whom ye speak

72 S om. the second time; S om. twice


2 SV saith

4 S* om. saying

8 crying aloud: SV coming up; SV as he was wont to do

10 S* he had known; V that they had delivered him

12 V What shall I do, say, to the King; A that I shall do to the King

14 S* om. unto them; S adds saying after exceedingly

18 S to salute him and to say

20 S om. him after to crucify

22 S* unto the Golgotha

23 SV om. to drink

24 V And they crucify him and part his garments; SA they part

27 V they crucified

28 SVA om. this verse

30 SV save thyself by coming down

34 SV om. saying; S lema, A lima; S* sabactani, A sibacthani, V zabaphthani; A being interpreted, God, my God, why, V being interpreted, My God, why

35 A that stood there

36 V And one ran, filled

39 SV that he so gave up the ghost

41 SV om. also

43 which also waited: S* and himself waited

46 SV om. and before took him down; S a great stone


2 at the rising of the sun: All MSS. when the sun was risen

6 S* om. of Nazareth

8 SVA om. quickly

9- 20 Now when Jesus was risen early— and confirming the word with signs following. Amen: SV om. all these versus

14 A But afterward; A after he was risen from the dead

20 A om. Amen.

LUKE Title: SV After Luke, A The Gospel after or according to Luke


19 translate and I was sent

27 S of the house and lineage of David

28 V And he came in; A came unto her; SV om. blessed art thou among women

29 SV om. when she saw him; SV at the saying

41 S* the babe leaped in her womb for joy

59 translate and they were calling him

65 S* on all that dwelt round about them and in all the hill country of Judaea because of these sayings

66 And the hand: S For the hand

74 SV of enemies

75 all the days of our life: SVA all our days

77 A our sins

78 SV shall visit us


1 A om. And before it came

3 S* And they went

5 SV his espoused (om. wife), being

9 SV om. lo; S* shone over them

10 S* which is to all people

12 V and lying, S om. lying

14 S*V*A and on earth peace among men of good pleasure

15 S the shepherds spake one to another, saying

21 SVA for the circumcising of him

22 SVA of their purification

27 S* om. Jesus

33 SV And his father and his mother

35 S* that the bad thoughts

37 S* of about seventy four years

38 SV gave thanks likewise unto God; SV for the redemption of Jerusalem

39 S* And when he had performed—he returned

40 SV om. in spirit

41 every year: S* according to custom

42 S* and they went up

43 S* om. Jesus; SV and his parents knew not of it

44 S* om. and acquaintance

45 SV And when they found him not

47 V And all were astonished

48 S* thy father and I seek thee

49 S* that ye seek me; translate that I must be in my Father’s house

51 S*V all the sayings


4 SV om. saying

11 S Now he answered and said

13 S* And he said, Exact no more

14 S* accuse not any falsely

17 S*V Whose fan is in his hand to purge thoroughly his floor and to gather the wheat

19 SV his brother's wife; S* om. and

22 SV om. which said

23 SV And Jesus himself was, when he began, about thirty years of age

24 SV of Janne

26 SV of Semein; SV of Josech; SV of Joda

27 S* of Jonan, S2VA of Joanan; A Zorombabel

28 S* of Cosa; SV of Elmadam

29 SV of Jesu; S* of Eliazer

30 SV of Jonam, A of Joanan

31 SV of Menna, A om. which was the son of Menan; V Mettatha; S*V of Natham

32 SV of Jobel, A of Jobed; of Booz: S* of Balls, S2VA of Boos; of Salmon; S*V of Sala

33 of Aminadab: S* of Adam, V om. which was the son of Aminadab; which was the son of Aram: SV which was the son of Admin, which was the son of Arni; V of Esron; A om. which was the son of Phares

34 S* of Isac

35 SVA of Seruch

36 SV of Cainam

37 SV of Jaret, A of Jareth; S* of Meleleel; S of Cainan


2 SV om. afterward

3 And: SV Now

4 SV om. saying; SV om. but by every word of God

5 SV And he taking him up, shewed unto him

6 I give it: S* I will give it

7 A it all shall

8 SV om. Get thee behind me, Satan; SVA om. for

9 SV Now he brought him

10 S* om. For

14 S om. round about

18 SV om. to heal the brokenhearted

23 SV in Capharnaum

27 SVA Naiman

34 SV om. Saying

38 A Jesus arose

39 S and the fever left her

41 SV om. Christ

43 S* preach the gospel of God; SV was I sent

44 of Galilee: SV of Judaea


1 S* as the people was gathered together and heard the word of God; to hear: VA and heard

2 S* om. two

3 S And he sat down in the ship and taught the people

5 SV om. unto him

6 SV their nets; brake: translate were breaking

7 S* And he beckoned

8 S* om. O Lord

9 S* For they were astonished

13 S* his hands

14 S* om. and shew thyself to the priest

15 a fame abroad of him: S* his fame; SV om. by him

17 SV om. them after to heal

18 S men brought a man lying on a bed

19 before Jesus: V before all

20 SV om. unto him; S om. thee

25 S before him

26 A and were filled with fear, and glorified God, saying

27 S and he saith

29 S om. him; S* om. and of others

30 SV But the Pharisees and the (V their) scribes

32 S* but ungodly to repentance

33 V unto him, The disciples of John fast often

34 SV And Jesus said; S* Can the children of the br. fast

35- 36 S and then shall they fast. In those days he spake a parable unto them

36 SV No man rendeth a piece of a new garment and putteth it upon an old; A om. the piece; SV will make a rent; SVA will not agree with the old

38 S* But they put new wine; SV om. and both are preserved

39 SV om. straightway; SV The old is good


1 SV on the sabbath, that he went through corn fields; S plucked ears of corn

2 SV om. unto them; V om. to do

4 How he went: V He went; S om. and did take

5 SV unto them, The Son of man is Lord of the sabbath

6 SV om. also

7 A om. him after watched; SA whether he healeth

9 SV Now Jesus said; SV I ask you whether it is lawful; A to kill for to destroy

10 A he said to him; S And he stretched it forth for And he did so; A om. whole, SV om. whole as the other

11 A adds saying after one another

14 SV and James and John and Philip

15 SV And Matthew; S and James

16 SV om. also

17 SV and a great company of his disciples; S* om. of people; S* adds and Peraea after and Jerusalem

18 SVA And they that were vexed with unclean spirits were healed

21 S Blessed are they which hunger now: for they shall be filled

23 S* for in this manner

25 SV that are full now

26 SVA Woe when all; V for likewise they did to the false prophets

28 SVA om. and before pray

29 S* on the right cheek

31 V om. also

33 S*VFor if ye do good; SV sinners also

34 SV sinners also

35 hoping for nothing again: S causing no one to despair; S2A shall be great in heaven

36 SV om. therefore: SV om. also

37 SV and condemn not; A that ye be not judged

38 SV pressed down, shaken together, running over; SV For with what measure ye mete, it shall be; V* om. again

39 SV Now he spake also a parable

40 SV above the master; VA but every one shall be perfected as his master, S but let him be perfected as his master

42 Either how: S And how, V How

43 SV neither again

45 SV and the evil out of the evil bringeth forth

48 SV and could not shake it, because it was well built


1 S* om. all; SV into Capharnaum

2 S* was ready to die (om. sick and)

4 A saying unto him

6 SV sent friends, saying (V unto him) Lord

10 SV om. that had been sick

11 S* into the city of Nain; SV and his disciples

12 A there was a man carried out

17 S* om. of him

19 V sent them to the Lord

20 S* When they were come

21 And in that same hour: S2V In that hour, S* In that day; S* and of unclean spirits

22 SV Then he answering; SV seen and heard: the blind see; SV and the deaf hear; S and to the poor

28 SV om. For: S Verily I say; SV there is none greater than John: but

30 S om. against themselves

31 SVA om. And the Lord said; S Now whereunto shall I

32 SV om. to you

33 SV not eating bread

35 S of all her works

37 SV a woman which was in the city a sinner, and knowing

38 A at the feet of Jesus, behind

39 V* if he were the prophet

42 Tell me therefore, which of them: SVA Which of them therefore

44 SVA wiped them with her hairs

47 S I said unto thee; V the same also


2 S of unclean spirits

3 V unto them

8 SVA into for on

9 SV asked him, what this parable might be

10 S and hearing, they might hear and not understand

12 SVA are they that have heard

13 S* the word of God with joy; these have no root

16 V om. that they which enter in, may see the light

20 SV And it was told him, Thy mother

21 S om. of God

24 S and it ceased

25 SV Where is your faith? S om. one to another

26 S of the Gergesenes, V of the Gerasenes

27 SV which had devils, and long time ware no clothes

29 S* om. and before he brake

30 S And he asked him

32 S* and he suffered (om. them)

33 S into the sea

34 SVA om. and went

36 SV om. also; S told them saying

37 S of the Gergesenes, V of the Gerasenes; SV into a ship

38 SV but he sent him away

40 waiting for him: S* waiting for God

43 V which could not be healed of any (om. had spent all her living upon physicians)

45 V om. and they that were with him; SV om. and sayest thou, Who touched me

47 SVA om. unto him

48 S om. unto her

49 SV om. to him; SV trouble no more

50 S he said to him, Fear not, S2V he answered him, Fear not

52 SV for she is not dead

54 SV And he took her (om. put them all out, and)

55 S* om. and she arose straightway


1 VA he called the twelve together, S he called the twelve apostles together

2 V om. the sick

3 SV neither staff

5 SV whoever receive you not

7 S* om. the tetrarch; SV om. by him

9 SV But Herod said

10 S om. all; A adds and that they had taught after done; S2V privately into the city called Bethsaida, S* om. belonging to a city called Bethsaida

12 V And when the day already began to wear away

14 S Now they were; SV by about fifties

17 S om. to them

18 S and Jesus asked them; the people: A the men

22 A and rise again

34 SV and it was overshadowing them

35 SV my chosen Son

39 S om. lo; S and it dasheth and teareth him

43 SVA which he (A Jesus) was doing

47 SV And Jesus knowing the thought

48 S and whosoever receiveth me; SV the same is great

50 SV But Jesus said; SVA against you; V is for you

52 S* into a city

54 SV And when the disciples; SV om. even as Elias did

55 SVA om. and said, Ye know not what manner spirit ye are of

56 SVA om. For the Son of man—but to save them

57 SV And as they went in the way; SV* om. Lord

60 SV He said

62 V om. unto him


1 V seventy two, V om. also

2 SV And he said

3 A as sheep

4 S* om. and before salute

6 VA a son of peace

11 SVA on us on our feet; SV om. unto you

12 VA om. But

15 SV Capharnaum; SV shalt thou be exalted to heaven? thou shalt be thrust (V come instead of be thrust) down to hell

17 V the seventy two

19 SV I have given

20 SVA om. rather

21 SV he rejoiced in the Holy Spirit, and said

22 A And he turned him unto his disciples and said, All things are

24 V and to hear of me those things

30 S*V om. And before Jesus

32 SV when he came to the place and looked on him, passed by

35 SV om. when he departed

36 SV om. now

37 SV Now Jesus said unto him

38 SV Now as they went, he entered; V om. into her house

39 SV2 at the Lord’s feet

41 SV* And the Lord answered

42 SV but there is need of few things or of one; SV for Mary hath chosen


1 S* om. also

2 SV say, Father, Hallowed be thy name; V om. Thy will be done as in heaven, so in earth

4 SV om. but deliver us from evil

7 S and I cannot

10 V it is opened

14 SV he was casting out a dumb devil

15 SV Beezebul, A Beelzebul; A adds (after of the devils) He answered and said, How can Satan cast out Satan?

18 S* Why say ye that I cast out devils through Beezebul? SV Beezebul, A Beelzebul

23 S scattereth me

24 S2V and finding none, then he saith

25 S2V he findeth it empty, swept and

26 S and taketh with himself seven other sp.

28 S* that hear the word of God, and keep the word of God

29 SA This generation is an evil genera- tion; SV om. the prophet

30 S om. for

34 SVA the light of the body is thine eye

37 SV beseecheth him

42 V* om. of God

44 SV om. scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites

48 SV om. their sepulchres

49 A om. and after apostles

53 SV And as he went thence, the scribes

54 SV laying wait for him (S om. for him), to catch; A om. and before seeking; SV om. that they might accuse him


2 For: VA But, S om.

5 S om. But

7 V om. therefore

8 before the angels of God: S* before God

15 SVA of all covetousness

18 all my fruits: V all my wheat; S om. and my goods

20 A the Lord said

23 SV For the life

25 translate can add to his life one span (literally one cubit)

29 SV and what ye shall drink

31 the kingdom of God: SV his kingdom

38 SV And if he shall come in the second or (literally and if) in the third watch; SV blessed are they

39 S* he would not have suffered

40 SV om. therefore

42 steward: S* servant; S* whom his lord made

47 neither: SV or

53 S and the mother against; S* against the daughter in law; S*V against the mother in law

54 S in the west

55 S* There cometh heat

56 SV that ye can not discern this time


2 S And he answered and said unto them; translate because they have suffered; SV these things

7 V* why cumbereth it the place?

9 SV and if it bear fruit after that, well; but if not, thou shalt

15 SV But the Lord answered him; SVA Ye hypocrites

19 SV om. great

24 SV at the strait door

25 SV saying, Lord, open unto us

27 S And he shall say to you, I know you not, V and he shall speak saying unto you, I know you not

28 A in his kingdom

31 SVA The same hour

35 SVA om. desolate; SVA And (S om.) I say unto you; SV ye shall not see me, till ye shall say


3 SV add or not after on the sabbath day

5 V and he said unto them; VA a son or an ox

7 translate how they were choosing out

10 SVA in the presence of all that sit

14 S* but thou shalt be

15 S And when one of them that sat at meat with him heard it, he said, Blessed

17 S for it is now ready (literally for things are now ready)

21 SVA So the servant came; SV and the blind and the halt, A om. and the halt

22 SV what thou hast commanded is done

27 S om. And before whosoever; V Whosoever therefore

31 S shall not sit down first and consult

34 SV Therefore salt is good: but if even the salt


2 A the scribes and Pharisees; S saying, He receiveth

12 S* om. Father before give me

16 SV And he was desiring to be fed with the husks

17 SV and I perish here with hunger

18 S But I will arise

19 SVA I am no more (om. And)

21 SVA in thy sight, I am no more; SV add make me as one of thy hired servants after thy son

22 SV Bring forth quickly

24 V om. again; S* om.And before they began

28 SVA but his father came out

32 S*V om. again; S he was lost (instead of and was lost)


1 SV unto the disciples; translate that he wasted

2 S om. unto him; A of the stewardship

3 V and to beg I am ashamed

6 S said unto him, An

7 S of wheat. But he said, V of wheat. He said

9 V2A when it faileth

14 SV om. also

16 S* om. and every man presseth into it

18 V and he who marrieth

20 SV And a certain beggar named Lazarus, was laid

21 SV with that which falleth

23 S* om. And before in hell

25 SVA but now here he is comforted

29 SVA But Abraham saith; SV om. unto him

30 S but if one rose from the dead and went unto them


1 SVA unto his disciples

3 SVA om. against thee

4 SV om. in a day before turn; A and if seven times in a day he shall turn (SV also he shall turn for turn)

6 S unto the sycamine tree

8 S Make ready for me wherewith

9 S2VA the servant, S* om. that servant; SVA om. him

10 S* om. all, A all these things

12 S* om. which stood afar off

19 V om. thy faith hath made thee whole

21 SV Lo here, or there; translate is among you

22 A unto his disciples

23 SV See there and (V or) see here; V om. go not after them, V do not follow them

24 SVA om. also; V om. in his day

27 S and took them all away

28 SV om. also

29 A brimstone and fire

31 S and his stuff in his house

36 SVA om. this verse

37 SV thither also will


1 SVA that they ought always

11 S* om. with himself

12 translate of all that I acquire

13 SV But the publican; S* om. God

20 VA and mother

22 SV Now when Jesus heard it; S* Thou lackest one thing (om. Yet)

23 S when he heard all these things

24 SV And when Jesus saw him (om. that he was very sorrowful); V How hardly do they that have riches enter

29 SV house, or wife, or brethren, or parents, or children

37 S* om. him

38 A om. Jesus

39 A which went by; S Jesus thou son of David

40 A And he stood

41 SV om. Saying


2 S and was rich

5 SV om. and saw him

9 A in this house

15 SV how much they had gained

22 SV om. And before he saith

26 SV om. For; S* om. unto you, S*V om. from him after away

29 SV two of the disciples

31 SV om. unto him

38 S* Blessed be the King in the name, V Blessed be he who cometh King in the name

40 SV om. unto them

42 SV even thou in this day the things which belong unto peace; A in this day

45 SV them that sold (om. therein, and them that bought)

46 V It is written, And my house shall be; translate a house of prayer


1 SV on one of the days; A the priests

2 SV and spake saying unto him; S* om. Tell us

5 SV om. then

8 S* And he answered and said

9 SV A man (om. certain); V* for a time

13 V* om. What shall I do; SV om. when they see him

14 A om. come

19 VA And the scribes and the chief priests; S* the people, because he had spoken

23 SV om. Why tempt ye me

24 S Shew me a penny. And they shewed unto him a penny. And he said: Whose image; SV And they said

27 SV which say that there is no resurrection

28 SV and he be without children

30- 31 SV And the second and the third took her, and in like manner also the seven left no children and died

31 A and the third took her in like manner, and in like manner

32 At last the woman died also

33 S (*om. Therefore) In the resurrection whose wife (S2 adds of them) shall she be?

34 SV om. answering

40 SV For after that

41 A how say some

42 SV For David himself

45 V unto the disciples


2 SV om. also

4 SV om. of God

6 SV add here after upon another

8 SV om. therefore

11 SV shall be, and in diverse places famines and pestilences (V pestilences and famines)

13 S*V om. And before it shall

14 S* om. therefore

15 SV to resist nor gainsay

19 translate acquire ye instead of possess ye, V ye shall acquire

23 V om. But; S* in those days, for there shall be in those days great distress

25 S adds and after nations; SVA with perplexity on account of the noise of the sea and the waves

34 S om. And before take heed

34- 35 SV come upon you unawares as a snare; for it shall come on all

36 SV But watch ye and pray always, that ye may be able to escape


6 S* And he sought opportunity (om. promised and)

9 V that we prepare for thee to eat the passover?

10 S* om. of water

11 S saying, The Master saith; S Where is my guestchamber

12 S and there make ready

14 S*V and the apostles

16 SVA I will not eat it (A thereof)

17 S* Take and divide it among you

18 SV I will not drink henceforth

19 A saying, Take, this is

22 SV For truly (S* om. truly) the Son of man

24 S om. also

25 S* and their rulers exercise authority over them and are called

29 A And I appoint unto you a covenant, as my Father hath appointed unto me a kingdom

31 V om. And the Lord said; S said Simon, behold

34 SV until thou shalt

36 SV But he said unto them

37 SVA om. yet; SV for that which concerneth me hath an end

38 S* om. Lord

39 V* om. also before followed; SVA and the disciples

43- 44 S2VA om. these two verses

45 SVA to the disciples

47 SVA om. And before while

48 S* om. Judas

49 SV om. unto him

51 A om. And before Jesus; SV the ear

53 S* but this is the hour and

57 SV And he denied, saying; SV I know him not, woman

60 SVA a cock crew

61 SV add to day after crow

62 SV And he went out

63 SV that held him

64 SV they asked him (om. struck him on the face, and)

67 S* om. you after I tell

68 SV om. also; SV you will not answer (om. me, nor let me go)

69 SVA But hereafter


2 SV perverting our nation; SV and saying, that he himself

3 S and saith

5 S* om. teaching; S and beginning

6 SV When Pilate heard it (om. of Galilee)

7 S* at the same time

8 S* When Herod (om. And); SV om. many things

9 S om. Then; S not for nothing

11 S And Herod also; S* om. again

12 SV Herod and Pilate

15 SV for he sent him to us

17 VA om. this verse

19 S* was in prison

20 SVA But Pilate willing

23 SV and their voices prevailed

25 SVA om. unto them

27 VA om. also; S and of women: they bewailed and lamented him

33 translate which is called A Skull

34 S2V om. Then said Jesus—what they do; A om. Father

35 S om. also; SV om. with them

36 SA om. also

37 A and saying, Thou art the King

38 SV was over him (om. written); S* of Greek, of Latin, of Hebrew, S2V om. in letters of Greek and Latin and Hebrew; SV The king of the Jews is this

39 V om. saying; SV Art thou not the Christ? Save thyself

40 SV answering and rebuking him said

42 S*V And he said, Jesus, remember me; SA when thou comest in thy kingdom

43 SV And he said

44 S* om. and before there was

45 And the sun was darkened: SV the sun being eclipsed

48 SV having beheld the things, A om. beholding the things which were done

50 V a counsellor, a good man and just

51 SV who waited (om. also himself)

53 S and laid him in a sepulchre

54 A om. and before the sabbath

55 SVA om. also


1 SV om. and certain others with them

4 SV in shining raiment

10 A om. It was; S*VA om. which

11 SV And these words

12 S om. laid by themselves, V om. laid, A om. by themselves

13 A that same hour; S about a hundred and threescore

15 V* om. himself

17 SVA* as ye walk? And they stood sad

18 S these things

19 S mighty in word and deed

21 S we trust that it is he which shall redeem; SV and beside all this it is the third day

27 S unto them, what in all the scriptures were the things

29 SV is already far spent

31 S* om. and they knew him

32 V om. within us; SV om. and before while he opened

34 SV Indeed the Lord is risen

36 SV he himself

38 V in your heart

39 S my feet and my hands

41 A believed him not and wondered for joy

42 SVA om. and of an honey comb

43 A before all

44 VA these are my words

44 S om. and after Moses

46 SV Thus it is written, that the Christ would suffer and rise

47 SV repentance for the remission

48 SV om. And

49 S om. behold; SV om. of Jerusalem

50 SV And he led them out unto Bethany

51 S* om. and carried up into heaven

52 V* om. great

53 A* om. in the temple; SV om. praising and; S om. Amen.

JOHN Title: SV After John, A The Gospel after or according to John.


4 S In him is life

10 S* was made because of him

13 V*A which were made

15 S om. saying; S* This was he who cometh after me, who is preferred before me

16 SV Because of his fulness

17 S om. Christ

18 SV the only begotten God which is (S om. which is) in the

19 VA unto him from Jerusalem

20 S om. but confessed

21 S And they asked again; S om. And after Elias; S Art thou a prophet?

24 SVA* and they were sent of the Pharisees

25 S And they said unto him (om. asked him and)

27 SV who cometh (om. he it is); SV om. is preferred before me

28 SVA in Bethany; S beyond the river of Jordan

29 SVA The next day he seeth

32 S om. saying; S and abiding

34 A that he is; S that this is the chosen of God

37 S om. And before the two

38 S om. Then; S om. unto them

39 V Come and ye shall see; SVA They came therefore; SVA om. for; A the sixth hour

40 A Now one of the two

41 All MSS. om. the before Christ

42 SV om. And before he brought; SVA om.And before when; SV the son of John

43 SVA he would go; SVA and Jesus saith unto him

44 S om. Now

46 S om. And before Nathanael

47 S and saith of Nathanael

49 S and said, Rabbi; V om. and saith unto him; A thou art king

51 SV om. Hereafter


3 S* And they had no wine, because the wine of the marriage was finished. Then saith the mother of Jesus unto him, There is no wine

4 VA And Jesus saith

6 S om. set

7 S And Jesus

10 S om. unto him; SV om. then; S but

11 S his glory

12 SV Capharnaum; S om. and his disciples; A and he continued

14 S that sold sheep and oxen

15 S He made a scourge of small cords and drove them

16 A and make not

17 SV om. And before his disciples; SVA of thine house eateth me up

21 S of the temple of the body

22 SVA om. unto them


2 SVA the same came to him; S and no man

3 S om. and said unto him

5 S he cannot see the kingdom of heaven

8 A or whither it goeth; S that is born of the water and of the Spirit

10 translate the master of Israel

13 SV om. which is in heaven

15 A on him; SV should have eternal life (om. not perish but)

16 SV the only begotten Son

17 SV the Son

18 SV om. but

25 S2VA and a Jew

28 S om. me

31 S but he that is on the earth

31- 32 S he that cometh from heaven, testifieth what (S* whom) he hath seen and heard

34 SV for he giveth not; V* om. the Spirit

36 S om. and before he that believeth not


1 S When therefore Jesus knew

3 AV* om. again

6 translate by the well

7 S a certain woman

9 S The woman of Sam. saith unto him; S om. for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.

11 SV She saith unto him; S om. then

12 S he drank also thereof himself

14 S om. him before shall be

16 V He saith unto her

17 V answered and said unto him, S om. and said

19 S om. Sir

29 S that it is in Jerusalem where

21 SV Believe me, woman; A the hour cometh that ye shall

24 S om. him after worship S in the spirit of truth

25 S he telleth us

27 S said unto him

30 VA om. Then

33 S The disciples say one to another (om. Therefore)

35- 36 SVA for they are white to harvest. Already (A adds also) he that reapeth

36 V om. both

39 S om. on him; SV om. ever

40 V were come together unto him; S and he abode with them two days

42 S of thy testimony; S we have heard him ourselves; SV om. the Christ

43 SV he departed thence into Galilee

46 S So they came again, V So he came again; S* where they made

46- 47 S Now there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capharnaum (Capharnaum also V): he hearing that Jesus was come out of Jud. into Galilee, went therefore unto him

47 SV om. him after besought

49 A ere my son die

50 SV om. And before the man; S the word of Jesus and went his way

51 S the servants met him and told that his son liveth, V om. and told him, VA that his son liveth

52 V the very hour wherein

53 S in the which he said unto him


1 S was the feast

2 by (S2A in) the sheep market a pool: S a sheep pool; S Bethzatha, V Bethsaida

3 SV om. great; SVA* om. waiting for the moving of the water

4 SV om. this verse; A an angel of the Lord washed at a certain season

5 S And there was a certain man which had

6 S om. now

7 A saith unto him

8 A Rise and take up

9 S om. And immediately; S whole, and rose, and took up

10 SVA and it is not lawful

11 SVA But he answered; S told me to take up the bed and walk

12 SV They asked him for Then etc.; S told thee to take up the bed and walk

13 S being present

14 S findeth him that had been healed in the temple, and saith

15 A And the man; S departed, and said unto the Jews

16 SV om. and sought to slay him; translate because he did

17 SV But he answered

18 SV om. Therefore; translate that God was his own Father

19 S Then Jesus said unto them, Verily I say

25 S* om. and now is; S* and when they hear, they shall live

27 SA om. also

30 S* om. and; SVA but the will of him that hath sent me

32 S and ye know

35 S om. and before ye

37 SV And the Father, he which hath sent me

41 A from man

44 V that cometh from the only (om. God)

45 V there is one that accuseth you to the Father

47 V how believe ye my words


2 SVA they saw the miracles

3 S and Jesus went into; S* om. there

6 S For this he said to prove him, but he himself

7 S Then Philip answereth, Two; S om. for them; SVA om. of them

10 S om. And; S* about three thousand

11 VA Therefore Jesus; S and gave thanks and gave to them that were set down; VA om. to the disciples, and the disciples

14 S the miracle that he did, V the miracles which he did

15 S and take him by force and appoint him king, he fleeth again

17 S and come over the sea; SV Capharnaum; S and the darkness overtook them, and Jesus was not yet come to them

20 S And he saith

21 S Then they came to receive him; S whither it went

22 S The day following the people which stood on the other side of the sea saw that there was none other boat there, save that, whereinto the disciples of Jesus were entered, and that Jesus went not with them into the boat, but his disciples alone; A om. when; VA save one (om. whereinto etc.), and that

23- 24 S when therefore the boats came from Tiberias, which was nigh unto where they did also eat bread, after that the Lord had given thanks, and when they saw that—they took shipping and came to Capharnaum

23 V om. howbeit

24 VA om. also; V to Capharnaum

27 S but for that which; S which the Son of man giveth unto you

28 A They said unto him

30 S om. then

35 V om. And before Jesus, S Then Jesus

36 SA om. me

38 S For I came not down from heaven to do

39 SVA And this is the will of him which hath

40 SVA For this is; SV the will of my Father, that

42 S* whose father also we know; V how now saith he

43 V om. therefore; S answered them and said

44 A except he which

45 SV om. therefore; A and hath learned the truth of the Father

46 S save he which is of the Father, he hath seen God

47 SV om. on me

51 S eat of my bread; S om. and after for ever; S the bread that I will give for the life of the world, is my flesh; V om. which I will give before for the life

52 S How therefore can this man

53 S not everlasting life

55 V is true meat; V is true drink

58 S The bread which cometh down from heaven is not; SV not as the fathers did eat, and are dead

59 SV in Capharnaum

61 S Jesus therefore knew in himself — and he said

62 S om. and

63 S they are spirit and life

64 S For the Saviour knew; S that believed, and who it was which should betray him

65 S om. unto him; SV of the Father

66 S From that time therefore many of the disciples

68 SV om. Then

69 SV that thou art the holy one of God

70 S Jesus answered and said unto them; S and among you is a devil

71 S of Judas the son of Simon, who was of Cariotus; S that should also betray him


6 S om. Then; S is not come

7 S om. of it

8 V unto the feast; S I go not up unto this feast

9 S said these words, he himself abode

10 S om. as it were

15 SV Therefore the Jews

16 SV Therefore Jesus

18 S and he that seeketh

20 SV om. and said

22 S om. therefore; S but because it is of the fathers

26 S Do the chief priests know; SV is the Christ (om. very)

27 S om. but

29 S I am with him

31 S than those which this man doeth

32 S Now the Pharisees

33 SV om. unto them

35 S om. among themselves

37 S let him come and drink

39 S om. Holy; V was not yet given

40 S Some of the people; S these his sayings, V these sayings

41 But some said: S Others said

44 S some of them said they should take him

45 S and they say

46 S But the officers; S Never man spake thus as this many speaketh, V Never man spake thus

47 S The Pharisees answered them

48 S Doth any of the rulers or of the Phar. believe on him?

50 S But Nicodemus said unto them, being one of them

51 S before it hear and know

53 SV om. this verse


1- 11 SV om. all these verses

12 S but he hath

14 S Jesus said unto them; S om. but; V whence I come or whither

16 S but I and he who sent me

19 S Jesus answered and said; S the Father also

20 SV spake he in the; S om. as he taught in the temple

21 S Then said he unto them

23 S He said therefore

24 S om. therefore; S if ye believe me not that

25 S They said; S Then Jesus said unto them

26 S but the Father that sent me; S heard with him

27 S of the Father God

28 S Then said Jesus again; V om. unto them; S as the Father; S so I speak

29 S And he that sent me hath not left me alone: he is with me, for I do

31 S then are ye disciples indeed

35 S om. but the Son abideth ever

38 V with the Father; S which ye have seen from your father, V which ye have heard from the father

39 S Jesus answered them

41 SV They said to him

46 SV om. And

48 SV The Jews answered

49 S Jesus answered and said

52 SV The Jews said: V he shall never see death

54 A of whom ye say, He is our God

57 S and hath Abraham seen thee?

58 translate Before Abraham was born, I am

59 V om. but; SV om. going through the midst of them, and so passed by


4 SV We must work; S that sent us

6 S and he anointed his eyes with his clay, V and he put his clay upon his eyes, A with his clay

7 A Go to the pool of Siloam and wash

8 blind: SVA beggar

9 SV others said, No, but he is like him

10 S How therefore were

11 SV om. and said; SV Go to Siloam; SV I went therefore

12 SV And they said, A They said

15 A He said also unto them

16 SV But others

17 SVA They say therefore; S unto the formerly blind man

19 S om. saying

20 SV His parents therefore, A But his parents

21 V ask him, he is of age, S om. ask him

23 A and ask him

25 SVA om. and said; S but one thing

26 V Therefore they said to him, What, S They said to him, What

28 A om. Then; SV And they reviled him

31 SV om. Now; translate and do his will

35 S And Jesus heard; SV om. unto him; SV on the Son of man?

36 V om. answered and; A om. and said; S Lord, and who is he, V And who is he, Lord

37 SV om. And before Jesus

38 S* om. this verse

39 S* om. And Jesus said

40 SV om. And before some; S heard it, and said

41 SV om. therefore


4 S his own (om. sheep), V all his own (om. sheep)

6 S and they understood not

7 S om. unto them again

8 om. before me

10 S might have everlasting life

12 V om. But; SV om. the sheep after scattereth

13 SVA* om. The hireling fleeth

14 SV and mine know me

16 translate and there shall be one flock

18 SV No man hath taken it

19 SV om. therefore

20 SV Therefore many

21 S But others

22 V It was then; SV om. and before it was winter

25 S om. them

26 SV om. as I said unto you

29 S The Father; SV of the Father's hand

31 SV om. Then

32 SV from the Father

33 SVA om. saying; S om. and before because

34 S in the law

38 V that ye may know and understand; SV and I in the Father

39 S om. again

40 S om. into the place; A He went away therefore again


1 A his sister

7 A to his disciples; S om. again

12 SV Then said the disciples unto him, A Then said they unto him

13 S of death

17 A came to Bethany

22 SV Even now I know

25 S But Jesus said

29 SV And as soon as

30 SV but was still in that place

31 SV thinking, She goeth

35 S And Jesus

41 A the stone where he was; SV om. from the place where the dead was laid

45 S And many; VA what he had done

48 S all men believe on him

50 S om. for us, V for you

54 SV with the disciples

57 SVA om. both; SV had given commandments


1 SV om. which had been dead; SVA whom Jesus raised

4 SV But saith; SV om. Simon’s son

6 SV and having the bag bare what

7 SV Let her alone, that she may keep this against the day of my burying

9 A whom Jesus had raised

13 SA and cried saying; SV Blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord, and the King of Israel

15 A the King cometh

18 S For this cause much people

22 SVA and again (VA om. and again) Andrew and Philip come and tell Jesus

23 SV answereth

25 shall lose: SV loseth

26 A and if (after be)

28 V glorify my name

29 V om. therefore: S when they heard it

30 S om. and said

32 all men: S all things

34 SV Therefore the people

35 SV among you

41 SVA because he saw

46 V that he who believeth

47 SVA and keep them not


2 SV And during supper; SV into his heart that Judas Isc. Simon’s son should betray him

3 SV om. Jesus

6 SV and (V om.) he saith unto him; S om. Lord

9 V Peter Simon; S om. Lord

10 S needeth not to wash, but

12 SA their feet, he took his garments and sat down again. He said

18 SA for I know

22 V om. Then

23 V om. Now

24 that he should ask etc.; V and saith unto him, Say who it is of whom he speaketh; he spake: S adds and saith unto him, Say who it is of whom he speaketh

25 S he therefore lying, V He lying thus

26 V Jesus therefore answereth, S Jesus answereth and saith—All MSS. give the sop; V he taketh and giveth it

28 V om. Now

30- 31 A and it was night when he went out. Jesus

32 SV And God shall glorify him in himself (om. If God be glorified in him)

34 S as I have loved you, love ye also

36 V om. him; SVA but thou shalt follow afterwards

37 S om. Lord

38 SVA Jesus answereth, Wilt thou


2 SVA for I go to prepare

3 A And if I go, I will prepare

4 SV And wh. I go, ye know the way

5 V om. and; V how know we the way?

7 A om. me; S If ye have known me, ye shall know; V om. and before from

9 SV om. and before how sayest

10 V but the Father dwelling in me, doeth his works; S in me, doeth his works

11 A om. and the Father in me; S or else believe the very works

12 SVA unto the Father

14 VA that will I do

15 S om. me; V ye shall keep

16 SV that he may be

17 SV om. but; V and is in you

18 translate orphans for comfortless

22 S Lord and how is it

27 S not as the world giveth unto you give I unto you

28 SVA rejoice because I go; VA for the Father

30 SVA of the world


6 S and men gather it and cast it

7 ye shall ask: VA ask

10 V the Father’s commandments

11 VA my joy might be in you

14 S For ye are

16 A bring forth much fruit; S om. that before whatsoever; S he shall give

22 S om. but

26 S om. But


2 S For they may; A doeth service to the Lord

3 S they may do unto you, VA om. unto you

4 VA when their time shall come; S that I spake of them

6 A om. But

8 translate he will convince the world

10 SV to the Father

12 S om. now

13 S guide you into the truth

14 S and sheweth it unto you

15 S said I unto you that he; SV that he taketh of mine and shall shew

16 SV no longer see me; SV om. because I go to the Father

18 S What is this little while; V what is this little while that he saith we cannot tell

19 SV om. Now; S that they were going to ask him; A om. unto them

20 SV om. and after rejoice

22 A shall have sorrow

23 SV ask the Father, he will give it you in my name

26 S At that day ask ye

27 V from the Father

28 from the: V out of the

29 S The disciples; V om. unto him

32 SVA om. now; S yea the hour is come

33 SVA in the world ye have


1 SV that the Son may glorify thee; A om. also

4 SVA on the earth, having finished the work

7 S Now I have known

10 S And thou hast given them to me instead of And all mine are thine, and thine are mine

11 SV but they are in the world; SVA keep them through thine own name which thou hast given me; V as we are also

12 SV om. in the world; V in thy name, which thou gavest me, and guarded them, S in thy name and guarded them

17 SVA through the truth; V thy word is the truth

20 SVA which believe on me

22 V even as we are one, S even as we:

23 and that the world: S om. that, V om. and

26 S wherewith thou hast loved them


3 S and from the Pharisees: S om. thither

4 S But Jesus knowing; V and saith

5 V He saith unto them, I am Jesus.

6 A om. then; S om. unto them

11 SVA Put up the sword

13 SV and led him to Annas first

18 S also stood there; SV and Peter also stood

20 S and Jesus; SVA whither all the Jews resort

23 S But Jesus said unto him

25 A He denied it, and saith

29 SV and saith

31 A But Pilate said; S and judge according

32 S om. which he spake

34 VA om. him; S Hast thou said this thing

35 S and the chief priest

36 S then would also my

37 A To this end also

40 SV om. all


3 SV and came to him and said

4 S Pilate went forth, VA And Pilate went forth; S om. in him

6 S om. saying; SA Crucify, crucify him; S And Pilate

7 S om. him; SV and by the law

9 S om. again

10 SA Pilate saith unto him (om. Then): SVA that I have power to release thee, and have power to crucify thee

11 SV answered him; SA Thou hast no power

12 S but the Jews said, If

13 SVA these sayings; SA om. but

14 SVA om. and before about

15 S But they said, V Therefore they cried out

17 SV And he bearing the cross by himself

20 SV in Hebrew and Latin and Greek

23 S which had crucified Jesus; S om. and also his coat

24 SV om. which saith

26 S Now when Jesus saw

29 VA om. Now; S therefore they put a spunge full of vinegar upon hyssop

33 S but when they came to Jesus, they found that he was dead already, and brake not

35 SA that ye also might believe

38 S they came therefore and took him; V took his body

39 VA which at the first came to him by night

40 A the body of God; S was to bury


1 S from the door of the sepulchre

3 S om. and came to the sepulchre

4 S And they ran both together, but the other did outrun Peter; A but the other

6 SV Then cometh also Simon Peter

9 S For as yet he knew not

11 S But Mary stood in the sepulchre; A om. without

12 S om. two

13 S om. and before they say; V And she saith

14 SVA om. And before when

15 S Now she supposing

16 S But she turned herself; SV and saith unto him in Hebrew

17 SV to the Father; S but (A om.) go to the brethren; S Behold, I ascend

19 SVA om. assembled; S om. unto them

21 S Then said he; even so will I send you

23 S it shall be remitted unto them

24 S was not with them. When there fore Jesus came, the other disciples said unto him

25 S and put my finger into his hand, A and put my finger into the place of the nails

26 S the disciples

28 SV om. And before Thomas

29 S But Jesus said; SVA om. Thomas; S thou hast also believed; S that have not seen me; A om. and before yet

30 VA of the disciples

31 S om. and after God; S everlasting life


2 S and the sons of

3 S Therefore they went forth, A And they went forth; SV om. immediately

4 S om. now

6 S He (om. And) saith unto them; S And they cast, and were no longer able

11 SV Therefore Simon Peter

13 SV om. then

14 S And this is now; SVA to the disciples

15 V son of John, S om. son of Jonas

16 S om. the second time; SV son of John; S om. Yea

17 SV son of John; S Now Peter was grieved; S And lovest thou me? And he saith unto him; A He (om. And) saith unto him; V om. unto him; S that I love thee. And he saith

18 S they hand, and others shall gird thee and do to thee what thou willest not

20 VA om. Then; S om. following; S and saith unto him

23 S om. what is that to thee

24 V which also testifieth

25 S* om. this verse; VA om. Amen.

ACTS Title: S Acts, V Acts of Apostles.


6 S om. together

7 V om. And

8 SVA my witnesses

10 SVA in white garments

13 SVA and John and James

14 SVA om. and supplication; SA and his brethren

15 SVA in the midst of the brethren

16 SVA the scripture

17 SVA among us

18 A om. all

19 S which also was known; SV om. proper; SA Acheldamach, V Aceldamach

23 SVA Barsabbas

25 VA take the place; A to his just place

26 SVA And they gave lots unto them


1 SVA they were all (S om. all) together in one place

5 S om. Jews

7 V om. all before amazed; SVA om. one to another

9 S om. and Elamites

17 in the last days: V after these things

18 S and on my handmaidens and on my servants

19 A om. above

20 S om. and notable

21 S* om. this verse

22 SVA om. also

23 SVA ye have by the hand of the wicked crucified

25 S my Lord

30 SVA that of the fruit of his loins should sit on his throne

32 SVA that he was neither left in hell, nor his flesh

33 SVA om. now; V both see and hear

37 S in their heart, saying unto Peter

38 SVA om. said; SA Repent, saith he, and be; SVA of your sins

39 A whom the Lord

40 SVA and exhort them

41 SVA om. gladly; SVA and in the same day

44 SVA om. and after fellowship

43 SA by the apostles in Jerusalem, and great fear was upon all

44 V were together and had

47 SVA added together daily such as were saved


1 SVA were going up into the temple

6 SV om. rise up and

7 SVA and lifted him up

11 SVA And as he held Peter

13 SA and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob; SVA om. him after denied

18 SV of all the prophets; SV his Christ; A om. that Christ should suffer

20 SVA was appointed unto you

21 SVA of his holy prophets

22 SVA om. For; SVA om. unto the fathers; S the Lord our God, V the Lord God

25 VA of your fathers

26 SV om. Jesus; V from iniquities


1 V the chief priests

3 A and put them in hold

4 A om. the word; SA om. about

8 SVA om. of Israel

17 SVA om. straitly; A om. henceforth

18 SVA om. them after commanded

24 SVA thou which hast made

25 SVA by the mouth of our father thy servant David, by the Holy Ghost hast said

27 together: SVA add in this city

28 VA* thy hand and counsel

30 VA the hand

33 SA of Jesus Christ the Lord

36 SVA Joseph


5 SVA on all them that heard

9 S How therefore it is; A at the doors

11 A and upon as many

15 SA even into the streets

16 SVA about Jerusalem

18 SVA laid hands

23 SVA om. truly; SVA om. without; SVA at the doors

24 SVA Now when the captain of the temple

25 SVA om. saying; S are in the temple teaching

28 SVA saying, We commanded you straitly

30 SA Now the God

32 SA And we are witnesses, V And we are in him witnesses; and so is also etc.: V And God hath given the Holy Ghost to them that obey him

33 VA and desired to slay them

34 SVA to put the men forth

36 A some great one

37 SVA* drew away people after him

38 S om. unto you

39 SVA ye cannot (SV ye will not be able to) overthrow them

40 SVA and let them go

41 SVA for the name

42 SVA Christ Jesus


3 SV But brethren, A Now brethren; S full of the spirit of wisdom

7 of the priests: S of the Jews

8 SVA full of grace and power

9 SA of the synagogue of those who are called the Libertines; A om. and of Asia

11 SV men, saying; S speak words of blasphemy against

12 S om. and came upon him; A and brought him

13 S witnesses, saying; SVA to speak words against the holy place

15 S looking at him steadfastly


6 S Spake unto him, Thy seed shall— and they shall bring it—and entreat it evil

8 S the seventh day

10 SA and over all his house

11 SVA over all Egypt

13 SA and his kindred

14 SVA and all his kindred

15 V om. into Egypt

16 SVA of Emmor in Sychem

17 SVA which God had promised

18 SVA arose over Egypt

19 SV the fathers

20 SVA in his father’s house

22 SVA in his words and deeds

25 SV the brethren

30 SVA om. of the Lord; A in a flaming fire

31 A om. at the sight; SVA a voice from the Lord came (om. unto him)

32 SVA and of Isaac and of Jacob

35 S and a judge over us; S and a judge instead of and a deliverer; VA with the hand

37 SA shall God raise; S of your brethren; SVA om. him shall ye hear

38 S with your fathers; V who had chosen the; S unto you

40 S Moses the man which brought us

42 V* om. in the wilderness

43 S Romphan, V Rompha, A Rephan

44 A Your fathers

46 SV for the house of Jacob

48 SVA dwelleth not in what is made with hands

51 VA in hearts, S in your hearts

54 S When they heard

55 S full of faith and of the Holy Ghost

58 A and cast him out

60 S om. with a loud voice


1 S om. and before they

4 S om. every where

6 SVA Now the people

8 SVA Now there was much joy

10 SVA is the power of God which is called great

12 SVA preaching of the kingdom; S kingdom of the Lord; A om. both

14 S the word of Christ

18 SV the Spirit was given

22 SVA and pray the Lord

25 A the word of God

26 S unto the way called the going down

27 SA of all her treasure, had come

28 SA and was returning, V now he was returning; SVA the prophet Esaias

30 SVA Esaias the prophet

33 SVA in his humiliation; SVA om. and

34 V* om. this

37 SVA om. this verse

39 A the holy Spirit of the Lord fell on the eunuch. But an angel of the Lord caught away Philip


1 S om. yet

5 And the Lord said: S And he said, VA and he said; A I am Jesus of Nazareth; SVA om. it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks

6 SVA om. And he trembling—said unto him; SVA But arise

8 SVA* he saw nothing

12 SA om. in a vision; SA his hands

15 SA before both the Gentiles

17 S* om. as thou camest

18 SVA om. forthwith

19 SVA Then he was certain days

20 SVA he preached Jesus

24 SVA and they watched also the gates

25 SVA his disciples took him by night and let him down

26 SVA Now when he was come

27 S om. and before how; A in the name of the Lord

28- 29 SVA at Jerusalem, speaking boldly; SVA om. Jesus

30 A and sent him forth

31 SVA Then had the church—and was edified—was multiplied

34 A the Lord Jesus Christ

37 SA whom when they had washed, they laid her, V whom when they had washed, they laid her

38 SVA exhorting him, Delay not to come to us


4 S om. for a memorial

6 SVA om. he shall tell thee what thou oughtest to do

7 SVA which spake unto him; SVA of the household servants

11 SVA om. unto him; knit at the etc.: SVA let down by the four corners to the earth

12 translate wherein were all the fourfooted beasts; SVA fourfooted beasts and creeping things of the earth

14 SVA that is common and unclean

16 SVA was forthwith received up into heaven

19 V om. unto him

21 SVA om. which were sent unto him from Cornelius

23 SVA on the morrow he arose and went away

30 SVA Four days ago until this hour I was at the ninth hour praying in my house

32 SVA om. who when he cometh, shall speak unto thee

33 SVA commanded thee of the Lord

35 A shall be accepted

36 VA God sent the word unto

38 S how he went about

39 SV And we are, A And ye are; SVA whom also the slew

45 as many as: V which

48 SVA in the name of Jesus Christ


2 SVA But when Peter

3 V saying that he went—and did eat

5 S om. praying

7 SVA And I heard also

8 SVA for common or unclean hath not at any time entered

9 SV om. me

11 SVA where we were

13 SVA om. unto him; SVA om. men

16 A Then remembered we

20 SVA spake also unto; A unto the Greeks

22 SVA they sent forth Barnabas unto Antioch

24 V* om. unto the Lord

25 SVA departed he to Tarsus; V to comfort Saul

26 SVA when he had found him he brought him; SVA And it came to pass also

28 SVA om. Caesar


1 S the king Herod

3 SVA Now because he saw

6 A at the door

9 SVA om. him; S by the angel: he thought he saw

11 A om. of the people

13 SVA And as he knocked; S came hearkening

17 A om. unto them after beckoning; SA om. unto them after declared

20 SVA And he was

22 S and not of men

24 V of the Lord

25 SV returned to Jersualem


1 SVA om. certain

6 SVA through all the isle; SVA a certain man, a sorcerer and false prophet

11 V (A*?) there fell on him

17 V of the people

18 suffered he their manners: A bore he them as a nurse

19- 20 SVA he distributed their land to them for an inheritance, about four hundred and fifty years. And after that he gave unto them judges unto Sam. the prophet

22 V the son of Jesse after

23 raised: SVA brought

25 SVA What think ye

26 V om. and after Abraham; A among us; SVA to us is

31 SA who are now

33 SVA unto our children; A2 raised him up from the dead

38 V that therefore is preached

39 SA om. And before by him

40 S om. upon you

42 SVA And when they were gone out, they besought

43 S was broken up by them

44 SA the word of the Lord

45 SVA om. contradicting and

46 SVA And Paul and Barnabas

50 VA the devout and honourable women; V out of the coasts

51 SVA the dust of their feet


1 S om. of the Jews after synagogue

8 SVA om. being

11 S they lifted up their voice

13 SVA before the city

15 translate men who suffer like things

17 SV and gave you, A om. us; SV your hearts

21 SA and to Antioch

25 SA the word of the Lord

28 SVA om. there


2 SV Now when Paul

4 S of the church, the

5 A certain men

7 SVA among you

8 SVA bare witness

11 SVA om. Christ

17- 18 SV saith the Lord, who made these things known from the beginning; A om. all; A known unto the Lord is his work

22 A om. of their own company; SVA Barsabbas

23 SVA om. after this manner; SVA om. and before brethren

24 SV certain from us; SVA om. saying, Ye must be circumcised and keep the law

28 A than the things necessary

32 S om. and confirmed them

33 SVA unto those who had sent them

34 SVA om. this verse

36 SVA visit the brethren

37 SVA And Barn. would take with them also John

39 SVA But the contention

40 SVA unto the grace of the Lord


1 VA also to Derbe; SVA and to Lystra; SVA of a woman

6 SVA Now they went

7 SVA But after; SVA the Spirit of Jesus

10 SVA that God had called; S om. us

11 SA Now loosing from Troas

13 SVA out of the gate; SVA where we supposed there was a meeting for prayer; S which resorted with us thither

17 SV unto you

26 V om. immediately

31 SVA om. Christ

32 SVA with all that were

33 A he and all his family

38 SVA but they feared


4 A of the devout and of Greeks

5 SVA om. which believed not

10 A om. immediately; A om. by night

13 SVA and stirred up and troubled the people

14 SVA and Silas

15 SVA brought him unto Athens

16 S Now while he waited at Athens

18 SVA Then also certain

23 SVA* What therefor e — that declare I

26 SVA of one (om. blood); SVA om. before

27 SVA seek God, if; A or fine him; A* of you

28 V of our own poets

32 SVA also again


1 SV he departed

2 V that he had commanded

5 SVA Paul was earnestly occupied with the word, testifying; A om. to the Jews

7 A into the house of a certain Justus; SV named Titus (V Titius) Justus

9 A om. in the night

15 SVA if it be questions; SVA om. for

17 SVA om. the Greeks

20 SVA om. with them

21 SV But bade them farewell and said, A But bidding them farewell and saying— if God will, he sailed; SVA om. I must by all means keep this feast that cometh in Jerusalem; but

23 S and went also

24 S named Apelles

25 S and fervent in the spirit wherein he spake and taught; V and he spake; SVA the things of Jesus

26 SVA Priscilla and Aquila


1 S Apelles; SVA came to Ephesus and found

2 SVA and said unto; SVA And they said unto him

3 SA But he said; SVA om. unto them

4 SVA om. verily; SVA om. Christ

9 SVA of Tyrannus

10 SVA om. Jesus

12 SVA om. of them

13 SVA certain also of the; SVA I adjure you; S by the Lord Jesus

14 SVA And certain men, seven sons of Sceva (V of one Sceva), a Jew and chief of the priests, were doing this

15 SVA and said unto them

16 SVA prevailed against both

21 A purposed in the Spirit to pass through Mac. and Ach. and to go

24 V made shrines, S made a silver shrine

26 A but also almost; S om. persuaded and; S that gods are not made with hands

27 S will be in danger; S om. but; A but also the temple—will be despised—will be destroyed

29 SVA om. whole

33 SVA And they thrust Alex.

34 V repeats Great is Diana of the Eph.

35 S Men and brethren; SVA who of men is there; S both of the great Diana; SVA om. goddess

37 SVA of our goddess


1 SVA and exhorted and embraced them

4 SV om. into Asia; SVA Sopater the son of Pyrrhus of Berea

5 SVA Now these

7 SVA when we came together

8 SVA where we were

11 V om. and after again

15 V and in the evening we arrived at Samos; SVA om. and tarried at Trogyllium

18 A when they were come to him and they were together, he said

19 SVA and with tears

21 V om. Christ

22 A that may befall me there

23 SVA witnesseth to me

24 SV But on no account do I hold my life dear unto myself, that I might finish my course (om. with joy); A neither hold I my life so precious to me as the finishing of my course and of the ministry

25 SVA om. of God; S shall not see my face (om. more)

26 SV that I am pure

28 SVA om. therefore; A the church of the Lord

29 for I know: SA I know, V because I know; SVA om. this

30 V of you shall men arise

32 SVA om. brethren; V I commend you to the Lord; SVA and to give an inheritance

34 SVA om. Yea

35 A om. Jesus


3 translate the ship unladed her burden

4 SVA But finding; there: A with them

5 A om. departed and; S om. till we were

5- 6 SVA and when we had knelt down on the shore and prayed, we took our leave—and entered into the ship

8 SVA om. that were of Paul’s company

10 S And as they tarried there

11 SV his own feet and hands

13 SA answered and said; S om. to weep and

16 V one Mnasus

19 S among the Gentiles of his ministry

20 SVA they glorified God; VA among the Jews, S om. of Jews

21 S om. And before they; A om. all

22 V What is it therefore? They will needs hear

24 A but also that thou

25 SVA om. that they observe no such thing, save only

28 A and the law, and this holy place

39 S to speak a word

40 A in their own tongue


3 SVA om. verily

5 V did bear

8 S answered and said

9 SVA om. and were afraid

11 V I could see nothing

12 A a man according (om. devout)

16 SVA calling on his name

20 A om. Stephen; SVA om. unto his death

26 SVA saying, What wilt thou do? for

27 S Say, art thou

28 A om. And; SV But the chief captain; S said, I was even

30 SVA om. from his bands; SVA and all the council to come together


2 S that stood by to

6 SVA the son of Pharisees

7 S between the Sadducees and Pharisees

9 SV and certain of the scribes; A and certain of the Phar. (om. the scribes) arose; S strove one with another saying; SVA om. let us not fight against God

10 S om. from among them

11 SVA om. Paul

12 SVA the Jews instead of certain of the Jews

15 SVA om. to morrow

16 A into the Synagogue (a mere error)

20 S as though it would enquire, VA as thou wouldest enquire

27 having understood: translate perceiving

28 A I brought him

30 SA how that they laid wait, V how that wait was laid; SA om. straightway; V to speak before thee against him, SA to speak before thee (om. what they had against him); VA om. Farewell

34 SVA And when he had read; S that he was of


1 A after certain days; SVA with certain elders

5 SVA of seditions

6- 8 SVA om. and would have judged— commanding his accusers to come unto thee

8 A thou for thyself

10 SVA I do cheerfully answer

13 SVA can they prove to thee

14 V believing the things

15 SVA om. of the dead

16 SVA Herein do I exercise also myself

17 I came to bring: A I was about to bring

20 SVA say, what evil they found, while

22 SVA Now Felix having more perf. knowl. of that way, deferred them

23 SVA to keep him; SVA om. or come

24 VA his own wife; SV in Christ Jesus

25 S of temperance and righteousness

26 V om. him after given; SVA om. that he might loose him


2 SVA the chief priests

5 translate which among you are in authority

6 SVA not more than eight or ten days

7 SVA stood round about him; SVA om. against Paul

8 SVA While Paul answered

9 A Festus therefore

11 SVA Therefore if I be

16 SVA om. to die

18 SVA of such evils as I supp.

19 A questions among them of

22 SVA Then Agrippa said; SVA saith he

25 V and that Paul himself


2 translate accused of Jews

3 A in the customs; SVA wherefore I beseech to hear me patiently

4 V all Jews

7 SV om. Agrippa, A om. king Agrippa; SVA accused of Jews

9 V om. verily

10 V wherefore also I did so in Jer.

12 SVA of the chief priests

14 SVA a voice saying unto me in the Hebrew tongue

15 SVA And the Lord said

17 SVA om. now

21 SV om. the before Jews

24 SVA Festus saith

25 SVA But Paul saith

26 V om. also

28 SVA Then Agr. said unto Paul

29 SVA And Paul said

30 SVA om. when he had thus spoken


2 SVA a ship of Adr., which was going to sail—of Asia, we launched

3 A Julianus

5 V we came to Myrra, SA we came to Lystra

8 A the city of Alassa

9 translate the time of the fast

14 SVA called Euraquilon

16 S2V called Cauda

17 S help

19 SVA they cast out with their own hands

20 V om. then

21 SVA And after

34 V Wherefore also I pray; A for our health; SVA perish for fall

37 V about instead of two hundred (a mere error); A and fifteen

39 A they wished

41 SVA was broken by the violence (om. of the waves)


1 SVA And when we were escaped, then we knew

2 A om. every one

3 A and Paul laid them

5 S and felt nothing

9 SVA But when; V om. also

13 SV we removed and came

16 SVA And when we entered into Rome, Paul was suffered

17 SVA he called; S he spake unto them saying

18 S would have let me go

21 S out of Judaea against thee

24 S And some therefore

25 SVA unto your fathers

27 S the heart of this people is overcharged; S om. and understand with their heart

28 SVA this salvation of God

29 SVA om. this verse

30 SVA And he dwelt

31 S om. Christ

ROMANS Title: SVA To the Romans


1 V of Christ Jesus

8 S om. V through Jesus Christ

16 SVA om. of Christ; V om. first

17 For: A But

24 SVA om. also

26 translate their females

27 translate also the males—of the female—males with males

28 SA he gave them over

29 SVA om. fornication; SA maliciousness, covetousness; A debate, murder; A om. deceit

31 SVA om. implacable

32 V not only doing the same, but having pleasure


2 S For we are sure

5 A of wrath and reward of the

8 SVA wrath and indignation

14 translate when Gentiles

16 SV by Christ Jesus

17 SVA But if thou art

20 A om. a teacher of babes


3 A did not obey

5 S his vengeance

7 SVA But if the truth

8 V om. and after reported

9 A may we be better? A both Jews first and Gentiles

12 V that doeth good, not one

22 V by faith of Christ, A by faith in Christ Jesus; SVA om. and upon all

25 A a propitiation in his blood

28 SA For we conclude


1 V What shall we say then of Abraham (om. hath found); SVA our forefather

11 A the circumcision as a sign; A that it might be imputed unto them for righteousness, SVA om. also

15 SVA but where no

19 SVA he considered his own body; V om. now

22 V om. And


1 SVA let us have peace

2 V om. by faith; A into this joy

6 SA For Christ, when we were yet weak, in due time died for the ungodly; V If indeed Christ, when we were yet weak, in due time died for the ungodly; [read verses 7 and 8 as in brackets and continue] much more

8 V But he commendeth

11 V om. Christ

13 SA was not imputed as there was no law

15 V om. also; A therefore much more

17 A if by one offense; V of grace and of righteousness; V Christ Jesus

18 S of one man

21 V by Christ Jesus


3 V om. Jesus

6 V and knowing; A that he would destroy the body of sin

11 SVA yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive; VA om. our Lord

12 SV obey the lusts thereof

14 S shall no longer have

17 A from a pure heart

18 S Being therefore

19 A your members instruments of uncleanness; V om. unto iniquity


3 A the wife be married

6 SVA from the law, being dead to that wherein

14 A Now we know

18 SVA not to perform that which is good (om. I find)

22 V in the law of the mind

23 A warring against it and bringing me into captivity to the law of my mind, which

25 V Thanks be to God


1 SV om. who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit, A om. but after the Spirit

2 SV hath made thee

11 SA add Jesus after Christ; SA om. also; V because of his Spirit

18 A Now I reckon

22 A Now we know

24 V why doth he hope for, A why doth he yet expect it, S doth he also expect (om. why)

26 SVA our infirmity; SVA om. for us

28 VA that God causeth all things to work together for good

30 A Moreover whom he did foreknow

34 SA It is Christ Jesus; SA is risen again from the dead, who is at the

35 S love of God, V love of God, which is in Christ Jesus

38 SVA nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers


3 V from Christ, for my kinsmen

4 V and the covenant, A om. to whom pertaineth—and the promises (a mere error)

19 V Why therefore

23 V om. and

25 V to Osee

26 V om. unto them

28 SVA For the Lord will perform his word upon the earth, finishing it and cutting it short

31 SVA om. of righteousness after to the law

32 SVA by works (om. of the law); SVA om. for

33 SVA and he who believeth


1 SVA for them is

3 A But they; VA their own (om. righteousness)

5 SA For Moses writeth, that the man which doeth the righteousness which is of the law (A of the faith, a mere error), shall live in it; V in it for by them

9 V confess the word with they mouth, that Jesus is the Lord; A the Lord Jesus Christ

15 SVA the feet of them that bring glad tidings of good things

17 SV by the word of Christ

20 V found among them—made manifest among them


1 A his people, which he foreknew

2 translate in the history of Elias VA om. saying

3 SVA om. and after prophets

6 SA om. But if it be of works, then is it no more grace, otherwise work is no more work; V otherwise work is no more grace

12 A om. this verse (a mere error)

13 SVA Now I speak; SVA therefore inasmuch

16 SV But if the firstfruit

17 SV of the root, of the fatness

19 SVA Branches

21 SVA branches neither will he spare thee

22 SVA towards thee God’s goodness

26 SVA he shall turn for and sh. turn

31 SV may now obtain mercy


2 VA of the mind

7 A or teaching, let us wait, on teaching

14 V which persecute (om. you)

15 SV om. and before weep

18 A (A2 ?) in the sight of God and in the sight of all men

20 SVA But if thine enemy


1 SVA those that be

3 SVA to the good work, but to the evil

7 SVA om. therefore

9 VA om. Thou shalt not bear false witness; SA and if there be

10 A om. Love worketh no ill to his neighbour

12 S om. and, VA but let us put on; A the works of light

14 A the lust


3 A judge for despise

4 SVA for the Lord is able

5 SA For one man

6 SVA om. and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it; SVA And he that eateth; A he giveth thanks to the Lord

9 SVA Christ died and lived, that

10 SVA of God

13 V that no man put an occasion to fall

15 SVA For if thy brother

18 SVA in this thing

19 SVA We follow therefore after

21 S whereby thy brother is grieved; SA om. or is offended, or is made weak

22 SVA Have to thyself the faith which thou hast; S om. before God

23 (After is sin A adds three verses: xvi, 25-27, Now to him—for ever. Amen.)


2 S om. for his good

4 V were written, were all written for; SVA and through comfort; V might have hope of comfort

5 SA according to Jesus Christ

7 SVA received you

8 SVA for I say, that Christ was

11 V And again he saith; A and let all peoples laud him

13 V in believing in hope (om. that ye may abound)

15 SVA om. brethren

16 SVA of Christ Jesus; V om. to the Gentiles

18 V For I dare not to speak

19 A power of the Holy Ghost

23- 24 SVA But now I have no more place in these parts, and have—unto you, whenever I journey into Spain; for I trust

28 V om. to them

29 SVA of the blessing of Christ

30 V om. brethren

31 SVA and that my service (V my ministration of alms)

32 SA that, when I come unto you with joy by the will of God (S of Jesus Christ), I may with you be refr.; V by the will of the Lord Jesus; V om. and may with you be refreshed

33 A om. Amen


1 A your sister; V which is also

3 SVA Prisca

5 SVA of Asia

6 SVA much labour on you

7 S among the apostles and were

8 SA Ampliatus; V the beloved

12 A om. Salute the beloved Persis—in the Lord

14 SVA Hermes, Patrobas, Hermas

16 SVA All the churches

18 SVA our Lord Christ

20 A the God of peace bruise; SVA om. Amen

21 V om. and after Lucius

24 SVA om. this verse

25 S the gospel of me and of the Lord Jesus Christ

27 V through Christ Jesus; SA for ever and ever Subscription: SVA To the Romans.

I CORINTHIANS Title: SV(A) The first to the Corinthians.


1 A om. called to be; V of Christ Jesus

2 V to the church of God (the sanctified in Christ Jesus) which is at Corinth; A of Jesus our Lord

4 SV om. my; A* om. of God

8 V om. Christ

14 A I thank my God, S* om. God

15 SVA that ye were baptized in my name

20 SVA wisdom of the world

22 SVA require signs

23 SVA and unto the Gentiles foolishn.

25 SVA* om. is before stronger

28 S* and weak things of the world; SA chosen, things which are not

29 SVA in the presence of God

30 V is made our wisdom


1 SA the mystery of God

4 SV words of wisdom

9 A om. But; VA what things soever

10 V For God; SVA by the Spirit

11 A For who knoweth

13 SVA which the Spirit teacheth; V comparing spiritual things spiritually


2 SVA om. and; V neither now are ye able

3 SVA om. and divisions

4 A I am of Paul, but another I am of Ap.; SVA are ye not men

5 SVA What then is Apollos? and what is Paul? ministers

12 SVA upon the foundation; V gold and silver

22 SVA all are yours (V ours)


2 VA Moreover, here on earth it is; S Moreover, here on earth what require ye in stewards? That a man

4 S for he that judgeth me

6 S om. And before these; SVA that by us ye might learn not to be above those things which are written

8 A om. ye have reigned as kings without us (a mere error)

9 SVA For I think, God

14 SA warning you

15 V om. Jesus

17 SA For this same cause; S which be in Christ Jesus


1 SVA as is not even among

3 SVA verily absent

4 SA in the name of the Lord; VA om. Christ before when; SVA om. Christ before to deliver

5 V om. Jesus; A of our Lord Jesus Christ

7 SVA om. therefore; SVA om. for us

8 V not for neither

10 SVA om. Yet; SVA and extortioners

12 SVA om. also; S shall not ye judge

13 SV will judge; SVA om. Therefore


2 SVA Or do ye not

3- 6 A om. these verses

5 SV among you, that shall be

7 S om. therefore; SVA it is utterly a fault with you, A om. utterly

11 V of our Lord Jesus, S of the Lord Jesus Christ

14 A and also raiseth up us, V and hath also raised up us

15 SA our bodies

16 A om. saith he

20 S om. therefore; SVA om. and in your spirit, which are God’s


1 SV om. unto me

3 SVA her duty for due benevolence

5 SVA yourselves to prayer, and be together again; V for incontinency

7 SVA But I would

8 A that it is good

13 S And if a woman hath; SVA leave her husband

14 SVA by the brother for by the husband

15 SA hath called you

17 SVA But as the Lord hath distributed; SVA as God hath called

22 SVA om. also

31 SVA that use the world

33- 34 SVA how he may please his wife, and is divided. And the unmarried woman and the unmarried (V om. unmarried) virgin careth for the things; A om. both; V om. for the things of the world

36 A and need require this

37 A and hath power over; SVA decreed in his own heart; SA shall do well

38 SVA that giveth his virgin in marriage doeth (V shall do) well, and he— shall do better

39 SVA om. by the law; SVA but if the husband

40 V for I think also


2 SVA om. And; SVA he knoweth it not yet

3 S* om. of him

4 SVA no God but one

6 V om. but before to us; S* there is but one, the Father

7 SVA some through usage of the idol

8 SVA But meat will not commend us (S you) to God; SVA om. for; VA neither if we eat not, are we the worse (A2 the better); neither if we eat, are we the better (A2 the worse)

10 V see him which hath

11 SVA for (A therefore) by thy (V om. thy) knowledge he that is weak perishes, the brother for whom


1 SVA Am I not free? and I not an apostle? SVA Jesus our Lord

2 A om. this verse (a mere error)

7 SVA eateth not the fruit

10 SVA and he that thresheth in hope of partaking

15 SVA But I have not used any of; SV than my glorying: no one should it make void.

16 S I have no claim to favour; SVA upon me; for woe

18 SVA om. of Christ

20 SVA after as under the law add not being myself under the law

21 SVA without law of God, but under the law of Chr.

22 SVA became I weak

23 SVA But all things I do


1 SVA For, brethren

3 SA and did all eat the (S om.) spiritual meat

4 A drink the spiritual drink

9 SV tempt the Lord, A tempt God; S as some tempted; VA as some of them tempted

10 S let us murmur; SVA om. also

11 VA om. all, SVA by way of figure instead of for ensamples

13 A that ye may be able

19 SVA What say I then? that what is offered in sacrifice to idols is any thing? (V adds or that the idol is any thing?)

20 V which they (for the Gentiles) sacrifice

23 SVA om. for me in both cases

24 SVA om. every man

28 SVA This is offered in sacrifice, eat not; SVA om. for the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof

30 SVA om. For before if


2 SVA om. brethren

5 A And every

6 V let her also be shorn or shaven

11 SVA neither is the woman without the man, neither the man without the woman, in the Lord

17 A Now I declare this unto you, praising you not

19 V that also they

21 A om. before other

22 V praise I you for shall I praise you

23 V om. Jesus

24 SVA om. Take, eat; SVA which is for you (om. broken)

26 A om. For; SVA and drink the cup

27 SVA eat the bread and (SV or) drink the cup; S after unworthily adds of the Lord; A blood of the Christ

29 SVA om. unworthily; SVA not discerning the body

31 SVA Now if

34 SVA om. And before if


2 SVA Ye know that when ye were Gentiles ye were

3 SVA saith, Jesus is accursed; SVA can say, Jesus is Lord

6 SA but it is the same God; V and the same God is working

9 VA of healing, by one Spirit

10 V om. to another the interpretation of tongues

12 SVA all the members of the body

13 A and are all one body instead of and have been all made to drink into one Spirit

21 A om. And

24 V having given something more abundant to that

25 S schisms

26 A whether a member; SVA or a member

31 SVA the greater gifts


2 A And though I have the gift; A and though I have all faith; A it profiteth me nothing for I am nothing

3 SVA my body that I may glory

4 V envieth not, vaunteth not

5 V seeketh not what is not her own

8 V be prophecy, it shall fail

10 SVA om. then

11 SVA om. but


5 SVA now greater is

6 S om. either; S or doctrine

7 V a distinction of the sound

8 A who prepareth himself

10 SVA and none is

12 A seek that ye may prophesy

14 V om. For

18 SVA I thank God; SA I speak with an unknown tongue

21 S In the law what is written? SA and in lips of others

23 V om. or unbelievers

25 SVA The secrets of his heart are made manifest (om. And thus)

26 SVA om. of you; A om. hath a doctrine; SVA hath a revelation, hath a tongue

34 SVA let the women; SVA but let them be under obedience (A adds to their husbands)

35 SVA for it is (V it is) a shame for a woman

37 SVA are the commandment of the Lord (A of God)

38 SA* he is ignored instead of let him be ignorant

39 SVA my brethren

40 SVA But let


14 SA then is also our preaching; V and (SA om.) our faith

15 S his Christ

17 V you faith is vain; SA and ye are yet

20 SVA om. and become

25 A all his enemies

26- 27 S For he hath put all things under his feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed, is death. But when

28 V om. also

29 SVA why are they then bapt. for them?

31 A by our rejoicing; SVA brethren, which I have

37 S* which thou sowest is not that body

38 SVA to every seed a body of its own

39 SVA one kind of flesh of men; SVA and another flesh of beasts and another (A adds flesh) of birds and another of fishes

44 SVA If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual (om. body)

45 V The first Adam

47 SV the second man is from heaven

49 SA let us also bear

51 SA* we shall all sleep, but we shall not all be changed, A2 we shall not all sleep, but we shall not all be changed

54 A So when this mortal shall have put on immortality, and this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, S So when this mortal shall have put on immortality (om. and this corruptible etc.)

55 SV O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?, A* only O death where is thy sting?

56 A The sting of death is sin

58 A and unmoveable


6 V that I will abide or winter

7 SVA for I trust

11 S om. but; V om. with the brethren

12 S I manifest to you that I greatly desired him

13 A and be strong

19 A om. this verse; SV Aquila and Prisca

22 SVA om. Jesus Christ

23 SV The grace of the Lord Jesus be

24 A Love be; V om. Amen: Subscription: SVA The first to the Corinthians.

II CORINTHIANS Title: SVA The second to the Corinthians.


1 SV of Christ Jesus

6- 7 SA it is for your consolation and salvation: or whether we be comforted, it is for your consolation, which is effectual in the enduring of the same sufferings, which we also suffer. And our hope of you is stedfast, knowing; V it is for your consolation, which is effectual in the enduring of the same sufferings, which we also suffer, and your (an error for our) hope of you is stedfast: or whether we be comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation, knowing

8 SVA om. to us

10 A om. and doth deliver, SV and will deliver

11 A we also helping together by prayer for you; V on your behalf

12 SVA in holiness for in simplicity; A and in godly sincerity; V and not with

13 V om. or acknowledge; SVA om. even

14 SV of our Lord Jesus

15 S om. before; S a second joy

17 A Now when I was; SVA was thus willing

18 SVA is not yea

19 SA Christ Jesus

20 SVA are yea, wherefore also by him they are Amen

22 SA and he hath sealed


1 V For I determined

2 SVA who is he then

3 A om. same; SVA om. unto you

7 VA om. rather

10 SVA for what I forgave, if I forgave anything, for your sakes

16 SVA to the one a savour arising from death and tending to death; and to the other a savour arising from life and tending to life


1 SVA epistles of commendation to you or from you?

2 S written in your hearts

3 V and written; SVA but in hearts, tables of flesh

4 A have I

5 V om. anything

9 SA For if to the ministr. of condemn. be glory

13 A look into the face of that

17 SVA of the Lord is, there is liberty

18 A are changed


4 SVA om. unto them

5 SA Jesus Christ the Lord; SA2 your servants by Jesus

6 SVA who commanded, The Light shall shine; VA om. Jesus

10 SVA the dying of Jesus; S manifest in our bodies

13 S have I also spoken

14 V raised up Jesus; SV us also with Jesus

16 SV yet our inward man

17 V for the light affl.


5 SV who hath given

8 S But being confident, we are also willing

12 SV om. For; SV but give you (V us) occasion to glory on your behalf

14 SV that one died for all, consequently all were dead

17 SV behold, they are become new

18 SV om. Jesus

21 SV om. For


11 V your heart

14 SV or what communion

15 SV Beliar

16 SV for we are temples (V a temple)


3 V ye are in

8 V but though I did repent, I perceive

12 SV your care for us

13 SV Theref. we were comforted: but in addition to our comfort, we rejoiced very much more at the joy of Titus

14 S* om. to you; V your boasting before Titus, S our boasting before Titus

15 S om. all

16 SV om. therefore


4 SV with much intreaty beseeching of us the grace and the fellowship

7 V and in our love to you

9 V om. Christ

12 SV according to what it may have, not according to what it hath not

13 SV and you burdened

19 V to travel with us in this grace; V of the Lord; SV of our ready mind

21 SV For we provide; S but also of men

22 translate which he hath in you


4 SV in this same matter

5 S om. and after bounty

7 SV as he hath purposed

8 SV And God is able

10 SV seed to the sower and bread for eating, shall minister and multiply your seed sown, and will increase

11 V of God

12 V unto Christ


1 V am bold for you

7 V seemeth to trust in himself; SV let him with himself; SV om. Christ’s after are we

8 SV om. us

12 S* om. themselves after measuring

14 V For we stretch ourselves (om. not); S om. for after you


3 SV om. so; SV from the simplicity and holiness

5 V But I suppose

6 SV but in every matter we made things manifest before all men among you

10 translate this boasting in me shall not be stopped in the regions

21 S* om. I speak

23 S in stripes more frequent, in prisons above measure, V in prisons more frequent, in stripes above measure

30 V which concern infirmity

31 SV Father of the Lord Jesus, which

32 V with a garrison to apprehend me


1 V It is needful to glory, it is not expedient indeed, but I will come also, S It is not expedient, indeed, to glory, but I will

3 V om. I cannot tell

5 V but in infirmities

6- 7 SVA But now I forbear even the abundance of the revelations, lest any man—he heareth of me; for lest I should be exalted above measure, there was given

7 SVA after buffet me om. lest I should be exalted above measure

8 A And for this thing

9 SVA for strength; V in infirmities

10 S and necessities; A om. in p ersecutions; SV in persecutions and distresses

11 SVA om. in glorying

12 SVA in all patience and (A om.) signs

14 SVA Behold this is the third time I am; SVA om. to you after burdensome

15 V for you, if the more abundantly loving you, the less I be loved, SA for you. If I love you more abundantly, am I less beloved?

19 SVA You have thought for some time that we excuse ourselves unto you.

20 SV debate; SV envying


1 A Behold, this is the third time I am ready to come; S that in the mouth

2 SVA I told before and now I foretell, as if I were present the second time, and being absent, to them which

4 SV For he was crucified through weakness, but he liveth; SV weak with him; V om. toward you

5 A om. prove your own selves; SA Christ Jesus; V is in you

7 SVA Now we pray

11 A om. be of one mind

14 V om. Christ; SVA om. Amen. Subscription: SVA The second to the Corinthians.

GALATIANS Title: SVA To the Galatians.


3 SA our Father; SA from the Lord

6 translate in the grace

8 S om. unto you before than

9 S As I said

10 SVA om. for before if

11 V For I certify

15 V it pleased him who

17 V neither went I unto Jerusalem

18 SVA to acquaint myself with Cephas


9 A om. Cephas

11 SVA But when Cephas was come

12 SV but when he was come

13 S And all the other Jews

14 SVA unto Cephas

16 SV but knowing; VA faith of Christ Jesus, even; SA believed in Christ Jesus

20 A I live by the faith; V by the faith of God and Christ, who


1 SVA om. that you should not obey the truth; SVA om. among you

5 A received ye the Spirit by the works of the law

12 SVA but, He who doeth them

17 SVA om. in Christ

21 V om. of God; V been in the law

22 translate hath shut up all

28 SA for ye are all Christ Jesus’

29 V are ye of Abraham’s seed; SVA om. and before heirs


6 V he hath sent forth; SVA into our hearts

7 SVA then an heir through God

14 SVA your temptation in my flesh

15 SVA Where is then

19 SV My children

24 VA these are two covenants

25 VA But this Agar; S For Sinai is a mountain, being in Arabia; SVA for she is in bondage

26 SV which is our mother (om. all)

28 V Now you, brethren, as Is. was, are

30 A this bondwoman

31 SV Wherefore, brethren, A But, brethren


1 SVA It is for liberty that Christ hath made us free. Therefore stand fast, and be not

2 S* Behold, I say

10 V om. through the Lord

11 A of the cross of Christ

17 SV for these are

19 SVA om. adultery

20 V emulation

21 SV om. murders; SV as I have told you; S om. in time past

24 S that are the Lord Christ Jesus’, VA that are Christ Jesus’


2 V and so shall you fulfil

4 V But let him prove

15 V om. in Christ Jesus; SVA neither circumcision is any thing

17 S the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ, VA the marks of Jesus

18 S of the Lord. Subscription: SVA To the Galatians.

EPHESIANS Title: SVA To the Ephesians.


1 V of Christ Jesus; S2A to all the saints; S*V* om. at Ephesus

3 V the God of our Lord; S of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; S* om. us

6 SVA whereby he hath made us accepted

7 A to the riches of his goodness

10 A according to the dispensation; SVA all things in Christ, which are

11 SVA in whom also we are called, being

15 S*VA om. love

16 SVA making mention of you in my prayers

18 SA the eyes of your heart, V the eyes of the heart; SVA om. and before what; S the riches of the inheritance of his glory

20 SA and set him

21 V above all power and principality


1 SA in your trespasses and sins, V in your tresp. and lusts

5 V dead in sins and lusts

10 S* For we are the workmanship of God

15 SVA for to make in him

17 SVA and peace to them

19 SVA but ye are fellow-citizens

20 VA Christ Jesus himself being, S Christ (om. Jesus and himself) being

22 V habitation of Christ


1 S om. Jesus

2 A of his grace, which

3 SVA by revelation was made known unto me

5 SVA to other ages; V unto his saints and prophets

6 SVA of the promise in Christ Jesus

8 SVA preach unto the Gentiles

9 SA and to show what is; SVA what is the dispensation of the mystery; S hath been hid by God; SVA om. by Jesus Christ

14 SVA om. of our Lord Jesus Christ

18 V and height and depth

20 A that worketh in you

21 SVA in the church and in Christ Jesus


1 S the prisoner in (also VA in for of) Christ

4 V om. even

6 SVA and through all and (V om. and) in all

7 V one of you

8 A When thou ascendedst up on high, thou leddest captivity captive, he gave; S om. and before gave

9 SA om. first

14 A craftiness even unto the wiles of the deceit of the devil

17 SVA as the Gentiles walk

24 S created in holiness and true righteousness

25 S truth to his neighbour

28 SA with his own hands

32 V on. and; V hath forgiven us


2 SVA hath loved you; V for you; S a sacrifice and an offering

5 SVA know this assuredly; S* om. For

9 SVA the fruit of the light

15 A See then, brethren; SV Look diligently therefore, how ye walk, not as

17 SVA but understand; V the will of our Lord, A the will of God, S the mind of the Lord

19 V om. spiritual; A singing with grace and making melody in your hearts

20 S of the Lord Jesus Christ, V of our Lord Christ Jesus

21 SVA in the fear of Christ

22 SA let the wives submit themselves unto their own husbands; V om. submit yourselves

23 SVA Christ is the head of the church and he is the saviour of the body

24 SV to their husbands

27 SVA that he might present to himself (S to him)

28 A So ought also men; S as their own children

29 SVA even as Christ the church

30 SVA om. of his flesh, and of his bones


5 A as unto the Lord

9 SVA knowing that both their Master and yours is

10 A Finally, brethren; SV om. brethren

12 SVA the rulers of this darkness, against spirit

16 SV In all for Above all

19 V om. of the gospel

21 S* om. minister

23 A and mercy for and love

24 SVA om. Amen. Subscription: SVA To the Ephesians.

PHILIPPIANS Title: SVA To the Philippians.


1 SV of Christ Jesus

6 V of Christ Jesus

8 SV God is my record; SVA of Christ Jesus

11 SVA with the fruit

14 SVA the word of God

16- 17 SVA The one preach Christ of love, knowing that I am set for the defense of the gospel: But the other of contention, not sincerely, supposing to stir up affliction by my bonds.

19 V But I know

23 SVA Now I am

25 S and joy of your faith

27 S om. of Christ

28 SVA but of your salvation

29 A For unto us


2 SA of the same mind

3 SVA nor through vainglory

4 SVA but also (om. every man)

5 SVA Let this mind be in every one of you

10 S of Jesus Christ

12 A my brethren; V not in my presence only

13 A which worketh powers in you

21 V the things of Christ Jesus

24 SA come shortly to you

26 SA For he was desiring greatly to see you all

30 SA for the work of the Lord


3 SVA which worship in the Spirit of God

7 SA om. But

8 SV om. and after doubtless; A of Jesus Christ our Lord

10 S* and the power of his knowledge

12 V om. Jesus

13 A I count not yet

16 SVA let us walk by the same (om. rule, let us mind the same thing)

21 SVA our vile body that it may be fashioned


3 SVA Yea, I intreat

7 A the peace of Christ

12 A om. both after hungry

13 SVA through him who str. me

15 A* om. only

16 A and again my necessity

18 A om. of Epaphroditus

23 SVA of the Lord; SVA with your spirit; V om. Amen. Subscription: SVA To the Philippians.

COLOSSIANS Title: S To the Colossians, VA To the Colassians.


1 SVA of Christ Jesus

2 A brethren in Christ Jesus; V om. and the Lord Jesus Christ

4 SA in the Lord Jesus; SA of the love which ye have to all the saints

6 SVA as in all the world it is bringing forth fruit and increasing

7 SVA om. also; SVA who is for us

9 V om. and to desire

12 S giving thanks unto God the Father, V giving thanks withal unto the Father; S hath made you meet, V hath called you and made you meet

14 V in whom we had; SVA om. through his blood

16 SV all things created, in heaven and in earth

20 V om. by him, I say,

21 V yet now are ye reconciled

22 SA through his death

23 S I Paul am made a preacher and an apostle, A I Paul am made a preacher and an apostle and a minister

24 SVA in sufferings

25 SA I Paul am made

28 SVA om. Jesus


1 S* om. in the flesh

2 SA of God the Father of Christ, V of the God of Christ

4 SVA om. And

7 S* om. in him; SA abounding in thanksgiving

10 S the head of all the principality of the church

11 SVA om. of the sins

13 SVA he hath quickened you (V us); SVA having forgiven us

16 V in meat and in drink

18 SVA which he hath seen; S by their fleshly mind

20 VA om. Wherefore

23 V and neglecting


1 S* risen in Christ

4 S who is you life; A om. with him

5 SV the members

6 V om. on the children of disobedience

8 S om. ye also

12 V holy and beloved

13 S even as God, VA even as the Lord

15 SVA the peace of Christ; V called in the body

16 S the word of the Lord, A the word of God; SVA in psalms and hymns; SV hymns and spir. songs; SVA to God for to the Lord

17 S of the Lord Jesus Christ, A of Jesus Christ; SVA to God the Father

18 SVA om. own

20 SVA in the Lord

21 SA provoke not your children to wrath

22 SVA fearing the Lord

23 SVA om. and before whatsoever; A as serving the Lord and not men; V om. and after Lord

24 SVA om. for

25 SVA For he that


2 S* and watch in thanksgiving

3 A to speak boldly; V the mystery of God

7 S Now all my state; S om. and fellow- servant

8 A that ye might know our estate

12 SVA of Christ Jesus

13 SVA great labour

15 SA in their house, V in her house

18 SVA om. Amen. Subscription: SV To the Colassians, A To the Colassians, from Rome.

I THESSALONIANS Title: SVA The first to the Thessalonians.


1 A which is in God our Father and the Father of the Lord; V om. from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

2 SVA om. of you

3 A om. of hope

5 S for the gospel of our God; SA we were to you

6 A and of God; V with joy and the holy

7 V ensample; SVA and in Achaia

8 S* om. For; S the word of God; S and in Achaia: A om. For from you—and Achaia (a mere error); SVA but in every place

9 V shew of you


2 SVA om. even

6 A neither of ourselves nor yet of

7 SV we were children among you

9 SVA om. for after travail

11 A om. and charged

13 SVA And for this cause; S om. in truth

15 SVA om. own

19 SV of glorying; SVA om. Christ


2 V our brother and fellow-labourer; SA om. and our fellow-labourer; SVA to establish and to comfort you

7 SVA in all our (A your) distress and affliction

9 S render to the Lord; S before our Lord

11 SVA om. Christ

12 A And God make

13 A unblameable in righteousness; SVA om. Christ; SA with all his saints. Amen.


1 V om. then; SVA to please God, as ye also walk, so ye would

4 A Let everyone of you know; S and in honour

6 translate in the matter; A om. also

8 A who hath given, S who also giveth, V who giveth; SV unto you

9 V we needed not to write

10 V ye do it also; A all the brethren in, S all your brethren in; A we beseech you, beloved, that

11 V with your hands

13 SVA But we would not

14 S if we believed

15 V unto the coming of Jesus

17 V ever be in the Lord


3 SA om. For; V But when they

4 VA overtake you as thieves

5 SVA For ye are all

8 S om. and love

9 V om. Christ

13 S And be at peace

15 SA om. both

21 V and prove

22 translate from every kind of evil

24 A that calleth us

27 SV om. holy

28 V om. Amen. Subscription: SV The first to the Thessalonians, A The first to the Thessalonians was written from Athens.

II THESSALONIANS Title: SVA The second to the Thessalonians.


1 S* in God and our Father

2 V from God the Father

3 S of every one of all

8 V in a flame of fire; V om. Christ

10 SVA that have believed

12 SV of our Lord Jesus may be; A and we in him


1 V of the Lord

2 SVA the day of the Lord

3 SV that man of iniquity

4 SVA om. as God

8 SA the Lord Jesus; SVA shall kill for shall consume

10 SVA to them that perish

11 SVA God sendeth them

14 S he also called you, VA he called us (a mere error)

16 V Christ Jesus; SV and God our Father

17 SVA and stablish them in every good work and word


3 A But God is faithful; A who also shall

4 SA that ye do and will do, V that ye both have done and do and will do

6 SA which they received, V which ye received

10 S om. this

12 SVA in the Lord Jesus Christ

14 V your word; SVA om. and after man

16 A* always in every place. Subscription: S To the Thessalonians, V The second to the Thessalonians, A The second to the Thessalonians was written from Athens.

I TIMOTHY Title: SA The first to Timothy.


1 S of Christ Jesus; A of God our Saviour and Christ Jesus

2 SA from God the Father

4 SA rather than God's dispensation which is in faith

12 SA om. And

16 A Christ Jesus

17 SA the only God (om. wise)


3 SA om. For

6 A om. to be testified, S and a testimony

7 A Which was committed to my trust as a preacher; A om. in Christ; S in knowledge and verity, A in spirit and verity

9 SA om. also; SA and gold


3 SA om. not greedy of filthy lucre

9 S of the faith and of a pure conscience

16 SA* of godliness, who was manifest


6 SA of Christ Jesus

9 S om. all

10 SA we labour and strive, because

12 SA om. in spirit

16 S om. thee


4 SA om. good and

5 S trusteth in the Lord

16 SA If any woman that believeth have widows, let her

18 S worthy of his meat

20 A But them

21 SA before God and Christ Jesus

23 SA for the stomach’s sake

25 A And likewise also; SA are manifest


2 S om. because they are brethren

5 SA om. from such withdraw thyself

7 SA into this world, because we can

10 S with divers sorrows

11 S om. godliness

12 SA om. also

13 S om. thee; S Jesus Christ

14 S Christ Jesus

17 S rich in the present time; SA but in God

19 SA on life indeed

21 SA with you; SA om. Amen. Subscription: S The first to Timothy, A The first to Timothy was written from Laodicea.

II TIMOTHY Title: SA The second to Timothy.


1 S of Christ Jesus

2 S* and the Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord

6 A the gift of Christ

8 S testimony of the Lord

10 SA Christ Jesus

11 SA om. of the Gentiles

12 S om. also

15 S Phygelus


3 SA Be thou a partaker of affliction, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus

5 A om. And

7 SA will give thee

12 SA if we shall deny him

14 S before God; A before the Lord. Strive not thou about words

15 A unto Christ

19 S the foundation of the Lord; S knoweth all them; SA the name of the Lord

21 SA om. and after sanctified

22 A with all them that love the Lord

25 A repentance to come to the acknowl.


3 S om. without natural affection

6 A with divers lusts and pleasures

9 A for their mind

10 A om. charity


1 SA om. therefore; SA before God and Christ Jesus; SA and by his appearing

2 S exhort, rebuke

5 S om. endure afflictions, A endure afflictions as a good soldier of Christ Jesus

10 S Crescens to Gallia

14 SA the Lord will reward him

18 SA om. And before the Lord; A to him be glory

21 S om. all

22 S om. Jesus Christ, A om. Christ; SA om. Amen. Subscription: S To Timothy, A The second to Timothy was written from Laodicea.

TITUS Title: SA To Titus.


1 A of Christ Jesus

4 S om. mercy; SA and Christ Jesus

9 A able both to comfort those who are in all tribulation and to convince

12 S But one of

16 S disobedient, unto every work reprobate


3 SA nor given to much wine

7 SA om. sincerity

8 S to say of us

11 A the grace of God hath appeared bringing salvation to all men, S the grace of God the Saviour hath app. to all men

13 S Christ Jesus

15 A These things teach and exhort


1 A Now put them; SA to principalities and powers, A and to be ready

2 S shewing all zeal

3 S serving in divers lusts

15 SA om. Amen. Subscription: S To Titus, A To Titus was written from Nicopolis.

PHILEMON Title: SA To Philemon.

2 SA and to our sister Apphia

3 S from God the Father

6 A of every good thing in us; SA om. Jesus

7 SA For I had; S om. and consolation

9 A yet of necessity I rather; SA of Christ Jesus

10 SA in bonds

11 S both to thee and to me

12 SA whom I have sent again to thee, him, that is,

16 S above a servant, one beloved

20 SA my bowels in Christ

25 S of the Lord; A om. Amen. Subscription: S(A) To Philemon.

HEBREWS Title: SVA To the Hebrews.


3 V* and manifesting all things; SVA when he had made a purification from sins

8 SVA and the sceptre of rectitude is the sceptre

9 SA and hated unrighteousness

12 S as a vesture shalt; thou change them, as a garment; VA add as a garment after up


7 V om. and didst set him over the works of thy hands

8 V om. under him after subjection

14 SVA of blood and flesh

16 translate he taketh not hold angels, but of the seed of Abr. he taketh hold

18 S om. being tempted


1 SVA om. Christ

2 V om. all

6 V om. firm unto the end

8 S as in the temptation, in the day of tempt.

9 SVA when your (A our) fathers tempted by proving me, and saw

14 A of our confidence in him

17 A with them that believed not


2 VA them, because they were not united by faith with them

3 S Therefore we which; A Therefore, let us which have believed, enter into rest; A in my wrath, They shall

4 A om. the seventh day

7 SA as it is said before; V as he said before

12 V evident for powerful

16 V obtain mercy and grace


1 V om. both

4 V* And the taketh not; SVA but is called of God

12 S of milk, not of


2 V om. and after hands

3 A let us do

4 V have tasted for and have tasted

7 translate for them for whom

9 S But, brethren, we are

10 SVA your work and the love

16 SVA om. verily


4 V om. even

5 V om. that is

11 V perfection were by

12 V om. also of the law

14 SVA concerning priests

21 S om. for ever after the order of Melchisedec, V om. after the order of Melchisedec

22 SV by so much also

26 VA also became us; A and undefiled

27 SA when he offered himself


2 SV om. and after pitched

4 SVA If therefore he were; SVA om. priests

7 V for another

9 V in the days

10 A this is my covenant; S upon their heart

11 SVA teach every man his fellow-citizen

12 SV om. and their iniquities


2 A which is called the holy of holies

10 SA washings, which are carnal ordinances

13 SA of goats and bulls

14 A our conscience; A the living and true God

17 S at the time when the testator

28 SA so Christ also was; A unto salvation by faith


1 A of the things, with those sacrifices which they offer year by year continually, they can never make the comers thereunto perfect, S of the things, with those their sacrifices which they offer year by year continually, they can never make the comers thereunto perfect

4 S of goats and of bulls

8 SA Sacrifices and offerings

9 SA om. O God

11 A every high priest

15 SA om. before

16 SA and in their mind

18 S om. of these

23 translate profession of our (S our) hope

29 A om. wherewith he was sancitified

30 S om. saith the Lord

32 S your former days

34 A compassion on the prisoners, SA knowing that ye yourselves have a better and an enduring substance

38 SA Now my just one


3 SA so that the thing which is seen was not made

4 SA that he was righteous, testifying in his gifts to God

5 SA before the translation

10 translate for the city which hath foundations

11 SA to conceive seed, even when she was past age

13 SA but having seen and saluted them from afar, and confessed

15 S if they are mindful

19 A that God can raise up even from the dead

26 SA the treasures of Egypt

29 SA as by dry land

31 S By faith Rahab which is called the harlot

32 SA of Gedeon, Barak, Samson, Jephthae

37 S they were tempted, were sawn asunder

39 A the promises


2 S om. of God

3 S against themselves

7 SA Ye endure unto chastisement; SA for what son is he whom

11 S Verily no chastening

18 SA come unto the fire that might be touched and burned, nor

19 A that it would not add a word to them

20 SA om. or thrust through with a dart

23 S and to the spirits which have been justified, of perfect men

26 SA I will shake not

27 A om. that those things which cannot be shaken may remain

28 S Wherefore receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, we have grace, whereby we serve; SA with godly fear and reverence


4 SA for whoremongers

6 S om. and

9 SA Be not carried away; SA them that are occupied therein

11 A om. for sin

15 S om. therefore

21 S in every good thing, A in every good work and word; SA add unto him after will; S working in us

25 S om. Amen. Subscription: S To the Hebrews, A To the Hebrews was written from Rome.

JAMES Title: V(A) The epistle of James. S has no title.


11 V om. of it

12 SVA which he hath promised

19 SVA know (A Now know), my beloved brethren: but (A and for but) let

23 A om. For

25 SVA continueth therein, being not

26 SVA om. among you

27 A For pure religion


3 V but ye have; SVA om. unto him; V stand or sit thou there; A or sit under the footstool of my feet

4 om. then; V ye are partial

5 SVA the poor in the world; SA heirs of the promise, which

7 A And they blaspheme

10 A shall fufil the whole law

11 A a forsaker of the law

13 SV om. and; A but let mercy rejoice against

15 A or destitute

18 SVA without works; SV faith by my works

20 V is inactive

22 SA how faith worketh with

24 SVA om. then

26 V om. For


3 For behold; A in the horses’ mouth

5 SVA2 how great a fire, how much wood it kindleth

6 S The tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity is the tongue amongst our members, both defiling the whole body, and setting on fire the course of our nature, and is set on fire of hell, VA And the tongue is a fire; a world of iniquity is the tongue amongst our members, defiling the whole body, and setting on fire the course of the nature, and is set on fire of hell

7 A om. and after birds

8 SVA an unstable evil

9 SVA bless we the Lord

12 S so neither can salt water yield fresh, VA neither can salt water yield fresh

14 S boast not against the truth and lie not

16 SA there also is

17 SVA om. and before without hypocrisy


1 A come wars among you, and from whence fightings, SV come wars and from whence fightings among you

2 VA om. yet; S and ye have not

3- 4 SVA that ye may consume it upon your lusts, ye adulteresses. Know ye not S of this world; S if therefore any one will be a friend of the world, there is enmity with God

7 SVA but resist

9 SA om. and before weep

10 S Therefore humble

11 A my brethren; SVA or judgeth his brother

12 SVA one lawgiver and judge; SVA but who art thou that judgest thy neighbor

13 A To day and to morrow; A om. there

14 SV om. for; S what is your life, that appeareth for a little time; A your life? Ye are a vapour, V your life? For ye are a vapour


1 S come upon you

3 S2A against you, and the rust shall eat your flesh as it were fire

5 A earth, ye have been wanton; SVA your hearts in a day (A in days)

7 V the early and latter rain, S the early and the latter fruit

8 S Therefore be ye also

9 A my brethren; SVA lest ye be judged

10 A Have, brethren, the prophets; V om. my; S of excellence for of suffering affliction

11 SVA which have endured

12 S Therefore above all things; S but let your communication be Yea, yea, and Nay, nay; SVA into judgment

14 V om. him after anointing; V om. of the Lord

16 SVA Therefore confess; SA your sins

19 SVA My brethren; S from the way of the truth

20 SA shall save his soul; V from his death. Subscription: SA The epistle of James, V Of James.

I PETER Title: SA The first epistle of Peter, V The first of Peter.


1 S om. Asia; V om. and Bithynia

4 S and that fadeth not away, and undefiled

6 SV if need be

7 SVA and glory and honour

8 SV whom not seeing

9 V of faith

11 V om. Christ after Spirit

12 SVA but unto you

16 SV for I am holy

17 translate And if ye call him Father

20 S was ordained; A for us

21 VA who by him are faithful to God

22 SVA om. through the Spirit; VA one another from the heart

23 SVA om.for ever

24 A all flesh is grass; SV and all his glory as, A and all its glory as; SVA om. thereof

25 A and this it is which


1 V and hypocrisy; V murders for envies; S and all evil speaking, V and all evil speakings

2 SVA thereby unto salvation

5 S a house of the Spirit; S om. spiritual before sacrifices

7 S Unto us therefore; SV unto them which believe not

8 V at the word, not believing, whereunto

12 translate wherein

13 S om. of man

18 S to your masters

19 A this is thankworthy with God; A for good conscience

20 A for this is

21 A om. also; S died for suffered; SVA for you, leaving you

23 S om. again

24 V bare your sins; A dead to our sins

25 V om. For; SA ye were going astray as sheep, V ye are going astray as sheep; S but now return


1 V om. also

4 V of a quiet and meek spirit; S om. and

7 S associate with them giving honour; SA of the manifold grace

8 SVA humble for courteous

9 SVA blessing, because ye are

10 VA his tongue; SVA his lips

11 VA but let him eschew

13 SVA if ye be zealous of

14 S happy are ye; V om. neither be troubled

15 SVA the Lord Christ; SV om. and after hearts; A om. always; SVA but with meekness

16 translate wherein; V om. as of evildoers

18 S om. also; SA once died for sins for us (A for you); S that he might bring us to God, V bring you to God

20 SVA om. once

21 VA save you, S And the like figure even baptism doth now save you


1 S as Christ dieth; V om. for us, S for you; V from sins

3 SVA om. of your life; VA om. us; S For the time past may suffice you—when ye walked

4 S and speak

7 S om. and

8 SVA om. And; VA charity covereth

11 A to whom be praise

14 SA for the spirit of his (A om. his) glory and of power and of God; SVA om. on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified

16 SVA in his name

17 SA begin at you

19 V of their souls; SVA om. as before unto


1 SVA The elders therefore

2 SV om. taking the oversight thereof; SA but willingly according to God

3 V om. this verse

5 S And likewise; SVA om. be subject

6 A in the time of visitation

7 S for us

8 SVA (om. because) your adversary the devil walketh about as a roaring lion; V seeking to devour, S seeking some one to devour

10 SVA called you; SV om. Jesus; SVA will make you (SA om. you) perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle (VA om. settle) you

11 VA om. glory and; V om. and ever

12 S and that this is

13 S The church at Babylon

14 VA om. Jesus; VA om. Amen. Subscription: SVA The first of Peter

II PETER Title: SVA The second of Peter.


1 S in the righteousness of our Lord and Savior

2 SA of Jesus Christ our Lord

3 S that pertain unto God and life and; SVA by his own glory and virtue

4 A unto you; SV precious and exceeding great promises; S having escaped the lust of corruption that is in the world

5 A But ye also, giving

10 SA that through your good works ye make; A your consolation and election; A ye shall not fall

12 SVA Wherefore I will be careful to put you

15 S Moreover I endeavour

17 V my Son, my beloved

21 V but men from God


2 SVA their licentious ways; A the glory of truth

4 SA to be reserved unto judgment to be punished

6 V om. with an overthrow; V an ensample of things to come unto the ungodly

9 S to reserve the unjust imprisoned

10 S in the lusts

11 A om. before the Lord

12 SVA and shall perish also in

13 SV being defrauded of the reward for shall receive; VA2 in their feasts of charity

14 S from sins; SVA with covetous practice

15 SA which forsake; SV of Beor; V following the way of Balaam the son of Beor, loved

17 SVA and mists for clouds; SV om. for ever

18 S that clean escape, VA that escape for a little

20 SA of our Lord

21 SA to turn back

22 SVA om. But


2 SVA of your apostles for of us the apostles

3 SVA scoffers in scoffing

7 A ungodliness for perdition

9 SVA to youward

10 SVA om. in the night; SV shall be discovered

11 V Seeing that all these things shall be thus dissolved; S ought we to be, V ought men to be

12 S looking for the coming

13 S according to his promises; A Nevertheless we look for new heavens and a new earth and his promises

18 V om. Amen. Subscription: SVA The second of Peter.

I JOHN Title: S The first epistle of John, VA The first of John.


2 V and that which we have seen, we also testify and shew unto you, the eternal life

3 S That which we have heard and seen; SVA declare we also (S adds even) unto you

4 SVA* om. unto you; SVA* our joy

5 S* This then is the love of the message

6 A For if we say

7 A* we have fellowship with him; SV om. Christ

9 S to forgive us our sins


4 A om. and after liar; S the truth of God

6 VA ought himself to walk

7 SVA Beloved for Brethren; SVA om. from the beginning after heard

8 S both in him and in you; A and in us; A the shadow for the darkness

9 S is a liar and is in darkness

13 S overcome the wickedness; SVA I have written unto you, little children

14 V known what is from the beginning; V om. of God

15 A the love of God

17 A om. thereof

18 A heard, the antichrist shall come; A whereby we may know

20 SV and (V om.) ye all know (om. all things)

22 S that denieth both the Father and the Son

23 SVA the Father: but he that acknowedgeth the Son, hath the Father also

24 SVA om. therefore; S ye also shall continue in the Father and in the Son

25 V hath promised you

26 S But these things

27 V But the gift which; V but his anointing teacheth, S but as his Spirit teacheth; A om. and before even as; SVA hath taught you, abide in him

28 S om. And now, little children, abide in him

29 SA ye know also that every one


1 SVA the sons of God, and we are such; S knoweth you not

2 SVA om. but

4 S for sin is also

5 S And we know; A to take away sins

8 A But he that committeth

13 S And marvel not; SVA om. my

14 S we love our brethren; SVA om. his brother

18 SVA om. My; S in word and tongue

19 VA om. And before hereby; SVA we shall know; VA* our heart

21 S Brethren for Beloved; VA if the heart; V condemn not (om. us); V it hath confidence

24 S om. and before hereby


2 S Hereby know we

3 VA that confesseth not Jesus, is not, S that confesseth not that Jesus the Lord is come in the flesh, is not

6 A om. he that is not of God heareth not us

7 A that loveth God

10 S Herein is the love of God, not

15 V that Jesus Christ

16 A and believe; SV and God dwelleth in him

17 S Herein is love with us made perfect in us; for our love translate love with us; S as he is, so shall we be

19 A Therefore we love; S we love God, VA we love (om. him); A because God first

20 SV whom he hath seen, cannot love God

21 A have we from God


1 S loveth also what is, V om. also

2 V and do his commandments

3 A om. For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments

5 SV Now how is he

6 SA that came by water and blood and the Spirit; A but by water and the Spirit

7- 8 SVA For there are three that bear record, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood, and these three agree in one (om. in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth)

9 SVA of God, that he hath testified

10 A hath the witness of God in himself; A he that believeth not the Son

13 SV om. and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God, A om. that believe on the name of the Son of God; A eternal life, who believe

14 A ask according to his name

15 A om. And if we know that he hear us (a mere error); S And if we see; translate that he heareth us

16 S* thou shalt ask, and thou shalt give; A that sin not sin that is not unto death

20 S that we may know that which is true, A that we may know the true God; A om. Jesus Christ

21 SVA om. Amen. Subscription: SVA The first of John.

II JOHN Title: SV(A) The second of John.

1 A but not I only

3 A om. be with you; SV be with us; S and the Lord; VA om. the Lord

4 S as I have received

5 S but the commandment which

6 S This is his commandment

7 SVA are gone out into the world

8 SVA that ye lose not; SA which ye have wrought; SVA that ye may receive

9 SVA Whosoever goeth forward; SVA in the doctrine, he hath both; A both the Son and the Father

12 S*A* I have many things; A for I trust; VA your joy

13 SVA om. Amen. Subscription: SVA The second of John.

III JOHN Title: SV(A) The third of John.

3 S om. For

4 V no greater favour

5 SVA to the brethren even when strangers

7 SVA for his name’s sake

8 SA fellowhelpers to the church

9 SVA I wrote (V Thou didst write) something

11 SVA om. the second but

12 SVA and thou knowest

13 SVA to write unto thee, but; A but I would not

14 A The brethren salute thee. Subscription: SVA The third of John.

JUDE Title: SV Of Jude, A The epistle of Jude.

1 SVA that are beloved by God

2- 3 S be multiplied, beloved. When I gave

3 SVA of our common salvation, S salvation and life

4 S who also were; SVA the only Lord and

5 VA though ye once knew all, how that Jesus having, S though ye knew all, how that the Lord once having

7 S and are set forth as an example to them that suffer the punishment of eternal fire, A an example, preeminent for the punishment of eternal fire

8 A But also; S dominions

9 V And Michael the archangel contending with the devil disputed; S God rebuke thee

12 VA These are they who are spots in your feasts of charity, feasting with you, S These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their own lusts, spots in your feasts of charity, A in their deceivings for in your feasts of charity; S carried away of every wind, VA carried away of winds

14 A om. And; S of his holy angels

15 VA om. among them; S to convince every soul of all their deeds; S hard speeches, which

18 A there should come

21 V let us keep ourselves

22- 23 S And of some, who waver, have compassion: and others save, pulling them out of the fire: and of others have compassion with fear, V And of some, who waver, have compassion, save them, pulling them out of the fire: and of others have compassion with fear, A And convince some, who waver: and others save, pulling them out of the fire: and of others have compassion with fear

24 A to keep us, V to keep them; A blameless

25 SVA om. wise; SVA our Saviour, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and power, before all the world, both now and ever. Subscription: SV of Jude, A The epistle of Jude.

REVELATION Title: SA The Revelation of John.


1 S to shew unto his saints

2 SA of Jesus Christ, what things soever he saw

3 S the word

4 SA spirits which are

5 SA that loveth us and freed us from our (A om. our) sins by his own blood

6 SA and hath made us (A for us) a kingdom, priests; A om. and ever

7 S which pierced him; S shall bewail him

8 SA I am the Alpha; S and I am also the Omega; A om. the beginning and the ending: SA saith the Lord God

9 SA om. also; SA in tribulation and the kingdom and patience in Jesus (A in Christ); SA and (S adds for) the testimony of Jesus (om. Christ)

11 SA om. I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and; SA om. which are in Asia; S unto Ephesus, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Smyrna, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea, and unto Sardis

12 A that speaketh

13 A om. seven; A something like unto

16 A And in his right hand were; S and his countenance shineth as the sun in his str.

17 SA his right hand upon me, saying (A adds Fear not) I am the first (A firstborn)

18 SA om. Amen; SA the keys of death and of hell

19 SA Write therefore; S which must shortly come to pass hereafter

20 S The seven stars are the angels; SA and the seven candlesticks are


1 SA of the church in Ephesus

2 A thy works and labour; A om. and before how; SA which call themselves apostles

3 SA and hast patience, (S adds and all afflictions) and hast borne for my name’s sake, and hast not fainted

5 SA om. quickly

6 A and I also hate them

7 A unto the seven churches; SA which is in the paradise of God

8 A the first-born

9 A I know thy tribulation

10 A Fear not the things; A that ye may be tried and have

13 SA I know where thou; S my faith in those days, A my faith; and in those days was Antipas my witness, my faithful one, who

14 S om. against thee; A who taught Balac the king a stumblingblock

15 SA of the Nicolaitanes in like manner (om. which thing I hate)

16 A Repent therefore

17 SA will I give of the hidden manna and (A adds will give him) a white stone

18 A unto the angel who is in Thyatira; A who hath eyes

19 S om. and service, A and faith and service; S and patience; SA and thy works, the last

20 S I have much against thee, that thou, A I have against thee, that thou; A that thy wife; S which saith she is a prophetess and teacheth and seduceth

21 SA space to repent, and she will (A would) not repent of her fornication (S of this fornic,)

22 A I cast her into a prison; S of her deeds

23 A om. And before I will kill; S according to your works

24 SA unto you I say, the rest; SA om. and before which; A I put

26 S the power of the nations


2 SA that were ready; SA before my God

3 S om. therefore; S If therefore thou shalt not repent

4 SA but thou hast; SA om. even

5 SA overcometh thus shall be

7 SA he that is true, he that is holy; S and that openeth; SA and no man shall shut; S and no man shall open

8 SA door, which no man can shut

9 S I have made them of the synagogue; S and thou shalt know

10 A thou has kept; S I also will keep thee

11 SA om. Behold

12 S a pillar to the temple; S he shall not go out

14 SA of the church in Laodicea; S and the faithful and true witness, and the beginning of the church of God

15 S that thou art; A om. I would thou wert cold or hot (a mere error)

16 S Because thou art thus lukewarm and art neither hot nor cold; refrain thy mouth

20 S my voice, I will both open the door and come in


1 S in heaven: and behold, the first voice

2 SA om. And before immediately

3 SA was to look

4 S about the throne saw I four and twenty seats, and elders sitting, clothed, A about the throne saw I twenty four seats, and upon the twenty four seats elders sitting; SA and on their heads

5 SA and voices and thunderings

6 SA there was as a sea

7 S a face like as a man

8 translate and they have no rest; S Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, Lord

9 S for ever and ever, Amen,

10 S for ever and ever, Amen

11 S O Lord, our Lord and God, A our Lord and God; SA for they pleasure they were; A om. and were created


1 S in front for within

2 SA Who is worthy

3 S om. neither under the earth

4 A om. this verse (a mere error)

5 A the book and the seven

6 A om. And I beheld; S om. and lo; A and in the midst of the throne; A which are the Spirits

7 SA took the book out of

8 SA each having a harp

9 A om. us

10 SA and hast made them; S a kingdom and priesthood, A kingdom and priests; S and they shall reign, A and they reign

11 S and I heard as it were the voice

13 SA which is in heaven; S om. and under the earth; S and such as are in the sea; S and I heard them saying; S The blessing and honour and glory of the Almighty be; A unto him that sitteth upon the throne, the Lamb, for

14 SA And the elders (om. four and twenty); SA om. him that liveth for ever and ever


1 SA of the seven seals: S and I heard one of the four beasts saying, as it were the noise of thunder; A om. and see

2 S conquering, and he conquered

3 A om. and see

4 S And I beheld, and lo, there went out; A the peace of the earth

5 A om. and see

6 SA And I heard as it were a voice

7 A om. and see

8 A was called the Immortal (an error); S with sword and famine and death; A and over the fourth part of the beasts of the earth

9 S the souls of men that were; A and for the testimony

10 S wilt thou not judge and avenge

11 SA And there was given unto each of them a white robe; S be killed by them

12 S and there was (om. lo); SA and the whole moon

13 A And the stars of God; S as a fig tree casting

14 S hill for island; S of the places

15 SA and (A om. and) the chief captains and the rich men; A and every bondman and freeman

17 S of their wrath


1 A om. And; SA after this I saw; A om. on the earth; A nor on any tree

3 A not the earth, the sea

4 A om. And I heard the number of them which were sealed

5 SA om. were sealed after Reuben and after Gad

6 SA om. were sealed thrice

7 SA om. were sealed thrice

8 SA. om. were sealed after Zabulon and after Benjamin (A Joseph); S Of the tribe of Benjamin twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph tw. th.

9 A After this I saw a great multitude, and no man could number it; A stood at the throne

10 SA and they cry; A The salvation of our God unto him which sitteth; S to our God upon the throne

12 A om. and wisdom

14 S My Lord; S om. to me

15 S and he that sitteth on the throne knoweth them

16 S They shall not hunger, neither

17 SA unto fountains of waters of life


3 S the golden altar before

5 S thunderings and voices, A thunderings and lightnings and voices

7 SA And the first sounded; SA and the third part of the earth was burned up, and the third part of the trees was burned up, and

8 S And the second sounded

10 A om. and upon the fountains of waters

11 A died upon the waters

12 A for a fourth part of it

13 SA and heard an eagle flying


1 translate the pit of the abyss for the bottomless pit (so also ver. 2)

2 S om. And he opened the bottomless pit; S a smoke over the pit; A om. as

4 S om. neither any green thing; SA om. only; SA in their foreheads

6 A death fleeth from them

7 SA And the likenesses of

10 SA unto scorpions, and stings; and in their tails was their power to hurt

11 SA They (om. And) have; S their king, the angel; A over them a king, the prince of the abyss, the angel whose name; translate abyss for bottomless pit

12- 13 S two woes more. After these things the sixth angel

13 S a voice from the golden altar; A om. four

14 A to the angel

15 S om. and a day

16 SA om. and after thousand

17 S sat upon them

18 A By these three plagues, S By these plagues; SA by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone

19 SA For the power of the horses is in their mouth and in their tails

20 S by these their plagues

21 SA not of their wickedness (for fornication)


1 A and the rainbow, S and the hair upon his head, and his face

2 SA and having in his hand; A om. open

4 S And whatsoever the seven thunders had uttered, I was about to write; A And when the seven thunders had spoken (om. their voices); SA om. unto me; S seal up what things soever

5 S his right hand

6 A om. and the earth and the things that therein are,

6 SA om. and the sea and the things which are therein; S that there is time no longer

7 SA the mystery of God was finished; S to his servants and the prophets

9 A make thy heart bitter

10 S my belly was filled

11 SA And they say unto me


1 SA om. and the angel stood; S he saith for saying

2 S which is within the temple; S for it is given also; A shall they measure forty and two months

4 SA before the Lord

5 A om. in this manner

6 S om. and after blood

7 S the beast that then, A the fourth beast that; translate abyss for bottomless pit

8 A their dead body; S the Lord, A their Lord

9 SA see for shall see; SA their dead body three; SA and suffer not; SA in a grave

10 SA upon the earth rejoice over them and make merry and send (A shall send)

12 A om. unto them

15 SA The kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of; S for ever and ever, Amen.

16 SA and the twenty four; S which sit

17 SA om. and art to come; S and because thou hast

18 A om. and after great (translate of the dead, to be judged, and to give—the great, to destroy)

19 S in heaven above; S of the testament of God


2 S and being with child, and she crieth; A and being with child, she crieth, and travailing

5 SA unto God and unto his throne

7 SA war in heaven: Michael (A both Michael) and his angels, to war with the dragon

8 S and they prevailed not against him, A and he prevailed not; S neither was he then found

9 S called the Devil, Satan

12 SA Woe to the earth and the sea; S having wrath

14 A the two wings of the great eagle; S both for a time and times

16 A swallowed up the water which

17 A and have the testimony of Jesus (om. Christ), S and have the test. of God


1 SA And he stood—and I saw; SA having ten horns and seven heads; A upon his heads name of bl.

2 S as the mouth of lions

3 SA And I saw one of his heads; SA and all the earth

4 SA because he gave the power; SA and who is (S is) able

5 A great things and blasphemous; S and it was given unto him to do what he will forty and two months

6 SA in blasphemies; S to blaspheme him and; SA tabernacle, them that

7 A om. And it was given him to make—overcome them (an error); SA add and peoples after kindreds

8 A whose name was not written

10 translate If any one leadeth into (A any one be for) captivity, he goeth

12 A om. deadly

14 S also make an image

16 S poor and rich; S to give him a mark, A to give them a mark; SA in their forehead

17 S om. and; S the mark of the beast or his name, A the mark, the name of the beast

18 S that hath an ear; S the number of a man, Six


1 SA and behold the Lamb; SA having his name and the name of his Father

2 S of thunder; SA and the voice which I heard was as that of harpers

3 S And they sing a new song, and it was before; S and before the elders

4 A They were not defiled with women; SA virgins, those who follow; S from among men from the beginning unto God and in the Lamb

5 SV was found no falsehood; A om for; SA om. before the throne of God

6 S I saw an angel; SA and unto every nation

7 S om. saying

8 SA And there followed another, a second angel (S om. angel); SA saying, Is fallen (A repeats is fallen) Babylon the great (om. city); A who hath make all the nations; S through the wine of the wrath of her fornication all nations have fallen (correct of the wine—have drunken) instead of because she made etc.

9 SA And another, a third angel foll. them (A him); A worship his altar and image

10 A without mixture, of the cup of; A om. holy

12 S of the saints, that keep, A of the saints: here are they

13 SA om. unto me; S from henceforth, saith; SA for their works

14 S om. And I looked; SA upon the cloud I saw one sitting

15 S came out of his temple; SA om. for thee

18 A and another angel came out from; SA with a loud voice

19 S upon the earth for into the earth

20 S and two hundred


2 S over the beast and his image; SA om. over his mark and; S of the Lord God

3 S and singing; S thou King of the worlds, A thou King of the nations

4 A Who shall not fear, O Lord, and; A O Lord; for thy judgments; S for judgments are made manifest before thee

5 SA om. behold

6 S clothed in pure bright linen, A arrayed with a pure bright stone

7 S om. the second seven; S and ever, Amen.


1 SA pour out the seven vials

2 SA into the earth; S a grievous and noisome sore, A a sore and a grievous thing

3 SA om. angel; A died, that were in the sea

4 SA om. angel

5 SA om. O Lord; SA which art and wast, the holy, because

6 S to drink that whereof they are worthy; A om. for

7 SA I heard the altar saying

8 A om. angel

9 A blasphemed before God

10 SA om. angel

11 S om. and their sores; S om. of their deeds

12 SA om. angel

13 SA spirits as it were frogs

14 SA unto the kings of the whole world; SA of the great day

16 S And they gathered; A unto the river, called; SA Armageddon

17 SA om. angel; SA upon the air; A a voice (om. great); S of the temple of God, saying; A om. of heaven

18 S thunders and lightnings and voices, A lightnings and voices and thunders: A since man was

19 S and the city of the nations fell; S of the wrath


1 A came out one; SA om. unto me

4 SA and filthinesses; S of the fornication of her and of the earth

8 translate abyss for bottomless pit; A and goeth into perdition; SA and shall again (A om. again) be present for and yet is

10 SA om. and after fallen

11 S om. even

12 A om. as yet

13 SA and give

15 A And he said; S These waters which; S are both peoples

16 SA which thou sawest and the beast

17 A om. and to agree

18 S over the kingdoms


1 SA om. And before after

2 SA cried with a mighty voice; S saying, Fallen is Babylon the great; A unclean and hateful spirit; A uncl. and hatef. beast

3 A have drunk of the wrath

5 SA her sins cleaved together unto heaven

6 SA as she rewarded, and (S om. and) double unto her double; S in her cup which

8 S is God the Lord, A om. the Lord; SA who judged her

9 S om. and lived deliciously; SA shall wail and

10 A for in one hour is thy judgment come

12 A om. and purple; A and every thyine vessel; A of most precious stone (for wood); S om. and marble

13 SA and cinnamon and spice, and odours

14 SA and goodly perished from thee, and they shall find

16 SA om. And before saying; A clothed in scarlet and purple and fine linen

17 SA every one who saileth by the place, instead of all the company in ships

18 A they saw the place of her burning

19 S on their head; A om. weeping and wailing; S saying; Alas, that

20 SA and ye saints and apostles and prophets

21 A And an angel took up, S And an angel took up a mighty stone like a great stone (an error)

21- 22 S and there shall be no more found in her the voice of harpers and musicians, and of pipers and trumpets; it shall be heard no more at all in thee

22 SA om. of whatsoever craft he be; S om. and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee

23 A om. and the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee


1 SA om. And before after, SA I heard as it were a great voice; S om. and glory and honour, A om. and honour; SA power of our God

2 A which judged for which did cor- rupt (a mere error); S the blood of her servants

4 SA twenty-four

5 S And voices came out; A from the throne; S om. and after servants; SA om. both

6 A and the voice (om. as); S for God our Lord the omnipotent

8 SA in fine linen bright and clean

9 S unto the supper; S These my true sayings, are the sayings of God

10 S and of the brethren

11 A was faithful (om. called)

12 S His eyes were a flame

13 S sprinkled with blood; SA his name hath been called

14 A in fine linen white and clean

15 A of the anger of the wrath, S of the wrath of the anger

16 S hath on his vesture and his thigh, A hath on his thigh (om. on his vesture and)

17 S And I saw another angel; SA Come, be gathered together unto the great supper of God

19 A and his armies

20 A was taken, and they that were with him


1 S om. from heaven; translate abyss for bottomless pit (so in ver. 3)

3 SA and shut him up; A and sealed him enduringly; SA om. and before after

4 A that had been made war upon; S of God. If any therefore had not—upon their forehead and on their hand, they both lived

5 S om. But the rest—were finished (a mere error) A om. But; A om. again

6 A and they reign with him

8 S all the nations in the four corners (om. of the earth); S and to gather them

9 A om. from God

10 S where the beast and where the; A where both the beast and the

12 SA the dead, both (A om. both) great and small, stand before the throne

13 S were condemned every man

14 S and this is; SA the second death; the lake of fire

15 S shall not be found


1 A and I saw no more the sea

2 SA And I saw; SA out of heaven from God

3 S And a great voice was saying out of the throne, A out of the throne; S and he dwelt with them; S om. and before God; S om. and be their God

4 S And he shall wipe; S neither crying nor sorrow shall be for; A om. for

5 A And behold; A om. unto me; SA are faithful and true

6 S saith unto me, I am Alpha and; A om. of the fountain

7 SA shall inherit these things; A I will be their God and he shall

9 SA om. unto me

10 SA and shewed me the holy city Jerusalem

11 A om. having the glory of God; S glory of God; SA om. and before her

12 SA having a wall—and having; A om. and at the gates tw. angels; S and their names written thereon; A which are the names of

13 SA and on the north; S and on the south; A and on the west three gates; and on the south three gates

14 SA on them the twelve names of

15 SA had a measuring reed of gold

16 SA and the (A its) length is as the breadth

18 SA was of jasper

19 A om. And

19 S and the second; S and the third

21 S were pearls

22 S because the Lord

23 SA to shine on it

24 SA And the nations shall walk by the light thereof; SA om. and honour

27 SA anything common, neither whosoever worketh; S in the book of the life of heaven


1 SA om. pure

2 S yielded her fruits: S the leaves of the trees

3 S shall be no curse

4 S also shall be on their foreheads

5 SA shall be no more night (om. there); SA and they need not (A shall not need) the light of a candle and light of the sun; SA will give them light

6 SA of the spirits of the prophets; S sent me his angel

7 SA And behold

8 A heard these things and saw them

9 SA om. for

10 S these sayings

11 A om. and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still; SA let him work righteousness still

12 SA om. And before behold; S to be given to; SA according as his work is

13 SA I am Alpha; SA the first and the last, the beginning and the end

14 SA are they that wash their robes

15 SA om. For; S maketh and loveth

16 S the bright and morning star

17 SA om. And after athirst come

18 SA om. For

19 SA his part from the tree of life and the holy city, which are written

20 S these things to be; S om. Amen; SA om. Even so

21 SA of the Lord Jesus; S be with the saints, A be with all; A om. Amen. Subscription: SA The Revelation of John.