Angels of His mercy -- His promises exceeding great and precious -- minister unto us and strengthen us. R2412:c2,p3

As we fill our minds with God's promises, the whole character, the whole life, becomes more transformed. R5739:c1,p1

In proportion as the promises are before our minds, in that proportion we have strength and courage to run the narrow way. R5095:c1,p4

The Lord's people should so thoroughly apply the precious promises of Divine care that their hearts would be entirely free from anxiety. F572:p2

Those who can and will exercise full confidence, in all the Divine promises, may go from victory to victory, from blessing to blessing, from joy to joy, from one attainment to another, and have a glorious victory in the end over the world, flesh and Adversary, through the imputed merit and continued assistance of Him who loved and bought us. To this class the giants of opposition and despair lose their power, even as did Goliath before the sling stone of David. R4046:c2,bottom

"Feed" upon the promises.
These promises that are given to us are the spiritual food upon which we, as embryotic New Creatures, must feed. No matter how much food may be supplied, if, for any reason, we fail to appropriate the necessary spiritual nourishment, we will be deficient to some extent. The Apostle's words seem to corroborate this thought -- "To us are given exceeding great and precious promises that by these we might become partakers of the Divine nature" -- that is to say, If we do not use these we will not be partakers of the Divine nature, but by the use of these we may "make our calling and election sure" and become joint-heirs with Christ. R4665:c2,p4

Must not be neglected. Must be continually used.
The promises of the Divine Word were given to us as the basis of faith, -- as the fuel to produce the power in us to will and to do God's good pleasure. And hence these gracious promises must not be neglected; they must be continually used and must continue in us to energize us. And the energy must be applied, and we must progress proportionately against the course of this world. R2879:c1,top

"Delve" into them.
Delve into the promises of God more and more. As you do this, the roots of faith will draw up the nutriment and send it out into your life, and you will grow, just as a tree grows, because nourished, fed. Thus alone will you become established in The Faith. R5559:c2,p1

The heart must be filled with the promises.
If the promises of the Divine Word be not received into the heart to satisfy its cravings or longings, it will feed upon other things; and the world, the flesh and the devil are all crowding upon it, offering various attractions, some of which will be received if the heart be not filled and kept filled. R3552:c2,p1

No greater stimulus to true Godliness can be found than the precious promises given unto us. R2228:c2,p5

Our joy is largely dependent upon our study of the Word and our knowledge of the precious promises contained therein for those who overcome. R5460:top

Endeavor to realize their import.
Soberly, thoughtfully, we are to weigh and endeavor to realize the import of the promises and to gather from them their invigorating inspiration. R3149:c1,p6

Their value more fully realized as we live closer to the Lord.
As the Spirit of God draws our hearts into closer fellowship and sympathy with the Divine mind, the value of these precious promises is more and more fully realized, until there glows in our hearts the same holy enthusiasm that so filled the hearts of the Apostles. R3149:c1,p3

Appropriating them to ourselves is growing in grace and knowledge.
After the promises are ours, it requires time and a continual application of faith, in order to rightly appreciate God's promises, and appropriate them to ourselves; and this is Scripturally called "growing in grace and knowledge." We grow in knowledge as we take note of the promises of God, and by faith apply them to ourselves, and seek to discern in our lives the fulfillment of these promises; we grow in grace simultaneously, for unless each item of knowledge be received into a good and honest heart, and bring forth its measure of obedience and righteousness (grace) we will not be prepared for the next step of knowledge, and would be thus stopped, or possibly turned back. R3156:c2,p1

Precious promises are these, wonder words of life! Let us count them over and over again, that all their sweet significance may sink deep into our hearts and bring forth their blessed fruitage in our lives. May they cheer us in every dark and trying hour and reinforce our waning powers with renewed vigor, courage, and zeal, that we may press along the narrow way until indeed our "eyes shall see the King in His beauty." R5863:c1,p2

Give them more attention.
That the year shall be one of more than usual progress and spiritual blessing, we recommend that each of us give more attention than ever before to God's promises to us as His Church and to the conditions upon which they shall be made sure to us. R2240:c1,p2

Courage and strength from the promises.
There are many difficulties to be surmounted, and it requires courage to surmount difficulties. But the courage born of faith in God and in His "exceeding great and precious promises" strengthens them when otherwise they might be overwhelmed. It gives them a strength to which all others are strangers. If a child of God becomes discouraged and loses his hope and strength, it is because he has lost his hold upon the Lord's promises to help. To lose courage is to lose faith. Loss of faith and courage make a child of God powerless before his foes. We must trust our Father even when the meaning of His providences is veiled from our eyes and when our efforts to serve Him seem to be hedged up. R5712:c1,p7; c2,p1

Must be Really, Fully Believed and Personally Appropriated. A Powerful Influence.
The promises of God made to this class are exceeding great and precious, and if they are really believed they cannot fail to powerfully influence the life; but if they are not received, it is manifest that they can have no power over the life. And more, if they be not fully believed, if they be not personally appropriated, they are not applicable, and no one can hope for anything in them. This is clearly intimated in the words of the Apostle -- "Now the just shall live by faith." R1798:c1,p6

Faith so Tenacious that the Promises Become Living Realities.
Paul reached forward to the things that were before, his faith took hold of the promises of God with such tenacity that to him they were living realities, inspiring zeal and faithfulness. Upon the Heavenly themes he allowed his mind to dwell, as he also advised others, saying, "Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous or praiseworthy, -- think on these things." This is the way he reached forward to the things before; and thus also we must gather our inspiration to holiness and our courage to endurance and persevering faithfulness, even unto death. R1885:c2,p2

Each should cultivate faith in his own heart: (a) By refreshing his memory continually with the Divine promises, becoming very familiar with these in the Father's Word. (b) He should seek more and more to remember that having made his covenant with the Lord these promises are his, and in his heart and with his lips he should claim them as his before the Lord in prayer with thanksgiving. He should claim them as his in his own thoughts, and in his conferences on holy things with the brethren. When trials or difficulties or perplexities arise, he should think of these promises, remembering that they belong to him -- because God has promised them to such as love Him, -- who have made a covenant by self-sacrifice. R2642:c2,p7