Represents: Church, T29:1; 36:2; 38:1; 51:1-2; Jesus, T39:1; 51:1; seed of Abraham, T38:1; type of consecration to sacrifice, F124:1.
Sons Of:
LAY HANDS ON: Bullock, T41:3; ram, T42:2; 45:1.
REPRESENTS: New Creatures, T41:2; 54:4; the body of Christ, T39:1; two, Second Death, T119:T.
Washing Of: Necessary, T29:1.
SHOWS: Purity, T54:4; resurrection perfection, T74:2.
Misc.: Blesses the people, T82:1; 83:1.
BULLOCK: And ram slain by, T80:3; represents, T55:2.
New Creatures called as, F77:T; prophet or mouthpiece of Moses, E208:T; F246:1; rod that budded, T17:2; 121:2; 122:2; 123:2; sends away scape-goat, T68:1.
See Garments; High Priest.

Priesthood Typified: Present life of New Creatures, F72:T; Royal Priesthood, F242:1.
Misc.: Members of family eligible for service of priesthood, F242:1.

Blood of righteous, (Mat. 23:35), D47:2; F472:2; offering of, pointed to necessity of Redeemer’s death, A57:2.

If, In: Attitude of faith Lord will not wholly reject, F155:T; faith and obedience, God’s blessings guaranteed, F645:1; Spirit of truth, all affairs work together for good, E184:T.
If, In Christ: All things will work for highest spiritual welfare, F184:T; grace sufficient granted in time of need, F192:1; he saves “to the uttermost,” F162:T; he tests if we are worthy of his favors, F185:T; infirmities once covered are not again charged to us, T122:T; justification is our robe, F104:T; “...if my words, in you” (Jn.
15:7), F679:2; T120:1; more than consecration necessary, F78:2; must cultivate more graces, F337:1; perpetually have blessings in spiritual matters, F143:2; will bear fruit, F120:T; 169:2.
In Secret Place: Of consecration, communion and fellowship, D43:2; 66:T; sanctified unto God, D157:2.
Misc.: Anointing, in you, F259:1; 261:1; if the Word of God, in us, we shall share in First Resurrection, F76:1; to maintain and enter Sabbath rest, necessary to, in Lord’s favor, F392:T; to receive any reward, must, in him, E287:1.

Of Perfect Man: Law is measure of, T35:2; shown in type, T96:1; to stand directly before God, E471:1.
Misc.: Full, shown in two hands full of incense, T56:2; sacrifices offered indicate, of offerer, T95:T; serve according to natural, F238:1.

Israel’s religion an, after their rejection, D571:1-2.

Mass: Doctrine is the foundation of, D572:1, 3; F470:2-471:2; made Papacy the, C95:2; 103:1; not seen as, by reformers, D572:3; seen by reformers in the, F471:1.
Papacy: C26:1; 35:2; 36:2; 95:1-2; 103:1; set up in, D571:3.
Misc.: Continued until cleansing of Sanctuary class, D571:3; Dan. 11:31 prophecy of, C25:T; fulfillment future to Lord’s time, C25:2; name of Man of Sin, B271:1-2; repudiation of ransom-sacrifice by, D571:3; set up 539 A.D., C37:T; 76:T; 83:1; subject of Daniel’s inquiry, C64:5; D571:1-2; supplemented by theories of selfatonement, D572:1; that maketh desolate, C25:T; F471:T.
See Mass.

Jesus: Appeared to, as Logos, E43:2; how, saw Jesus’ day, E89:2; Jesus told Jews he existed before, E90:1; Messiah would come from line of, A42:1; the Savior would come through, posterity, E22:2; will receive life from Christ, E143:T.
Justified: Before Royal Priesthood existed, T27:2; by faith to fellowship with God, A228:3; on plane “N,” pyramid “c” on Chart, A228:3.
Typical: Of Jehovah, A85:T; F170:1; significance of, and Sarah, F361:1.
Misc.: Circumcision given to, before Law given, F226:1; election of, A97:1; friend of God, E177:T; may have understood sacrifice for sins, F111:T; one of the Princes, C265:1; paid tithes to Melchizedek, F72:1; possession of Canaan by, future, C265:1; reasoned he must help God fulfill the promise, A78:T; was a member of the household of faith, T27:2.

Promise: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob given, F353:2; blessings of, implies resurrection for all, A154:1; E22:2; F110:1; God’s, to Abraham dim compared to light in Jesus’ day, A21:4; Abraham and Israel yet unborn, heirs of, when entered Canaan, B47:1; Jesus heir of, F380:1; Law at Sinai given because of, F354:1; root of olive tree, F177:1; 433:T; to be fulfilled, A293:1-2.
FLESHLY: And heavenly, F355:T; T33:3-4; blessed by spiritual, T33:4; compared to spiritual, B206:T; not seed of promise, F361:2; shares in work of blessing, T33:3; 34:1.
SPIRITUAL: A82:1; 84:2; 85:T; 95:1; Jesus antitypical, when begotten of holy Spirit, F380:1; Jesus head of, since resurrection, F361:1; Lifegiver of world, F456:2; “not one member but many,” F361:T-1; represented in Aaron, T38:1.
To bless all mankind, A77:3; B83:3; F193:1.
See Covenant.

Tabernacle was constructed of, wood, T13:T.

Heathen prayers not, F680:2; through our Lord and Head, F400:1; “time” began with Jesus’ consecration, F94:1-2.

AT PENTECOST: Evidence given, E211:1; K3:T; of Jesus’ sacrifice, E209:1; 211:1; T64:1; 88:2.
Desire to grow is first witness of holy Spirit, E240:1-2.
OF: Better sacrifices when complete, T73:3; holy Spirit is token, T64:2; mind and will needed for reconciliation, E217:3; only that which is perfect, E411:2; 418:T; 445:2; 471:1-472:1; ram of consecration by fire, T46:T; ransom, E190:T; robe changed before manifestation, T74:1-2; shown in burnt-offering, T45:T; 73:3; 74:1.
Symbolized by fire, T89:2; through robe of righteousness, E445:2; through sanctification, E435:1.
Of Jesus: By all spirit begotten, E183:6; shown in burnt-offering, T81:1; will instead of our own, E435:1.
Misc.: Day of Atonement basis for Israel’s, T94:1; of Gentiles not until end of seventy weeks, E213:2; of sacrifices of Gospel Age, T118:T; of truth brings figurative stoning from opponents of truth, E91:T.

Do not happen to Church, F646:1; in world are not of God’s direction, F646:1; Lord’s people to be content even in, F647:T.

Are cut off (Isa. 65:20), A144:1; D643:1.

And Words: Jesus recognized by, or tone of voice, B125:2; Lord’s standard for, higher than world’s and, therefore, condemns their course, F133:T; setting guards upon, F149:2; square, by just precepts, C22:1.
Holy Spirit: Did not make apostles’, perfect, but overruled so that their public teachings are infallible, F224:1; discountenances a dishonorable or dishonest, E260:2; to penetrate and permeate every, E223:1.
Misc.: Goodness is love in action, F186:2; if spirit of envy, hatred, strife or vainglory controls actions, E200:1; of God’s love in fulness of time, E451:2; right and wrong distinguished by effects when put in, A188:2; while unable to alter our methods of thought and, we regulate to the standard before our minds, E253:T.

Brings blessings, F137:1; in Ministry of Reconciliation is a measure of faithfulness, E490:3; joy dependent on, F678:1; Spirit of truth leads to, E199:1.
See New Mind.

And Eve: Called man, T101:T; Eve ransomed in, T101:1; Jesus was seed of Adam through, E152:T.
Created: A little lower than angels, A174:4-175:2; and Eve, directly by God, E309; as a perfect being, A171:3; 174:2-4; 224:3; 228:2; E407:1; F40:3.
AS SON: Communed with Creator before transgression, F40:3; had direct communication before fall, D619:3; 626:1; of Creator, E99:2; 108:2; 221:3; 407:T; of God originally, F40:3.
FATHER: Logos direct creator of, but not, of, E458:2; was God; mother was earth, E99:2.
IN IMAGE OF GOD: A120:3; 174:2; F39:1-3; contrasted with “likeness to God,” A174:1-2; in mental and moral qualities, E22:1; 222:T; 406:T; in moral sense, A119:1-2; 120:3; 171:3; 174:2.
Pronounced “very good,” E406:T; 407:T-1; sexual division did not make imperfect, T101:T; was mortal, A185:5; E391:5.
Dominion Of: As king had, earth before fall, D646:2; earth purchased at Calvary, D633:2; 647:3; forfeited, A247:1; given, earth, A245:1-2; B73:4; 94:1.
Posterity: Not injured alike by fall, A152:2; “children of wrath,” E108:2; conduct of, would be similar, A127:2; 131:3; 132:T; fall extended to his, F395:1; if Adam had remained perfect, E101:2; if Adam sinned but not Eve, E101:2; if Eve sinned but not Adam, E101:2; life never possessed by, F703:2; not sons of God after fall, D242:1; subject to frailty, E26:2; was Life-giver of, F698:1; whole, punished for sin of, F718:2; will be adopted by Christ, A129:1.
On Chart: Depraved, condemned posterity of, plane “R,” pyramid “b,” A228:2-4; perfect, plane “N,” pyramid “a,” A224:3-225:1; 228:2.
Penalty: A contaminated fountain, nothing clean from, E102:2; all condemned in, A109:1; 128:3; 140:1; 153:2; 155:2-158:2; all under sentence of death by one man’s disobedience, E100:1; 477:2; death of, a process, A153:2; delivered to Satan to be buffeted by evil circumstances, E451:1; disobeyed therefore died, E400:1-401:1; earthly life and privileges lost, E140:2; 145:3; failed to give posterity lasting life, E137:1; 138:1; 140:1; 152:1; if pardoned he would have been restored to Eden, E460:1; in death from moment of sentence, F703:2; of his sin, A154:T; on the Broad Road to Destruction, A205:4; not pardoned by God, E460:1; was not loss of eternal life, E469:T; was to die in a thousand-year day, F332:2; took 930 years to die, E406:1.
Purchase Of: And race to receive earthly life and rights by ransomprice, K3:T; bought back by Christ, owner and master, E135:1-2; 136:1; F47:2-48:T; ransom-price deposited to be exchanged for, K4:1; by the man Christ Jesus by laying down all he had, E440:1; 453:1.
Race Of: Represented by vine and branches, E140:1; annulment of their death sentence, E18:1; as head of, the man, E152:1; generated in bondage of sin, E140:2; all dead in God’s sight, F697:1; 700:T; 701:1; 708:2; slaves of sin, E189:1; under the Redeemer in Millennium, E27:2; 401:2-3; under sentence of wrath through wilful disobedience, E17:2; would still be condemned if Eve had not sinned, E101:3.
Ransom: Christ was, for, E24:2; 385:1-2; 422:2; 453:T; clothing of skins showed need for Redeemer’s death, A57:2; Jesus a corresponding price for, E481:2; offsets condemned life of, F334:T; 358:T; substitute must be free from sin, E440:T.
JESUS: Is the substitute for, A156:1; made like, before his transgression, E122:1; the root when raised from the dead, E136:1; uncontaminated by, E99:T.
Redeemed by Christ, E417:1; 454:3.
Restored: Blessings will be, to what was lost, E221:1; death and resurrection of race, gradually, E400:2; 403:2; given second chance, A130:1; name stricken from list of condemned, E483:T; world in resurrection to be like, before he sinned, F697:1; 721:2.
Second: And the second Eve will regenerate all willing, E102:1; 140:2; father of all who accept terms of New Covenant, E144:3; first and, A106:1; if member of Adam’s race, Jesus could not be, E96:1; purchaser of human family, E139:T; regenerates world, E138:1; 139:T; 221:1; since his resurrection, not Jesus in flesh, E137:1-2; 139:T; 221:3; 454:3-455:T; takes Adam’s position as head of race, E152:1; 453:1; unborn seed indirectly sentenced, indirectly purchased by, E453:1; will give to men human life-rights, E458:2.
Trial Of: Acquainted with good first, A120:1; as perfect being needed only a brief trial, F713:1; concluded not to live without Eve, A123:1; deficient in knowledge of penalty for sin, E476:T; forfeited soul through disobedience, E428:1; had sufficiency of knowledge for implicit obedience, E413:T; justly sentenced, E412:2; lacked experience knowledge in his trial, A122:2; E469:1; not deceived, suicided, F616:T; not on trial for immortality, A186:1; on probation for everlasting life in Eden, E468:3-469:T; required to obey perfect law of God, E475:3; severity of his temptation, A122:3; sinned wilfully, E407:3; 408:T; F349-350:1; 354:1; 616:T; sold self and human race into sin by self-gratification, E452:3; 453:T; transgressed with fuller realization of sin; Eve deceived, A123:1; two years’ innocence of, C127:2-128:1; was capable of obedience, E408:T.
See Restitution, Ransom.

Death: Destroyed during the Millennium, T77:T; 95:1; different from death in Christ, F439:1; disobedience caused, F698:1; Jesus did not share in, F439:1; likened to sleep, E329:1- 330:1; 344:2-346:5; 462:2; 465:2; 478:1; neither angels nor Satan share in, F698:1; not same as Second Death, E330:1; opponents of Moses suffered, E474:1; was just and irrevocable, F395:1; world dies like prince Adam, F724:1.
Sin: Christ’s sacrifice for, F86:2; 443:2; God’s will all should recover from curse of, E475:1; in Millennial Age blemishes forgivable due to, E479:T; Mediator to set aside, in Millennial Age, E473:1; scarlet shows redemption from, T34:2.
Misc.: Fall results in selfishness, D517:2; justified are reckonedly freed from, guilt, E109:T.

ADMINISTRATOR(S): Ancient Worthies to be, of earthly Kingdom, F707:1; of baptism represents the Lord, F451:1.

Generally the task of elders, F300:1.

Spirit Of: Is power of God breaking power of sin in our heart, E432:2; transforming power, E183:6; why so called, E209:2.
Misc.: Adam’s race who accept New Covenant receive, by Christ, A129:1; anointing oil typifies holy Spirit of, T29:T; as sons, E176:3-177:1; 288:2; granted holy Spirit after ransom accepted, E190:T; Lord’s brethren promised full, as sons, E109:T.
See Spirit of Adoption.

Better use for money than extravagant, F597:T; extravagant personal, lead to pride, F596:2; injury of extravagant, F597:T; New Creation, F596-597:1.

Christian can remarry only if divorce is for, F505:T.

First: At time of, Israel was looking for Messiah, E157:1; first step in work of salvation, E425:1; 427:T; for purpose of redemption, E425:1; 427:T; Israel could not discern, D597:4; not a startling, exciting event, B109:1; seventy weeks only prophecy of, B64:2; spirit battles began at, E189:2; Spirit of truth came first to Jesus, then to Church at Pentecost, E189:2; symbolized in Pyramid, C361:1; tested Judaism, C167:3-169:2; to redeem (purchase) world, F49:1; work of, A93:1; C115:2; F49:1.
First and Second: Attested by signs, D597:3; 599:1; parallels of, C125:2; D597:4; points of similarity, B238:2- 240:3; purpose and manner different in each, B107:1; related periods and work between, A93:1-95:1.
Second: After witness to world but before world’s conversion, A91:1-2; America a center of teaching on, C84:2; apostles did not expect, in their lifetime, F225:1; apostles’ views on, F225; blessed intelligence of, B110:T; contempt attached to, why, C86:1; date of, symbolized in Pyramid, C364:2; dreaded by Christendom, F663:2; errors on, B240:2; 269:1; C84:2-88:1; evidences of different from first, B121:2-122:1; 135:2; first work of Christ at, F419:1; glad day for Church and world, A345:2; hope of New Creation, F663:2-666:5; manifested through human agencies, B122:1; 137:1-2.
MANNER OF: B105:1; 109; 142-153; not as human, B107:1-108:2; 137:1; 157:1; object and time must be considered, B103:2; to appear as a man, would lower dignity of Divine form, B135:2.
Nations not converted but angry at time of Christ’s, A90:2; 94:3; nominal view, C171-172.
OBJECT OF: A91:1; 92:2; 93:1; 94:3; B103:2; process of restitution to uplift mankind, E137:2; restitution blessings, A93:1; 94:3; 116:3; 177:1; E23:1; 137:2; K3:T; resurrection only at, F664:2; 666:4; to reward Church, A103:2.
Parousia and heko shed light on, B159:1; period of presence, B106:2; personal coming, A89:2-94:3; B105:1; 154:1; post-Millen-nialists misapply Scriptures on, A90:3-92:2; taught by Bengel and Wolff, C84:2; time as shown in the Jubilees, Law, Parallels, Prophecies, C125- 126.
WORK OF: C115:2; 124:3; related to first, B104:1; to first gather Church, B104:2; to judge Church, F419:1; to rule with rod of iron, A302:1-303:2.
See Presence; Second Advent.

First: Blinded by false expectations, B29:2.
Second: Correct in some of the time prophecies, B31:2; developed into a sect out of Millerite Movement, C84:2-85; 119:2; erroneous expectations, B243:1.
Misc.: Movement expecting Christ’s imminent return, B240:2.

Satan: As a roaring lion, F609:2; 611:8; besetments of, F630:2.
DELUSIONS OF: Exposed in Millennial Age, F627:1; makes light appear darkness, F97:1; many brethren deceived by, E116:1; spiritualism, mind cures, healing, F624:T-2; time of saints ’ reward one of, F661:2; what the world experiences under, F627:1.
Fallen man cannot defend himself against, F626:1; how Christians escape from, F626:1; light dispels darkness of, F625:T; Lord makes use of implements of, F628:1; of God, Church and humanity, F611:8,9; 612:1; 614:T; 629:1; organized many antichrists, F202:1; sickness and death chargeable to, F644:1; some recovered from snares of, F205:1; sowed tares, F201:1; 431:T; specially marks elders as objects of attack, F293:2; to be destroyed, F612:2; uses women as his representatives, F265:1; 267:1; T103:2; why God permits, to compass man with error, F626:1-627:T.
Temptations From: Lord’s brethren have, similar to Jesus, E110:1; 111:T; 117:1.
Misc.: Assaults on the ransom, E98:1; false teachers and doctrines in Apostles’ day, F201:1; meaning of oppositions of, F181:1; nominal church as, F654:1; 656:1; Scriptures referring to, F609:1-611:7; spurious oil supplied by, F267:1; world and flesh as, F611:9.
See Satan.

A witness of holy Spirit, E232.

Jesus as, made possible the acceptable sacrifices of the Church, K4:2- 5:2; Lord is, for New Creation, F400:1; New Creatures not to become, of moral reform, F543:1; no, needed if perfect, F410:1.

Danger of division of, in marriage, F510:2; earthly, and powers presented as sacrifice, T65:1; of earthly things interrupt communion with God, F144:2; set on heavenly things, F510:1; 685:2.

David went astray before his, F631:2; Little Flock fills up, of Christ, F632:2; 701:T; T66:1; matrimonial furnace of, F507:2; Paul endured “great fight of,” F231:T; purifies Great Company who love the present world, A214:1; we share, with groaning creation, F632:2.

Christendom’s influence in, C173:1- 175:1; conquests in, for market control, D355:1-2; liquor traffic in, D71:3; South, gold fever, D283:1; 381:3.

Ages To Come: Are ages of perfection, A73:2; 223:1; creation of other beings in, E416:1; “H” on Chart, A223:1.
Brain Age: Attributed to Jehovah’s lightnings, A171:2; draws upon past, A163:3; Evolutionists call, A162:3; Great Pyramid in accord with sciences of, A165:2; increase of knowledge providential, A167:1-168:1; man’s brain not greater than in past, A163:3-167:1.
Misc.: Confidence of Jehovah in Plan of, F48:2; each, a step in God’s Plan, A71:1; election in progress during present and past, A96:1; essential to understand peculiarities and objects of, A74:2-3; Gospel and Millennial, typified by Law arrangements, F234:2; Ice, of geologists, F23:3- 26:T; night of weeping, E358:6; of earth, F53:1; Paleozoic, of first life, F31:3; Paul anxious for Church at both ends, B268:1; Reptilian, F36:1; righteous of Gospel, only few, E414:2; Third Dispensation composed of many, A222:2.
See Dark Ages; Gospel Age; Jewish Age; Millennial Age; Patriarch(s).

Subject of special legislation, A52:3.

And Jezebel cut off, B266:1-2; typifies civil government, J2:T; D584:2.

Don’t discuss, with children, F551:1; from the Devil as the result of sin, F633:1; learn lessons of sympathy through, F634:1; permitted to faithful, F633:1; rejoice if service results in physical, F634:T-1.

Joining the Lord in the, C238:1; Satan as prince of, to be overthrown by Christ, C238:1; symbolizes spiritual rule, C238:1.

100,000 burned in Languedoc, B336:1; after dreadful carnage of, Papal hymn of praise, B336:2; resisted Papal system, B334:3; slaughtered in Papal crusades, B334:3- 337:1; upheld truth, B335:1.

Habit of, an evil, F476:F.

Central star of Pleiades, C327:2.

Entered Jerusalem and offered sacrifices in the Temple, C27:T; High Priest showed him the prophecy of Daniel, C27:T; Persia is to be overthrown by, C27:T; saw the High Priest in a vision, C27:T; the great mighty king of Dan. 11:3, C26:4-27:1.

Lord’s People As: New Creature’s obedience, neutrality and responsibility under earthly laws, F593:1-594:2; New Creatures are, F593:5-594:1; should be peaceable and law-abiding toward existing civil powers, D44:2.
Misc.: Not expected to fight their own king, F594:T; rights and responsibilities of, F594:T.

All in Christ to be made, F695-700:2; believers reckoned as, F697:1; meaning of, toward God through Jesus, F563:1.

Condemned in one representative, ransomed by one, A134:1; die for Adam’s sin, A109:1; God’s plan will be testified to, A105:1-2; God the Saviour of, A106:2; in Christ, to be made alive, A103:1-107:3; F695:1- 701:2; Jesus a ransom for, A99:1; 104:2-3; 107:1; not begotten to new mind, satisfied with perfect human nature, A86:3; room for, awakened from tomb, A159:2-161:2.
See Ransom.

Fruit buds appear before leaves, T122:2.

Disciples never solicited, F286:T.

BLOOD: Applied to horns of, typical, T42:T; of ram of burnt offering sprinkled about, T80:3; of ram of consecration sprinkled on, T42:2; poured at base of, typical, T41:3.
Burnt offering burnt on, T81:T; description of, T15:2; fat and life-producing organs placed on, T57:1; fire on, represents trials, T56:2; in Court, T15:1; Levites had access to, T19:1; represents faith in Christ’s ransom sacrifice, T22:1; smoke of, seen by Levites, T57:1; was sanctified, T97:2.
Golden: Or incense, F693:1; T17:1; represents sacrifices of Church, T22:2.
Misc.: Blessings of family prayer, F687:2; human rights laid on, F652:T.

Destruction of, explained, A111:2- 112:1; why Israel commanded to destroy, F174:T.

Of New Covenant: Every priest who fails to suffer is unfaithful, E490:3.
Misc.: Apostles were Lord’s specially chosen, F232:1; first woman was Satan’s first, F265:2.

Dangerous specially to women, F267:1; heavenly vs. earthly, E256:1- 257:1; lay aside earthly, F186:3; mortify, desires of flesh, F600:1; necessary in the Church, loving not selfish, F296:3; new mind out of touch with worldly, F588:1; of enlightened, F629:1; of new will heavenly, F486:T; Satan’s, for power, F612:1; 613:2; 619:1.
See Satan, Ambitions Of.

Center of truth, C84:2; decadence of home-ownership in, D373:1-4; established upon principles of liberty, is an example for awakening people, C51:1; Japanese competition with, D342:4-343:2.

Why history of, given, A42:1.

A type of the Little Flock, F128:1- 129:T; meaning, F128:2.

And Sapphira lied to holy Spirit, E269:2-3; authority of Peter over, F412:2.

Caused By: Desire for liberty to extent of lawlessness, D481:2; dissatisfaction and enlightenment, D67:1; 80:2; 447:4; “fire of God’s jealousy,” D271:1; increase of knowledge, A265:2; Lord’s great army, D550:3; J14:1-2 (1912); selfishness, D449:4; shaking of symbolic heavens, B363; D551:3.
Description Of: Excerpts from publication on, D481-482; furthest thing from Divine arrangement, F299:T; opposite of Communism, D481:2; prophesied in Psa. 46:1-2, D596:3; symbolized by sea, B77:6; D46:T; 110:4; 551:1; 596:3; 638:3; worst governments preferable to, F298:3; 591:1.
Results In: God’s agency for establishing a more lasting peace, B41:1; governments lost in, D551:1; leveling of society, D634:3; social order crushed under, D525:2; 540:T.
When: Babylon falls, D38:3; 267:1; nations assembled, D271:1; 358:2; in Jacob’s Trouble, D557:T; introduces the Millennial Age, D267:1; Socialism fails, J15:2 (1912); D372:1; 486:2; Time of Trouble ends in, A265:2; B77:6.
Misc.: Alliance sought in threat of, D129:4; as a remedy, D481-482; claim of Roman Catholic Church as being the only bulwark against, D131:4; conduct advised in, D67:1; contrast of Israel in Kingdom with, D638:1; fear of, in Italy causes church-state union, D131:1; masses have no sympathy with, J14:2 (1912); may be the meaning of Ezek. 7:13-24, D550:1-2; poor are drawn to, A312:2; powers of Christendom futile against, D552:T; symbolic heavens rolling together against, futile, D551:3; world-wide reign of, B78:T; D531:1.

BUT NOT: In New Creation, D625:2; F86:1; sin-offering, T108:2.
CLASS: A301:4; at end of Gospel Age similar to, F156:2.
Consecration after high calling may result in participation with, F156:2.
In Millennium:
COMMUNICATION: Channels of Divine, D629:1; direct, with spiritual realm, D619:3; 626:1; word of Lord from Jerusalem by, D620:1.
Earthly representatives of Kingdom, D619:2; 620:1; 625:2; how will be recognized by world, D626:1-627:T; human agents of Christ, A289-291:1; F707:1; moral and social reforms through, D632:2; prepare Israel to receive Jesus, C278:1-288:1; princes in earth, B136:2; C265:1; D619:4; F127:2; 129:1; T109:T; setting up the earthly Kingdom, D624-629.
Justification Of: By faith, F110:1; 112:T; cleansed from sin, T108:2; maintained at cost of self denial, F119:1; to fellowship, F110:1-111:3.
Resurrection Of: Appear at close of Jacob’s Trouble, D626:1; instantaneous, D619:3; F699:2; 707:1; 709:2.
PERFECT: Examples of, men in, F121:T; 717:1; have a better, A290:T; D619:1-4; 625:2; F120:1; 699:2; 705-707:1; humans in, A289:1; 293:2; E144:2; representatives of God in, B136:2; E77:2.
Place of, in, F721:T; reaction of world to, D628-629:T; 640:2; receive reward after Church, E144:2; F676:4; restitution shown in south mountain, D653:2; shine as stars forever, A291:1.
Typified By: Jacob’s dream of ladder, D629:1; Kohath family, F128:1- 129:1; Levites, T28:1; 108:1; Moses in Transfiguration vision, F677:2; red heifer, T107:1; 110:T; veil of Moses, B134:1; D630:2.
Misc.: Honored above Great Company after Millennium, F129:F; Judgment Day of, before Gospel Age, A289:1; not sinless, T111:T; promises to, earthly, A293:1; rank of, F129:T; 131:T; trial of, more severe than world’s, A146:2; women who received their dead to life again, F704:2-705:1; wrote as moved by spirit but did not understand, E177:2.

Communication: Between Jesus and, direct, D626:1; between mankind and saints in Millennium, not through, D619:1; of, in past, D618:3; Lord and Adam’s, with, D626:1.
Faithful: Did not understand writings of prophets, E178:1; God’s character being revealed to, through plan for man, E412:1; Jesus raised above, upon resurrection, E453:2; may have willingly undertaken to become ransom, E423:1; mighty, various agents of God’s power, B151:2; minister to heirs of salvation, B203:1; F76:T.
Fallen: At studies to learn plan, D611:3-612:T; beginning and cause of, F619:2-620:1; corrupted humanity, F620-621; God could have immediately destroyed, E412:T; God’s plan for, shows another method open, E484:T; God’s wisdom chose restraint for, E413:1; in chains until Judgment Day, F620:1; lost Spirit of holiness, E188:1; man a prey to Satan and, F204:3; more severe penalty than man’s, E415:3; Nephilim resulted from improper union with daughters of men, E103:3; not sentenced to death, but restrained of their liberties, E413:T; 415:3; 484:T; penalty of restraint did not violate Divine Justice, E413:T; Pharaoh’s servants type of, F458:1; were not given same penalty for sin as man, E413:T; who kept not their first estate, F620:T.
Nature: Adam not an, E423:T; and human natures distinct, A178:2; are mortal, A187:1; E390:1; 392:1; F271:3; can assume human bodies, A183:1; can be invisibly present, A182:2; created perfect, subsequently tested, F63:1; do not propagate own kind, F613:1; glorious in their normal condition, A183:1-2; Jesus a little lower than, when human, E90:2; 427:T; lower than our Lord before he became man, A177:2-178:1; mentally similar to God and man, A201:1; next in rank under Great Company, A241:2; perfect man a little lower than, A174:4-175:1; spirits, because invisible to men, E175:T.
Test Of: Benefited by observing man’s experiences, A135:2; fall of man became, for holy, and demons, F642:1; first experience with sin, F619:2-620:T; first world under, A66:2; 220:1; how receive knowledge and experience, F66:1; not as crucial as test of New Creation, F642:1-643:T.
Misc.: Do not share in death of Adam, F698:1; earthly messengers of new King of earth, D600:2-601; God the Life-giver to, E104:3; “Living” (Rom. 14:9), A150:2; of God (Jn.
1:51), D629:1; once ruled fallen man, A220; F619:2; orders and powers of, F613:1; permitted control over earth, B73:4; sons of God shouted for joy, F17:2; 18:T; 51:1; Stephen had the face of an angel, E162:T; word translated from “elohim,” E67:1-2.
See Demons, Mediums; Nephilim; Spiritism.

Fire of God’s, on nation of Israel, F445:1; never use rod in, F524:1; parent to have no, toward child, F526:1.

Claim, C250:1-2; errors refuted, C290:5-300; not Israelites indeed, C291:3.

ANGLO-SAXONS Fleshly Israel represented by Jews, not by, C252:2.

Lower: Are souls, E323:1-325:2; soul of, differentiated from man, E323:1; 327:3.
Misc.: Death of, shows complete consecration, T96:2; first, on earth not inferior, F43:1; gap between man and, F55:3; 58:1; lower order of, F43:1-3; man masterpiece of, creation, F39:2; man’s intellectual uniqueness in, creation, F56:2; Mosaic Law concerning clean and unclean harmonizes with medical science, A53:1; Mosaic Law prohibited cruelty to, A51:1; no relation of man to lower, F43:3; 44:T; not resurrected, E326:3; 399:1; three kinds of lower, F36:3.

Of Lord: First recognized by Great Company in Time of Trouble, B78:T; true Church, A84:2; F80:2.
Misc.: Christ is God’s, one, F393:1; Jesus and Church are the, A81:3- 82:1; members of Christ illustrated by Pyramid, A82:3; of holy Spirit, F443:2; word “Christ” means, A81:3.
See Apostles; Church, True.

Jesus: At baptism, T27:2; Church partakers of Christ’s, T37:2; 64:1; with holy Spirit, T37:1; 53:2.
Holy Spirit: Abideth in us, A81:3; all of Body under, F261:1; 443:1; anointing with, E281:1-2; assures us of truth, F261:T; evidence of lack of, F262:T; how typified, F131-132; 261:1; 443:1; needs no repetition, T64:1; numerous anointings superfluous, E215:1; of Church at Pentecost, T64:1-2; precedes seal of sonship, E248:1; unction from, on The Christ, E280:2.
Oil: Mingled with, blood sprinkled over priests, T46:4; not poured upon under-priests, T37:2; 37:F; only for consecrated, F131:1; poured on Aaron’s head, T29:2; 37:2; type and antitype of holy, F443:1; used on priests, F124:1; T28:3.
Priests: Ceremony of installing, to service, T28:3; different from sprinkling on priests, only upon Chief Priest who succeeded, F131:1-2; High Priest, represents oneness of Christ, F131:1-132:2.
Misc.: Jehu by Elisha, why, B266:1; of Messiah, B66:1-2; 235; of Royal Priesthood, F212:1-2; received, need not that anyone teach you, F259:1- 262:2; signifies full authority, F242:1; to preach glad tidings to meek, E488:T.

Example of providing for family, F577:2.

Beginning Of: An apostasy beginning in apostles’ day, B268:1; 276:3; developed in Church, C37:1; four periods of development and exaltation, B355:1-4; 356:1; gradually developed, B279:1.
RISE OF: C35:2-37; caused by ambition in Church, B281:T.
Removal of hindrance to growth of, B288:1; Satan planted and watered seeds of error for, B281:T.
Characteristics Of: Bible, enemy of, B322:4; blended with Satan in description and denunciation, F617- 619:1; changed “times” and “laws” to suit own claims, B310:3; does not necessarily attempt to exalt himself above Jehovah, B274:3; immoralities in system do not make it the, B300:3; 357:2; 361:2; kingdom of the Devil, E114:3; little horn out of beast, B271:2; most subtle opponent of true Christianity, B288:T; “mother of harlots” and many daughters, F202:1-2; 204:2; mouth of, leading characteristic, B305:T; spirit is to lord it over God’s heritage, F278:4.
Counterfeit: Claims to be chief ruler in Church in place of Christ, B275:T- 1; Satan’s, patterned after future glory, B302:2; taking the place of the true Christ, B281:1.
Defined: Opposed to Christ, F260:T; two-fold significance of meaning of name, B281:1; 282:1; 299:2.
Decline Of: During Immanuel’s presence, B358:2-3; end of, F619:1; four periods of fall, B356:2-6; in death struggle will gain increased power by new deceptions, B359:1; loss in power brought about by Reformation, B316:T; must rise, flourish and begin, before Lord’s presence, B271:T; power began to wane as the Word was heeded, B347:1; since 1799 being consumed, B273:T.
Papacy: Identified by Luther, A28:T; B326:3; not for moral reasons, B361; used the confessional, B329:T.
Persecution By: Countries, bibliography, B336:T-1; exalted in dreadful scenes of carnage, B339:1; of Protestants in Ireland, B340:3; zeal of, B337:3.
System Not Individual: B272:2; 276:2; 277:1-2; 281:1; 299-300; 326:3; 356-358; 360; F201:2-203; 617:1; 619:1; Apostate church-state, B277:1; intoxicating the nations, B272:2; not Mohammedanism or Brahminism, B276:2; not the Pope, B277:1; Roman, chiefest, F471:1; Roman Empire, Satan’s masterpiece, F617:1; unreasonable to suppose one literal man, B273:2-3.
Misc.: Church of England and Greek Catholic Church, D580:2; deprived mankind, B347:1-348:1; Greek philosophers, E285:2; history of, fills large part of Revelation, A27:3-28:T; B271:2; 283-356; mystery of iniquity gradually organized, F199:1-204:2; Protestant sects, D580:3-4; Rev.
13:14-18 identified with, D581:T; reverence to, evil, E74:2; spirit of, E187:1; temporal authority departed after 1870, B356:5; true wheat tried by principles of, C155:T.
See Mass; Mystery Of Iniquity; Papacy.

For Spirit Of Fear: Holy Spirit of truth, E196:3; 197:3.

Defrayed expenses of Paul and Barnabas, F285:1; example of Early Church sending out colporteurs, pil grims, missionaries, F288:3; had Paul and Barnabas as teachers over a year, F285:1; how God’s mind was known at, E275:2-3.

First-born: Church of, F459:1-2; pilgrims and strangers in world, F461:T.
Lamb: Israel refused to eat of, F461:2; Lord died as, Passover, F461:1; Lord’s flesh, F464:1.
Moses: Of the glorified Christ, E474:1; F434:T; 458:1; penalty for despising, F168:1; to deliver people, F458:1.
Of: Blemishes of Priesthood, F242:2; holy anointing oil, F443:1; Israel’s Jubilee Year, F391:2; Levites include Royal Priesthood, F401:2; stones in Solomon’s Temple, F196:T.
Misc.: Enjoy, Sabbath by accepting Lord, F392:T; in order to establish, Law Covenant sacrifices set aside, E426:1; Jesus, seed of Abraham, F380:1; larger than type, B180:2; F391:2; Lord’s Supper a memorial of, F463:2; 464:1; takes place of type, F463:1; the reality which displaces type, B174:1.

Daniel’s prophecy of, C28:3.

New Creation to have no, F572- 573:1.

Man not descended from, F43:1; 45:T.

Beginning in Apostles’ Day, B276:3; 277:T; constituted Roman system, F471:1; must come before Day of Lord, B269:1.

Apostolic: Authority to teach, F278:T-1.
Apostolic Succession:
CLAIMED BY: Church of England, J9:2 (1912); Church of Rome, D160:1; J9:2 (1912); Protestant clergy and Papacy, D33:3.
Needed to vitalize Image of Beast, J9:3 (1912).
Characteristics Of: Basis for Lord’s choice of, not stated, F211:T; did not cultivate superstitious reverence, F232:1.
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN: Disciples and, F210:1; prophets and, F219:1.
God set, in Church, F237:1; had different degrees of insight into God’s plan, A26:1; how led of holy Spirit, E276:2; Lord’s appearances to, after Jesus’ resurrection, D618:3; Lord’s special care for, F208:3; males only, T102:3; no official titles given to, F211:1; objections to infallibility of, especially Peter and Paul, scrutinized, F223:4; pre-anointed, F212; received evil treatment because they did not compromise the truth, E490:T; represented by stars, D544:T; 591:T; 593:T; sacrificed earthly interests, F217:1; service of, could be accepted or declined by Ecclesias, F277:1; some of, were prophets, A319:1; strength of character of, F211:T-1; tentatively called until Pentecost, F86:2; 212; testimony of, should agree with Law, Prophets and Lord, F233:1; used Sabbath day and Jewish synagogues, F382:1; were law-abiding, A266:1.
Gift Of: And prophets, pastors, teachers, etc., E50:4-51:1; 207:1; 283:2-284; F222:1; commission of service as special witnesses with power to bestow gifts, F212:2-216:1; 238:1; only, could give, spirit, F212:3.
John: Granted vision of Lord, F723:T.
Mouthpieces: CHANNELS OF: Holy Spirit’s teachings, F217:2; truth, F221:1-222:T.
Cloven tongues upon, at Pentecost to show special, E212:2; Lord’s, for instruction of Church, F273:1; 458:1; of God, A319:1; public utterances, inspired, infallible, F223:4; speak as Lord’s, through word, F61:T; 67:1; 100:3; 209:2; 216:1; 217:1; 240:2.
Not: Lords over God’s heritage, F211-212:1; 229:3-233:2; perfect in flesh, F223:5.
Paul: Antitype of under-priest who sprinkled blood of heifer, T110:T; as under-priest, spirit impelled, to tell of ransom for all, E488:1; Church questioned apostleship of, F216:T; epitomized ministry of reconciliation, E488:1-4; testimony of, F215:3; 216:T; to uncircumcision (Gentiles), F226:1; witness of our Lord’s resurrection, visions and revelations, F215:1-3; why, rebuked Peter, F381:T.
Peter: Confession of, F220:2; taught opposite of Evolution Theory, E23:1- 23:2; to circumcision, F216:T; 226:1.
Poor, Humble Life: And Lord were poor except James, John, Matthew, F285:4; 286:T; and unlearned men, F213:2; 214:T; chosen from, and for strength of character, etc., F210:1-2; 213:2.
Twelve: Correspond to Jacob’s sons, B206:T; foundations of New Jerusalem with no successors, F208:1- 210:2; no authority for more than, F208:2; 209:1-2; 224:1; 238:2; 240:2; purpose in selection of, F210:1; 213:1.
Writings: Addressed to Church, B203:1; E306:2; are with us in their teachings, E207:1; confirm Old Testament miracles, A60:2-61; historic, supervised, F220:1; infallible as to teachings and, F223:4-229:2; inspired, A26:1; inspired not word-forword dictation, but by guidance and special revelations, F217:1-220:1; 222:1; were not written mechanically, F219:2.
Work Of: F212:1-2; Gave whole counsel of God, F210:T; gentle among Church, F232:T; guided in establishing Church, F217:1; keys of authority, visions, revelations, F221:2-223:3; ministry continues, F216:1; overseers, F244; why set apart, F214; witnesses of Jesus ministry, resurrection, miracles, F214:2- 3; 215:1.
Misc.: At first expected Lord’s cause to conquer world, D564:1; authority of, regarding excommunication, F412:2; did not expect second advent in their lifetime, F225:1; expected Jesus to free Israel from Roman yoke, E431:4; false, wandering stars, D593:2-596:1; mysteries to the world, A86:1; preaching gospel, D479:4; seventy differed from twelve, F214:2.; views of nominal church regarding, F209:1.

Do not expend money for extravagant, F597:1; wearing of costly, F596-598.

God does not look on outward, F75:2; Stephen had the face of an angel, E162:T.
See Resurrection, Appearances Of Jesus.

Good and evil effects of, F266:1; 267:1; women and, F267:1.
See Ambition; Woman/Women.

Oldest rocks, F44:T.

Jesus in prehuman existence, E424:1; Michael, in dispute with Devil, F608:T; 610:1; signifies “chief messenger,” B147:1.

Rivalry of overseers, bishops, pope, F245:1.

Reveals intelligence of ancient man, A165:1.

Specifications of, similar to time periods of God’s Plan, B244:2.

Symbol of Christendom, D22:3.

Benevolent among the rich benefit the poor, A312:1; exists through wealth and education, A311:2; masses and, in coming struggle peculiar, B262:1; Time of Trouble will destroy, A318:3.

Controversy with Athanasius, B290:1.

Represents: Christ and Church, God’s eternal purpose, T121:1; glory of the Divine Christ, T123:2.
Misc: Contents and description of, T17:2; 121:2; in Most Holy of Tabernacle, T15:4; shows oneness of the Divine family, T126:3.

Regarding Easter, F483:2.

Associated to controversy of Gospel Age close, J2:1 (1912); attitude of God’s people during, J15:2 (1912); called “Great Tribulation” by Christ (Mat. 24:21), J3:1 (1912); forces have been mustering, J15:3 (1912); free speech, mails, etc. shut off, J13:1 (1912); Image of Beast to receive life before, J16:T (1912); Jacob’s Trouble near end of, J16:1 (1912); meaning of and location, A324:2; J2:1-2 (1912); not yet, but soon, J15:3 (1912); the Battle of, D527-561; why necessary, (wisdom), J15:1 (1912).
See Battles, Armageddon; Trouble, Time Of.

Catholicismpractices, D232:T; Christendom ignored Turks’ wholesale slaughter of, D89:1; 231:3.

Cost of, D93:3; 95:2; “Crown or People?” in Europe, D559-561; education increased through standing, D387:1; have become less infatuated with “glory,” D546:T; if abolished, then labor problem, D510:3-511:1; most peace in nations of least, D122:1; number of, in 1895, D119:2; 133:2-134:1; of Europe organized, for selfish purposes, D89:1; paralyze commerce and agriculture, D92:3-94.

Assented to by majority of Christians, A100:5; asserts Satan thwarted God’s plans, A115:1-2; 116:1; denies election, A114:1; denies God’s foreknowledge and power, A115:1-2; not supported by the Scriptures, A100:5; 114:1; says some saved through ignorance, A100:4.
See Free Grace.

Evil day requires, for the mind, F657:1; less necessary in past than now, F657:1-658:2; put on whole, of God to withstand Devil, F609:9; word of God is only offensive, F658:2.

Anarchists and Socialists in front of, J14:1 (1912); effect of on present order, D545:1; in existence at present time, D544:1; 545:2; overthrow civil and ecclesiastical powers, D543:2- 545:1; 551:3; prophecies describing, D549-550; saints not to be involved in, D542:3-543:1; 550:3; J14:3 (1912); strange work, why, D547:2; 548:3; who comprises, D544:1; 546:1; 549:1-550; 559-561; why called, D550:3.

Black, F624:3; users of curious, burned books, F625:T.

Granted decree to Nehemiah to rebuild walls, B67:T.

Of Jesus ten days before Pentecost, K3:T.

Hyssop dipped in mixture of, and water for purification, T106:T; not brought into Holy Place, T105:1; of red heifer, T105:1-106; show faithfulness unto death, T108:2; used for cleansing and purification, T108:2; 111:1.

Assyrian goddess, F266:T.

Lord’s words to seven Churches of, F401:2-402:T; seven Churches of, are seven epochs of one Church, F401:2; when Churches of, celebrated Lord’s death, F482:1.

Apostles and successors fell, F470:2; apostles reckoned, from death until their resurrection, F724:T; in Jesus, F662:2; saints to receive spiritual bodies in resurrection, F723:1.

Slander is, of character, F586:T-1.

For mutual advancement in spiritual things, rather than private lessons at home, F309:1-312:1; forsake not, F259:2; 309-311; 729; spirit begotten, together to edify and build up, F311:2; with New Creation, F389:1.
See Meetings.

View of time of Easter, F483:2-484:1.

Constantine sided with, B290:1.

Expanse, firmament, F31:2; production of, in second creative day, F31:3.

Actual At-one-ment: And legal, implies covenant, E20:1; 27:1; complete when curse completely lifted, E405:1; reconciliation impossible until redemption secured, E28:1; sacrifice made by Mediator of Atonement, E32:2.
Antitypical Day Of: Church has a part in the sacrifice of, T80:2; Gospel Age, D654:2; F234:2; T50:1; 61:1; 76:2; head and members are one sacrifice for, T50:1; 73:2; 83:T; New Creation the, spiritual priesthood, F68:1; now in the close of, T66:2; of world accomplished by the Royal Priesthood in next Age, T77:3.
Channel Of: Holy Spirit has much to do with appreciation of, E163:3; holy Spirit of Atonement is of Father, by Son, E33-36:10; 263; 267:1; holy Spirit, to Church now and to world later, E208:2; world will come to atone- ment through spiritual temple, E231:2.
Church: Appreciation of, gives us esteem for Christ, E83:1; finished, by death of his Son, while we were sinners, E25:1; has received, E19:3; 27:T; legal satisfaction of Justice and intentional weakness, E197:T; must receive at-one-ment before becoming joint-sacrificers, E487:2; only, so far has benefited by, E19:2; only those who walk by faith can appreciate work of, E92:1; required before any mission of holy Spirit begins, E190:T; seal of sonship shows being at-one with the Father, E247:5.
Doctrine Of: Blinding of mankind to, a deception of Satan, E19:3; clearly teaches plan of salvation, E17:3; defended, D198:2-199:2; 201:3; dependent wholly on the ransom, E421:2; erroneous view of, E34:T; Evolution denies, D193:3; E21:2; 24:2; foundation of Christian religion, E15:1; 98:1; ransom, E32:5; Scriptural view of, E17:1-20:2.
Philosophy Of: Distinction between Father and Son necessary to understand, E53:1-2; essential knowledge of, F97:2; implies opposition between Creator and creature, E20:3; orthodox and unorthodox views of, E16:1-2; true view of, which satisfied Divine Justice, E17:2-5.
Typical Day Of: As now observed, C254:2-256:1; F234:2; bullock represents Jesus as a perfect man, T52:1; glorious garments put on after making, T37:T; 55:1; High Priest had linen robes on, F235:T; Israel’s, typical, T26:T; 76:1; Jews typically cleansed by sin offerings of, F432:T; peoples’ offerings, after, T94:4.
SACRIFICES: Basis for forgiveness and acceptance, T94:4; precedes all others, T94:1; typical of better sacrifices, T26:T.
Work Of: Completed when, F114:2.
COVERS: Adam’s and resulting sin, F718:2; sin in Millennial Age, F115:T.
Every creature privileged to return to Creator, E19:1; Lord’s goat and scape-goat classes share in work of, T60:2; Mediator’s work, not instantaneous, E29:1; 477:3; number atoned for not same as all who attain heartharmony, E419:4; only those who suffer with Christ will participate in, E456:1; 490:3; plan of, shown in work of New Covenant, E27:1; reconciliation of mankind to Divine Law by the Redeemer, E27:T; Redeemer died to carry out, E17:4; when completed, full reconciliation will be realized, E20:2; will be completed at close of Millennial Age, E20:1.
Misc.: Author of great plan of, is God, E32; 33-38; 82; Abomination of Desolation supplemented by theories of self, D572:1; curse the necessity for, E405-420; early intimations of, F353:1-2; has two parts–justice and return of sinner, T77:3; how, possible through Son, F396:T; men who are opponents of, F629:T; misused share in, F167:1; object of, is restitution, E18:2; 25:T; 419:3; promises of, to Adam vague, F353:T; Satan opponent of plan of, F612:1; 626:1; 628:1; 629:T; to be told throughout eternity, E31:3; two parts of, sacrifice, F77:1; vicarious, minimized at Parliament of Religions, D191:4; wilful sins not covered by, F718:2.
See Mediator, Of Atonement.
See Priest, High.

Of Fallen Man: Four are in antagonism with each other in fallen mankind, E450:3.
See God, Attributes.

Diet of, for religious peace, C111:2.

Against the “holy covenant,” C33:1, 4; Daniel’s prophecy on, C33:1-34:3; Emperor of Rome conquered Queen of Egypt, C33:1; prophecy shows assassination, C34:3; sun-worshiper, opposed to Christians, C34:2; wealth accumulated from Zenobia’s defeat, C331:3.

Socialism in, D483:5; wheat exports in 1883 and 1893, D391:T.

Effects of machinery in, D322-323; fourteen wars since 1880, D119:1.

God not, of moral evil or sin, F640:T; 643:2; of Atonement is God, E32:1; 33-38; 54:T; of calling (1 Cor. 1:9), F87:1.

Christ: All power and, vested in, F400:1; apostles next to, in, F214:T; Christ given, at right hand of God, A92:2; Christ’s, and power during Millennial Age, F235:T; first exercise of, by, F397:2; from Father and by Son, F397:1.
Elders: Have no, by self-appointment, F279:T; of head not to be assumed by, F283:T.
Of Satan: Adam delivered to, E451:1; had no title to rule authoritatively, E448:1; ransom-price not paid to, E449:3.
Misc.: Anointing signifies full, to preach and teach, F242:1; loss of respect for, now, D533:4; of apostles regarding excommunication, F412:1.

Causes inflation, unemployment and oversupply, A328:1-2; leads man to idleness and trouble, A336:3-337:1.

From Grave: A290:1; as from sleep, A105:2; E329:1,2; 333:1; 344:2; 462:2; 478:1-2; F708:1; 714:1; 715:1; to measure of health, F714:2.
Misc.: Of sleeping saints, when, C233:2-234; to everlasting life or shame and contempt, F716-718:1; vs. resurrection, E329:1-2; 344:2; 346:5- 349; 478:1-2; F702-710:3.
See Dead; Lazarus; Restitution.

Or lifeless period of creative day, F31:1.

Babylonians offered human sacrifices to, D24:1; Elijah converted nation of Israel from, B250:T; mammon, pride, ambition is, of our day, D268:T; thousands of our day have “not bowed knee to,” D268:T.

“Spiritual,” bastards and sons, D575:3.
IN NOMINAL CHURCH: Fed diluted and adulterated milk, D577:T; some babes in Christ, but many bastards begotten of error instead of truth, D576:1.
Few able or willing to leave Babylon, D577:2; in creed beds, but too short for “man” (Isa. 28:20), D608:3.

How, are spoiled, F556:2; nervous if mother is, F531:1.

Christendom: Believed Divine commission to convert world, D112:T; 168:3; Christendom also called, A254:T; C152:2; 171:1; D26:T-28:T; 266:4; F430:2; contrary to organization of primitive Church, F581:T; denominations, part of, F430:2; 580:2; false “vine of the earth” (Rev. 14:18-20), D51:1; house divided against itself, D612:1; ignores lessons of history, D49:2- 51:1; intoxicated and stupefied by wine of (world’s spirit), D111:2; 267:1; led many into false teachings of, C164:1; mixed condition of, A237:1-238:2; C164:1; mothers and daughters, C154:T; D28:1-35:4; nominal church in Revelation, C154:T; oppression of, not conducive to increase of knowledge, C172:3; proportion of criminals to population in, C162:1-163; Protestants once applied name to Papacy, D26:2; reform of, could not heal, C156:1-2; D543:T; sects of, none without error, C181:1- 2.
“Come Out Of Her”: Call out of, pictured as flight from Judea, D573- 574; call to “Come out of her, My people,” C155:1; 161:3; 165:T-166:1; 181:2; 188:1; D41:1; 43:1-44:1; 158:T; 268:T; 574-577; 600:2; 607:3- 610; F83:1; 206:T; 431:T; 641:T; 656:T; children of God in, D267:2; F640:2-641:T; cream in, now separated from dregs in harvest, C162:2- 164; difficulties in flight from, D575- 577; fleeing from, before winter, D578-579; Little Flock separated from, shown by figure “s” on Chart, A239:T -240:1; looking back as Lot’s wife did after starting to flee, D608:1; Reformers separated from, prior to harvest, C154:1; seeing Abomination of Desolation and haste in flight out of, D574:1-575:1.
Daniel’s Vision: First beast (lion) (Dan. 7:2-7), A257:2-3; head of gold (Dan. 7:38), A253:2; iron and clay of Daniel’s image (mixed church-state system), A253:2-254:T.
Destruction Of: As a great millstone cast into sea to rise no more, D110:4; doom of, D21-46; 73:1-2; 186:2; hewn down, to deceive no longer, C187:2; how trouble on, more severe than on Jerusalem, D49:T; in 1915, D111:1, F; plagues, seven last received, after classes marked and separated, C166:T; punishment of, will be great, D37:2; 40:1; sudden, violent, complete, and yet gradual consuming, D37:1; will go into oblivion, sheol (Isa. 14:9), E369:4-5; 372:1-2.
Fall Of: Because she is not what she claims to be, A239:1; from favor, C152:2; 156:T; 165:2; 167:1-3; 180:2; Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Apocalypse wrote concerning the downfall of, D22:2; Kingdom reign brings, D623:1; literal and symbolic, A313:1; on Chart, “t,” “u,” and “v” represents nominal church, A239:1; spewed out, cast off, rejected, cut off, C217:1.
Israel: In bondage to, B208:2; F618:1; no more a divided nation after returned from, B206:1.
Judgment Of: Arraigned before “Great Court,” the general public, D75-112; civil powers seen by Disraeli in 1874, D113:3; greater responsibility and misuse of favors will bring greater wrath, D28:T; long probation of power bringing reproach on name of Christ, D51:2; many blinded to see rejection of, C157:1- 158:1; D40:1; “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin,” weighed in the balances, D76:1; 77-81; not shared by true Church, D158:T; object of trial is to manifest to all men the real character of, D76:1; responsible for what they know or might know, D49:2; sentenced to destruction, C156:2; U.S., included in, D36:1; warning of overthrow, D53:1.
Literal/Ancient: Earliest definite time for dating events was established in Babylon in 747 B.C., B36:1; “Golden City,” “the glory of kingdoms,” D24:3; largest city of ancient world, D23:2; lease of dominion or permission to rule given to, A251:4; 252:T; Papal Rome adopted scheme of Ancient Pagan Babylon’s Pontifex Maximus, B288:1-2; physical description of, D23:2-24:3; refers to city and empire, religious organizations and all Christendom, D23:2; 27:1.
Name: Confusion, A239:T; 254:T; C153:3; 181:2; D22:3; 26:1; 35:4; 169:2; 258:1; confusion, ecclesiastical, D157-268; confusion, national, D113-156; in forehead (Rev. 17:5), D23:1; origin and meaning, C153:3; 181:2; D24:2; 26:1.
Type and Antitype: A313:1; D22:3- 27:1; Edom corresponds to, D14:3- 18; foolish virgins receive plagues of, C195:2; Jezebel typified, B256; J2:T (1912); prophecies of, double fulfillment, F618:1; rejection of, in 1878, C152:2; 156:T; 217:1; typified by destruction of natural Israel, C152- 153; D47-49:1.
Misc.: Effects of preaching harvest truth in, C183:1-3; many in, merely Levites or not consecrated to death, T118:1; spiritual Israel carried away captive into, B208:2; F177:T; 618:1.

Pictures Second Death class, F166:1- 167:1; speaking ass confirmed in New Testament, A61:T.

Law may be used by Christians, F565:2-566:1; part of Time of Trouble, A314; J2:1 (1912).

Church History: Catholic and Protestant, Baptists, Disciples, C114:1; F427:2-431:1; ceremonies of, F421:3-426:2; Protestant Churches, F423:15; 424:3-425; Roman Church, F422-423:14; 424:1-2; second century, F426:2; some testimonies to the point, F453:1-454:8; the Campbellite Church, F427:2-428.
Church’s : As justified men, F443:2; burial of flesh from moment of full surrender of will, F435:2-436:2; Christ is door into, F445:2-446:1; complete burial results in First Resurrection, F440:1-441:2; 444:T; individually not collectively, F442:1; into death of, as individual members of his body, F434:3-444:1; 446:3; mystery of our relationship to Christ, F436:2; 439:2; one, of holy Spirit for entire Church, F442:1; superstitious and perverted views, F421:1-431:1.
For The Dead: Not substitutionary, but as members of Atonement sacrifice, F455:4-456:2.
Infant: Repudiated, F421:2-427:1; unbiblical, F427:1; 450:2.
Jesus’: And Church, the real, F437:1- 2; 441; anointing parallels, B235; anointed at, T27:2; completed at death, F438:2; distinct from John’s, F437:1-2; 447:T; holy Spirit descended on, E212:T; necessary for begetting and also manifestation to others, E211:3; symbolized his consecration by water, A230:1; F437:1-2; T53:1.
John’s: For transgressions against Law Covenant, F437:1; of multitudes by disciples of Jesus, F442:T; typical cleansing, F431:2-432:1; unto repentance for Jews only, A279:1; F428:1; 431:2-432:1;437:1; 446:3.
Of Fire: God’s anger at the end of the Ages, F445:1; not a blessing, but a Time of Trouble, F445:1.
Of Holy Spirit:
Baptism into Christ’s death is not, F442:1.
CHURCH’S: As body of Christ, E215:1-3; at Pentecost, with visible manifestation, E212:1-2; for entire Church needing no repetition, F442:1-444:1.
Corresponds to anointing of Israel’s priests and kings, F443:1; linked with baptism into Christ, F433:2; new baptisms not to be prayed for, E214:1- 216:1; 222:1; 223:1; only three, E211:2; upon Cornelius, showing Gentiles’ accepted, E213:1-3; was of the Father and by the Son, E211:1.
Water: Accepted practice in apostles’ day, F448:1; Biblical, F446:3- 449:1; cannot affect the heart, F445:2; follows full consecration, F450:2-452:3; 455:2; form of words used, F455:1; immersion only proper, F446:3-452; is it necessary? F446:3- 450:1; only for consecrated, F450:2; 455:3; outward confession of real, F447:T; 455; repetition of, F455:3; responsibility for, but not a base for Christian fellowship, F445:2-450:1; 452:1-2; symbol of real, F435:T; 437:1; 440-441:1; 445:2; 446:3; 450:1-452:3; testimonies regarding, F452:3-454:8; when proper, F450:1; 452:1; who may administer, F454:9.
DEFINED: Immersion, anointing, E215:1; Divine institution, F431:1; properly designated an immersion, E215:1.
See Jesus, Baptism.

How called, E274:2.

Against Self: One of the chief battles, D476:1;E112:1;187:T;F405:T; 597:1.
Armageddon: Begins when Michael stands, D548:1; between truth and error, J2:1(1912); caused by selfishness, D271:1; 547:2; conditions of, unprecedented, D551-552; final conflict in Palestine,D554:2;Godon peoples’ side, J14:1 (1912); 15:2 (1912); greatest revolution world has seen, D541:1; nations gathered to, J10:2 (1912); 12:1 (1912); not until elect sealed, D548:1; Day of Vengeance, D527-561.
Great Day: Gradual stages of development, D541:2; prepares for restitution, D558:2.
Mind: Evil spirit began at Lord’s first advent, E189:2; majority of nominal Christians know little about, E193:2; of new, with, of our flesh, E200:2; F597:1; hearts of men are battleground, E189:1.
See Battles, Armageddon; Spirit, Battles.

Dragon: Represents Roman civil power, J5:3-5 (1912); 7:1 (1912).
Four (Dan. 7): Four universal empires, A256-260:1; B76:1.
Horns: Divisions in Roman Empire still existing, A259:2; divisions of power, A258:2; power, B305:2.
Image Of: False Prophet, another name for, J7:1 (1912); 10:1 (1912); power to do same thing as Papacy in past, J10:1 (1912); Protestantism; Evangelical Alliance, C119:2; J8:4- 10:1 (1912); receives life from Twohorned beast, J9:2-4 (1912); 16:T (1912); transformed from mechanism to living force, J16:T (1912).
Leopard (Rev. 13): Papal system, not individuals, B271:2-272:2; J6:1 (1912); J7:1 (1912); same as “Abomination of Desolation,” the Man of Sin, Antichrist, B271:2; three unclean spirits out of, J10:2 (1912).
Mark Of: Means more than now experienced, B259:2; none allowed to buy or sell without, J10:T (1912).
Ram And He Goat (Dan. 8): Hegoat represents Greece, little horn represents Papacy, C27:2; 31:2-3; 95:1; 97:1; ram represents Kings of Media and Persia, C97:1.
Roman (Dan. 7): Described, A258- 260:1; gradual consuming of, A259:1-260:1; little horn upon, A258:2; 259:1-260:1; B271:2; 298:2; 305:2; C68:1; 76:T-77; 95:1; Empire, fourth, C98:T.
Scarlet Colored (Rev. 17): Roman people who supported Papacy, B354:2.
Two-horned (Rev. 13): Church of England, J9:2-4 (1912); 16:T (1912).

“No, in him that we should desire him” (Isa. 53:2), E156:1-157:T; of goodness, truth and love not seen by sinful heart, E161:1; of spiritual Tabernacle seen by Church only, T127:2.
See Garments.

Creedal, two in one, D608:2-609:4.

Church: Beginning of new nature, A196:2-198:1; 226:2; birth of New Creation preceded by, F76:1; plane “M” on Chart, A227:T; 234:1; 235:2; illustrated by beginning and development of human life, A196:2-197:3; E104:3; F76:1; no longer reckoned as men, but not yet born, A226:2; not a miracle, but change of will and mind to heavenly, A202:1; not being “born again,” explained to Nicodemus, A277:2-281:1; of saints, by God, E104:3; F77:T; of saints, by Word of truth, A196:2-197; D576:T-576:1.
Jesus: Pyramid “h” on plane “M” on Chart, A230:2; entered “Holy,” T56:1.
Spirit: Antitypical Canaan reached at, F660:2; desire to work in vineyard is evidence of, C222:2; possession of holy Spirit in Millennial Age will not mean, E220:3; understanding of heavenly things only through, F729:T.
Misc.: Compared to certain insects nourished on backs of enemies, F656:T; consecration of the Priesthood, T40:T; “Holy,” condition of spirit, T19:2; 20:2-4.
See Holy Spirit, Begettal Of.

Of Creation: Logos was pre-eminent from, E87:1.
Of New Covenant: After all spirit begotten have passed into death, K5:2; cannot begin without Mediator, E455:1.
Misc.: Of selection of Little Flock was at Pentecost, E210:1; when heaven and earth created, not universe, F17:2-18:1.

Before born, A197:3; in the womb of the covenant made with Abraham, E105:T; life struggle of those, A213:2-214; New Creatures, E243:4; 328:2-3; of error and not truth in nominal church, D576:T-1; sin not, E235:1.

Consecrated: How Spirit of Christ affects, F504:2; injury of Sunday Schools to children of, F544:1-3; New Creation, F494:1; recognized on Day of Pentecost, F87:T; separate fornicator from fellowship of, F412:1; 413:T.
Unconsecrated: Can perform water baptism, F454:9; distinction between consecrated and, should be clearly defined, F683:1-2; distinction drawn in who may celebrate in symbolic feast between consecrated and, F473:T; God’s acceptance of Head and Body shown to all, in Court, T74:1; recognized Jesus’ devotion and sacrifice, T57:2; who receive favor of God in vain, F126:T.
Misc.: Christ end of Law to, F380:T- 1; guided into full reconciliation with God by holy Spirit, E163:3; 208:2.
See Justification; Marriage.

Golden, manifest fruit of sacrificial work, T30:3.

Collapse of Babylon under reign of, D24:4.

Ameliorated condition of Jews in Palestine, B218:2; beginning of favor returning to Israel, B228:2; C260:3- 261; England assumed protectorate over Palestine in 1878, B218:2; Lord Beaconsfield was the central figure at, B218:2.

French General who carried Pope to France as prisoner in 1798, C42:1.

Filled with the Spirit of God when he worked on Tabernacle, E175:2.

Authorship: Of God, its Author and Preserver, A38:1; character and inspiration of prophets, A54:1-56:1; Divine, A63:1; first five books by Moses, A43:2; motives of writers, A39:2; 56:1; not written by knavish priests or designing men, A49:2; 53:2.
Bible Societies: Mark of “The Time of the End,” C50:2; Papal bull against, B321:3-4.
Enemies Of: Antichrist, B322:4; burned by order of government in Spain, B352:5-6; Council of Trent decreed against private interpretation of, B321:2; ignored and suppressed by Papacy, A23:T-1; D306:2; Index Expurgatoris, against reading of, B320:2-3; misrepresent by human traditions, A24:2; 37:1; proscribed by Antichrist, B319:1-322.
Harmonious: Harmony and contrast of first and last three chapters, A56:2; reasonable, A62:2; reveals one, plan, A11:1; 56:2-60:2; with book of nature, A163:2.
Influence: For good and liberty, A37:1; 38:2; D306:1-2; greatest of all levelers and equalizers, C51:T; in India, D210:3; 212:2; is in harmony with God’s character, E188:1; one can have knowledge of, without Spirit of truth, E205:2; should lead to freedom, C144:2; Spirit of truth from, E204:3.
MSS: 700 now available, E58:8; Sinaitic and Vatican No. 1209, E59:T; spurious passages properly rejected, A288:F.
Study: And public speaking, F249:3; commentaries, use and misuse of, F59-60; concordances and translations provided by Lord, C124:1; concordances valuable, E334:1; helps now abundantly available, B257:3; is more beneficial than preaching, F249:3; must be carefully studied, A38:2; student of, belongs outside human bondage, C145:T; symbolized as trimming lamp, C92:3; true teachers of, not in sects, C144:2.
Teachings: Confusion on, from creeds, A24:2; 349:1; E61-66; creation account reasonable, A44:1; credibility of historic portions of, A40:1-41:3.
DOES NOT TEACH: Communism, D478:3; Evolution, A31:1; 161:3- 171:3; E21:1; 23:1-2; particularize beyond the Millennium, A73:2; Trinity, E59:1.
Great storehouse of truth, A24:2; guarded by God against errors, B53:1; guards very elect against Evolution, E22:T; history and prophecy of, afford panoramic view, B38:T; necessity for indelicate details, A42:1-43:1; Jesus pointed to throughout, A39:1; not understood by man or Satan, but through holy Spirit, D611:3; “old fiddle” proverb, A24:2; ransom is the key, K1:3-4; record extends to first year of Cyrus, B38:T; reveals cause of evil and its remedy, A57:1-2; to discredit part is to discredit whole, A60:2-61; uniqueteachingof resurrection, A60:1.
Translations Of:
CONDEMNED: Luther’s, by Leo X, B319:3; Wycliffe’s and Tyndale’s, by Pope Gregory, B319:3; confused by false teachings, E65:F; 66:F; 170-172; 333:2; 354:3; 381:2.
Dead languages, B319:2; D63:1; Hebrew, why reliable, B39:1; punctuation not inspired, F669:2-8; translated in over 300 languages and dialects, D210:T; truth hidden by Satan, E61- 62:1.
VERSION: Common, errors of, E65:F; English Common, and American Revised, by Trinitarians, E168:2; 263:1; Common, or King James’, prepared in 1611, E58:8; Leeser’s, E66:F; Reims-Douay, approved Papal persecutions, B320:1; Septuagint, B39:1.
Misc.: Characters are not all typical, B174:T; is corroborated by Darwin’s breeding of pigeons, F22:2; means by which the holy Spirit witnesses with our spirits, E230:1-2; New and Old Testaments are Lord’s two witnesses, C122:2; opening books of, soon to be completed, C302:3; pictured as river, C229:2; should not be studied in the public schools, F542:1- 543:1; witness to all the world, C50:2.

Contended for ecclesiastical pre-eminence, B292:T; expected to be worshiped as representatives of dead saints, B294:1; means overseer, F244-245:2; 251:1; 282:3; of Rome gains chief-magistracy in 334 A.D., B294:T; Paul of Samosata extorted frequent contributions from opulent, B292:1; urge violence in contrast to heathen orators, B331:2.

Meaning: With reference to Antichrist, B305:3-306:1.
Of God: And Church by Papacy, B306:1-2; attributing to God that which is contrary to his nature, B306:T; by Christendom among heathen, D71:1; is forgiven, E270:5- 271:1.

Channel Of: All, are of the Father and by the Son, E45:T; holy Spirit, E32:3; 268:T.
Church: Flow to Royal Priests’ neighbors in this life, T82:1; should ask for the Spirit of holiness as the great supreme, E223:T; through, A87:T.
Israel: First of restitution class blessed, C299:1; in Jewish Age, A71:3; in Jewish Age, child inherited from its father according to the favor of its mother, E105:1; instruments for world, C299:1; T34:1.
Spiritual: Not comprehensible, F693:2; not tangible to earthly senses, F143:1; perceived by faith, how typified in Tabernacle, F143:1.
Temporal: Attitude of Lord and Apostles, F650-654; Church not to think of and pray for, E223:T.
World: After Church completed, T38:1; 47:3; 82:1; already experiencing Seventh Day, foregleams of much greater, H2:2-3; bought by Christ for world by his sacrifice, E221:2; includes those in graves, A99:1; for, very great, A88:T; Millennial, conditional, A107:2; not only for Church, A113:3; Royal Priesthood to, the world, E476:3; under terms of New Covenant, E456:1.
Misc.: David’s foreview of Valley of, D652:1-653:3; of Lord invoked in battle but not counted on, D547:2; promised to Abraham implied life from the dead, E22:2.
See Holy Spirit, Pentecostal Blessing.

Of Israel: And other nations under god of this world, D567:3; chief priests, doctors of divinity, leaders of, B237:1; curse of, invoked on themselves (Mat. 27:25), D571:2; Israel to be saved from (Rom. 11:26), E469:3; removed, B77:5; 226:1; D555:1; 651:2.
Of World: From Satan to be removed by Church, E19:2; God wills men to be saved from ignorance, degradation and, E469:T; 470:T; releasing from, work of Millennial Kingdom, E470:T; to the Atonement a deception by “god of this world,” E19:3.

Mercy Seat: Bullock’s, sprinkled seven times on, T61:2; sprinkling of, in design of cross, T63:2.
Of Bullock: And Lord’s goat, makes full satisfaction of Justice, T68:T; 126:2; applied to horns and poured at base of Altar, T42:T; sprinkled on and before Mercy Seat, T59:T; 125:2-3; sprinkled on ground represented the redeeming of earth, E443:1-2.
Of Bulls and Goats: Could not pay ransom-price for human race, E424:2; types of better sacrifices, E443:T.
Of Christ Jesus: Cleansing power of, E445:1; faith in efficacy of, waning in sects, D33:2-3; justification by faith is by, E444:2; 461:T; not literal, spilled but death, was necessary for ransom, E443:1.
OF NEW COVENANT: E455:1; in which his members share, T33:2.
Price of redemption, E432:2; T59:T.
PURCHASED: For Church, liberty from sin, E432:2; mankind, E18:T; 419:1; 447:4.
Represented in cup, F465:3; secured release from death and sin, E446:3.
Of Lord’s Goat: Brought within the veil, T61:2; 66:3; presented when body of Christ complete, T63:1; sprinkled on and before Mercy Seat, T61:2; 67:2; 125:2-3; was for people, T67:3.
Of Ram: For burnt offering sprinkled upon the Brazen Altar, T42:2; 80:3; of Consecration, put on tip of right thumb, right toe and the right ear, T45:1.
Of Red Heifer: Sprinkled seven times toward Tabernacle, T105:1.
Shedding Of: God’s Law says no remission of sin without, E442:2; represents sacrificial death, E443:T.
Misc.: Anointing oil mingled with, F131:1; T46:4; of Atonement typified, A297:2; righteous, from Abel to Zacharias (Mat. 23:35), D47.
See Atonement.

Out of evil gradual, A67:4; though past sins, out, present imperfection would render guilty of death, E471:1.

Represents ability faithfully to maintain righteous character, T34:2; scarlet, and purple of Ephod, T34:2; upper robe of, represents faithfulness of High Priest, T30:3.

Human: At home in, contented with present conditions, F674:2-3; does not die, but loses life, E341:1; illustrates Church controlled by Head, F73:2; is not the soul, E338:10; not restored in resurrection, but new given, E343:1-4; 349:2-350:1; 377:5- 6; returns to dust, spirit to God, E315:5; speaks marvelous skill of Intelligent Creator, A32:1.
Misc.: Sound mind depends on sound, E252:1; “spirit is life” (Rom.
8:10) applies only to, of Church, E305; to every seed his own, F706:1; two kinds of, spiritual and human, A181:1; “vile,”mistranslated, F728:T.
See Christ; Jesus; Man, Body Of; Soul.

Barbaric slavery versus civilized, D370-372; degrees of, among sects of Babylon, C184:1; God purposed to deliver out of, E425:1; reason why Christian people feel need to “belong” to sect or organization, C186:1; scape-goat class subject to, of fear of men, T70:1; spirit of, is spirit of adversary, E198:3.

As good as silver and gold in Time of Trouble, D329:T.

Under-priests’, indicates woman’s head should be covered, T36:3.

Holy of Holies represents those, in the First Resurrection, T19:2; in the First Resurrection, E181:T; F76:1; Nicodemus’ question, A277:1-281:1; F76:1; regeneration for world will mean, from the dead, E142:T; resurrection of New Creature, A197:2-3; “Ye must be,” F76:1.
See Begettal; Begotten.

And lending, F564:1; 567:2-568:1; 569-570:2.

Damnable heresies denying the Lord that, them, E447:2; Jesus, Adam and family by substituting his perfection for Adam’s, E481:2; Jesus, human family from God, hence owner, E447:3-4; 457:1-458:2; 470:1; with a price, E446:4; 447:1.

And “cast into outer darkness,” responsibility and penalty, C203:2.
See Satan, Binding Of.

Capital of Edom, signifies “sheepfold,” and represents ecclesiasticism, D17:1.

Convolutions of, duplicated in resurrection, E330:T; of Christian does not undergo a reversal, E253:T.

Jesus was offspring and branch of David through Mary, E136:T.
See Jesus.

Of True Vine: Church became, E140:1; unfaithful can be cut off, E231:T.

Breaking Of, In Early Church:
Love-feasts, not same as the Lord’s supper, F384:1; 472:T-1; weekly celebration commemorative of resurrection, F471:2-472:1.
Represents: Leavened, corruption of human theory, blight, ambitions, selfishness, F464:T; leavened, imperfection, T98:3; Lord’s sacrificed broken body, F465:2-3; manna, living, T122:4; “of presence,” spiritual food, T21:T.
TRUTH: In Holy, T57:1; “of life,” E386:2.
Unleavened cake, actual purity of Jesus as man and imputed purity of church as men, T46:2.
Misc.: And water sure, A338:2; “Table of Shew-bread,” T16:1; 22:1; and wine, Mass, claims changed into actual flesh of Christ, C99-103.

Description of, T35; “of Judgment” represents the Law, T34:3-36:1; “of Righteousness,” F657:4; shows the Law added to the Abrahamic Covenant, T34:3; twelve jewels represent true Israel, Little Flock, T36:1.

Of Life: A principle or power, E341:1; common to all God’s creatures, not exclusive to man, E310:1; 314:2-317:9; 319:6,7; 327:2; 388:4; does not die as it never had sentient being, E341:2; in death returns to God, E315:5; 344:1; invisible power by which man lives, E173:2; meaning, E308-310:1; more than merely breath, E309:1; not immortality, E319:4-7; spark God first enkindled in Adam, E314:1-2; spark of life received from fathers, E308:1-309:1.
Misc.: Of lives, E316:2-317; 319:4-7.

Duty Toward: Communion with on Sunday, F389:1; disputes between, how treated, F413:2-3; how weak, supported, F305:2; must not be ashamed of, E237:1; opportunities to meet with, F309:1-310:1; promiscuous association not implied, F489:2- 490:2; proper attitude toward each other, D476:3; to judge, F412:1- 414:1.
In Christ: Consecrated, A198:2- 200:T; one Lord, all others, F229:3- 232:1; only ones who have escaped condemnation of world, E108:2; only those “in Christ” are our, D242:1; those called begotten, E144:1-2; 145:3; 456:1; true Church, D242:1; E108:2-109; 456:1; who are called, A199:T-1; 237:T.
Love For: Laying down lives for, F442:1; 467-469:1; 633:1; measures love for Lord, F468:T; third quartermark, test of relationship to Lord, F188:1; 190:2; 371:T; 373:1; 601:T.
Unruly: Disfellowship of, F302-303; 412-416; how dealt with, F297:2- 299; publicly rebuked, how, when, F301:1.
Misc.: Must stand separate from kingdoms of this world, E115:T; Satan’s temptation that all men are, E116:T-1; some religious people, in justification but not, in Christ, T117:1; temptations to, like those to Jesus, E117:1; who mistakenly impose themselves, F571:1; who receive grace “in vain,” class “p” on Chart, A236:1.
See Church; Christians.

Of Christ: Figure based on Jewish marriage arrangement, F74:1; contrasted with Great Company, A235:2; espoused as Jewish custom of marriage, F74:1; judged by Christ now, E457:2; marriage of, A240:1; not of man but of glorified Christ Jesus, T102:1; second Eve, A98:1; selection of since Pentecost, E395:2-3; standing with Father only through her Bridegroom, E458:T; typified by Rebekah, F170:1; 363:T.
Virgins: Attitude proper for wise, C191:2-192:1; many members, represented in “wise virgins,” C191:2; F75:1; in purity with consuming devotion, C209:2-210:1.
Misc.: Name, “The Ecclesia of Christ,” F80:2; overcomes influences of present evil world, A93:1; F608:2; real seed of Abraham, F177:1; resurrection to immortality, A211:1; E395:4.

And Bride: Christ and Church, F74:1.
Misc.: Behold the, message separating virgin class, C192:2-3; Jesus presented himself as, B239:T; secret presence known only among saints, C192:3; wise virgins go forth to meet, C191:T.

Fire and, symbols of trouble and destruction, A318:1; D540:3.
See Fire.

Adam and race on downward path, A205:4; all Adam’s posterity born on, plane “R” on Chart, A224:3; discussion of, A205-207; 218:1; way of escape provided by Christ, A206:1-2.

Consecration Of Priesthood:
Burned without the Camp, vile in world’s eyes, T42:1; hands of Aaron and sons upon, represents their human nature, T41:2-3; Moses, representing “the Law,” slew, T41:3.
Sin-Offering: Acceptance of, represented by ram for burnt offering, T73:3; blood sprinkled on “Mercy Seat,” T61:2; flesh burned “outside the Camp,” T57:3-58:1; for Aaron (his Body) and his house (believers– Levites), T55:2; life-producing organs burned on Brazen Altar, T57:1-2; 58:1; perfect man Jesus at thirty years of age, T51:2-52:1; 54:3; slaying of in Court, T54:1-3.
Misc.: And ram for peace offering for people, T81:3; perfect sacrifices of perfect men in Millennium, T96:1.

Cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet string cast upon, heifer, T109:1; earth in 24 hours does not fit with prophecies, B32:1; heifer witnessed by a priest, T109:1; incense represents yielding all in obedience, T56:2; sacrifices represents steady continuous submission to fiery ordeal, T71:T.

Atonement Day: Burned in Court representing God’s acceptance in sight of all believers, T74:1; pieces laid to head shows one sacrifice, T73:2; two rams show oneness of the sacrifices, T73:1.
Consecration Of Priesthood: Ram, killed and washed; head and fat burned, T42:2.
Lev. 9: Fire consumed, T89:2; ram has same significance as Atonement Day, T80:3-81:2.
People’s: A thankful prayer and acknowledgment of the broken body of The Christ, T97:2; law of, T97:1; of the future represent believing world’s consecrations, T96:T.

Conscientious meddling, F583- 586:T; gossiping in others’ affairs, F408:1; lack of love and grace of God in heart, F408:1; suffering from, distinguished from righteousness’ sake, F634:T; what is, F583-585.

Reign of Augustus and Tiberius, B58:3-60:2; C28:3-31:2.

Modern view of, D466:3.

General: Ceased in 1881, B235:1; C217:2-219:2; 365:2-366:1; 367:1; F95:1-2; close of, does not exclude from high calling, C219:2; F95:1; selection conditional, A195:1-2.
Gospel Age:
CLOSE OF: F94:2-95:1; does not exclude from high calling, C221:3- 222; 367:1-F; when, lower call follows, C218:2.
Selecting the “Body of Christ,” E457; symbolized in Pyramid, C308:2; 332:T; 368:1; those called during, are accepted as sons of God, E456:1.
High: A little handful of the redeemed race, E456:1; difference between calling men to repentance and, F87:T; elect called of God, A194-195:1; E487:3,4; exclusiveness and conditions of, E395:2; F86:3- 87:2; 90:2; for a limited time and positive number, F94:1-95:1; how God calls, F96:1-162:T; in one hope of, F93:T; 125:1; 140:1; 153:3-154:T; only called ones will be Royal Priesthood, E489:1; only one during Gospel Age, C367:1; F92:3-93:1; to holiness, glory, honor and immortality through trial and testing, F90:2- 92:2; why few noble, F88:1-90:1.
Israel’s: Not to “heavenly calling,” F85:1; preparatory for remnant to profit by high calling, F85:1; 86:T.
Misc.: According to purpose, F181:1- 183:T; Christ worketh now on behalf of, E395:2; Divine nature and restitu tion first distinguished 1881, C367:1; eleventh hour, beginning, C223:2; four, in parable of laborers, C223:2; mistaken to preach and selfish ambition, F294:3-297:1; none to Great Company, F93:1; Paul’s, to the ministry, E275:1; some, rejected in 1881, F95:1; special ability to be recognized as special, E274:2; to Law, C368:3; whom He did predestinate, F182:1.

And Reformation, C110:3; 112:3.

Reform work of, C114:2.

Antitypical, reached when receive Spirit of adoption, F660:2; covenant made with Abraham after entering, B45:T-47:1; desolation of land completed when, B51:1; 52:1; 80:T; division of land of, B47:3; Israel heirs of promise when Abraham entered, B47:1; promised Abraham as future possession, C265:1; restoration of Israel to, C243-249; used, not owned by Patriarchs, D427:2.

Deluges of descending “rings,” F23:1-24:1; Ice Age or Glacial Period of geologists, F25:3; last ring, which created hot-house condition, broke in deluge of Noah’s day, F24:2-25:1; rapid changes in temperature confirmed by frozen mastodons, F25:1- 25:3; Vail’s observations on frozen mammoth, F28:3-29:2.

More guilty than Sodom, A110:T-2; thrust down to hell (hades), E376:1-2.

Effects: Furthers progress, D418:4- 419:2; in relation to laborer, A326:1- 329:T; D330:2; 420:2; 421:2-422:1; 425-428; 465; James on, A313-315; of making capital unprofitable, D330:1; Time of Trouble, A335:2; D358:2; 518:1; various views on, D418:2; 420:2; 429-432:1; 445:2; warning on, D58:2-3; 59:4-5.
Governed By: Law of Supply and Demand, D330:2; selfishness, A332:1; D352:2; 421:1; 432:3; 460:2; 486:3-487:1.
Misc.: Expansion into Japan and China, D330:1-340:T; gold standard and, D334:3; 335:2; 337:2-3; machinery has served, D330:3; motivation for expansion, D330:4-331:1; 353:T-355:4; remedy, none except God’s government, A333:1; D414:1; 420:1; 423:1-425:T; 432:3; 517:3; remedy is not Socialism, D60:1; 465:4-466:2; 486:3; Socialism is a foe to, D358:4; 485:4-486:2; struggle pictured by artist, D332:1; tactics of, from “The Coming Nation,” D380:2.

Two remarkable types of impending, D529-541.

Teaches doctrine of Trinity, E165:2.

And Protestantism keep identity in union, D258:2; Armenian, practices, D232:T; contrasted attitudes of heathenism, Protestant Christianity and, D204:3-206:T.
See Papacy.

And rocks of society, B139:1; D45:1; 148:3.

Advantageous to New Creation, F509-512.

19th, religious progress claimed, D204:2; 20th, full of terrors, D167:1.

Summary to Parliament of Religions, D234:5-6.

Of Jewish Harvest is refuse of Israel, B233:2; tares parallel, C135:1; 148- 149:2.

Of Nature: Logos’, to human nature was a continuous existence, E90:2; from fleshly earthly to heavenly spiritual, F223:1; transformation of, A198:3.
Misc.: In a moment, instantaneous, A200:1; C232:2-233:1; 238:T; 240:T; F662:2-663:1; 723:1-724:2; in midst of whirlwind, C225:1; one by one, C237:3; 241:2.

Development: Parallels emperor moth’s struggle, F192:2-3; sons of God must cooperate with God in, E233:2; through struggle, F192:2-3.
Of Church: Christian graces alone insufficient, B28:2; New Creatures to be rounded, F319:1; required in overcomers, F247:1; Spirit of sound mind deepens, E260:1-261:1; symbolized by precious stones, A240:1; 321:T.
Of God: Blasphemed by edicts issued in His name, B306:1; greater appreciation of, by permission of sin, E412:1; misrepresented by Satan, E18:3.
Of World: Coming forth from tomb imperfect, implies imperfect organism, F713:1-715:2; each member either building or destroying, for Millennium, F130:T.
Transformation: By good resolutions, F337:1; means provided for, E256:T; 260:2-261:T; turn from sin to righteousness, A198:3.
Misc.: Perfect organism indicates perfect, F713:1; revealed in Day of Lord, A321:T.

Typify worldly organizations, C316:2.

From an open letter to the Pope: Of Employer to Laborer, D502:3-503; relationship to justice, D502:3-504:2.
Misc.: Of rich, D300:1-301:2; 502:4- 505:6.

Of Ages: Explained, A219:2-244:1; Tabernacle teaches same lessons as, A244:1.
Misc.: ShowsLord’s presence, C93:T.

Can sometimes be test of love and devotion, E234:1; not always punishment for faults, E234:1; sons of God have, E233:1-2; those who judge themselves need less, from Lord, E233:3; witness of Spirit, E231:T.

Bearing: Borne by mother, but are from or of the father, E99:3; Spirit of sound mind in, E262:2.

Duty Of Parents/To Parents:
Development of, F527:1; 549:1; duty towards parents, F536:2; health, F559:1-562:2; home atmosphere, F529:1-530:2; prenatal influences, E102:3; F519:2-520:1; 522:2; 531:1; privacy and individuality to be respected, F585:T; recreation, F539:2-540:1; 556:2.
Of Christ: Ancient Worthies, E144:2; those formerly the Fathers will be children, E142:2; world of mankind, A129:1; E105:3; 145:1-2; 456:1-458:1.
Of Consecrated: Advantaged, F531:1; encouraged to pray, F684:2; tentatively justified, F531:1-532:2; 684:2.
Of God: Ambitions and aims of, E257:1-258:1; only those in Christ, D242:1; E143:2-146:1; F400:2; persecuted by Papacy, B328:4-353; persecution will come chiefly from those who profess to be, E236:T.
Training: Discipline and, of, by law of love, F524:1-530:2; 553:1; 560:T; education and college, F537:1- 539:1; 577:2-578:1; influence of power of suggestion in, F549:1- 554:1; mind of, F541:1-543:1; 559:2; nominal church Sunday School a disadvantage to, F544:1-547:1; play should not waste time, but be a change of occupation, F539:2-540:2; 556:2; proper, best protection in Time of Trouble, F554:2-556:1; proper governing, teaching, F525:1; 535:2; religious instruction of by parent, not public school, F529:2; 542:1-547:1; “wild,” by neglect and guiding principles for duty towards, F528:2; 534:1- 536:2.
Misc.: Confidence of, in parents, F547:2-548:2; in Jewish Age, inherited blessings from father according to the favor of its mother, E105:1; marriage of grown, F557:1-558:2; teeth set on edge, E331:2; woe to them with, D569:2.
See Parents.

And Christianity: Before Christianity, comparatively peaceful, D122:T; criticism of Christianity, D206:2; 253:1-256:T; eternal torment doctrine taught in, D108:2; missionary summary at Parliament of Religions, D235:1-2; opium forced upon, by Christendom, C175:4; D206:2; 255:1.
Misc.: Awakening to western civilization, D330:4; 332:2-338:T; cotton producing country, D333:1; development of industries in, D332:2-334; 348:2; effect of demonetization of silver on, D334:3-335:2; millionaires in, D282:3; more wickedness in New York than, D254:1-2; population regarding war, D122:T; war between Japan and, D121:1; 329:T; 333:2-3.

As Ransom: Bought blessings of Millennium for world by his sacrifice, E221:2; bought mankind to set them at liberty from sin, E135:2; for Adam, E385:1-2; 422:2; 453:T; God required and accepted, E450:1; man Christ Jesus can never live again, E454:1; was purchase price for human race, E135:1.
See Ransom.
Blood Of: Consecrated are unconditionally justified through, E434:3; faith in, provides propitiation, satisfaction, E461:T; justification by faith is by, E444:2; purchased Church from tomb, E432:2; purchased for Church liberty from sin, E432:2.
See Blood.
Body Of Christ And Church, Fleshly:
BULLOCK: Burned without Camp, T42:1; 57:3; represents, T41:3; 55:2.
Burnt offering shows acceptance of, T74:1; energized, quickened, F486:2- 487:1; Jesus made unto us wisdom, justification, righteousness, sanctification, redemption, E435:1; F96-162; if flesh retained after exalted, heaven an awful spectacle, B132:1.
NEW CREATURE: Duty and responsibility to, F634:2-637:1; house of, F675:2; in flesh, F467:1; in human body now, will have new body if faithful, E196:T.
Only those who suffer with, will participate in at-one-ment work, E456:1; 490:3; possibly preserved as was incorruptible manna, B130:T; reckoned dead, E117:2; 199:2; 289:1; sacrifice of, in Court and without the Camp, T57:3; 62:2; selected during the Gospel Age, D629:2-631:1; E457:1; subject to new mind, F90:2- 91:1; 108:2.
Body Of Christ And Church, Spiritual: Aaron represented antitypical Head, T29:1; 36:2; 38:1; 49:2; 51:1; Aaron’s rod represents elect character of, T122:2.
AS: God’s General in Time of Trouble, A307:2; king and judge, D633:3-634:1; Vice-gerent of God, D642:4.
Complete, not one member too many, T126:4-127:1; constitute promised “Seed,” A82:1; elect Church, E281:2, 358:2; 456:1; glorious when clothed with heavenly, A201:3; harmony and cooperation of members, F73:2; 236:1; 239:1; 259:2-3; head of Church, B202; 255:1; E457:1; F179:1; 180:2; 264:3; 270:2; 400:2; incomprehensible, F693:2; not flesh and blood or bones, A182:T; B128:2- 129:2; one, many members, A82:1; F236:1; 239:1; priests passing under veil, T22:3; 67:T; promised Divine nature, T66:2; resurrection inheritance, F693:1-694; supervising Head of Body, F400:1-402:1; under-priests (Church), who wore bonnets, T36:3; work of life-giving to world deferred until, completed, E144:2.
Everlasting Father: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the prophets will receive life from Christ, E143:T; applies to Christ at his second advent, E141:3; from whom only the world can receive everlasting life, E105:3; 143:T; he is owner and master of the race in the eyes of Divine Justice, E135:2; since our Lord purchased the world he has become its Life-giver, E141:4; the Christ, Head and Body, E142:2; this office not yet fulfilled, E457:1; will be father of all of Adam’s race who accept terms of New Covenant, E144:3.
Joint-Heirship With: For thosewho suffer with Christ, E456:1; promise of the Gospel Age, E220:3.
See Mediator.
Mercy: No, for sinners except in and through, E472:2; those who reject Divine, in Christ will die the Second Death, E468:2.
Merit: Perfection of, imputed to Church, E445:2; purchased possession of mankind in general and the Church in particular, E436:1; redemption in, is the means of justification, E461:T; sanctification comes from, E242:T; will be man’s covering while attaining perfection, E479:1; will not be transferred to Divine Justice until Church is complete, K4:1.
Sacrifice Of: Our hope centered in, E464:T; purchased earth with shed blood, E443:2; sacrificial death of Church reckoned part of, E410:2; seals the New Covenant and makes it operative, E28:T; 426:1; 455:1.
See Second Advent.
Suffering: A measure of faithfulness to our ministry as ambassadors, E490:3; every priest who fails to suffer for Christ’s sake is unfaithful as an ambassador of the New Covenant, E490:3; in Gospel Age to be jointheirs in Millennial work, E456:1; 490:3.
The Glorified: Restitution to be accomplished by, E221:2; 419:3; risen Christ was “Lord of all,” E135:1; antitype of Moses, E474:1; with Church will be Royal Priesthood, E19:2.
Work Of, In Millennial Age: All things in heaven and earth, A288:2; first, will be to bind Satan, E20:T; 470:T; God’s plan will be fully accomplished through, E222:T; Kingdom work of, D617:3; 635:2; Lifegiver, E144:2; 218:1; 457:1; prophet, priest, king, D630:2-631; 633:3- 634:1; 636:3-637:T; E470:1; Servant of Covenant, D636:3; E59:1; shine as sun, A292:1; shown in figure of a man, B255:1; to regenerate all the willing and obedient, E140:2.
See Jesus; Kingdom.
Misc.: Abiding in, F119:3; all who are sanctified are New Creatures in, E243:4; ambassadors for, E488:4- 490; assuming authority, various figures, B147; converter of Israel, B210:1; house of Sons unknown until, redeemed world, E177:1; is not Jehovah, E44:3; man symbolizes, in Divine order, F264:2-3; 270:1; Moses a type of, D629:2; necessity of his resurrection as well as his death, F695:1-697:1; our love for, E35:1; our trespasses imputed unto, E444:2; 461:1; personified as Wisdom, D637:1; prophecy of Psa. 2:12 partially fulfilled upon, B263:1; sealing of holy Spirit is from the Father and through, E246:4; true ruler of the air, C238:1.
See Reign, of Christ.

Error: Abomination of Mass regarding fall of, D572:2; creeds of, criticized by heathen, D253-257; developed by, C164; distorted God’s plan and character, D159:2; has failed to understand law of New Creation, its liberties and symbols, F385:1; laws of, not divinely arranged, D428:1; not God’s Kingdom, B80:1; C115:3; 153:2; D14:4; 515:2; perplexed by doctrine of Trinity, E54:1; taught doctrines of men, D159:1.
Judgment Of: Arraigned, D119- 123:1; day of reckoning here for, D161:2; greater than fleshly Israel, D529:2; weighed in balance socially, D96:4-101:6.
Punishment: Destruction of, C231:3; D120:1-123:1; 238:2-239:3; 241:5; Disraeli foresaw collapse of, D113:3; greater than heathen, D27:3; 44:1; 70:2-71:1; Lord’s Great Army is against, D545:1; rejection of, C150:2- 151:2; 152:2; 154:2; 179:1; Satan’s work, C238:1; to reap her sowing, D158:1; unbelief followed, after fall from favor, C167:2-3.
Sins Of: Evil triumvirate in, D308:T; liquor traffic in, D470:1-471:1; influence injurious, C254:1; influence on heathen, C173-178:2; D71:1-72:2; 255; permitted the Armenian slaughter, D89:1; selfishness controlling principle of, D307:2; 310:2-311:2; “worst of heathen” in, D550:2.
Truth: Fallen away from, of ransom doctrine, C150:2-151:2; 154:2; 179:1; D216:4; 591:3; light no longer stored in, C151:2-152; 154:2; to be suppressed by, C231:2-3.
Typified By: Babylon, D26:1-27:1; 36:1; 266:4; Chaldea, D39:2; Israel, B203:2-208; D16:1; F197:1; Judaism, C152:2-153; Judea, D573:1; Sodom, D607:4; wrath upon Israel, A315:1; F445:1.
Misc.: And Bible Christianity distinct, D241:3; 251:1; costly gifts to Pope from, D131:3; criticized by Buddhist, D221:1; demonetization of silver in, D393:2-394; 471:2; development of, A268; B277-279; education and wealth, effect of in, D516:2; estimated number, C136:2; ignored by God, F205:1; most discontented of earth, D305:2; nominal people of God, D16:1; Papacy formerly “tyrant” to, D131:3; powers of, futile against anarchy, D552:T; results of liberty in, D307:1-2; 526:1; Satan’s work, B302:2; C238:1.
See Babylon.

Church: Garner of Jewish Harvest, B233:2; organized by Alexander Campbell, C114:2; reforms of, C114:2; reproving part of mission, E294:2.
Nominal: Blinded to truth by prejudice, D163:2; consecrated to various ideals, E193:2; cooperation with gross darkness of Heathenism (1893), D206-210; destroyed before Kingdom established, C148:1; endeavor rebuked, D262:6-264:2; errors of, C114:2; false conception of Divine Laws, truths, why, F385; how illustrated, C160-161; inconsistencies criticized by heathen, D210:2; rejection of, C150:2-152.
Obedience By: Need no state regulations or Sunday laws, D105:5; step of, must follow each step of knowledge, E239:2; to Gentile kingdoms, B80:2.
Misc.: Dual beings, E199:2; harm humanity, says Armenian Catholic, D226:3; hastened abolition of slavery, D370:2; heart must be filled with love, E198:1; Heathen vs., C146-148; D515:4-516; Hebrew movement, B233; 235; term lost much of original meaning, F494:1; true, C146-148.
See New Creature/Creation; Nominal, Christians.

Nominal: Charges against defended, D206:2; comparative peace in China and Japan before, D122:T; compromising spirit of Protestant, D233-237; contrasting attitudes of Catholicism, Heathenismand Protestantism, D204- 206; 255:1; criticisms of, D205-207; failure of claim “to convert world,” D167:1; heathenism increasing more than, why, D246:T; ineffectiveness of, admitted, D204:1; no systematic presentation of, at Parliament of Religions, D188:T; of Christendom and Bible distinct, D241:3; prominent by 90 A.D., E285:2; ritualism of, beginning, B286-287:1; sacrifice principle and name of “world religion,” D186:T; suspicion of instrument of depredation in Japan, D218:2; the attitude of, toward other religions, D194-198; the real position of Japan toward, D217-223.

Probable: Origin, B61:1; time of Mary’s conception, B61:1.

Bible: Accurate, B54:1; alone has account of first 3,000 years, B37:3; broken links supplied in New Testament, B42:3; 44:2-47:2; 49:1, 3; 230:3-231; condensed, B42:2; difference between Usher’s and, B51:4- 54:1; harmonized, C127-128:1; harmonizes prophecies of Kingdom, B41:2; hidden until due, B49:3; 54:1; Israel’s national life, how length calculated, B230:3-231; not affected by Jesus’ birth date, B54:2-55:1; only complete years counted, B48:F; only to where secular history reliable, B37:3; 51:1; 54:1; used in STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES, B54:1.
Double: Of Israel, B213-215:T; 217:2-222:1; 225:2-227; 230:3-232; C151:1.
Errors: 4th year of Solomon’s reign, B52:5; Josephus on Herod’s reign, B55:2-57.
From Adam’s Creation To: Beginning of Christian era, B51:3; 1873, B33:1; 39:2; 51:3; 54:2-55:1; end of Flood, B43:2.
From Covenant With Abraham To Giving Of Law: B44:3-47:2; 230:3- 231.
From Desolation Of Land To 1 A.D.: B51:1-2; 52:1; 54:2-61:1.
From Exodus To Division Of Land: B47:3-48.
From Flood To Covenant With Abraham: B44:1.
From Jacob’s Death To Exodus: B230:3-231:3.
From Restoration Of Israel To 1 A.D. Established By Ptolemy’s Canon: B51:2.
Jubilees: Table of typical Jubilees, B185-186; B195; cycles, dates (1872- 1874) harmonized with Bible, C127- 128:1.
Period Of: Judges, Kings, and Desolation of Land, B49-54:1.
Pyramid: Confirms Bible chronology, C338:1; 362-373.
Misc.: Rule for reckoning beginning of two events occurring at different times, C83:1; why study necessary, B33:2.

At Pentecost:
GIVEN: Holy Spirit, E212:1-2; Spirit of truth, E189:2.
Christ: Is head of, K3:1; not the father of, E143:2.
Completion Of, Before: Life given to world, E144:2; mankind drawn, E414:2; merit of ransom released for mankind, K4:2; Millennial Kingdom will begin for earth, K4:1.
Dark Night: After door shut some may remain into, C212:1; completed before, C210:2.
Early: Effect of error as to mission of, A286-287; falling away of, B283:3-5; C37:1; organization of, F202:3; 245:1; 312-314; simplicity of, in first and second centuries, B284:2-285:1; viewed as fanatics, B285:T; “Woman” of Rev. 12:1, D591:T.
Future Work: Joint-heirs with Christ in honors of Kingdom, E137:2; judgment of world, E471:T; 479:2; remove Satan’s blindness from mankind in Millennium, E19:2; regenerate the willing and obedient, E140:2; Royal Priesthood, E19:2; with Jesus, constitutes priest to restore mankind, E217:4; 457:1; 471:T; 473:1.
Gifts: Of prophecy were operative in Paul’s day, E275:T; of prophets, E283:2.
Holy Spirit: Becomes members of spiritual family by begettal of, K5:2; begotten by the Heavenly Father, E143:1; guided by, into understanding Scriptures, E164:T; 184:T; K2:T; manifestation of holy Spirit upon, unique, E176:2; promised Comforter sent to the Church, E266:2-3; received, by measure, E185:T; receives same as world in next age, but with different results, E220:1; still guided by same as in the past, E208:1.
See Holy Spirit.
Justification: Application of ransomprice needed for, E442:1; Christ’s perfection imputed to, E446:T; delivered from Divine curse by, E436:T; receives God’s mercy through Jesus for sins not wilful, E461:T.
See Justification.
Nominal: Blindly stumbling, C277:4; 279:4; corruption began in second century, B283:3; 285:1; dabbles in politics with evil results, A268-269; deceptive powerful adversary of New Creation, F654:1-656:2; decrease of conversions in, D245:3- 4; defends wealth against labor, D297:4; does not answer to social ills, D515:2; each claims to be true, D159:2; falling away in, B283:2- 287:1; falling back in defeat, D245:3- 4; favor wealthy over workingmen, D298:T; majority not spirit begotten, D577:1; neglected truth, brought evil results, A22:2-24; not authorized nor organized by God, F655:2; not light of world, F655:T; own magnificent buildings, D162-163; poverty festers under, D504:5; Protestant imitated example of Church of Rome, D31:1; reigning with world, A284:2; 287; sins of, D159-161:1; 164-168; speaks of each other as “branches,” D161:2; special foe of New Creation, how and why, F654-656; tempted by Satan to abandon way of the cross, E114:3; variety of names used and carnality in proper names, F207:1-2; why masses here deserted, D297:4; worship polluted in fifth century, B283:4.
Of England: Errors of mother church, C112:3; harlotry, improper, C153:2; two-horned beast (Rev.
13:15), J9:2 (1912); union with state, C112:3; D31:2.
Of Rome: Began with Constantine, C34:4; considers anyone disbelieving Trinity, heretics, E64:2.
Oneness: Jesus’ prayer for, E75:3; F207:1; part is frequently used for whole, C118:2; with Father and Son, E75:2-4.
Organization: F196:1-2; 235:1-236; divinely supervised, F234:1; 237:1-2; during days of sacrificing, not exalted as Royal Priesthood, F234:1-237:3; early Church our pattern, F245:1; 312-314.
Perfection: Merit of ransom covers imperfections, E442:1; E445:2; must be made perfect as New Creatures, E120:4.
Persecution: By civil and Papal Rome, D584:2; by Ishmael and Esau classes, D567:1; 620:2; chiefly from those who profess to be children of God, E236:T.
Probationary Members: Became branches in true vine, E140:1; can be unfaithful, E231:T; must have taken specific steps, E230:1; unfaithful branches can be cut off, E231:T.
Redemption: By Jesus’ sacrifice from the slavery of sin, E432:1-2; from sin purchased for, by blood of Christ, E432:2.
Reward: Divine nature an exception to restitution, E222:T; immortality, E395:3-398:6; liberty of sons of God attained fully through First Resur-rection, E458:T; with their Lord, to be the seed of Abraham, E476:3.
Sanctification: By Spirit of truth, E243:2-3.
Share In Sin-offering: Sacrificial death of Church reckoned part of Christ’s sacrifice, E411:T.
Sons Of God: Full liberty of, attained through First Resurrection, E458:T; how they become, E145:1-2.
Suffering: Must receive at-one-ment from Redeemer before becoming joint-sacrificers, E487:2; reckoned sharers in Jesus’, E419:2.
True: Accepted in Beloved, E435:2; admonishing and rebuking, F300:1- 303:1; always had true spirit, D516:1; among Presbyterians, Catholics, Baptists, etc., F446:1; brief history of, D566:1-3; city of God, C229:2; comforting feeble-minded, F304:1-305:1; completed and glorified during Time of Trouble, C210:2; D530:1; dealt with individually and as whole, E215:2; disesteemed individually and collectively, F727:3-728:T; doctrines important to true union, D173:T; drawn of Father, E146:1; embodiment of God’s plan, A85:2; 87:2; established, how, E179; 269:T; false counterfeits versus, D30:1; 157-159; filled with all fulness of God, E224:1; foundations of, apostles, etc., F208; 217:1; 220:2; garner of Jewish Harvest, B233:2; God’s dwelling place, C36:1; D157; guided by God, whoever their mouthpiece, A319:1; guided in every detail, E208:1; Holy Place of Tabernacle, B208:1; C229:2; in flesh, Christ in flesh, B252:1; in midst of crooked generation, D157:3; Jehovah daughter, C193:T; judgment of Babylon not shared by, D158:T; Kingdom of God, A255; 283:1; D651:2; known to God, D29:T; 157:1; Lord always present with, how, B105:1; members should all become skillful in Word, not just clerical class, F257:2; mission of, alleged vs. real, A266-267; 268-270; 287; D168:3; 184:2; E294:2; F196:2; 608; mission perverted in fourth century, B286-287; names of, their purpose, F80:2-83; F207:1; not known to world, but God, D157:2; only escape corruption of world, A140:2; selection of, delays restitution, A92:1; 94:1-2; F336:1; separate from earthly arrangements, D44:3-45:1; should take cognizance of those who take revenge, F307:2; some, midst tares, D157:2; supporting weak, patient toward all, F305:2-307:1; why training elaborate, B202:1; within and outside of false systems, D30:1.
Typified By: Jewish nation, A221:4.
Union: Catholicism and Protestantism keep identity in, D258:2.
CHURCH-STATE: As Holy Roman Empire, B354:2-5; began under Constantine, B286-287:1; 290; C34:4; destroyed in Time of Trouble, A332:1.
EFFORTS FOR: Federation, C142:1; ignoring doctrines assists, D171- 173; including heathen sought, D170:T; 181:2; 184:2; 233-237; in Italy, D131:1; in Time of Trouble, A332:1; B261:2,3; 360:1; in U.S.
in Time of Trouble, B361:T; letter from Methodist to Roman Catholic regarding, D261-265; movement, D170-173:1; motivated by fear, D131:1; on ethical basis, D181:3; Papacy and Protestants to increase, D37:1; Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893, D181:T; 241:2; proof of their decline, D265:4; Protestants with Pagan and Catholic churches, D205:4; represented as iron mingled with clay, A253:3-254:1; result of their fear, D171:T; social not doctrinal, D180:4.
SOUGHT BY: Episcopal clergy, D265:3-4; European governments, D266:3; nominal church leaders, D170:2-171; Papacy and Protestants in U.S., D266:3.
Supported by conservatives in Time of Trouble, B261:3-264:2; uniting of churches, D131:2-3.
Misc.: Alone meant when woman figure used, B255:1; 277:1; Christ’s purchased possession, E436:1; compared to Eve, E102:1; election of, foreknown by God, E147:1; figures describing separating work in, D600:2; form of international Sunday School lessons, C141:2-144; Judaism, proper, why, C153:2; living stones in spiritual temple, E232:T; members have individual conflict with sin, E193:1; Protestants stopped reformation, C111:3-4; seven, of Asia Minor, F401:2-3; will be victory of God’s spirit against spirit of evil, E193:1; words “spirit” and “soul” applied collectively to, E353:1.
See Little Flock.

Paul’s teachings on, consistent, F226:1.

Holy, represents glorified Church, D25:2; mystical Babylon, that great, D25:3; 110:4; signifies religious government, D25:2; symbol of kingdom or dominion, A295:2; true Church in embryo, C229:2.

Ecclesiasticism: Judged by press and people, D81:2-96:3; no longer bulwark to, D130-132; opposes Socialism, D485:4.
WARNED BY: German Emperor, D53:2-3; press, D53-60:1.
Overthrown By: Increase of knowledge, C23.
Powers: And religious powers banded for protection, D130; 237:7; 267:1; will come to naught, D238:2- 239:3.
Misc.: Authority, sanctuary of strength (Dan. 11:31), C36:1; government typified by Ahab, D584:2; to control masses, D80:2.

Advanced as Antichrist waned, B347:1; advanced condition of masses due to, D418:4; anarchy advancing on, D114:3; 312:1-2; as viewed by Clemenceau, D466:3-468:2; barbaric slavery vs. civilized bondage, D370- 372; blessings of, from Word of God, D15:1; 72:3; brought by lessons from past, D50:1; contrasted with cannibalism, D435:T; Disraeli foresaw collapse of, D113:3; fortunes inseparable from, D419:1; idleness coincident with, D285:1; modern compared with ancient slavery, D318-319; of twentieth century, thin veneer, D530:2,3; veneer disguising man’s brutality, D466:3; “Bible and Bullets” in Orient, D122:T.

In person and habits, F595.

Flesh and spirit, how, F315:1; 409:2- 3; obedience produces work, E445:2.

Daniel’s prophecy of, C28:3.

And Laity: Priestcraft responsible for division of saints into, F278:4; teaching privilege not limited to, F257:2.
Rise Of: In Rome, C34:4; to wealth, and power in fourth century, B286:2.
Sins Of: Bring world into Church, D173:2; continue in traditional error, D64:T; 169:2; lead people astray, C172; D65:1; pandered to worldly desires, D163:2; Roman Catholicism kept Bible in dead languages, D63:1; suppress truth, D63-65; wealth of, D103:4-5; worldly, pleasure-loving, D163:1-2.
Misc.: Becoming infidels, D161:3; blind to truths, D64:1; day of reckoning here for, D161:2; French Revolution against, D532:3; had advantages to learn truth, D62:2; hinder from receiving of Millennial blessings, C254:1; many not qualified for pulpit, D61:1-62; reaction to anarchy, D80:2.

Coming of Lord in, B138:1-141; 143:2; 152:3; 189:1; D599:2-3; of trouble, D600:T; silver lining seen in, D616:1; thick darkness, Day of Vengeance, D630; 655:3.
See Trouble.

In Church to be avoided, F339:1- 341:1; 347:1.

As opposed to Individualism, D461- 463; or Socialism as a remedy, D482:4-490.

Feeble-minded, faint-hearted, F304- 305:1; given by witness of holy Spirit, E228:3.

Greek words mistranslated, B158- 166:3; E297:2-299:3; of Christ, Paul’s desire for the “returning,” F670:1-672:3.
See Presence.

Epitomized by Jesus, A45:1; not given New Creation, why, F363:2; 366:1.

Bible use of word, F264:1; let taught, to him that teacheth, F263:1-264:1.

Between Church and world in Kingdom, D618:3-619; improved by inventions, D445:2; intimate, between Kingdom and representatives, D620:1.
See Knowledge.

Mutual love and sympathy of Body, F467:3; participation in Lord’s service, F465:2-467:2.

As a remedy, D473:3-474:2; Bible does not teach, D478:3-481:1; definition of, D473:3; experience proves failure of, D478:1; God’s permission of, in early Church, D479:1; 480:3; impossible, why, D487:1; 490:5; not taught by Jesus, Paul, or Peter, D479:2-480:2; regarding Acts 2:44- 47, D474:3-481:1; regarding death of Ananias and Sapphira, D479:2; Socialism vs., D482:1; 483:1; sound judgment opposed to, D476:4-477:1; will succeed in Millennial Kingdom, D477:5.

Avoid all dishonorable, D524:1; corporations a result of, D359:1; need for, D383:3; 523:T.

Truth at Parliament of Religions, D187:2-193:3; 237:7; spirit of in nominal churches, D186:T-187:1; spirit of, Protestant Christianity, D187:2; 232:1; 233:1-237.

Curse of Law Covenant brought double, upon Israel, E417:1; 437:1; of Adam unjust if he was not capable of obedience, E408:T; of the no-ransom theories feared by opponents of truth, E460:T; only those who have escaped, of world are the Lord’s brethren, E108:2.

CONIAH: See Jehoiachin.

Laws against, necessary in fallen race, F513:3.

Basis and education of, F508:1; defined, A118:2-119:1; F508:1; grieving, E264:2; remnant of Divine likeness, F351:1; remnants of original law in man’s being, F351:1.

Only: Are New Creatures, F118:1; true Church, F275:1; 415:3.
Misc.: Are unconditionally justified through Christ, aside from their own merit, E434:3; association with unconsecrated, F588-590:1; being, is a witness of holy Spirit, E229:4-5; Jesus, at age 30 at Jordan, K2:1; only, receive holy Spirit, E291:2-292:1; some nominal Christians are, to a sect, a moral principle, or a work, E194:T; those who have, their wills and are spiritually minded are embryo New Creatures, E195:2.

In Millennium: After high calling closed, still always reasonable, proper course, F156:1-2; after high calling closed, possibly like Ancient Worthies, F157:T; required, F156:1.
To Sacrifice: All spirit begotten must have made full, E183:6; daily dying, F444:1; how made, F155-156; majority of nominal Christians have never made, E193:2-195:2; not understood by rich or rest of world, D304:1; of those who covenanted unto death, two classes, F126:1-127:2; only a true, brings the holy Spirit to the heart, E195:T; proportionate to the Spirit of holiness in God’s people, E191:2; to righteousness vs., F124- 125; of Levites to righteousness and of priests, F124:1-125:1; what it implies and includes, A198:3-200; 225:2; 346-349; F344:2-345:2; 364- 368; 573:3-576; 595-598.
Vows: Holy Spirit is the power which enables us to live up to, E242:1.
Misc.: And differences of temperament, exuberant or prosaic, F134:2; 140:1-143:2; brings rest, joy, peace, F134; 153:2; contract should be done in prayer and audibly, if possible, F155:2; deals with every phase of life, F595:1; enables some to engage in temperance work, D303:7; experiences following, varied, F140-143; neglecting results in earth-born clouds, F144:1-144:2; 145:2; of the priests, sprinkled with oil mixed with blood, F131:1; of Jesus, F437; perseverance of saints springs from full heart, D608:1; reasonable, F156; symbolized in Pyramid, C350:2- 351:1; 357:1; to follow righteousness, gradually ascending a more difficult path, F151:1-153:2.
See Saints.

Did not establish Papal power, C69:2- 70; effect on Church of conversion of, B286-293; hindered in attempted church-state union, C34:4.

Godliness with, great gain, A340- 341; trust implies, F564:2-565:1.

Binding: Between Lord and us shown by seal of holy Spirit, E247:2.

And revival of truth in Kingdom, D638:4; in churches, less than two a year, D245:3.
See World.

Conversion of, B71:2; F680:2-681:1; first Gentile convert, C170:1; E211:2; special manifestation of baptism of holy Spirit, why given, E213:1.

In spiritual temple is Christ, E232:T.

Greed a peril to society, D463:3.
EFFECT ON: People, D59:3-4; small industrial enterprises, D455:1.
Elements in preparation for “fire,” D359:1; enthroned as a result of war, D58:3; giants in these days, D359- 364; greed of, A330:1; social unrest arising from, evils, D465:4.
See Giants; Trusts.

Jesus was, for Adam, E481:2; only way to set aside death sentence, E440:T; ransom had to correspond to the penalty, E441:1; the meaning of ransom, E424:2; 426:1; 427:1; 428:1; 439:3; 441:1; 452:4; 453:1.
See Ransom.

Papal: Hierarchy, of the Royal Priesthood, D159:3; F234:2; Millennium, B353:3; C57:2; system, Mystery of Iniquity, F199:1; 201:1.
Misc.: Nominal church is, of true Church, D30:1.
OF: Christ and Church, B272:2; 281:1; Jewish forms and ceremonies, B303-304; Joel 2:29, D566; Kingdom, A254:1; B299:2- 304; 361:2; E114:3; Messiah, D580:4.
Twelve stars, D593:1.
See False, Christs.

Abrahamic: Barren for two thousand years, F361:1; blood of Jesus makes, operative to us, F401:1; Church is developed under, F360:1-363:2; 364:T; 401:1; first suggestion of universal dominion, B73:3-74:1; Jesus heir of, F355:T; typical and real Kingdoms represent two parts of, D651:2.
LAW: Added to, shown in breastplate, T34:3; did not annul, A84:2; F360:1-2; limited, B83:3.
Made after entering Canaan, B44:3- 45:1; 47:1; New Creation joint-heirs with Jesus in, F380:1; represented in Ephod, T30:4; Sarah a type of, E104:3; F170:1.
SEED OF: New Creation is the, F362:2; promised, T33:3; two seeds, A292:2-293:1.
Stephen established date of, B44:2- 45.
Grace: Barren for a time (as antitypical Sarah), F361:1; between Lord and us shown in seal of holy Spirit, E247:2; Church is under, A130:T; Church’s, sacrificial, A141; E104:3; F360-368; Jesus sole heir of, why, F353:2-356; New Creation developed under and heir of, F360; 362:2; symbolized by Sarah, F170:1.
Law: Analogous to New Covenant, E331:1; institution of Old, type of New, A321:2; D630:1; Jesus born under, E417:1; F356:3; 365:2; Jesus heir of blessings of, B84-85:1; F354:2; Jews still bound by, F379; law of the Spirit of life in Christ frees from, E121:1; limited the Abrahamic Covenant, B83:3; Moses as Mediator of, type of Christ or New, D629:2; ordained to life, proved unto death, E417:1; Pyramid’s testimony on, C331:2; 337:3; 368:3; redemption from, how, E417:1; 430:4; 437:1; typical sacrifices of, set aside at Lord’s consecration, E426:1; typified by Hagar, F170:1; 361:2; typified New Covenant, A297:1,2; 321:2; B177:3; L1:3; when ended, B85:1-2; fulfilled by Jesus, F354:1- 358:1; 360:2.
Messenger Of: Coming in glory and power, B250:1; not maker but, E35:1; 59:1; Only-Begotten Son, B147:1; E72:1; to purify sons of Levi, A320:2; F401:2.
New: Church not developed under, L2:T; Christ’s Mediatorial work under the, D617:3; 643:T; established with Israel in Kingdom, A112:2-3; favorable terms of, for full opportunity to gain life, A130:1; for whom and when operative, F358:1-2; L2:2; inauguration of, typified at Sinai, A321:2; individual trial under, A130:1; Israel and Sodom blessed under, A112:2-3; Law of, F359:1- 362:1.
MANKIND: On trial for life under, D12:1; restored under, A157:T; 142:T; E27:2; 401:2; 456:2-457:1.
MEDIATOR OF: Cannot begin without, E455:1; Jesus is, E450:T; 455:1; offers life eternal, A141; E402:1; 468:1; operative after body of Christ completed, D631:1; provided by ransom, E455:1; provides way for mercy on human family, E455:1; reconciliation and Mediatorship not needed when race restored, E455:1; sealed by death of Mediator, C298:1; E27:2; 28:T; 364:2; 402:1; 426:1; 455:1; suretied by Jesus’ death, A79:2; F87:2; 357:1; world will have merit of, while attaining perfection, E479:1.
Obedient under, adopted by Christ, A129:1; restitution illustrated by Keturah, E105:3; second tables of Law represent New, D631:1; Servant of the, Christ, Head and Body, D636:3; E59:1.
TERMS OF: A renewed heart, right spirit and full obedience to God, E468:1; all provisions of ransom available to man under, E466:T; Christ will be Father of all of Adam’s race who accept, E144:3; 457:1; destruction of the wilfully wicked, E419:3; offer life to mankind, E457:1; world to be blessed under, E456:1.
WORK OF: Brings reconciliation of men, E28:1; provides for the recovery of the race, E27:2; shown in Atonement, E27:1; to offer all mankind that which was lost, E457:T.
Sarah: Children of promise of, E105:T; New Creatures children of, E104:3; referred to in Isa. 54:1-8, C297:2.
Misc.: Abrahamic and New, sealed by Messiah’s death, A112:3; B68:3; with death, E369:8-370:3.

Like death, E375:T.

Animals: For man’s convenience and pleasure, E399:1; not resurrected, E326:3; 399:1.
Logos: First and only direct, God, E84:3; 88:2; 93:2.
Of Man: Adam created perfect, E407:1; direct, F37:2-38:3; Genesis account vs. natural selection, F52:6- 58; in image of God, E22:1; 126:1; 310:1; 326:4,5; F39:2-3; special, distinct and separate, F39:2; 44:T; 54:3; time since, reasonable and erroneous views on, B33-37; vs. brute creation, E310:1; 319:6; 326:5-327; 340:1; 388:4; when, F29:3; 37:2.
Of The Earth: God used various agencies for, through the Logos, E182:2.
Various: Beginnings of, F17:2; satisfied in own state, F62:1; species only after its kind, F22:1-2; 32:4; 35:3; 37:1; 43:1-3.
Work Of: By Logos, E93:2; Divine energy back of all, F30:8; 35:3; God rested from, why, how, when, F46:3- 50:1; influence of sun, moon, stars in, F34; Jesus was channel of God’s power in creation, E424:1.
Misc.: All intelligent, present and future, to share man’s lessons, E416:1; 485:1; beginning of (Gen.
1:1) relates only to our planet, F17:2; Bible does not assert God individually created hybrids of fish, etc., but fixed kind, F37:1-38:3; creative week, F29:3.
GENESIS: Account, E320:1; 323:2; 324:2-325; record compatible with science, F52:5-58:1.
God has power to destroy his, E307:4; groaning, saved when, E25:2-26:1; 384:1,2; holy Spirit’s operation in, E181-183:1; purpose in, of world unchanged, E221:3; sons on various planes, each satisfied, F61:1- 62:1; testimonies of professors correspond to sacred history of, F30:1-6; time since, B39:2; two accounts of, F38:4-5; Vailian theory of, reasonable, F23-24; 28:3-29:2.

Bible revelation of, E398:7; false doctrines cause men to despise, D159:2; not author of sin and imperfection, E309; 471; perfection brings honor to, E414:T.
See God; Father; Jehovah.

Bondage To: Degrees of, C184; development of, C111:3-120; increasing, how, C140:3; 141:1-2.
Misc.: At war with God’s word, D162:T; 169:2; children of God vs. children of, D576:1; conflict of, in Babylon, D169:2; 203:1; conflicting, have hindered, but not destroyed, work of Bible, D210:3; development of, A23:1; C111:3-120; human, symbolized by a bed, D608:3; present dark picture for fallen humanity, A17- 18; 23-25:1; 349:1; Reformation resulted in conflicting, D160:1; rejected by Rabinowitch movement, C279:2.

Cultivated by education and wealth in Christendom, D516:2; practically destroyed reverence for Word of God, D388:1.

Of Christ: And Lord’s presence stumbled both houses of Israel, B237:2; 240:3; center of Gospel light, D591:2; our only hope, D242:1; stumbling block to Jews, D591:3.
Rejected By: Christendom, D591:3; ministers in favor of Evolution, D591:3-592; nominal church tempted by Satan to abandon, E114:3.

Apportioned: Everlastingly when calling work ceases, F95:1; to each of called, F94:2.
Misc.: And sceptre of Israel differentiated, B83:2; let no man take thy, C222:1; F94:2-95:1; removed from Zedekiah, E132:4-5; 133:4.

33 A.D., B60:3; at full of moon, why, F481:2; brought punishment upon Israel, C246-247; by those who professed to love righteousness, E489:3; tested his willingness to die as man’s ransom, E443:2; was triumph of spirit of evil, E190:2; why necessary, E443:2-444:1.

Represents: Blood of Christ, F465:3; common participation by New Creation in suffering of our Lord, F467:1- 469:1.
Misc.: “Ye shall indeed drink of,” F441:2.

Church delivered from, E436:T; double, upon Israel, E437:1; hindrance to restitution unless lifted, E421:2; object lesson to all creations, E416:1; 485:1; F70:1; of death makes Atonement necessary, E405-420.
OPERATION OF ON: Adam and race, E400-401:1; Church, E410:2- 411:1; the world, E251:3; 405:2; 408:2-409:1.
Papal, B349:2; removal of, without ransom would violate Divine Justice, E421:2; 447:5; 465:1; salvation from, God’s will, E468:2-469; through heredity, E331:2; will be lifted through Mediator, E439:2; 473:1.
See Law Covenant, Curse Of.

First year of, B79:4; Isa. 45:13 on building city by, B66:2.

Vision Of: For time of end, C96:4; four universal empires, B76:1; when due to be understood, C83:2-84:1.
Misc.: 11th chapter, C24:3-59; 12th chapter, C61-90; when, receives his portion, C94:2.

Centuries of Papacy’s power, B322:1; F60:1; dominion of Papacy, F617:1; Papacy’s policy brought on, D306:2; Reformation Movement began in, F60:1; result of counterfeit kingdom of Christ, E114:3; substitutionary baptism practiced in, F455:5; prevailed ten centuries as Mystery of Iniquity, F60:1; truths hidden during, F471:1; when error and sectarian spirit developed, F207:2.

Of Sin: Spirit of holiness reprovingly shines into, E191:3.
Misc.: Brethren not in, B22:3; 169:T; C139:T; F95:2; 640:1; if light in thee become, E264:1; 294:2.

606 B.C.: Beginning of Times of Gentiles, B80:T.
536 B.C.: Bible record extends to, B38:T; ended seventy years’ desolation of land, B80:T.
4 B.C.: Incorrect as Jesus’ birth date, B55:2-57:3.
2 B.C.: Date of Jesus’ birth, in Fall of, B55:2; 58-61; date of John the Baptist’s birth, in Spring of, B60:2.
33 A.D.: Year of Jesus’ crucifixion, B60:3.
69 A.D.: End of Jewish Harvest, B245:2.
70 A.D.: Complete overthrow of the nation of Israel, C153:1; end of Jewish Harvest, B234:1.
533 A.D.: First official recognition of Papacy, C70:2.
539 A.D.: Beginning of Papal power, C69; 75:3-77; 79:1; 80:2-83:1; Papacy set up in temporal power, B354:2.
800 A.D.: Beginning of the “Holy Roman Empire,” B354:1-2; C48:T; 69:2; Papal Millennium, B353:3- 354:1; C57:2.
1209 A.D.: The slaughter of the Albigenses, B336:T.
1799 A.D.: Beginning of decline of church-state union, C49:1; time of end, C38:T; 48:T; 63:3; used to measure beginning of Papal power, C69:1.
1800 A.D. (1806): Ending of the “Holy Roman Empire,” B354:2-F.
1829 A.D.: Beginning of the Second Advent movement, C84:2.
1844 A.D.: Benefits from disappointment of, C123:2; Lord’s return expected in, B240:2; C84:2-90.
1846 A.D.: Sanctuary cleansed, C119:1-2; the Evangelical Alliance formed, C119:2.
1870 A.D.: Papal temporal power ended, C57:3.
1872 A.D.: End of 6,000 years from Adam’s creation, B33:1; 54:T; 242:1.
1873 A.D.: Beginning of the Millennium, B40:2; 54:T; 242:1; C304:4; end of 6,000 years from Adam’s creation, B39:2; 51:3.
1874 A.D.: Blessings to consecrated, B245:1; Gospel Harvest, C135:1-F; 149:3; I1:3; time of second advent, C88:4-5; 126:1; 188:1; “times of restitution,” B188:1; 194:4; 196:T.
1875 A.D.: Ends the great Jubilee cycle, B183:1-187:2.
1878 A.D.: Babylon was rejected, C155:T; 217:1; began Zion’s Watch Tower, C93:T; ended Israel’s Double, B218; 227:1-232; Lord began exercise of Kingly authority, B101:1; 235-239; Lord began work as crowned Reaper, B238:2; Palestine opened to Jews, B218:2; return of favor to Israel, B218-223; special harvest work, B240:1.
1881 A.D.: Close of special favor to Gentiles and general call, B235:1; parallel of 29-36 A.D. is 1874-1881 A.D., C170-171.
1914 A.D.: Gentile Times ended in Fall of, B170:2; H1; overthrow of Gentile governments began, B99:T-F; symbolized in Pyramid, C364:2.
1915 A.D.: Overthrow of Gentile governments began in, B101:1-F.
Misc.: 1260 years of Papal persecution, C38:T; 48:T; 64:6; D584:2; 585:2; A.D. as commonly accepted is incorrect, B54:2-61; C363:1; beginning of fixing, B36:1; moon eclipse is valuable in fixing, when, B56:2-57:1.
Supplementary Index of Dates:
BC 4129....B54
BC 2170…C321, C338
BC 1945…C366, C367
BC 1813…B219, C132
BC 1575…B194
BC 1542…C342
BC 776…..B36, B37
BC 753…..B36
BC 747…..B36
BC 606 ….B78, B79, B80, B87, B90, B92
BC 536…..B38, B42, B51, B54, B80
BC 510…..B37
BC 454…..B67
BC 450…..B37
BC 445…..B67
BC 300…..B36
BC 171…..C25
BC 168…..C25
BC 72……B57
BC 30……C33
BC 4……..B55, B56, B57, B59, B61
BC 3……..B61
BC 2……..B55, B57, B60, B61
BC 1…….B57
AD 0…….C333
AD 1…….B51, B53, B58, B61, B90, B185, B186, B195, B232, C345
AD 4…….B59, B60
AD 7…….B57
AD 14…...B58, B59, B60
AD 29…...A223, B60, B66, B67, B68, B219, B247, C132, C150, C216, C233, C305
AD 33……B60, B61, B68, B213, B218, B219, B221, B222, B223, B224, B230, B232, B246, B247, C108, C131, C132, C150, C151, C152, C153, C188, C213, C217, C233, C347 AD 36 B71, B219, C108, C132, C217, C346, C347
AD 37…. B71
AD 40…. B71
AD 50…. B355
AD 69…. B245
AD 70…. A223, A249, B213, B219, B221, B222, B232, B234, B242, B247, C126, C132, C153, D48, D569, D602, D607, E290, F42
AD 90…. E285
AD 96…. A27
AD 135… B304
AD 269….C33
AD 272….C33
AD 300…. B355
AD 314…. F483
AD 321…. B293
AD 325….Aii
AD 328…. C69, C70
AD 334…. B294
AD 350….E59
AD 381…. C103
AD 455…. B295
AD 476….C77
AD 489….C77
AD 494…. B355
AD 509….C87
AD 533…. C58, C70
AD 534…. C73, C76
AD 539…. B296, B354, B355, C57, C58, C69, C76, C77, C79, C80, C81, C82, C83,
C84, C87, C103, C131
AD 590….C82
AD 630…. B333
AD 774….C81
AD 799….Dvi
AD 800…. B353, B354, B356, C48, C57, C69, C70, C79
AD 825… C336
AD 1063….B308
AD 1150….B307
AD 1160….B334
AD 1204….B341
AD 1209….B336
AD 1211….B336
AD 1224….B334
AD 1228….B334
AD 1400….B356
AD 1423…. B348
AD 1440…. A166, A265
AD 1481…. B346
AD 1517…. C109
AD 1520 ….C109
AD 1535…. C110
AD 1546…. B321
AD 1555…. C111
AD 1562…. B338
AD 1572…. B338, B340
AD 1590…. C344
AD 1591…. C344
AD 1611…. E58
AD 1614…. C346
AD 1637…. D218, D219
AD 1641…. B340
AD 1643…. B341
AD 1648…. D565
AD 1758…. B349
AD 1776…. D584
AD 1780…. D585, D586, D587, D604
AD 1781…. F547
AD 1785…. D587
AD 1789…. C52
AD 1797…. C42
AD 1798…. C42, C44, C45
AD 1799…. B256, B273, B296, C23, C24, C35, C38, C40, C44, C48, C49, C50, C51, C58, C59, C63, C68, C69, C83, C84, C122, C129, C131, C306, Dvi, D37, D417, D584
AD 1800…. B354, B355, B356, C42, D119
AD 1803…. C50
AD 1804…. C51, C52, C56
AD 1805…. B354, C51
AD 1806…. B354, B356, D417
AD 1807…. C63
AD 1808…. B346, C51, C56
AD 1809…. C56
AD 1813…. C57
AD 1816…. B321, D 397
AD 1817…. B346, C51
AD 1819…. B321
AD 1825…. B184, B322
AD 1827…. C114
AD 1828…. D165
AD 1829…. C24, C84, C87, C88, C89, C306
AD 1830…. D211, D281
AD 1831…. C63
AD 1833…. D588, D589, D590, D605
AD 1834…. D85
AD 1837…. D84, D85
AD 1838…. D370
AD 1840…. C175
AD 1843…. D587
AD 1844…. B240, B247, C63, C84, C85, C87, C90, C92, C123, C306 AD 1846 C108, C119, C120, C123, C131, C305, Dix
AD 1848…. D123, D370
AD 1849…. D123, D280
AD 1850…. D280, D357
AD 1851…. D85, D213
AD 1853…. D219
AD 1855…. D94
AD 1857…. D441
AD 1858…. D219
AD 1859…. C319, D96
AD 1861…. A91, D 212
AD 1862…. D84, F453
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AD 1864…. D95
AD 1865…. D85, D354
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AD 1868…. C325
AD 1869…. D585
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AD 1882…. C281, D84, D127
AD 1883…. D390
AD 1884…. D127
AD 1885…. C284, D321, F453
AD 1886…. Ai, B322, C267, D84, D127, D132, D375
AD 1887…. B350, C265, D78, D127, D372
AD 1888…. D86
AD 1889…. Bi, Biii, C272, C275, D95, D346, D456
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AD 1891…. C288, C291, D336, D406, D484
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AD 1894…. D34, D128, D282, D333, D336, D391, D394, D400, D407, D446, D484
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AD 1896…. D58, D59, D178, D284, D294, D333, D343, D354, D355, D356, D358, D359, D365, D367, D395, D399, D401, D408, D409, D437, D450, D491
AD 1897…. D1, D559
AD 1899…. D344, Ei
AD 1901…. F26
AD 1902…. F52
AD 1905…. D456
AD 1910…. C363, C364, F579
AD 1912…. D323, F579
AD 1913…. D181
AD 1914…. Biii, Biv, B73, B76, B79, B87, B90, B91, B93, B97, B170, B234, B245, B278, B356, B363, Ci, C23, C59, C94, C121, C126, C128, C129, C135, C149, C153, C228, C305, C342, C362, C364, D604, D605, D616, D622, D624, D625, F579 AD 1915 B81, B99, B101, B171, B219, B221, B222, B232, B242, B247, C131, C132, C342,
C344, D111, D604
AD 1916…. Aiv, Bv, Civ, D5, Ev, Fiv

Of Men: Nephilim resulted from improper union with angels and, E103:3-104.

Line Of: Jehoiachin and Jehoiakim not allowed to sit on throne of, E132:1-3.
Jesus Was Offspring Of: E134:1-2; Through Nathan, E129:2; 133:1-4; and branch of, through Mary, E136:T; Messiah to come through, E133:1; 142:2.
Lord Of:
JESUS: Became, by work of Atonement, E134:1-2; when raised from dead, E136:T-2.
Logos was not, and root of, E134:3; 136:2.
Root Of: Jesus became, by his sacrifice, E136:T-1; 144:3; Logos was not, E134:2; 136:2; Messiah would spring from, E142:2.
Throne Of: Heir to, E130-133; typified dignity, power, authority of Lord, C256:3-257.
Misc.: House of, re-established, explained, C256:3-258:1; soul of, went to oblivion, E362:1-4; 363:5; typified The Christ, Head and Body, A79:1; B255:1.
See Throne, Of David.

Creative: Achievements of one epoch carried over to next, F34:1-2; Azoic, or Paleozoic and lowest forms of life, F31:3; Carboniferous era, rank vegetation, coal deposits, F32:2-33:3; entire work of creation, larger epoch, F38:4; epoch, periods such as, 7,000 years, F19:1-20:3; evening and morning of, as with Hebrew solar day, F31:1; length of seventh epoch-day clue to length of all others, F50:2; night, origin, F34:1; Reptilian Age, a profusion of life in the warm oceans, F35:1-36:1; review of first epoch-day through seventh, F30:7-52:4.
Of His Preparation: Began with “flood,” C67:1; why so called, C23:1.
Of Jehovah: Day of trouble, A307- 309; described, A319:2-324; 336:1-2; heavens and earth shaken, A322:T; struggle between classes and masses, Labor and Capital, A311-320:T; 322:1-325:1.
Of Lord: As thief, A318:3; 334:1; B20:2; 142:2-143:1; causes of ignorance of, B23:1; compared to Noah’s Day, B143:1; 160:3-162.
Of Vengeance: Is special wrath of God, E410:1; Time of Trouble, E410:1.
Prophetic: Of Daniel, B245:1; 1260, C34:4; 38:T; 48:T; 64:6; 69; 1290, 1335, C63:1; 82:3-90; 1335, C92:3- 94; 2300, C96:3; 105-108:1; year for a, key to symbolic time, B65:3; 89:1; 91; C64:6; 127:T.
Misc.: And hour knoweth no man, B18-19; D605-606:1; Bible, indefinite period of time, A138:4; B40:1; F19:1; dark (May 19, 1780) described, D585:2-587; fiftieth, earth’s great Jubilee, F50:2-52:4; I say unto thee this, F668:1-2; 669:2-8; last, perilous, C200:2; Millennial, grows from thick darkness to high noon light, D655:2; of Judgment for world is Millennium, E469:1; 479:2; with Lord is one thousand years, F332:2.

Choice of, F282:2; meaning of word, F252:1; ministers, servants in Ecclesia, F252:1-254:2; service of, F252:2-254; 284:7-285; voting for, F282:1-2.

Are Alive: Christendom’s snare, F661:1; doctrine of demons, F622- 623:1.
In Christ: First resurrected, C233:1- 239; vs. dead in Adam, F438:2-439:1; who die in Lord, C240:2-241:F.
Life From The: Blessings promised to Abraham implied, E22:2; Jesus became Adam’s and David’s Redeemer when raised to, E136:1; regeneration for world will mean, E142:T.
Misc.: Bible view regarding the state of, A102:3-113:2; creedal and atheistic views on, A100:2-4; know not anything, E347:1; let, bury their dead, F697:1; lived not (Rev. 20:5), spurious, A288:2-289:F; F721:T-F; LORD a God not of, E352:1-2; prayers and Masses for, Satan’s deception, E370:T; race viewed by God as, A150:F; 289:F; F700:T; 701:1; 703:2; raised to life (Heb. 11:35), F702:1-703:1; 704:2-706:1; resurrection of, displays power of God, E485:T.
See Resurrection.

Adamic: Ceases in Millennium, A158:1; E380:3; it took Adam 930 years to die, E406:1; not same as Second Death, E330:1-333:1; 380:3; opponents of Moses punished with, E474:1; termed a sleep because of redemption, E465:2.
In Millennial Age: Grave to give up dead, D640:1; E379:1-2; will still be penalty for choosing sin, E468:2.
Of Church: After all spirit begotten have passed into, New Covenant will begin, K5:2; merit of ransom cannot be released for mankind until, K4:2; reckoned part of Christ’s sacrifice, E411:T; sacrificial, for Body of Christ, C239:1; sacrificial, shedding blood signifies, E442:2.
Of Jesus: Ecclesiastical history of celebration of, F481:4-484:1; for all, A97:2; ended typical sacrifices, A223:3; B68:1-3; provided ransom, A129:T; E95; 126:2-127:1; 135:1; 136:1; 419:1; 424:2-426:1; 442- 443:1; 454:1-2; sealed both the Abrahamic and New Covenants, visions and prophecies, B69:T; symbolized in Pyramid, C361:1; what it accomplished, E446:3; F356:3-357; why necessary, A57:2; 275:T; E135; 450:2-452; 471:1.
Of Man: All die in Adam, E100:1; because God is just, there can be no release from penalty without ransom, E447:5; if Eve alone had sinned, the race would not have died, E101:2; short life span prevents utter degradation to bestiality, E416:T; result of sin, E24:2; 464:2; same as death of animals, E388:4-389:1; soul, is subject to, E328:1-329:2.
Penalty: Christ’s remedy for man’s release from, E370:1; Divine Justice could not remove, why, E421:2; false reasoning suggests no need for ransom, because Jesus has paid the, by dying, E464:2; for man did not violate Divine Justice, E413:T; 449:1; for sin, not suffering, E443:1; hope of release from, A154:T-155:1; F333:3; if God is just, not too severe, E463:2; offset by ransom, E328:3; 344:1; 353:T; operation of, F332-333:2; punishment on race, C117:2; Satan identified with infliction of penalty, E448:1-2; 449:1; understanding, gives insight into what Divine Justice requires, E422:1-2; wages of sin, E369:9-370:3; 441:1; 480:2; F331:2; 614:2; what it included, E415:3; 422.
CLASS: Chiefly teachers in Church at end of age, F166:1.
EXPLAINED: A107:2; 242:T; E330:1; what, who may commit, A107:2; F165:2-168:1.
FOR: All who sympathize with sin at end of Millennial Age, E474:2; all who will not hear the great Prophet, E473:1; 478:2; goat class, E479:2-480:T; heart disobedience, D20:1; E402:1; incorrigible, A143- 144:2; 158:1; 321:1; D633:1; individual iniquity, A109:1; 158:1; E373:4; 381:T; suffered by those who sin against the holy Spirit, E272:T-273:2; those who refuse to make progress, cut off in, after 100 years, E478:2; wilful rejection of Christ, A321:1; E468:2; wilful sinners, F165:2-168:1; 699:3-700:1; 712:1; yielding only compulsory obedience, D520:1.
Little Flock alone in danger of, in Gospel Age, A145:1; F459:2.
NO: Further trial for those meriting, A151:T-1; ransom from, E361:6.
SYMBOLIZED: By Red Sea, F459:T; in Pyramid, C358:2-3; in wedding garment parable, C200:2-204:1.
Wicked cut off in, E361:6; 373:4; 387:3; wilful sin expiated by stripes or, E272-273:2.
Sleep Of: Awakening of mankind from, as from, E478:1; state all mankind need not enter, F701:T; unconscious state, E344:2; 346:5; 347:1-353:T; viewed as friend by denominations, E369:8-370:3; withdrawal of spirit of life, E315:5; 341:1.
Misc.: Covenant with, E369:8-370:3; curse, why, E400:2; disease and, hastened by licentiousness, E367:6; everlasting life or, F459:2; fear of, described (Psa. 116:3), E366:1-2; hades, present state of Adamic condemnation, E380:2; hope of everlasting life in release from, E417:2; 469:T; human theories on, E302:2-3; 321:2; 351:1; is cessation of being, E341:2-343:1; 344:1; Job’s views on, correct, E358:5-361:2; “name that sat on him was” (Rev. 6:8), E378:4-5; operates even in life, E379:2; prison house, E378:3; punishment on race, C117:3; restitution from, E142:T; 393:4; swallowed up, E373:3-4 See Jesus, Death Of.

New Creature’s attitude towards, personal and business, F564:1-567:1.

Of Church: From power of death, E376:T; our Body (Rom. 8:22-23), C228:T; E289:T; 358:2; 434:4; F77:1; 160:1; 664:3; when, C228:2; 231:3; D540:2.
Misc.: Christ made unto us, how, F158:2-161:3; for Israel greater as a result of ransom, E433:1-4; God purposed to deliver man out of bondage of sin, E425:1; Jesus’ death meant, from curse of Law Covenant to Jews, E417:1; 437:1; results of redemption accomplished in perfecting of Church, F158:2-161:3; texts translated redemption that mean, F158:2- 159:2.

Out Of Zion: Church, D558:T; Seed of promise, A82:1-85:1; The Christ, Head and Body, A300:1; B210:1; typified by David, Joshua, Moses, and Solomon, A78:2-79:1; B255:1; C315:2; F458:1.
Misc.: Identity of, mystery for 4,000 years, A77-81:1; recognized by a few in both harvests, B240:2.

Conflict of Lord and apostles with, F624:3-625; false Christs obsessed by, D565:3; impersonating dead, who communicate through mediums, F620:1-622:2; 624:3; pervert truth, F623-624; why permitted to control mankind, F626-627:1.

Ransom price laid in hands of Divine Justice as a, K2:1-3:T.

Perfect being much more sensitive to, than fallen being, E160:T-2.

FOR: Goats at end of Millennium, E480:T; rejecters of Atonement at end of Millennial Age, E20:1; 30:T; Satan at close of Millennial Age, E480:T; wilfully wicked under terms of New Covenant, E419:3.
Second Death is, E380:2; 465:2; total, penalty for sin, even for the man Christ Jesus, E466:T.
Misc.: And trouble symbolized as snares, fire, brimstone, A318:1; end of Broad Way, A205:4; Flood typical of, A318:2; of evil to be destroyed along with Satan, E193:T; of soul would have been everlasting without redemption, E465:2; result of sin, E413:2.
See Satan, Destruction Of.

Character: Sons of God must cooperate with God in, E233:1-2; Spirit of sound mind leads to, E260:1-261:1.
Of Fruits Of The Spirit: By suffering, E411:1; dependent on knowledge, E239:2; gradual, E181:T; requires time, E206:1.
Misc.: Of graces of the Spirit brings us into closer fellowship with God and Jesus, E238:2; of New Creature accomplished by suffering, E51:2-3; 118:2; 119:4; of sympathy by Jesus through sufferings, E128:1; of witnesses of holy Spirit, E241:1.

Symbolic lion, not on Highway of Holiness, A217:1.
See Adversary; Satan.

Chastening can be test of measure of, E234:1; qualities of, F319:2.

Removed from Zedekiah, E132:4-5; 133:4.

Feet of Christ must all, C238:2; soul that sinneth shall, Millennium application, E330:2-331:2.

Church: Function of entire, F289:1; object of, repentance and reformation, F289:2-290:1; for sinning or erring brethren, F289-297:1.

Prophecy concerning healing refers to spiritual, not physical, F144:4-150:2; 648:1.

Adam’s soul was forfeited through, E428:1; sin in Eden, E400:1; F332:1; 334:T; 349:1.

Chart of correspondencies between Christian and Mosaic, B247-248; epochs, worlds and three, A65-75; 220:1.

See Parables.

DISPLAYED: In Plan of God, E483:3- 486:1; F47:1; 51:1; to men and angels, how, E346:5; 412:1.
Operation of, respecting fall and restoration of man, E450:3-452:2.
Favor: All who wilfully reject, at end of Millennial Age to be destroyed, E20:1; at close of Millennial Age world will be fully back in, E30:6- 31:2; lost in Eden to be restored in Millennial Kingdom, E25:1.
Law: Arranged for perfect beings, E471:1; in Millennial Age world given over to Jesus to help meet requirements of, E471:1; reconciliation of mankind to, will be by work of Atonement, E27:T; Solomon’s failure to walk after, E131:3-5; unwillingness to transgress, a witness of holy Spirit, E235:1.
Mind: Acceptance of, needed for reconciliation, E217:3; can be understood through holy Spirit, E201- 202:1; Satan and fallen angels supposed they were frustrating, E485:T.
Nature: And restitution first distinguished about 1881, C367:1; change to, how effected, A195:4-204; gold tried in fire, D42:T; highest spirit, immortality, A201:2; E84:6; inherent life, A207:3-208; 211:1; Jesus exalted to, E150:T; Jesus resurrected to, E84:6; 454:2; K2:1; Little Flock with Jesus predestinated to, E436:T; reward for Church an exception to restitution, E222:T; symbolized in Pyramid by granite and King’s Chamber, C355:1-3; to limited class, no violation of justice, A187:4-189; B202:1.
Misc.: Government operating in Israel amid anarchy of nations, D638; Spirit of God defined as, influence or power, E182:1; those rejecting, mercy will die Second Death, E468:2.
See God’s, Attributes; Justice, Divine.

Cannot exist together with political liberty, D356:8; hampered Germany, D356:8; ignorance and superstition have been fostered and encouraged by, D77:2; ruled masses, B262:T; taught or supported by almost every sect, D36:2; temporary good purpose in preventing anarchy, D36:2.

Spark of, not in every creature, E307:3-310:1.

Only one ground for, F516:1; separation between New Creature and unbeliever, F504:1-507:2.

Advanced: Difference between, and foundation principles, F318:T; opportunities for discussion of, F318:T.
False: Antichrist is source of corrupt, B301; Christ’s continual sacrifice overthrown by, C98:2; 103:2-3; cleansed from Sanctuary, C116:1- 118:3; inherited from “mother” system, D30:T; once protested but now accepted by Protestant sects, D34:1; result in human philosophies, E61- 62:1; spark of divinity in each person is the basis of many, E307:3; the “Immaculate Conception” attempts to establish faith in Mary being perfect, E98:2; Trinity has led to wrong, on holy Spirit, E165:1.
Ransom: Helps us to understand God’s laws, E440:T; is a test of truth, E296:T; 297:1; 299:4; F639:2; keynote of Vol. 5 from which other doctrines radiate, K1:3.
Try The Spirits Of: Proving of, E187:1; 295:2-299; F232-233:1; 274:1; 638:2; teachings, teachers, E244:2; F278:2.
Misc.: Christian, promotes liberty, D305:2; contrary, when given hearing, F316-318; defense of nominal church, irksome, D164:2-165; Evolution antagonistic to restitution, E23:2; falling away from pure, in early Church, B282-287; instruction in, why necessary, F314:2; 315:1; knowledge of, important for faith, F315:1-2; of Atonement teaches plan of salvation, E17:3; of Christ vs. doctrines of man, F315:2; sound, not endured in last days, B259; true, important to true Christian union, D173:T; unity on fundamentals (listed); otherwise liberty, F327:1-2.
See Ransom, Doctrine Of; Satan, Doctrines Of.

Of Earth: Redeemed by sin-offering, E152:2; unto thee shall it come, D648-649:2; without suffering and death, offered by Satan as a temptation, E112:2.
Of Law Covenant: Ransom released Jews from, E430:4-5.
Of Satan: Would have none without sin, E448:1.

Not to extent of impoverishment, F598:1; to support Church teachers, F264:1.

Of Virgins’ Parable: Called gate by Lord, C206:2; closed to foolish virgins, C195:2; explained, C195:1- 196:1; 206:1.
Shutting Of: Deliverance of Church shortly after, C231:3; end of opportunity for joint-heirship, C206:1; 213:1; gradual, C211:1; not end of high calling, C205:3; 212:2-213:1; 219:2- 222:1; three ways for indication of, C207:2.
WHEN: Exact date not given, C205:3; 208:1; dark night comes, C210:2; 224:1; 225:1; saints all sealed in foreheads, C195:1; 225:1.
Misc.: Peter given keys to open, to Jews and Gentiles, E214:1; some extend into dark night after, shut, C212:1; to Highway of Holiness, when opened, B213:T.

Sympathy Of: The dove is very sympathetic, E126:T.
Misc.: Emblem of peace and purity, E213:T, healing power of, E126:T; John the Baptist was the only witness to, descending on Jesus at his baptism, E212:T.

Symbol of sin and Satan, C321.

Being drawn to Christ is a witness of holy Spirit, E229:2-3; of mankind after Church complete, E414:2.

Proper, for consecrated, F596-598:1.

Used for medicinal purposes in moderation, F636:T.

And resurrection processes both gradual, E400:2-403:2; false reasoning suggests no need for ransom because man has paid death penalty by, E464:2; Jesus required to suffer process of, to be substitute for sinners, E128:T; mortal does not signify, E390:1-4; penalty for sin not merely, but death, E465:2.
See Death.

Gathering of Elect compared to gathering of, D610

Did not see God’s Plan as clearly as now, A26:1-27:2.
See Church.

Jesus’ anointing was the, of his reward, T53:2; of our inheritance is new mind, A199:1; 202:1; robe of linen was an, of the glorious robe to follow, T55:1.

All Families Of: Millennium will bring blessings to, E90:T; Royal Priesthood to bless, E476:3.
Dominion Of: Abandoned by God except representatively, D650:1; by four successive Gentile powers then by Christ’s Kingdom, B73:3-78; forfeited by disobedience, A247:1; given to Adam as represented by tree (Dan.
4), B94:1-95:1; Lord’s, how represented, D649:2-651:1; lost and redeemed, A192:1; 247; D647:3; E152:2; originally intended for mankind, A245; 247:1; present, two phases of, A251:1; to be restored to mankind, A247:2; 296:1; 305:2; E456:2; why Satan could offer Jesus the, A251:1.
Literal: Abideth forever, A69:1; basis of three “Worlds,” A69:1; Edenic paradise restored on, A192:1; enough room on, for the resurrection, A159:2-161:2; F41:2; Genesis records preparation of, for man, A44:1; not to be devoured by literal fire, A316:2-317:1; planet, not to be destroyed, D529:1; shall yield her increase, A161:2; under curse, E405:1; will be perfect, A34:1.
Symbolic: Destroyed in Time of Trouble, B147:2; 162:2; devoured with fire, A69; B162:2; knowledge and righteousness to cover, A74:3; new heavens and, to be established, A70:1; of governments and society, A69:1; 318:1; present, and heavens to be shaken and destroyed, A69:1; 332:1; present, to give place to new earth, D551:1; to be removed, why, D558:2.
Misc.: Adam’s mother, E99:2; 106:1; best places of, for meek in the Millennium, D633:2; during the Millennial Age Church to reign over, E26:1; God used various agencies for creation of, through the Logos, E182:2; incarnation teaches Jesus was still a spirit being while on, E94:T; Jehovah’s footstool made glorious, D647-656; Kingdom of Christ to be established in, for Mediator to reign, E29:2; means organized society, D150:2; 272:1; 528:3-5; 542:3; 544:T; 548:1; 551:1; new-reorganized society under God’s Kingdom, D529:1; paradise of all after Millennium, D648:2; purchased by shed blood of Christ, D633:2; 648:T; E436:1; 443:2; redemption of, shown by blood poured at base of Altar, T42:T; while still on, Jesus could not use ransom-price, K2:2.
See Paradise.

Life: Lost by Adam to be restored during “times of restitution,” E145:2; to be brought to Adam and his race by application of ransom-price, K3:T.
Rights: Adam and his race to receive, by application of ransom-price, K3:T; redeemed by sin-offering, E152:2.
Misc.: Aaron’s, nature is represented in bullock and rams, T41:2; 42:1; affections and powers, a living sacrifice, T65:1; and heavenly promises contained in Bible, A203:2; beings compared with spiritual, A181:1- 182:1; blessings not to be prayed for, E223:T; Divine service is to sacrifice, interests and rights, T41:1; human race to be, in resurrection, A191:1; Kingdom will begin when Church complete, K4:1; paradise lost by man, not heavenly, A177:1; phase of Kingdom, Israelitish, A294:1; privileges lost in Adam to be given back to the worthy, E140:2; promises to Ancient Worthies fulfilled after Church complete, A293:2; Satan’s temptation of, dominion without suffering and death, E112:2; those developed in love inherit, Kingdom, E480:1.

An uprising of the people, J15:2 (1912); darkness of, prepares world for New Covenant, D630:1; evidence that earth is not yet perfect, A34:1; French Revolution was a great, D531:1; of Rev. 16:18-21, D557:T; signifies social revolution, J13:1 (1912); symbol used for Day of Vengeance, D527:5; 528:2; the great, revolution, A336:1.
See Revolution, Vengeance.

Adopted by Christendom about third century, F479:1; as viewed by Catholics, F480:1; 482:2-484; history of, from McClintock and Strong’s Encyclopedia, F481:3-484:3; name adopted from goddess of Saxons, F479:1; 481:4; pagan festival, F479; word in Acts 12:4 a mistranslation, F479:1; 481:4.
See Passover.

And drinking to glory of God, F595; 634-635; gluttony (Phil. 3:19) brings sufferings not for righteousness, F633:3; of people’s peace-offering represents consecration, T98:1-2; shew-bread only for priests, T22:2; subsequent Day of Atonement sinofferings, in Most Holy, T91:3; subsequent Day of Atonement trespassofferings, not burnt, T100:3.

A theological seminary from which efficient teachers are sent for wider service, F280:2; discipline (Mat.
18:15-18), F289:1-292:2; 301:1- 303:1; each represents whole; channels for blessings; unity and order of, F273:1-275:1; Lord Head and guide of each, F273-275; responsibility for ordination, F276:1-279:2; specially for spirit begotten, F311:1-2; who may participate in, elections, F281:2.

And civil powers seek mutual support, D130:1-131; Babylon’s confusion, what it is, D157-268; Christendom to reap sowing, D158:1; heavens, Papal and Protestant rolled together, D551:3; powers of Divine authority challenged, D77:1; powers referred to as “heavens” in Scripture, D150:2; reaction to anarchy, D81; religious revival of, tyranny expected, D104:2.
See Babylon; Christendom; Christians, Nominal.

Abuses its power, D60:5; beyond reformation, D42:1; Bozrah, symbol of, D17:1; great power in, D61:T; no longer bulwark to civil powers, D130-133; takes stand and indirectly renders account, D168-174; the charges against, D164-168; “The Decline of...” (article by John E.
Raymond), D102-104; warning to, D60:2-64; weighed and judged, D76:T; will use its power by control, D38:3; world’s criticism of, D102- 112.

Council, Rome, A.D. 1870, declared infallibility of Pope, B317:3-5.

Dominion Of: Communication in, similar to Kingdom’s communication, B136:3.
Misc.: Adam on probation in garden of, E469:T; contained life-sustaining trees, A209:1; Divine favor lost in, to be restored, E25:1; God’s Kingdom first established in, A247:1; if Adam pardoned he would have been restored to, E460:1; mankind to be restored to perfection lost in, A149:1; 173:1; world’s first Judgment Day in, A140:1.

Symbol of Christendom, D14:4-20; 22:3.

A little learning is a dangerous thing, A311:3; and increase of knowledge result of invention of printing, A166:2; 265:1.
EFFECT OF: In U.S. (by Chauncey M. Depew), D443-448; in Christendom, D516:2; on laborers, D430:2.
General, of masses results in revolution, anarchy, A265:1-2; increased by conscription, D386:1; 387:1; increases social unrest, D443:4; 445:2- 447:1; 449:4; is valuable but not a remedy, D448:3-449:4; lacks elementary wisdom of reverence for God, D639:2; not the remedy for present conditions, D450:T; of farmers, various views, D386:1; 450:1-452:3; of mechanics a remedy, D492-494; raised U.S. and European standards, D443:3; wealth gained without, D448:3-449; wherever Bible and liberty have gone, D306:2.
See Civilization; Knowledge; Liberty.

Altar in, Great Pyramid, C313-376; King of South (Dan. 11), C27:3; 32:1; oblivion of (Ezek.. 32:21), E372:3-4; plagues of, typical of Time of Trouble, A336:1; represents the world, A313:1; signs and wonders in, C315:2-319:1; traditions respecting shepherd kings, C322:2-3; type of the world, enemies of Lord and his people, T25:2; typical, F174:1-175; 433:1; 458:1; “Woe to them that go down to” (Isa. 31:1), C316:2.

Not: In age, but fitness to teach, F243:1; limited in number, F249:2; 280:2; necessarily prophets, F250:T; self-appointed, F278:4-279:1; to be dictatorial, F251:2; to be goats, goatlike sheep, golden-tongued goats, F247:1-248:2; to be novices, F248:2; 280:2; to be rebuked, F251:2; to be self-seeking, unsuitable for service, F296:2-297:1.
Of Israel: Elected by each tribe, A48:2; seventy, part of Israel’s democratic government, A46:1.
Represent: Lord and Church, F302:T; 306:T; Lord as Head and Teacher, F283:T.
Responsibilities: Admonishing those who are unruly, F300:1-303:1; overseers and general overseers, as pastors and prophets, F244:1-246:1; 251:1; shepherds of the flock with variety of ministries, F282:3-283:1; teachers publicly, as well as privately, F255:1-256:1.
Selection And Qualifications Of: F247:1; 249; 251; 274:T-2; 280:2; 323:T; A novice of insufficient experience might spoil meetings, F322:T; a paid ministry, F285:4-288:4; according to humility and talents, F246:2; 249:3-250:1; by stretching forth hand, F276:1-279:2; character, duties, number, abilities, F249:1- 251:2; 280:2-281:1; Church’s duty in, F247:1; 273:2-275; 279:T; 281:2- 282:1; 296-297; 416:1-2; for service as in priesthood, F242:2-243:2; humility essential, F246:2; 279:T; 296-297; 323:T; if none found competent, may prefer Brother Russell, F281:1; only by consecrated, F275:1; 281:2; period of service, F280:1.
To: Alternate speakers, F322-323; be honored according to character and faithfulness, F251:2; 253:T; feed the flock, F282:3-283:1; take heed to selves, F283:T.
Misc.: Accusations against, F293:1- 294:2; 418:1-2; appointed by Lord, E278:2-3; Ecclesia better without, unless competent, F281:1; general, F244:2; 245:2; 251:1; local, F245:2; 251:1; servants of Church, F244:T; 302:T; subject to Church, F302:T; what term includes, F276:2.

Paul antitype of, T110:T; signifies “Helped by God,” T110:T.

Church: Completed and glorified midst Time of Trouble, D530:1; engage in Kingdom work this side of veil, D622:1; 624:3; guarded against Evolution Theory, E22:T; jewels, joint-heirs, D609:2; Kingdom class proper consists of only Lord and, D618:2; only ones kept from falling, D581:2; only those in Christ, E116:1; F191:3; taught of God, E116:1; time permitted for preparing of, D621:1; will intervene in Time of Trouble, D579:2.
Gathering Of: By “angels,” D600- 601:3; by Seventh Trumpet, D601:2- 3; first work of Kingdom, D621:2; from four winds, D610:2; 612:3; gospel preached to nations to call out, D568:1; 620:2; “Great decisive battle” after sealing and, D548:1; in harvest, D616:4; 624:3; symbolic descriptions of, D600:2.
Very: All deceived except, D581:2- 582:1; E116:1; F191:4-192:1; and Elect distinguished, E281:2; of “elect” to “very elect” and two classes which fail, F165:1.
Misc.: No others free of eternal torment taught in error, E466:1; power of God works in, F191:2; those called during Gospel Age, E456:1.
See Church, True; Saints.

False Views On: Arbitrary coercion of fatalism, A96:2; 102:2-3; Arminianism denies, A114:1; Calvinistic view of, A114:1-3; misunderstood due to false ideas of justice, A189:3; vs. Bible view which includes blessing of non-elect, F163:1-164:2; 178:2-180; 193:1.
In Past: For purpose of types and illustrations, F170-175; 178:2; of Abraham, A97:1.
Of Church: According to foreknowledge of God, E147:1; F179:1; as a class, A193:2; character of, shown by Aaron’s rod, T122:2; conditional, A195:2; God’s part and ours, F185:2- 186:1; for blessing non-elect, E471:T; F164:2; 178:2; in Gospel Age, A97:3; number of Called, F179:1-180:2; 395:2; predetermined before foundation of world, A193:1; the “King’s Own,” F178:2-180:2; to position of honor, A194:1.
Of Israel: A97:1; typical, F176-178.
Misc.: And Free Grace both true, A96:1-3; 114-116:2; defined, A96:2; 189:3; discussion of, A189-195; God has a right to do as he pleases with his own, A190:1; in progress in present and past ages, A96:1; not lottery, F667:1; of God without violating human will, such as, Pharaoh’s, F173:1-175:2; of grace or favor, F178:2.

Typified holy Spirit, F171:T; 363:T.

And: John the Baptist, as types, C231:1-2.
Prophet: A figure for joint work of Jesus and Church, B255:1; and the Church, chart, B256; Church in flesh, as forerunner of Church in glory, B252:1; coming of, before Day of Jehovah, B250:2; priority of his work before Kingdom, B249:2-3; represents true Church in work of attempting conversion of world, B251:1; significance of name, B265:T; to prepare all mankind for the second advent, B250:1; typical, B250-265.
Taken: Decrease as Time of Trouble increases, C242:1; violence to last members of Church typified by, C231; whirlwind ascent typical, C225:1.

His work foreshadowed restitution work, B266:1; meaning of name, B266:1; successor of Elijah with mantle of authority, B265:1.

Shows outgrowth of pure character, T29:4.

New Creatures, development of, A197:1; perfect sperm produces perfect embryo, E100:4; responsibility of parents in begettal and gestation, F519:1-523:2.
See New Creature, Embryo.

Jesus’ appearance on road to, B113:2.

Fifth Universal: God’s Kingdom, A260:2-261; B76:1; 80:1; D616:4- 617:T; set up before destruction of Gentile governments, A261:3; C301; D624:4; western, rise and fall of, C76:1.
Four Universal: Dan. 2 and 7, B76:1; dream of Nebuchadnezzar, A253:2; from God’s standpoint, A251:3-261; from world’s standpoint, A256:1.
Misc.: Destruction of Roman, A260:1; expansion of, for profits, D355:4; “Holy Roman,” commenced 800 A.D., B354:1-F; Prof. Fisher regarding rise and fall of, D50:1.

Of Age: Four points descriptive of, D570:4; is harvest, D568:2.
Of Millennium: All will be in subjection to Jehovah, E78:1; by that time Redeemer to accomplish perfection of man, E471:1; goats receive everlasting destruction, E480:T; reconciliation of world will be complete, E30:6-31:2; 456:T; Satan to be destroyed, E480:T; sheep receive Father’s favor, E480:T; those who sympathize with or practice sin will die the Second Death, E474:2; the work of redemption accomplished, E441:T.
Time Of: Beginning, how marked, C40:1; definitely marked by Daniel, C24:2; events leading to, C24:3; fixed period, C23; 46:3; 59:1; harvest period closes, C24:1-2; 135:1; Lord’s Great Prophecy regarding, D563-614; proofs of, C63:3; symbolic fulfillment of signs of, D590-601; two particular features mark, J4:2 (1912); unfolding of Pyramid’s secrets in, C319:2; 320:2; 338:3; work of, twofold, C59:1.
See Dates; Time, Of The End.

Destruction of, by reign of Christ, E39:1-40:T; God’s, are outside the Camp, T62:2; rights of, in Mosaic Law, A50:5; Satan the chief, of the ransom doctrine, E428:2; those who refuse holy Spirit in Kingdom will be destroyed, E218:1.

54 wars since 1800, D119:1; 1893 Depression in, D286:2-4; 291:1; army of, now commanded by Parliament, D560:1; assumed protectorate over Palestine in 1878, B218:2; benefits by demonetization of silver, D394:1-2; capital beats unions in, D350:2; cotton industry doomed by Japanese trade, D346:7-347:1; Disraeli’s address in 1874 regarding coming judgments, D113:3; affect of demonetization of silver in, D335:1; affect of free trade in, D334:2; 338:T; 396:2; financiers of, regarding demonetization of silver, D396:1- 399; illiterate Parliament 350 yrs. ago, D78:1; India supplanted cotton trade, D336:1-2; industrial conditions in, D97:3; number of poor in, D373:T; poverty and unemployment in, D291:1; 349:4-351; 372:2; Reformation in, brought progress through Bible as instructor, D306:2; response of German claim, D56; Socialism in, D129:3; 350:3; the labor outlook in, D349-352; trusts in, D368:1-2; Wales, statistics on social status (1873), C163; wheat production in, D390:2.
See Church, Of England; Great Britain.

Paul, by Candlestick, T65:2; world will be, by Jesus and Church, E217:4; 451:T; 457:1; 471:T; 473:1.

Is spirit of Satan, E186:2; mind of flesh, E199:2; New Creature does not, E200:1; provoking to, F596:3; sacrifices of others obscured through, T62:3.

Breastplate: Of Judgment on front of, T34:3; breastplate of same material as, T35:1.
Misc.: Back part of, represents New Covenant, T30:4; 33:2; consisted of two parts, T30:4; curious girdle same material as, T30:4; front part represents Abrahamic Covenant, T30:4; golden chain and clasps of, T35:3; 36:1; scarlet, blue, and purple of, represents conditions of covenants, T34:2.

Symbolic name of Christendom, D22:3.

“High Church” observes Mass, D33:F; view of social commotion, D450-452.
See Church Of England.

Addressed to Church alone, B203:1; E306:2.

Creative: Clue to length of, F19:2; 50:2; evening first in, F31:1; work of, F29:3.
Second: And third contrasted, A67:4; under control of Satan, A67:1-69; 71:1; 73:1; 221:1.
Third: Under control of Jesus and his joint-heirs, A67:2; 220:1.
Misc.: Ages, A70:2-75; called heavens and earth, A69:1; first, ruled by angels, A66:2; 67:3; 220:1; God’s Plan spans three, A66-75; stages of Church, F401:2-3.
See World(s); Dispensations.

Leagues: Church practices abandoned for, D177:3; for church union, D172:T.

Spirit Of: Assumes to be wiser than Word of God, E198:3; is spirit of Satan, E198:3.
Misc.: And sin, how demolished, E250:1-2; children of nominal church begotten of, D576:1; Christendom developed by, C164; Church saved from pestilence of, C241:3; extremes of, hide truth, E296:2-3; immortality doctrine the root of much, C117:1-2; leads to unbelief, E198:2-199:1; mixed with truth in creeds, A24:2; often taught in good conscience, A12:1; origin of, in Church, F60:1; sectarianism developed by, F207:2; swept away in Day of Lord, A320- 322; tends to evil, E64:2; to be destroyed by symbolic fire in Day of Lord, A320:3.
See Spirit, Of Error.

Class: Christendom sold birthright like, D16:1; persecuted Church, D567:1; 620:2.
Misc.: Hated, Jacob loved, F171:2- 172; typified natural Israel, F171:2- 172:1.

Life: A blessing of redemption if conditions are met, E468:1; for all those truly God’s children, E446:2; God’s gift through Jesus Christ, E417:2; God’s will that obedient should be given, E475:1; man will be better able to appreciate in Millennium, E403:1; to attain, God’s laws must be kept from heart, E420:T; world’s worthiness or unworthiness for, in hands of Jesus, E408:1; 457:2; 470:1.
Salvation: Mediator places limitations on matter of, E473:1; not all Israel saved to, E469:3.
Torment: A delusion of Satan, E441:1; all except pure in heart, elected to suffer, is taught in error, E466:2; developed many tares, C137:1; doctrine of demons, F640:1; doctrine of, destroyed by proper recognition of “mortal” and “immortal,” A187:3; fear of, causes many to believe doctrine of Trinity, E64:1; from Dark Ages, E307:4; grew from immortality of soul doctrine, B323:1; C116:1; E307:4; if, is wages of sin, Jesus would have to experience it to be our substitute, E480:2.
NOT: A just penalty for sin, E441:1; 422:1; the penalty of sin, but death, A127:3; 158:2-159:1; the wages of sin, E354:3; 364:2; 369:9-370:3; 373; 378:2,5; 380:2; 405:2; 422:1; 441:1; 480:2; F331:2-333:1.
Opposite extreme from universal salvation, E466:2.
RANSOM: Annuls theory of, E441:1; 480:2; could not redeem from, F622:3.
Sanctuary cleansed from doctrine of, C115-118:2; symbolisms and parables misconstrued to teach, A128:1; views of various doctors of divinity on, D107-110:3.
See Torment.

God’s lessons regarding sin for all intelligent creatures for all, E486:T; plan for ransom the center of story to be told throughout, E31:3.

For Kingdom of Heaven’s sake, F509-512.

Literal and mystic, B209:T.

Governments: Civil powers of, conciliatory to Pope, D131:3; demonstrations of Socialism in, D127-129; every cabinet agitated, D114:T; represented in the ten toes of Daniel’s image, A253:3; Socialism ahead in, D483:1; why Nationalism in, D485:2.
Kings: “Crown or people?” regarding armies, D559-561; “poor lot of kings,” D82:1; divine right of, stability of, D36:2; crowned and deposed of by Papacy, A268:1-2; to abdicate, D123:2-126.
Orient And: Appalled by rising specter of, D121:1; 332:1; soon competition in markets of, D336:2; 348:3.
Revolution: Conditions in French, vs. those in America preceding world-wide, D530:3-541.
Trouble In: Crisis in, delayed by U.S. prosperity, D314:3; destitution in, D287:4; disquiet in, D114-118; facing Time of Trouble, D442:2-3; indebtedness of, D89:2-93:3; marching to catastrophe, D96:2; 134:3.
U.S. And: Investment of money in U.S., D328:3; wealthy of U.S. emigrate to, D148:2.
War: Governments of, fear their troops, D141:3; maximum armament in, D123:1; 134:3; military costs, D93-96; 485:2; number of armies of, D119:2; threat of, in, D115-123; in, since 1800 and national debt, D119:1- 2; relieve pressure of labor-competition in, D314:4.
Misc.: Looking to churches for assistance, D266:3; “North Quarters” against Israel, D556:1; poverty and pauperism in, D287:4; “the glory of...has departed,” D119:2.

Church of England will give apostolic authority, J9:4 (1912); False Prophet, vitalized product of, J10:1 (1912); formed 1846, J9:1-3 (1912); organization of Protestants into one system, C119:2; two-horned beast not part of, J9:2 (1912); union of Protestants, J16:T (1912).

Also preachers, F254:2; 256:2; and teachers not stars, D593:1; colpor- teurs, F256:2-257:1; praying for more reapers, F256:2-257:1; Stephen, F254:1-2; work with Watch Towers and STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES, F256:2-257:1.

A transgressor though deceived, A123:T; Adam and, called Adam, T101:T; and Church compared, E102:1; had she alone sinned, the race would not have died, E101:2; Jesus was seed of Adam through, E151:3; lack of knowledge by, resulted in falling into sin, E412:1; one with Adam and shared the sentence, A124:T; race from Adam by, E100:1- 3; ransomed in Adam, T102:T; separated for propagation, T101:T; shared in Adam’s transgression, F616:T; temptation of, F614:2-615.
See Adam, and Eve.

Destruction: Received by goats at end of Millennium, E480:T; Second Death is, E465:2; suffered by the man Jesus, E454:2; 466:T; was death sentence, E466:T; without redemption, of soul would have been, E465:2.
Life: After Millennium, E402:1; can be received by world only from Christ, E143:T; conditions of, E385:3-386:3; Great Company to have, A214:1; hope of, E386:6; 387:1; how many will receive? E401:2-3; 419:4; is a gift, E386:1; 387:3; 417:2; man’s appreciation of, in Millennium, E403:1; not synonymous with immortality, E388:2-3; the Jewish hope of, E384:T-2; to be possible for all, E385:T-387:1; 468:1- 469:1; world’s philosophy of, E387:2-3; 399:2.
Salvation: Has limitations placed by Mediator, E473:1; not promised by 1 Tim. 2:4, E466:1-468:3.
Misc.: Cedar wood represents, life, T109:1; Whose goings forth, from (Mic. 5:2), E45:1-3.
See Life; Mortality.

Definition: And good, Evolutionary view, E187:2; cause of, is sin, A117:1; definition of, A117:1; is wrong principle in action, A118:2; not always sin, A125:F; principle will cease to be active, A121:2.
God: Limited by, A132:3; not author of, F640:T; 643:2; not be judged by rough scaffolding of, A65:1; overruled, to further Divine Plan, D611:3.
Permission Of: A valuable lesson, A117:2-118:1; 121:1; 124:1; 126:1; brings fuller acquaintance with God’s character, A135:2; displays God’s wisdom, F49:1; 643:2-644; for development and sacrifice of Church, D548:3; F643:2-646; for discipline of Church, A136:T; 222:1; for six thousand years, A94:1; 167:1; justice of, D526:1; not permitted in Kingdom, D519:3; object lesson to future creations, E416:1; 486:T; F70:1; results in greater love for God and establishment in righteousness, A124:1; why permitted, A117-136.
“Present, World”: Evil predominated in, A67:4-5; Satan, ruler of, A67:1; 67:5-68:1; 221:1.
Speaking: Being, spoken of is a witness of holy Spirit, E236:T; brethren leaving “Holy,” of sacrifices of fellow priests, T63:T.
Spirit Of: Battles with holy Spirit in hearts of mankind, E189:1; fear one of most serious foes of spirit begotten, E196:2; hates goodness and truth, E161:1; is spirit of Antichrist, E187:T-1; seems favored in battle with holy Spirit, E190:1; to be destroyed with Satan, E193:T.
Misc.: Adam’s knowledge of, by information, A122:2; blotted out gradually during Millennium, A67:4; discerned by conscience, A119:1; end of, when, C211:3; experience with, the most lasting lesson, A121:3- 122:2; 126:1; 151:1; D548:3; E403:1; 412:T; fret not thyself because of, doers, F591:2; influence for, doubled if once enlightened, E294:2; natural result is destruction, A127:1; rule of, reversed in “World to Come,” A219:2; spirits possessed false Christs, D565-566; suppression of, why delayed, F331:1; 335-336:1; they that have done, F710:1; to be suppressed, A121:2; 134:1; 302:1; we are not to render evil for evil, F307:2; T63:T.
See Spirit, Of Evil.

Wilful, will be cut off in next age, E240:T.

Refuted By: Atonement doctrine, E20:3-24; Pyramid, C374:2; ransom, F640:T; restitution, F40:4; Word of God, E21-22.
Science And: Darwin’s experiments corroborated Genesis “kind,” F22:1- 2; no scientific evidence, F43:1-45:1; “Science falsely so-called” opposed to nature, F45:2-3; view of Science, E304:2.
Teaching of: Antagonistic to doctrine of restitution, E23:2; Apostle Peter taught opposite of, E23:1-2; conflicts with foundation of faith, E21:2; contradicts doctrine of fall and restitution, A161:3-162:2; 172:T; denies fall, E21:1; “higher criticism” and, destroyed reverence for Bible, D388:1; in deadly conflict with Bible, E21:T; modern, denies personal God and Satan, E188:T; natural law, not a God-Creator, evolved from protoplasm, F21:T; renders Atonement void, D193:3; squarely at issue with Bible, especially ransom, F39:3-40:4; substituted for ransom, D592:T; unbiblical regarding creation of man, F39:3; 53:4.
Theory: Accepted by heathen and civilized lands, E303:1; ministers reject cross in favor of, D591:2-592; possible as to lower creations, F35:3; 37:1-4; very elect guarded against, E22:T.
Misc.: Accepted by wise of the world, D413:2; contrary to reason, A31:1; lacks proof, A30:1-2; modern invention not the result of, A161:3-167:1; Protestant seminaries hotbeds of, D162:T; one theory allows for direct creation of man, A31:2-3; rejected by Orient, D229:1; taught at Parliament of Religions, D188:1; taught by Christendom, D162:T; 170:T; 592:T.
See Creation.

Of Jesus: Because of obedience, E82:T; does not imply equality with Father, E39:1; God’s, to Divine nature, T52:3; not merely to nature of Logos, but to Divine nature, E150:T; 166:1.
Of Nathan’s Family: Mary may have realized humble, would be exalted through Messiah, E133:1-4.

Weapons of, formed in second century, B285:1.

Satan serves as, of God’s Law, E449:1.

Christ is the, of God’s Law, T121:2.

Best way of learning, A121:3-122:2; Divine purpose of, D518:T; of man with evil, is an illustration to others, A122:1; 135:2; opposes Communism, D476:4; 478:2; with sin, is lasting lesson, A121:1; 135:1-2; with suffering developed sympathy in Jesus, E128:1.
See Sin, Experience With.

“Close your...,” A191:2; hath not seen, E201:1; F50:T; 80:T; 690- 691:1; of blind shall be opened, F710:3; of understanding and faith, B122:2; symbolize intelligence, A258:2; B305:T.

Complete consecration and submission to the Divine will, D42:T.

High Priest’s, meant death, T87:2; of Reformers to further resist Satan’s temptations, E114:4; of Solomon to walk after Divine precepts, E131:3-5.

Church: A fruit of the Spirit and part of our present inheritance, F688:2- 691:2; bullock is a sin-offering for the, T55:2; 63:2; considering weakness of our, more than one testimony provided, B224:2; judged not by works but by, F112-113:1; Paul and, became New Creatures by, T65:2; receives holy Spirit by, E242:1; reckoned perfect and receives blessings of restitution by, A153:T; walk by, why, F142:2; walk of, brings trouble to God’s people, E411:1; overcome the world by, E238:1.
Defined: F689:1; 691:1; Articles of Jewish-Christian, C283:2-3; foundation for, in Apostles’ writings, F217- 229:2; not reckless exposure to danger, E111:1-112:1; spirit of fear vs., E196:2-3; 199:1; F198:1-2; vs. credulity, E112:1; F689:1.
Foundation Of: Bible sole source of, reformation doctrine, C112:1; Evolution Theory conflicts with, E21:2; hopes and fears not grounds for, E383:3-384:1; 387:2; in proportion to knowledge, F315:1; should be built upon God’s Word, A10:3; Spirit of God leads to, E199:1; stands in God’s power, F219:2.
STUDY OF: Bible strengthening to, A14:T; Lord’s Word needed for deeper, D616:2.
Household Of:
ABRAHAM: A member of, T27:2; justified by (pyramid “c” on plane “N” on Chart), A228:3.
In Court condition of justification, T62:2; Levites typical of, T26:2; 27:2; 55:2; recognizes sacrifice of saints, T62:2.
In Christ’s Sacrifice: Must appropriate to self cleansing power of Christ’s blood, E444:3-445:2; provides propitiation or satisfaction, E461:T.
Justification: Church justified by, A226:1; E241:3; F106:2-3; 108:1-2; 688:2; by faith in the blood of Christ, E442:2-445:2; 461:T; by, shown on plane “N” on Chart, A225:1; 231:4; 233:1; fruit of spirit, different from, prior to begettal, F688:2-691:1; in Christ the only means of salvation, A100:5; 102:3; then works required, A233:1; reckoned during Gospel Age, E145:2; 241:3.
Tabernacle: Cakes mingled with oil represents, in Christ, T98:3; highest attainment in flesh is, condition of, T54:3; Court represents condition of, in ransom, T20:2; 22:1; 59:3; enter gate to Court through, in Jesus’ ransom sacrifice, T20:2; 22:1; hearing of, represented by blood on right ear, T45:1; wafers represent hope and, T46:2; 98:3; with love and obedience represented by incense, T120:1.
Works: And, required of Church and world, A233:1-234:1; F106:3-108:2; 112:1-113; demonstrated by, F108:2; 315:1; Mary was full of, E102:3.
Misc.: Antitypical Canaan reward of, T25:3; cures of, works of devil, F640:1; enabled Jesus to rejoice in the midst of sorrow and trouble, E161:T; full assurance of, E241:1; F691:2; mankind to receive perfect human nature through, A180:2; many have so little, they do not look for more light, A20:2-21:1; necessary to overcoming, F315:1; 689:T-691:2; of Apostles and early Church established in fact of Jesus’ resurrection, B121:1; operation of, in Gospel and Millennial Ages, F106:3-108:1;112:1- 113:1; prayer of, in resurrection, D640:2; required for forgiveness, F146:1-148:1; required for progress in restitution, F106:3-107:1; rich in, E255:1; why joys dimmed, F143:2.
See Justification, By Faith.

Unto Death: Some all down through the Gospel Age, D567:1.
Misc.: Alone understand truth as due, B21-22:1; of first and second advents discern signs, D597:4-598:T; privileges of, D601:3; servant made ruler over meat, B163:3; D163:1-4; spirit of evil attacked by, E190:2; to be “Stars of Heaven,” D594:1.

Of Church:
REWARDED: By new mind being given a new body, E195:3; with immortality, E395:3-398:6.
Saints encouraged to, A346-349; witness of Spirit, E236:2-237:1.
Misc.: Ashes of heifer shows, of Ancient Worthies, T109:T; God measures, by our self-sacrifice and sufferings, E490:3; represented by blue upper robe, T30:3; unto death represented by burning of sin offerings, T71:T.

Of Man: All apostles pointed back to, E24:1; death penalty, favorable, E415:1-2; Evolution denies, E21:1; foreknown by God, A124:1-126:1; E146:2; 450:3; indirect result of Eve’s lack of knowledge, A123:T; E412:1; lesson to angels, E416:1; man created perfect, but fell, A123:1; E17:2; man’s life span averages 33 years, E406:2; permitted, E411:2; Satan teaches no, into sin, E116:T; Scriptures united in testimony of, E405:2.
Result of:
ALL MANKIND: Condemned in Adam, A128:3; E100:1; subject to frailty by heredity from Adam, E26:2.
Affects body, mind, morals, E408:2- 409:T; of Adam, A122:2-124:1.
See Sin.

Christs: And teachers, D580-581:T; beware of, D565:2-566:T; heads of churches and states are, D580:2; Sabbathai Levi in 1648, D565:3.
Gods: Greek word theos can refer to, E70:1; Jesus refused to worship Satan, E74:2-3.
Misc.: Witness of holy Spirit, E226:3-228:2.
See Counterfeits.

Backbone of society, D385:2; conditions of European and American, D389:1; 391:2; conservative element of society, D392:1; 396:T; 410:5; education of, D386:1; 451:1-452:3; fraud causes unrest of, D392:1; 396:1; 408:1-411:4; how prohibition would affect, D471:T; law of supply and demand on, D327:1-328:1; mass of U.S. were fishermen and farmers, at first census, D417:2; prosperity and dissatisfaction of, D387:T; the “cries of the reapers,” D385-411; wheat exporters suffering, D407:1; work of, kept Vanderbilt in extravagance, D297:T; world wheat production, D389:1-392:T.

Inwards and, of ram represent heart sentiments, T42:1; 45:2; of bullock placed on Brazen Altar, T57:1; of goat compared with bullock, T61:2; 95:1; type of zeal and love, T61:2.

A God-dishonoring doctrine, A103:T; doctrine of election is not, A96:2.

Acceptance By: Made evident to Jesus’ followers at Pentecost, E211:1; K3:T; merit of ransom deposited with the, K3:T; through robe of righteousness, E445:2; through sanctification by Jesus, E435:1.
Church: Are children of, not of Christ, E143:1-2; 145:3; 456:2; drawn of the, not the Son, E146:1.
Compared To Jesus: All things of the Father and by Jesus, E38:2; 45:T; 54:T; 223:T; 263; 398:7; and Son not equal in person, E35:1-40:T; 41:2- 55:1; 59-60:1; 69:2; 75-82:3; exaltation of Jesus does not imply equality with, E39:1; seal of holy Spirit is from the, and through Christ, E246:4; Son is not the Father in Jn. 14:7-10, E76:1-2; the, is always excepted, E79:T.
Compared To Mother: If father were perfect, the child would be perfect, E100:4; 103:1; in Jewish Age, child’s inheritance was of father according to standing of mother, E105:1; life or being comes from father, form and nature from mother, E99:1-3, 103:2-3.
Definition Of: Means “Life-giver,” E99:2.
Everlasting: Applies to Christ at his second advent, E141:3; Christ will be, to all of Adam’s race who accept New Covenant, E144:3; Jesus will be Life-giver to world, E105:3; 141:4; 143:T; 221:2-3; 457:1; the Christ, Head and Body, E142:2; T102:2; this office is not yet fulfilled, E457:1.
Heavenly: All restitution work needed to bring full reconciliation with, E456:T; and Son now unknown to world, E90:2-92:1; and Son and holy Spirit, unity of, E59; 165:2; at close of Millennial Age mankind will be turned over to, E419:3; 458:1; 471:1; 473:T; character and plan of, distorted by Christendom, D159:2; committed all judgment unto the Son (Jn.
5:22), E408:1; 458:T; desires us to have more and more of his Spirit of holiness, E223:T; foreknew election of the Church, E146:2-147:1; foreknew the Logos would become man’s Redeemer, E146:2; gives Jesus his Kingdom, E79:1; great teacher and law-giver, E50:2; “Holy One” (1 Jn. 2:20) the, E282:2.
LIFE-GIVER TO: Adam, E99:2; angels, “New Creatures” and men, E104:3.
Mediator the only way by which one can come to, E489:2; perfect in all his attributes, E34:1; seal of sonship shows being at-one with, E247:5; taught Jesus, E51:2; trials designed to draw us near to, E227:1; will be Grand, of all, E142:T; 458:2; work of redemption is of the, and through the Son, E38:2; 223:T.
Jesus: Always referred to Jehovah as his, E89:1; in express image of, B131:2; Joseph not, of, E130:1; 133:2; 149:1; not the, of the Church, E143:2; 456:2; of Adam’s race by paying ransom, E452:4; 453:T; 454:4; 457:1-2; 458:1-2; of restored human race as Second Adam, E453:1; 454:3- 4; 458:1-2; patriarchs and prophets “children” of, E142:2; spake the words of his, T54:2; will be, under the New Covenant, E144:3.
Oneness: He that hath seen me hath seen the, E76:1-77:2; Jesus and, not one in person, E59:1; 75:2; Jesus representative of, but not the Father, E43:3; 44:1; one in purpose, spirit, word and work with Jesus, E75:2-4; 85:1; unity between Father, Son and holy Spirit, E59:1.
Misc.: He who has seal of sonship delights to do will of, E248:T.
See Mother, Compared To Father.

Under law, not be oppressed, A52:3.

Have eaten sour grapes, E331:2- 332:3; instead of thy, shall be thy children, D620:1; 625:2; E142:2; patriarchs and prophets were called, E142:2.

Punishment For: Chastenings not always, E234:1.

Divine: Ark is the depository of, T126:2; at close of Millennial Age, world will be fully back in, E30:6- 31:2; lost in Eden to be restored in Millennial Kingdom, E25:1; sheep receive at end of Millennium, E480:T; those unworthy of further, will die the Second Death, E31:1.
Jewish: Day of Israel’s greatest, is day of their rejection, B214:2; Gentiles not accepted until end of seventy weeks of, E213:2; increased to remnant after midst of seventieth week, B70:1-2; 234:2; returned to Israel, prayed for by Daniel, B64:3; seventy weeks of, B63:1-2; 69:1- 71:3; 214:T.
Misc.: Scape-goat seeks, of world, T68:2.

Proper: To fall into God’s hands in imperfect state (Heb. 10:31), E471:T; of attacks from without, E197:2.
Spirit Of: Can be valuable servant of New Creature, E197:2; causes lack of faith and trust in God, E198:2; contrasted to holy Spirit, E249:1-2; 255:2; defined, E196:3; holy Spirit of truth is antidote for, E196:3; is spirit of the Adversary, E198:3; serious foe of spirit begotten ones, E196:2-199:1.
Misc.: Driving all religions together, D237:7; identified with physical weakness, E249:3; of eternal torment causes many to believe doctrine of Trinity, E64:1; of scape-goat class, of death and men, T60:2; 70:1; of Trinitarians to translate Jehovah’s name properly, E65:F; power illustrating, F173:2; saints need not, in trouble, D45:2; suffering of, from coming conditions, D392:3.
See Spirit, Of Fear.

Protestant: Heeds apostolic authority, J16:T (1912); symbolized by False Prophet and Image of Beast, J7:2 (1912); vitalization from two-horned beast, J16:T (1912).
Misc.: Catholicism and Protestantism keep identity in, D258:2; church, regarding Rev. 16:13, J10:1 (1912); of Protestants, Catholic church and civil power, same teachings, J11:T (1912).
See Beast, Image Of.

Happy: Adversary uses to deceive, E227:1; not a proper witness of the Spirit, E226:3-227:1.
Misc.: Not a proper criterion of sonship, E229:5; of others’ infirmities depends on degree of sympathy, E125:2.

Of Christ: Agents of Kingdom, C235:2-238:T; declare reign of Christ begun, B141:2; C301; despised by men, esteemed by Head, C236:2; do not sleep in death, C240:T; join Lord in air, significance, C238:1; labor ends, work continues, C238:T; last members of Body, A341:3; C236:1; mission of, C235:2; 237:1-2; 303:1; must all die, C238:2; reflect glory of perfected saints, C301; the “dead who die in Lord from henceforth” are, C240:2-241:F; violence to, probable, C231:1-2; work of, prophesied by Isaiah, C236:1.
Of Jehovah: Erroneous views on, D649:3; upon Mt. of Olives, D649:2- 652:2.

With God And Jesus: Brought closer by development of graces of the Spirit, E238:2; work of Mediator is to bring back the willing into, E217:2.
Misc.: In Lord’s sufferings and glory, C206:2-207:1; not with truth deserters, F629:2; sanctifying power of, E245:2-246:1; when restricted, F150:1; withdrawal of, corrective merely, F289:2-290:1; 292:2.

Represents: Civilized world or earth, C121:3; 137:T; 140:T-3; D574:3; 609:2; 648:1; E440:1; condition outside Babylon, D574:3; 609:2.
Misc.: Let him in the, not turn back, D574:1-3; parable of treasure hidden in, E440:1.

Signifies Jewish nation, D604:1; putting forth leaves, B93:T.
See Israel.

Of: Christ’s authority, B147:1-2; Day of Vengeance, D527:4; Papal power, B304:4-305:2; C37:1; 95:1; separating work in Church, C197:2-198:1; D600:2; to be kept separate, C197:2; various Bible, A324:2.
Of True Church: Alone not presented under, of man, B255:1; 277:1; body, spirit, soul of, E353:1-2; each has own peculiar force, C197:2; of man typifies joint work of Christ and, B255:1; of oneness in pyramid, temple, human body, etc., F72:2-75:1; 83:2; various, E137:2.
See Types.

Our righteousness is as, rags, E445:2.

Control governments and press, D401:1; demonetization of silver by, D396:1-411:4; legislators, 401:1; Methodist view of, D425:3; policy supported by salaried class, why, D395:1-2; responsible for demonetization of silver, D396:1; 471:2.
See Silver; Gold.

Baptism Of: Holy Spirit and, B233:2; E290:1; on Christendom, F445:1; wrath upon Israel, E290:1.
God’s Jealousy: B162:2; D370:1; E357:1-2; anarchy, D271:1; of God’s zeal to devour society, A316:1-319:2.
Symbol Of: And brimstone, trouble and destruction, A318:1; D540:3; Day of Vengeance, D527:4; 528:3; God’s acceptance, T89:2; lake of, E380:2; not literally destroying earth, A324:1; B32:T; D529:1.
TROUBLE: Destruction, A316:2- 318:1; 322:T; 324:1; Time of, B168:1.
Symbolic, will destroy error and effect purification of faith, A320:1- 321:2.
Tabernacle: Burned continually upon Brazen Altar, T97:1; burnt offering consumed by God’s, T89:2; coals of, brought into Holy, T55:2; from Brazen Altar represents trials, T56:2; shows God’s acceptance of sacrifice, T46:T; Jesus’ trials, T56:1- 2.
Misc.: Consuming wrath during whole Millennial Age, B151:1; flood of, to destroy trusts, D370:1; kindled against Israel, E357:1-2; Lord revealed in flaming, B150:2-151:3; means fiery trouble, D44:1; nations assembled for, of God’s indignation, D269:1-384:T; of destruction not until Lord permits, D548:1; one class saved by, and tribulation, T40:1-3; social elements preparing for, D272:3-274:T; three Hebrews typical in furnace of, B162:2; to consume vice and selfishness, D370:1; to destroy order of things, B162:2.
See Torment; Death.

Meaning (Gen. 1:1), F31:2-3; 53:3; Papal application of (Gen. 1:16), B308:3; The Christ (Dan. 12:3), A292:1.

And Last: Creation of Jesus, why, E93:2.
Misc.: Day of week, appearances of Jesus after resurrection, B115:2; justification, then offer sacrifice, T66:1; last shall be, A292:3; F118:2; plan for ransom was, step in God’s program, E425:1; 427:T; work of Christ in Millennial reign is binding of Satan, E20:T; 470:T.

Israel looked for Messiah at, E157:1; Jesus came for purpose of redemption at, E425:1; 427:T; spirit battles began at, E189:2.
See Advent, First.

Israel’s, typical of New Creation, F457:2-460:2.

Of Spirit: Enumerated, F659:1; seal of spirit, E247:2; 437:T; our Lord, of them that slept, E362:1-4.

All who share in , receive immortality, E78:2; liberty of sons of God attained fully by Church through, E458:T; Most Holy represents birth in, T19:2; 21:1.

God Manifest In: Ancient Worthies, E77:2; Church, A87:1; Jesus, E771; T84:2.
Jesus: Bodies of, created and dissolved for each occasion by, B130:2; gave, as ransom-price, B129:T; E84:5; 466:T; known no more after, E466:T; made perfect in, not sinful, A229:3; E122:1; 440:1; Redeemer had to be, to redeem mankind, T52:1; voluntarily became, E84:4; was spirit being before being made, E63:T; 84:1.
Mind Of: Battled by new mind, D475:3-477:1; E200:2; contrary to the mind of the Spirit, E200:T-2; F600:1; difficulties of new will with, even if in perfect body, F485:3; not being tested, but is New Creature, E117:2.
In New Creation: Crucified by new will, F485-489:1; 600:1; distinctions between sexes and races, F489:2- 490:2; God’s dealings not according to, F634:2; life choked if we live after, A213:2; sacrificing and making allowances for, F488:1-489:1; to be resisted, F673:2; to put no confidence in, F368:1-2; unruly not supported, but admonished, F297:2-299; will of, chief among the foes, F599:1-603:2.
Weaknesses: Hindrance to perfect deeds, E201:T; varying degrees of, in all, D475:1-476:3.
Misc.: And bone, not spirit body, B128:1-2; and hide burnt without Camp, T57:3; 80:3; boiling of, of ram of consecration no part of sacrifice, T47:1; highest attainment of perfect human nature, T54:3; in Millennial Age, holy Spirit poured on all, in three ways, E218:T; some turned over to Satan for destruction of, A214:1.

Noahic: Bible account of, corroborated, F25:2-29:2; changes wrought by, F25:1-29:2; corroborated by distinguished geologist, F26:1-27:15; 28:3- 29:2; destroyed first symbolic heavens and earth, A66:2-67:1; 69:1; 70:3; 220:1; last of “rings,” F34:1; obliterated handiwork of perfection, E406:1; typical, A318:2.
Of Dragon (Rev. 12:15, 16): Overruled for good, C65:2-66:1; same as Dan. 12:5-7, C64:4-6; terminated Papal power, C64:6-67:1; truth as, during French Revolution, C64:6-68; why sent by Satan, C64:6-66.
Misc.: Day of Vengeance symbolized as, D527:4; 528:5; 529:1; not another, to destroy the earth, B162:2; of Nah. 1:8 not literal, D529:T-1.

Satan is chief, of ransom, E428:2; spirit of fear is, of spirit begotten, E196:2.

For Thinking Christians: Peculiarities and distribution of, C367:F.
Misc.: Abuse of self and others in, to be stopped in Millennium, A302; classified, F560-561:2; clean and unclean, F387:1; from God’s storehouse, adapted to different seasons and conditions, A24:2; spiritual, typified by the “bread of presence,” T21:T.

Believes the order in universe is by chance, A29:2.

Enemies to be subdued by Jesus in Millennial Age, A92:2.

Saints sealed in, is a mark of sonship, B169:T.

Rights of, in Mosaic Law, A50:2-4.

God’s, of sin, A124:1; election of the Church, E147:1; fall of man, E450:3; Logos becoming man’s Redeemer, E146:2.

Jesus, Head and, of Church in flesh, B202:1; 255:1.

Freely: Defined, E462:3; of disciples by Jesus because he was purchasing them, E463:1; result of the ransom is the same as if God, pardoned us, E464:1.
Misc.: Applies to Christ Jesus and disciples, not Jehovah, E463:1; not used for original sin but for those justified by faith, E460:3; occurs in Col. 3:13 and Lk. 7:42, 43, E462:3; we are to, as Christ forgave us, E462:3.

A free gift from God, E439:3; by Jehovah through his own provision, Christ, E464:1; Day of Atonement basis for general, of sins, T94:1; difficulties in, F147:2-150:2; for sins of weakness and ignorance, E272:T; 273:1; 461:T; how many times? F417:1.
OF JUSTIFIED ONES: Not under letter of law but under spirit, E461:T; received freely from Mediator, E461:T.
Made manifest to believers by holy Spirit, E163:3; of brethren upon repentance, F417:1.
OF SINS BY: Justification by faith of the Church, E460:3-462:2; Royal Priesthood now and in future, T100:2.
Pardon and ransom distinguished, E458:3-464:1; prayed for, when chastised for sins, F638:1; Stephen prayed for blessings of, for his persecutors, E162:T.
See Sins, Forgiveness Of.

Inequality of, D415:3-419:4; 460:1; 494:2; largest in U.S., D417:2; restriction of, under law, D416:1; Roman Catholic view on prevention of, D457:2-461:T.

Jehovah, of all life, A207:3-208:2.

People’s offerings could be, T95:T.

42 wars since 1880, D119:1; chief support of the Papacy, D531:1; Clemenceau’s “Social Melee,” D466:3-468:4; conquest in Africa for market control, D355:1-2; control of army in, D560:1; cry of liberty in, D532:T; affect of French Revolution on, D530:2; emancipated slaves 1848, D370:2; Germany enemy of, D115:2; Pope taken prisoner to, J6:3 (1912); protective tariffs of, D355:2; public debt of, D90:1-2; Republican elements threatening in, D446:1; Roman Catholic worship abolished in, D538:1; unprepared for war, D115:2- 118; wealth in 1830 and 1893, D281:4; wheat production in, D390:2.
See French Revolution.

On piles of Shew-bread, T16:1
To All: In Millennial Age, truth will be made, E220:2.
Misc.: Agency of man permitted, D271:1.

And Election both true, A96:1; A116:2; Arminian view of, A96:3; 114:1; 115:1-2; denied by Calvinism, A114:1; is God’s provision during Millennial Age, A96:1; not only for living, for dead also, A98:2; restitution an act of, A154:T.
See Election.

And its failure in its misuse, A126:1; as in God’s image, but much erased by sin, A120:3; defined, A120:3; sacrifices in Millennium, T96:1.
See Universalism, Image.

From Sin And Death: Christ bought mankind to set at liberty from, E135:2; purchased for Church by blood of Christ, E432:2; the word “redeem” contains thought of, E428:2.
Misc.: And justice considered remedy for evils, D508:T; and liberty, viewpoint of senator, D415:1-420; man made with, of choice, not made a machine, E467:3.
See Liberty.

Causes of, D531:2-534:2; affect of, D530:2; excerpt from Charles Dickens regarding, D534:3-4; “great earthquake” of Revelation, D531:1; infidelity arose with, C52:1-54:1; 58:1; length of, C52:1; outrivaled barbarities of heathen, D550:2; political and religious reform, C50; prelude to crisis now approaching, D531:1; 539:2-3; Reformation aided by, C65-66; retributive character of, D536:5-539:2; Satan’s design in instigating, C65:1-66:1.
See Flood.

Characteristics of, J10:3-4 (1912); croaking will gather financial, political, religious kings into one army, J12:4 (1912); three unclean spirits like, J10:2-12:4 (1912).

Of The Spirit: Are gifts which must be gradually developed by labor, E180:2; can be killed by spirit of fear, E196:2; development of, dependent largely on knowledge, E239:2; growth in, E239:2; must be cultivated, E180:2; not same as holy Spirit, but obtained through, E205:3; takes time to develop, E206:1.
Misc.: Being justified, must do works bringing forth, A233:1; fruitbuds of almond tree appear before leaves, T122:2; peaceable, of righteousness developed by suffering, E411:1.
See Holy Spirit, Fruits Of.

Of Time: God’s love acted in, E451:2.

Conduct Of, For: Children, F338:5; consecrated, F329:2-338:3; world, F338:4.
Misc.: Services, opportunity for presenting truth, F328:1.

Annunciation of, to Mary probably Dec. 25, B61:1-62:T.

Linen: Aaron’s, of sacrifice, F235:T; T37:T; 55:1; 73:3; coat of, T29:4; under-priests’, T36:4.
Of Glory: Aaron’s, T29:2-36:2; 73:3; 74:2; put on after making Atonement, F235:T; T37:T; 55:1; 73:3-74:2; usually worn, T55:1; 73:3.
Misc.: Golden crown, T29:5; 30:1; oil flowing over, symbolic, T37:3.

Entered by faith in the ransom sacrifice, T20:2; 22:1.
JESUS IS: To Court, T18:1; to justification, T20:2.
Jesus never entered, T22:1; of Court, description of, T14:1; of Tabernacle, plane “N” on Chart, A244:1.

Of Jesus: Joseph was of line of Solomon, E129:2-130:T; Messiah would spring from root of David, E142:2; not through Joseph, E130:1.
THROUGH MARY: E129:2; was offspring and branch of David, E136:T.
Traced to David through Nathan, not Solomon, E129:2; 133:1,4.
Of Old Testament: Necessity of, A42:1-43:T.

Blood of Abel to Zacharias to be on this, D47:2; correct and incorrect interpretation of, D602-603; from 1878 to 1914, D605:T; God’s Justice regarding one, suffering for another, D47:2; 49:1; Greek words for, D603:1; last, punished for sins of Christendom, D49:T-68:T; 100 or 120 years, D604:2.

Contains only credible history of creation, A44:1; teaching of, elaborated in whole Bible, A57:2.

Acceptance Of: To be sons of God, E177:1; 213:1-3; not until end of seventy weeks of Jewish special favor, E213:2; Peter given keys to unlock door to, E214:1.
And Jews: Alike favored during Gospel Age, A81:1; Little Flock selected from, A22:1; 59:1.
Dominion: Definite period, B73:3; 76:1; destruction of, B76:1; 100:1- 101; ends with Day of Vengeance, D12:1; over fleshly and spiritual Israel, B73:3.
Governments: Beastly, B97:1.
CHURCH SHARES IN OVERTHROW OF: Kingdoms, B100:1; powers, D624:1-3.
Complete overthrow, J3:3; given opportunity to experiment, B75:1; not approved by God, B73:3; 76:1; permitted of God, A249:2-250:1; still have power when fifth universal empire set up, A261:3; 262:T; C301:2; under Satan, A249:2.
Times: 2520 years, B79:2; 87:1; 89:T-91:1; 93:T; 97:T; an interregnum between typical and actual Kingdom of God, A249:2-250:T; and Babylon’s destruction, D111:1; beginning, B79:1-80:T; 88:3; 192:1; defined, A249:3-250:T; B73:2; difference between fulness of Gentiles and, B210:2; earthly phase of Kingdom after, of, D624:4; D654:2.
END OF: Deductions from Bible, B76:2-78:1; earth’s Ruler present before, B77:2; C128:2; in 1914, B79:2; 170:2; C128:2; D111:1, F, 616:4; 622:2; 624:4; lease in 1914, B170:2; 363:1; H3:2; lease of civil institutions, D12:1. Full end 1915, B81:T; 99:1; D111:1; Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of, B93:1- 97:T; present evil world destroyed about close of, D622:2; proves inability of fallen man to govern, A250:1-2; seven, period of punishment upon Israel, B88:T-89:T; 192:1; teach men incapability of self-government, D77:1.
Misc.: Also promised blessing from Messiah, A58:3-59:T; condemned by conscience, not justified, A101:2; converts began doctrine of Trinity, E63:3; despised as dogs, B215:T; fulness of, A108:2; B210:F-2; 215:T; kings thought reigned by divine right, B74:2; reaction to resurrection, D628:1; rule did not cease after release from Babylonian captivity, B92:2; special favor ended 1881, B235:1; to come to light of Israel, D638:1-639:T.

Army: Budget, D93:1; “Crown or people?” D559:2; D560:2-561:1.
Socialism: Bill to check, rejected in, D127:2-129:2; growth of, D127:1; 141:4-142:T; 446:1; 44:3-5; industrial competition with England, D356:6; movement against militarism in, D356:4; no liberty of press and public meeting in, D356:8; the social and industrial war in, D356-359; warning of revolution, D53:2-55:T.
Misc.: At Kiel Canal opening, D151:1-155:5; economic and industrial conditions in, D332:1; emperor of, punished by Papacy, J8:1 (1912); enemy of France, D115:2-118:1; investment losses, D91:3; Jesuits banished from, in 1870, D130:1; Reformation in, brought progress, D306:2; representative from, defends truth at Parliament of Religions, D202:1-203:2; sword extolled by emperor, D55:2-57:T; wealth in, D281:4; wheat production in, D390:2.

Typical significance, F128:2-129:T.

Mistranslation from Greek pneuma, should be spirit, E169:T.

In these days are corporations, D359:2-364; 369:2-370:T; trusts that threaten mankind, D361:T-369:3.
See Corporations, Trusts.

And band typify Lord and Church, J1:3 (1912).

Eternal Life: God will give, to obedient, E475:1; God’s, through Jesus Christ, E386:1; 387:3; 417:2.
From Christ: Blessing of restitution, E221:2; Jesus’ life, constituted redemption price for world, E210:1.
Of The Holy Spirit: All of the same spirit and from the same Lord, E178:2-182:T; Apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, etc., to Church, E207:1; 283:2; F240:2-241:1; 256:2; eventually ceased, E179:1-180:T; faith, hope, love different from, E207:T; fruits, gradually developed and matured by labor, E180:2; granted at beginning of Gospel Age by laying on of hands of Apostles, E206:2- 207:T; not same as holy Spirit, E205:3-206:T; not the seal of the holy Spirit, E247:3; personally developed, more highly esteemed than miraculously bestowed, E180:1; prophecy operative in the Church in Paul’s day, E275:T; tongues, miracles, replaced by knowledge and graces, F180:1; 238:1-239:2.
Misc.: Forgiveness, free, E439:3; of power at Pentecost, purpose, B121:1.
See Redemption, Gift Of.

Curious: Of same material as Ephod, T30:4; put on at end of Atonement Day, T55:1; represents Messenger of Covenant, T33:1.
Linen: Represents a righteous servant, T30:2; under-priests’, garment and, T36:4.
Misc.: Represents consecration to service, F657:3.

Sacrifices to service of truth measures consecration, F341:1-345:1; Spirit of, is Spirit of Lord, F341-344:2.

Of Church: Instantaneous, C232:2; 237:3-238:T; manner, C232:2-242:1; in midst Time of Trouble, D530:1; 631:T; shown in removal of mountain to North, D653:2; typified by Moses’ glory, C301; D630:2; when, B77:3; C227:1-242:1; 362:2; 364:1; H5:1.
See Deliverance.

Church: Differences in position and honor, F419:1; 725:1-726:1; image of Father’s person, E394:1; F721:2- 722:T; invisible to mankind, D618:3; marriage of Lamb when entire Body of Christ, A235:1; mercy to Israel through, A300:1; Righteousness of Jehovah, E42:3-4; will see Lord as He is, D600:T.
Jesus: Me with glory I had, F65:2- 66:T; title of Son of Man applies to, E149:1; 150:8-151:T.
Misc.: Greek word for, in Rom. 8:30 means “honored,” A194:1; with Christ if we suffer with, A212:1.

Of Church: Beauty of Tabernacle seen only by Royal Priesthood, T127:2; changed from glory to glory, F376:3; 403:1-404:1; differs, F419:1; 725-726:1; immortality, E394-396:3; participators in glorious ministry of reconciliation, E487:2; steps to, A231:4-235:1; three steps to, symbolized in Pyramid, C357:1.
Of God: Exhibited in creation, A188:2; light, Mercy Seat and cherubim represent, T123:4.
Of Jesus: Golden Ark represents, of Divine Christ, T123:2; heavenly, left to provide ransom, E63:T; 135:1; 149:1; K2:1; King of, in Millennial Age, E44:1.
Shekinah: Represents Jehovah as the light of the universe, T124:T; only light in Most Holy, T127:2.
Sons Of: Jesus with the “brethren” shall be, E144:2.
Misc.: Of office, plane “K” on Chart, A227:2-228:T; of perfect earthly and heavenly bodies different, A181:1- 182:1; personal, plane “L,” A227:1- 228:T; spiritual minds discern, beyond the flesh, T21:2.
See Garments.

Lord’s: Acceptance of, T73:1-3.
BLOOD: Presented antitypically only when complete, T63:1; sprinkled on Mercy Seat, T61:2; 67:T-3.
Body burned outside the Camp, T61:2; filled up what was behind of the sufferings of Christ, T66:1; Jesus’ followers represented by, T62:1-63:1; 78:1; killed by High Priest, T61:2; killing of, typical of crucifying will, T64:2; sin-offering for the people, T61:2; 64:T; 81:2.
Lord’s Goat And Scape: Both are developed throughout Gospel Age, T71:1; brought to door of Tabernacle, T60:T; contrasted, T60:2-61:T; lots cast upon, T59:2; 60:3; taken from Israel, T59:2; two, for sin-offering, type and antitype, T59:2-60:2.
Scape: Aaron lays hands upon, T68:1; class alive after sin-offering complete, T69:T; class exists through Gospel Age, T68:3; class seeks favor of world, T68:2; not burned in wilderness, T71:T; represents fearful, T60:2; sent away before manifestation of God’s acceptance of Body, T74:1.
Sheep And, Parable: Goat class to be punished with Second Death, E480:T; Satan is leader of goat class, E480:T; separating and judging of, occupy the entire Millennial Age, E479:3-480:T.
Misc.: Lean and wayward animal, typical, T95:1; have no sympathy for, or wolves, F247:1-248:T.

Attributes: D635:1; As revealed in creation, A33:T; display God’s grandeur in Plan, E485:T; F47:1; grandly manifested by permission of evil, E412:1; has not changed His mind about judging and redeeming world, A141:1.
HARMONY OF: Perfect, E450:3- 452:2; T125:1; Love and Justice, E439:2; 440:T.
Justice, Wisdom, Love and Power, D635:1; 644:3; recognized by all in Kingdom, D644:3; scope wider than grandest creation, A33:T; so perfect no failure could arise, E34:1; studied in Kingdom, D635:1.
JUSTICE: E427:T; 463:2; Equal with His love, E31:3; is just, penalty for sin not too severe, E463:2; just indignation on Sodomites, etc., A112:1; and unchangeableness, unswerving, absolute, A155:1; 157:1; 229:3; must be satisfied before he could deal with sinners through Mediator, E28:T; results of ransom same as if God freely pardoned us, E464:1; would be violated if curse removed without ransom, E421:2; 447:5; 465:1.
WILL NOT: Bind him to restore every man, E470:1; deal with sinners, but with Mediator, E27:2; impute to us what had been paid by the Redeemer, E461:1; pardon penalty to Adam, E460:1; pardon sinners with no ransom, E463:2.
LOVE: Accomplished ransom, E439:2; 452:2; and favor wider than supposed, A113:3; effects restitution for mankind, E452:2; is perfect, E34:1; key to his plan, A105:1; providential care of men manifested, in exceptions of nature, E98:3.
POWER: Manifested by miracles, A62:1; manifest to man in the person of Jesus, E418:1; omnipotent, plans and purposes cannot be thwarted, A65:2; 95:2; 116:1; possesses goodness corresponding to, A32:2; used in harmony with own nature, A33:1.
PURITY CANNOT: Condone evil but permits it for lesson, A118:1; deal with sinners so Redeemer was needed, E472:1; lie, not deny himself, A118:T; 126:1; 127:1; look on sin with any degree of allowance, E418:T.
WISDOM: And diversity shown in death sentence for man; restraint for angels, E413:T-1; dictated plan for ransom the best method for redemption, E451:2; 483:2-486:1; foresaw need of ransom, E418:1; now permits life to operate upon Little Flock, E452:2; Shekinah glory shows God’s, T124:T.
FOREKNOWLEDGE: Intuitive knowledge, A122:T; of individuals of New Creation not declared, F179:1; of man’s fall and Christian Church, A193:1; prearranged for Logos to become man’s Redeemer, E146:2.
Author: Character of, in harmony with Moses’ Law, A45:2; 53:1-2.
OF: All things, E54:T; Atonement, E32:1; 33-38; Bible, its Preserver, A38:1; 63:1; Savior by being, plan of salvation, E33:2.
Authority Of: Has exercised sovereign, amongst convicted creatures, F173:1-175:2; has right to do as he pleases with his own, A190:1-2; supreme right and, to rule world, A262:1; 343:1.
Character Of: Order, B25:2; decisions unsearchable, E486:1; favors bestowed for the good of all, A195:3; the same yesterday, today, forever, E463:3; greater appreciation of, by permission of sin, E412:1; harmonious with his plan, A348:1.
Compared To Jesus: Christ will exalt God in the Millennial Age, E46:1; always superior in honor and power, E38:1-2; 39:1; 52:5; 55:1; 74:3; exalted Jesus next to himself, E53:1; 120:2; Jesus receiving worship does not mean he is God, E72:1; the Father, is the one supreme God, E82:2.
Creation Of: Designer of nature’s laws, A32:T; fountain of all life, A207:3; purpose regarding man’s creation, E399:1; 419:1-3; not superior to Creator, A33:T.
LOGOS THE: And last, E93:2; beginning of, E88:2; first direct, E84:3.
MAN: Could have been made machine with no liberty of choice, E467:3; created by, E398:7.
Master-builder of Christian character, A83:2.
Erroneous Views Of: Christian and heathen viewpoints of, D215:3; distorted by nominal church, D159:2; E115; doctors of divinity, D190:1; his place, (supposedly) filled by pope, B313:1; maligned and blasphemed by, hell, B323:1; misjudged by his unfinished work, A65:1; misrepresentation of His character and plan, blasphemy, B306:1; misrepresented by Satan, E18:3; teaching of one God denied by doctrine of Trinity, E55:1; the Opposer, seating himself in the Temple of, B269:1; unbelief in, caused by sophistries of Satan, E18:3.
Favor: Even a brief existence is a, A189:1; and election, A188:3-189:3; not a justly merited recompense, A188:3; only to few in Patriarchal Age, A71:3; special, to a class in Gospel Age, A72:1; the call is a, A195:1-3.
TO ISRAEL: Seventy weeks of, A223:3; 3-1/2 years after rejection, A223:3.
To man, restricted to special individuals, nations and classes, A96:3.
Fellowship With: Becomes closer by development in graces of the Spirit, E238:2; our love for, E35:1; work of Mediator is to bring back willing into full, E217:1.
Gift Of Eternal Life: Through Jesus Christ, E386:1; 387:3; 417:2; to the obedient, E475:1.
Grace Of: In Christ spurned in Millennial Age by refusing to progress in righteousness, E478:2; knowledge of, given to world before trial for life, E479:1; providential care to men manifested in exceptions of nature, E98:3.
Harmony With: In Millennial Age holy Spirit to bring world back into, E164:1; made possible for world by Jesus’ sacrifice, E446:2; mankind will be in, at end of Millennium, E31:2; ministry of reconciliation now to exhort all to be reconciled to God and walk in the paths of righteousness, E488:T; reconciliation of the Little Flock to, E30:5.
Image Of: Perfect man a perfect, A120:3; E77:2; Royal Priesthood to guide humanity to condition of God’s likeness in flesh, E78:T.
In New Testament: Almost always from Greek “theos,” E70:1; frequently translated “Lord,” E70:T.
Invisible: Is a spirit, powerful but, E174:17; to men unless manifest, E77:2.
Jesus: Always claimed he was Son of, E89:1; appointed to be Great Teacher of men, E50:3; is, manifest in flesh, B136:1; E77:T; Mediator appointed by, E469:2; obedience to, will bring ability to stand directly before, E471:1; providing ransom was severest test of loyalty to, E423:1; refused to worship false, E74:2-3; representative of, in work of salvation, E35:1; required to suffer, to be substitute for sinners, E128:T; sent, to be Savior of men, E425:1.
Law Of: Must be kept from heart for eternal life, E420:T; Satan as executioner of, E449:2; says no remission of sin without shedding of blood, E442:2; the only deviations from in the Millennial Age will be allowance for weaknesses and ignorance, E474:2; to understand ransom, helps to understand, E440:T; unchangeable, E421:1; 439:2; will be radically enforced by Mediator of New Covenant, E474:2.
Logos: And Jesus called “a god”–a mighty one, E84:2; of, title very fitting for work or office of our Master, E85:3; used various agencies to create the earth through the, E182:2.
Mercy Of: Does not forgive sins unconditionally, E462:3; God ceased to resent our sins because ransom was paid, E461:1; through Jesus extended to Church for sins not wilful, E461:T.
Nature Of: Immortality and divinity of, A208:1; 210:2-211:1; mental operations of, similar to men and angels, A201:1; of highest spiritual nature, A201:2; signifies a “mighty one,” B274:2.
Of This World: Blinded the eyes of men lest they see the glorious gospel, E470:T; Satan, D611:2; 650:1; Satan’s desire to be like, was opposite to that of Jesus, E81:10.
Plan Of: A revelation of, reasonable to expect, A34:1-35:1; Apostles had different degrees of insight into, A26:1; Church embodiment of, A85:2; 87:2; clear in Millennium, A86:2-3; complete and harmonious, A10:2; 74:1-2; 348-349; corroborates, C315:T; 320:2; 362:1; 374:T; Divine Architect’s progressive, A73:3; every feature of, to be understood, B18:T; fixed and definite times, B18:2-19:1; for Christ and world, how typified, B173:2; for world, A99:2-113; from new standpoint, A13:T; God purposed to deliver from sin, E425:1; key to “due time,” A105:1; 107:1-3; B18:T; knowledge of, necessary to understand prophecies, B204:T; 244:T-1.
LIGHT NOW DUE: For ransom the first step of, E427:T; in Time of End, B18:T-1; made plain on tables in harvest, B15:T; mystery 4,000 years, A77:1-81; one harmonious whole, B104:1; outlines, C314:1; Pleiades symbol of, C321:1; progressing systematically as originally purposed, A9; 66:T; 175:1; Pyramid as whole represents, C318:2; 328:2; 330:2; to Millennial dawn, A10:2.
Purpose regarding man’s creation, E399:1; 418:1-419:3; required and accepted Christ as ransom, E450:1.
REVEALED: First to Christian Church, A26:T; how, E177:2; 178:1; 276:T.
SATAN: Permitted to live until, accomplished, E413:1; probably tries to learn through Bible Students’ meetings, D612:T; restrained from interfering with, D611:3.
Summarized, A343-345; unfolding compared to time-clock, when, B23:3-24; C85; when understood leaves no room for eternal torture theory, E34:T; who understands, A12:T; C88:3-90.
Requirements Of: A ransom, E450:1; deals with Mediator of New Covenant, not with the sinner, E27:2; full obedience to God one of terms of New Covenant, E468:1; God will give eternal life to the obedient, E475:1; without satisfaction of Divine Justice, could not accept us as Sons, E432:2.
Sons Of: Can be considered, only after being quickened of the Spirit, E248:1; full liberty of, attained by Church through First Resurrection, E458:T; measures faithfulness by our self-sacrifice and sufferings, E490:3; receive Spirit of adoption, E487:4; wishes us to be, of elect class, so has made every provision in Christ, F184:T-2.
Spirit Of: Because he is masculine, might properly have masculine gender, E172:7; defined as Divine will, E182:1; is not spirit of fear, E198:1- 199:1; King Saul had, but lost it, E176:1; more and more fills obedient sons, E202:1; received by God’s people in proportion to their zeal, E191:2; upon Moses for judging, E176:1.
The Father: Of all in harmony with him, on every plane of, A237:T; of all, a doctrine from Satan, E116:T; the Life-giver to men, E104:3; the Lifegiver to New Creatures, E104:3; to the angels, New Creatures and men, E104:3; will give eternal life to the obedient, E475:1.
Will Of: For all to be saved from ignorance, blindness, degradation, E469:T; for men to be saved from Satan’s blinding influences, E470:T; fully represented in Jesus in the flesh, E77:1; new mind prompts us to search God’s Word to know, E201:1; Redeemer reigns for the carrying out of, E470:T; that obedient should be given eternal life, E475:1.
Word Of: Is sanctifying power, E245:2; knowledge of, not same as Spirit of truth, E205:2; much of, made of none effect by teaching of Trinity, E166:T; must earnestly search, in order to be filled with the Spirit, E205:1; new mind prompts us to search, to know His will, E201:1; sanctification by holy Spirit comes through, E243:2-3; spirit of error assumes to be wiser than, E198:3; Spirit of truth comes through, E204:3; 242:1; the fountain of sanctifying influence, E245:1.
Wrath Of: No one escapes, E410:T; not revealed in hell of torment, but in undertaker’s sign, E409:1; Saints escape special, but not general, E410:1.
Misc.: Existence of, a clearly demonstrated truth, A29:1-2; 32:1; falling into hands of, A305:1; E472:T; F168:1; footstool of, made glorious, D647-656; Genesis’ reasonable assumption, already existed, A44:1; His thoughts in Bible to be studied, A38:2; nature reveals intelligent lawgiver, A30:T; permitted sin, but not instigator of it, A124:1; rested, how, why, F46:1-50:1; taught of, who, how, E50-52:3; 116:1; 238:2; 239:2; F311:T; throne of, not material, A92:2; work of, is perfect, E406:1; worship of, by man must be voluntary, E468:T.
See Father, Jehovah.

Scriptures where, incorrectly translated; should be “deity,” E71:4-7.

Now suffer, but order to gradually reverse in Time of Trouble, B138:T.

Greek word theos can refer to false, E70:1; the teaching of three equal, denies teaching of one God, E55:1; translated from elohim, E67:1-10; 68:1-2; various, not signified by various operations of Spirit of God, E186:1; “Ye are,” C239:T-2; F444; 724:1.

And Magog: All nations represented in, D555:1; Jacob’s Trouble with, D626:1; merciless plunderers against Israel, D554:2.
Misc.: Hosts of, in resurrection, D640:1.
See Trouble, Jacob’s.

And Silver: As symbols, A240:1; 321:T; F608:1; bonds as good as, in Time of Trouble, D329:T; unable to deliver in Day of Wrath, D148:3- 149:1; 273:2-274:T.
As Money Standard: D337:2-4; 401:1; affect of, D337:2-338:T; 404:3,5; 405:3; 406:6-407:T; regarding demonetizing Silver Act, D404:1; silver added to, as money need increased, D472:T; silver standard countries vs., D335:2; 343:4; 346:T.
In Tabernacle: All furniture, was of, T17:3-18:T; Altar represents sacrificing Church, T22:2; 120:1; Ark represents Divine nature of glorified church, T123:2; bells proclaim fruit of sacrificial work, T30:3; boards plated with, T13:T; bowl of manna in Ark, T17:2; 121:2.
CANDLESTICK: Jesus and Church enjoy(ed) light from, T22:2; 57:1; represents seven stages of Church, T115:3.
Censer set on top of, Altar, T55:2; chains and clasps, symbolic, T36:1; clasps represent Divine Power, T30:4; crown fastened to mitre, T29:5; Divine nature, D42:T; F375:1; T18:T; 20:1; 36:1; 114:3; table represents Church and Jesus, T115:2; thread represents Divine Power, T34:2; true Israel represented by jewels set in, T36:1.
Misc.: “South African gold fever,” D283:1; called “honest money,” D472:T; capitalists doubled value of, D334:3; 395:1; affect of rising value, D337:3; 394:2; 398:2; formerly merchandise, D472:T; head of image, Babylon, A252:3; 253:2; insufficient for world’s business, D400:3; tried in fire (Rev. 3:18), Divine nature, D41:2.
See Silver; Tabernacle.

Law Of: Justice, rather than Love, F375:1-376:3; Love greater than, F376:3-377:T.
Misc.: May place limit upon sacrificing, F603:2; need for, D67:1; nonconformity to, by Christendom, D80:T; 97:1; 167:T; J2:T; transforms character, F376:1.

All things work together for, F645:1; appreciated by contrast with evil, A119:2-120:2; do, unto all, F342:2.
GOODNESS: Beauty of, not seen by fallen nature, E161:1; law of, rule in next age, E220:2.
Result of right principle, A119:T; they that have done, only three classes, F709:2.

Present truth on every subject (Mat.
24:47), B165:T.

Message: Attracts more the imperfect, why, E251:1; 261:1; becoming obscure, D592:1; brought restitution and immortality to light, E393:2- 394:1; centers in the Cross, D591:2; includes resurrection, E384:T; offers everlasting life, E385:1; teaches salvation only through faith in Christ’s blood, A102:3-103:T.
Object Of: In present Age, A92:1; preached to poor, proof of Messiah, D167:T.
Witness: Preached for, not world conversion, A91:2; D169:1; 568:1; printed, is cheap, convenient and more effective than oral sermons, B258:1; published to every nation, A91:2; D567:2-568:2; work of Apostles’ preaching, D479:4; work obstructed at first advent, E350:2.
Misc.: Combined, give sufficient history of Jesus, F218:1-219:T; end of, Call, B223:3; first preached to Abraham, E384:T; hearing and believing, essential to salvation, A101:1; morality of, E155:T; symbolized by sun, D590:5.
See Conversion; Witness.

Antitype Of: Day of Atonement, F234:2; T50:2; 61:1; 76:2; Jewish Age, A221:4; 315:1; B209:2; Passover night, F460.
Began: At Pentecost, C135:1; with Jesus’ death, A72:1.
Call: Heavenly, F67:1; no second, during, F93:1; only of Little Flock, E414:2; 456:1; 457:1.
CLOSING OF: Church to receive meat in due season at, F274:T; conditions of overlapping with new dispensation, J1:1-3; ending by stages, A224:2; ends sacrificing, T50:2; 118:T; evil conditions in Church at, F222:1; falling away in last days of, D217:T; features of, B232:2; four points in Mat. 24 and Mk. 13, D570:4-571:T; garments of glory and beauty put on at, T73:3; judgment of Church at, F419:1; now living in, F639:1; Time of Trouble, A224:2; D584:2; F207:T; when merit of ransom to be delivered over to Justice, K4:1; work facilitated in U.S., D144:T; year of recompense, D19:1-20:3.
During: Great Company throughout, T68:3; 71:1; hidden mystery revealed, A25:3; is acceptable time, T118:T; Jews and Gentiles favored alike, A81:1; parenthesis between advents, B104:1; some faithful unto death throughout, D567:1; tares in wheat field, F200:2.
For: Consecration and sacrificing, T19:2; 47:4; 50:1; 64:1; election of Church, F49:1; 164:2; entire, needed for sin-offering, T50:1; purpose of, F164:2; selection and judging of Church, A72:1; 92:1; 94:1; 98:1; 212:2; E379:2; 395:3; 408:1; 415:2; F399:2; sowing work, C214:2; witness to world, D480:3; work of regeneration for Church, E138:1.
Harvest: A238:2-239:1; Regarding Isa. 63:1-6, D14:3-19:1.
Misc.: Length equal to Jewish Age, B209:2-211:1; New Creation Church of, F59:1; period of Christ’s raising up, D629:2; Spirit dispensation, A211:3; 224:1; C213:2; “those days” (Joel 2:28), E219:2.
See Dates; Time; Plan.

And slander violations of Golden Rule and holy Spirit, F407:2; 408:2; evidence of lack of love, F408:1.

Christendom: Called Christian on basis of church-state union, J8:T-1 (1912); claim to be Christian, A268:3-270:3; nominal church drawn to side of, and wealthy, A333:T.
Earthly: Consecrated should be separate from, A266:2-268:T; destruction of, shown in Daniel’s dream, A260:1; devil’s system “every man for himself,” D294:2; dissatisfaction of masses with, D533:4; each existed before acquiring universal dominion, B100:T; evil, why permitted, A250:1; Gentile, indirectly recognized by God, A249:2; lost in anarchy, D551:1; man’s inability to establish perfect, A250:2; of earth originally intended to be Republic, A246:1-2; of fallen man and Satan’s deceptions, A262:1-263:T; overturning of human, after Babylon has begun to fall, A241:1; will unite for safety, before their destruction, A317:T; worst, better than none, A262:2-263:T; 312:2; F591:1; J14:2 (1912).
Of God: Established on ruins of present institutions, B77:1-2; of Bible, only solution, D425:T; 520:1-3; paternal, D425:T; 635:1; setting up the earthly, in Kingdom, D624:4- 629:T.
Symbol Of: Beast, A258:3; B97:1; 305:2; J5:4 (1912); “earth,” human, A69:1; high mountains, autocratic, D551:1; hills, less autocratic, D551:1; Israel, Kingdom, D638:1; New Jerusalem, one, with two parts, A295:2; smitten image, destroyed, A255:2.
Misc.: Experiment of popular, in U.S.
a reality, D144:T; U.S., criticized, D442:1.
See Beast.

Free: Explained, F178:2; restitution an act of, A154:T.
Of God: In Christ spurned in Millennial Age by refusing to progress in righteousness, E478:2; knowledge of, given to world before trial for life, E479:1.
Of God Received In Vain: A236:1; F117:1-119:T; 125:2-126:T; 154:T; 682:1-683:1; does not preclude Millennial trial, F130:T.
Misc.: And knowledge, witnesses of the Spirit, E238:2-239:2; despite to Spirit of, F168:1; development in, of Spirit bring us into closer fellowship with God and Jesus, E238:2; salvation not of works but of, F410:1; throne of, to be sought daily, F147:1; what, does and does not do, F634:1.

See Covenant, Grace.

In man would not aspire to be an angel, A189:1.

All in, called forth, A209:2-210:T; E346:4; condition of death, Hebrew sheol, E347:2; 356:1; mankind ransomed from power of, E419:1; no device nor knowledge in, A210:T; E347:1; 368:6-7; our bones scattered at mouth of, E366:5-6; pomp brought down to, E369:6-7; ransom from power of, E373:1; 419:1; sheol translated pit, hell or, E354:1; texts translated, referring to oblivion, E355:1- 381:T; those in, to be blessed in general salvation of Millennial Age, A99:1; 107:2.

AS ILLUSTRATION: Of Kingdom of God spreading, D642:3; of “melting hills,” D551:1.
Forced opium on China, C175:3; Hon. Joseph Chamberlain’s prophetic words to British workmen, D352:3- 353:1; labor troubles of, D446:1; machinery vs. labor in, D319:1; national aggression related to industrial interests in, D354:1-356:T; richer per capita than U.S., D282:3; rum and opium to Africa, C173:1-174:1; slavery abolished in 1838, D370:2; Socialism in, D485:T; wealth in 1830 and 1893, D281:4; workshop and banking center of world, D397:T- 398:T.
See England.

Characteristics Of: Bound by Babylon’s cords, C364:1; good and evil qualities, F168:2; have zeal, but not according to knowledge, D578:3; in bondage of fear, T70:1; lack faith and zeal, F93:1; 119:1; 127:1; partially overcome by allurements of world, A213:3-214:1; shrink back from their covenant, A235:2; sins of, F168:2.
How Cleansed: Flesh destroyed by Satan, A214:1; goes through great tribulation, T40:1; 69:2; 70:2; wash robes, A241:T.
Illustrations Of: A class of wheat, D578:3; as foolish virgins lacking zeal, F126:3-128:T; at marriage supper, F169:T; Merari, type of, F129:T- 1; not fully ripened wheat “t” on Chart, A240:1; represented by scapegoat, T70:3.
Position Of: Before the throne, F127:2; T70:1-2; castaways from the prize, T69:2; fail to be of “very elect,” F168:2-169:T; fail to overcome, F127:T; less honored than Ancient Worthies after Millennium, F129:3; lose immortality, Divine nature, A214:1; 240:1; T70:1-2; “m” on spirit begotten plane “M” on Chart, A235:2; next to The Christ, A241:2; plane of, similar to angels, A214:1; F93:1; 121:T; T70:2.
Misc.: As perfect spirit beings, T70:1; consecrate their justified human life, T69:2; existed throughout Gospel Age, T68:3; 71:1; first to recognize Anointed in Time of Trouble, B78:T; none called to, F93:1; overcomers, F707:2; some released before 1914, some only when Babylon destroyed, C364:1.
See Tribulation, Great.

Proves intelligence of ancient man, A165:2.
See Pyramid.

Empire Of: Four divisions of, four “horns” of Dan. 8:8, C31:2-32:1; given permission to rule by God, A252:T; 253:2; “king of North” (Dan. 11:5-19), C27:3; symbolized by leopard in Daniel’s dream, A257:2-3; universal empire represented by brass in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, A253:1-2.
Misc.: Abdication of King George of, D124:1; democracies of, D318:1- 319; financial extravagance of, D92:3; history of, reliable back to 2,600 years, B36:T.

Article: “Present” in Eph. 4:11, 12, significance, F269:2; shows gender, F269:2.
Catholic Church: And Church of England, antichrists, D580:2; distinguishes between many and the special Antichrist, B281:1; philosophers, antichrists, E285:2-287:1.
MSS: Few during preparation of Authorized Version, E58:8; oldest, omit “spiritual” before “sacrifices” in 1Pet.2:5, B207:3.
Misc.: An exact language, B158:1.
See Greek Index.

Desire for, first witness of holy Spirit for newly begotten, E240:1-2; in knowledge as witness of holy Spirit, E238:2-239:2; needed to develop fruits of the Spirit, E239:2.

See Holy Spirit, Guidance Of.

Of sinner borne byRedeemer, E444:2.

Filthy, of any kind, gluttony or drunkenness, not glorifying God, F595:1.

Typified Law Covenant, F170:1; 361:2.

Symbolizes righteous judgment, A302:1.

Lev. 8: Aaron and sons laid, on bullock, typical, T41:3; on ram, typical, T42:2; 45:1.
Lev. 9: Aaron lifts, to bless the people, T82:1.
Lev. 16: Aaron lays, on scape-goat, T68:1.
Misc.: Laying, on goat typifies holy Spirit upon Church, T64:2; laying on of, endorsement, not permission, F283:2-285:3; left and right, nearest Master, possibly Paul and John, F726:1; symbolizes power, A92:2; C316:2; two, full of incense explained, T55:2-56:2.

Harlotry: Meaning of, in Scripture, J7:2 (1912); symbol of church united with Roman Empire, D29:1-30:T, J7:2 (1912); union of church and state, B261:2; C111:4; D25:3.
Mother: And daughters, C153:3- 154:1; D28:1; 30:T; F201:2-202:1; 204:2; 241:2; Babylon described as, D25:3; drunk with blood of saints, D52:T; 584:2; Roman Church, D28- 29.
Misc.: How Protestants sustain relationship of daughters, D29:1-35:4.

With God: Ark and cover shows, of The Christ, T126:3; Court represents, T54:3; in Millennial Age, holy Spirit will bring world back into, E164:1; made possible for world and Church by Jesus’ sacrifice, E446:2; mankind will be in, at end of Millennium, E31:2.
Misc.: God’s attributes in perfect, T125:1; holy Spirit always exercised in, with righteousness, E188:1; in heart required for Spirit of truth, E205:2; lack of, with world is witness of holy Spirit, E237:2; of Plan with Bible and character of God, A348:2; of the Plan of the Ages, A73:3; possession of holy Spirit in Millennial Age will signify recipient has come into, with Christ, E221:1; two rams for burnt-offering shows, of the sacrifices of Jesus and Church, T73:1-2.
See Scriptures, Harmony Of.

Of God represents Old and New Testaments, F233:1.

Gospel Age Harvest: Began in 1874, B235:1; C121:1-134:1; 135:1; 234:1; 363:2; D51:1; 604:2; 616:4; I3:T; beginning of, shown in Pyramid, C364:2; closes gradually, C211:1; ends reign of evil, C211:3; favor, then trouble, A224:2; in Revelation the crowned reaper of, is the Son of Man, E151:T; inevitable after Gospel Age sowing, D51:1; length of, B15:3; 234:1; D616:4; most eventful period of Gospel Age, C121:2-3; of Gospel Age, plane “L” on Chart is birth of entire Church in, A227:1; overlapping of Gospel and Millennial Ages, A224:2; B104:2; parallel of Jewish and Gospel Age Harvests, A238:2; B233:1-245:3; C125:2; portrayed in parable of Virgins, C206:1; regarding Isa. 63:1-6, D14:3-19:1; siftings, C188-194:3.
Jewish Age Harvest: Ended national existence, C246:2; individual favor continued in, B234:2; length, A223:2; B15:3; 234:1; 245:2; marked by prophecy of Dan. 9, B64:1; of Jewish Age, A223:2-224:1; overlapping of Jewish and Gospel Ages, A223:2- 224:2; retributive character of tribulation in, D536:4-5; typical, B15:3; 151:T.
Message: Opposed by leaders, F629:2; special, is presence of Messiah, B236; 261:1.
Object Of: Distinguishes nominal from real Israel, B205:1; reaping, testing, B105:T; C213:2; reaping, testing, reckoning, and rewarding, C135:1; retribution of Jewish Age, D536:5; separation, A237:1-2; 238:2- 239:1; 240:1; truth separates wheat and tares in, A240:1; B236:1; C136:2-141:1; D30:1; D600:2.
Time Of: At close of Millennial Age also, D644:1; end of age, D568:2; end of Jewish and Gospel Ages alike, B15:3; lapping of two ages, B104:2; manifests fruits of the age, A223:2; marked by prophecy, B16:1; parallel of Jewish and Gospel Age, B234:T; D529:2; 572:2; rays of prophetic testimony are specially concentrated on, B15:3; Time of Trouble, B233:2.
Work Of: Accomplished without appeals for money, F286:1; changed radically from sowing to reaping, C213:2; 214:2; double work in, B233:2; first of saints, then of vine of earth, B171:T; first, rejection of nominal houses, C150:2-151:2; gathering of Church in, D578:2; 600:2; in progress, proof of Lord’s presence, B150:1; includes burning of tares, B105:T; C139:2; of living saints, D624:3; sifting of three ages, D644:1; symbolic descriptions of, B105:T; D600:2; treading of winepress last feature, D18:2; work accomplished before world aware, C121:3.
Misc.: Cross, a stumbling block during both, A239:1; John’s announcement of work of, B261:1; Lord as prophet giving details of, D614:3; main points of stumbling in, B236:1- 237:2; Mat. 24 questions especially for Lord’s people in the, D565:1; of two ages not understood by evangelists, D570:1; parallels, B233-240; 246; religious leaders in Jewish and Gospel Age blind to truths, D65:1; sickle of truth in both Jewish and Gospel, B190:1; C139:1.
See Wheat.

Is spirit of Satan and world, E186:2; obscures sacrifices of fellow-priests, T62:3.

In Animal Sacrifices: Pictured by rams for burnt-offering, T73:2; rams cut in pieces, laid to, T73:2.
Of Body: Jesus the, of his Body, the Church, T49:2.
Of High Priest: Anointing oil poured only upon, T37:2; in Lev. 16 Aaron represents both, and Body of Christ, T51:1; linen mitre represents the perfect righteousness of our, T55:1; represented Jesus, T36:2; 39:1; 51:1.
Misc.: All things gathered under one, A243:1; seed to bruise serpent’s, A77:2; woman’s, why covered, F271:1-3; T36:3.

Divine intention, F491:1; man’s, not a tyranny but type of Christ’s for Church, F491:1-495:2; of husband, a stewardship, including providing for spiritual interests of wife, F496:1- 497:2; what it does and does not imply, F491:2-493:1; 585:T; 590:1.

By Jesus: He gave of his vitality, E124:3; 125:1; he took on our infirmities, E124:1-2; of the woman with an issue of blood, E125:T; to heal mankind of sin-sickness, E473:T.
Disease: Attitude of New Creature regarding, F634:2-637:1; work of Satan, F638:2-641:1.
Misc.: Miraculous interposition injurious to our faith, F634:1-637:1; 650:1; New Creature may use remedies, balms, medicines for, F634:2- 635:1; 648:T; 650:1-653; not necessarily Satanic, F638:2; of Church not done by Lord and apostles, F636:1; 650:1-654:T; prayer for, sinful and unbiblical, F636:2-638:1; strenuous efforts of Satan to deceive by, D612:1; “who healeth all thy diseases,” F144:3-150:2; 648:1.

Jewish Law concerning food, F387:1; New Creature to observe laws of, F387:1; 595; our joy not dependent upon, but stewards over, F648:T; robust, a test to faithfulness, F654:T; stewardship of, F647:1.

Of faith gained through consecration, T45:1; scape-goat class hindered from, the Lord’s voice, T72:T.

Harmony With Truth: Condition important for teachers in Church, E207:1; required for Spirit of truth, E205:2.
Of Christian: Devotion of, represented in fat and life organs of bullock, T42:1; if, delight in doing God’s will, is a witness of Spirit, E235:1; intent of, determines God’s answers to prayers, E289:3; 290:1; intentions acceptable to God, E201:T; F90:2; 108:2; 182:T; 376:3; 409:2-411:T; 709:2; 728:1; Laver, symbol of circumcision of, T119:1; loyalty and sanctification of, what it implies, F136:2-137:1; must have spirit of world driven out to be filled with holy Spirit, E223:2; perfection of, required of Church, T89:1; power of God is breaking power of sin in, E432:2; seal or pledge of holy Spirit is in, E247:4; sentiments represented by inwards and fat of ram of consecration, T45:2; should be with our treasure, in heaven, A203:2; spirit of fear must never enter, E198:1; to be filled with joy, peace and love, E198:1.
Of Men: Are battleground, E189:1; failing them, A314; Millennial reforms begin in, D639:2 .
Sinful: Evil, how evidenced, F408:1; natural, is deceitful, wicked, F489:1; 600:2-602:2; of fallen nature sees no beauty in goodness, truth and love, E161:1; Satan rules, of children of disobedience, A68:1.
Misc.: A renewed, one of terms of New Covenant, E468:1; all who in, renounce sin and accept Christ are justified, T118:T; God’s laws must be kept from, for eternal life, E420:T; out of abundance of, mouth speaks, F407:2-408:1; pure in, blessed, F409:2; reconciliation through holy Spirit’s guidance, E163:3; represents natural affections, F600:2; sacrifices of God are a broken and contrite, T96:1.

Beliefs: Mariolatry had its origin in, E63:3; philosophies deny Christ is come in flesh, D231:1; E296:2; theories of, opposed to the resurrection of the dead, A60:1; vagaries flourish in Christendom, D111:1.
Christendom: Appears inferior to, D258:2; attitude of, towards Bible and missionaries, D72:1; 97:1; 187:1; 210:2-3; 212:2; 221:T-1; 241:3; brought reproach among, D51:2; comparison of, with, D255:1; contrasted attitudes of Catholicism, Protestant and, D204:3-206:T; exploited by, C173-176:T; fate of, Protestant view, A17:3; liquor and opium traffic and, C173:1; D51:2; 71:1; missionary support to, refused because of hell doctrine of, D110:3; relationship to, in Time of Trouble, D68-73; to suffer with, fall, D73:1; vs., religions, D194-258:2.
Conversions: Despite creeds, D256- 258:1; increasing more than Protestantism, D243:1-244:T; twofold more fit for destruction than when in original superstitions, C178:2; world’s sad condition in darkness of, D246:4-250:T.
Responsibility Of: Gospel of Kingdom witnessed to, D568:2; judgment of, along strict equity, D73:2; less responsible than Christendom, D68:1; 71:1; not oblivious of God and Christ, D70:1; punished less than Christendom, D27:3; 44:1; 70:2- 71:1; responsible and to be punished, D68:1.
Union With Protestants: At Parliament of Religions, D184:1- 186:1; 210:2-223:2; 232:2-234:6; called by Christians “wise men from the East,” D185:2; 236:3; ceremonies adopted by Christianity in fifth century, B283:4; union with, sought by churches, D170:T; 181:2-3; 184:2; 206:1-210:1; 233:1-237:6; 242:2.
Misc.: Affect of demonetized silver on, D398:2; learning of achievements in the world, D270:2; nearly twothirds of world are, A15:1-2; not saved by ignorance, A99:2-102:2; reformers feeling after God, D210:3- 233:T; view that, saved without faith, D250:1; will be given full knowledge in next age, A129:2; “worst of,” defined, D550:1-2.

Ecclesiastical: Departed as scroll, B169:1; destruction of, A318:2; 333:T; D267:1; 551:3-552:1; drunken with wine of Babylon, D267:1; ecclesiastical powers, B168:1; D150:2; 267:1; 528:3; 544:T; 591:T; 598:7; folded as thorns, D267:1; 552:1; host of, church nominal, D552:T; judgments on, D599:T; Papal and Protestant, rolled together, D551:3; powers of sectarian creeds and systems, D597:1; present, Antichrist system, C238:1; sign of parousia in, D598:7; spiritual powers, A69:1; 318:1; 334:1.
New: And earth, A69:1; 334:1; Christ’s spiritual control, A69:1; 318:3; God’s glorified Church, D529:1; 594:1; Paul’s glimpse of “third” heavens, A70:1; synonymous with New Jerusalem, C258:1; to exalt God and his Law, A324:T; 334:1; to replace present power of air, A319:T; B78:T; 168:1; C238:2.
Symbolic: Destroyed in Time of Trouble, A322:T; 333:T; B168:1; D267:1; on fire, A332:1; B169:1; shaken in Day of Jehovah, A322:T; shaking of, B170:1; 363:1; D595:2- 596:2; 597:1; stars falling from, literal and symbolic fulfillment, D588- 596:1; symbolize, D150:T-2; 528:3; 545:1; 551:3; 591:T; 597:1; 598:7.

Jesus left, glory to provide ransom, E63:T; 135:1; 149:1; K2:1; Jesus said he had, origin, E89:1; Nicodemus sought to know, things, E92:2.

Christian movement, B223:2; 235; C278:1-288:1; narratives authentic, B37:1-2; translation of New Testament, B223:2; version of Bible reliable, B39:1.
See Greek-Hebrew Index.

Ashes of, explained, T105:1-111:1.

Abraham’s seed, all anointed of spirit, A85:T; of Heavenly Kingdom should render respect to kingdoms of this world, B81:T.

Meaning: Oblivion, E355:T; 356:4- 357:2; 358:1-2; 359:1-2; 361:1-2,5; 362:1-5; 364:1-365:2; 366:1-4; 367:1-368:3, 7; 369:1-370:3; 371:3- 4; 372:3-6; 374:1-6.
Of Torment: A delusion of Satan, E441:1; not a place of, E378:2,5; not penalty against mankind, E422:1; 441:1; Scriptural term applied by Antichrist as place, B323:1; taught as error for all except pure in heart, Little Flock, elect, E466:2; wrath of God not revealed in, but in undertaker’s and physician’s sign, E409:1.
Misc.: “Capernaum thrust down to,” E376:1-2; “covenant with death and,” E369:8-370:3; “enlargeth desire as,” E374:5-6; “fire kindled shall burn to lowest,” E357:1-2; “followed with him,” E378:4-5; “gates of,” E375:4- 5; grave or oblivion, E354:3; “hath enlarged herself,” E369:2-3; “If I make my bed in,” E366:3-4; “In, he lifted up his eyes,” E376:3-4; “is moved for thee,” E369:4-5; Job’s views on, correct, E358:5-361:2; “Jonah in belly of,” E374:3-4; “keys of,” E378:1-2; “let them go down quick into,” E364:1-2; “out of belly of,” E374:3-4; “out of midst of,” E372:3-4; “sorrows of,” 358:1-2; “soul delivered from,” E365:1-2; “that he may depart from,” E367:9- 10; “Thou didst debase thyself unto,” E371:3-4; “Thou wilt not leave my soul in,” E362:1-4; 377:1-4; “though they dig into,” E374:1-2; “wicked turned into,” E361:5-6.

Knowledge of Divine Plan, F658:1; necessary in harvest, F658:1.

Symbolize persecution, F464:T; typify trials of Church, F460:2.

From Adam leaves all mankind subject to frailty, E26:2; law of, put race under curse, E331:2.

Persecution Of: In 13th century, B332:2; Church of Rome claims right to punish, D35:3; in England, France, Germany, Spain, B346:1; in Ireland, B340:3-341:1; 346:1; Inquisition extorted confessions, B343:1; laws for, B334:2-3; Papal, tenfold fury, B346:1-347:2; Rhemish translation approved, B320:1; sentenced to, “Act of Faith” (burning at stake), B345:2.
Misc.: Any disbelieving Trinity considered, by Church of Rome and Protestants, E64:1-2; Papacy urged extermination of, B349:T-3.

Reign and death of, relative to date of Jesus’ birth, B54:2-55:3; 57:2-58:4.

Reliable only on events of his time, B37:1.

Rise and fall of, C77:T.

Door Closed: Another door begins to open, B213:T; C366:1; close of special favor to Gentiles, 1881 A.D., B235:1; door opens to enter Highway of Holiness, B212; with Time of Trouble, C210:2-211:4; 224:1-225:1.
Joint-Heirship: Little Flock called to, with Jesus, E414:2; with Christ, C213:2.
Misc.: Appreciated only by New Creatures, A84:1; ending of, C362:3- 363; exclusiveness of, F87:1; first distinguished from restitution by Br.
Russell in 1881, C367:1; is unmerited favor, A187:4-189:1; B202:1; no injustice to those not called to, A187:4-189:1; B202:1; not unfolded before Pentecost, A84:1; symbolized in Pyramid, C348:3-350:2; 352:1; 361:2-365:2; 367:1-368:2.
See Calling.

Anointing: Represents solidarity of elect Church, F131:2-132:1; with oil, T37:1-3.
Blemishes: Could not have, or superfluity, T126:4-127:1; in priesthood, type and antitype, F242:2-243:1.
On Day of Atonement: Alone went into Most Holy, T91:2; Lord’s goat killed by, T61:2; passes second veil, T58:2; sacrifices for himself and Israel, T80:2.
Typified: And successors, Jesus and under-priests, B255:1; the living representative of God’s attributes, T125:T.
Misc.: Chief over priesthood, T49:2; Jesus prepared for office of, while here on earth, E52:1-3; ordained to minister for all the people, T49:2.

Bishops, popes, “wandering stars,” D594:2; deny personality of Satan, E187:2.

Contrasted with Narrow Way, A215:1-2; for easy travel, A215:2; 217:1; leads to actual human perfection, A215:2-216:1; open to every man, A215:2; while progressing up, world covered by merit of ransomsacrifice, E478:3.

Already melting like wax, D551:1; symbolize less autocratic governments, D551:1.

Divine sentence or curse, to restitution unless lifted, E421:2.

Better under Christian influence, D210:1; scriptures found infallible, then fallible, D212:1; horrors of, D208:4; 211:3; likened to Romanism, D263:1; one thousand gains for one loss in India, D244:T; propagation of in U.S., D239:5-240:1.

Shepherds in pulpit, D62:1.

Bible: Chart of all, B37:3-38:1; credibility of, A41:3; diagram of national history and prophecy as related to church history, C131; Lord’s, on Church, B284:1-287:1; of 18 centuries briefly foretold, D566:1-567:1; 568:3; of New and Old Testaments supervised, arranged by God, A41:3; only record of entire human life, B35:2; 37:3; E304:3.
Secular: Always unmistakably records fulfilled prophecy, C108:2-3; Chinese, of creation, A44:1; from 536 B.C., B38:T; Hebrew and Greek contrasted, B37:1-2; Mosheim traces development of Man of Sin, B283:5; outside Bible, corroborates Jesus, A39:1; Pyramid floor scroll of chronology and, C338:1; quotations on falling away in early Church, B283:2-287:1; references in, to development of Antichrist, B283:2- 287:1; 289:3-299:2; reliable back 3,000 years, B35:2; remote past unreliable, B36:2; shows reign of law in succession of human events, D49:2- 51:1; where Bible chronology ends, B38:T; 51:1; 54:1; works of, on Papal persecution, B346:F.
Misc.: Benefits of, D50:1; lessons of, ignored by Babylon, D49:2-51:1; Time of Trouble not repetition of, D414:1.

Fruits unto, E140:1; individual, taught by Wesleys, C113:1; justification is the first step toward, T21:3; obstructions to, E205:1; 223:2; people, false views on sanctification, F157:1-158:1.
See Spirit, Of Holiness.

Anointing Oil: Typical of the holy Spirit, T28:3; used upon priests, T28:3.
Most Holy: High Priest alone went into, on Day of Atonement, T58:2; 91:2; Jesus in, condition at resurrection, T58:2; Shekinah glory, the only light in, T127:2.
Of Tabernacle: Called the Tabernacle of the Congregation, T68:1; 72:3; Candlestick, the only light in, T16:2; 127:2; coals of fire and incense brought into, T55:2; filled with incense smoke, T17:1; 55:2; first compartment, dimensions of, T13:1.
FOR PRIESTS: Alone, 693:1. Furniture in, F690:1; 693:1; T15:4; what Holy Place means, T13:F; 72:3; 74:4; Jesus enters, explained, T56:1-58:1; Levites cannot see into, F143:1; T116:2; New Creature in, T22:2.
REPRESENTS CONDITION OF: Full consecration, T20:2; spirit-begettal, T19:2; 20:2-4; 60:T.
Typical significance, F143:1.
Office Of, Inquisition: In Papal Church, B342:1; 343:1; ordered 31,912 persons burned alive, B346:T.
Misc.: Alliance, formation and purpose, C67:T; Court called the, Place, T13:F; 14:1; 72:3; “Ghost,” errors of Authorized Version on, E169:T; Mary was a, woman, E102:3; our sacrifice, through justification by faith, A226:1; the sanctified are a, priesthood, T26:4; word, from word whole and signifies completeness, E196:1.

Anointing: Oil typifies, T28:3; on head, T37:1-2; passed from Jesus to Church, E281:1-2; precedes seal of sonship, E248:1; unction from, E281:3-287:1.
Baptism Of: At Pentecost, E210:1-2; 212:1-2; descended on Lord, E211:3; 268:1; different from individual baptism into death, F442:1-444:1; new, not to be prayed for, E222:1; only three, E211:2; was of the Father and by the Son, E211:1; why specially given to Cornelius, E213:1.
Begettal Of: Brings Church to membership in spiritual family, K5:2; gave Jesus clear understanding, E163:3; guaranteed only to the house of sons, E176:3-177:1; precedes seal of sonship, E248:1.
Channel: By which God sanctifies, E242:2; for blessings of reconciliation, E32:3; 217:2; of at-one-ment to Church now and to world later, E208:2; of blessing, E268:T; of communication, E266:1.
Characteristics Of: Is Spirit of love, E250:3; 255:2; Spirit of power and sound mind, not fear, E249:1-3; 255:2; those having it are better balanced in judgment, E196:1.
Comforter: E202:2; 265:2-266:1; 268:1; Spirit of truth sent to Church, E266:2-3; translation of Greek parakletos in Jn. 14:16, 26, E202:2; Trinity of gods not implied by, E204:1.
Definition: E167:2; 177:T; 182:1; 183:2-184:T; A whole or complete spirit, E196:1; as a transforming power, E183:1; mistranslated “holy ghost” 92 times in Common Version Bible, E169:T.
NOT A PERSON: But a power possessed by Church, E215:3; indicated in Eph. 5:18-20, E244:3.
Not another God, but the influence or power of God and Jesus, E165:2; 168:T; 169:1; 267:1; 273:3; 275:1; 276:1; 278:4; 282:1; power which enables us to live up to consecration vows, E242:1; Spirit of power, E249:3-250:3; the spiritual energy or power of God as illustrated, E203:2; various titles of, used interchangeably, E167:3; word “spirit” examined, E172:8-176:1.
Filled With: Explained, E200:1; 244:2; 268:2-3; requirements to be, E245:2; requires spirit of world to be driven out of heart, E223:2.
Fruits Of: As we are filled with, we put away former evil spirit, E200:1; can be killed by spirit of fear, E196:2; gifts that are gradually developed and matured by labor, E180:2; obtained by possession of, E205:3; wrought in us in proportion to harmony and obedience with Spirit of Father, E181:T.
Gender: Could call God’s spirit masculine because God is masculine, E172:7; Greek “ekinos” could be translated neuter form when referring to, E171:8; in Jn. 16:13, 14 could be translated “itself” (neuter form), E170:3; incorrectly translated “him” in Jn. 14:17, E170:2; “whom” and “he” are mistranslated in Jn. 14:26, E170:1.
Gifts Of: All of same spirit and from same Lord, E178:2; apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, etc., E283:2; eventually ceased, E179:1; granted at beginning of Gospel Age by laying on of hands of Apostles, E206:2; miraculous, no longer needed by Lord’s people, E180:T; no longer miraculously bestowed but must be developed, E180:T-1; not same as holy Spirit, E205:3; not the seal of the holy Spirit, E247:3; prophecy, E275:T; we still have the gift of apostles in the teachings of the New Testament, E207:1.
Guided(s): Believers into full reconciliation with God, E163:3; 208:2; Church into understanding the Scriptures, B203:1; E164:T; instructed Jesus in wilderness, E110:3; into all truth, desired by New Creature, E184:T; Jesus in his great work, E164:T; New Creatures in Christ Jesus, E184:T; 202:2; Royal Priesthood must realize, in ministry of reconciliation, E488:T; same, still, Church as in past, E208:1.
In Gospel Age: Gifts of, given in the beginning, by laying on hands of apostles, E206:2; means walking contrary to worldly spirit and receiving persecution, E220:1; operation of, different from previous times, E176:3; possession of, signifies begetting to a spirit nature and joint-heirship, E220:3; received by servants and handmaidens, but by world afterward, E219:2; spirit of evil seems to be favored in battle with, E190:1.
In Millennial Age: Enemies of the Lord who refuse it will be destroyed, E218:1; possession of, will signify recipient has come into harmony with Christ, E221:1; under New Covenant will bring world back into harmony with God through the Redeemer, E164:1; when poured out for all flesh, world will have to avail themselves of its privileges, E218:1; will be poured upon world of mankind in three ways, E218:T; will not mean a begetting to a spirit nature, E220:3; will not mean persecution, E220:2.
See World.
Instruction Through: As a teacher, E279:1-2; 285:1; brings ability to discern and appreciate spiritual things, E279:2-280:1; does not audibly speak, E273:3-275:1; enables one to understand the Divine mind, E202:1; evidences will of God, E275:2-3; giving direction, E276:1-278:1; needed by Apostles to understand meaning of redeem, E431:4; teaches us if we submit our wills, E201:1; to Jesus in wilderness, E110:3.
Lying To: Ananias and Sapphira, E269:2-3.
Manifestation Of: Joel’s prophecy reverses order for blessings being poured, E219:1; makes manifest Divine forgiveness to believers, E163:3; special, needed to show Gentiles accepted, E213:1-3; upon Christ and Church different than prior, E176:2-3; upon Jesus at baptism, E211:3.
Measure Of: Be ye filled with, E244:1-246:1; given to members, E191:2; T37:1; if filled with Spirit of Christ will have, of Father’s, E224:1; Jesus received without measure but Church receives by measure, E185:T; T37:1; Lord’s people can have greater or less degree of fulness, E244:2.
Moved By: Ancient Worthies wrote what they did not understand, E177:2; holy men of old wrote as they were, E175:1.
Of God: Is an energy, will, Spirit exercised through Logos, E183:T; sanctifies the Church, E243:2.
Of Truth: Antidote for spirit of fear, E196:3; came on Church at Pentecost, E189:2.
Operation Of: Always exercised in harmony with righteousness, E188:1; during Gospel Age different from previous times, E176:3; for any to become sons of God, E177:T; 209:2; in the past chiefly mechanical but now chiefly explanatory, E178:T; is only understood in light of the presence of the Son of Man, E165:1; made some overseers, E278:2-4; only in consecrated, E291:2-292:1; reproves the world, E292:1-294:2; sent to select Little Flock and witness to world, E191:1-4; to establish the Kingdom, E192:2; transforming power, E183:1; twofold, described in Acts 2:4, E268:3.
Pentecostal Blessing: Baptism of, was of the Father and by the Son, E211:1; came to disciples ten days after Jesus’ resurrection, K3:T; granted to adopted sons after ransom accepted, E190:T; of Church at, E212:2; personal, not shown, but power and influence exerted by a person, E210:1; pouring out of, not repeated, T64:1.
Prayer For: Can only be received by those who earnestly seek it by, and effort, E223:2; more, is proper, E222:1-225:2; not enough, must eat Word of God, E225:1-2; should not offer, for new baptisms, E222:1.
Quickening Of: Before considered sons of God, E248:1; precedes seal of sonship, E248:1.
Seal Of: Any who lose, will have no part in First Resurrection, E437:T; description of, E246:2-248:2; firstfruit of the holy Spirit, E437:T; is evidence of sanctification, E242:T; is seal of sonship, E437:T.
Sin Against: Description of, E270:3- 273:2; for wilful sinners, E203:2; results in Second Death, E272:T- 273:2.
Witness Of: Desire to witness to truth, E237:1; evidences sonship with God, E226:2; false, E226:3- 228:2; in conflict with the world, E235:2; 236:2; 237:2; in Kingdom, will witness that judgment of world has commenced and will be promptly executed, E192:2; needed in order to have peace of God, E226:2; that it is not a person, E228:2.
Misc.: At first advent, apostles not yet have, thus lacked understanding, E434:1; at Pentecost, T64:1; Bible only understood through, D611:3; doctrine of Trinity leads to wrong understanding of, E165:1; groanings of, E287:2-290:3; laying hands on goat represents, on Church at Pentecost, T64:2; Lord’s promise of, D564:1; not possessed by Satan, D611:3; Satan’s counterfeit of Joel 2:29, D566:T; to bring to remembrance what Jesus taught, B203:1; token of God’s acceptance of believers, T64:2; true consecration required for partaking of, E195:T; victorious against spirit of evil, E193:1.
See Spirit Of God.

Christian, an atmosphere of purity, love, etc., F519:1-530:2.

Saints carefully guard, D524:1.

Church should not covet present worldly, A266:2; Church’s begetting is beginning of (Rom. 8:30), A194:1; due earthly laws and rulers, F590:2- 594:2; no, bestowed on priests during Gospel Age, T73:3; no man taketh, of priesthood unto himself, E487:1-3; 489:1; perfection brings, to Creator, E414:T; preferring one another in, now and in glory, F726:1; scape-goat class seeks, of world, T68:2.

Centered in Christ’s sacrifice, E464:T; dead called “prisoners of hope,” A99:1; heavenly vs. earthly, F108:1; 659-660:2; in Lev. 8 third cake or wafer represents, T46:2; Jewish, of resurrection, E384:T-2; not centered in self-help, E409:T; of first parents, A77:2; of everlasting life, E386:5; 387:1; of man, E383:3- 384:1; “that blessed,” the only, D517:1-520:3; true vs. false, of Church and world, F661:3-666:5; we are saved by, A140:2.

Little (Dan. 7:8, 21): Out of terrible beast, B271:2; 298:2; Papacy, Antichrist, Man of Sin, A258:1- 259:3; B271:2; 305:T-2; C67:1; 68:1; 76:T-77:1; C95:1.
Little (Dan. 8:9): Rome, C27:2-3.
Misc.: A symbol of power, A258:2; T42:T; blood applied to, of Altar typical, T42:T; four (Dan. 8:8), C31:2-3; of fourth beast in Daniel’s vision, A258:1-259:2; Papacy symbolized as beast and, B271:2; 305:2; ten divisions of Roman Empire, A258:2- 259:1.

Represent leaders in false doctrine, C316:2.

Represent doctrines, C316:2.

Not lavishing beyond means, nor receiving without positive invitation, F570-571:1; what it implies, F570- 571.

Of Servants: Ancient Worthies, E177:2-178:1; F377:1; of Moses, every Jew, F432:T; original olive tree, F432:1; overcomers prior to Gospel Age, A145:3; sharers by faith in benefits of Jesus’ death, A145:3-146:1.
Of Servants And Sons: Contrasted, A145:3-146:2; E365:2-366:1; God’s agents for blessing world, A145:3- 146:1; specially tried, specially rewarded, A146:1,2; trained for future service, A145:2-3.
Of Sons: Begettal of holy Spirit guaranteed only to, E177:T-1; same holy Spirit operated differently for, E176:3-178:1; unknown until Christ redeemed world, E177:1.
Misc.: Earthly vs. heavenly, F673:1- 675:2; of Israel, both, B219; 246-247; of Israel, earthly and heavenly, B207:1-208:2; Parallel Dispensations, B201-247; spiritual, B207:2.

Abraham a member of, T27:2; bullock a sin-offering for, T63:2; in Court condition of justification, T57:1; 62:2; 117:1; Levites, type of, T26:2; 27:2; 55:2; 57:1; 117:1; recognize sacrifice of saints, T62:2.

Satan (Mat. 24:42), D611:1-612:3.

Slaughter of, St. Bartholomew’s Day, 1572, B340:1-2.

Jesus: As, could not be father of the redeemed and restored, race, E440:1; 452:4; 458:2; as Redeemer must be sinless member of, race, E97:3; as, was not Second Adam and will not be father of, E453:1; 454:3-4; 457:1- 458:2; at resurrection no longer, in any sense, A230:2; died for Adam and his race, reason for, E23:1-24:2; K3:T; what happened to, body of, B129:2.
Nature: Consecration of priesthood typified consecration of, T39:1; copper represents perfect, T18:T; 113:2; Court, justified, condition, T20:2; death of, under second veil, T22:3; Nephilim superior to, E104:1.
Misc.: New mind possessed in, body, E195:3; resurrection of, race earthy, A191:1; reasoning suggested by spirit of error, E198:3; represented by branches of vine, E140:1; sold by Adam through sin in self-gratification, E452:3-4; spirit begotten not reckoned, A227:T; spirit of fear is a natural influence to every, of humble mind, E196:3; teachers lorded it over God’s heritage, A22:2.
See Purchase, Of Human Race.

Approaching crisis, D315:1-3; best efforts of fallen, to govern, A263:1- 264:2; blending of sexes to be ideal, T101:1; bullock represents, of Jesus and his Body, T41:3; 51:1; cannot enter God’s presence, T124:1; Israel typical of all, T49:2; much fat shows perfect, of Jesus’ sacrifice, T95:1; New Covenant provides way for mercy on fallen, E455:1; new nature based upon justified, T114:3; of Royal Priesthood viewed as “vile,” T42:1; of The Christ made a sinoffering, T42:1; perfect, is perfect image of invisible God, E77:2; various types of races of, explained, F42:F; world prepared for Millennium by Time of Trouble, D627:1.

Exalted in God’s Plan, E423:1; line of Nathan contrasted with Solomon, E133:4; Mary may have realized, family of Nathan would be exalted through Messiah, E133:4; those who, themselves shall be exalted, E38:1; to those of, mind, spirit of fear is natural, E196:3.

Of Jesus: How shown, E81:10; obedience, tested under humiliating conditions, E119:4; resulted in exaltation, E82:T; shown by title Son of Man, E151:2.
Misc.: Necessary to New Creatures, F90:1; 97:2; need for, taught in wedding garment parable, C199:2-203; with blows and much polishing, A83:2.

Best report of solvent country by (Austria-Hungary), D91:3; wages doubled since government-owned roads, D484:1.

Enemy of the human race, D467:4- 468; in India, D381:1-2; in the midst of plenty, is a paradox, D415:3- 420:2.

Duties Of: Believing, F533:T-1; description of, F491:3-493:1; 496:1- 497:2; 523:1; 533:T; exemplified by Lord’s care of Church, F491:1-497:2; unbelieving, F532:2-3.
Misc.: And wife typical of Jesus and Bride, T36:3; Lord symbolized as, E371:4; whether saint or sinner, responsible head of family, F532:2- 533:1.

Account of, by Manetho, C322:2-3.

Theological training in, by Methodism, D176:1.

Nominal church contains many, A239:1; T117:2.

Cast upon burning heifer, T109:1; dipped into mixture of ashes and water, T106:T; represents cleansing, T109:1.

Of Man: Preserved for his benefit, E343:3; 404:5-6; 478:2.
Misc.: Of the Son and the Church not destroyed when changed, A202:2-F; B155:T; preserved in resurrection, E347:T; F714:1; 715:1.
See Son Of Man, Identity Of.

Coincident with civilization, D285:1; injurious to fallen man, A169:1; 337:T.

Of money, prominent place in Time of Trouble, B139:2.

Lord’s brethren must endure, from the world, E112:T.

1000 years of restitution to help overcome, E473:T; 477:1; and superstition will be a thing of the past, A217:1; 311:1; caused by Satan, J6:4 (1912); considered only remaining enemy of U.S., D447:3; 448:3; God’s will for all mankind to be saved from, E469:T; in the days of Noah and Christ’s presence, D606:3; in Millennial Age the only deviations from God’s law will be allowance for weaknesses and, E474:2; not means of salvation, A100:5-103:T; Satan used, to enslave mankind, E448:1; trespass or sin-offerings for sins of, T99:1; used by spirit of world to control masses, E189:1; veil of, being lifted, A337:1.

Nebuchadnezzar’s: Gentile dominion pictured by, A252:2-255:1; 256:1; vision of, B76:1 Of God: Adam created in, A120:3; 174:2; all God’s sons, earthly and heavenly must be conformed to, A243:T; all in Kingdom to be in, D646:1; almost obliterated by sin, A177:1; mankind to be restored to, A210:T; most striking feature set aside by Universalism, A125:T; perfect man a perfect image of, E77:2; richest jewel of Millennium, man in, D648:3; to be reflected in mankind, B136:2.

Doctrine of, teaches Mary was perfect, E98:2.

Means baptism, E215:1.

Jesus not, in human and pre-human existence, E389:3.

Definition: Condition where death is an impossibility, A185:2-4; E391:2; crown of glory, A215:T; crown of life, T70:2; Divine nature, the highest of spirit natures, E84:6; incorruptibility, death proof, A186:2; 187:1; 208:1; E389:1; F727:1-2; life eternal, not synonymous terms with, E388:2; 390:2; 393:2; 403:T; not synonymous with everlasting life, E388:2-3; synonym for divinity, A208:1.
Doctrine Of: False, denies resurrection and Lord’s return, C116-117; false and correct views on, A185-187; 208:1; natural, inherent, error borrowed from Grecian philosophy, B323:1; root of many errors, C117:1-2.
No, Of The Soul: Man’s death is the same as animals, E389:T-1; the Scriptural view, E392:1; 403:3-404:4.
Possess(-es): Great Company not to, T70:2; Jehovah alone, inherently, A186:2; 211:1; E389:3; F727:2; Jesus, E392:3; 393:1; F727:2; T52:3; only Christ and Little Flock exalted to, A186:2; 203:2; 210:1; 211:1-2; E78:2; 396:T-398:6; 402:1; F727:2; only Divine nature, A186:2; 208:1; 210:2; priesthood, T28:2.
Misc.: Adam is not on trial for, A186:1; golden pot of manna represents, T122:3-123:2; Gospel Age, call to, E394-396:3; 401:3; Great Company loses the prize of, A214:1; Jesus’ death made possible the condition of, E393:2-394:2; man does not have, A186-187; E390:4; 392:3; 399:2; misapprehension of, A174:1; spirit-minded in Holy, by faith, discern, beyond veil of flesh, T21:2; way to, not opened till Jesus came, T28:2.

Lot casting of goats shows God’s, T60:3.

All mankind are, E101:1; Jesus’ mother, Mary, was, E106:1; recognition of sin, righteousness and judgment by world, E192:1.

Of Church: Covered by merit of ransom, E442:1; 445:2; covered by robe of righteousness, E445:2.
Misc.: Covered by merit of Mediator, E479:1; leavened bread represents, T98:3; recognition of, in ram of people’s trespass offering, T99:2.

Christ’s perfection, to Church, E445:2; merit of ransom, by Jesus at Pentecost, K3:T; our trespasses, to Christ, E444:2; 461:1.

Priests, with holy anointing oil, T28:3; tribe of Levites existed before typical priesthood, T27:2.

Theory Of: Common thought of Logos becoming flesh, E93:3; teaches that Jesus was still a spirit being while on earth, E94:T.

Apostle Paul offered, T65:2; crumbled upon Golden Altar, T17:1; of church’s sacrifice ascends daily, A234:2; offered by High Priest when trimming lamps, T16:2; priests offer to God at Golden Altar, A244:1; two hands full of, brought into Holy explained, T55:2-57:1; 62:2; 120:1-2.

Second Death upon, D633:1; 654:2.

Spirit of, result of increase of knowledge, A265:1.

Against Bible reading, B320:2-3; prohibited books, including Bibles printed by heretics, B321:4.

Religion: Bible influence in, D210:3; 212:2; 256:2; Brahmo-Somaj reform in, D211-216; fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man in, D208:2; immorality in temples of, D207:2; missionary work in, C176:2-178:1; D209:1; Mohammedanism increasing in, D244:T; one thousand gains to one loss to Hinduism in, D244:T; Romanism claimed a hindrance to missionary work in, D263:T-264:2; summary to Parliament of Religions, D233:3.
Misc.: A voice from new, D211-217; growing industries in, D348:2; hunger in, D381:1-2; intermarriage of castes in, D213:T; supplanted cotton trade in England, D336:1-2; wheat production in, D390:2.
See Hinduism; Mohammedanism.

Individualism: Bible teaches, D478:3; Collectivism as opposed to, D461:1; represented in will and sentiments, A202:1; single tax theory has features of, D494:2.
Saints: Each has conflict with sin, E193:1; each must be victorious, E193:1; power of God is with, E203:1.

Sale Of: By Tetzel provoked reformation, B327:4-328; C108:3.
Misc.: By Papal edict, secures forgiveness for past and future sins, B324:2; crime increased by, B326:2; major source of revenue for church, B326:T; plenary (complete), B325:1.

Effects Of: Collectivism vs. Individualism in, D461; competitive system of, D332:2-349:2; defects of the present, system, D 421- 422; “Every man for himself” in, D294:2; evils of the middleman in, D375:T-376:2; Nationalism’s criticism of system, D490:2-4; outlook for foreign competition appalling, D330-332; repetition of collapse and convalescence, D453:3-454:1; view of absurdity of the, system, D453:3; waste in, D453:3.
In Various Countries: China, development of, D333:3; England, D97:3; 333:3-334:1; 346:8; 347:6; 353-356; 396:2; Europe, nationalization of, D482:4-485:2; Germany, war, D356- 359; Japan, development of, D334:2; 340-343; U.S., effects from Japanese imports, D346-347.
Misc.: Captains of, chosen by natural selection, D492:2; captains of, control it, D102:T; cotton, D333:1; 336:1; 381:2; the yellow man with white money, D332-340.
See Trade; Machinery.

Claim of by church, B318:2; Volume Two makes no claim to, H1:3.

Caused by misrepresentations of God’s Word, A25:1; how cultivated, D517:T.
IN: And out of church, D111:1; Evolution, Christian Science, Spiritism, etc., D66:T; Protestant seminaries, D161:3; theological seminaries, D162:T.
Increase of, with French Revolution, C52-54; 58:1; masses turn from Bible truth to, D111:1.

Jesus: Healing of, are fore-gleams of the Millennium, F632:2; the result of our sins, not his, E122:3-123:1; took on, when healing, E124:1-2; took our, F632:1; 645:T; touched with a feeling of our, F632:1; 644:1; 681:2; was under great nervous strain, E123:T; weakness and sickness borne for us by, E127:T-1; wounded for our transgressions, E122-128.
Of New Creature: Holy Spirit helps our, E289:2; proper attitude, F650- 654; to develop sympathy, F645:1.
Misc.: Of others felt according to degree of sympathy, E125:2; opposite of perfection, E122:3.

Of God: Holy Spirit is, E267:1; 270:4; 273:3; 276:1; 282:1; on those who worked on Tabernacle, E175:1.
Of Satan: God wills men to be saved from blinding, E470:T; to be removed in order to restore mankind, E218:T; world is fallen and under, E186:2; 220:2.
Misc.: Must distinguish between holy and unholy, E187:2; prenatal, of mind of mother over offspring, E102:3; spirit means any, good or bad, E173:2; Word of God is the fountain of sanctifying, E245:1; world will be under, of Christ, E220:2.

Adam given knowledge of evil by, A122:2; one of four ways of gaining knowledge, A121:3; 122:T.

Of Christ: Little Flock given to Christ to be his joint-heirs in the Kingdom, E210:1.
Misc.: Earnest of our, is the Divine mind, A200:T; man’s original, purchased by Jesus, A247:2; of child in Jewish Age from its father according to the favor of its mother, E105:1.

Of man laid on Jesus when he paid ransom, E461:1; of Israel forgiven after seven times of punishment, B92:1.

Increase of knowledge opens men’s eyes to, A264:1; 265:2; kingdoms of this world supported by, A75:1.

Desire for reestablishment of, B352:6; established by Pope Innocent III, B341:2; Papal, B341:2-346; persecution of heresy worse than infidelity, B333:T; prisons of, opened by Napoleon, B343:2-3; 344:2-3; statistics on, B353:1; still justified by church of Rome, D35:3; torture chamber of, found by Bible Society in Rome, B345:1; torture to punish and implicate others, B343:1.

Demoniacal obsession a cause of, E253:1; increasing, E254:T.

Apostles, F217-220; 221:1; 223:4; Gospels, not verbal, F218-220:1; Moses, A44:1; Prophets, A54:1; Scriptures, E405:1; F233:1; writings of Apostles and Prophets, A26:1.

Charitable, usually owe existence to wealthy, A312:1.

A matter of business judgment, not a religious question, F579:T-580:1; advice respecting, F578:2-580:1; companies to fall in Time of Trouble, F579:2-580:1.

Creatures: Lessons from experience with sin to all, E486:T.
Misc.: Controlled by the spirit of world through pride, selfishness, etc., E189:1.

Of Royal Priesthood: Weaknesses of mankind imply need for, E476:3.

Threat of, by Popes forced kings and princes to exterminate heresy, B333:1.

Symbolic, must agree with plain statements, B144:2.

Belongs only to Jehovah, A122:T.

Effects Of: D445:2-446; 510:2; on Capital and Labor, A327-332; D448:2; problems caused by, A169:1-170:1; result in discontentment, D448:2; tend to make rich richer and poor poorer, A169:T; veil of ignorance lifted through, A311:1.
Misc.: And the social revolution, D460:2; and the single tax theory, D512:3; not from increase of brain capacity, A166:2-167:1; preparation for Millennial reign, A168:T; 169:1; present increase of, prophetic, A168:T; rapidity of, A328:1; 337:1; result of, of printing press and resulting in books and education, A166:2.
See Knowledge.

And fat represent heart sentiments, T45; legs and, burned on Altar, T81.

War on Protestants proclaimed by Antichrist, B340:3.

Typical: Of The Christ, F170:1; 361:T; typical of Christ, A57:2; 84:2; 155:1.
Misc.: Child of promise, A78:T; 85:T; date of inheritance, C366:3; will receive life from Christ, E143:T.

Class: Persecuted Church, D567:1; 575:3; 620:2; produced by unauthorized method, D575:3.
Misc.: Typifies natural Israel, F170:1; 361:2.

Blessings To/From: And cursings to, A315:1; B87:4; E357:1-2; first in Millennium, A294:1; 298:T; B86:2; C253:2; 256:1-3; 294:1; D654:1; F119:T; T33:4; pointed to by Moses and Prophets, A58:2; rewards, physical and temporal, F631:2; 645:1; selection of Church before, A59:1; 108:2; to be blessed with Sodomites under New Covenant, A110:2; 112:3; to be the chief nation of earth, A241:1; world to be blessed through, A22:T; 58:2-59:1; 299:2; T34:1.
Blindness Of: And hardness of heart, A22:T; 108:2; 308:1; by national prejudices, B215:T; could not discern signs of times of first advent, D597:4; to Gospel Age call, D632:1; removed from, D555:1; 557:3; 651:2; to be saved from (Rom. 11:26), E469:3; when, removed, A108:2; B77:5; C277:5-278.
Deliverance Of: God’s, from Jacob’s Trouble, D555:1; 556:T; 557:1; now dawning, B72:T; receives greater, as result of ransom, E433:1.
Expectations Of: Jesus not Jewish ideal, E157:T; looking for a great general to deliver them, E157:2; looking for Messiah at time of first advent, E157:1; unable to accept meek and lowly Nazarene, E158:1.
Favor Returned To: Description, A299-300; B92:1; 210:1-211:2; 217:2-223; C287:T; 299; exact date of, B213:1-2; God’s, in the Kingdom, F118:2; 119:2; gradual, B221:2; preached Spring of 1877 A.D., B223:1; restoration, C243-249; 259- 261; “times of restitution,” B211:2.
Final Invasion: Destruction of enemies of, D556:2; final blast of trouble on, D552:2; Gog and Magog against, D554:2; gradual rise after, in Jacob’s Trouble, J16:1 (1912).
Gentile Times: Seven times, end of, B90:2; 92:1; subject to Persians, Grecians, Romans, B79:3; trodden down until expiration of, B92:2; will not become nation before 1914 A.D., B93:T.
Government In Jewish Age: By God from Tabernacle, A45:2; 47:1; changed from republican form to a kingdom, A48:1; democracy and theocracy, A46:1; during Law dispensation, A71:3; elected representatives or elders, A48:2; judges delivered, from oppression, A142:3; laws read to the people, A50:1; Moses had God’s spirit in judging, E176:1; tribal division of, A48:2.
King Of: Jehovah, A248:1; never had another, after Zedekiah, B79:3; ten tribes never recognized Rehoboam as, E132:1.
Kingdom Of: Ended with Zedekiah, A248:2-249:1; B79:3-4; not restored by rebuilding of Jerusalem, B79:3; only one God recognized as his representative, A249:1.
Nation Of: Apostles expected Jesus to free, from Roman yoke, E431:4; “born in a day,” D638:4; favor to in Jewish Age (Age “E” on Chart), A221:4; C217:3; life, length of, B213:2; 221:2; 230:3-232; no more a divided nation after Babylonian captivity, B206:1; oblivion of, E374:1-2; one house, B207:T; rich man, E376:3-4; rejected their king, D563:1; subject to Rome at first advent and looking for Messiah, E157:1; trouble in end of Jewish Age, D569-570; united by ties of blood, faith, sufferings, C245; will be anxious for new Kingdom, D632:1.
Natural: Battle of Law of Righteousness confined to, E189:F; call of, F85-87; distinct and peculiar people, C243:2-244:1; election by God, A97:1; faithful returned from Babylonian captivity, C251:1; first in Millennium, C253:2; 256:2-3; 294:1; lost sheep of, C252:1; mercy to, through Church, A300; must turn to righteousness, T34:1; name applies to whom, C300:2; religion of, became an abomination, D571:2; 572:2; to be blessed first by spiritual, T33:4.
Nominal House(s) Of: Captives to Babylon, B208:2; led away by false shepherds, C252:1; Lord presents himself to, B238:2; lost chief favor, B214:2-215; and real, separation clearly distinguishable only at harvest, B205:1; refers to whom, B206:1; stumbling of both, B26:2; 229:T; 237:1-2; D591:3-592:T.
Promises To: Earthly, B207:1; 210:1; C244:2; future, A298-299; orthodox Jews hold to, C247:2.
Regathering Of: Divine providence in, D553:T; fig tree puts forth leaves at, B93:T; hopes of, revived in, D627:2; larger, in harvest period, D553:T; Moses’ and Jeremiah’s prophecies chiefly on rejection and, D614:3.
Rejection Of: And testings, C167:3- 171; crown removed from, was no violation of God’s promise, B82:2- 86; cut off as olive branches, but some features of election remain, F176:1-178:1; desolate, rejected nation, D571:1; did not attain the chief favor, B215:1; end of favor to, A72:T; 223:3-4; fleshly “broken off,” D651:2; kingdom taken from, A248:2-249:1; not fit for chief favor, B70:2; why, C329:1.
Salvation Of: All Israel, A113:1; 299:2-300:1; E469:3; brought back from cast-off condition, A108:2; must recognize Christ in Kingdom, D625:1; redeemed from the law, T83:T; shall look at crucified Christ, D651:2.
Spiritual: Blessings of, antitypes of Israel’s rewards, F645:1; fleshly and, servants and sons, B205:T; only a remnant for “Royal Priesthood,” D567:3; pilgrims and strangers, how typified, F461:T; represented in jewels set in gold, T36:1; the true seed, T33:3; to bless natural Israel, C299:1; who constitute true, B229:1; D17:T.
Tabernacle: Aaron ministered for all the people of, T49:2; Camp of, at distance from, T14:2; Camp was the nation of, T18:1; general offerings of, typical of world’s offerings, T93:1; goats taken from, T59:2; iniquities of, confessed over scape-goat, T68:1; reconciled at end of the Day of Atonement, T76:1; sacrifices of, referred to as barbaric, D592:2.
Typical: A, people, E417:1; T11:1; deliverance from Egypt, A336:1; election of, F176:1-178:1; entreating God to speak no more, D631:2; Esau, “loved less,” elected as, F171:1- 172:1; every feature of people and Law of, A297:1-2; B173; F391:1; God’s, Kingdom, D651:2; individuals and history, A79:1; B204:1; F170:1; 361:2; judgments upon, D529:2; justification of, A229:1-2; Kingdom of, B75:2; Law of, A21:4; 297:2; B173:2-175:2; F382:1; 391:1; of all who have or will believe in God, B178:T; F458:1; of Christian Church, A221:4; of Christ’s earthly Kingdom, A248:1; B75:2; C257-258:1; D427; of Divine government in Kingdom, D638-640; of spiritual, T25:2-3; of world in justified condition, A313:1; of the world of mankind, A109:2; 297:1-2; 313:1; T23:1; 26:T-2; 41:3; 49:2; 64:T; 68:1; 84:1; 93:1; 96:T; ordinances and system of, F382- 387:1; overthrow, of “Day of Vengeance,” A315:1; Passover of, F457:1-460:2; priesthood of, of Church, A109:2; 297:2; Sabbath of, F391:1; symbolized as married to “the Lord,” E371:3-4; symbolized as woman, E371:4; character of God’s dealings with, B173:2; typically justified, F431:2-432:1; Jerusalem and Mt. Sinai are, of, A295; F363:1; under kingdoms of David and Solomon, of Messiah’s Kingdom, A248:1; whole system, B201:1; F382:1; 387:1.
Misc.: Curse of Law Covenant brought double condemnation upon, E417:1; 437:1; justification of, not by works of Law, E417:1; “lost tribes” of, have no advantage, A294:2; Nephilim of very great renown to, E104:2; no special effort to convince, until Church complete, B216:1; redistribution of wealth in, D416:1; 427:2; scattered and persecuted among all nations, B216:2; seventy weeks of favor, B58:2; significance of name, to apply to all, D654:1; sojourning of, B46:2-47:1; spirit of liberty inculcated by, A47:1; Spirit’s outpouring upon, D557:4.
See Trouble, Time Of, Jacob’s; Palestine.

Indeed: Only those respecting God’s promises, C291:2.
Number Of: Not sufficient, ready to be adopted as sons so Gentiles invited, E177:1.

300 acreage limit in Rome in times past, D416:1; conquest in Africa for market control, D355:1; in bankruptcy, D123:1; King Humbert submits to Prime Minister, D126:1; loss of Justinian’s power over, C80:3-81:1; motive of church/state union in, D131:1; “great power” beggared, D91:4; wheat production in, D390:2.

Death Of: Began God’s dealings with nation of Israel, A71:3; 78:1; beginning of Jewish Age, B230:1-3; 231:1; beginning of national life of Israel, B213:2.
Misc.: And Esau as types, F171:2- 172; dream of ladder regarding princes (Ancient Worthies), D629:1; favored in Patriarchal Age, A71:3; godliness turned away from, A300:T; head of fleshly house, surnamed Israel, B205:2; Israel also called, C278:T; loved, Esau hated, F171:2- 172; will receive life from Christ, E143:T.
See Trouble, Time Of, Jacob’s.

Christianity: Before, comparatively peaceful, D122:T; converts’ opinion of creeds, D257:1-3; converts hold to Bible, D256:3-257; deceptive work of missionaries in, D257; open minded to religion, D218:T; their real position toward, D217-223.
Parliament Of Religions: A voice from, D217-223; reaction to, D205; Shinto priest of, at, D184:2; 243:3.
Misc.: Awakening to western civilization, D330-332; 343:5; child labor in, D341:1; 343:T; duplicates machinery cheaply, D345:1; increased exports, D342:3-5; industrial activity in, D334:2; 336:3-4; 340- 343; millionaires in, D282:3; “seapower,” D329:T; “The condition of labor in,” D340-343; 1858 treaty with America disadvantageous to, D219:1; U.S. Congress investigates competition, D343-349; war between China and, D121:1; 329:T; 333:2-3; why competition sharp in industry, D338:1-343; 345-348.

Anarchy, fire of God’s, D271:1; fire of God’s, symbol of Day of Vengeance, D527:5; 528:3.

Cast out of Solomon’s line, E132:2-3; not allowed to sit on throne of David, E132:1-3; of Solomon’s line, also called Jekoniah and Coniah, E132:1.

Not allowed to sit on throne of David, E132:1-3.

Day Of: Events now crowding on us, D13:1; we are in, B99:T.
Translation Of: God’s name (Isa.
42:1-8), E41:1; properly rendered only four times due to belief in Trinity, E65:3-F; rendered LORD over 5,000 times, E65:3-F; Trinitarians feared to translate, E65:F.
Misc.: “A man of war” when judging nations, D549:1; at close of Millennial reign all will be in subjection to, E46:1; 78:1; burnt-offering, a sweet savor to, T73:2; Christ is not, E44:3; 59:1; Church the daughter of, C192:4; entreated by Israel to speak no more, typical, D631:2.
FATHER OF: Jesus, E89-91; Church, E456:1.
Is the head of Christ, T124:T; Jesus presents merit to, T59:T.
LOGOS: Agent of, E458:2; appeared as messenger of, E43:2.
Shekinah glory represents, T59:T; 124:T; spiritual seed compared to fleshly seed of Abraham, B206:T; superior to his laws, A208:1; symbolic husband to Israel, E371:3-4; the one Almighty God, E166:1; 186:1; thirteen proofs Jesus not Jehovah, difficult texts examined, E42-50; to fight against nations in Time of Trouble, D650:T.
See God, Creation Of; Father, Jehovah.

Anointing of, by Elisha, B266:1; Jezebel and priests cut off by, B266:1
Built/Rebuilt: Along lines of prophecy, C266:2; and captives re-turned, B79:3; built on a double mountain top, A301:2; commission to rebuild, B65:1; decree for, began seventy weeks, B66:2; literal city to be rebuilt, A296:2; restoration of, implies, C258-259:2; return of Jews to, C272:4; 274:3.
Destruction Of 70 A.D.: Conditions surrounding, D48:1; Luke’s account, D569-570:1; typical, D529:2-530:1.
Fate Of: Sealed by Hadrian, 135 A.D., B304:3.
Gentiles: No longer trodden down after, Times end, B77:4; times of, connected with, B87:3; under control of, for limited time, A249:2-3.
In Kingdom: All nations to walk in light of New, A59:4; Word of Lord from, by Ancient Worthies, D620:1; 628:3; 632:2.
Persecution Of Jew: Causes him to look to, B221:1.
Symbolic Of: Judgments on, typical of greater of Christendom, D529:2; represents glorified Church, D25:2; symbolic meaning of, A295:2; 301:2.
Wailing: Of Jews over, C276-277:3; wall, C273:2-275.
Misc.: American-Christian colony in, C274:4; and Israel addressed in prophecy, why, A315:1; descent gradual, C258:1; disciples commanded to gather in, to meet Jesus for last time, B119:1; progress in (1889), C272:2- 275:1; Tower of the Flock, E44:3.

Banished from Germany in 1870, D130:1.

Anointing: The earnest of His reward, T53:2; when thirty years old, T37:1; with holy Spirit, A230:1.
Ascension: Ten days before Pentecost, K3:T.
Baptism: And ministry during seventieth week of favor, B58:2; at age 30 at Jordan, K2:1; given an outward manifestation of holy Spirit at, E211:3; presented his life as soon as manhood was reached under Law, E426:T; received holy Spirit without measure, E184:1; 185:T.
Begetting: Holy Spirit gave, understanding, E163:3.
Birth Of: Assumed earthly conditions at, in Bethlehem, K1:1; correct date of 2 B.C. does not affect chronology, B55:1; New Creature, in resurrection, A197:2; preceded by begetting, A197:3; spirit, represented in Most Holy, T60:T; to spirit nature, shown on Chart, A227:1; under Law, why, E417:1; F365:2.
Character: Shiloh, the Peacemaker, B85:1; sublime, E155:2; to astonish mankind, E159:1; wisdom and grace of, E153:3.
Compared To God: 13 proofs Jesus is not Jehovah–difficult texts examined, E42-50; always excepted in comparisons as in 1 Tim. 6:15, 16, E78:2-3; “Arm of Jehovah,” E46:5- 47:5; 418:1; 489:1; called “a god,” a mighty one, E84:2; distinction between Father and Son necessary to understand philosophy of Atonement, E53:1-2; exaltation to Millennial reign does not imply equality with Father, E39:1; Father’s representative, but not the Father, E39:1; 43:3; 44:1; God always superior in honor and power, E33:T; 38:1-2; 39:1; 53:1; 74:3; God’s mind or will fully represented in Jesus in the flesh, E77:1; Jesus receiving worship did not mean he is God, 72:1; Jn. 14:7-10 does not show Jesus is God, E76:1-2; not Jehovah, E41:2-52; 75-77; not equal with God in Phil. 2:6, a poor translation in King James, E79:2; one in purpose, spirit, word, work, E75:4; 85:1; oneness of mind, but not personal oneness, E75:1-4.
David’s Son And Lord: Became root of David by his sacrifice, E136:T; 144:3; branch and root, E140:1; 151:3; 426:2; new branch grafted into original vine, E140:1; offspring and branch of David through Mary, E129:2; 133:3-136:1; offspring and Lord of David by work of Atonement, E134:1-136; relates to human family, not pre-existence, E129:1; son of David through family of Nathan, E129:2; 133:1-4; when raised from dead was Adam’s Redeemer, David’s Redeemer and David’s Lord, E136:1.
Death Of: Bloody sweat, F648:1; crucified by those who professed to love righteousness, E489:3; crucified, Friday, April 3, 33 A.D., B60:3; crucifixion tested his willingness to die as ransom, E443:2; crucifixion was triumph of spirit of evil, E190:2; cut off in midst of seventieth week, B61:T; dieth no more for those who die the Second Death, A241:2; for every man, A97:2; A104:2-3; meant deliverance from curse of Law Covenant to Jews, E417:1; 437:1; opened way of reconciliation, E446:2; poured out his soul for 3-1/2 years, E127:1; 328:1; prophecies declared Messiah must die, E23:T; shows that death was penalty for sin, E441:1; spirit of fear denies that, for all, E198:2; Spirit of truth teaches, for all, E199:T; to carry out Atonement, E17:4; was manifestation of God’s love, E452:1; 484:2.
See Ransom; Redemption.
Earthly Ministry: 3-1/2 years, B68:1; confined to Israel, A72:T; 97:1; guided by holy Spirit in his great work, E164:T; showed law of the Father was not too exacting, E120:3; words to Nicodemus, E92:2; worked almost continuously for 3-1/2 years, E125:1 Everlasting Father: Became, of race by reason of the ransom, E452:4; Little Flock to participate with, as Life-giver in Millennial Age, E457:1; of mankind, E457:1-2; one of titles of, in Isa. 9:6, E141:1-2; will be Lifegiver to Adam’s race under New Covenant, E105:3; 143:T; 144:3; 458:2.
Faith In: Justification by, Plane “N” on Chart, A152:3; 231:4; only means of salvation, A99:2; 100:5; 102:3; 106:2.
Fellowship With: By development of graces of the Spirit, E238:2.
Flesh: Christ is come in, E295:3; 296:2; 297:3-299:3; his human body possibly preserved, B130:T; human body of, after his resurrection, B129:2; given for ransom-price, E466:T; like unto brethren, E108:2- 109; likeness of God in, B136:1-2; E118:2; likeness of sinful, why, E121:1-122.
Followers: Could freely forgive, because he was purchasing them, E463:1; received evidence they had been accepted of the Father at Pentecost, E211:1; K3:T.
For Joy: Endured sufferings, set before him, E119:4; set before him, E118:3-119:3; 462:1; service acceptable to the Father, E118:4.
Genealogy: A42:1; In Luke is through Mary, E129:2; 135:3; life came from God and physical organism from Mary, E153:T; not through Joseph, E130:1; the seed of Abraham, A82:1; 84:2; the seed of Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David, E151:3; traced to David through Nathan, not Solomon, E129:2; 133:1-4.
Glorification: A reward for faithfulness, given name above every (1 Cor.
15:27), E444:1; above angels to Divine nature, A142:1; 171:3; 176:1; 178:1; B108:1; at right hand of God, subdues all things, A92:2; because of loyalty, humility and obedience, E82:T; by God to be next to himself, E37:1; 53:1; 120:2; God gave Son his own nature and his own throne, E166:1; no longer a human being, B107:1-2; not merely to nature of Logos, but to Divine nature, E150:T; 166:1; only after passing all tests, E128:T; with “brethren” shall be sons of glory, E144:2.
Great Physician: To heal mankind of sin-sickness, E473:T; to restore world of mankind to life, E473:T.
Great Teacher: Appointed teachers, E50:4; did not attempt or claim originality, E51:1; of men by God’s appointment, E50:3; to deal with man until perfect because law of Father is inflexible, E471:1; with Church, constitutes priest to enlighten and restore man, E457:1; 471:T.
Head Of: Chief cornerstone in the spiritual temple, A242:3-243:2; E232:T; Church to share with him in work of restitution, E451:T; 457:1; 471:T; 473:1; Forerunner and, Church, A82:1-2; B202; 255:1; none preceded him as members of the Church, B202:1; not the father of the Church, E143:2; the Church, K3:1.
Healings Of: By imparting his own vitality, A229:3; E124:3; 125:1; the woman with the issue of blood, E125:T.
High Priest: Of Royal Priesthood, E488:4; 489:3; prepared for office while here on earth, E52:1-3.
Holy Spirit’s Influence On:
Instructed in wilderness through, E110:3.
Humility: Identified with Logos and Son of Man, A202:2; E151:2; illustrates that those who humble themselves shall be exalted, E38:1; obedience and, tested, E119:4; purpose of, E149; shown in willingness to come to earth and submit to ignominious death of cross, E81:10; vs. spirit of Satan, E79:2-82; when he became a man, E454:2.
Infirmities: He was under great nervous strain, E123:T; result of our sins, not his own, E122:3-123:1; 127:T.
Israel’s Rejection Of: Because a meek and lowly Nazarene as Messiah, E158:1.
Judgment Of: World given over to, to help meet requirements of Divine Law in Millennial Age, E471:1; world’s worthiness or unworthiness for eternal life, E408:1; 457:2; 470:1.
Justification By: From sin, E436:T.
King: Is, of human race, who will have Church to share in work, E471:T; Kingdom not of this world, A68:1; of Glory in Millennial Age, E44:1; of Kings (1 Tim. 6:15, 16), A210:2; E78:3.
Lamb Of God: Our sin-offering, E446:1; which taketh away the sin of the world, E158:2; 446:1.
Life: Bible account of, A39-41:1; given as price of redemption, E210:1; laid down of himself, E462:1.
Logos: Acknowledged his pre-human existence, E89:T; all creations by, E93:2; appeared as messenger of Jehovah in Ex. 3:2, E43:2; as used in Jn. 1:1, E86:1-3; as, was a Lord, E134:3; called by other titles in Isa.
9:6, E92:3; described in Prov. 8:22- 30, E93:1; earth created by God through, E182:2; existence before coming to earth, E63:T; 84:1; 88:2; 90:2; left spiritual plane, A177:2- 178:2; left heavenly glory to provide ransom, K2:1; means “a word,” and should be left untranslated, E85:2; tested by providing ransom, E485:1; the only direct creation of God, E88:2; title Son of Man applies to, E150:8; title “Word of God” (Logos of God) fitting for work of our Master, E85:3; transfer of life, why, E105:2; was perfect, E118:2; was pre-eminent from beginning, E87:1; why chosen for ransom, E424:1.
Lord: Became, or Master by his death and resurrection, E135:T-1; of the dead and living, A149:2; properly called, E134:3; risen Christ is “Lord of all,” E135:1; was a, a god, a mighty one, E84:2; 134:3.
Loyalty: Demonstrated before all his fidelity to the Father, E120:3; exalted because of, E82:T; refused to acknowledge Satan and his power in the world, E74:2; Satan’s desire to be like God was opposite to that of, E81:10.
Mediator: His blood, a surety for the New Covenant, A79:2; seals and makes operative the New Covenant, E28:T; 455:1.
See Mediator, Of New Covenant.
Mercy Of: Can deal with mankind as merciful, E471:1; extends, God to Church for sins not wilful, E461:T; forgiveness of sin by, E460:3-462:2; deals with man until perfect because law of Father inflexible, E471:1.
Messiah: Apostles expected, to free Israel from Rome, E431:4; became, in 29 A.D., B66:1; God’s plan provided for his coming and Messiahship, E45:3; prophecies declared, must die, E23:T.
Mission Of: Two-fold, C352:1.
Nature Of: A little lower than the angels, E90:2; a spirit being before being made flesh, E63:T; 84:1; a spirit being since his resurrection, E84:5; 175:T; 453:2-454:2; became a man to ransom Adam and his race, E63:T; 135:1; 149:1; born of a woman and took a woman’s nature, E105:2; change to human, a continuous existence, E90:2; changed twice, A180:1; could not be raised from dead as a man, E454:1-2; did not become sinoffering by leaving spirit, E425:1; earthly, when born at Bethlehem, K1; had to have same, Adam and his race, E122:1; incarnation theory teaches Jesus still a spirit being while on earth, E94:T; individuality not destroyed by changes of, B155:T; not combination of human and spirit, A179:2-180:1; not immortal in human and pre-human existence, E389:3; now possesses immortality, E392:3; 393:1; 396:3; spiritual body, not same body as crucified, B129:T; the man, suffered total everlasting destruction, E454:2; 466:T; took, man, E94:1; 95:T; 107:2; 440:1; voluntarily became flesh, E84:4; when made flesh, uncontaminated by Adam, E99:T; while a man, was not a spirit being, E175:T.
Obedience: E444:1; Even unto death proved him worthy of every trust, E37:1; in, refused to cooperate with Satan’s temptations, E114:2; knowledge of the Father enabled, A131:3; many will become righteous by, E414:1; needed to be tested, E118:3; 119:4; presented his life as soon as manhood reached under, of Law, E426:T; showed Law of the Father was not too exacting, E120:3; was always, E119:4; 120:1.
Opponents: Recognized his superiority, E154:1; recognized his wisdom, E91:1-2; rejected, why, E161:1.
Perfection Of: A perfect man, A178:2; 180:2-3; 229:3; E97:3; 107:2; 108-128; 440:1; as the Logos and as a man, E118:2; caused him to feel much more the miseries of the “groaning creation,” E160:2; from an imperfect mother, E102:3-106; holy, harmless, E95:1-96; Isa. 53:2-3 does not deny Jesus was separate from sinners, E156:1-2; kept the Law perfectly, A178:3; made like Adam before his transgression, E122:1; many cannot understand how, was separate from sinners, E95:2; more than a mere man, was separate from sinners, E139:1; 156:T; life transferred from pre-existence to embryo of human condition, E103:1; purity and, the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world, E158:2; redeemed man because not under death sentence, E482:1; the ideal of some, but not the Jewish ideal, E157:T; the only one who could be the Redeemer, E97:3; 477:2; K4:2; through sufferings for Divine Plan, E51:2-3; 118:2; 119:4; under favorable conditions, E120:1.
Physical Appearance: Isa. 52:14, 15, gives erroneous thought respecting, E158:3; not marred more than others, E159:T; of face probably bore marks of his sorrow, E159:3; personal, of, E156-159; Pilate recognized, “Behold THE man,” E153:3; 154:T.
Prayers: For oneness of Church, E75:3.
Predestinated: To Divine nature, E436:T.
Prince Of Peace: Even though his Kingdom begins with trouble, E141:2.
Purchased: By his death he, Adam, E142:2; Church from thraldom of sin, E432:1-2; gift of his life constituted redemption price for world, E210:1; he willingly gave his life to, human race, E441:T; not only man, but earthly dominion, A247:2; paying ransomprice, mankind, E142:T; 454:2; 470:1; 471:1; sold all he had and, the world, E440:1; what he, will be offered to mankind, E457:T; when, mankind he became their owner, E135:2.
Pyramid: Length of life symbolized in, C337:2; perfection symbolized in, C361:1; top-stone to which all natures must be conformed, A242:3.
Ransom: Accomplished by his death, E419:1; 483:2; became a man to, Adam and his race, K2:1; E63:T; 135:1; 149:1; could not use, price while still on earth, K2:2; crucifixion tested his willingness to die as man’s, E443:2; deposited, with Justice when he died, K2:1; freely gave himself a, Justice could not demand it, E462:1; 480:2; gave himself for all at age 30, K2:1; God’s plan required all he had, to purchase mankind, E441:T; 455:T; he completed offering of, when he said, “It is finished,” K2:1; he had to die to be a, not just suffer, E127:T; his death could have been in any other form, E443:1; if eternal torment was penalty for sin, Jesus would have experienced it to be our substitute, E480:2; Jesus was a corresponding price for Adam, E481:2-482:1; man’s substitute, E480:2; merit of, will not be transferred to Divine Justice until after Church is complete, K4:1; the flesh of, given as a, E466:T; the man, E454:3; used merit of, at Pentecost as an imputation, K3:T; when he gave himself for, he met the requirements of the Redeemer, E466:T.
Representative Of Father: All things of the Father and by, E54:T; extends God’s mercy to Church for sins not wilful, E461:T; in Ex. 3:2 Logos appeared as messenger of Jehovah, E43:2; in Millennial Age world given over to, for judgment to help meet requirements of Divine Law, E471:1; power of God revealed in, for delivery of man, E418:1; Scriptures showing, as, in work of salvation, E35:1-36:10; to determine world’s worthiness or unworthiness for eternal life, E408:1; 457:2; 470:1; was channel of power of God in creation, E182:2; 424:1.
Resurrection Appearances: Appeared and vanished during, B127:2; as a man, A231:1; manifest to chosen witnesses, B109:2; recognized by familiar act of breaking and blessing bread, B115:1; reserved after, because of dignity of exaltation, B131:1; to disciples on road to Emmaus, B113:2- 114:2.
Resurrection Of: A spirit being, E84:5; 175:T; 453:2-454:2; became Adam’s Redeemer when raised from the dead, E136:1; could not have been, as a man, E454:1-2; news of, broken gradually, B111:2; not crucified body, B132:1; resurrected Jesus, not return as the man, B108:T; risen Lord no longer a man, B132-135:1; to Divine nature, K2:1; E84:6.
Rewarding Of: Became rightful and only heir of “sceptre” of earth, B82:T; 85:1; for faithfulness, given a name above every creature (1 Cor. 15:27), E444:1; immortal and in express image of the Father, A211:1; B131:2.
Sacrifice Of: For “us” and the world, E446:2; man’s iniquities laid on, when he paid ransom, E461:1; opened up way of returning world to harmony with God, E446:2; pointed to all sacrifices of Law, E446:1; presented, his life as soon as manhood was reached under Law, E426:T; purchase of human race required full, E440:1; 441:T; 453:1; 455:T; redeemed man from the tomb, E432:1-2; stumbling block, A239:1.
Salvation By: A representative of God, E35:1; “no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved,” E472:2; only those who come to, receive freedom from sin, E489:2.
Second Adam: At second advent by giving life by processes of restitution, E137:2; became father of race by paying ransom-price, E452:4; 454:3- 4; 458:1-2; became flesh so he could become the, E137:1; grafted into Adamic vine, E140:1; he became, by redeeming human race, E453:1; life comes by, A106:1; Logos became flesh so he could become the, E137:1; new root to give new life, E139:1; not while in flesh, but since his resurrection, E221:3; will be Life-giver of Adam’s race under New Covenant, E144:3; will give human life-rights to men, E458:2.
See Ransom, Jesus’ Death.
Son Of Man: Does not mean Joseph was his father, E149:1.
TITLE: applies to glorified, the man Christ Jesus and the Logos, E149:1; 150:8; belongs to, during Gospel and Millennial Ages, E153:2; frequently used by him, E149:1; why, used, E151:1-2.
Was seed of Adam through Eve, E152:T.
Soul Of: Poured out as a sin-offering, E127:1.
Submission Of: People were surprised at, to abuses, E159:1-2.
SufferingsOf: Came fromprofessors of religion, E236:T; caused by exposing hypocrisies, E236:2; Church reckoned sharers in, E419:2; could have avoided, by joining popular leaders, E236:1; developed sympathy by, E128:1; dying process and complete separation from God to be substitute for sinners, E128:T; endured for joy set before him, E119:4; for our sins, not his, E123:1; made him perfect for the Divine plane, E51:2-3; 118:2; 119:4; not enough to be ransom, but death required, E127:T; not necessary for requirements of ransom, E443:1; Satan’s temptation of earthly dominion without, and death, E112:2; taught him obedience, E51:1; to take sinners’ position of separation from God, E127:2.
Superiority Of: First and last, why, E93:2; recognized by Pilate, E154:T.
Sympathy Of: Tests necessary to develop, E128:1; with mankind as none of fallen race could, E126:1.
Tabernacle Pictures Of: Acceptance of sacrifice shown in burnt offering, T81:1; and Church represented by Golden Table, T115:2; blood, the price of redemption, T58:3; bullock in Lev. 8 represents, and Body, T41:3; Chief Priest, T29:1; dead bullock represents, in Court, T57:1; death of, reckoned complete at consecration, T53:1; devotion and sacrifice seen by believers, T57:2; enjoys light of Candlestick, T57:1; enters Holy at spirit begettal, T56:1; fed by bread of truth, T57:1; gate of justification, T20:2; gate to Court, T18:1; human sacrifice presented as a ransom-price, T56:1; in Most Holy condition at resurrection, T58:2; incense represents, perfection, T56:2; is the propitiatory, T124:3; judgment of, shown passing second veil, T88:1-2; ministry, a sweet perfume, T56:2; never outside of Court, T22:1; new nature represented by Aaron, T51:2; offered incense in the Holy, T58:2; offering shown in bullock’s death in Lev. 16, T53:3; opened door of Tabernacle, T20:2; passes under second veil, T58:2; perfect man, represented by bullock, T51:2; 54:3; presents merit to Jehovah, T58:3; received Divine nature after resurrection, T53:1; represented by Aaron, T29:1; 36:2; 39:1; 51:2; Royal Priesthood began with, T27:2; sacrifice as viewed by men, T57:3; sacrifice sufficient for sin, T79:3; three days under the veil, T58:2; three views of, sacrifice, T58:1; trial of fire shown in Holy, T56:1; way to immortality not opened until, came, T28:2.
Temptations Of: By Satan in wilderness, E110:1-112:2; did not dispute Satan’s claim as ruler of the world, E113:T; like his brethren, not like the world, E110:1; 111:T; 117:1; refused to cooperate with Satan, E114:2.
Wisdom: He becomes our, when we accept his will instead of our own, E435:1; recognized even by his opponents, E91:1-2.
Work Of: Enabled him to become Lord of all and David’s Lord, E134:2; Judge, Prince, Savior, A142:1-2; now more as General of Jehovah than Prince of Peace, A307:2; will be to enlighten and restore the world, E217:4; 451:T; 471:T; 473:1; will open doors of grave, A112:2.
Misc.: Brought life and immortality to light, A206:1-2; delivers dominion to Father, A303:3-305:2; faith dimmed for moment, why, F143:2; foretold by prophets, A57:2-58:1; given dominion of earth, A68:2-70:1; 260:2-261:1; 307:2; greatest of Prophets, D614:3; Greek word theos can refer to, E70:1; had direct communion with angels, D626:1; his dominion and glory after 1,000 year Kingdom, A305:3; his seemingly wasted abilities, a mystery to men, A85:2; hope of world, A101-102; E152:2; how, makes an end of the Law, B85:2; life and death of, corroborated by history, A39:1; life, death, and exaltation shown on Chart, A229:3-231:3; not being ashamed of, a witness of holy Spirit, E237:1; opened the way for Spirit of adoption, E209:2; our love for, E35:1; prefigured by types, A79:2; 155:1; properly worshiped, E72-74; realized former glory when man, A202:3; taught by Father, E50-52:3; to adopt Adam’s race, A129:1; treason charged against, F667:3; was law abiding though separate from the world, A266:1-2.

Law: Condemned by written, A101:2; Jesus’ death meant deliverance from curse of, E417:1; 437:1; released from dominion of, by ransom, E430:4-5.
Russian: Catholic persecution of, D206:T; number, three million, C271:2; proposal on behalf of, in 1891, C288:3-290:4.
Unorthodox: Many infidels, C248:T; 249:2; no special favor for, C250:T; wealth of, C270:T.
Misc.: Clothing shops owned by, D375:1; First Adventists, B29:2; first of mankind to discern the Lord’s presence, D600:T; future blessings to, first, A297:3; lead in all professions, C270:1-271:2; liberty-loving people, D306:2; name synonymous with Israelite after Babylonian captivity, C292:1; nations blessed for aiding, C271:3; only those holding faith of Abraham, C249:3-250:T; perplexing question of every nation regarding, D553:3; Peter given keys to unlock door to, E214:1; were told by Jesus he existed before Abraham, E90:1.
See Israel.

Making up, in harvest, D609:2; richest, of earth at close of Millennium is perfected mankind, D648:3; sought wherever they may be found, D609:2; in breastplate represent the Church, T35:3; 36:1; twelve, in breastplate represent the twelve tribes, T35:1.

Blessings: A child inherited, from its father according to the favor of its mother, E105:1.
Manhood Thirty Years:
JESUS: Anointed when, T37:1; bullock represents, at, T51:2; gave himself for all at, K2:1.
Under Law of Moses, F437:1.
Marriage Typified: Betrothal and marriage of Church, C191:1; 196:1; Christ and Church, F74:1.
Nation: Fig tree a symbol of, D604:1; furnishes a typical view of entire plan of salvation, B203:2; under Roman yoke at first advent, E157:1.
Ordinances: Practical good connected with, F387:1; Divinely instituted and typical system of, B201:1; typical, F382:1-387:1.
Typical Priesthood: Papacy drawn from, B304:1-3.
Year: Civil, began about October, B187:1; C127:F; Ecclesiastical, began in Spring, B232:F; lunar, F483:2; two seasons, D602:F.
Misc.: Day began in the evening, F462:1; forms and ceremonies were counterfeited by Papacy, B303-304; Jesus’ kingly authority over, House, B238:2; 239; proverb “When the railway reaches Jerusalem,” C272:1; religion produced the spirit of liberty, D306:1-2; E351; state in the land of Palestine proposed by Zionists, D604:1.
See Israel; Palestine.

Closing Of: Described, A71:3; 221:4; features of, B232:2; in stages, A223:2-4; Jesus as Prophet, Priest, King at, of, T50:4; trouble at, approached only by French Revolution, D530:1; with harvest, A223:2-4; B233-234.
Harvest: At end of, Jesus offered himself as prophet, priest, king, T50:4; began with our Lord’s ministry, B234:2; considerable period of time between Gospel Age Harvest and, B160:1; parallels Gospel Harvest, A238:2.
Overlapping Of: Same as Gospel and Millennial, A224:2; special light in, F205:2.
Parallels: Dispensation parallel to Christian, B204:1; Gospel and, A25:3-26:1; 223:2; B222-224:2; F205:2-206:T; length equals Gospel Age, B209:2; typical of Gospel Age, A221:4; B160:2; 209:2.
Misc.: Period following Jacob’s death, Age “E” on Chart, A221:4; seed sown by Moses and prophets, B233:1.

And priests cut off by antitypical Jehu, B266:1; foreshadowed Babylon, harlot, J2:T (1912); Papal Rome, D584:2.

Correct views on death, hell and resurrection, E359:T-361:2; illustrations of Great Pyramid in Job 38, C318:2; viewpoint of, as a wealthy man, D415:5; 425:2.

Prophecy Of: Reverses order for blessings of holy Spirit being poured out, E219:1.

Apostle: A Prophet and an, A27:2; F223:3; carried in vision to end of world, A70:1; first to realize Jesus was responsible for miracle of fish, B118:1; in Revelation represents “wise of holy people,” C89:1.
Class: Decreases as glorified Church increases, C242:1; have bitter-sweet experiences, C89:1.
First Epistle Of John: 2:20, 27, examined, E283:3-285:1; 5:7 is spurious, E55:2-58:7; why written, E285:2-287.
The Baptist: And Elijah typical, B251-254; 259:2; beginning of ministry, B58:3; born about April 1, 2 B.C., B60:2; cast into prison because reproving improper union, typical, B261:2; closing experiences paralleled by Church, B259:2-264; C231:1-2; E43:3; continuation of type begun in Elijah, B253-264:1; did a similar work to that of the Elijah promised, B250:1; did not fulfill Malachi’s prophecy of Elijah, B253:2; he must decrease as Age closes, B260:2; 261:1; least in Kingdom of heaven greater than, F86:1; 111:3; T108:1; part of red heifer class, T108:1; that he was to “prepare the way of Jehovah” does not prove Jesus was Jehovah, E43:3; typified closing work of Church, B253:2; typified real Elijah, B251- 254; was the only witness to dove descending on Jesus at his baptism, E211:3.

Church, with Christ in honors, blessings and service of Kingdom, E137:2; in Gospel Age must suffer with Christ to be, in Millennial work, E456:1; 490:3; Little Flock called to be, with Jesus, E210:1; 220:3; 414:2; Little Flock, with Jesus, predestinated to Divine nature, E436:T; taken from among men now, 452:2.

After receiving at-one-ment, Church reckoned as joint sacrificers, reconcilers, at-one-ers, and, E487:3.

Genealogy of Jesus not through, E130:1; 133:2; Jesus not son of, E130-133:2; 149; 150:8; Jesus’ title “Son of Man” does not mean, was his father, E149:1; of line of Solomon, E129:2; never recognized by Jesus as his father, E88:3-91; 149; Son of Heli, explained, E129:3.

Chronological dates of, reckless and faulty, B52:4; 56:T; error on date of Herod’s death, B55:2-57; error on time of Tiberius Caesar’s reign, B58:4-59; followed by Usher, B52:4; history of Jews, E351; history unreliable, B52:4.

As deliverer, savior of Israel, a type, A79:T-1; dimmed sun, typical, A61.

Set Before Jesus: Accompanied his test of obedience, E118:3; dependent on his obedience, E119:4; for which he endured the cross, was four-fold, E118:3-119:4; 462:1.
Spirit Of: Is the Spirit of God, E199:1.
Misc.: Based on hope, nourished by prayer and activity in service, F677:3-678:1; Christian heart must be filled with, E198:1; given by witness of holy Spirit, E228:3; heavenly vs. earthly, F659:1-660:2; F677:4- 678; of the Lord reward for faithful, F419:1-2.

Cycle(s): 19 partially observed, B193:2; 194:T; 2500 year cycles corroborated by prophecy, B190-199; and chronology harmonized, C127:2- 128:1; antitypical, B180:1; began to count, when, B179:2; 180:2-187:2; chronological table, B186; ends when, B183-187:1; entire number designed to be seventy, B193:1; fiftieth, earth’s great, F50:2-52:3; great, of 2500 years terminates, B185:3; how reckoned, B182:2-187:1; prove restitution work, 1874 A.D., B242:T; supports parallels, B241:2.
Law Of: Shows things as they would have been, B193:2.
Trumpet: Announces liberty in a time of disturbances, B197:2; how people respond, B197:3; resulting reforms and great leveling process, B199:T; same as Seventh Trumpet, Last Trump, B197:2; trumpet of Mat.
24:31, D600:1-601:2.
Typical: 19th is last, how reckoned, B182:2-184; 193:2-3; and antitypical, F50:2; 391:2; chronological tables, B185-186; 195; cycles began with entrance into land, B184:2,3; foreshadows restitution, the recovery of man from the fall, B175:1; last typical observance of, B179:2; of release of all mankind from debt of sin, B177:2; pictured restitution, B175:1; 178:1-187:2; F50:2; 391:2; pointed out time of second advent, B241:2; C125:1; seventy typical, before antitype due, B193:1; two lines of evidence on, harmonized, B194:5- 196:T; why, must be, B188:1.
Year: A fresh start, B176:3; requires full year for complete restitution, B179:1.
Misc.: Antitypical 1000 years commencing 1874 A.D., B180:2; 187:1; compared to Bankrupt Law, B176:3, F; day, type and antitype, F391:2- 394; did not apply to Israel’s priesthood, B178:T; great antitypical, only cure for world’s ills, D515:T; imperfectly kept, B191:2-192; prophecies, B191:2-196; prophetic testimony of, B190:2; 195; repetition of does not fulfill, B175:2; restitution provided by Moses’ Law, A50:T; restitution, begins with presence of Great Restorer in 1874, B363:1; Sabbath of rest to people and land, B175:3; since October 1874 people are investigating their God-given inheritance, B182:1; understanding of, “strong meat,” B196:T; ushered in by revolution, D535:T.
See Trumpet; Dates.

Lion of: Lord Jesus, B85:1; receives crown at expiration of Gentile Times, B86:2.
Sceptre: Given to, at his resurrection, B86:2; departed from, when Shiloh came, B85:3; Shiloh, B81:2-86.
Misc.: Other tribes clung to, in proportion to faith, B82:1.

Rejection Of: As system, C167:3- 171; before end of seventieth week, C169:3-170; 217:2; illustrated by two parables, C160-161.
Typified: Christendom, C152:2- 153:2; Kingdom of Christ, union of church and state, proper, C153:2.
Misc.: Cast off 33 A.D., C151:1; clerical class represents system of, C152:1; 167:3-168; favor transferred from nation to individuals, C167:3- 168:1; 217:2.

Cause of his fall, F478:3; Paul took place of, as apostle, F139:1; 208.

Fleeing out of, explained, D573:2; judgments on, typical of greater on Christendom, D529:2; represents Christendom, D573:1.

Church As: F719:1; 720:1; sympathetic, F715:2.
Period Of: Error of Usher on, B52:5.
Misc.: Christ to be, of world, A142:1- 143:1; executed justice, relieved oppressed, A142:3; Jehovah supreme, F395-396; Moses’ instruction to, A49:1; of world, Christ, F397-398; period of, B49:1-3; table of law represents the Christ as the righteous, T123:2.

In offenses against Church, such as for a slandered elder, F417:2-418:2; of dead begins after reign over angry nations, H4:T; others and law of love, F405:1-406:1; ourselves, proper and improper, F407-411; proper procedure of, in offenses against the individual, F412:1-417:1.

By Christ: All, committed by Father unto, E408:1; to reign, judge and possess the Kingdom, E44:3.
Day Of: Deliverance through Christ from penalty of first, A141:1; 152:1; felt by nations beyond Christendom, D27:2-3; first in Eden, A140:1; first and second, A139:2-140:1; 145:2; for Church and world, A145:3; E379:2; 408:1; for the world is, the Millennium, E469:1; 479:2; judges moderate and merciful because of original identity with man, F69:1; upon mankind, national recompenses, D11:3.
Of Babylon: By standard of Word of God, D97:1; character manifested in, D76:1; greater than against fleshly Israel, D529:2; Kingdom, causes fall, D623:1; of ecclesiastical powers by world, D102-112; sign of presence of Judge, D598:7; 599:T; warned of coming, D51:2.
Of Church: Began at House of God, B238:2; D598:5; by Jesus now, E457:2; first work of second advent, F419:1; Lord’s flock to judge who are to be teachers in Church, E208:1; Lord’s judgment, F416:T; members of Body pass, T89:1.
Of Israel: Moses had God’s spirit in, E176:1.
Of New Creation: Holy Spirit gives better balance and quality of, E196:1; in Gospel Age, F399:2; need less chastening from Lord, E233:4; of Father, by Son, F400-401:1; 418:3- 419:1.
Of World: By Jesus with Church, E471:T; 479:2; F397-398; “by that man” (the Christ, Head and Body) Acts 17:31, E479:2; came to all through Adam, A156:1; collectively, in Time of Trouble, D12:1; coming, more favorable, A141:1; 143:2; committed to Christ, A137:1; 142:1; crucial, E474:2; described, A141-144:2; 146-147; errors on, A137:2-138:2; 146:3; for worthiness or unworthiness of eternal life, in hands of Jesus, E457:2; 470:1; in Kingdom, holy Spirit will witness that it has commenced and will be promptly executed, E193:T; in Millennial Age, will be for 1,000 years, E469:1; in Millennium, F665:8; 712:2; 714- 720:1; Jehovah commits to Son and Church in Millennial Age, F395:1- 399:1; of individuals and nations, D12-13; 541:1; reproved for sin, righteousness and coming, E291-294; separating, of sheep and goats occupy entire Millennial Age, E479:3; shown in parable of sheep and goats, A144:2; to convince, of, an effect of witnessing, E192:T-1.
Recognition Of: By world is imperfect, E192:1.
Misc.: After death the, of God, T87:1; breastplate of, T34:3; by men and God, D541:1; incompetent among members of New Creation, F402:2- 406:1; Jesus stood test of Divine, T88:1-2; resurrection by, A147:4; D619:3; F665:8; 708:1-F; 710:2; 712:2; 714-721:T; righteous, no evil deed shall fail just recompense, D520:1; some men’s sins go before to, A145:1; F719:2-720:1; sound, only by Lord’s Word and spirit, D433:1; sound, opposes Communism, D476:4-478:T; trial and decision, A138:3; trial for life, F709:1; 710:3; trouble from Lord as King, D622:3.
See Vengeance; Trouble, Time Of.

Because God is, can be no release from death penalty without ransom, E447:5; eternal torment not a, penalty for sin, E422:1; God is, and yet justifier of believers in Jesus, E427:T; 463:2; 465:1.

And Love: Basis for charity, D503:1; contrasted, A188:3; exactly equal with, E31:3; no conflict with, E451:1; 452:1.
Divine: After attaining perfection, man will be in full conformity with demands of, E475:T; could not demand either more or less than Adam’s kind, E423:T; curse of, lifted, D647:2; death penalty for man did not violate, E413:T; God not bound by, to restore every man, E470:1; in the eyes of, Christ is owner and master of the race, E135:2; Jesus bore for us stroke of, by taking sinner’s place, E127:T; 462:1; mankind ultimately turned over to, when perfected, E18:2; merit of Christ’s death will not be transferred to, until after Church complete, K4:1; penalty of restraint for fallen angels did not violate, E413:T; understanding death penalty gives insight into what, requires, E422:1-2.
Of Death Penalty: Is a just sentence, E412:2; 449:1; on man not too severe, E463:2.
Of God: Among men inferior to, A32:2; faithful priests recognize, T40:3; foundation of God’s throne, E421; 463:3; 472:1; harmonized with justification of believers, F101:1; in limiting call to Divine nature, A187:4-189; B202:1; in permitting Time of Trouble, D518:1; 526:1; in punishing all nations, D70:2-73; regarding one suffering for another, D47:2; 49:1.
Ransom: Displayed in God’s plan for a ransom, E484:2; fully met requirements of, E419:1; 440:T; Jesus bought the world and paid the full, price for it, E142:T; not demanded by, E462:1; no violation of, A155-157; E419:3; 422:2; 430:2; paid to, T125:3; 126:2; price was laid in hands of, as a deposit, K2:1; remission of death penalty no violation of, E439:2; removal of curse without, would violate, E421:2; 447:5; 465:1; required perfect man’s life for perfect man’s life, A229:3; sacrifice offered to, E17:5; 449:T; 452:1; when, price is formally delivered to, Millennial Kingdom will begin, K4:1.
Requirements Of: Become more and more exacting in Millennial Age, E474:2; fully satisfied with payment of penalty for sin, E461:1.
Satisfaction Of: Atonement, E18:2; 20:1; 27:2; must be, before God could deal with sinners through the Mediator, E28:T; through Atonement, T76:2; 124:2; 125:3; 126:2; true view of Atonement makes, E17:2-5; two views of Atonement that fail to make, E16:1-2; without, God could not accept us as sons, E432:2.
Misc.: Alone can secure blessings which all desire, B102:1; and freedom considered remedy for evils, D508:T; basis of “new heavens” and “earth,” A69:1; High Priest, a representative of God’s, T125:T; in God’s plan, A135:2; in Kingdom, D519:3; 632:2; inviolable, E421; 439:2; 447:5-452:3; laid to the line in Kingdom, D632:2; 636:3; Mercy Seat represents, T124:2; mistaken ideas of, A187:4-190:1; object of earthly governments although seldom meted out, A263:1-2; of Day of Vengeance, D47-73; requires sacrifice, T125:3; retributive, began reign of Messiah, B137:4; saints guard carefully, D524:1; same, condemns and releases man, A157:1.
See Attributes; God, Attributes..

Actual: For New Creation, in First Resurrection, F104:T; for world in Millennium, F101:1; 106:2-107; 112:1; 115:1; vs. faith, F101-102; 106:3-107; 112:1; 115:1-116:1.
By Faith: Because of Christ’s sacrifice, E444:2; Biblically proved, E444-445; explained, F102:T; 108:1- 2; 112:1; first step toward holiness, T21:3; for New Creation, F102-103; 108; 634:1; for purpose of sacrifice, F115-116:1; 117:1; gives forgiveness of sins and pardon for offenses not wilful, E460:3; giving way to Papal dogma of justification by works and the Mass, D33:2; keynote of the Reformation, C103:T; 109; operation in Gospel Age, F112; reckoned right or perfect, E444:3; shown in Well’s position in Pyramid, C349:1; underlying principle of Christianity, A100:5; vital, F103:T.
Meaning: F114:1.
Of Ancient Worthies: F110-111; 119:1.
Of Church: Evidence of, is a witness of holy Spirit, E242:T; first work of Lord for Church, reckoned perfection of life by faith, E139:2; imputing merit of ransom sacrifice needed for, E442:1; operation of, illustrated by electric car service, F109:1; pair of balances or scales, F101:T; providing of ransom-price did not give, E442:1; reckoned, A130:T; 153:T; 231:4- 233:1; E109:T; 139:2; 145:2; 241:3; 444:3; 456:1; F102:1-103; 106:2; 107:1-108; 136:1; represented as robe of righteousness, E445; result of imputed ransom merit, A232:T; E242:T; 442:1; F103:T; 108:1; 115:2; seal of the holy Spirit is evidence of, E242:T; through Christ, E385:2.
Of Israel: Had typical, A229:1; F431:2-432:1; Law could not justify those under it, E417:1; 444:3; typical, ceased, B68:3.
Of Man: Need for, proves we were unrighteous, E444:2; not by works, E444:2; not given by providing of ransom alone, E442:1; not to be confounded with pardon, E460:1.
Of World: Through Mediator, F114:1-115:1; will be actual in Millennium, E241:3.
Tentative: Beneficial to believers, why, L3:4; count cost, F153:T; Court represents condition of, T19:1; 60:T; 61:1; explained, F116:2-119:2; 151:1; L3:1-4; household of faith in Court condition of, T62:2; implies certain amount of consecration, F151:1; lapses when, F125:2; 147:2; 153:3; of believers who receive grace of God in vain, F116:2-118:2; 125:2; 129:2; 153:2-154:1; precedes sanctification, F121:1; 151:1; 632:T; proportion of justified to consecrated, T118:2; represented by posts of Court, T113:2; 114:2; typified by Levites, not allowed to see or be in “Holy,” F118:1; typified in consecration of Levites, F124-125; 693:1; unconsecrated children of believers, are, F684:2; who never go beyond preliminary step of justification, F117:2- 118:1.
To Fellowship: Adam, A225:1; and Abraham, A228:2-3.
Misc.: A gift of forgiveness, A156:1; brings peace with God, T21:3; class “p” on Chart receive in vain, A236:1; comes once to each individual, L3:4; everlasting, B68:3-69:T; from sin through death of Son, A195:T; Great Company consecrated their justified human life, T69:2; Jesus the gate of, T20:2; of heathen through faith, F107:1; precedes offering self in sacrifice, T66:1; renouncing sin, accepting Christ brings, T118:T; some religious people are Brethren in “Household of faith,” but not consecrated Brethren in Christ, T117:1; to life vs. to friendship, F110-111; 119:1; 125:2; L3:2; unleavened cake represents, T46:2; white curtains represent, T114:1; white robe represents, of the body, T74:2; works do not secure, A233:1; works, impossible, F101:1; works required after, A233:1.
See Justified.

Church: And sanctified only are true, F415:3; are reckonedly freed from Adamic guilt, E109:T; by faith, plane “N” on Chart, A231:4; Church’s, sacrifice offered as a part of the Lord’s sacrifice, T66:1; from sins, delivered from Divine curse, E436:T; humanity consecrated to God, A196:2; new nature is “treasure in earthen vessel” (humanity), T114:3; offering acceptable because first, T66:1; through renouncing sin and accepting Christ, T118:T; to be acceptable sacrifices, A266:1.
Definition: To be made right, E444:3.
By Blood: By the blood of Christ, E444:2; 461:T.
By Faith: Abraham, before Royal Priesthood existed, T27:2; all who accept Christ as their Redeemer on plane “N” on Chart, A225:1; three classes, F119:1.
Misc.: Believers in Court, T61:1; bought by Mediator and freely forgiven for sins, E461:T; consecrated are unconditionally, through Christ, E434:3; Court is the, human condition, T19:1; 20:2; 113:2; have privilege of walking in light, A20:2; heifer, type of, persons free from Law Covenant, T110:1; Israel not, by works of Law, E417:1; men not, by works, E444:2-3; nominal church includes, and sanctified, T117:2; not forgiven under letter of Law but under spirit, E461:T; numerical proportion of, believers to consecrated, T118:2; persons, in “Court,” A244:1; posts represent, believers, T113:2; 114:2; renouncing our, human will, pass first veil, T22:2; section “p,” plane “N” on Chart, but not sanctified, A236:1; those sanctified must first be washed or, either actually (in Millennium) or reckonedly (by faith), E241:3.
See Justification

Code of, a collection of laws against heresy, B332:1; edict of, C70:2-75:1; loss of power over Italy, C80:3-81:1; rise of Papal power under, C70:2- 81:1.

Abraham’s: Second wife, typical of world in general, C366:1; third wife, illustrates Covenant of restitution, E106:T.

Of The Kingdom: Given to Peter, E214:1; F221:1; Pope Eugenius said to have, B308:1; Pope Leo claimed to have, B295:1.
Misc.: Doctrine of ransom, that unlocks the entire Bible, K1:3; of death and hades, E366:4; F335:1; 397:2; seventy weeks, to other time prophecies, B65:3; C127:T; “to be testified in due time,” A105:1; to “mystery” (Col. 1:26), E146:2.

Naval parade at opening of, D151- 156.

All begotten of holy Spirit could not think of, a fellow-creature, F366:1; Christ died same night typical lamb was to be, B181:T; F461:1; 470:F; “Fear not them which, the body,” E332:4; flesh must be, by the New Creature, F488:3; Jewish War in 70 A.D., parents, and ate own children, D48:1; of goat typical of crucifying will, T64:2; red heifer, outside Camp, T105:1.
See Martyrs.

Christ, Head And Body: In sense of Governor, D637:T; Judge and, typified by Moses, D633:3-634:1; shares in work of world’s enlightenment, E471:T.
Jesus: At end of Jewish Age, T50:4; 51:T.
IN 1878: Assumed office of, B235:1; took power as, D604:2; 621:2.
ISRAEL’S: Recognition of, D627:2- 628:1; rejection of their, B225:1.
OF: All the people, T51:T; glory, E44:1; of Mediatorial Kingdom, D635:2; 1 Tim. 6:15, 16, E78:3.
Presented himself as, B238:2; 239:T; prophet, priest and, why, D637:T; revealed gradually, B138:T; to reign, judge and possess the Kingdom, E44:3; under Seventh Trumpet, D622:3.
Of Israel: Requested by, A48:1; Saul had the Spirit of God, but lost it, E176:1; ten tribes never recognized Rehoboam as, E132:1.
Misc.: Angels of Mat. 24:31, messengers of the new, D600:2; each man to be, A175:1; 296:1; D646:2; Satan’s desire to be, instigated his rebellion, E113:1.

Blessings: Are of the Father and by the Son, E45:T; bring deliverance, E433:4; equitably distributed, A169:1; opportunity to learn, of righteousness, E469:1; releases mankind from blindness, ignorance, E469:3; restitution, of Divine favor lost in Eden, E25:1.
Communication: Intimate, between, and representatives, D620:1; 629- 632; of Church and world in, D618:3- 619; through earthly agencies, B122:1.
Delivered Up: To Father by delivering it to mankind at close of Millennium, F50:1; when Christ, to Father, A304:1; 305:1; C125:2; E44:1.
Earthly: All creation ignorantly awaits, A306:1; Ancient Worthies in, A290:T; classes interested in, and opposed to, C19:2-21; Communism will succeed in, D478:T; glory and blessings to accumulate, A291:1; Highway of Holiness in, A217:1; Israel first favored and first to accept, F118:2; 119:T-2; 178:1; Israelitish, A294:1; D624:4-625:1; 654:1; Jehovah’s footstool made glorious, D647-656; Jerusalem capital of, A296:2-3; labor in, D635:T.
NOT: Christendom, A268:3-271; B80:1; C116:T; D15:T-1; kingdoms of world, A249:1-2.
Only hope for world, D517:3; 525:1; F335:1; only seen by Abraham, A292:2; operation of, A289:1; A291:1; Papacy’s claim to be, J6:2 (1912); under right of Messiah, then under man, A247:2.
Establishment Of, How: Begins with trouble, E141:1; breaks in pieces kingdoms of this world, B99:2; by holy Spirit, E192:2; details of setting up, D617-619; established, D518:3- 520; first, in Adam, A247:1; for Mediatorial work, E29:2-31:2; gradually during trouble, B76:1; E469:3; in earth by the Mediator, E29:2; it will manifest itself, D615-646; judgments on Babylon, D623:1; manifest after Armageddon, J16:1 (1912); not with outward manifestation, A276:1; nothing to prevent, B363:1; on earth, D14:2.
Message Of: C89:1; America center of teachings on, Bengel and Wolff taught, C84:2; burden of Jesus’ and apostles’ message, A273:2-274; Jesus revived hopes by, A274:1-275:1; Pyramid stones crying, C376:T; theme of the Bible, A59:3; 273:1-2.
Establishment Of, When:
1878 A.D.: Being set up since, B101:1; organized and reign begun in, D604:2; work began, D622:1.
After Gentile Times, B98:1; before destruction of present powers, A262:T; C301; 305:T; D622:2-624:3; begins when Church complete, K4:1; during overthrow of present powers, B170:2; exists before coming into power, A261:3; nearness, how proved, A337:1; C23.
NOT SET UP: At Pentecost, B80:1; without every member, B77:3.
Now at hand, not in mere embryotic stage, B14:T; only in incipient stage during Gospel Age, B81:T; organized in power before image smitten, B78:1; proximity of, D602-606; setting up the, D620:2-624; summary of dates and signs of, C304:T-308; time for, J3:2-4:3 (1912); while kingdoms of this world passing, A307:1-2; will begin when ransom-price is formally delivered to Justice, K4:1.
Millennium: 1,000 year period most favorable for work of, E470:T; Christ to reign, judge and possess, E44:3; is “The World to Come,” A67:2; Mediatorial reign of mercy to be followed by justice, D645:3; Millennial Age, E480:T.
Parables, Prophecies and Types Of:
Fifth Universal Empire, A260:2; D617:T; foretold by Daniel, C61-62; honors of, is penny of parable, C223:1; in type ushered in with Jubilee trumpet, D617:T; Kingdom of Jehovah in Isa. 2:2-4 and Mic. 4:1-3, E44:2; Mount of Congregation, F618:2; most parables relate to, A273:2; 275:2; 283:3; prophesied in Isa. 25:6-9, E45:4; purple represents the power of the, T34:2; represented by stone cut out of mountain, A255:2- 3.
Rule Of: Despotic, F115:1; evil not permitted in, D519:3; force will be used in, with mercy and peace, D518:3-519; 636:3-638:T; iron rod, A302-303; 310:1; D636:3-637; law of righteousness, truth, goodness, E220:2; liberties restricted, A302:1; mankind to learn to love righteousness in, A303:2; obedience enforced, F93:T; stripes for learning lessons, A303:1; those refusing to make progress cut off after one hundred years, F712:1 Spiritual: Ancient Worthies have no part in, F86:1.
CHURCH: Embryo, A284:1; B81:T; 100:T; true, is, of God, A255:2; 283:1; D651:2; ministry of reconciliation to be shared by, E487:2; joint-heirs with Christ in honors of, E137:2; 210:1; 220:3; of saints, D617:2-618:1; only possessed scepter of promise during Gospel Age, B81:T; should give entire attention to, not present governments, A267:1; 341:1; to be jointheirs in requires suffering in Gospel Age, E456:1; 490:3; uses a different mode of warfare—truth, B100:2.
Class consists only of Lord and elect, D618:2; glory of, A292:1-2; invisible, A276-281:1; New Jerusalem, A295:2; of heaven, least in, F258:2; royalty of, D617:1-618; saints flee to, from Christendom, D573:2-3; who will constitute, A288:2.
Typical: Ended with Zedekiah, A248:2-3; E132:1; Israel, typical of God’s, D651:2; Jerusalem, a symbol of, A295:2; Jewish nation was, A248:1; C153:2.
Work Of: A288:2-291; FIRST: Bind Satan, E470:T; gathering elect, D621:2.
Moral and social reforms in, D632:2- 636; object to restore rights lost in Eden, E135:2; under guidance of Royal Priesthood, humanity to attain condition of God’s likeness in flesh, E78:T.
Misc.: Christ enthroned over as vicegerent, A304:T; described, A302- 304; dominion of earth placed in hands of Christ, A261:1; effect upon mankind, D632-636; importance of, C19:1; inherited by those developed in Spirit of love in, E480:1; is everlasting, A305:2; prominent of Scriptures, general discussion of, A273-306; promises of, made void by nominal church, A282:2; resisted by Satan through Antichrist, B359-361; studies of nature and nature’s God in, D635:1; the glorious prospect, D642:1-2; the increase of, D642:3- 646; two phases, A288:1-292:2; 295:2; 301:2; world reaction to, D631:2.
See Reign; Millennium.

Gentile: Began with king Nebuchadnezzar, A252:T; Dan. 2:31-45 explained, A252-255; destroyed by “stone,” A255:2-3; four universal empires, A251:3-261; given beastly character by tyrants, A264:T; succeeded by Christ’s Kingdom, A307:2; B77:1,5; 80:1; C128:2; D12:1; 272:1.
Of This World:
CHRISTIANS: Aliens in, A267:T; stand separate from, E115:T; to obey, B81:T.
Deceived by the church nominal, A268:1-3; false kingdom of God, A269:1-3.
IN TIME OF TROUBLE ARE: Gathered for destruction, A316:2; overthrown, A241:1; 271:1; 332-333; 336:1; transferred to Christ, A68:2.
NOT: Christlike, A271:T; D266:4; God’s Kingdom, A249:1-2.
Permitted to rule, A250:1-252:4; 266; Protestants sought protection and aid from, E115:T; rule during Gentile times, A250:T; ruled by Satan, A75:1; 250:2-251:1; C116:T; while God’s Kingdom is set up, A307:1-2; governments existed prior to being universal empires, A261:3.
Misc.: Brought disappointment and oppression to groaning creation, D617:T; represented by mountains, D543:3; 596:3.

Divine Right Of: And political liberty cannot co-exist, says Socialist, D357:T; doctrine, J11:2 (1912); D27:1; 36:2; 77:2; period of, chronological, B50; repudiated by U.S., D264:5; taught by most sects, D36:2.
Misc.: And priests, communication between Ancient Worthies and, D619:3; 626:1; 631:T; Church appointed, J8:1 (1912); now little revered, D78:1; of Europe to abdicate, D123:3; Papacy’s interpretation of Psa. 2:12, J8:1 (1912); “poor lot of” in Europe, D82:1-2; seek alliance in anarchy, D129:4; their position in Armageddon, J12:1-2 (1912); thrones and pulpits fall together, D104:1.

Of earth redeemed by sin-offering, E152:2.

Movement of Jews toward Christianity, B223:2; 235:1.

Growth In: A witness of holy Spirit, E238:2-239:2; each step of, must be followed by step of obedience, E239:2; man’s privilege for eternity, A180:3; needed to develop fruits of the spirit, E239:1-2.
Increase Of:
AND INVENTIONS: Affecting labor, D430:2-432:1; 460:2; 509:T-510:2; benefiting land owners, D510:2- 512:1. Affect on masses, D78:2-79:2; 414:1; not caused by increased brain capacity, A164:T-166:2; one of mighty influences binding Satan, A265:1; prepares for Millennium, A169:1.
PROOF OF: New order, A337:1; time of end, C63:3.
Prophesied by Daniel, A168:T.
RESULTS IN: Anarchy, D80:2; 142:1; 271:1; 414:1; Babylon’s judgment, D76:T; 77-81; 110:3; 307:1; breaking personal and political shackles, D308:2; discontent, D1:2-3; 430:2- 432:1; 443:4-447:1; 451:1-2; insubordination, D141:2-142:1; prosperity, D312-314; selfishness, D307:2; 315:1-3; Time of Trouble, A168-172; 265:2; 266:T; 311:1- 313:2; 337:1; C23; J1:2-3.
RESULT OF: Printing, A166:2; 265:1; and transportation, D78:T. Suppressed in Russia, D78:2.
Deficiency In: By Eve resulted in fall into sin, E412:1; most of mankind, as was Adam, have, knowledge of sin and its penalty, E476:T.
Of God(’s): Character gives strength, A346:1-2; enabled Christ to obey, A132:T; has increased, A171:2; mind made possible through Word of God, E229:1; plan necessary, B203:2; 243:1-244:1; will by searching God’s Word, E201:1; Word not same as Spirit of truth, E205:2.
Of Truth: All men to be saved and come to, E466:1; T95:1; defined, E474:T; dispensational, essential, B28:2; heavenly things only after spirit begettal, A281; needed in “harvest,” B204:T; of ransom enables us to reason with God and trust him, E464:1; wilful sin after receipt of, leaves no more sacrifice for sins, E474:T; will help men make best possible use of new trial for life, E470:T.
To World: Given before trial for life, E479:1; of righteousness and sin will benefit those who use it, E469:1; Mediator helps, back to favorable opportunities of, E469:2.
Misc.: At present, untruth to say, of Lord fills earth, A74:3; by intuition, observation, experience, information, A122:T; comfort from the time prophecies, B364:2; conscientiousness not dependent on, B280:1; dangerous except under law of love, D305:2; he who refuses to obey, of redemption more severely punished, E474:1; majority of nominal Christians have little, of spiritual victories, E193:2; Nicodemus sought, of heavenly things, E92:2; of seal of holy Spirit known only by the one receiving it, E247:4.
PERFECT: Future, A25:3; not necessary for trial for life, E479:1.
Responsibility comes with, D49:2; tests sincerity of consecration, A347:1; wages in relation to, D509:1.
See Civilization; Inventions.

And Calvin: As reformers, and errors of, C112:3.

Typifies Ancient Worthies, F128:2.

Competition: D323:2; 335:1-2; 337:3-4; 506:2; 507:1; female, a factor, D323-324; past, present, future supply and demand for, D289:2; 316:1-2; 370-372.
Conditions: Benefits by wealthy extravagance, D300-301; complaints and proposals of, A326-331; if wealth used to improve, D504:3-505.
IN: England, D349:3-352; Japan, D340-343; Kingdom, D635:T.
Raising standard of, D457:2-460:1; replaced by machinery, D316:1-2; 320-323; 331:1; “the sweater system,” D374:2-376; the tyranny of, D465:1; three hours’, for all with present conveniences, D635:T; views and methods, reasonable and unreasonable, D324-327.
Affect Of: Corporations on capital and, D59:5; on prohibition, D470- 471; problem if armies were to be abolished, D510:3; release from, at present, injurious, D634:3; saving machinery, leisure, idleness, vice, A169:1.
Vs. Capital:
CONFLICT: Between, A312:2-313:2; 325:1; D330:2; J2:T; brings Time of Trouble, A331:2-332:1.
Misc.: As commodity, D421-425; 428:2; law of natural selection in, D492:2-494:1; legislation, D437:2- 441; reply to Pope Leo XIII Encyclical on, D495:2-512; Roman Catholicism on, reform, D457-461; strikes and unions, attitude of consecrated toward, F581:2-582.
See Unions, Capital.

Represents the Second Death, B153:1; E380:1; 480:T.

Of God: Jesus, which taketh away the sin of the world, E158:2; 446:1; opens scroll, E36:11-37; Passover, slaying, sprinkling blood, eating, F460:1-465:1.
Misc.: And goats (Isa. 34:6), tribulation saints and tares, D17:1; antitypical, eating of, F463:1; marriage of the, A235:1; Song of Moses and the, C237:2; F233.

Aaron and two sons forbidden to make, T40:3.

Bible: Represents Scriptures, B23:1; C92:1; E230:T; F666:5; to our feet, A20-22; F60:2; trimmed, knowledge of, C92:3; words of our Lord and Apostles, F61:T.
Of Golden Candlestick: Light of, is God’s spirit, T117:1; only light in Holy, T16:2; 127:2; represented entire Church, T116:T; seven branches, perfect or complete, T115:3; trimmed by High Priest, T16:2; 116:3.
Misc.: Church are shining, apostles stars, D593:2; F655:1; the sure word of prophecy, B21:1; C133:2; 227:2; D617:T.

Israel: 1878 onward was movement of Jews returning to their, C258:2- 260:1; a historic figure steps forward and declares, “The, is mine,” C263:1; division of, B48; 186; 195; founding of a nation in the Holy Land, means exaltation of all, C268:4; never since Babylonian captivity has, had full control of their, B183:T; seventy years of desolation of, B51:1; 191:2; the system of year Sabbaths identified, with their, B184:2; Turkey prohibited Jews living longer than three weeks in, C272:3.
Jubilee(s): Began to count when Israel entered their, B184:2, F; year of, a Sabbath of rest to people and, B175:3.
Misc.: Abrahamic promise related to, A293:1; B45:T; Great Pyramid at border and in midst of, C325:1- 326:T; iniquitous distribution of, D458:2-3; Levite no inheritance in, significance of, A52:1; F130:2; 459:1; ownership in France, D532:2- 3; restrictions of, under Mosaic Law, D416:1; 427:2; single tax theory, D494:2-495; 507:3-514.
See Tax, Single.

Gospel published in every, A91:2; highly symbolic, used to hide truths until due, J2:1 (1912); Papacy kept Bible in dead, lest people prove their hypocrisy, D63:1; pure, the pure Word—uncontaminated by human tradition, A317:T; turn to people a pure, D529:1; F123:1; 710:3; “Two Witnesses” in sackcloth of dead (Rev.
11:3), C122:2.

We are in, stage of Church, D41:1.

Beheading, whirlwind and fiery chariot indicate violence to, members, C231:1; coming out of Babylon is one step, by no means the, C188:1; days, A75:T; 314:T; B167:2; 258:2; 259:2; C200:2; D274:1; 305:T; 393:T; 615:1; 628:3; enemy that shall be destroyed is Adamic death, A222:2; feet of him, members of Body of Christ, A341:3; B142:T; 236:1; harmony and contrast of first and, three chapters of Bible, A56:2; “last trump” is already sounding.
C232:2; F723:1; Logos is the first and, E93:2; seven, plagues upon world including nominal church, A238:2; Seventh Trumpet the, trump in a series, B148:T-1; 197:2; shall be first, first last, A293:T; B206:T; F118:2; treading of the winepress is, feature of harvest work, D18:2; typical Jubilee observed, B179:2; 180:2- 181:1; 182:2; 184:2; 185; 195.

Council of, blasphemous, B309:2.

Description of, T15:3; in Court, T15:3; Levites have access to on Day of Atonement, T19:1; symbol of circumcision of the heart, T119:1.

Against Sin: Will be radically enforced by Mediator in Millennial Age, E474:2.
Divine: T36:1; And sentencing, F351:2-352:2; in Millennium Jesus assists world meet its, requirements, E471:1; measure of perfect man’s ability, F228:T; 354:1; of justice, the Golden Rule, F375:1-377:T; reconciliation of mankind to, will be by the Redeemer and work of Atonement, E27:T; retracing in heart under New Covenant, F359:1-360:1; 374:1; Satan serves as executioner of, E449:1; unwillingness to transgress is a witness of holy Spirit, E235:1; when violated, effaced in man to large measure, F351:1-352:2; written in constitution of Adam and Eve, F349:1-350:1; 351:2-3.
First Feature Of: Passover, B46:T.
Jesus: Born under, why, E417:1; F357:T; 366:T; Christ, the Law- Executor, T121:2; full import of, illustrated in Jesus, B84:2; how, makes an end of, B85:2; kept, how, why, F354:2; 356:2-357; presented his life as soon as manhood reached under, E426:T; showed, was not too exacting, E120:3.
Jews: Condemned under, A101:2; F354:2; in Christ, freed from, F229:1; Israel redeemed, from, T83:T; still under, F377:1; 379; will bring, to Christ, A297:3.
Letter Of: Justified ones not forgiven under, but under spirit, E461:T; and spirit of, T35:3.
Limitations Of: Could not justify those under it, E444:3; could not redeem sinful flesh, E121:1; Israel not justified by works of, E417:1.
Of Cause And Effect: Eventually brings retribution, D376:4; in history, D51:1.
Of Love: All sons of God on every plane subject to, F374:1; dispensation change to, Peter’s hesitation, F380:2; for New Creation under Abrahamic Covenant, F360:1; 363:2-368:2; 379:1; not for evilly disposed, but New Creation, F377:1-378:2.
Of Righteousness: And truth and goodness will rule in next Age, E220:2; confined to Israel, E189:F.
Of Supply And Demand: Capital and labor, D330:1-2; 513:2-3; darkens outlook, D330:2; 348:3-349:2; divides rich and poor, D517:2; enemy of toilers, D435:2; humanity between upper and nether millstones, D372- 380; 383:1; inexorable upon all, D327-330; 349:1; 372:1; 441:3; influence on labor, D326:3; 465:1; labor changes in 30 years, D447:1.
See Labor.
Of The Father: Because it is inflexible, Jesus to deal with mankind until perfected, E471:1; in Millennial Age, the only deviations from will be allowance for weaknesses and ignorance, E474:2; says no remission of sin without shedding of blood, E442:2; unchangeable, E421:1; 439:2.
Original: Operation of, F351-352:1; 377:1; written in organism of perfect creatures, F350-351:1; 385:T.
Perfect: Should be obeyed perfectly by perfect being, E475:3.
Reign Of: In history, D50:1; universal, D493:1.
Tabernacle: Lev. 8–Bullock delivered up to the, typical, T41:3; Lev.
9–Moses going into Tabernacle with Aaron shows, satisfied, T83:T; of burnt-offering, T97:1.
REPRESENTED: By Moses, T83:T; in breastplate, T34:3.
Two tables of, in Ark, T17:2; 121:2; under part of breastplate represents the letter of the, T35:3.
Misc.: Acquiescence to, gives everlasting life, T97:T; arrangements typified Gospel and Millennial Ages, F234:2; execution of, in Kingdom, D617:2-3; 620:1; is full measure of perfect man’s ability, T35:2; limited and restricted Abrahamic Covenant, B83:3; Lord’s people to be more, abiding, F390:1; 591:T; 593-594; manhood under, age of 30, E426:T; order is, heaven’s first, D646:1; reign of, shown in history, D50:1-51:1; righteousness of, fulfilled in Jesus and reckonedly in all New Creatures, T35:2-36:1; 121:3; shall go forth out of Zion, D620:1; 628:3; 632:2; showed man is imperfect, B84:1; tables of, represents righteous judge, T123:2.
See Righteousness.

Curse Of: Brought double condemnation upon Israel, E417:1; 437:1; Jesus’ death meant deliverance to Jews from, E417:1; 437:1; 430:4-5.
Sacrifices: Brought typical justification, A229:1; set aside that antitypical sacrifice might be established, E426:1.
Standards Of: Contrasted with original, F354:1; double purpose, F355:T.
JESUS FULFILLED AND: Became heir of, and the seed of Abraham, B85:2; suretied New, F355:1- 358:2; 379-380:1.
Land restrictions, D416:1; 427:2; measure of a perfect man’s ability, A178:3; E108:1; 385:1; 471; F228:T; 354:1; moral code, A45:1; New Creation is in no sense of the word under, F379:1; provided for poor, home-born or foreigner, D427:2; required perfect works, E417:1; strict equality, A49:3; 51:3; summarized in supreme love for God, F356:2; taught need of ransom, A45:1; thirty-two centuries ahead of its times, A50:2; twentieth century laws based upon, A44:2; 164:1; upon Jews only, F226:1-229:1; 354:1; 358:1; 379:1.
Typical Of: Analogous to New Covenant except New will have a better Mediator, E331:1; L1:3; first tables of, that were broken, failure of the Law Covenant, D631:1; Hagar was, F170:1; inauguration of, introduction of New Covenant, A321:2; moon is, F481:2; not only typically significant, but a necessary provision, F387:1-388:2; second tables of the, represent New Covenant, D631:1; shadow or reflection of Gospel, D590:5.
Misc.: Added to the Abrahamic Covenant, T34:3; John’s baptism signified repentance for violations of, F432:T; 437:1; of Divine origin, A44:2; 53:2; Spirit frees from, F229:1; when scepter passed to Jesus the, ended, B85:2.

Father is, E50:2; Jehovah was the original, F396:1; nature has an intelligent, A29:2; “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a,” B85:3.

Human: Based on Mosaic Law, F604:2; generally wise, F604:1-2.
Of God: Arranged for perfect beings, E471:1; because inflexible, Jesus to deal with mankind until perfected, E471:1; harmony with results in life, A136:1; 144:2; 151:1; is love, A136:1; 246:3; 309:1; must be kept from heart for eternal life, E420:T; neglect of, brings trouble of Day of Lord, A309:1; obedience to, necessary in coming judgment, A144:T; the same for the second trial, A151:1; to understand ransom, helps to understand God’s laws, E440:T.
Of Nature: Scientists find proof in, that life comes from the male, E100:2; 103:2-3.
Of Righteousness: Must be kept from heart for eternal life, E420:T.
Misc.: Church to obey, A266:1; needed for weaknesses, D646:1; of Christendom not divinely made, D428:1; of present social system, D492:2-494.
See Law Covenant.

Awakening of, E344:2; F702:1.

Nominal: Blinded, D65:1; Christendom no longer legitimate teachers of God’s people, C152:1; false doctrine typified by horsemen, C316:2; nominal Israel’s, sat in Moses’ seat, C152:1; E351:1; see disintegration without Church union, D171:T; teach traditions, C255-256:1; D64:T; view promises figuratively, C171-172.
Of Disobedient: Satan, to be destroyed at end of Millennial Age, E480:T.
Popular: Jesus could have avoided persecution by joining, E236:1.
Misc.: Astray to increase in last days, B259:1; drawing disciples after themselves, F248:1; in Babylon, co-workers and joint-rulers with Satan, C238:1; oppose harvest truth, F629:1.

Expires in 1914 A.D., B76:2; of Gentile dominion, a fixed period, B79:1-2.

Bread represents imperfection because, is a type of sin, T98:3; represents corruption, F464:T.

Fruitbuds of almond tree appear before, T122:2.

Object, for all time is the exceeding sinfulness of sin, E416:1; of God regarding sin for all intelligent creatures for all eternity, E416:1; 486:T; taught by permission of sin, E412:1.

Tabernacle: And spirit of law shown in breastplate, T35:3.
Misc.: Of withdrawal, C184:T.

Antitypical: All believers in the ransom, T26:2; all faithful believers who receive everlasting life, T28:2; Ancient Worthies represented in, T27:2; 108:1; deeper truths hidden from, F143:1; faith justified, F124- 125; 143:1; 693:1; household of faith, A320:2; T26:2; 27:2; 55:2; 57:1; 117:1; justified believers, T19:1; 23:1; 27:2; 61:1; 118:T; Lord refiner of, sons of, A320:2; F401:2; many in Babylon, T118:1; of Gospel Age, Great Company, F126:3-127:2; of Jewish Age, Ancient Worthies, F128:T; purification of, A320:2; religious people are, in Court, T117:1; those justified by faith in Christ, T118:T; unconsecrated believers, F118:1.
Misc.: Bullock of sin-offering in Lev.
16 for Aaron and, T55:2; 63:2; cannot enter the Holy, T19:1; 117:1; cannot see into Holy, T117:1; 120:T; did service in Court, T19:1; do not offer acceptable incense, T120:T; families of, represent four classes of justified humanity, F128:1; 131:T; had access to Brazen Altar and Laver, T19:1; had no share of land, A51:3; not fully consecrated priests, T117:1; paid tithes to Melchizedec, B47:T; Sabbathai, a false Christ, D565:3; serving in sanctuary, not sacrificing, T118:1; smoke of Brazen Altar seen by, T57:1; supported by tithes, A51:2- 3; tribe of, existed before typical priesthood, T27:2; tribe of, typified household of faith, F459:2; 8,580, were in service, T118:2.

Chapter: Nine shows successive offering, T83:T; nine and sixteen both picture the Day of Atonement, T79:1; sixteen divides the work of Atonement, T82:2.

From Sin: Christ bought mankind to set them at, E135:2; purchased for Church by blood of Christ, E432:2.
Law Of: Applicable only to New Creatures, F377-378; not to be misused, F92:1; 386:2; Sons of God under, F92:1; 236:T; 240:1; 242:T.
Of: Christ in Church organization, F234:1; early Church in preaching, F254; Man made with, choice not made machines, E467:3.
Of Sons Of God: Attained fully by Church through First Resurrection, E458:T.
Spirit Of: In Jewish religion, D306; E351; sometimes carried to unreasonable extent by the “hot-headed,” B199:1.
Misc.: Adam had, to use moral sense, A120:3; against oppression in battle of great day, D541:2; and discontent in combination, a lawyer’s view, D446:1; and selfishness, D305-308; Bible, a torch of, A37:1; Christian doctrines promote, D305:2-307; cry of, French Revolution, D532:T; danger of unguided, D534:2; effect of, from the American Declaration of Independence, D533:4; fostered by Bible, D306:1-2; freedom and, one view, D415:1-2; in Kingdom to be restricted, A302:1-303:1; laws to curtail, under plea of public welfare expected in U.S., B361:T; of press and public meeting gone in Germany, D356:8; religious, suppressed by holy alliance, C67:T; restrained in U.S.
probable, D146-147; 265:2; restrained by three unclean spirits, J12:3-4 (1912); should not be used if stumbles brethren, A285:T; sought at Parliament of Religions, D203:2; spirit of, cultivated in government under Moses, A47:1; tests loyalty, develops character, F196:1; threatened by trusts, D369:1; viewpoint of senator, D415:1; wars fought for, D429:2; Washington and Lincoln contributed to, in U.S., D144:1.

Hastens death and disease, E367:6.

Defined: A207-210; an energizing principle, A207:3; and death, opposites, A159:1; doctrine of future, found only in Bible, A60:1; kind of, depends on organism, A208:2-3; E322:3.
Earthly: Average length, about 35 years, A206:T; averages about 33 years even though developed in medicines, E406:2; experience with sin can be thoroughly learned in our short span of, E484:1; from father, form from mother, E99-100:3; 103:2-105; 309:1; lost by Adam to be restored during “times of restitution,” E145:3; to be received by Adam and his race by application of ransom-price, K3:T.
Eternal: A blessing of redemption if conditions are met, E468:1; for all those truly God’s children, E446:2; God will give to the obedient, E475:1; God’s gift through Jesus Christ, E417:2; man will be better able to appreciate in Millennium, E403:1; world can receive only from Christ, E105:3; 143:T; to attain, God’s laws must be kept from heart, E420:T; world’s philosophy on, E387:2-3; 399:2; world’s worthiness or unworthiness for, in hands of Jesus, E408:1; 457:2; 471:T.
Everlasting: A gift to obedient, A127:1; 129:1; acquiescence to Law, gives, T97:T; cedar wood represents, T109:1; conditional, E385:3; 413:2; 422:1; 468:1; faithful Levites receive, T28:2; for obedient only, E386:7; 387:1; 475:1; F696:1-700; for Ancient Worthies, from Christ, E143:T; gift of God, E386:T; 417:2; immortality brought to light, symbolized in Pyramid, C368:1-2; immortality, favors and rewards, C116-117; or death, F459; trial for in Gospel and Millennial Ages, F130:T; trial for, of consecrated, F130:1; victors at close of Millennium, E402:2.
For World: Cannot be given until Church complete, E144:2; on trial in Millennium, D12:1; 635:2; only possible with help of Mediator, E468:1; to be offered mankind under terms of New Covenant, A129:1-2; E457:1; to be restored by Great Physician, E473:T.
Immortality: Antitypical priesthood only receives, T28:2; brought to light, A206:1; E393:2-394:1; Christ has, in himself, A211:1; man has not inherent, A209:T-2; offered to the Church under sacrificial covenant, A141:1; the crown of, T70:2.
Jesus: Brought, to light through Gospel, A22:1; 206:1; constituted redemption price for world, E210:1; full opportunity for, guaranteed by the ransom, A130:1; 150:1; given willingly to purchase human race, E440:1; is the way to, T20:2; presented as soon as manhood reached under Law, E425:1; ransom requires that man Jesus should never live again, E454:1.
Perfect: Anything less than, partial death, A289:2-3; F697-699; of Adam not death-proof, E391:4-5; possible in imperfect surroundings, E100:4- 101; span of, shortened by Deluge, F25:1.
Source Of: At second advent, Jesus as Second Adam, gives by processes of restitution, E137:2; comes from father, form and nature from mother, E103:2-3; God fountain of, on every plane, A207:3; E398:7-400; 417:2; mother receives life seed from father, E:103:3; scientists find proof in nature that life comes from the male, E100:2; 103:2; spark of, E307:3-4; 309-310; 323:T; F703:2.
Trial For: Does not necessitate perfect knowledge or physical perfection, E479:1; guaranteed by ransom, A150:1; D635:2; 647:2-3; E379:2; 401:2; 467:3; Gospel and Millennial Ages, E330:2-331; 379:2; F130:T; more favorable in Millennial Age, A150-151; 129:2; 143:2; 151:1; E469:1; preceded by knowledge, E475:3-476:T; 479:1; when is one on, A129:2; 145; why first for Adam only, A131-134.
Misc.: Blessings promised to Abraham implied, from dead, E22:2; devotion of heart represented in fat and organs, T42:1; 45:2; godly, reproves ungodly, E293:3-294:T; hope now, actual later, E386:6-8; 387; hope of, only through Christ, E385:1- 2; 386:6, 8; 417:2; present, a process of dying, a favor, A127:2; present, a school, E259:1; priest risked, entering Most Holy, T87:2; promises of, vague in Old Testament, clear in New Testament, E384:1-2; 393:2; life-producing organs on Brazen Altar, T57:1; protoplasm as basis of, one view, E398:7; Satan permitted to live until God’s plan is accomplished, E412:T; saving and losing, E336:7-8; 337:3-4, 9-10; sinful, cannot be sustained everlastingly, A127:1; spirit of, E309:1; sun compared with, A208:2- 3.
See Everlasting, Life.

Body Of: Work of life-giving to world deferred until, completed, E144:2.
God: To men, E104:3; to the angels, New Creatures and men, E104:3.
Jesus: And Church, E144:2; 218:1; 457:1; as Second Adam, will be, to mankind, E221:3; will be, of Adam’s race under New Covenant, E144:3; will be, to whole human race, E105:3; 143:T; 317:7; 403:1.
To World: Jesus will be, for Church and, E105:3; 143:T; 144:3; 222:T; 328:2-3; work of, deferred until Body of Life-giver has been completed, E144:2.
Misc.: If the father were perfect, the child would be perfect, E100:4; 103:1; saves from eternal death, E322:T; 347:T; the word “father” means “life-giver,” E99:2.
See World, Life-giver To.

Human: Adam and his race to receive by application of ransomprice, K3:T; all lost by Adam, E440:1; forfeited by sin, E315:5; 317:7; purchased by Redeemer, E316:1-317:7; 333:1; K3:T; restored to obedient in Millennium, E466:T; Second Adam will give, to man, E458:2; to be given to mankind who accept Divine terms during “times of restitution,” E466:T.

Candlestick: For priests only, T116:2; from olive oil, T116:2; Jesus enjoyed, T57:1; Levites didn’t see, T116:2; only, in Holy, T16:2; 127:2; represented God’s spirit upon Church, T116:2; trimmed and replenishing represents Church’s daily filling with Christ’s mind, T116:3; under bushel, step toward darkness, E294:2.
During Lord’s Presence: Against darkness in battle of great day, D541:2; has been means of understanding holy Spirit, E165:1; more now due, A28:1; of Millennial morning helps understand plan, A63:1; saints are bearers in Time of Trouble, A341-342; B141:1; effect of “sun of righteousness” on world, D583:1.
Of World: Christ and Church are, D583:1; E264:1; 293:T-294:2; F655:1; from two kingdoms, D651:3; responsible for measure of, enjoyed, A145:1.
Of Shekinah Glory: Represents Jehovah as the light of the Universe, T124:T; represents Jehovah’s presence, T17:2; 59:T; 123:3; supernatural, upon propitiatory, T17:2; the only light in Most Holy, T127:2.
Shining: More since Jesus’ day, A22:1; path of just is, A20:2; specially in lapping of ages, F206:T.
Misc.: And darkness, conflict in apostles’ day, F625:T-1; given by witness of holy Spirit, E229:T; must walk in, to make progress, A25:2; nature of, unknown, F30:8; penetrated when, how, F31:T; Protestants did not continue in, A23:1; rejection of full, in Kingdom brings Second Death, A242:T; reproves darkness, E161:1; 292:3; 293:3; 294:2; shown feebly in past, A21:4; walk in the, A25:2-26.

Not bright shining from East, B155:1.

Of God: In flesh, is what Royal Priesthood is to guide humanity to condition of, E77:2.

Of Solomon: Ten tribes were rent from, E132:1.

Garments: Aaron’s, coat represents purity, T29:4; Aaron’s, of sacrifice, T55:1; girdle represents righteous servant, T30:2; 36:4; 55:1; Jesus’ righteousness shown in, T36:4; mitre represents righteousness of Head, T55:1; robe, an earnest of glorious robe, T55:1; under-priests wore, T36:4.
Misc.: Court was made of white, curtains, T14:1; 114:1; white, represents man’s restoration to purity and righteousness, T34:2.

Symbolic meaning, A217.

Affect in Christendom, D470:1; introduced in churches, D163:1; traffic in heathen nations, D71:3.

Inheritance: Immortality, E402:1; to participate with Jesus as Life-giver in Millennial Age, E457:1; to receive Divine nature, A211:1; to reign with High Priest, T26:2.
Present Experience Of: Anointed to proclaim time when God accepts living sacrifices, E488:T; only ones to become righteous in present evil time, E414:2; reckoned as sharers in Jesus’ suffering, E419:2; reconciliation of, E20:2; sacrifices and dies with Christ, A212:1; separation, from Babylon, figure “s,” A239:1; suffer persecution faithfully through Gospel Age, D567:1; testing by the permission of sin, E485:1; wisdom now permits love to operate upon, E452:2.
Selection Of: Began at Pentecost, E210:1; called to high calling of joint-heirship with Jesus, E414:2; Gospel Age is period for, A72:1; E488:T; holy Spirit sent for, E191:1- 4; how, E146:2-147; many, but not all, are called, A195:1; not vast numbers of Christians, D515:4; predestinated to be sons of the Divine nature, E436:T; when, complete Divine favor withdrawn from nominal Spiritual Israel, B229:1.
Misc.: Great decisive battle of Armageddon after sealing and gathering of, D548:1; Israel’s priesthood typical of, A109:2; T26:2; Lord’s goat represented, T63:1; patriarchs and prophets not of, T28:1; work of scape-goat follows, T69:1; “n” class on plane “M” eventually to be on plane “K” on Chart, A235:2; Body of “the Seed,” A95:1.
See Church.

Events Of: Destruction of all who wilfully reject Divine favor, E20:1.
Time Of: At close of Millennial Age, E20:1.

For me to, is Christ, F670-672; they that hear shall, F708:2.

Priesthood is required to become, sacrifice (Rom. 12:1), E490:2; risen Christ is Lord of, (Rom. 14:9), A149:2; E134:2-135:1.

And cup represent our Lord’s sacrifice and additionally New Creation’s, F465:2-469:1; Church part of one broken, F465:3.

Identity Of: First-born of every creature, E86-87:1; in Ex. 3:2 appeared as messenger of Jehovah, E43:2; Jehovah’s agent in creative works, E424:1; 458:2; F38:5; 47:2; 61:1; Jesus was, E89-91; 150:8; not David’s Lord and David’s root, E134:2; 136:2; only direct creation of God, E85:3; 88:2; 93:2; personified as Wisdom, E93:T; the beginning of the creation of God, F18:T; title very fitting for work or office of our Master, E85:3.
Nature Of: Actually became a man, E107:2; became flesh to become Second Adam, E137:1; Jesus exalted not merely to, but to Divine nature, E150:T; 166:1; Jesus existed as spirit being before coming to earth, E63:T; 84:1; 88:2; 90:2; Jesus was perfect in, E118:2; was a god, a mighty one, E84:2; 134:3; F18:T.
Work Of: All things made by him, E458:2; performed by exercise of God’s spirit, E183:T.
Misc.: As it occurs in Jn. 1:1, E86:1- 3; means “a word,” E85:2; obedience of, tested by plan for providing ransom, E485:1.
See Jesus, Logos; Only Begotten, Logos.

Pope gained aid of French kings against, C79-80; recognized Papal power, C78:2; rise against Papacy, C78:2-80:1.

Acceptance With: And desire to grow is first witness of holy Spirit for newly begotten, E240:1.
Brethren Of: “Daredevil deeds” improper for, E111:2; have temptations similar to Jesus from the Adversary, E111:T; many deceived by Adversary, E116:1.
MUST: Endure ignominy from the world, E112:T; stand separate from kingdoms of this world, E115:T.
Only those who have escaped the world’s condemnation, E108:2; tempted along lines of social uplift, E115:1; those promised full adoption as sons, E109:T.
Jesus: As King, Prophet, Reaper, always present with Church, how, B105:1; as Logos and as a man was a, E134:3; became a, or Master by his death and resurrection, E135:T-1; became, of all by work of Atonement, E134:2; exercise of kingly power began in 1878, B238:2; D621:2; exercise of kingly power delayed for selection of Church, D621:1; no longer man Christ Jesus, B132:1- 135:1; operates through human agencies, B122:1; 137:1-2; 151:2; personified as wisdom, D637:1; with the Church to be the seed of Abraham, E476:3.
Kingdom Of: Zedekiah not allowed to remain on throne of, E132:1.
Manifestations Of: At second advent why different from first, B121:2- 122:1; 135:2; Divine Wis-dom in, B135:1; invisible always to mankind, D599:3; not resurrected body, why, B109:2-121:1; 125-128; F383:1; proved his resurrection as spirit being, B124-127.
Of David: Jesus became, by work of Atonement, E134:1-2; Jesus was, when raised from dead, E136:T.
Misc.: Is taking a hand in affairs of world now as He did not in times past, H3:3; now present, invisible, B237:3; takes to Himself power and reigns and nations angry, H4:T.

All things counted, and dross, T65:1.

Day Of: Ignorance in, and Christ’s presence, D607:T.
Wife Of: Likened to some fleeing from Babylon, D608:1; looking back, typical, C194:2; “Remember Lot’s wife,” D607:3.

Casting, upon goats shows God’s impartiality, T60:3.

And Justice: Demonstrated by ransom, E439:2-3; how equal, E31:3; in Kingdom, D632:2.
Defined: Analysis of, F405:2; covers all fruits of spirit, F186:1-10; heavenly versus earthly, F659:1-660:2.
For: Adversary seeks to control men through, women, T103:2; Brethren, measures love for Lord, F137:1; 468:T-469; Brethren, third quartermark, F188:1; God and Christ, E35:1; God measured by measure of sacrifice, F675:1; neighbor as ourselves, F137:1; our, God represented in fat of consecration ram, T46:T.
Law Of: Eventually for all, F374:1; 378:1; God’s law is, A246:3; ignored by Christendom, D307:1; 311:1; liberty and knowledge dangerous except under, D305:2; obligations of, F485:2-3; New Creation under, F364:T-369:1; results of obedience and disobedience to, F367:2-3; violated by works of flesh and devil, F404-406.
Of God: Abounded in Redeemer, E126:1; 451:2; accomplished ransom and effects restitution, E440:T; 452:2; acted in “fulness of time,” E451:2; an attribute, A33:T; 62:2; cannot violate Divine Justice, E447:5-452:2; 451:1; 452:1; did not require sacrifice, T125:3; exactly equal with his justice, E31:3; foreshadowed in types, E451:1; is perfect, E34:1; manifested when Jesus tasted death, E451:2; 485:T; moves to consecration, A225:2; now permitted by wisdom to operate upon Little Flock, E452:2; prepared redemption before foundation of world, T126:1.
PROVIDED: Sacrifice of Jesus, A135:2; substitute for man, E452:1; unmerited favors, A189:T.
When operative, E414:1; 451:2- 452:2; will be recognized by the people, T83:2.
Perfect: Casteth out fear, E197:2- 198:2; highest attainment, F239:T; important to teachers, F238:2; necessary to work of New Creation, F378:2; New Creatures only those who attain, F369:1; 372:2-373:1.
Quarter-Marks Of: Duty, first quarter- mark, F187:2; 369:2-370:1; four, F187-190; 370:T; Jesus tested on standing at mark of, F187:1; 372:2; love for enemies test of, F189:1; 371:1-372:1; perfect love last of, F186:1; 189:1-190:2; running toward and standing at mark of, F187-190; 369:2; 371:1; whole race course from gate to finish, F370:T.
Spirit Of: Christian heart must be filled with, E198:1; holy Spirit is, E236:2; 250:3; 255:2; in Millennial Age those developed in, inherit the Kingdom, E480:1; is in conflict with world, E186:2; spirit of service, F137:1; 342:2-343; to rule earth, D478:T; 520:2; 646:2; to replace selfishness, D460:2; 463:1; vs. spirit of selfishness, D474:4-476:2; F207:T.
Misc.: And good works, provoking to, F308:1-2; and power will bless ransomed race, T126:2; basis for new conditions, D460:2; beauty of, not seen by sinful heart of fallen nature, E161:1; chastening can sometimes be test of, E234:1; cherubim represents Jehovah’s, and power, T125:1; cords of, only Scriptural bondage, F242:T; 365:T-368; High Priest, a representative of God’s, T125:T; in early Church regarding Acts 2:44-47, D474:3-475; not the world, F606:1- 607:1; of Eve more than God motivated Adam to sin, A123:1; perversion of, F411:1; represented in incense, T120:1; will replace selfishness, A310:1.
See Attributes; God’s, Attributes.

Of Jesus: He demonstrated, before all his fidelity to the Father, E120:3; providing ransom was severest test of, to God, E423:1; reason God exalted him, E82:T.
Of Little Flock: Tested by permission of sin, E485:1.

Fall Of: Ambition led to, E113:1; F612:1; 614:T-1; “How art thou fallen,” F612-618; through pride, A189:2.

Claimed Word of God only correct rule of faith, A23:1; denounced Papacy’s sins and falsities, D572:3; did not see Mass as abomination, D572:3; German translation of Bible condemned by Pope Leo X, B319:3; identified Papacy as Antichrist, B326:3; C119:1; Papal system revealed by, T86:1; proscribed by Charles V, B337:2; re-established Mass, D573:T; reformation, C109:2; 111:2-3; shared with rulers in civil authority, D31:2; the Bible revealed that Papacy was “Antichrist,” A28:T.
See Reformers; Reformation.

A factor in preparing for the “fire,” D317-323; affecting outside markets, D354:1; and money creators of wealth, D299:2; 300:T; benefits of, over human labor, D317:T; brought general prosperity, D312:4-313; 448:2; combats strikes, D320:1-3; doing away with curse of “sweat of face,” H2:2; duplicated cheaply in Japan, D345:1.
AFFECT: In India, D381:2; on capital, D330:3; 419:2; 425:T; on civilization, D318:3-323:1.
In competition with human labor, D316-317; 319-323; 331:1; 371:1-2; 372:2; 434:T; 447:2; increased land produce by, D386:1; 389:T; increases number of poor, D376:3; problems caused by, unsolved, D322-323:1.
See Civilization; Knowledge; Labor.

God could have made men, without liberty of choice, E467:3.

Of Nominal Christians: Know little about spirit battles and victories, E193:2.

Jehovah’s last message to Israel, B249:4.

Mouthpieces of Lord in Church, F266:T; only to be public servants, F265:1; qualities supplemented by those of female, F497:1; scientists find proof in nature that life comes from the male, E100:2; 103:2-3.

Became master of men, A310:2; pride and ambition, D268:T.

Body Of: Affects the mind, E407:T; not the same as the soul, E338:10; refers to physical organism only, E308:1.
Christ Jesus: Behold the, E153:3; could not have been raised from dead as a, E454:1-2; if resurrected a, ransom would have been taken back, E454:2; iniquities of, laid on, E461:1; Jesus humbled himself and became a, E454:2; not a spirit being, E175:T; penalty for sin absolute everlasting destruction, E454:1; 466:T; redeemed Adam’s race by laying down all he had, E440:1; 453:1; title of Son of Man applies to, E149:1; 150:8; was the ransom-price, A142:2; E454:3; 466:T.
Creation Of: Created mortal, A181:4-186:1; E390:3-391:5; free moral agent, A119:2-120:3; 126; E467:3-468:1; F620:2; God’s purpose regarding, E399:1; 418:1-419:3; morally perfect, A174:3; E407:1; process described, E339:1-340:2; F37:2-41; was, God, A191:1; E22:1; 398:7; F37:2-3; 38:5.
Deliverance Of: Through Jesus reveals power of God, E418:1.
Fallen: Could not be helped by God’s power until God’s wisdom directed, E451:1; degraded since fall, B95:1; enslaved by Satan, E113:T-1; 189:1; 218:T; 448:1; experience in sin teaches reality of sin, A126:1; had four attributes in antagonism with each other, E450:3; has had opportunity to learn exceeding sinfulness of sin, E469:1; is under Satan’s influences, E186:2; learning ultimate end of sin and sinners, E413:2; 414:1; lost much of the image or likeness of God, A120:3; 177:1; penalty for sin could have been different, E413:T; penalty for sin different than for angels, E413:T; recovery of first estate needs Jehovah’s interposition, A71:T; selfishness natural to, A310:1-2; unrighteousness of, proved by need for justification, E444:2; wickedness great under dispensation of angels, A221:T; wrath of, to praise God, A250:1.
Fall Of: Did not change God’s purpose, E222:T; foreknown by God’s wisdom, E450:2; how evidenced, E405:2-407; 409:1; indirect result of Eve’s deception, E412:1; origin and, Biblical view, E22:1; testified to by apostles, E23-26; vs. Evolution Theory, E21-24; 40:4.
Figure Of: For joint work of Jesus and Church, B255:1.
In Millennium: Identity of, preserved, E343:3; 404:5-6; 478:2; in whatever state enters tomb, awakened, A105:2; judgment for 1,000 years, E469:1; under New Covenant all provisions of ransom available to, E466:T; will be better able to appreciate eternal life, E403:1; will have opportunity to learn blessedness of righteousness, E469:1; will not receive instantaneous perfection, E475:2.
Justification Of: Need of, proves man is unrighteous, E444:2; not by works, E444:2; not to be confounded with pardon, E460:1.
Life Of: Averages 33 years, E406:2; not inherent life, A185:5; 209:T; 210:2; E399:1-2; illustrated by a candle, E342:1-343:1; orthodox and scientific views of, E302:2-304:2; 307:3; what is Biblical view, E304:3- 381.
Natural: Appears to have less diffi culty and trials now compared to New Creature, E411:1; brain capacity of, A161:3-166:2; cannot understand New Creature, E202:1; faculties proof of Divine revelation, A33:3-34; receiveth not things of spirit, E201- 202:1; 279:3-280.
Nature Of: Created mortal, E389:3- 391:5; distinct from angels, A178:2; future estate not spiritual, A177:1- 180:4; not imbued with divinity, E307:3-310:1; not immortal, A186:1; 208:3-209:2; E390:3-393:2; one of earth’s animals, A177:T; E307:2; 326:4; only, could give ransom, E425:T.
Of Sin: Absurdities of common view on, B273:1-276:T; apostasy developed into, how, B276:3-280; 283:5; being consumed by truth, B273:T; character of, B271:2; 272:1; claims of, B272:1; exact description by Paul, why, B268:1; 269:1; Hab. 2:5 may refer to, E374:5-6; influence of, against truth and saints, B272:1; little horn of Daniel’s beast, B271:2; 298:2; must precede coming of Day of the Lord, B267:2-3; power and decline, B287:2-288:1; revealed in all his hateful deformity, B363:1; rise, development, decline before Day of Lord’s presence, B267:2-271:T; 275:2; C129:1; rise of, extended over centuries, B280-281:T; system, not individual, B272:2; 276:2; under pope pretending to be Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, B280:1; various names applied to, B271:2.
Perfect: Image of invisible God, A174:2; E77:2; 326:5; F40:1; ability of, shown in perfect law, A178:3; each to be a king, A296:1; D646:2; fully consecrated, B136:3; Jesus actually was, E107:2; Jesus was, not combination of two natures, A179:2; Jesus took nature of, A178:2-3; King of earthly creatures, A174:3; E27:1; 307:2; 326:4; not a spiritual being, A177:2; reasoning powers almost unlimited, E327:T; would not have been called “very good” without moral perfection, A174:3; E407:1.
Punishment Of: Condemnation of, A134:1; E417:1; 421:2; 468:1-472; God’s wisdom chose death sentence for, E413:T-1; inflicted on Jesus as man’s substitute, E462:1; sentence of death came because of one man’s sin, E422:2, Ransom For: By Jesus because he was not under death sentence, E482:1; by man’s iniquities laid on Jesus, E461:1; by none but one sinless, E96:T; 122:1; could not be given by spirit being, A177:2; E424:2; crucifixion tested Jesus’ willingness to die as, E443:2; from whom purchase made, E386:7; 447:4-450:1; 452:4; 470:1; not pardoned, E461:1; ransom- price was purchase price of man, E447:4; required perfection, E482:T; why purchased, E450:2-453:1.
Redemption Of: Mediator of New Covenant must redeem man, E455:1; requires full payment of ransomprice, E455:1.
Represented In Adam: Created in God’s image, A120:3; 174:2; 201:1; F39:2-3; direct creation, A32:T; given dominion over earth, A174:3; 245:1- 247:1; F39:3; given moral sense, A119:1-2; 120:3-121:1; God’s law written in natural constitution, A70:3; 120:3; little lower than angels, A174:4-175:2.
Restoration Of: Accomplished by close of Millennial Age, E471:1; God not bound by Divine Justice to restore every man, E470:1; Mediator of New Covenant appointed by God for, E469:2.
Spirit Of: Breath of lives, E319:4-7; definition of, E310:2; spark of life, E309:1.
What He Is: Biblical view, E304:3- 307:1; composed of two elements, body and spirit, E308:1; confusion through mistranslations, E305:1- 307:1; 333:2-338:9; Orthodoxy’s view, E302:1-303:1; Scientific view, E304:1-2.
Misc.: A spectacle to angels, A122:1; actual experience with evil, most lasting lesson, A121:1; 124:1; every man to be enlightened in due time, A107:1-3; extremity, God’s opportunity, A266:T; D518:T; F334:T; I4:2; false teachings on, caused by Common Version translation, E333:3; God’s foreknowledge of, not used against, A126:1; his worship of God must be voluntary, E468:T; intelligence of ancient, A165:1-2; Nebuchadnezzar’s experiences in Daniel 4, symbolic of mankind’s experiences, B93:1-99:T; no injustice to, in not giving individual trial, A127:2; 128:2; powers vs. lower animals, E326:4-327; true character of, E126:1.
See Mankind; Perfect, Man.

Jesus presented his life as soon as reached, under Law, E426:T.

Of Jesus After Resurrection: Not in familiar form, B125:1.
Outward, Of Holy Spirit: Of opening of sonship was at Pentecost, E210:T.
See Holy Spirit, Manifestation Of; Resurrection, Appearances of Jesus.

Awakening Of: From Adamic death as from sleep, E478:1.
Death Of: All died in Adam, E100:1; came because of one man’s sin, E422:2; death sentence chosen for man by God’s wisdom, E413:1; in and after Millennial Age, E330:2- 332:4; 402:1; 473:1-475:1; 478:2.
Deficiencies Of: All are imperfect, E101:1; all subject to frailty by heredity from Adam, E26:2; most deficient in knowledge of sin, E476:T.
Drawing Of: After Church complete, in Millennium, E414:2-415:1.
Life-Giver To: Jesus, the Second Adam, E221:3; Jesus will be, E105:3.
Penalty Against: Not connected with their fruitfulness in posterity, F41:2; not hell of torment, E422:1; 441:1.
Perfecting Of: After, race turned over to Divine Justice, E18:2; Jesus can deal with, until perfected because law of God is inflexible, E471:1; under New Covenant, holy Spirit will bring back into harmony with God, E164:1.
Present Situation: Day of trouble upon all, though more extensive on Christendom, A315:1-316:1; exposed to Satan by wishing to forget God, A263:T; on “Broad Road” to destruction, A205:4-206:2; 218:1; rejected God’s counsel, A308:1.
Purchase Of: Reason for, by Christ, E135:2; enabled Jesus to become Mediator, E455:1; by Jesus’ blood, E470:1; 471:1; by ransom, E439:1; 454:2; Christ’s purchased possession, E436:1; required all that Jesus had, E441:T; 455:T.
Reconciliation Of: At end of Millennium, will be in harmony with God, E31:2; to Divine Law by the Redeemer and work of Atonement, E27:T.
Redemption Of: God ceased to impute to us what had been paid by the Redeemer, E461:1; ransomed from power of the grave, E419:1.
Restoration Of: All, A140:2.
BY: Jesus and the Church, E457:1; 471:T; process of restitution at second advent, E137:2.
Delivered up to the Father, A303:3- 305:2; E30:6; in future, will have full restitution, E30:6; in Millennial Age, holy Spirit will be poured upon, in three ways, E218:T; life-rights to be given, E466:T; ransom merit cannot be released for, K4:2; regenerated in Millennium, E217:3-4; 221; Royal Priesthood to reign over, E478:1; Satan’s influence to be removed, E217:4.
TO: Come back to long-lost image of God, B136:1-2; life by Great Physician, E473:T; likeness of God in flesh, B136:1; D648:3; E77:2.
TO BE: Blessed by The Christ, E217:4-218:1; offered life under terms of New Covenant, E457:1; sons, when, A153:T; E26:2.
WILL BE: Offered things Jesus purchased, E457:T; turned over to Heavenly Father at close of Millennial Age, E419:3; 458:1; 473:T.
WILL: Come to knowledge of truth, A153:T; E401:2; 475:1; 479:1; not be immortal, A186:2; receive perfect human nature, A180:2-3.
WORK OF NEW COVENANT: Provides for recovery of, E27:2; to that which was lost, E457:T.
Satan’s Control Of: Battleground between holy Spirit and evil spirit, E189:1; blinding to the Atonement, a deception, E19:3; 189:1; 489:2; enslaved through deception, ignorance, superstition, and their own weaknesses, E448:1; removed in Millennial, E19:2; in captive condition, E189:1.
To Be Blessed By: Spiritual and fleshly Israel, C253:T.
Uplift Of: By process of restitution at second advent, E137:2.
Misc.: A perfect man died for, A229:3; afflictions on, not mark of sonship, E233:1; all condemned in one, a favor, A134:1; at mercy of trusts, D369; created in image of “elohim,” F39:2-3; communion with spirit beings, past and future, D618:3- 619:1; fossil record shows no link to ape, F43:1-43:3; 44:3; Gershom family represents, F128:1-129:1; God left, as convicts to subdue earth for valuable lessons, F46:T, 3; hope for, in Jesus only, A101-103:T; E152:2; imperfection of, followed creation, E471:1; lessons to, shared by all intelligent creatures, E416:1; 486:T; F70:1; lost earth’s dominion, A245:1- 246:3; Mediator for, E217:1; most have had little exposure to righteousness in order to choose same, E476:1; not totally depraved, F204:3; 384:3; obedient of, to be included in Kingdom of God, D643:T; pre- Adamic theory, F42:F; prisoners of hope, F353:T-358; redeemed, treasure hidden in field, D648:1; E440:1; testing of, vs. testing of New Creation and angels, F642-643:2; tried in Adam, A57:2; will always be mortal, A186:1; 191:1; will never see Lord by natural sight, D600:T; will not aspire to Divine nature, A87:T; 192:1.
See Purchase, Of Human Race.

In Ark of Covenant, symbolized Jesus’ flesh, B129:2. .

Of witness of holy Spirit to world in Millennial Age, E239:3.

In Father’s house, many, F403:1.

Origin of, came from heathen worship, E63:3; “The Immaculate Conception” of Mary defined, E98:2.

Mk. 16:9-20 spurious, F649:1; of perfect love to be reached quickly, then to stand, F369:2; 373:1-3; of the beast, B259:2; seal or evidence of sonship, B169:T.

Of Believers: A very weighty contract, “only in the Lord,” F513:1- 517:T; advice to those unequally yoked in, F495:2; 499:1-500:2; 504:1-507:2; celibacy in bonds of wedlock not proper, F512:1-2.
CONSECRATED: Between, and unconsecrated, F502:2-504; duty of, when married to unbeliever, F504:2; must not be cause of separation, F504:2; require increased wisdom when mismated, F504:1; he that marrieth not doeth better, F509:2-511:1; in the case of two New Creatures not well mated, F499:1-500:2; 501:1-502:1; Lord’s will to be sought in, F517; only in Lord wise, F513:1; 514:1-515; sacred and serious obligation, F513:2; F516:1; the Apostle’s judgment concerning, F509:1- 512:2; unequally yoked spiritually, well mated according to flesh, F502:2-503:1; unequally yoked, and additionally mismated according to flesh, F504:1-507:2.
Constructive desertion in, F505- 507:1; defrauding one another in, F512:1-2; honorable, F557:3; how should view desertion, F505:1; natural and proper to unconsecrated, F557:3-558:2; picture of Christ and Bride though earthly, imperfect, F494:2-495:1; proper mating in, F513:3-515; responsibilities of husband and wife in, F496:1-498:2; should marry similar companions, F515:2.
Of Church: Explained, A235:1; illustrated by Jewish custom, C191:1; 196:1-197:1; F74:1; illustrated by wedding garment parable, C198:1- 199:1.
Supper: Great Company present at, A240:1; F168:2.
Misc.: Better to, than to burn, F557:2; explained when used in parables, C204:2; feast explained, C196:1-197:1; 199:T; 206:1.

Of Second Century, B284:3.

Mother Of Jesus: Conceived probably on Christmas day, B61:1; genealogy of Jesus through, in Lk. 3, E129:2; Jesus offspring of David through, E154:T; Jesus was a shoot out of Adam through, but separate from sinners, E139:1; her song of humble family of Nathan exalted through Messiah, E133:4; of line of Nathan, E129:2; 133:1; shared human imperfection of Adamic race, E98:2; 103:1; through whom Jesus was offspring and branch of David, E136:T; was full of faith, E102:3.
Misc.: First impulse to embrace Jesus, B113:1; Magdalene and other women first to receive news of resurrection, B111:2-112:1.
See Mother, Mary.

Because God is, his spirit might properly have masculine gender, E172:7; Greek parakletos can properly be masculine, feminine or neutral, E204:2.

Doctrine Of: Earliest mention, 381 A.D., C103:1; explained, set aside continual sacrifice, C98:2-104:T; reformers opposed, C102:3; truth cast down by, C104:T.
For Dead: Due to the doctrine of consciousness of the dead, E370:T; origin of, F470:2; source of great income to Antichrist, C102:1.
Sacrifice Of: Explained, D572:1; foundation of desolating abomination, D572:1; not seen as abomination by Reformers, D572:3; observed by “High Church” Episcopalians, D33:2, F; observed by Armenian Catholics, D232:T; re-established by Luther, D573:T; substituted for Memorial Supper, F471:2.
See Abomination Of Desolation.

Detailed, under Papacy, B331:1- 346:T; of Huguenots, B338:2-341:T; of Inquisition, B343:1-346:T; 353:2- 7; of Protestants, B335:2-341; D537:3-539:2; Papacy struck medals to commemorate, B340:1; remission of sins for, B341:1; would be repeated today if possible, B350:2-352:6.

For Dead: Source of great income to Antichrist, B324:1.
Of People: Civil and religious powers seek to control, D80:2; condition of, advanced by civilization, Senator’s view, D418:4; condition of, ignored before French Revolution, D353:1-2; 536:5-539:2; disrespect for all religious claims, D551:2; affect of corporations on, D364:4; feelings of poor against rich, D295:1; 533:4; God on side of, in Armageddon, J13:2 (1912); 14:1 (1912); have no sympathy with anarchy, J14:2 (1912); humanity between upper and nether millstones, D372:1- 380:3; in pews and pulpits have spirit of world, D111:2; in U.S. discern future bondage, D146:1; increasing dissatisfaction of, D533:4; 536:1; restless, symbolized by sea, A318:1; 323; D149:4; 596:2-3; 638:3; restless under restraint, J14:2 (1912); ruled by divine right doctrine, B262:T; turn from Bible truth to infidelity, D111:1; U.S. government in hands of, historian’s view, D441:4-5; Vs. aristocracy, coming struggle peculiar, B262:1.
See Sea; Anarchy.

Not an apostle, F208:3.

By God: Of faithfulness is by our self-sacrifice, sufferings and activity, E490:2-4.
Of Sympathy: Jesus possessed greatest, E126:1.
See Holy Spirit, Measure Of.

In due season, A27:2; 349:1; B21:1; 170:3; D612:2-613:4; F274:T; not from conflicting creeds, A24:2; only for those prepared to receive, B14:1; strong, E238:2.

Appliances useful in blessing and uplifting mankind, A168:T.

Work Of: Will be complete at close of Millennial Age, E30:1-2.
See Millennial Age, Work Of.

Merit Of: Will cover imperfection in Millennium, E479:1.
Of Atonement: After we receive of our at-one-ment we can become joint Mediators, E487:3; Apostle Paul’s testimony respecting the greatness of, E83:2; bought justified ones and freely forgives their sins, E461:T; called ones in Gospel Age approach Father through faith in, E456:1; Divine mercy only through, E471:1- 472:1; God’s provision for mercy, E472:T; has been given all power, E473:1; Jesus became Lord of all and David’s Lord through his work as, E134:2; Jesus, the way, the truth and the life, E489:2; sacrificed for man, E32:2; the only way by which one can come unto the Father, E489:2; the undefiled one, E97-106; work as, connected with risen Christ becoming Lord of all, E135:1; “Wrath,” “curse” will be lifted through, E439:2.
Of New Covenant: By death and purchase of human family Jesus became, E455:1; Divine Justice must be satisfied before God could deal with sinners through, E28:T; 471:1; God deals with, not with the sinner, E27:2; has entire Millennial Age to complete work, E29:1-2; Jesus, E426:1; 450:T; 455:1; life only possible with help of, E468:1; merit of, covers imperfection while world attaining perfection, E479:1; must redeem man, E455:1; New Covenant could not go into effect without, E455:1; to reign when Kingdom established in earth, E29:2.
Work Of: Explained, E27:2; 29:1- 31:4; 217:1-2; 437:1; 455:1; 469:2; 470:1-472:1; F107:1; 114:2-115:1; 398:1-2; 458:1; in Millennial Kingdom, D617:3; 635:2; when completed, D645:3; E29:1; 30:1-2; will radically enforce God’s law, E474:2.
Misc.: Holy Spirit not a, E287:3; Mosaic Law required, D629:2; F354:1; 432:4; Moses a type of Christ as, B177:2; D629:2; F432:T; necessity for, E27:2; 455:1; 468:1; F398:1-2; places limitations on matter of eternal salvation, E473:1; priest as, D637:T.

Even though developed in, average life 33 years, E406:2; New Creation may use, F650:1-653; wine as, F653.

Channels of demoniacal operation, F620-621.

Bear of Daniel’s vision, A257; had permission to rule, A252:T; 253:T-2.

In Time Of Trouble: Possibly hid, suffer least, A334:T; D67:2; 540:2; F555:1; will have advantages in day of Lord’s anger, A334:T.
Misc.: Best places of earth for, in Millennium, D633:2; understand God’s Plan, A12:T; E91:T.

Opposition of world to be received with, F605:2.

All brethren to participate in, F314:3- 5; 316:1; 323:1-325:1; all, not only the fluent, should be given the opportunity to express themselves in, F316:1; Berean study object of, F325:2; chairman draws out brethren with questions, summarizes, F324:1- 2; 327:2-3; conduct of, F322:1-325:1; devotional services part of every, and special devotional kind once a week, F319:1-321:1; different kinds of, F250:1; 312:1-314:5; 316:1; 321:2; 324:1-3; for venting hobbies, F318:T- 1; 325:1; order in Church, F268:2; 321:2; solely for Bible study, F318:T.
TESTIMONY: F250:1; 314:5; 320:T- 321:1; most important of all, F322:1.
To be doctrinal and devotional, F319:1-2; Berean study more advantageous than preaching, F323:1- 325:2; value of questions, F316:1.

Armageddon, J1:T (1912).

Possible builder of Great Pyramid, C322:1-2.
TYPICAL OF: Royal Priesthood, F126:2; The Christ, Head and Body, B255:1; E218:1; F72:1; L2:T.

Probationary: Of the Church can be unfaithful, E230:1-231:T; of true Church must have taken specific steps, E230:1.

Celebration: Annual commemoration lost sight of with Mass, F469:2- 472:1; careless or promiscuous, F473:1-474:1; condemnation for improper, F473:1-3; conduct at, F477:5-478:1; each his own judge, F473:T; institution of, F463:2-465:1; may be alone, F475:2; not a law, but privilege, F471:1; proper annually, F465:T; 469:2-471:2; self-examination before, F463:1; 473:2-474:1; suggested order of service, F476:1- 478:3; till he come, meaning, F465:1; weekly, improper, F471:2-472:1.
Date: Council of Nice instituted, wrong, F480:2; in early church, Nisan 14, F461:1; Jewish method followed in reckoning, why, F481:1-2; kept annually until third century, F469:2- 472:1; not to be confused with Passover feast, F461:1; same as Jewish Passover supper, F462:1; 463:2; 464:1; 470:3.
Emblems: Bread and cup, F464:1- 467:1; 476:T; 477:4, 6; kind of wine, F476:4.
Who May: Officiate, F474:2-475:2; participate, F463:3; 472:2-474:1.
See Passover.

All: Are sharers of penalty for sin, E423:T; God the Life-giver to, E104:3; to be saved and come to knowledge of truth, E466:1-470:T; work of New Covenant brings reconciliation of, E28:1; 164:1.
Minds Of: Are battleground, E189:1.
Salvation Of: From Satan’s blinding influences, E470:T; God sent his son for, E425:1.
Teacher Of: Jesus, by God’s appointment, E50:3.
Misc.: Evil, how typified by Pharaoh and his hosts, F458:1; God could have made, mere machines with no choice, E467:3; God’s providential care of, manifested in exceptions of nature, E98:3; Jesus different from others, undefiled, spotless, E103:1; 107:2; 118:2; 440:1; sin was in the nature of, E444:2; Satan’s temptation— doctrine that all, are brethren, E116:T-1; wise, from East, inaccurately applied to heathen by ministers, D185:2.
See Saved, All Men To Be.

Faculties of Adam pronounced very good, E406:T; 407:T; perfection implies moral perfection, E407:1.

Typified Great Company, F129:T.

Jesus dealings with race will be, E471:1.

Of God: Divine, only through Christ, E461:T; 471:1-472:T; Mediator is God’s provision for, E472:T; through New Covenant for human family, E455:1; not for sinners except in and through Christ, E472:T-2; those who reject, will die the Second Death, E468:2; through Jesus extended to Church for sins not wilful, E461:T.
Misc.: Likeness to Lord shown by, F404:T.

Propitiatory, place of making satisfaction, E442:F.

Of Christ: Covers imperfection while world is attaining perfection, E479:1.
Of Christ’s Death: Will not be transferred to Divine Justice until after Church is complete, K4:1.
Of The Ransom Sacrifice/Price:
Presented to God, E449:3; will cover world while progressing up Highway of Holiness, E478:3.
See Ransom, Merit.

Of The Gospel: Should bring ready responses, but is generally rejected, E489:1.

Of Jehovah: Logos appeared as, (Ex.
3:2), E43:2.

Errors Regarding: Come in flesh, affirmed by some and denied by some, E295:2-299:4; extremes of error on, as man and divine, E296:2- 3; false teachers and false, D580:1- 581:T.
First Advent Of: Cut off, but not for himself, B65:2; expectations respecting in past, B240:2; E156:1-158:2; hardness of heart prevented receiving of, and led to trouble, A308:1; Israel was looking for, A79:2; E158:2; preaching to poor was proof of, D167:T; presence of, special message of Jewish Harvest, B236:1.
Genealogy Of: Could not come through Solomon’s line, E130:1; 133:2; recorded in Hebrew Scriptures, A42:1; E129:2-134:1; to come through David’s line of Nathan, E133:1, 4; would spring from root of David, E142:2.
Jews: Blinded to, why, A79:2; B29:2; 240:2-3; conversion of Israel to, D628:1; movement toward recognition of, in present, C278:1-288:1; recognition of, through Ancient Worthies, C278:1.
Prophecies Of: Declared, must die, E23:T; exact day of his rejection marked, B226:T; regarding Israel’s double, B213:2; 225:2-226:1; theme of all the prophets, A57:2-59:3.
Second Advent Of: Not preceded by great moral reform, B69:1; reign of, not everlasting, A247:2; ruler of not only Israel but world, A59:3; the hope of all, A345:2; Sun of Righteousness, also Body members, A86:2.
Work Of: All not fulfilled by Lord in flesh, B253:2; iron rule, A247:2; 310:1; Kingdom, manifest after Armageddon, J16:1 (1912).
Misc.: Provided for in Divine Plan, E45:3; typified by David, J2:T; viewed figuratively by Jewish and Christian leaders, C171:1-172:2; word corresponds to “the Anointed,” B66:1; wreck of humanity reorganized under, J5:T.
See False, Christs.

Early: Organized by Wesleys, C113.
Misc.: “Some Features of American,” D174:2-178:2; claim to convert heathen, D244:1; criticism of by bishop, D179:1-180:3; in church union, D171:1; 181:2; summary at Parliament of Religions, D235:4- 236:2.

Meaning of name, B147:1; C62:1; 126:1; E84:2; the Archangel, E84:2- 3; shall stand up, B147:2.

Battle typical of Time of Trouble, J1:3 (1912).

Edict Of: Gave legal security to church property, B293:2; granted religious freedom to all in Roman Empire, B332:1.

Conscription and conscience, F594:2; movement in Europe against, D356:4-6; New Creature’s attitude on, F593:5-594:2.

Of Babylon, unclean provender, D609:4; two grinding at, D609:3-4.

Beginning Of: Began as corroborated in Bible prophecies, H2:2; dark and stormy, B40:2-41:1; dawn gradual, J1:2; entered upon, in 1872, B33:1; God’s plan and character revealed by dawning light of, A10:2; 63:1; transition period in, F32:3; trouble will make world ready for, D627:1; when, B33:1; 39:2; 40:2; 54:T; 363:1; C305:T; when Church complete, K4:1; with trouble, B33:1; D267:1; 548:3.
Blessings: As well as trials, A289:F; Christ bought for world, E221:2; erroneously claimed for efforts of Christendom, C172:1-2; 176:2; for dead and living, A99:1; joy awaits, D642:2; knowledge of righteousness and sin will benefit those who use it, E469:1; knowledge of truth will be made free and common to all, E220:2; leisure profitably employed, D634:3-635:1; man’s appreciation of everlasting life, E403:1; perfected mankind richest jewel of, D648:3; sight evidences of ransom during, E460:2; temporal, of Israel type of, F631:2; to all families of earth, E90:T; to Jews first, A297:3.
Close Of: After work of mediation is complete, E30:1-2; all in subjection to Jehovah, E46:1; 78:1; at, every man a king, D646:2; Atonement will be completed at, E20:1; 419:3; first successful republic following, D646:1; harvest at, D644:1; Little Season at, B153:1; mankind will be turned over to Heavenly Father, E419:3; 458:1; 473:T; perfection of man accomplished, E471:1; race presented to Father, E419:3; 455:1; 473:T; reconciliation of world complete, E30:6; 31:2; 456:T; Satan destroyed, E480:T; selfishness overthrown by end, D272:1; 311:2; work of redemption accomplished by, E441:T; world fully back in Divine favor, E30:6-31:2.
Holy Spirit In: Possession of, upon world, E220:1-221:1; poured upon world in three ways, E218:T; to bring world back into harmony with God, E164:1; when poured out for all flesh, E218:1; witness of, to world, E239:3.
Judgment Day: 100 years of Isa.
65:20 in, D643:1; E478:2; everlasting life, or Second Death, E402:1; final test, heart loyalty, F712:1; final trial for world during, A151:1; 241:2; individual judgment, D12:1; individual trial, 100 years, A144:1; inherited weaknesses not reckoned in, E380:3; Israel’s rank in, A241:2; separating and judging of sheep and goats occupy entire, E479:3; sheep and goats receive everlasting judgment, E480:T; world’s, A137-147; E469:1; 479:2; F396:T.
Prophesies Concerning: “Afterward” (Joel 2:28), E219:2; at close it shall be light (Zech. 14:6-7), D655:2-3; described in Psalms 84 and 85, D652:2-653; Isa. 25:6-9, E45:4-46:1; “morning” (Job 7:21), E358:6; Sabbath of Mat. 24:20, D579:1; salvation day (Psa. 118:18-27), D639:1; shown in vision on Mount, B255:2.
Reign: 1,000 year period most favorable for, E470:T; a thousand year day, B168:1; Christ to judge and possess the Kingdom during, E44:3; first work of, to bind Satan, E20:T; 470:T; glory of ministry of reconciliation shared by Royal Priesthood, E487:2; glory of, represented by High Priest’s glorious robes, F235:T; in charge of vicegerent, D643:T; Jesus will be a King of Glory in, E44:1; man brought to perfection in, A177:1; name for period of Christ’s reign, A73:2; of Church over earth, E26:1; 490:3.
Restitution, Resurrection, And Regeneration: Adamic death ceases during, A213:T; A241:2; T77:T; Church to restore world during, A212:2; man will not receive instantaneous perfection in, E475:2; past experiences helpful in, F715:1-2; perfection of man accomplished by close of, E471:1; perfection reached in, A177:1; D654:2; reforms begin in hearts, D639:2; regeneration for world, E138:1; resurrection during, A140:2.
RESTITUTION: For mankind, E402:1; 456:2; needed to reconcile man with God, E456:T; of Divine favor lost in Eden, E25:1; “times of,” A73:2; 94:3; 222:2; E473:1; to what Adam lost, E221:1.
Those in graves to be blessed in, A99:1; 107:2; world gets back old nature freed of blemishes, E456:2.
Restrictions Of: Autocratic rule, D520:2; 635:2; favorable to righteousness, A153:1; no redemption for wilful sinners, E477:2; persecution not permitted, E239:3; power and rod remain but probably unnecessary throughout, D637:T; requirements of Divine Law preserved by, E471:1; wilful sins unforgivable, E461:T; 474:T; will radically enforce law against sin, E474:2.
Requirements Of: Law of truth will rule, E220:2; obedience enforced, D520:1; F378:1; 712; progress in righteousness required to avoid Second Death, E478:2; righteousness to be inculcated in, E476:1; those developed in Spirit of love inherit the earthly Kingdom, E480:1; world covered by merit of ransom sacrifice, E478:3; world will be actually justified, E241:3.
Second Death/Wilful Sinners Cut Off: Death penalty for choosing sin, E468:2; during, T50:3.; those who refuse reconciliation will be destroyed, E30:T; in and after, E20:1; 218:1; 240:T; 330:2-332:4; 387:3; 402:1; 471:1; 473:1-475:1; 478:2.
Work Of: All effects of curse removed in, A192:T; D639:3; 642:1- 2; all will be brought to clear knowledge of truth, B152:1; explained, A290:1-291; 295:2; D243:T; 518:3- 520:3; 617:3; 636:3; 648:2-649:1; 654:2-655:3; E138:1; 254:2; 358:6; 373:4; 414:2; 455:1; extinction of evil, A132:3; Law of God will be radically enforced by the Mediator, E474:2; Mediator will have entire Millennial Age to complete, E29:1-2; 30:1-2; remove Satan’s blindness of mankind, E19:2; to set aside Adamic curse, E473:1.
Misc.: Communism could succeed in, D478:T; described, A73:2; 222:2; lapping of Gospel and, F206:T; Law type of, F234:2; means of communication in, B136:3; D619-620:1; New Covenant in, D630:1; only remedy for mankind, D520:3; Socialism in, D523:T; sowing of, soon commenced even now, C136:1; 139:2; symbolized by living water, D655:4; will exalt God, E46:1.
See Restitution; Resurrection.

Papal: Beginning 800 A.D., B353:3; Papacy deceived herself and nations that, had come, A268:1-2.
Trumpet: Covers the entire period of sounding of the Seventh Trumpet, B148:1; will be sounding all through, B148:1; D601:2.
Misc.: Europe’s poor are not now enjoying the blessings of the, D485:1; first Age of “the World to Come,” A73:2; 222:2; seventh, B54:T; visions and revelations in the, B136:3.

Movement: Began in 1829, C87:2; 88:2; blessings and disappointment, C85; 86:2; 88:2-92:2; 118:3; 123:2; culminating in 1844 A.D., B240:2; developed Second Adventist sects, C86:1; 119:2-120:T; errors on Lord’s return, C84:2-88:1; vision seeming to tarry due to error of, C89:2-90:1.
Misc.: Labors and teachings, C85:1- 87:2; 115:1-118:3; letter of, after 1844, C90:1.

American, D274:1-282:3; capable of social reform in world, D303:7; contributions to colleges, D449:1-3; expenditures of, D294:3-297:2; first in U.S. about 1806, D417:1; how, D459:2; 460:2; in China and Japan, D282:3; judgment of, too severe, D299:2-301:2; many uneducated, D449:T; viewpoint of Job as, D415:5.
See Financiers.

New: Alone recognized by God, E200:T; battleground of holy and unholy influences, E189:1-191:1; battles with mind against flesh, D475:1-477:2; E200:2; can be displaced by spirit of world, E205:1; germ of new nature, A213:1; New Creature, F71:1; 78:1; 91:T; 728:2; of Christ vs. carnal, F404:3-406:1; of spirit, God knoweth the heart, E289:2-290; our, makes intercession, E288:2-289:2; prompts us to search God’s Word to know Divine will, E201:1; transformed by New Creatures, A199:1-203:1.
Of God: Acceptance of, needed for reconciliation, E217:3; we know by his Word, E229:1.
Of Men: Are battleground, E189:1; fear is a natural influence, E196:3; tends to extremes, F234:1.
Sound: Dependent on sound body, E252:1; effects of, E254:2-262; of Christ, F515:1; Spirit of, for Church now, world in Millennium, E254:2; 262:3; Spirit of, not more natural to Lord’s people than to world, E251; Spirit of, not repair of fleshly mind, E257:2; Spirit of, through Word and Spirit, E251:2-252:2.
Unsoundness Of: Shown by worldliness, E256:1-258:1; 259:2.
Misc.: Affected by the body, E252:1; 406:2; 515:1; F549:1-554:1; 562:1; of mother influences the offspring during gestation, E102:3; training, F541:1-543:2; 549:1-554:1; 559:1-2.
See Sound, Mind.

Accept Christ for words and example merely, D592:T; blemishes in, as typified by priests of Israel, F242:1- 243:1; defenders of wealth, D298:T; evade eternal torment doctrine, D108:7; hirelings, D180:3; F286:2; paid ministry, F285:4-288:4; reject Cross in favor of Evolution, D592:T.

As Ambassadors: Faithfulness to, measured by suffering for Christ, E490:3.
Definition: Service, E488:3.
Of Peter: Given keys to unlock door to Jews and Gentiles, E214:1.
Of Reconciliation: Apostle Paul exhorted all to now be ministers of, E488:1; impelled by Spirit of anointing to participate in, E487:4; 490:2; participated in by entire Royal Priesthood, E487:2-3; Royal Priesthood must realize leadings of holy Spirit in, E488:T.
See Jesus, Earthly Ministry.

Of Healing: By Satan and servants, D612:1; not to be expected by New Creature, F634:1; 636:1-638:1; Satan casting out Satan, F638:2-641:1.
Misc.: Joshua’s dimmed sun typical, A61; of Bible have parallels every day, A62:1; of first advent represented greater works of Millennial Age, B251:1; of Lord, some by supernatural power, E124:3; of Old Testament, confirmed by Jesus, Peter, Paul and Jude, A60:2; of the great net of fish, its lesson, B118:1; used to establish Church, F638:3.

Gifts: No longer needed by Lord’s people, E180:T; to be less highly esteemed than personally developed gifts, E180:1.

A second portion or duplication of time, B218:T-1; 225:1; of disfavor began with rejection of Israel’s king, B225:1.

New, was given at Jesus’ ascension, B120:1.

Christian: A disservice, if world saved by ignorance, A102:2; “A Mute Appeal on Behalf of Foreign Missions,” A14:2-17:3; affect of, in New Zealand, D251:T-253:T; efforts and nearly two-thirds world population still heathen, A15:2-18:T; failure of, acknowledged, D243:1-245:T; 246:2-3; Lord’s view of, efforts, F641:T; money considered answer to assist, D244:2-245:1; not all in vain, D258:1; opium introduced to China by, D255:1; support denied for teaching eternal torment, D110:3; took Gospel to heathen regarding Mat.
24:14 and Mk. 13:10, D568:2.
WORK: Attacked by Buddhist, D217:1-223:1; in India, D209:1; 210:3; 212:2; in Japan, D210:3; deceptive, D257; Japanese rebellion caused by, D218:1.
Zealous but harmful, F640:1.
Misc.: Satan as, of eternal torment to heathen, F641:1.

Holy Spirit mistranslated holy “ghost” 92 times in King James Version, E169:T; of Isa. 52:14,15 gives erroneous thought respecting Lord’s appearance, E158:3.

Widow’s, F343:1-344:1.

Illogical, but not without grievances, D464:1.

Progressing in Africa, India and Archipelago, D244:T; 245:5.
See Name Index.

Popular in Second Century, B285:1.

Preferred by masses to anarchy, B262:1.

Talent: In the Lord’s service, F342:1- 347:1; our privilege, not Lord’s need, F346:1-2; proper use of, F343:1- 347:1; stewardship, D521:3; F574:2; 576:2; 596:1-598:1; 647:1.
Solicitation For: In meetings of the Church, F347; unscriptural to beg for, F285:4-289:T; why Lord leaves his work in need of, F346:1-2; 597:2.
Misc.: Affected by law of supply and demand, D471:2-473; and machinery, creators of wealth, D299:2-300:T; idolatry of, to be overthrown in Time of Trouble, B139:2; love of, denounced as root of all evil, A340:3; D432:T; poured out like water during Millerite movement, C91:3.

Eclipses: In 1 B.C. and 4 B.C., B56:1-57:1; valuable for dates, when, B56:1-2.
Symbolic: Darkened by Gospel light becoming obscure, D592:2; of Mosaic Law, D544:T; 590:5; 592:2; F481:2; only partly obscured yet, D592:1; 596:1; sun and, darkened, D583:3; 588:T; 590:4-596:1; E219:2; sun and stars enlighten Church, D593:1; turned to blood, D591:2; 593:T; waning of, symbolizes rejection of Israel, F481:2.
Misc.: Gave no light on May 19, 1780, D586:2; 587:5.

Perfection: Expected when physical perfection reached, A130:T; implied by mental and physical perfection, E407:1; man would not have been called “very good” without, E407:1.
Principles: Some consecrated to, E194:T.
Sense: Conscience, A119:1; lower orders of God’s creatures, not endowed with, A119:1; originally law-inscribed nature of man, A120:3.
Misc.: And social reforms, D632:2- 636:2; Divine Jesus, likeness of God, B131:2; influence of Bible is uniformly good, A38:2.

In Lord’s Great Army, D550:3.

And Christadelphians claim to have all wheat, C138; cures of, work of devil, F640:1.

Joy in the, A9:1; Millennial Age (Job 7:21), E359:T; time for unlocking with key of prophecy, B24:1.

Explained: And immortality, false and true views, A184:4-187:3; E390:1-4; 391:3-5; condition of liability to death defined, A185:1-5; life supply sustained, A185:5; 208:3- 209:1; proper meaning of, destroys foundation of eternal torment doctrine, A187:3; significance of the word, A185:1,3; E390:1,2,4; 391:3-5.
Misc.: Adam was, A185:5; E390:3- 391:5; angels are, A186:2; 187:1; E392:2; beings will live forever, A187:2; Satan is, E390:1; 392:2.

Comparatively little left to sacrifice after meeting, F468:1; God’s will that we recognize, F577:1.

Prophecies Of: Coming of Christ, A78:2; relate chiefly to rejection and restoration of Israel, D614:3.
Types: Deliverance of Israel by, F458:1; glory of, C301.
Typified The Christ Head And Body: As Prophet, D631:1; Mediator and deliverer, A78:2-79:1; 336:1; B82:1; 134:1; 177:2; D629:2-631:1; 633:3; E144:2; 474:1; F431:2; 432:T; L1:3; E473:1; refusal to obey antitypical, will lose soul, E474:1.
Misc.: And prophets sowed seed of Jewish Age, B233:1; cultivated spirit of liberty, A47:1; divinely inspired, A44:1; 53:2; God gave Aaron to be a mouthpiece for, E208:T; government, of Divine origin, A45:2-53:2; had God’s spirit in judging Israel, E176:1; Jews baptized into, F431:2-434:1; opponents of, suffered Adamic death, E474:1; overworked servant of people, A46:1; saw an appearance representing God, B131:2; 132:T; E43:2; slow of speech, E208:T; Spirit of God on, E176:1.

“History of Christianity” traces falling away of Church, B283:5; explains rise of hierarchial system in Church, B304:2-3.

Manifestation of Jehovah’s presence, A45:2; 72:T; T17:2; represents perfect spiritual condition, plane “L” on Chart, A244:1.

Compared To Father: Children are borne by, but are from or of the father, E99:3; favor of, determined by inheritance from father in Jewish Age, E105:1; form and nature come from, but life from the father, E99-100:3; 103:2-105:1; receives life seed from father, E99:1.
Mary: A holy woman, full of faith, E102:3; may have realized humble family of Nathan would be exalted through Messiah, E133:4; was imperfect, E106:1; was member of Adam’s race, E98:2.
Of Adam: The earth served as, E99:2.
Pre-natal Influences Of: Advice to prospective, F523:1; controlled by, F519:2-520:1; 521:1; mind of, influences the offspring, E102:2.

Of Olives: Jehovah’s feet on, D649:3-652:2; Kingdom of light, peace and Divine blessing, D650:2- 651:1-3; 653:3; significance of two halves, D651:2-652:1; valley of blessing between typical, D652- 654:1.
Sinai: And Jerusalem typified natural Israel, F363:1; earthquake and lightning typical, D630.
Zion: And New Jerusalem symbolized spiritual Israel, F363:1; approaching, D630.
Misc.: Of Congregation, Kingdom of God (Isa. 14), F618:2.

High: Lord’s house exalted above all kingdoms, C235:1; D628:3; E44:2; of Isa. 13, true embryo Kingdom of God, D40:2; representing autocratic governments, D551:1.
Kingdoms: Christ’s, A301:1-2; D573:2; 582:1; of this world, A318:1; 323; B138:1; D543:3: 596:3.
Misc.: Feet of Jehovah on, D650:T-2; fleeing from Judea to, D573:1-3; governments, man seeking protection in Time of Trouble, B139:1; of Jerusalem double-topped, symbolic, A301:2; true Church as, stone cut out of, A255:2.

Claims of Papacy, A258:2; B305:T- 306:2; rod of his, D18:3; utterances like frogs, J10:2-12:3 (1912).

Apostles, of God, A80:2; 319:1; F217:1; 273:1; 458:1; God gave Aaron to be, for Moses, E208:T.

Of God: “Christ in you,” A81:2-3.
FINISHED: During sounding of Seventh Trumpet, A87:2; in close of Gospel Age, F199:1.
Made known to Church, A26:T; 81:3; the necessity for keeping hidden, A85:1; not only the Plan of God, but the “peculiar people” of God, A85:2; 86:1; now revealed, why, A84:1; 82:1; F217:1; the “high calling,” A84:1; the Christ, many members, A82:1-2; to be revealed to men, A86:2-88:T; Church of Christ, F199:1; unfolded by Paul, A84:2.
Of Iniquity: Counterfeit system, B298:T; F199:1; of Satanic and human origin, F199:1-201:2; period of Dark Ages, F60; the Antichrist, B271:2; F201:2.
Misc.: Doctrine of Trinity is one of Satan’s, E60:2-61:1; hidden from ages, A81:2; 87:2; of Kingdom for God’s faithful people, A85:2-86; B169:2; D614:3-5; 622:1.
See Antichrist; Papacy.

Leprosy healed by Elisha, B266:1.

Given Jesus: Above every creature as reward (1 Cor. 15:27), E444:1; “no other, under heaven whereby we must be saved,” E472:2.

Career: Described by Daniel, C40:2- 47:2; marked beginning of time of end, C40:1; 44:3-45:3.
Misc.: Army of, opened Inquisition prison, B343:2-3; Egyptian campaign, J6:3 (1912); his eulogy of the Son of Man, E155:1-3; took pope prisoner, J6:3 (1912).

A way of sacrifice, A212:1; 215:1; and Highway of Holiness, different, A215:1; difficulties of, A207:1; 214:2; 215:1; leads to immortality, A207:2; 210:1-211:1; now is acceptable time for, A211:3-212:2.

Family Of: Genealogy of Jesus through, David’s son, E129:2; 133:1- 4; humble line of, contrasted with Solomon, E133:4; the obscure line of, was exalted through Messiah, E130- 133:1-4.

All: Bible is in every, A38:1; Gospel preached to, as a witness and for gathering elect, D568:1-2; witnessing to the truth amongst, E191:3.

Gathering Of For Destruction:
Assembled, D270-272:2; assembled for fire of God’s indignation, D269- 384; 528:1; increased travel and knowledge brought together, D270:1; selfishness motivating power gathering, D271.
Of Israel: “Born in a day,” spiritual and fleshly Israel, D638:4.
Misc.: Alliances of, inharmonious, D129:4; anger of, at time of his appearing, A94:3; attitude toward each other, D129:4; blinded by Satan against Gospel, D567:3; “Christian” and heathen, judged unworthy of power, D70:2; conquests of, for trade, D354:1; desire of all, A306:1; disregarded truth, D70:2; “distress of...” address by James Beck, Esq., D119- 123:1; distress of, with perplexity, D596:2-597:1; drunk with mixed wine of Antichrist, B348:2; God’s Justice in punishment of, D70:2-71:1; God’s promises scattered among, by Israel, E383:4; good tidings heralded to all in the Gospel Age, A72:1; long for peace, D453:T; not converted in Gospel Age, A72:1; of today may be referred to in Hab. 2:5, E374:5-6; Papacy became queen of, A268:1; preparing for anarchy, D358:2; represented in Gog and Magog, D555:1; ruled by force in Kingdom, D636:3; submissive after Time of Trouble, D627:1; 628:3.
See Israel, Nation Of.

Israel, favor for 1845 years, B214:1.

As a remedy, D490-492; claims of, D490:1-4; failed in U.S., D491:1; impracticable, D490:5; reason for, D485:2; Socialism vs., D483:1.

Man: Cannot understand New Creature, E202:1; has fewer trials because not in condition of reconciliation, E411:1.
Misc.: Post resurrection appearances to grasp fact of Christ’s resurrection, B123:1.

Change Of: A transformation, A198:3; Jesus’, A177:2-178:2; 180:1; 202:3; for New Creation, A198:3- 200; E311:2; how it is effected, A201:3-202:1; only a few to be changed, A184:2; only in Gospel Age offered, A196:1; 203:2; 211:3; E311:2; reward of Church, A196:1; same mental powers carried over from human to spiritual, A201:3.
Distinct: And separate, A175:3-180; 195:4; 203:2; duality of, with New Creature, F675:2; each has own glory, A182:1; 192:1; God only recognizes new mind, E200:T; imperfection not implied by degrees in, A175:2-184:2; Jesus was not a combination of, A179:2-180:1; kinds of, separate and limited, E103:2; New Creatures not of dual natures; symbolized in Pyramid, C357:1; 330:2.
Divine: Church to receive, A186:2; 193:1; 196:1; 203:2; 210:1; 211:1; first possessed by God alone, A211:1; Great Company loses prize of, A240:1; immortality, highest spiritual, A186:2; 208:1; E84:6; Jesus and the Church, plane “K” on Chart, A231:3; Jesus, has since resurrection, A179:2; 180:4; 186:2; 211:1; Little Flock, with Jesus predestinated to, E436:T; reward for Church an exception to restitution, E222:T; superior to all, A176:1; 201:2; “who only has immortality”(1 Tim. 6:14-16), A210.
Exceptions Of: God’s providential care of men manifested in, E98:3.
Fallen: Sinful heart of, sees no beauty in goodness, truth and love, E161:1; under-priests are by nature children of wrath, E487:3.
Human: Bride “changed” from, to Divine, A211:1-2; likeness of spiritual, A174-175; 201-202; of Church reckoned dead, A213:2; perfect, plane “N” on Chart, A224:3; 225:1; redemption needed because sin in the, E444:2; sacrificed by Little Flock, A196:1; 212:1-213:1; 215:1; similar to spiritual in mental operations, A201:1; world gets back, freed of blemishes, E456:2.
Laws Of: Blending produces hybrid, A179:2; fixed, do not evolve, A30:2- 31:1; 182:1; 303-331; life or being come from father, form and nature from mother, E103:2-3; 104:3-105:2; Scientists find proof that life comes from the male, E100:2; 103:2-3.
Of Jesus: Actual, not assumed, E94:1; 105:2-3; degraded, if raised human, E454:2; given as ransom forever, B128:3; D649:3; E105:3; 151:1; did not become sin-offering by leaving spirit, E425:1; had to be same nature as Adam and his race, E122:1; change to, a continuous existence, E90:2; perfect human, sacrificed for ransom, A179:2-180:2.
Of Man: Confusion on, E305:1- 306:2; proves intelligent Creator, A29:2; regenerated perfect, E138:2; 306:1.
Spiritual: Necessary to accomplish work of The Christ, A289:1; of Lord transferred life, A177:2; E90:2; possession of holy Spirit in Millennial Age will not mean a begetting to, E220:3; wider range of same faculties, A201:1.
Misc.: Harmony, uniformity, beauty of, testify of Creator, A29:2; Jehovah’s sons of various, E104:3; kind, of dependent on organism, A208:1-2; paroxysms of, expected because of transition into Millennial, F32:3.
See Man, Nature Of.

Debasement In Dan. 4: Meaning of his insane, beastly condition, B95:1- 96:3; seven times of, seven literal years, B90:1; 95:2; seven years of debasement, typical, B97:2.
Dream: Daniel’s interpretation refers only to fulfillment on, B95:2; explained, A252-261; typical, B93- 99; a view of the Gentile Times, B93:1-2; vision of earth’s governments, A252:2-256; vision of Gentile power, D623:3-624:3; vision of great image, B76:1.
Misc.: Beginning of universal dominion to Gentiles, B79:2-3; grandeur and glory of Babylon due to, D24:1; received permission from God to rule, A251:4.
See Gentile Times.

And rich entering Kingdom, D304:2; F574:3-576:2; opening in city gate, F574:F.

Of Prayer: Prevents being filled with the Spirit, E245:2.
Of Word Of Truth: Makes prayer for holy Spirit useless, E225:2.

Commission of, began seventy weeks, B66:2; date of his commission, 454 B.C., B67:1; granted decree to rebuild walls of Jerusalem, B67:T.

Definition: Fallen ones, E104:1.
Origin Of: From the improper union of angels and daughters of men, E103:3.
Superiority Of: Of great renown to Israel, E104:2; to Adam’s race, E103:3.
Misc.: Never recognized by God, E104:1.

As illustration of Millennial Age judgments, F719:1-720:1; his victims fewer than Papacy’s, B330:2; illustration of coming forth from tomb to “contempt,” needing to humble himself, F713:1; 716:3- 718:1; punishment proportionate to violations of knowledge and conscience, F719:2-720:1.

See Covenant, New; Mediator, Of New Covenant.

Adversary Of: Nominal church is a deceptive, powerful, F654:1-656:1; Satan, wilful, intelligent, F609:1- 611:9; seduction of enlightened, greatest triumph of Satan, E294:2; temptations regarding their temporal interests and health of their flesh, F630:1-637:1.
Begotten: Desire to know the will of Christ respecting their marriage, F517:1; earthly house and house from heaven, F673:1-675:2; God is the Life-giver to, E104:3; natural man cannot understand, E202:1; not double- minded, F599:1-600:1.
Birth Of: After, a still larger sphere of work beyond Millennial reign, F69:2-70:2; appreciated by faith, F693:1-694:1; in First Resurrection, F76:1; perfect in the resurrection, E195:2; sown in corruption, raised in incorruption, F726:2-728:3; will not all have same degrees of glory, F725:1-726:1; spiritual body cannot die, F726:2-727:1.
Care Of: By Father, F75:2; Christ provides every necessity for, F183:1- 184:2; comforted by the holy Spirit and Bible, E268:1.
Characteristics Of: Cooperate with the Lord, E233:1-234:1; F378:1; copies of God’s Son, F180:1; desire guidance from the holy Spirit into all truth, E184:T; distinguished from the world by the Atonement sacrifice and their trials, F77:1; do not envy, E200:1; have a sixth sense, spiritual, F79:1-80:1; heavenly minded, F440:1; in various figures representing the highest position of closest intimacy with God and his Son, F72:2-75:1; new mind, is an earnest of their present inheritance, A199:1-201; 213:1; not of this world, A200:T; 203:1; F77:1.
Defined: All who are sanctified, E243:4; by what name they are known, F80:2-83:2; 494:1; Christ in the flesh, F467:1; difference between justified, A200:T; elect, foreordained by God as a class, not as individuals, F178:2-180:2; if one be in Christ he is a, F78:1; how we become, F71:1; 78:1; 443:2; meaning of, E195:2; nominal versus real, F197:1- 207:2; number of, 144,000, F179:1; privilege is being offered to whom and why, F64:1; reckoned spirit beings, A197:2; 200:T; E289:1; those who have consecrated their wills and are spiritually minded, E195:2; who are, E195:2; 243:4; 328:2.

Development Of:
ACCOMPLISHED BY SUFFERING OF: Church, E121:T; F66:1; Jesus, E51:2-3; 118:2; 119:4.
Character, A196:1-197:2; E294:2; class traced backward: predestined, called, justified, glorified, F181:1- 182:2; embryo will come into being fully at resurrection, E195:3; made perfect through suffering, E120:4; members provoke one another to love and good works, F308:1-2; must grow or forfeit their crown, F78:1-2; must share in the trials and sufferings and conform to the character “likeness of His Son,” E121:T; F66:1; the spirit of fear may be made a valuable servant, E197:2; to be rounded characters, F391:1; transformation work, A197:1-199:1.
Duality Of: Not of two natures; God only recognizes new mind, E200:T; spirit begotten are at present dual beings, E199:2.
Experiences Of: Advantaged by separation from world, F490:2; alone being tested, not the flesh, E117:2; association with unconsecrated, F588-590:1; battles, F91:2; clouds between Father, why, F144:2; dealt with only as such, F634:2; 728:1; first, various, F140:1-143:2; Jesus’ first, temptation, E110:1- 114:1; F141:T; not to place confidence in flesh, F368:1-2; should avoid fanaticism, F603:1; should live within his means, F564:2-565:2; soul disease, leanness and course to be pursued, F144:3-148:1; 150:2; task of pleasing God in sacrificing flesh but also making allowances for it, F485:1-489:1; tested before given immortality, F63:1-64:1; to guard against grieving conscience, E265:T; walking disorderly and repentance, F148:1-150:1.
Misc.: By what name are they known, F80:2-83:2; 494:1; called for a two-fold work: (1) Atonement Priesthood; (2) Royal Priesthood, F68:1; 71:1-72:1; Christ, is the Head and Chief of, B202; F64:1- 65:2; 86:1; 179:1; 180:2; 400:2; Church is regenerated to become, E138:1-2; none could precede Christ in, B255:1; F181; represented as a new man, F79:T; work of, present and future, F68:1-70:2.
See Creature.

Activities Of: Battles with, of and our flesh, E200:2; prompts us to search God’s Word to know his will, E201:1.
Present Status Of: Can be displaced by spirit of world, E205:1; only mind recognized by God, E200:T; possessed in human body and will have new body if faithful, E195:3.

Writers: Instructed regarding ransom through holy Spirit, E439:1.

Conversation with Jesus about character of Kingdom, A277:1-281:1; our Lord’s words to, E92:2; sought to know heavenly things, E92:2.

Dark: Fast approaching, D273:2; period in which sin is permitted, A9:1.
Misc.: Of weeping, A9:1; E345:1; 359:T; Time of Trouble pictured as, D608:3.

Agency for undermining empires of earth, B99:T; check of growth in 1887, D78:2; rise of, D168:1.

Days Of: As in the, “they knew not,” D606:2-4; compared to days of Son of Man, B143:1; 160:3-162:1; D606:2-4.
Misc.: Ark of, typified Christ, A318:2; narrative of, confirmed by Jesus, A60:2.

Christians: Being evil spoken of by, is a witness of holy Spirit, E236:T; lukewarm, indifferent, B27:T; majority have never made proper consecration, E193:2; majority know little about real spirit battles and victories, E193:2; some are consecrated to a sect, a moral principle, or a work, E194:T.
Church Systems: Spewed out 1878 A.D., B235:1.

Fleshly Israel And Gospel Church:
Cast off, B229:1.

Seven: And multiples, in nature’s law, F388:1; symbolizes completeness, perfection, C369:2; F46:2; 51:T.
Misc.: Fifty, symbol of Divine climaxes, F51:T; twelve, symbolizes Elect, F209:1.

Of Christians: Step of, must follow each step of knowledge, E239:2 Of Jesus: Even unto death, E444:1; Jesus exalted because of, E82:T; makes many righteous, E414:1; needed to be learned under adverse conditions, E120:1; needed to be tested, E118:3; 119:4.
Requirement Of: He who refuses to obey after knowledge of redemption will be punished more severely than under Moses, E474:1; perfect being to obey perfect law perfectly, E475:3; soul of any who refuse to obey in Millennial Age will be lost, E474:1.
Result Of: To great Prophet, Jesus, will bring perfection and ability to stand directly before God, E471:1.
Tests Of: Given to Christ, E118:3; Jesus needed, E119:4.
Misc.: Adam was capable of, E408:T; first by force, then love, D520:1; 643:2; in future, worthy of earth may be used to teach, to uncreated billions of other worlds, E416:1; of Little Flock tested by permission of sin, E412:T; of Logos tested by plan for providing ransom, E485:1; one of terms of New Covenant, E468:1; perfect, will be required of world, A106:1; 130:T; quality of overcomers, F729:T; rewarded with life, A130:T; 136:1; 143:2; to law of love must ultimately govern all, A136:1.
See Jesus, Obedience Of.

God’s will to give eternal life to, E475:1; Jesus was always, E119:4; 120:1; sons are filled more and more with God’s spirit, E202:1; to be regenerated by Christ and Church, E140:2.

Social, for friends according to flesh, relatives, unbelieving husband/wife, F588:1-590:1.

Egypt passing into, described, E372:3-4; in sense of loss of respect and influence, E367:5-6; nearest English equivalent to sheol and hades, E354:2-3; truths on, how clarified, E370:2-3.

Each priest must offer himself a living sacrifice, E490:2.

Of Jesus: Fittingly described by title Logos of God, E85:3.

Holy Anointing: Mixed with blood, the significance of, F131:1; only for priests, only on head, and typified holy Spirit, E281:2-3; F131-132; 261:1; 443:1.
In Lamps: Represents Spirit of truth, C92-93; 194:1.

Regarding Rom. 11:17, 24, D651:2; symbol of light, peace, and Divine blessing, D650-651:1; tree root, Abrahamic Promise, D651:2; two, trees of Zech. 4, the Old and New Testaments, D652:T.

Of God, illustrated by miracles, A62:1.

Of Church: Jesus’ prayer for, E75:3- 4.
Of Jesus and Father: In word, work, purpose and spirit, E75:4; 85:1; 165:2; not a personal oneness, E75:2.
Misc.: The anointed company, as members of Christ, illustrated by Pyramid, A82:1-83:1.

Logos: First and last of direct creation of God, E93:2; Scriptures showing, E87:T-1; set up before earth formed, E93:1; the beginning of the creation of God, E88:2; the first and direct creation of God, E84:3.
See Logos.

Of Holy Spirit: During Gospel Age different from previous times, E176:3; holy Spirit (influence) always exercised in harmony with righteousness, E188:1; in the past chiefly mechanical but to us chiefly explanatory, E178:T; sent to select Little Flock and witness to world, E191:1-4; to establish the Kingdom, E192:2; various operations of, E181:1; 186:1.
Of Love: Now permitted by God’s wisdom upon Little Flock, E452:2.
Of New Covenant: Jesus seals and makes operative, E28:T; 455:1.
See Holy Spirit, Operation Of.

Of Jesus recognized his wisdom, E91:2; of Moses suffered Adamic death, E474:1; of Ransom Doctrine, Satan is the chief, E428:2.
See Truth, Opposition.

For Man: To learn blessedness of righteousness in the Kingdom, E469:1; provided to all because of redemption, E468:1-469:1; to learn exceeding sinfulness of sin, E469:1.
Misc.: Israel’s extremity, God’s, D555:1; man’s extremity will become God’s, A266:T; D518:T; F334:T; man’s necessity, God’s, D370:1.

Of God committed to Christendom, C152:1; D15:1.

Massacre of, 1562 A.D., torture of every description, B338:1-2.

In: Ecclesia, regardless of size, F274:2; home, F524:2-525:1.
Misc.: And discipline in the New Creation, F273-347; heaven’s first law, D646:1; new to replace old society, D529:1; of resurrection, D640- 641; to be earth’s first law, D646:1; why present, impossible to re-establish, D551:2.

Human vs. Biblical, F276-279; Scriptural vs. the popular custom, F276:1-279:2.

Finer, more susceptible to pain, E160:T; kind of life depends on, A208:2-3; E322:2-3.

Ecclesia, of New Creation, F195- 272; New Creation’s temporary, permits liberty and based on simplicity, F195:1-196:2; 234:1-237:3; services of gifts in Church replaced by knowledge and graces, for perfecting saints, F238:1-239:2.

Belief in devil, D230:1; benefits from demonetized silver, D334:3-335; Christianity attacked by, D223-231; Christendom brought Bibles and bullets to, D122:T; Evolution rejected by, D229; industrial competition of, D332:2-349:2; need of sin-offering denied by, D228:1; prefers own religion, D227:1.
REJECTS: Creeds, D226:2-227; Evolution Theory, E229.
Soon competing in European market, D336:2; 348:3; the yellow man with white money, D332-340.

Test Of: By Protestants is doctrine of Trinity, E64:2.

Fall of, gave rise to Papacy, C75:3- 78:1; 79:5-82:2.

Filled with Spirit, F92:2; judge selves and cooperate with God in development, E233-234:1; obedient, F728:3; obstacles intended to make us, F183- 184; of Gospel Age, sons, A145:3; of past, house of servants, A145:3; 290:T; only to receive immortality, A211:1; to be given Divine bodies like Jesus, A199:1.

Weaknesses: 1,000 years of restitution work to help, E473:T; 477:1.
World: A witness of the spirit, E237:2-238:1; by Spirit of truth, E242:1; cannot be done by flattery, but by faith, E238:1.
Misc.: Filled with Spirit only means of, F92:2; of Royal Priesthood, F126:2; of saints, spiritual phase of Kingdom, A288:2.

General, not restricted to apostles, F244; some made by holy Spirit, E278:2-4.

Council Of: 1160 A.D., consigned Waldenses to punishment, B334:1.

Jews’ Return To: Aided by persecution, C261:2; D553:1-3; desolate in 1881, thriving in 1887, C265:3- 266:2; Israel’s hopes revived in gathering to, D627:2; Jews return to, C267-272; J16:1 (1912); larger gathering in, in harvest period, D553:T; 604:1; more wealthy Hebrews there before Armageddon, D553:T; J16:1 (1912); opened to Jews in 1878, B218:2; wealthy Jews will seek refuge in, in Time of Trouble, C277:5.
Time of Trouble: Final blast of trouble in, D552:2; 554:2; invasion of, first international episode on record, C262:2; Megiddo, battleground of, J1:2 (1912).
Misc.: American Christians in, C275:T; affect of typical Jubilee in, D427:2; nations blessed for aid of Jews in, C271:3; protectorate over, B218:2; C260:3-261; restoration of, C265:3-266:2; 267:2-268:1; 272:4; 275:1.
See Israel; Jews; Jewish.

Abomination: That maketh desolate, D571:3; 572:3.
Applies To Itself: Firmament of heaven (Gen. 1:16), B308:3; forged decretals of, C78:F; “Patrimony of St. Peter,” C79:1; prophecies of Millennial glory, B299:3; 309:2; 311:7; Psa. 2:12 as interpreted by, B300:1-2; J8:1 (1912); Rev. 20:3, 7, as interpreted by, J6:2-4 (1912); “The Holy Mother Church,” D28:1.
Claims Of: B295:1; 310:1-2; 312:1; 317:2; J8:3 (1912); Boastings and threats of, D38:1-2; 159:3; boastings not limited to past, B315:2-317; God’s Kingdom on earth, A287:1; interpretation of “little season,” C57:2; Kingdom established 799 A.D., J6:2 (1912); only bulwark against Socialism and Anarchism, D131:4; “Vicar of Christ,” B306:2; 312:1.
Counterfeit: A false Christ or Antichrist, D580:2; errors on setting up Kingdom, B80:1; most complete, of true Christianity, D160:T; of God’s Kingdom, A254:1.
Fall And Destruction Of: Consumed piece-meal in time of end, C58:2; deadly wound healed, C112:T; deathstruggle will be violent, D37:1; decline began in 1799, C49-51; dominion destroyed, C39:F; final end, B356:6; 358:2-361; gradual consuming of, A259:1-3; Napoleon broke its power, C39:T-42; 47:2; 49:1; 54-58; 69:T; D539:1; J6:3 (1912); punishments upon, D37:2; 39.
Falling Away: B282:3-283:5; in 1st Century, C284:2; 2nd Century, C284:3-285:1; 3rd Century, C285:2; 4th Century, C286:1-2; hierarchy, C287:1; hindrance removed, C288:1- 293:1.
French Revolution: France was the chief support of, before, D531:1; began judgment of Papal power, D538:1-539:2; retributive justice upon, in, C52-53; D538:1-539.
Hierarchy: Established in 4th century, B286:1-287:1; ordained “stars,” D593:1; Popes, cardinals, archbishops, bishops, F235:T; spirit of rivalry led to exaltation of one archbishop to Pope, F245:1.
Infallibility: Basis of claim, F224:1; doctrine prevented correction of errors, B318:2-319:T.
Mother: Incompatibility with title, not virgin, D29:T; must attain oldtime prestige with daughters, D37:1.
Persecuting Power: Absolution once denied possessors of Bible, B320:2-3; beast of Rev. 16:13 and 13:2, J6:1 (1912); curse, sample, B349:1-2; curtailed, but sentiments unchanged, B316:T; lasted 1260 years, D584:2- 585:2; policy brought on “Dark Ages,” D306:2; treated possession of Bible as crime, B319:2.
Reformation: Discarded some false doctrines of, D160:1; errors corrected by, C108:3-120; identified by Luther as Antichrist, A28:T; Luther denounced sins and falsities of, D572:3.
Rise To Power: A22:2-23; 268; 287:1; B293:2-298:2; C68:2-82; enslaved the church and civilized world, A23:1; exaltation of, bloodstained, crime-polluted, B298:T; 328- 353; Papal Rome sprang out of imperial Rome, C98:2; result of “falling away” in early Church, F234:2; system, developed by worldly spirit, D31:1-3.
Temporal Power: Described by a Roman Catholic, B296:2-297:1; dominion broken down in 1799, D37:1; first recognized by Charlemagne, B354:2; C69:2; lost in 1870, A259:2; B356:5; C58:T; restoration of, D37:1; 38:1-3; 259- 265; ruled world secretly after, broken, B289:T; states held from A.D.
539, C79:1.
Misc.: Addresses and prayers for Protestants, D34-35; and Protestant powers to roll together, D551:3; “Babylon” applied to, by Protestants, D26:2; built upon misapplied truth, B277:2; bulwarks of, ignorance and superstition, B322:1; formerly a “tyrant” to Christendom, D131:3; God recognized, as government, J6:2 (1912); great religious system, not an individual, D29:1; influence dominates civilized world, D27:1; Millennium, B353:3-354:1; C48:T; 57:2; nations drunk with wine of, B348:2; political masterpiece, B358:2; power still feared and reverenced, D388:1; representatives at Parliament of Religion, D184:2; 187:2; symbolized as horn and beast, B271:2; 305:T-2; system, fears approaching crisis, desires union, D259:1; system, unity of force, F241:2; “The...Drama” by T. Gill, D536:5-539; titles show corrupt religious and civil combination, B276:2.
See Antichrist; Roman Catholic.

Dives (Rich Man) And Lazarus:
“Hell” explained, E376:3-4.
Drag-net: Explained, C213:3-215.
Laborers (Mat. 20:1-l6): Called to service (Paul and Barnabas), E274:2; “penny”—Kingdom honors, C223:1; in vineyard explained, C223-225.
New Cloth, Old Garments: New wine, old bottles, C160-161:1.
Pounds And Talents: Pictured differences in glory, F725-726:1; pictured rewards and punishments, F402:1; talents explained, C133:3; F277:1; 341:2; 419:1-2; 725:2.
Sheep And Goats: Applicable to world in Millennium, E479:3; goats receive everlasting destruction at end of Millennium, E480:T; misunderstood, A138:2; separating and judging occupy entire Millennial Age, E480:T; sheep receive Father’s favor at end of Millennium, E480:T; sifted in Millennial Harvest, D644:1-2; world’s day of judgment shown in, A144:2; E480:1.
Treasure: Hidden in field, D648:1; E440:1.
Wedding Garment: C197:2-204:1; Acceptableness and readiness of wise virgins for marriage, C198:2; casting off began summer of 1878, C202:1; test of appreciation of ransom, C199:2-200:2; who is represented by one bound, C200:2-203:1.
Wheat And Tares: Constitute Christendom, C136:2; contrasted, C146-149:1; effects of the Reformation on, C140:2; explained, C136:2-149:1; false teachers and doctrines used to sow tares, F201:1; God has not hiindered growth of tares, F200:2; grow in ground of world, C139:2-140:2; not all baptized are wheat, F430:1; process of sowing tares by Satan, F60:1; saints not to judge between until harvest, C137:1; shows separating work of harvest, C214:2; tares infested wheatfield since Christianity became popular, F197:1.
Wise And Foolish Virgins:
Explained, B32:T; C91-94; 190-197; faithfulness proved before door shut, C221:1; illustrates days of waiting (1844 - 1874), C90:2; 93:7; midnight of, C93:T; movement, still in progress, C91:3; 93:T; numbers and proportions not significant, C91:2; pictured events of Gospel Harvest, C206:1; separation of, C190-194; when Bridegroom comes, F75:1.
FOOLISH: Compared to Lot’s wife, C194:2; Great Company, F127:2; obtain oil in Time of Trouble, C93:1; 94:T; share in plagues on Babylon, C196:T; vessels unto less honor, C93:1; 94:T; virgins of Psa.
45:l4, 15, C192:T.
LAMPS: Oil represents Spirit of truth, C92:1; 94:T; 194:1; represent Scriptures, C92:1; trimmed, knowledge of Bible, C92:3.
WISE: Enter joys of Lord, C221:1; go with Bridegroom to marriage, C93:1-94:T.
Young Nobleman: Pictures date of awakening of sleeping saints, C233:2-3.
Misc.: Church frequently called the Kingdom, A283:1; dark sayings, D569:T; 598:T; 614:5; illustrations of Kingdom or of consecration to share in, A274:T; Lord’s great, summarizes history of Church, D566-568; luminous to eyes anointed with eye-salve, D569:T; majority relate to God’s Kingdom, A274:T; 275:2; never an exact statement, but illustration of a truth, A138:2; teach Kingdom of God is future, A283:3; understood by whom, how, when, A84; D568:4; 611:3; why Jesus spoke in, D597:4- 598:T.

Earth to become a, A192:1; D648:2- 649:1; 654:2-655; fallen man unfit for, E403:1; from a garden to whole earth, D648:2; man’s earthly home, restored, A192:1; past and future, F668:3-669:1; poor promptly accept Millennium, D634:2; purchased by ransom, D648:T; thief in, the established Kingdom, F666:6-669:8.

Dates: 1845 years, C151:1; (33-36)— (1874-1881),C217:1-2; 277:5-278; (33- 69)—(1878-1914), C153:1; (29 A.D.— 1874 A.D.), B235; C150:1; 216:3; (33 A.D.—1878 A.D.), B229:2; 235; C217:1; 233:3-234:1; (1874—1914), Gospel Harvest, C135:1; 149:3.
Jewish And Gospel Ages: Chart of, B219; 246-247; C132; for every prominent feature of, C125:2; Jerusalem and Christendom, D529:2- 530:1; reviewed, B233-245.
Jewish And Gospel Harvests: Are parallel, A238:2, F; ending of, B245:2, F; 233:1; last days of ages, D164:T; 167:1; 572:2-573; Lord as Bridegroom, Reaper, King, B235; 238:2-239; C126:T.
Nominal Houses: Casting off, B228:3-229:1; chaff and tares, C135:1; 148-149:2; destruction, D48:2; 529:2; 568:3; both Jewish and Gospel, favor, C151:1; 217:3; harvests, A224:2; 238:2; C135-136:1; 149:3-161; Jewish and Gospel, true and, C171-172; Messiah’s presence, B237; overthrow, B245:2; punishments and judgments, B238:2; D48; 598:7-599; rejection, C150:2-151; 216:3-218; rejection of cross of Christ and ransom, B237; D591:3; relate to, not true Church, H5:1; siftings, A238:2; C188-194; stumblings, B26:2; 237:2; D591:3-593:T; testings, C135:1; 171-172; 188-189; trouble upon, A315:1; B233:2; D529:2; 568:3-570:1, 4; F445:1.
Time Of: Advents, C125:2; awakening of sleeping saints, B239; C233:2- 234; corroborates dates of chronology, Jubilees and close of Gentile Times, B209:1; 242:1-244:1.
Misc.: Seventieth week, C216:3-218; abominations, D572:2-573:1; beginning of Christ’s reign, C234:T; cleansing of temple, B239; C189:1-2; Gentile Times, B241:2; going forth to meet Lord, B240:2; impending change, D167:1; individual favor, B235; Jesus’ baptism and anointing, B235; of Day of Vengeance, D630:1; of Divine origin, B242:T-1; of Law and New Covenant, D630-631; relate to individuals as well as national Jewish history, B204:1; relate to time and character, B204:1; seen prior to 1878, B223:1.

Compared To Ransom: Difference between, E458:3-464:1; irreconcilable with, E459:10.
Meaning Of: Not redeem, E459; implies full release from sentence, E460:2; to remit penalty, to let pass, E459:5.
Of Sinners: Unjust without ransom, E463:2.
To Whom Applied: If for Adam, he would have been restored to Eden, E460:1; not for original sin, but for those justified by faith, E460:3.
Misc.: End result of ransom is as though God freely, us, E464:1; God did not, and remit penalty to Adam, E460:1; justification by faith gives forgiveness of sins and, for offenses not wilful, E461:T; man not, but his iniquities laid on Jesus when he paid ransom, E461:1.

Responsibility: Best provision for children in the Time of Trouble, F554:2-556:1; duty toward children, F520:1; 534-536:1; New Creature has advantage in begettal and gestation, F519:1-523:2; 531:1; ought to lay up for children, F577-578; religious training of the children, F544-547; stewardship over children’s health, physically and mentally, F559:1- 562:2.
Misc.: Advantages of New Creatures as, F521:1; advice to New Creatures as prospective, F521:2-523; authority to be relaxed, when, F536; confidence of children in, F547:2-548; love the guiding principle for, F524:2-526; 536:1; rule home by love, occasionally enforcing by rod, F524:1-528:2.
See Child, Children.

See Religions.

Of Son Of Man: Only in light of, has the holy Spirit been understood, E165:1.
Misc.: Invariably signifies personal presence, not coming, B156:1; 158:1; D565:F; Satan taken unawares at, D612:1; sheds light on Lord’s return, B159:1; texts using, B159:F-163; 188:F.
See Presence; Advent.

In Ministry Of Reconciliation: By entire Royal Priesthood, E487:2.

Antitypical: Eating of Lamb, F463:1; entire Church represented by disciples, F462:2; institution of, F462:2.
Date Of: Counted according to Jewish calendar, F480:2-481:1; Easter, as held by Catholics, F479:1- 480:2; instituted same day Israel left Egypt, B46:T.
Feast Week: Began 15th day, first month of each Ecclesiastical Year, B232:F; 470:F; F457; Lord died day preceding, F461:1; typical significance, F457.
Memorial: Supplanted by Memorial of antitype, F461:1-465:1.
Supper: Celebrated by Jesus and apostles, why, F462:1-2; Lord’s supper took place of, F463:2-464; set time, why, F461:1.

Ultimate Deliverance Of:
Household of faith, F460:2; whole people of God, F458:1.
Misc.: First feature of Mosaic Law, B46:T; night pictured Gospel Age, F460:1; ransom prefigured in, A79:2; related to Hebrew circumcision and fulfilled in Lord’s, F484:3.

Elders and pilgrims, F251:1; meaning, F251:1; shepherds, F251:1; 283:1; qualifications, F245:2-251.

Of the just as an illuminating light, A20:2.

With: Ourselves and one another, F307:1; world, why, F306:1.
Misc.: Final test on Church, C212:1; 230:2.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the prophets will receive life from Christ, E143:T; and prophets were called “fathers,” E142:2.
Misc.: Various sacrifices of, picture death of Redeemer, A57:2.
See Abraham.

Of Ransom: Because of, God ceased to resent our sins, E461:1; necessary before release from sentence, E452:3; needed before God could deal with us as sons, E432:2; needed to redeem man, E455:1.
Misc.: Of penalty for sin was full satisfaction of Justice, E462:T; redeem contains thought of paying price and setting free, E428:2.
See Ransom, Merit; Ransom, When Accepted, Offered, Applied; Ransom Price.

Nations Of Christendom: By nations with least armies, D122:1; claimed amidst Kiel Canal Naval Parade, D151-156; cry of, when there is no, D150-156; 238:T; nations long for, D453:T; not by preparedness for war, D122:1; 134:3-4; proclaimed by churches with compromise of truth, D238:T.
Misc.: Christendom’s destruction follows, D238:2-239; 241:5; conquered and enforced obedience in Millennial Age, D643:1; dove emblem of purity and, E212:2; influence of New Creature should be for, F607:2; Jesus is Prince of, even though his Kingdom begins with trouble, E141:2; of heart vs., of flesh, F601:2- 602:1; 606:T; possession of, of God dependent upon witness of holy Spirit, E226:2; the Spirit of God is a Spirit of joy and, E199:1; wisdom puts purity before, F99:T.

Death: False reasoning suggests no need of ransom because man has paid, by dying, E464:2; Satan identified with infliction of, E448:1-449:1.
For Sin: A just penalty, E449:1; 463:2; all men sharers of through heredity, E423:T; could have been different for man, E413:T; death, not suffering, E443:1; everlasting destruction, even for the man Christ Jesus, E466:T; Jesus’ death shows what, was, E441:1; like Adam, most of mankind deficient in knowledge of, E476:T; not eternal torture, E422:1; 441:1; not too severe, as God is just, E463:2; of Adam not pardoned and remitted by God, E460:1; payment of, was the full satisfaction of Justice, E461:1; ransom had to correspond with, E441:1; sin came by one and paid for by one, E423:T; was dif ferent for angels than for man, E413:T; will be Second Death in Millennial Age, E468:2.
Misc.: A redemption from, of first judgment, A141:1; of Adam’s sin, canceled under New Covenant, A157:T; of sin is death, not torture, A127:3-128; A154:T; only the Church is now released from, A140:2; only the Little Flock have sufficient light to incur final, A145:1.
See Sin, Penalty For.

Blessing Of: Baptism of holy Spirit, E189:2; 210-214; 290:1; F442:1; began selection of Little Flock, E210:1; Jesus’ followers received evidence they had been accepted of the Father, K3:T.
Cloven Tongues: Probably on apostles only, E212:1-2; F443:T.
For Whom: Gentiles could not yet be accepted, E213:2.
Time Of: Only once, no future Pentecostal blessings, E216:1; ten days after Jesus’ ascension, K3:T.
Misc.: Antitypical Jubilee Sabbath day, F394; Christ’s death not understood before, A80:1; claim of, and conversion of world, at Parliament of Religions, D235:2; first key of Kingdom used at, E214; F221; indication Redeemer had appeared to God for us and had been accepted, E209:2; necessary as witness, E210:T; 212:1; opened the Gospel Age, C135:1; significance, E209:2- 210; 216:1; Spirit of truth came on Church at, E189:2.
See Holy Spirit, Pentecostal Blessing.

Israel: Was God’s peculiar, A71:3; was typical, E417:1.
Of God: Called to sacrifice, E336:8; Divine providence over U.S. in interests of, D145:1; receive Spirit of God in proportion to consecration and zeal, E191:2; remember Lot’s wife, C194:2; D607:3; some in world, D574:3; 609:2; taught by each other, but not hypercritical, combative or fault finding, F263:1; walk circumspectly, redeeming the time, E431:1; “wise” of holy, represented by John in Revelation, C89:1.
Misc.: General elevation of, and decreasing power of rulers, A311:1; who remain after symbolic fire, not saints, A317:1.

Being: Divine Laws arranged for, E471:1; Jesus, as Logos, E118:2; should be required to obey perfect law perfectly, E475:3.
Human: For obedient, E471-472:2; 479:1; four reasons why instantaneous, not good, so not arranged, E475:2-476:3; full opportunity of reaching, for world, D644:1; Highway of Holiness leads to, A216:T; human, end of race or trial, D635:1; human race to be restored to, A143:2; 191:1-2; in God’s image, E77:2; J635:T (1912); Jesus, grand example of, A180:1-3; reached gradually in Millennial Age, A241:2; of race depended upon Adam, E101:2-3; restored, A173-177; 191:1; E401:2; 402:1; 456:2; 478:1-480:1; Pyramid figure represents, C330:1; when attained, D654:2; J6:5; what it is, the opposite of infirmity, E122:3.
Man: Adam created, E407:1; after attaining, will be in full conformity with demands of Justice, E475:T; because law of Father is inflexible, Jesus to deal with mankind until perfected, E471:1; Flood obliterated all handiwork of, E406:1; God’s plan to have, E426:2; if Adam had remained, his offspring would have been, E101:2; if father, child would be also, E100:4; 103:1; it took Adam 930 years to die, E406:1; Jesus made, unblemished, undefiled, spotless, E97:3; 107:2; 118:2; 440:1; Jesus was the only, therefore the only one who could be the Redeemer, E97:3; K4:2; Law full measure of a, ability, A178:3; only two: Adam and Christ, A174:2; much more sensitive to depravity than fallen being, E160:T- 160:2; none in flesh, D475:T; not instantly in Millennial Age, E475:2; ransom does not bring instantaneous, E475:2; required for ransom, E95:1; 108:1; 425:T; to be accomplished by Redeemer, E471:1; will have merit of Christ while attaining, E479:1; when perfected, to be turned over to Divine Justice, E18:2; 471:1; world to be lifted up to, step by step by the Redeemer, in proportion as it wills so to do, E478:2.
Moral, Mental, Physical: Moral, expected when physical, reached in Millennium, A130:T; 144:T; physical, implies moral and mental perfection, E407:1.
Of Christ: Reckoned and imputed to Church, E445:2.
Of Church: Now reckoned, A153:T; must be made perfect as New Creatures, E121:T; sanctification, is not human, F136:1.
Of God’s: Love, power, and wisdom so that all his designs shall be executed, E34:1; work (Deut. 32:4), E406:1.
Of Jesus: Jesus was a perfect son under favorable conditions, E120:1; made, through suffering, E118:2; 119:4.
Work(s): Required by Law Covenant, E417:1.
Misc.: Little lower in degree does not mean less, A175:1-3; of knowledge, a thing of the future, A25:3; only that which is, is acceptable to God, E411:2; 418:T; 445:2; 471:1- 472:1; only what is absolutely, shall continue to exist forever, E414:T; only, will be permitted to live into eternity throughout universe, E414:T; required to redeem man, E482:T; to claim physical, or, of knowledge is necessary for trial for life or death everlasting is to deny the Church is now on trial, E479:1.
See Jesus, Perfection Of; Man, Perfect.

God’s Wisdom: Permits love now to operate upon Little Flock, E452:2.
Of Evil: Displays a far-seeing wisdom, A135:2; evil influences and opposition permitted for purifying, testing, and polishing those “called,” D621:1; for six thousand years, A94:1; its relation to God’s plan, A117-136; will bring appreciation of God’s love and righteousness, A124:1; with much long-suffering God has permitted the long reign of sin, D548:3.
Of Satan: To cooperate in carrying out death sentence, E448:2; to exercise his power by great supreme Judge Jehovah, E449:1.
Persecution Not Permitted: In Millennial Age, E239:3.
Misc.: “Divine right of kings” by God’s permission, not by his appointment and approval, D36:2; we see the justice of permission of the Divine Law of retribution, D526:1.
See Sin, Permission Of.

In Gospel Age: Of godly, A68:T; those who have holy Spirit to expect, from vast majority who do not, E220:1.
In Millennial Age: Not permitted, E239:3; possession of holy Spirit not bring, E220:2.
Of Church: By Christendom, D52:T; by Ishmael and Esau class, D567:1; 620:2; endured through hope of glorious Kingdom, A59:4; evidence of sonship, D567:1; first by civil Rome, later by Papal, D584:2; for righteousness’ sake, more severe than trial of world, A146:2; in home, how to be met, F533:1; in proportion to loyalty to truth, F627:2; in U.S., how typified by John the Baptist and Elijah, B261:2-264; incited by Greek Catholic priests, D206:T; now more refined manner, D52:T; summary of eighteen centuries of trials and, D568:3; through union of Church and State, B360:2-361:1; true Church’s, B328:4-353; C37:2-38:1; D52:T; witness of Spirit, E236; would be repeated today if possible, B350-353:2.
Of Jesus: And Church from religious professors, E236:T; had he joined hands with popular leaders and not pointed out false doctrine, he would not have been, E236:1; had he kept quiet he would not have been, from Scribes and Pharisees, E236:2.
Papal: Caused Church to flee to wilderness (Rev. 12:6), B329:1; caused death of 50 millions in 1300 years, B346:2; extended to every country, B346:1; ferocious and relentless, B330-353; greater than Pagan Rome, B330-331; historical works on, B346:F; lasted 1260 years, C38:T; 48:T; 64:6; D585:2; of Bible Societies, B322; of early Church, C37:2-38:1; of Huguenots, B338:2- 341; of Jews, C246:3-247:1; of Jews in Russia, C261:2; 270:2-3; 271:2; D206:T; of Lutherans, B337:2; of Protestants, B335:2-338; 340:3- 341:1; 350:3-352; of Waldenses and Albigenses, B334-337:1; Roman Catholic theologians praised, of heresy, B349:T.
Misc.: Of 1260 years ended practically in 1776 A.D., actually in 1799 A.D., D584:2.

Greek pneuma and Hebrew ruach does not signify personality, E174:16; Jesus and Father not one in, E75:2; Law not respecter of, A49:1; personality of Satan being denied by higher critics, E188:T; that holy Spirit cannot be, shown in Eph. 5:18-20, E244:3; word “spirit” can relate to personality as in spirit beings, E175:T; word “spirit” as various dispositions of character, E168:1.

Heart hardened, how, F176:T; raised up, F173:1; 175:1; servants and horsemen, fallen angels and men, F458:1; typified Satan, F458:1.

Ask when Jesus’ Kingdom to appear, A276:1; blasphemy of, E270:5-272; blind to harvest message, D65:1; hypocrisy exposed by Lord, B84:1; opposed harvest message, B237:1; D65:1; persecuted Jesus, E236:2; prophesying degenerated into Phariseeism, A55:1; successors and representatives of Mosaic Law, C152:1; E351:1; understood meaning of Greek word proskuneo, E74:1; were told by Jesus of his pre-human existence, E89:2; what led to formation of sect, B83:3.

World’s, of everlasting life, E387:2-3; 399:2.

Index to natural traits and characteristics, E322:2.

Perfection: Implies moral perfection, E407:1; not necessary for trial for life, E479:1.

Great: Has only cure for world’s malady, D469:2; Jesus, D469; E473:T; no disease beyond control of, D640:T.

Recognized Jesus with the title “Behold THE Man,” E154:T.

And strangers, spiritual Israel, how typified, F461:T.

Of Temple: Satan’s temptation to leap from, E111:1.

Refers to oblivion, E356:2-4; 360:3- 4; 371:2.

Egyptian: Typical, A313; 336:1; F174:1-175; and hardening effect of pains of this Day of the Lord, A336:1.
Upon Babylon: False and true views on, C165:1; foolish virgins share in, C196:T; 364:1; on Papacy, D37:2-39; test on “my people” to “Come out” before, poured, D268:T.
Misc.: All confederated or sympathetic to Papacy share in, D38:T.

Ages And Dispensations: Appointed seasons, beyond human thought, B15:2; harmonious, progressive, A11:1; 73:3; has fixed times for every feature, B19:1; progressing systematically, A66:T; 73:1-74:2; requires ages for accomplishment, A343:2; three great epochs, A66-67; 219-220.
Fallen Angels: Fallen angels try to learn, D612:T; God adopted a different, in dealing with, E484:T.
For Church: Allowed for testing of obedient Little Flock, E485:1; necessitates that each priest offer himself a living sacrifice while administering word of reconciliation, E490:2.
For Jesus: His coming and Messiahship were purposed and provided for in God’s plan, E45:3.
For Mankind: Clearly revealed, A191:1-2; to have mankind perfect, E426:2; when complete will fully vindicate his wisdom, E485:T.
For Ransom: God’s wisdom dictated was the best method for redemption, E450:3; 483:2-486:1.
For Redemption: For man from sin and its curse illustrated in Rev. 5, E36:11; the best, E483:3.
For Salvation: Clearly taught in doctrine of Atonement, E17:3; God is author of, E33:2.
God’s: Apostles had different degrees of insight into, A26:1-27:1; appears like anarchy, confusion, failure, to uninstructed undisciplined mind, A74:1; both advents, related parts of one, A93:1; breadth of reflects Divine character, A63:1; brighter than human creeds, A18:1; complete, will show God’s wisdom, A135:2; 220:1; consistent with character of Divine Author, A11:1; 65:1; consummation of, A242:1; distorted by Christendom, D159:2; 162:T; failure to see, many preach easy way to life in present Age, A216:1; hard for nominal church to believe, D576:2; ignorance of, and infidelity, A14:1; justified only see unfolding of, A20:2; more clearly seen today than by early Church, A26:1; New Testament writers trace in logical forcible manner, A58:1; not a failure, A18:1; one, pervades entire Bible, A56:2; Satan is permitted to live until, accomplished, E412:T; study of, ennobling and strengthening, A13:1; that Christ comes before conversion of world, A91:1; too wonderful for human invention, A63:T; unfolding, sign of presence, D599:T.
How Accomplished: Power of God is perfect so all his designs are executed, E34:1; through Christ, E222:T.
See Ransom.

Of Holy Spirit: Is in the heart of the sealed, E247:4.

Alcyone central star of, C327:2; celestial center of universe, D653:2; F618:2; symbolizes God and center of universe, C321:1; throne of Jehovah, F618:2.

Overtakes reaper (Am. 9:13), C216:2.

See Greek and Hebrew Word Index.

A Little Light, E382; A Little While, C242; A Lord’s Day Offering, A88; Afterward, A148; Awake From Thy Sadness, C60; Faithful Unto Death, B362; Faultless, F193-194; Give Strength, Blest Savior, E148; He Is Altogether Lovely, E300; He Knows, F518; He Will Make It Plain, A75-76; I Will Make All Things New, D656; If I Could Know, F348; Let Us Go Forth, C226; Longing for Home, F730; Millennial Dawn, B366; My Sacrifice, T104; Prayer of the Under- Priests, T48; So Great Salvation, T112; Sunshine Over All, A36; The Blessed Hope, A244; The Church of God, A204; The Coming Storm, D74; The Day Is At Hand, A136; The Divine Weaving, A350; The Gathering Storms of Doubt, D46; The Kingdom Near, A272; The Life-Song of the New Creation, F692; The Lord Knoweth How, F420; The Morning Cometh, D384; The Rule of Equity, D412; the Seventh Trumpet, B200; The Tabernacle, T24; The Wrath of God, D562; Wait for the Morning, D526; Whittier, of “Peace,” D156.
Misc.: Ah these are of a royal line, T128; Deep in unfathomable mines, F58; E’en through harsh noise, F347; Great Peace in Europe!, D156; I can see his coming judgments, J16:2-3 (1912); I know not the way, A76; Joy to the world, C134; Lift up your heads, B62; Mine eyes can see, B172; My hope is built...The Prince of my peace, C205; Ne’er think the victory won, C188; No place shall be, D656; O thou God of our salvation, F162; Still o’er earth’s sky, A172; The heav’ns declare, E162; The Time of Trouble nears, D268; Wait for the morning, D526; We are living, B102.

New Creation’s attitude toward, F592:T-594:1.

Chief Priest or Greatest Religious Ruler, B288:1; glorified Church under Christ is the real, B299:2; title of both pagan Roman ruler and pope, B288:1-289:1.

Jewish: Bishops believed they possessed rights which had been recognized as belonging to, B304:3.

And rich in New York, D98-100; 441:5; are drawn to Communism and Anarchy, A312:2; Gospel being preached to, proof of Messiah, D167:T; hatred of rich, D98:3; 295:1; if wealth evenly distributed in morning, some poor before night, A326:T; independence as viewed by, D308- 312; living conditions of, D98:1; number of, in England, Scotland, New York, D373:T; of New York buried in “potters field,” D288:3; 373:T; provision for, in Israel, D427:2; provisions made for, by wealthy, A312:1.
See Poverty.

Claims Of: All must be subject to, for salvation, B315:1; 317:2; bishop of Rome as Peter’s successor, B311:2; blasphemous titles and power applied to, B307:T; called “our Lord God,” B311:5; Leo, 455 A.D., B295:1; misapplied Scriptures belonging to Christ to himself, B300:1-2; mistake of, to consider themselves successor of Apostles, D594:2; Stephen III, C79:4-80:1; various, B311-317.
Infallibility: Announced in 1870 A.D., B317:3-5.
Misc.: 1799 authority, humiliated before World, D584:2; “Bel in Babylon” (the god of Babylon), D40:1; civil powers of Europe conciliatory to, D131:3; costly gifts to, from Christendom, D131:3; head of false church, B304:4; Innocent III established inquisition, B341:2; Innocent III proclaimed crusade against Albigenses, B335:2; installation of, B316:2; Leo XIII’s Encyclical for Protestant conversion, D259:4-260; not the Antichrist, B277:1; Pius V1 taken prisoner by Napoleon, D539:1; reply to Encyclical on Labor of Leo X111, D495:2-512.

Estimate since creation, A160:2.

By evil spirits in false Christ, D565:2.

Of Holy Spirit In Millennial Age:
WILL NOT MEAN: Begetting to a spirit nature, E220; persecution, E220:2.
Will signify recipient has come into harmony with Christ, E221:1.
Of Peace Of God: Dependent upon witness of holy Spirit, E226:2.
Of Spirit Of Wisdom: By Saul was lost by him in exchange for evil spirit of dejection, E176:1.
Purchased: Mankind in general, Church in particular, and earth, E436:1; Greek exagorazo translated redeemed means to publicly purchase and take possession of, E430:3; redeem means to gain possession by paying the price, E459:2.

In: 1893 Depression, D284-291; U.S.
(1890), D289-290; 373:T; 377-378:1.
Misc.: And wealth contrasted, D292- 296; 297:2; 497-499; causes of, various views, D497:1; 508:3-512:1; effect of prohibition and female suffrage on, D470-471; evil of, is stunting higher qualities, D498:T; festers under churches, D504:5; friction between those in, and wealth, A325:1; hostile to society, D430:2; humanity between upper and nether millstones, D372:2-380; not abolished by charity, D502:4-504:2; promotes suicide, D289:T-1; 296:2; the increase of, D283-291; 375-378; unemployment in South Africa, D381:3-382; view of, D497-499.
See Poor.

Meaning Of Word “Spirit”:
E173:2; can mean generative power, E175:1; Greek pneuma signifies, E174:16; Hebrew word ruach took on meaning of any invisible power because wind is invisible and powerful, E173:2; 174:16.
Of God: An attribute of God, A32:2; displayed in Millennium, A290:1; displayed in plan of salvation, E17:3; 346:5; 418:1; 450-451; 485:T; F47:1; 51:1; displayed in resurrection, E346:5; 485:T; exercise of, delayed for purpose by Lord, D621:1; God is a powerful but invisible spirit being, E174:17; holy Spirit is, E203:2; 267:1; 270:4; 273:2-3; 276:1; 282:1; is perfect so that all his designs shall be executed, E34:1; Jesus was channel of, in creation, E424:1; manifested in miracles, A62:1; portrayed in Psa. 139:7-8, E366:3-4; revealed in Jesus for delivery of man, E418:1; Spirit of adoption, breaking, of sin in our hearts, E432:2; withheld from helping man until directed by wisdom, E451:1; works in Elect, F191:2.
Of Holy Spirit: A transforming, E183:1; method used by God to sanctify, E242:1-243:4; Spirit of, E249:2- 250:3; the spiritual energy or, of God, E203:2.
Of Jesus: All will come out of graves when Redeemer takes his, to reign, E462:2; given all power to save, E473:1.
Of Satan: Jesus refused to acknowledge, E74:2.
Of Sin: In our hearts, broken by Spirit of adoption, E432:2.
Of The Grave: Mankind ransomed from, E419:1.
Possessed By Church: Holy Spirit is, E215:3; holy Spirit is, which enables us to live up to consecration, E242:1; of God is with the Church individually and collectively, E203:1.
Sanctifying: The Word of God is, E245:2.
Symbolized By: Arm, E418:1; hand, C316:2; horn, B305:2.
Misc.: And wealth overthrown in Time of Trouble, A315:2; inconsistent, therefore impossible, for God to force man to sin with his, A126:1.
See Civil.

For Holy Spirit: E222:1-225:2; Cannot be filled with Spirit if, neglected, E245:2; groaning in the Spirit, E289:2; 290:2-3; useless if word of truth is neglected, E225:2; when, should look for provision for answer to, E225:T.
Improper: For earthly blessings, E223:T; for new baptisms of holy Spirit, E222:1; for temporal blessings, F637:1; 650-654; 679:2; 685:1; heathen unacceptable, F680:2; proper vs. improper, F679; 685-686:1; sometimes answered, F652:T; temporal blessings not authorized by Lord’s, F653; vain repetitions in, F679:2; “Ye ask and receive not,” F679-680.
Meetings: Character of, F320:T-1; necessary, F319:2; 687:3; only proper if commenced and closed with, F688:1; time, place, scope, leader, F321:2.
Proper: Conditions of, F679:2- 680:1; family altar, F687:2; for cleansing, F409:2; for wisdom, F686:1; in the Church, F687:3-688:1; Lord’s sample petition, F653; New Creation acceptable through Christ’s merit, E458:T; F400; 681:2-3; of faith saves sick, F637:2-638:1; of faith, in resurrection, D640:2; private, F687:1; tentatively justified, praise, thanksgiving, F681:3-684:1; thanksgiving takes place of requests, F685:1; who may offer, F154:2; 679:3-683.
Power Of: In sanctification, E245:2- 246:1.
Misc.: A place “where, was wont to be made” (Acts 16:13), F688:1; and fulness of joy in God’s presence, F679:1-688:1; and the tentatively justified, F681:3-684:2; distinctions as to privilege of, why advantageous, F683; God answers, according to heart intent, E289:3-290:1; necessity for, F679:1; 688:1; of Cornelius, F680:2-681:1; of Jesus for oneness of the Church, E75:3-4; purpose of, to have intercourse with the Lord, E246:1.

Logos had, from beginning, E87:1.

Jesus: Proclaimed his, to the Pharisees, E89:2; said he had heavenly origin, E89:1; told Jews he existed before Abraham, E90:1.
See Jesus, Logos; Logos.

Christ comes before conversion of world, A91:1; view generally expects a literal Man of Sin, B275:2.

All consecrated anointed to, F242:1; mistaken calls to, F294:3-297.

And teaching distinguished, F256:1; in early Church, F254; 313:2; inferior to Bible study, F250:T; qualifications for, F242-243:1; Stephen recognized as Elder in Church by Lord before brethren, F254:1.

To Divine Nature: Little Flock, with Jesus, E436:T.
Misc.: Applies to characteristics of Called, E395:2; as to number and class, E395:2; F179-182; Church as class, but not individual members, A193:2; “unto adoption” (Eph. 1:4- 12), F192:1.
See Election.

Against the word “substitution” as unscriptural, E481:T.

Day Of: Babylon’s judgment, D75:4.
For Ransom: Laying aside his spirit life was, work, E426:T.
For Reign: Of Royal Priesthood for reign by experiences with and victory over sin, E478:1.
Misc.: Corporations important elements in, for coming “fire,” D359:1; of the elements for fire of God’s indignation, D269-384.
See Fire; Judgment.

At Parliament of Religions, by Rev.
Barrows, D182; 185:1; confession of faith controversy, D165-166; creeds criticized, D164:2; declaim against sacred Scriptures by C. A. Briggs, D189; developed by Calvin and Knox, C112:3; proposal to eliminate from creed reference to Papacy as Antichrist, D261:T; regarding church union, D171:1; 181:2; 265:1.

Meaning (1 Tim. 4:14), F283:2.

Lord’s First: Recognized only by Israelites indeed, D598:T; 606:3.
Lord’s Second: As Chief Reaper, B166:1; 238:2; deceptive conditions at, D581-583; evidence of, greater now than at first advent, B237:3-239; manifested to world primarily to eye of understanding, B137:3; not in desert or secret chamber, B157; 165:1; D582-583; personal, A89:1-2; proofs of, D597:2-600:T; unseen by world, D582:2; 598:T.
Parousia: Only in light of, of Son of Man has the holy Spirit been understood, E165:1.
Results Of: Dispensing food to household during, D613-614; first work of, is harvesting fruit of Gospel Age, B190:1; in punishments, trouble and blessings on world, B137:3- 141:2; 189:1; D599:2-3; in truth unfolding, B165; D598:7; manifestation world-wide, B157; 165; D582:3- 588; object, to restore, A93:1; trouble, B139:3.
Signs Of: As bright shining, B155:1- 157:1; 160:2; 165; D581-583:1; as in the days of Noah, “they knew not,” B143:2; 160:3-161; 189:1; D606- 608; as thief, B142:2-143:1 168:2; hidden by symbols, B169:2; hidden from mankind, B160-162; D599:3; hidden from unfaithful, B163-164; 189:1-2; sun darkened, D604:2; our Lord’s great prophesy, D563-614; sign of, in heaven, D598:7.
Time Of: 1780 to 1880, first sign, D604:2; before world’s conversion, A91:1-2; could not be known beforehand even by saints, D612:3; Day of Lord is 1,000 years, B168:1; demonstrated from prophecies, charts, tables, C93:T; discerned through prophecy, B189:1; during “shout,” “voice of the Archangel” and “trump of God,” B149:1; farther off than disciples expected, D566:2; 567:3; more important than moment of arrival, B107:T; not recognized until nearly year after October 1874, D612:3; since beginning of Gospel Harvest, B166:1; three questions of disciples, D564:3-565:1; took Satan unawares, D612:1.
Misc.: Does not necessarily imply sight; it is also applicable to things present but unseen, B159:2; errors on, expose to deceptions and false doctrines of Antichrist, B268-269; scoffers as to, B167:2; Scriptures which appear to say Lord will be perceived by human senses, B143:2; taught by some branches of Spiritism, B157:2.
See Advent; Parousia.

Revealed by the Sun of Righteousness, A10:2.

Of Man’s Identity: In resurrection to spirit being, thoughts and lessons reproduced in brain so none lost, E343:3; individual identity preserved by his being awakened to same conditions which he lost in death, E478:2; perfectly reproduce every sentiment, thought and experience in earthly resurrection, E404:5-6.

Corresponding: For purchase of mankind, E447:4; human race purchased with, E439:1; only way to set aside sentence of death, E440:T.
Of Redemption: Our Lord’s life, E210:1; redeem means to gain possession of by paying, E428:2; 449:2.
Ransom: Christ Jesus does not take back, D649:3; E299:4; 454; 466:T; Divine Justice satisfied by, E419:1; 422:2; 424:2; 432:2; 447:5; 449:T; gift to world, E210:1; 439:3; guarantees individual trial, E379:2; Jesus’ death, E425:T; Man, Christ Jesus, A155:2-156; E107; 328:1; 370:1; 424:2-426:1; 427:T-428; 439:3; 441:1; 442:1; 453:1; 481:2-482; F40:2; 334:T; meaning of, E422:2; 424:2; 426:2-428:1; 439:3; 441:1; 452:4; 453:1; 481:2-482.
Misc.: Paid 2000 years before restitution began, E452:2; provided did not justify, E442:1; purchase, false vs. Biblical views on, E447:5-450:1; purchase, necessity for, E135:1; 452:3; to be paid to Divine Justice, E17:5- 18:2; to be paid, when, E373:3; 379:2; L2:1; was greatest test of loyalty, E423:1.

And ambition, Baal of today, D267:2; fostering of, F596; hindrance to acceptance of high calling, F89-90:1; Satan uses, to control the more intelligent, E189:1; Satan’s, will end in destruction, A189:2; spiritual, F310; when destroyed, A319:2-320:1.

High: Body of, on Atonement Day, typified Church, F235:T; Jesus is, of Church, E209:2; of Israel typified Christ, E281:1; uncovered head, typical significance, F271:1-2.
Of God: Spirit of adoption constitutes one a, E487:4.
Requirements Of: To become a living sacrifice, E490:2; to suffer for Christ’s sake, E490:3.
Misc.: Those who go forward in consecration on plane “M” on Chart become, A244:1; types show ransom paid to God through, E449:3; who fails to suffer for Christ’s sake is unfaithful as ambassador of New Covenant, E490:3.
See Type(s)/Typical.

Responsible for division of “clergy” and “laity,” F278:4.

Aaronic: And Levites, consecration typical, F124-125; Law limited authority of, A46:T; 47:1; typified New Creatures’ sacrifices, B207:2- 208:1; F71-72:1.
Levitical: Laws remarkable, A49-52; typified Royal Priesthood, A109:2; 297:2; B255:1; F72:1.
Royal: Ambassadors for Christ, E488:4-490; Church to be, E281:2; no man taketh this honor unto himself, E487:3; 489:1; purity of intent necessary to, A301:3; qualifications for public service, F242:2-243:2; reign, judge and bless world, D618:1; true and counterfeit, F234:2; type, reality and counterfeit compared in chart, B303; “who hath believed our report” refers to, E489:1; work of, E19:2; 476:3; 487:2-488.
Under-Priests: Antitypical, called of God, E487:3-4; bonneted, typical significance, F271-272; Church, B208:1.
Misc.: No provision made for honoring Jewish, A52:3; typical and antitypical, B208:1.

Of Peace: Is Jesus, even though his Kingdom begins with trouble, E141:2; secured forgiveness and restitution, B85:3.
Of This World: Satan, by usurpation, A67:1; 68:T; 250:2.
Roman: Not to be confounded with Messiah (Dan. 9:23-27), B72:1.

Moral: Some nominal Christians are consecrated to, E194:T.
Misc.: Right and wrong, defined, A118:1-121:2; evil, will forever cease to be active, A121:2; right and wrong, have and will always exist, A121:2.

Agency in increase of knowledge, D77:3; 142:T; benefits of history made available by, D50:1; invention of, brought increase of knowledge, A166:2; 265:1; linotype idled thousands of printers, D320:5.
See Knowledge.

Of the Inquisition described, B343:3- 344:2; percentage in, from Sunday Schools, D105:3; religious instruction in, D105:2.

Ransom for, paid to court, E449:2; those in tomb called, “of hope,” A99:1.

Appreciation of, shown by works, A233:1.

Adam on, in garden of Eden, E469:T; prevailing opinion that death ends all, A105:2.

Members: Of the Church can be unfaithful, E231:T; of true Church must take specific steps, E230:1.

Gradual: Resurrection of the dead is, E403:2.
Of Dying: Jesus required to experience complete separation from God to be substitute for sinners, E128:T.
Of Restitution: Means by which Jesus as Second Adam gives life at second advent, E137:2.

Word Of Reconciliation: Royal Priesthood must suffer for, E489:3.

A stewardship, F519:1; 522.

In Righteousness: At 100 years of age, those who will not, will be cut off, E478:2; required in Millennial Age to avoid Second Death, E478:2; those refusing to in Millennial Age spurn the grace of God in Christ, E478:2; while progressing up Highway of Holiness in Millennial Age world covered by merit of ransom- sacrifice, E478:3; world will progress toward perfection in proportion as it wills so to do, E478:2.

And female suffrage as remedies, D470-471; effect on poverty and labor, D470-471; not until Kingdom of God established, D471:1.

Gospel Age: Heavenly, belong to Church, A203:2; heavenly, hidden in earthly promises to Israel, A299:2; joint-heirship with Christ in the Kingdom, E220:3.
Of Adoption: To Lord’s brethren, E109:T.
Of God: Cloaked in mystery, A77- 81:1; connected with sealing of holy Spirit, E247:1; orthodox Jews hold to, C247:2-249:1; to Solomon was conditional, E130:2-131:2; viewed figuratively by fleshly Israel’s leaders at first advent and today as applicable to their church-nation, C171-172.
Misc.: To Abraham typically represented in Law were only shadows, A21:4.

Christ’s Sacrifice: Death of Messiah sealed visions and, B68:3; declared Messiah must die, E23:T; on Jesus’ sufferings overlooked by Israel, A79:2; realized by New Testament writers, A59:1.
Fulfillment Of: Always recorded in history, C108:2; every item to be fulfilled, B225:T; in gathering of nations, D269-270.
Gifts Of: Agabus had, E277:1; operative in the Church in Paul’s day, E275:T Israel: Ezekiel regarding salvation of Sodom, Samaria, and, A111-112; in Malachi, Jehovah’s last message to, B249:4; Jacob’s Trouble, D552:2- 558; rejection and restoration of, B214:2-217; D553:2; restoration of, A108-113; C243-244; 259:2-260; D602-604:1.
Jesus’ Life: Foretold he would spring from root of David, E142:2; in Isaiah, deal with Israel and Jesus, D614:3; 638:2-3; Messiah, A57:2-59; B65:2; E23:1; 156-158; of Christ, Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel described, D614:3; on Jesus’ personal appearance, E156-159; on Jesus personified as Wisdom, D637:1.
Kingdom: All spoke of restitution, A108-113; B20:1; harmonized by chronology, B41:2; preceding establishment of, fulfilled, B363; in Isa.
25:6-9, E45:4; Joel’s on Spirit poured out, E164:1; 219:1.
Lord’s Second Presence: B145- 153:2; Charts and tables used to prove, C93:T; concentrated on harvests, B15:3; C121:1; 130; corroborate signs of, D598:6; “shout,” “voice of the Archangel,” and the “trump of God,” B145-150:1; mark beginning and end of harvest, B16:1; marking time and manner of advents, B26:T; Messiah’s presence and time, special message of both harvests, B236; our Lord’s Great, Divine providence in recording, D563-614; 565:1; 570:1; proved by parallels, B242:1-244:1; related more to second than first advent, why, B106:T-1; return of saints with Lord’s, C302:2.
Of Babylon: Destruction, D549:3- 550:2; F618-619:1; Egypt and Israel, double fulfillment, A313; Jeremiah, Daniel, Isaiah and Revelation refer to, D22:2; hour of judgment has come (Isa. 47), D42; rejection, C156-158.
Purpose Of: By sure word of, His presence and work discerned, B149:1; designed to be understood, B19:T; given for Christian Age, A26:T; Jesus’, summarizes history of Church, D566:2-567:1; 568:3; Jubilees, B191:2-196; key to, mystery of Church, E146:2; not discerned by overcharged, B27:1; not understood by angels or prophets, A25:3; 26:T; object of unfolding, B16:1; records events as they will occur, B193:2.
Study Of: Having correct understanding of God’s plan, prophetic chains clearly fit and measure it, B243:1-244:1; method used in SCRIPTURE STUDIES, B32:1; only for instruction of the Church, B203:1; purpose of God, in providing, A13:1; reveal to Church meaning of Time of Trouble, B141:2.
Time: Attracted attention to other features of Divine Plan, B31:1; “Day and hour knoweth no man,” does not lock, B18-19; D605-606:1; key to, seventy weeks of Daniel, B64-65; object of, B25:3; 30:2; 31:1; 141:2; 166:3; C124:2-125; odium attached to, of Divine design, B29:1; tarrying of vision (Hab. 2:2), C89:2; teachings on, practically unchanged since 1878, B236:1; time of end (Daniel), C24:2- 3; 61-62; 84; 160:T-166; time of end (Jesus), B166; understood only by God’s people, B21-23:1; 38:2; D614:4-5.
Time Of Trouble:
DAY OF VENGEANCE: A315:2-324; D11-12; 14:3-20; 547:1.
IN: Isaiah and Ezekiel, D148:3- 149:2; James, defrauding of farmers, D392-411; James, struggle between capital and labor, A313:2- 315:1; Jeremiah, on cry, Peace, Peace, D156:1-2; Malachi, regarding Elijah, B249-254; Nahum and Malachi, D552:1; Lord’s army, D543:2-4; 549-550.
OF DAY OF JEHOVAH: By David, A322:1-323; by James, A313:2- 314; by Malachi, A319:2-330:2; by Paul, A320:3-322; by Peter, A318:2-3; by Zephaniah, A315:2- 317; in Revelation, A324.
Misc.: Corroborates 2500-year Jubilee cycles, B191:2-196; diagrams of church history as related to, C131; Joel reverses order for blessings of holy Spirit being poured, E219:1; Millennium, application by Papacy, B299:3-300; 311:7; misapplied, A317:F; Paul through study of, traced the Man of Sin, B270:T; points to a church - state union, B262:T; prophets often ignorant of import of their, A26:T; 27:2; Psa. 2:12 misapplied by Antichrist, B300:1-2; which marks beginning of Jewish Age Harvest, B64:1-2; why addressed to Israel and Jerusalem, A315:1; why hidden in parables and symbols, D614:4,5; Wolff and Bengal taught on, of the coming Kingdom, C84:2.

False: Another name for “image of the beast,” J7:2 (1912); Pharisees were false teachers or, A55:1; prophesied, have we not in thy name, D632:1; Protestant federation, J7:2 (1912); unclean spirit out of mouth of, J10:2 (1912); vitalized product of Evangelical Alliance, J10:1 (1912).
Gift Of: Orators to the Church, E283:2.
Jesus: All who will not hear, (Head and Body), to be cut off in Second Death, E218:1; 471:1; 473:1; 478:2; and Church constitute the great Prophet, E457:1; obedience to, will bring perfection and ability to stand directly before God, E471:1; priest and king, why so-called, D637:T.
Of Old Testament: All, will receive everlasting life from Christ or not at all, E143:T; confessed ignorance of import of their prophecies, B23:2; did not understand prophecies uttered, A26:T; 57:2; foretold Jesus, A57:2; 58:2; 59:3; general character of, A54:1; lived and wrote hundreds of years apart, B228:1; not of priestly class, mostly laymen, A54:1; 55:3; often ignorant of import of prophecies, A26:T; 27:2; B23:2; testimonies generally repugnant to people, A54:1; utterances, direct inspiration, A54:1- 55:3; vary their standpoints of utterances, B227:1; with patriarchs were honored with the title “fathers,” E142:2.
Misc.: Apostles, some were, A319:1; F222-223:3; history of, confirms the Bible’s inspiration, A54-56:1; in the early Church were, expounders or public speakers, A319:1; E207:1; F246:1; 256:1; signifies a public expounder or a speaker, A55:T; F246:1; sons of theologians, B266:1; sowed seed of the Jewish Age, B233:1; statement of one, sufficient for faith, B224:2; taught resurrection, A60:1.

Through Christ: He is the, for our sins and sins of world, A156:2-157:2; E328:2; 441:1; F77; through faith in his blood, E461:T.
See Justification; Redemption.

Meaning Of: Mercy Seat, place of making satisfaction, E442:F.

Of Church in unholy alliance with world, B297:2.

Very Elect: Atonement doctrine will, from Evolution Theory, E22:T.
Misc.: Protestants sought aid and, from kingdoms of this world, E115:T.

And Catholics: Antichrist’s theory of Kingdom now set up is supported by, B301:1; both keep identity in union, D258:2; clergy acknowledges Catholic Church as “mother” system, D32:2-33:1; compromise toward Roman Church, D188:2; 259:1-2; 260:4; compromising spirit of, Christianity, D233-237; confusion of, is an opportunity for Papacy’s rising to power, D259:2-3; 265:4; consider any who disbelieve the Trinity are heretics, E64:2; contrasted attitudes of Catholicism, heathenism and, Christianity, D204-206; cooperate with Antichrist to curtail religious liberty in Time of Trouble, B360:1-2; D264:5-265:2; denounce those with spirit of protest, D35:2; desire union with Catholics, D262:2-4; united system desired by, J9:T-1 (1912); no longer a protest against “mother” church, D34:1; 161:3; now has character and disposition of Church of Rome, D28:1; pacify Romanists, D262:5-266:2; protested against Papacy, but have made little progress since, A23:1; roll together as scroll, J3:1; 258:2-262:5; 267:1; 552:T; same spirit without power of “mother,” F241:2; suppress human liberties, J16:T (1912); systems, daughters of Papacy, D29:1; today has disposition and character of Roman Church, D28:1; 161:3; 179:1; to share in Papacy’s punishments, D39:3; trend, Rome-ward, D260:4-266:2; will rule civilized world, J10:1 (1912).
Claims Of: Apostolic succession and clerical authority, D33:3; Church now reigns, A287:2; “Babylon” applicable to Papacy, D26:2; numbers exaggerated, A17:T.
Decline Of: Churches have worldly amusements and spirit, D163:1; 179- 180:3; decline not realized by Christians, D28:1; heathenism increasing more than, D243-244; set boundaries to their progress, A23; soon became corrupt, D63:2; sought protection and aid from kingdoms of this world, E115:T; spirit of compromise and faithlessness by, D187:2- 193; 259:1-3; 265:1-4; to receive retribution, D39:2; true reverence departed from, D388:1.
Errors Of: Creeds at war with God’s word, D162:T; brought from Rome, D33:2; truth and error held by, D160:1; turning backward wheels of religious progress, D265:2; use doctrine of Trinity as test of orthodoxy, E64:2.
Misc.: A few defenders of the faith, D194:1-204; became part of Babylon by imitating, D26:2; freedom and equality arose with French Revolution, D538:2; heads of churches, false Christs, D580:2-3; hopeless picture, A15-17; majority of, believed Papacy was Antichrist, B301:1; make synods their heads, D580:3; missionary murdered at instigation of priest in Mexico, B350:3-4; missions for by “Paulist Fathers,” D35:2; movement started by Bible translation, D63:1; number executed far greater than early Christian martyrs under pagan Rome, B289:1; organized into one system by Evangelical Alliance, C119:2; persecution and extermination of, B337:2-337:3; 340:3; Pope Leo addresses, in 1894, D34:2; prestige to increase before destruction, D37:1; religious freedom and political equality in France, D539:T; Waldenses and Albigenses, most numerous bodies of, before Luther, B335:1; warning of Farrar to laity in, D266:1,2; why pictured as Image of Beast, J9:1 (1912).
See Federation.

Solomon’s line is, in contrast with Nathan’s, E133:4.

Divine: Extends to lives linked with those of New Creation, F646; in Lord’s Great Army, D550:3; in recording Lord’s Great Prophecy, D565:1; D570:1; over U.S., D143- 145; over every temporal and spiritual phase of Elect, F75:2; 646-649; 655:2; regarding regathering of Jews, D553:3; shaping human affairs accomplishing purposes, D271:1; to bring deliverance to oppressed, D149:3.
Misc.: God’s care of men manifested in exceptions of nature, E98:3; not to lead to indifference, F647:1; test of faith, F646:1; 651-653.

Are witnesses of holy Spirit, E231:T; 234:3; 235:T.

Nine wars since 1800, D119:1.

Canon of, B51:2.

Welfare: Will be plea of, for repressive measures against Saints, B263:T.

Clergy not qualified for, D61:1-62; intoxicated by spirit of world, D111:2; pew against, in Battle of Armageddon, D541:2; will fall with thrones, D104:1.

Of Bible not inspired, F669:2.

For Faults: Chastenings not always, E234:1.
Of Man: For refusal to obey after knowledge of redemption more severe than under Moses, E474:1; justice inflicted on Jesus only because he freely gave himself as man’s substitute, E462:1; Misc.: And rewards, F402:1.

Of Adam: By Jesus’ death, E136:1; he needed to be, from sin, E135:1.
Of Church: Because Jesus was in the act of purchasing disciples he could offer forgiveness freely, E463:1; by blood of Christ to free from sin, E432:2; by Christ from thraldom of sin now and from tomb later, E432:2.
Of Earth: Already accomplished, E436:1.
Of Human Race: By Christ to set it at liberty from sin, E135:1-2; by whom, of whom and why, E135:2; 436:1; 439:2; 447:3-452:3; first step in redemption, E473:T; Jesus made willingly by giving his life, E441:T; Jesus sold all he had for, E440:1; required all that Jesus had, E441:T; 455:T; the means by which Jesus became Mediator of New Covenant, E455:1; with corresponding price, E439:1; 454:2; 470:1-471:1.
Of Millennial Blessings: For world by sacrifice of Christ, E221:2.
Of Race: Alone at first advent, E137:2; and earth by Jesus, A128:3- 130; 247:2; D633:2; 647:3-648:1; E152:2; 443:2; 436:1; F47:2; from Divine Justice, E17:5-18:2; 447:5- 450:1; by Jesus, E17:5; 138:3; 419:1; 447:4; why necessary, E135; 221:2; 450:2-452.
Of Redemption: Cannot be made by us—it is a free gift, E439:3; from under Law sentence and released from its dominion, E430:3-4.
Of Time: Must be done to redeem the time and take possession of it out of evil times, E431:1.
Possession: Of Christ is mankind in general and Church in particular, E436:1.
Price: Of man was ransom-price, E447:4.

Doctrine grew out of human immortality doctrine, B323; C116; doctrine which gave Antichrist a leverage of power, B323:2; of Church of Rome explained, D159:3.

Ceremony of Paul consistent, F227- 228:1.

And peace symbolized by dove, E212:2; before peace, F98:1; heart, beginning of cleansing, F315:1; 409; necessary to enter Kingdom in either phase, A301:3-4; of life, of heart, F595.

Ante-Chamber: Described, C332:1; 351:2; passage to, symbolizes consecration, C350:2-351:1; symbolizes testings in school of Christ, C332:1; 351:2; 352:1.
Built: By Hyksos or shepherd kings, C322:2-3; by Melchizedek, C322:1; chronology confirmed by measurements, C362-367.
Coffer: Compared with other pyramids, C314:2; Construction Chambers, significance, C332:2; contains scientific, historic, prophetic truth, C314:3; corresponds to Ark of Tabernacle, C355:2-3; corresponds to Tabernacle and Temple, C355-356:1; corroborates Bible, C314:3; 320; 362:1; 373:2.
Date Of Construction: Confirmed in 1872, C338:1; date of Isaac’s inheritance, how shown, C366; described in Job, C318:2; favor to Israel, full length shown in, C345:4-347:1; first advent shown in, C361:1; symbolized, C321-322.
Figure Represents: All must conform to lines of top-stone, A243:1- 243:2; Christ, chief corner-stone or top-stone, A83:1; 242:3; perfection, C330:1; illustrates perfect beings and oneness of creation, A228:1; 242:2; Lord and Church, F72:2-73:1.
Grand Gallery: Described, C347:3- 348; symbolizes call to Divine nature, C368:1; symbolizes period of Gospel Age call, C331:2.
Granite: Symbolizes Divine nature, C355:3; where used, C336:1.
Granite Leaf: Passage beneath, significance of, C357:1; symbolizes acceptance of Divine will, C351:1.
Granite Plug: Location, etc., C336:1; symbolic significance, C345:4-347:2.
Jesus: As Redeemer symbolized in, C337:2-3; justification symbolized by well’s position, C349:1; years of life symbolized, C337:2.
King’s Chamber: Described, C332:2; 355:2; on 50th course, C330:2; typical significance, C352:1; 356:2-357:1; 368:1.
Location of: C325-327; Mitchell discovered importance of location, C325:2.
Natures: Distinct symbolized in, C357:2; various planes or, symbolized in C330:2.
Passage: Ascending, significance, C331:2; 337:3; 368:3; entrance (or descending), how disclosed, C336:1; entrance (or descending), significance, C331:1; 341:2-344:1; horizontal, typical significance, C332:1; 369- 370; 373:1; period from exodus to full end of national favor to Israel, how symbolized in, C345:4-347:1; plan of God in every prominent feature symbolized in, C314:1; 318:2; 328:2; 330:2; ways and floors, materials used in, C336:1.
Queen’s Chamber: Floor described, C369:3; number seven as related to, C369:2; on 25th course, significance, C330:2; ransom symbolized, C337:3; 368; refutes Evolution Theory, C374:2; represents earth and God’s plan, C318:2; restitution symbolized, C365:2; 368:2-373:1; symbolic testimony, C358:1; 368:2-373:1.
Scientific Features: Comment of Joseph Seiss, C327:2; 374:3; first important work on, by John Taylor (1859), C319:3; lesson of, C326-327; vertical axis symbolic significance, C357:2-361:1.
Stones: Crying out message of Kingdom, C375:2; socket and top stone, C318:2; 328:2-330; storehouse of truth, C320:2.
Subterranean Chamber (Or Pit):
Not part of Pyramid structure, C358:2; Second Death symbolized in, C358:2-3; significance, C341:2- 344:1; 358:2-3; Time of Trouble symbolized in, C331:1; 341-343.
Testimony Of: Disputed by Satan and blind ones, C319:1; not understood until time of end, C319:2; 320:2; 338:3; reply to scoffers, C374- 375:1.
Ventilating Tubes: Dixon’s discovery of, C373:1; significance, C370:3; 373:1.
Well: Explosion at mouth significance, C335:1; 368:1; lessons of, C337:2; 349:1; 368:3; location, etc., C335:1.
Witness: For saints now, world in Millennium, C315:2-317; Menzies first recognized it as Jehovah’s witness, C320:1; through location, construction, measurements, C326:1.
Misc.: As a whole represents God’s Plan, C318:2; 328:2; 330:2; floor line measurements, C362:3; grotto symbolized Lord’s death, C361:1; harvest symbolized, C364:2; Law Covenant symbolized, C331:2; 337:3; 368:3; Mamoun’s forced entrance, C336:2; “miracle in stone,” C361:3-362:1; manuscript of Br. Russell submitted to Prof. Smyth, C311; not tomb of Egyptian kings, C319:2; scrolls of history and chronology, C338:1; second advent date symbolized in, C364:2; size, weight, C313; step, C335:2; steps to glory symbolized, C357:1; Christ illustrated in, A82:3.

Cleopatra: Of Egypt (Dan. 11:17), C28:1-33:1; Zenobia, descendant of, Gibbon’s account, C33:1-3.
Papacy: Babylon’s reign as, a short one, J3:2.
JEZEBEL: Chart of Parallels, B256:3; symbol of, J2:T (1912).
Mistress and, of nations, A268:1; reigned as, for centuries, J7:3 (1912).

HOLY SPIRIT BY: Deliberate persistent violation of Law of Love, F367:2; spirit of fear, E196:2; spirit of world, E205:1; 264:1.
Seal of our sonship must not be, E248:2; smoking flax we would not, F684:1.

HOLY SPIRIT: In thoughts, E282:2; insures birth, A280:T; necessary to be sons of God, E248:1; to render service with mortal bodies, A197:1; F486:2-487:T.
Hope inspires to sacrifice, A199:T; knowledge of plan to zeal and fervency, A348:T; promises, F600:1; time prophecies to ripen and separate saints, B16:1.
Definition: F76:1; life-giving power, E183:4; “made alive” (1 Pet. 3:18), B108:T; T58:2; quickening spirit is life-giving spirit being, B126:F.
Misc.: In resurrection, human body will be, with life-energy, E316:1; Jesus arose and was, to Divine nature, E362:4; F104:T; second quarter-mark begets an energy, activity, F370:2; skilled workmen of Tabernacle, natural talents energized or, E175:1; symbolized in Pyramid, C357:1.

Had Jesus remained, he wouldn’t have been persecuted, E236:2; order does not mean absolute, F525:1; second advent in, manner, without outward show, B143:1; 144:1; 154:T; 168:2; 269:1; C130:T; tendency to settle down to, B365:T.

Br. Scheinmann and, God’s instruments preparing Jews for restitution, C287; Christian movement among the Hebrews, B223:2; leader of Christian movement among Jews in South Russia, C279-285.

Condemned In Adam: Cradle of, F26:T; estimated number, A99:2; 160:2; justified through Christ, E385:1-2; 449:T; 451:2-452; why, A130:1-134; E100-101; 475:3-477.
Fallen: Imperfection of, due to fall, F513:2; majority died in ignorance of right and wrong, E475:3; under Christ until restored, E18:2; 471.
Propagation Of: Fruitfulness of, no part of transgression, F41:2; reckless, E262:2; from Adam by Eve, E100; F42:F.
Restored: Atonement work accomplished, E419:3; can meet requirements of Justice, E18:2; 471; redeemed, presented to Father, E419:3; 455:1; 473:T.
Misc.: Not given second chance, A130:1; not preceded by pre-Adamic, F42:F; sold to Jesus by God, E452:4; 470:1.
TO BE: Adopted by Christ as his seed, A129:1; judged by Son, E470:1-471; part of earthly seed of Abraham, when, how, L3:T.
See Man; Mankind; Nature, Human.

Narrow Way pictured as, F186:3-190; 369:2-373; run perseveringly, energetically at quarter-marks, F186:11- 190:2; running for mark and standing, F369:2-373:3.

Of needle work, beautiful Christian graces, C193:T; white, robe of Christ’s righteousness, D41:2-42:T.

No, in Eden, F25:T-1; rainbow first seen after Flood, F28:1.

Covering of, skins dyed red, T13:1; Lev. 8, two, burnt offering and, of consecration, T42:2-45; Lev. 9, T80- 81; Lev. 16, two for burnt offering, T55:2; 73; Persia, C106:1; subsequent sacrifices, T99; with two horns (Dan. 8), C97:1.

Definition: Amount paid for release of person held in captivity, E459:3.
ANTI-LUTRON: E427:1; 428:2; completeness, A157:2; corresponding price, A128:3-129:2; 150:T; 178:3; E424:2; 426-428:1; 439:3; 441:1; 453:T-1; 458:3-464:1; 481:2; distinction between, and pardon, E458:3-459; 462:2; 464:1; does not abrogate sentence against sin, E440:T; equivalent for perfection lost in Adam, A180:2; obscured by Authorized Version translation, E429-438; occurs twice in New Testament, E427:1; “substitute” could be used to portray, E480:2- 481:1; 483:1.
AND REPUDIATED: At the Parliament of Religions, D188:1; by the Abomination of Desolation, D571; in end of Jewish and Gospel Age Harvests, D572:2.
BY: Christian Science, F640:T; Satan’s delusions, F639:2-641:1; Universalists, E466:1-467:2.
Made void by Papacy, D160:T; rejected by Christendom, D33:2; 216:4; 591:3; Satan would have us deny, E116:T; since man paid death penalty by dying, false reasoning says no need for, E464:2-465; some who, cite Scriptures where “redeem” is properly used for “deliver,” E428:2; 429:T-1; 438:9; when seen imperfectly, E483:2.
Doctrine: Annuls theory of eternal torment, E441:1; 480:2.
CENTER OF: Atonement, E32:5; Gospel light, D591:2.
Disproves Evolution Theory, F640:T; key that unlocks the Bible, K1:3; keynote from which other doctrines come, K1:3; knowledge of, enables us to reason with God and trust him, E464:1; obscured by error on death, E370:1; 387:3; Paul and Peter teach Christ died for Adam and his race, E24:2; saints always held fast to, D591:2; Satan chief foe of, E428:2; story to be told throughout eternity, E31:3; test of truth, E295:3-297:1; 299:4; F639:2; to understand, helps to understand God’s laws, E440:T; understanding philosophy not essential to faith in, E98:1; 450:3; views on, are not changed but are more luminous, K1:4.
God’s Character Shown: Displays Divine Justice, E484:2; God’s love was accomplished, E439:2; 452:2; gift of, A171:3; God’s wisdom dictated the best method for redemption, E450:3; 483:2-486:1; pardon of sinners would be unjust without ransom, E463:2.
Jesus’ Death: Alone did not give justification, E442:1; freely given Justice could not demand it, E462:1; involved possibility of unborn race in Jesus’ loins, A155:2; man’s iniquities laid on him, E461:1; not suffering alone, E126:2-127.
OF HIS HUMAN NATURE: Given as, D649:3; essential to, E95; 118:2; 122:1; 422:2; 440:1; suffered total everlasting destruction, E454:2; 466:T.
Predicted in Law and Prophets, A58:1; prefigured in Passover, A79:2; provided, D647:3; E419:1; 483:2; ransom taken back had Jesus been raised a man, E454:2; resurrected spirit being after, E84:5.
SEVEREST TEST: Crucifixion, his willingness to die as, E443:2; of loyalty to God, E423:1; spirit begettal enabled him to provide, E163:3; 164:T.
Logos: Left heavenly glory to provide, E63:T; 135:1; 149:1; K2:1; made flesh to provide, E84:1-5; 95:T; 297:1; 424:2-426; tested obedience of, E485:1; why chosen, E424:1.
Merit: Applied for race under New Covenant, K5:2; cleanses from sin, E273:1; 445:1; 461:1; covers imperfections of Church, E442:1; 445:2; delivered over to Justice at end of Gospel Age, K4:1; deposited with the Father, K3:T.
IMPUTED TO CHURCH: At Pentecost, K3:T; why, L3:3.
Not released for mankind until Church passes into death, K4:2.
PAID TO: Court, E449:2; God through priests as shown in types, E449:3; Justice to transfer man’s account, E17:5; 449:T; 452:1; not to Satan, E449:3.
World during Millennium, E478:3- 479:1.
Seals New Covenant, E365:T.
Required: A perfect man, E95:1; 108:1; 425:T; 463:2.
BY: Divine Justice, E419:1; 421:1- 2; 440:T; 447:5; 465:1; God, E450:1.
Christ for Adam, E385:1-2; 422:2; 453:T; correspondence to the penalty, E441:1.
COULD NOT BE GIVEN BY: Any man because none were sinless, E96:T; 99:T; 122:1; 418:T; 423:T; spirit being, E425:T.
Death in any form, E443:1; man Christ Jesus should never live again for eternity, E454:1; no suffering, E443:1; payment of, before release from sentence, E452:3; shedding of blood, E442:2; 443:2.
Results In: Awakening of mankind from Adamic death as from sleep, E462:2; 478:1; deliverance of Church, E434:1-4; first step of salvation for man, E425:1; 427:T; for all, A150:T; E385:2-386; 401:2; God ceased to resent our sins because of, E461:1; gradual perfection, E475:2.
JESUS: Becoming father of race by reason of, E452:4; Mediator of New Covenant, E455:1.
New offer of life to all, A141:1; 150:1-151:1; provisions available under New Covenant, E466:T; purchase of mankind, E439:1; 454:4; 455:1; 470:1; 471:1; ransoming mankind from power of grave, E419:1; releasing Jews from Law Covenant, E430:4-5; 433:1; releasing sinner from first condemnation, A152:1; restitution, the just and logical sequence of, A149:1-2; same as if God freely pardoned us, E464:1; work promises resurrection, E319:7.
Sufficient: Is adequate for redemption, E414:1; no further sacrifice for sins after full restitution, E477:2; sacrifice for sins was for all, E19:1.
When Accepted, Offered, Applied:
Acceptance of, preceded granting of holy Spirit to adopted sons, E190:T; accepted by God, E450:1; benefits only Church in Gospel Age, A152:3; “Lo, I come” shows ransom not previously offered, E426:1; completed when Jesus said, “It is finished,” K2:1; deposited with Justice when Jesus died—not paid, K2:1; how finished and applied to world, K4-5; testified in due time, A105:1; 126:1.
WISDOM WAITED: 2,000 years after, to begin restitution work, E452:2; 4,000 years before bringing, E452:2.

Application Of: Jesus could not use, while still on earth, K2:2; needed for justification of Church, E432:2; 442:1; to bring Adam and race earthly life and rights, K3:T.
What It Is: Basis for justification by faith, E444:2; full, must be paid to redeem man, E455:1.
JESUS: Corresponding price for Adam, E481:2; in every particular, E427:T; 428:1; gave himself for all at age 30, K2:1; the man, E454:3; 466:T.
Not paid by blood of bulls and goats, E424:2; purchase price of man, E135:1; 447:4.
Misc.: And fall ignored by reform movements, E115; and restitution not applicable to Second Death, A144:2; E361:6; Apostle Paul felt spirit impel him to tell of, for all E488:1; base of sanctuary, C96:2; 103:2-3; basis for robe of righteousness, E445:2; does not excuse sin, A152:1; E439:3; for what, E135:1; 373:3; 419:1; 432:1; need for, shown by Decalogue, A45:1; sight evidences during Millennial Age, E460:2; symbolized in Pyramid, C337:3; 368:1; though given, only a few justified, A156:2.
See Redeemer, Denial Of.

In Scriptures, those not resurrected but merely awakened, F702:1.

Jesus, Chief: Crowned in 1878 A.D., B239:T; director of work, B150:1; inaugurating reign of righteousness, B166:1; of harvest of Gospel Age (Rev. 14:14), E151:T; presented himself as, A238:2; B64:1; 238:2.
Who Are: Angels, messengers, C137:1; Lord’s followers, C135:2; 139:1; 149:3; 183:2.
Misc.: Cries of the, D385-411.
See Farmers.

When: Before treading of winepress, D18:2; began with Seventh Trumpet in 1874, D601:2; dark night when, must cease their labors will prove Church is sealed and gathered, C211:4; harvest time of, C135-136; 215-216:2; in Millennium, probably mostly sheep, D644:2; only applies to those living in harvest, C215:T.
Work: Shown in parables of drag-net and wheat and tares, C213:3-214.
See Harvest, Work Of.

With God: We are enabled to, because of knowledge of ransom, E464:1.
Misc.: Be able to give a, for hope within, A25:1; concludes there is a God, A29:1-2; 32:2; foundation of faith, A10:3; God invites us to use, A20:2; leads us to expect Divine revelation, the Bible, A33:3-34:1; Spirit of error suggests to human, to judge God according to its own standards rather than God’s Word, E198:3.

Typified Bride of Christ, F171:T; 363:T.

Satan: Began the, against the Divine Law, F612:1; had no angelic associates in his conspiracy and, at its beginning, F619:2; instigated by his desire to be monarch, E113:1.
Misc.: Man through, forfeited his rights, A304:T; martial law by Christ as suited by, and anarchy in world, F115:1.

As result of Lord’s, nations will beat swords into plowshares (Mic. 4:1-4), D629:T; branches of vine not to, other branches except as instructed by Divine Word, F198:T; how Peter brought upon himself a, from Paul, F381:T; how slanderers are to be, F418:2; Japanese converts’ noble course a severe, to nominal church, D257:T; Michael the archangel to Satan, “The Lord rebuke thee,” F608:T; not an elder (1 Tim. 5:1), F232:T; 251:2; “Public Rebukes Rare,” F301:1-303; rod will probably be unnecessary in Millennial Age as open opposition will be thoroughly, D637:T; that Jesus received worship without, does not signify he is Jehovah, E72:1.

Church: Christ’s perfection, to, E445:2; justification/restitution life, E109:T; 139:2; 145:2; 241:4; 444:3; 456:1; or judgment begins with, C303:T; sacrificial death of Church, part of Christ’s sacrifice, E411:T; 419:2; with servants, first thing done when Lord returned, C133:3; 233:2.
Day Of: Is here particularly for the clergy who bares responsibility, D161:2; 599:T; is on nominal church, D168:2; Lord, the time of, at close of this Age, F412:1.
Misc.: “Harvest” is now in progress, D607:T; Jewish, of Passover, F470:T, F; 484:T.

Of sin, righteousness and judgment by world is imperfect, E192:1.

A favor is not a justly merited, A188:3; Christendom’s blindness is a, for misused talents and opportunities, D65:1; Day of, has come, D11:2; 19:1; good and evil deeds of present will receive just, now or later, A145:1; D39:2; 520:1; E193:1; heavy hand of, on nations beyond Christendom, D27:3; love is not easily provoked, even to render just, F406:T; mark God’s, to his ancient people and take warning, D239:3; table a snare, trap, stumbling block and, B215:1; the Law assured that injustices would be, D306:1; Time of Trouble a just, for misused privileges, D518:1; “year of, for controversy of Zion” (Isa. 34:8), D20:2.

Ministry Of: Committed to spiritbegotten, E487:4; divided into two parts, E27:1; 217:2; epitomized by Apostle Paul, E488:1-4; of the Father through the Son, E223:T; reason for rejection of message of, E489:2; sacrifice and sufferings in activity of, measure faithfulness, E490:2-3; Spirit of adoption impels one to begin, E487:4; those engaged in, will be despised, E489:3-490:1; to exhort all to be reconciled now to God, E488:1; while administering word of, each priest must offer himself a living sacrifice, E489:3; 490:2; will require all of Millennium, E20:1-2; 456:T; 479:2; D654:2; work of Royal Priesthood, E487:1-488:T.
Of World: All who refuse offer of, in Millennium will die the Second Death, E30:T; 31:1; brought by work of New Covenant, E28:1; 164:1; restitution needed to bring about fully, E456:T; through spiritual temple, E231:2; to Divine Law by the Redeemer, E27:T; will be complete at end of Millennium, E30:6-31:2; 456:T.
Misc.: Basis of, for the Church and the world, identical, E217:3; 419:3; holy Spirit, channel of, E32:3; 217:2; holy Spirit guides into heart, E163:3; 217; Jesus the opened way of, E446:2; message of, why it is generally rejected now, E18:3; 489:2; natural man may appear to have fewer trials than the church because he is not in the condition of, E411:1; object of Jesus’ sacrifice, E217:2; of Little Flock to God, E30:5; terms of, will be acceptance of Divine mind and will, E217:3; testified to by apostles, E23-26; will be fully realized when work of Atonement is completed, E20:2; translated from kattalage rendered “Atonement” in Rom. 5:11, E488:3; with the Father means opposition to sin, E489:2.

Benefits To: Receive forgiveness as a free gift, E439:3.
By Ransom: That which was lost, E457:T; the real being or soul of man, E474:1.
By Sin-offering: Earthly right, kingship, dominion, E152:2.
Definition: And ransom distinguished, E427:1-439:1; contains thought of paying price and setting free, E428:2; does not mean pardon, E459:T; Greek agorazo meaning “public purchase” occurs 31 times in New Testament, E430:2; Greek agorazo means “to purchase in the open market,” E429:2-431:1; translated from Greek word which has many meanings, E429:1.
Misuse Of Word: With cunning can be used to divert attention from ransom, E429:T; 438:9.
Race: The willing of, to be brought back into full fellowship with God, E217:1.
The Time: Purchasing it and taking possession of it out of evil times, E431:1.
Misc.: Forfeited possession, how, D648:1-2; E152:2; from curse of the Law Covenant, E417:1; 430:4; 437:1; vilest sinner, E364:2; with blood of Christ, E432:2; world, treasure hid in field, D648; E440:1.
See Greek and Hebrew Words Index.

Acceptance Of: By God, indicated at Pentecost, E209:2; 211:1.
Death Of: He died to carry out Atonement, E17:4.
Denial Of: Since man paid penalty by dying, false reasoning suggests no need for, E464:2.
Reign Of: For the carrying out of God’s will, E470:T; then all will come out of their graves, E462:2.
Requirements Of: Could only be met by Jesus because only he was perfect, E97:3; 477:2; K4:2; Jesus could redeem man because not under death sentence, E482:1; Jesus met, when he gave himself a ransom-price, E466:T; must be sinless member of human race, E97:3.
Work Of: Bore guilt of sinner, E444:2; perfection of man to be accomplished by close of Millennial Age, E471:1; reconciliation of mankind to Divine Law, E27:T; to lift world up to perfection step by step, E471:1.
Misc.: And Restorer, all blessings proceed from, A293:2; and Restorer, spiritual class, A293:2; bore all penalties for sin, E127:T; forsaken temporarily by Father, why, E128:T; in dying process from Jordan to Calvary, E127:1; is substitute, A141:1; Israel’s pride could not accept Messiah as, B237:2; Jesus as, typified by Isaac’s sacrifice, A155:1; justified through, why, E444:2; love abounded in, E126:1; 451:2; merciful in dealing with race, E415:2; 471:1; necessity of death of, elaborated all through Bible, A57:2; needed for each condemned individual if individually tried, A133:1-134:1; sinner’s substitute, E126:2-128; 481-483:1; sins of mankind laid upon, E461:1; symbolized in Pyramid, C337:3; synopsis of Biblical teaching as to, E83:3-85:1; world ignores Jesus as, E187:1.

Divine: Economy in plan of, F357:1; love provided, E414:1; 451:2-452:2.
First Step: Purchase of human race, E473:T.
For: Household of Faith now, for world in Millennium, E455:2-456; F159-162.
From: Death sentence gives opportunity for everlasting life, E379:2; 385; 401:2; 468:3; the tomb by Jesus’ sacrifice, E432:1-2.
Gift Of: Cannot be purchased by us—it is a free gift, E439:3; our Lord’s life given as price, E210:1; secured at a price, E439:3.
Knowledge Of: He who refuses to obey after, will be punished more severely than under Moses, E474:1.
Misuse Of Word: With cunning can be used to divert attention from ransom, E429:T.
Need For: Sin was in the very natures of men, E444:2; without it destruction of soul would have been everlasting, E465:2.
Of Church: By Jesus’ sacrifice from the thraldom of sin now, E432:1-2.
Of Man: From the tomb by Jesus’ sacrifice, E432:1-2; Jesus the father of the redeemed and restored race, E458:2; must be by paying full ransom- price, E455:1; no outward evidence that world has been redeemed, E460:2; none for wilful sinners in Millennial Age, E477:2; required absolute correspondence, E482:T; Scriptures united in testimony of, E405:2; soul of man redeemed by ransom, E474:1; the man Christ Jesus redeemed Adam’s race by laying down all he had, E440:1; 453:1.
Plan Of: By ransom is adequate to the case, E414:1; God’s wisdom dictated ransom to be the best method for, E450:3; 483:2-486:1; Jesus came at first advent for purpose of, E425:1; 427:T.
Price: For world was gift of Jesus’ life, E210:1.
Results Of: Death turned into what is termed sleep, E465:2; house of sons unknown until, E177:1; in Christ the means by which we are justified freely, E461:T; Jesus became Second Adam, E453:1; listed, E30:2-31:1; opportunity provided to all, E468- 469; restitution of all things, E23:1.
Work Of: Accomplished at close of Millennium, D645:2; 654:2; E20:1-2; 415:2; 456:T; 479:2; as far reaching as was sin of Adam, A158:2; first advent, A93:1; B104:1; C115:2; F49:1; finally accomplished by close of Millennial Age, E441:T; of the Father and through the Son, E38:2; 223:T; why first offered to Jesus, E424:1.
Misc.: Christ Jesus made unto us, E435:1; F158:2-161; in the sense of deliverance, intermediate and complete, F158:2-161:3; Jesus’ humiliation for man’s, E149; meaning deliverance, E432:3-438:1; F158:2; 159:2; must precede reconciliation, why, E419:3; of forfeited possession in Israel, E153:T; of Israel and mankind by same sacrifice, E417:1; 437:1; sealed unto day of, E436:3.
See Greek and Hebrew Word Index; World, Redemption Of.

Bruised, we would not break, F684:1.

Movements: Antitypical Jubilee trumpets, B197:3-199; attempts to heal Babylon, C156:1; brethren tempted to social and political, by Satan, E115-116; developed gradually into sects, D31:1; 32:1; social and political, ignore man’s fall and ransom, E115.
Misc.: Educational, will be begun with hearts of men, D639:2; in France, D533:1; in India, D212-216; moral and social, D632-636; national movement for Sunday observance, D264:5; national movement seeks Roman Catholic cooperation, D264:5-265:1; national movement seeks suppression of religious liberty through U.S. government, D265:2; reached standstill and retrograded, D31:1; social possible through millionaires, D303:7; through martyr and victim, D441:2; various, movements overcome with flatteries, D31:1.

Aided: By French Revolution, C65- 66; in uplift of world, C66:2; 345:1.
Began: In “Dark Ages,” F60:1; new political, in 1799, C49:2-51; the cleansing of sanctuary, with justification by faith, C108:3-109; 112-119.
Effect Of: Faith justification is keynote of, C102:2; 108:3; halted by Protestant union with state, C111:3-4; in various countries, C110-111:2; on wheat and tares, C140:2.
Leaders: Persecuted, B337; revolt against political and religious tyranny, C108:3-120; rise and decline of, C38:1; 48-49; 51:1; 111:3-4; work of, C109-120.
Misc.: A blessed strike for liberty, but little progress since, A23:1; began about 1400 with Wycliffe, B356:3; did valuable work in “cleansing the sanctuary,” D30:1; discarded some false doctrines, D160:1; fundamental principle of, now opposed, D33:3; in England and Germany brought progress, D306:2; overcome by worldly spirit, D160:1; regarding present decline of Protestantism, D28:1; rejected by France, D538:1; right of private judgment began the, D33:3; 160:1; spirit of, dead, D28:1; 33:2; 160:1-161:3; 174-180; 187:2; 265:4-266:2; E114:4; unable to renounce completely false theory of Antichrist, B301:1.

Misc.: Began boldly but failed to resist Satan’s temptations, E114:4; bold champions for His Word, A23:1; did not see Mass as abomination, D572:3; Elijah class are, B252:1; erroneously called governments Christian, A269:T; heathen, feeling after God, D210:2-3; in Lord’s Great Army, D550:3; inherited false doctrines, D30:T; not lights of Church, F60:2; opposed Mass doctrine, C102:2; 108:3; Protestant sects born virgins through, D30:T; rescued Bible from oblivion, D63:1; warned Christendom, D60:2; work of Wesleys and Whitefield, D174-178; work of, D160:1.

Moral, not work for New Creation, E115-116; F543:1; results of awakening of people by Jubilee Trumpet, B199:T.

By Whom: Work of Christ in Millennial Age, E138:1.
Definition: Termed restitution, E140:2.
For Church: In Gospel Age, E138:1; is selective, E138:2.
For World: All willing and obedient by Christ and Church, E140:2; born again from the dead, E142:T; is general, E138:2; object of Millennial Age, E138:1.

Never recognized as king by ten tribes, E132:1.

Millennial: Church, with Jesus for great reconstruction period, A222:2; Day of Trouble in beginning of, A336:2; full extinction of evil in, A132:3; restitution during, death gradually swallowed up, A73:2; 241:2; those in graves blessed in, A99:1; when Satan shall be bound, A59:4.
Of Christ: Begun under Seventh Trumpet, D622:3; by God’s authority, C257:1; causes trouble, B100:1; despotic, F115:1; dominion, power, glory to forever increase, A305:3; events which follow beginning of, D620:2-624; for the carrying out of God’s will, E470:T; foretold by Daniel, C61-62; in Millennium, to continue until all enemies destroyed, E40:T; introduced by retributive justice, B137:4; Jesus and Church, true Kingdom class proper, D618:2; Mediator to reign when Kingdom is established in earth, E29:2; not everlasting, A247:2; 261:1; now over Church, A283:1; on earth not everlasting, A247:2; 303:3-305:3; on Sabbath Day, B39:2; over world of mankind, E478:1; purpose of, D519:1-520; 635:2; 644:3; Satan first bound before righteousness and peace, A69:T; seventh 1000-year period, B40:2; to judge and possess the Kingdom during the Millennium, E44:3; true ruler of air, C238:1; when, B80:2; C233:3; D622:3-624:3; when Redeemer takes power to reign all will come out of graves, E462:2; why delayed, A93:2; will gradually educate, discipline mankind to perfection, A143:2; 177:1.
Of Church: Over earth during Millennial Age, E26:1; over world of mankind, E478:1; Royal Priesthood prepared for, by experiences with sin, E478:1.
Of David And Solomon: Typical of Messiah’s, A248:1.
Misc.: Millennial, emergency dominion of martial law, F115:1; saints share in work of breaking kingdoms, B100:1.
See King.

1845 years of national favor ended with their, of Messiah 33 A.D., B213:2; 1878 a sudden and utter, of Babylon when all favor ceases and judgments follow, C156:T; exact year and day of Israel’s, we know, B226:1; final testing and, of systems to effect final separation of wheat, C155:T; God foreknew and foretold natural Israel’s, from special favor, F117:T- 178:T; Israel as a system or churchnation, 33 A.D. in middle of covenant week, C217:1; judgment signifies trial, testing and implies the, of the unfit, E479:2; many of, will realize troubles yet be blind to cause, C158:1; national favor ended with Israel’s, A72:T; natural Israel’s, symbolized by waning of moon which represents their national decline, F481:2; nominal natural and spiritual Israel’s, parallels, B246; of churchstate systems, not any “Israelites indeed,” C151:T-2; of ransom and acceptance of Mass or good works is an abomination, D572:1; one false doctrine led to full, of nominal church, C95:2; reason for Babylon’s rejected sentence of, C157:T-1; taking off wedding garment is, of Christ’s ransom sacrifice, C202:1; the unfitness of nation manifested in their, of Messiah, B214:1; turning points of Jewish and Gospel Ages marked by Israel’s, 33 A.D. and receiving favor 1878 A.D., B222:1; we advocate no general, of healing and miracles as being Satanic, F638:2.

A love for God that, in sacrificing ease, wealth and honor of man heartily, F286:2; a willing sacrificer, to be accounted worthy to suffer, T72:2; faithful will, in any service, F296:1; few have gone beyond duty love to, in self denials, F373:1; heavenly wisdom, in mercy, F99:2; let him that, be as though they, not, F510:1; those who have any witnesses of holy Spirit should, E241:1; with those who, F141:T.

Any failure to obey Law of Love is a violation of the covenant, F367:2; appreciation of spiritual, is continually tested, F645:1; Church’s, to Christ incomprehensible to world, F439; close, between our prayers and perpetuation of our joys, F679:T; human body illustrates intimate, of Jesus and Church, A82:2; intimate, between Ancient Worthies and Church in future Kingdom, D631:1; intimate, between Jesus and Church, F72:2; 75:1; love of brethren one of best tests of, to Lord as New Creatures, F601:T; marriage, of mankind an illustration of, between Christ and Church, F494:2; 495:1; 501:1; of a man and woman in the Divine order, F491:1,2; of heathen nations to Christendom and great tribulation, D68-73; of Jesus to Church, F400:2; of New Creatures ignores sex, color, race, etc., F489:2; oneness, between living stones during period of preparation, F196:1; provide for our own (1 Tim. 5:8), F589:1; regarding racial distinction, there is a, of the spirit and unity that is totally different from, and unity in flesh, F490:2; three of apostles were in more confidential, with Jesus than others, F726:1; thy father’s house (Psa. 45:10-11), human, hopes, aims, ambitions, C193.
See Marriage; Parents; Child, Children.

From Law Covenant: Of Jews, by ransom, E430:4-5.
From Sentence: Cannot precede payment of ransom, E452:3; pardon implies, E460:1.
Of Ransom Merit: Cannot be for mankind until Church passes into death, K4:2.

Professors Of: Include worldlyminded, E236:T; persecuted Jesus and true Church, E236:T; revival in, in 18th century (quote), D174:2-177; true, in Europe and America waning, D388:1.
Misc.: Christian, founded on Atonement doctrine, E15:1; 22:T; danger of common standard of, in U.S., B263:2; mankind classified according to, A16; needed in churches of Christendom (quote), D105:2; of Methodism appealed to common people (quote), D175:1; own, preferred by Orient (quote), D227:1; revision of proposed (news article), D110:1; world, sought in Parliament of Religions, D240:3; world-wide revival of expected (article by J.E.
Raymond), D104:2.

Parliament Of: A few defenders of the faith at, D194-204; a voice from Japan at, D217-233; a voice from New India at, D211-217; Christianity appeared inferior to Heathen at, D258:2; Christianity defended at, D194-204:1; Christianity disparaged at, D181:T; 184:2-185; 205:2-3; 238; 239:5-241; closing sentiments of Great, D233-237; compromising the truth, D187-193; contrasted attitudes of Catholicism, Heathenism and Protestant Christianity, D204-206; fear driving religions together, D237:7; 241:5; gross darkness of Heathenism, Christians seek, D206- 210; Heathen reformers feeling after God, D210:2-3; Heathen vs. Christian, D194-233; 243-257; in Chicago, 1893, D181:T; leading spirit, Rev. Barrows, D181:1; 185:1; object of, D184:1; 233:T; Protestants responsible for, D187:2; remarkable features of, D187:1; resulted from church union movement, D180:4; Roman Catholic largest showing at, D188:T; Roman Catholic prayed at, D184:2; 187:2; Roman Church withdraws from future, D193:F; “The Great...,” D182-187; the outlook, D237-267; unfavorable results of, D239-241; universal federation of, proposed, D181:T.

Claims not respected by masses, D551:2; organs, on top of head, F545:1; people will ignore justice etc., in defending present order, D551:2; power of Christendom futile against anarchy, D552:T.

Of Sin: God did not pardon and remit penalty to Adam, E460:1; God’s law says no, without shedding of blood, E442:2; pardon means to remit penalty, to let pass, E459:5.

Israel: Apostles and early Church, C293:2; applies to those who receive Gospel, A298:T; B70; 215:T; 229:1; C252:2.
Misc.: Chief favor in Israel received only by, A282-298; B26:2; of harvests alone receive truth as due, B26:2-27; of Israel found worthy, B206:2; of Israel, in Royal Priesthood, D567:3; saved of fleshly and spiritual Israel, B229:1; selected from Israel during seven years, A282:1.
See Israel.

Nephilim were of great, to heathen and Israel, E104:2.

Gifts and callings of God without (Rom. 11:29), F178:T; 355:1; goodness of God should lead men to, F176:T; if, esteem as brethren, F150:1; impossible to renew unto (Heb. 6:4-9), F167:T; John’s baptism, F428:1; 432:T; 442:T; 447:T; John’s preaching, not new birth, A279:2; not sanctification, F121:1; object of Ecclesia trial, F290:T; of once enlightened impossible, F630:T; only message to world now, F384:3; renew them again unto, F630:T; restoration accompanied by, T99:2; Satan seemed to imply in third temptation of Jesus, E114:1; sinners called to (Mat. 9:13), F87:T.

God used various agencies to create earth through the Logos, E182:2; Jesus acts as, in work of salvation, E35:1.

Measures brought to bear against efforts of saints, B263:T.

Disciples not exempt from, that fell on Master (Psa. 69:9), D564:T; E490:1; T62:1; rejoice to be counted worthy to suffer, F467:1.

Of Sin: Spirit of holiness shines into darkness of sin reprovingly, E191:3.
Of World: By holy Spirit, E292:2- 294:2.

And withdraw from company of unrepentant, F650:T; duty to, under Law (Lev. 19:17), A55:T; how holy Spirit, world, E291:1-294; Lord not, church for selecting Matthias, F209:T; mission of Church to, error, B252:1; not to, a brother, F291:1; 300:3; 584:T; Simon Magus, by Peter, E207:1; through saints’ life, Spirit of truth, world, A267:T.

Creator’s original design for earth’s government, A246:2; governments through increase of knowledge, D79:1; Israel, A48:1; Kingdom, first successful, D646:1.

Temptations: Reformers only resisted Satan’s in part, E114:4.

Comes with knowledge, D49:2; individual Christians have, to prove belief, D66:1; of Christendom and her attitude, D51-68; of heathen and punishment, D68:1; of world, every man according to light enjoyed, A145:1.

Entering into God’s, how, F393:1; required by animate and inanimate things, F387:2-388:1; we have entered into, how, F48:2; 49:2; 391:4- 394.
See Sabbath.

Blessings Of: Act of free grace, A153:2; foreshadowed by the Jubilee, B175:1; given by Christ, E221:2; glories pictured, A191:2; grand goal on Highway of Holiness, A215:2; in Millennium, to what Adam lost, E221:1; Jehovah’s footstool made glorious, D647-656; object of second advent, A93:1; 94:3; reckoned to Church, A153:T.
By Whom: Accomplished through the Church, A95:1; Church to share with Lord, E471:T; 473:1; Jesus will be Life-giver to world, E105:3; the Christ, E419:3.
Church: Exception to plan of, E222:T; have reckoned, for sacrifice, A152:3; E145:2-3; 456:1; F106:2; 108:1; 111:2; 637:1.
Delayed: For selection of Church, A94:2; F336:1; door to Highway of Holiness opens with close of high calling, B213:T.
Doctrine Of: Evolution antagonistic to, A161:3-172; E23:2; F40:4; prophecies of, A108-113; taught in Old Testament and New Testament, C237:2.
Evidence Of: B197:1-199; foretold signs fulfilled exactly, B190; return of favor to Israel, C286:1.
For Adam: After our Lord’s second advent, K3:T; of Divine favor lost in Eden in the Millennial Kingdom, E25:1.
For Mankind: At end of Millennium, mankind will be in harmony with God, E31:2; deferred until Church complete, E144:2; during the Millennium, E402:1; 456:2; God not bound by Divine Justice to restore every man, E470:1; God’s plan to have men perfect, E426:2; if fully experienced, will have no further share in sacrifice for sins, E477:2; implies return to human perfection, A173-177; 191:T-1; man’s identity preserved for his benefit, E343:3; 404:5-6; 478:2; mankind to be “saved” through, A173:1-2; process to uplift, at second advent, E137:2; to be affected by God’s love, E452:2; to that which was lost is the hope of the world, E457:T; will have full, in future, E30:6; world prepared for, by battle of great day, D558:2; world will be born again from the dead, E142:T; 393:4.
Gradual: Beneficial to mankind, A153:1; 241:2; 289:1-F; E477:3-479; first work of, breaking down of old, B197:1; for mankind, E403:2; 473:T; 475:2-477:3; instantaneous not guaranteed by ransom, E475:2-278; requiring Millennium, A241:2; 289:1,3; 291:1; B179:1.
Meaning Of: Another word for regeneration, E140:2; giving back to the worthy the earthly privileges lost in Adam, E140:2; resurrection process, E142:T.
Times Of: At time of return of favor to Israel, B211:1-2; at second advent, E23:1; began in Oct. 1874 A.D. with our Lord’s return, B170:3; 190:1; 194:4; begins with presence of great Restorer 1874, B363:1; begun on living nations, D640:1; conveniences for mankind, from outstart of, A338:1; earthly life will be restored during, E145:3; life rights to be given to mankind who accept Divine terms during, E466:T; Sabbath Day Reign, B39:2; when due, presence of great Restorer due, B187:3; referred to as Millennial Age, A71:2; 73:2; E473:1.
To All: Except incorrigible, A291:1; in graves shall come forth, D640:1; lost in Adam, for obedient, A289:F; of Sodomites, A109:3-110:1; 112:2.
Work Of: 1,000 years long, E473:T; 477:1; by power and authority of Son, F47:2; by The Christ, A291:1; E218:1; 419:3; 470:1; second advent, B104:1; to bring about full reconciliation with the Father, E456:T; to help overcome weaknesses and ignorance, E474:2; to restore world of mankind to life by Great Physician, E473:T; to uplift mankind at second advent, E137:2; wisdom waited 2,000 years after ransom sacrifice to begin, E452:2.
Misc.: A logical sequence of ransom, A149:1; every fiftieth year under Moses’ Law, A50:T; faith and works required for, F106:3-108; 113:1; for outward sanctification in Millennium, E478:2; F122:1; great reconstruction period, A222:2; guaranteed by ransom, A157:1-2; 210:T; implied in Abrahamic promise, A154:1; of Ancient Worthies, D653:2; practicable, A159:2-161:2; symbolic description, D655:4; symbolized in the Pyramid, C365:1-2; 368:2-373:1; the object of Atonement, E18:2; triumph of Divine Love, E451:2-452:2.

Instantaneous: Six drawbacks to, E475:2-477:2.
Of Mankind: Satan’s influence to be removed in order for, E218:T; to life during the 1,000 years by the Great Physician, E473:T; to earthly life during the “times of restitution,” E145:3.
See Restitution.

God’s wisdom chose, for sentence for angels, E413:T-1.

All: In Christ shall be made alive, F698-699; in graves shall come forth, D640-641; in Millennial morning, A140:2; will come out of their graves, E462:2.
Appearances Of Jesus: As a man after, A231:1; for convincing calm judgment, B110:T; during 40 days before ascension, B111:1; ended by vanishing, B127:2; in variety of forms, B126:1; Jesus’ clothing during, B127:4; not recognizable by body, B130:1; object of, B123:1; 124:T; terrified disciples on one occasion, B115:3; to chosen witnesses, B109:2; to disciples in Galilee, B116:2; to gathering of eleven, F383:1; to Paul, B124:2; to Thomas, B116:1; what long intervals in between showed, B125:1; 126:1.
Doctrine Of: Correct views of Job on, E358:5-6; found nowhere but in Bible, A60:1; faith in, based on what, E366:4; false teachings on, F664:1; meaning of, A289:F; F702-706:1; promise of, obscured by false views on death, E321:2.
First: Birth of Church is in, A197:2- 3; chief resurrection, F720:2; dead in Christ, C233-239; 302:1-2; for Christ and Church, A288:2; E316:1; 330:T; 373:3; 395:4-396:1; F130:2; 699:1; 700:2; 706:2; 712:2; Great Company do not share in, F707:F.
Gradual: F706:1; 709:1; 712:2-713; 716:2; except for seed of Abraham, E403:2; requiring Millennium, A289:1, 3.
Hope Of: For Church and world, E348:2-5; F330:2-337; 664-666:4; 694:1; hope of Christians, F440:2; 663:1; Seed of Abraham, E384:T; true vs. false, F661:2-662:1.
Identity In: Bodies, qualities, powers, F721:1-729; in Millennium world gets back old nature freed of blemishes, E456:2; individual identities preserved in, E343:3; 404:5-6; 478:2; will not destroy either memory or identity, A202:2.
Of Ancient Worthies: “By judgment” not required, D619:3; reaction of world to, D628-629; 640:2.
Of Church: F662:2-663:1; different kind of bodies, E343:2,4; 349:2; embryo New Creatures into being fully at, E195:3; entrance into Most Holy, plane “L” on Chart, A244:1; is birth of the New Creature, A197:1-2; liberty of sons of God attained fully through, E458:T; promised for sacrifice of their beings, E336:8; those asleep in Christ perish if no, E349:4,5; to immortality, A211:1-2; E78:2; 84:6; to instantaneous perfection, A153:1; to likeness of the Lord, A196:1.
Of Jesus: Adam’s and David’s Redeemer when raised from the dead, E136:1; and Church, as New Creatures, F706:2; could not be raised a man, E454:1-2; disciples’ response to women’s report, B112:2; instantaneous, F706:1; method chosen to be made known, B124:1-2; news of, to women first, B111:2; 112:1; not body of flesh, B128-131; resurrected a spirit being, E84:5-6; 175:T; 453:2-454:2; to immortality, A211:1; why body removed from tomb, B129:2; why necessary, E442:1.
Of Man: As reward for faithfulness in the living, D641:1; by judgments, stripes, disciplines, A147:4; coming forth from grave not, F708:1; displays power of God, E485:T; glorious, A191:2; greater manifestation of Divine Power than original creation, E346:5; 485:T; lasting life or lasting contempt, F666:3; 716-718; measure of health, F714:2; newness of life, F486-487:1; not change of nature, F706:1; 707:1; 721:2; of earth, earthy, A191:1; opening of prison-house, E378:3; pictured by Ezekiel, E316:2- 317:4; prayer of faith in, D640:2; ransom gives, not brute creation, E320:T; 326:3; 399:1; restitution from death, E142:T; 393:4; under control of glorified Church, F720:2.
Order: Every man in own, F699- 700:1; of four classes, F129:1-130:2; 699-700:1; 720:2; procedure of, F701:2; reign begins before, of sleeping saints, D622:3; 624:3; reverse, D641:T.
Misc.: Mechanism of, E343:2-344:1; necessity for, E347-381; none for such who die the Second Death, A242:T; of Church and world, E316:1; 373:3; of Great Company instantaneous, F707:2; of life only for overcoming classes, F709:2; Sadducees refuted by Lord respecting, E352:1-2; they have done good, unto, F665:8.

French Revolution, D536-539; in Jewish and Gospel Harvests, D536:5; law of, inevitable, D49:1; 536:4; on all who defrauded others, B140:1.

Of Our Lord: John on Isle of Patmos, still expecting, A90:T; must introduce Millennial Age, A90:3; not descent of holy Spirit at Pentecost, A89:3; not destruction of Jerusalem, A89:3; personal, A89:2; the dawn of hope for the world, B104:1.
See Presence, Lord’s Second.

Aid to Luther in deciding Papacy was Antichrist, A28:T; for Church, J3:T; largely history of Antichrist, A28:T; B272:T; “little book” explained (Rev.
10:2, 8-10), C89:1; not understood by John or early Church, A27:2; of Jesus told in signs and symbols, B203:1; promised explanation of author, B271:2; “woman” explained (Rev.
12:1-3, 15, 16), C66-67; D590:5.

Aproper, of God, F157:2; for superior spiritual knowledge, F232:1; give answer with meekness and, (1 Pet.
3:15), F258:T; greater, for Lord and truth by not uttering one word to misrepresent God, F258:1; Lord pitieth those that, Him, F146:1; perfecting holiness in, of Lord (2 Cor. 7:1), F409:1.

Alliance sought in threat of, D129:4; causes of French, D429:2-432:1; 531- 533; affect of American on French, D533:3-4; extravagant wealth precursor of, D101:2; fear of, causes war preparations, D133:1; foreseen by many, D53:4-54; 96:2-3; 420:2; 536:1-3; French, and Jewish Harvest types of impending, D380:1; 529- 541; governments shaken by, D551:1; in Jacob’s Trouble, D556:3; may be started by trivial circumstance, D535:1; not answer to social reform, D441:3; social, in Belgium, D133:T; social, in U.S., D147:2; 460:2; stages of gradual development, D541:2; Time of Trouble a great, A307:1; universal and irresistible, D104:1; various classes ready for, D410:6; warning of, D53-54; will effect social change, D536:4; world-wide, D531:2.
See Armageddon.

Jesus’, given name above every creature (1 Cor. 15:27), E444:1; not given until Christ returns, A103:2; of Church, change of nature, A196:1; 210:1; E395:3-398:6.

Translation: With Papal notes, B320:T-1.

Are the, too severely condemned? D296-305; at mercy of masses, D441:5; benevolence of, D299:1; blinded by “god of this world,” D301:2; difficult in Kingdom for, D634:2; enter God’s Kingdom with difficulty, F574:3-576:3; hatred of, by poor, D98:3; 100:T; 295:1; 312:1; 426:2; independence as viewed by, D308-312; know nothing about true Christianity, D304:1; laying up treasures for last days, D273:1-2; 304:3; Lord’s people to moderate in judgment of, D298:1; pitiable, one view, D497:2-499:1; see meaner side of human nature, D498:T; suffer most in Time of Trouble, D273:T; they that will to be, ensnared, D283:1; to weep and howl in Time of Trouble, D272:3-273; 305:T.
See Wealth.

Of world increased one thousandfold in last 43 years (1916), H8:3.

And wrong principles, A118:2; hand refers to authority, A92:2; principle only will continue to be active, A121:2.

Little Flock the only ones to become, during present evil time, E414:2; many will become, by obedience to Jesus, E414:1.

In Millennial Age: Law of, will rule, E220:2; man will have opportunity to learn blessedness of, E469:1; mankind will learn to love, A303:2; Sun of, to shine, A21:3; those refusing to progress in, spurn grace of God in Christ, E478:2; to be inculcated, E476:1; trial of world will be fair, E408:1.
Of Christ: He is our righteousness, E435:1; F102:1-109; imputed to us, A232:T; only one, to give a ransom for his brother, E99:T; 418:T; 423:T.
Misc.: And sin, battle began at first advent, E189:2; battle of, confined to Israel, E189:F; conversion to, not transforming of New Creature, A198:3; evil now preferred to, A121:T; holy Spirit always exercised in harmony with, E188:1; how taught to uncreated billions, E416:1; knowledge of, necessary for eternal life, E475:3-476:1; laws of, must be kept in the heart for eternal life, E420:T; love based on principles of, E250:3; ministry of reconciliation now to exhort all to walk in paths of, E488:1; most have had little exposure to, in order to choose same, E476:1; of Jehovah, E42:1-4; our, is as filthy rags, E445:2; recognition of, by world is imperfect, E192:1; reign of, Satan bound before, A69:T; selfrighteousness, prevents acceptance of Gospel, E251:1; 261:1; service for, means suffering because sin abounds, E489:3; sinners must accept Divine standard of, E217:3; Spirit of truth will reprove world for lack of, A266:2; E191:3; 291-294; those who professed, crucified Jesus, E490:T; to convince world of, an effect of witnessing, E192:T-192:1; will receive its due reward, evil, its just deserts, A217:1.
See Robe, Of Christ’s Righteousness.

Earthly: Adam and his race to receive, to life by application of ransom- price, K3:T; redeemed by sinoffering, E152:2.
Of: Foreigners, strangers, animals, enemies under Mosaic Law, A50:2- 51:1; mankind and world-wide revolution, A266:T; rulership vested in Jehovah though subordinate control authorized, A262:1.
Misc.: All classes grasping for, D272:3; 533:4; and liberties, real and fancied, B146:2; defended in battle of Armageddon, D541:2; equality of opportunity, conditions, demanded, D431:1.

Symbolizes Bible, C229:2.

Greek word for, examined, E80-81:9; thought it not, to be equal with God, E79-82:1.

Of Christ’s Righteousness: A195:1; C204:1; E445; F235:T; covers imperfections to make acceptable to the Father, E445:2; dependent upon ransom, E445:2; discarded by many, D42:T; symbolically represents justification, E445:2; wedding garment, C197:2-204; F104:T; white raiment (Rev. 3:18), D41:2.
Misc.: Embroidered with good works, C199:2; linen, of priests, typical significance, F235:T.

Christ the, A321:T; B241:T; E375:4- 5; F220:2; is now present and nominal systems are stumbling over, B241:T; of offense, the cross, A239:1; on this, I build my Church, E375:4-5; F220:2; symbolizes Christ’s ransom, A320-321; E375:5.

And staff, comfort, F648:T.

Claims: To be bulwark against Socialism and Anarchism, D131:4- 132; to civil and ecclesiastical dominion, B295.
Compromise: Catholic summary to Parliament of Religions, D234:7-8; exception to, at Parliament, D187:1; largest showing in Parliament of Religions, D188:T; of Protestants toward Roman church and heathendom, D188-193.
Doctrine: Catechism definition of Trinity, E165:2; considers all disbelieving Trinity heretics, E64:2; doctrines explained, D159:3; eternal torment for heretics, D159:3; 172:T; infallibility, D159:3; “The Immaculate Conception” attempts to establish faith in Mary’s being perfect, E98:2.
“Holy Roman Empire”: Called “devil” (Rev. 12:9), why, A258:3- 259; Christendom, a part of, J5:4 (1912); began 800 A.D., B354:1,5; church-state union, B354:2-5; limited land and wealth, D416:1; little horn (Dan. 8:9), C27:2; rise of clerical power in (Dan. 11:27), C34:4; union with church symbolized by harlot, J7:2 (1912) Misc.: Decline in Belgium, D132; hindered missionary work in India, D262:6-264:2; Pontifical, used against Protestants, B349:1-2; possessions legalized under Constantine, B293:2; religion abolished in France after French Revolution, C52-53; D538:1-539; schools established in Ireland, object, B321:6-322:1; seek Protestant conversions, D34:2-35:3; unchanged in character, D205:4; until united with head, not Antichrist, B277:1; worship akin to Hindu worship, D263:1.
See Catholicism; Papacy; Pope.

Apostles expected Jesus to free Israel from, E431:4; army caused small trouble in end of Jewish Age, D530:1; began in days of Caesar, J5:4 (1912); borrowed plan of sacerdotal rule from Babylon, B288:1-2; clay and iron represent church and state of, A254:T; corrupt in reign of Diocletian, B291:2-292; described as “king of north” (Dan. 11:5-19), C27:3; 32; disintegrated and gave way to Antichrist, B296:T; division of, represented in toes of image, A253:2; divisions of, horns of Dan.
7:7-8, A258:2-259; Europe ten toes of, A254:T; 259:2; D623:4; fourth beast of Daniel, A257:3-260:1; C98:T; Israel subject to, at first advent, E157:1; legs and feet of image of Dan. 2, A253:2-3; C98:T; liberal compared to Antichrist, B289:1; pagan hindrance to rise of Antichrist, B288; 296:3-297; represented by fourth beast, A258:1-3; strongest of four universal empires, A253:3; the most devilish of earthly governments, A258:3; under Constantine adopted Christianity, B289- 290; utter destruction of, A260:1-2.

Of David: And Jesse, E139:1; Christ, E135:3-136; Jesus became by his sacrifice, E136:T-1; 144:3; Messiah would spring from, E142:2.
Misc.: Out of which sprang human and spiritual branches, Abrahamic Covenant, A292:3.

One of the most scrupulous translators, A175:1.

Eulogy on “The Son of Man,” E154:1.

Necessity Of: Weakness and a need for help and intercession implied, E476:3.
Qualifications For: Experienced in sin, E478:1; must be individually victorious over sin, E193:1; must realize leading of holy Spirit in ministry of reconciliation, E488:T; must suffer for proclaiming word of reconciliation and refuse to compromise message, E489:3; no man taketh honor unto himself, E487:1-3; victorious over sin, E478:1.
Who Will Be: Church with Christ, E19:2; Jesus, the High Priest, E488:T; 489:3; only the called ones, E489:1.
Work Of: Bless all families of earth, E476:3; guide humanity to God’s likeness in flesh, E78:T; ministry of reconciliation, E487:2; reign over world of mankind, E478:1; supervise restoration of world, E478:1.
See Under-priest, Of Royal Priesthood.

And peasants of Russia contrasted, D86:3-88; animosity between working classes and, D533:4; armies “crown or people?” D559-561; designed to impress subjects and nations, D86:2-87:1; expense of maintaining, D82:3-88; lacking Christian sentiments, D89:1; may be swept away, D96:2; oblivious to people’s conditions, D535:2; of God’s Kingdom, D617-619.
See Kingdoms.

Firm, in Kingdom A302:1; in Millennial Age, by law of truth, E220:2; iron, of Messiah will enforce righteousness, A310:1; many will feel rebellious against iron, A302:1- 303:1; over two, five and ten cities, F419:1; Satan had no title to, authoritatively, E448:1; wage-workers would enforce Golden, A331:1.

Civil: Of Christendom have no desire for Kingdom, C179:1; when proper to resist, A266; F593-594; why Church subject to earthly, A266:1.
Misc.: In past, controlled world’s wealth, A311:1; Jesus did not dispute Satan’s claim as, of this world, E112:2; perfect man created, of earth, A174:2; 175:1; Satan is, of “present evil world,” A68:1.

First saw distinction between call to Divine nature and restitution about 1881, C367:1-F; in 1877 foretold return of favor to Israel, B223:1; issued Food for Thinking Christians, 1881, C367:F; saw other features of Divine Plan through study of prophecy, B31:1; teachings on time prophecies and Lord’s return practically unchanged, B236.

23 wars since 1800, D119:1; comparison of royalty and poverty, D86- 89:1; coronation of Czar, D86-89; Czar of, a false messiah, D580:2; Czar’s empire prevents bankruptcy, D92:1; ended higher education for poor in 1887, D78:2; financial burdens crushing, D92; Hebrew- Christian Movement of southern, C278:1-282:1; 284-285; land of north, D553:2; number of Jews in, C271:2; Peoples’ Rights Party prepared manifesto to Czar, D57-58; Socialism in, D483:1; soldiers detailed for famine riots in, D546:1; upheld autocracy, D57:1; wheat production in, D390:2; where nearly one-half of the Hebrew race resides, B217:1.

Christians: Observe first day of week, F382:2-387:1; should keep Sunday faithfully, F387:T; 389:1- 390:1.
Cycle: 7 x 7000 marks Earth’s great Jubilee, F51:T; counted at once upon entering Canaan, B184:2; F390:2; followed by Jubilee day, B175:3; F51:T; followed by Jubilee Year, B176:1; F51:T; leading to antitypical Jubilee, F50:2; 391:2; multiplying Sabbaths pointed out Pentecost, B180:1.
Day: Nature stamps the number seven, F388:1; Shew-bread replaced, T:116; used for promulgation of Gospel, F381:1-382:1.
Jewish: Imperfectly kept by Israel, B192:1; is typical, F390:2-391:3; Rabinowitch observed, C281:1; replaced by Christian observance of first day of week, F382:2-384:2.
Rest Of: Advantageous to animate and inanimate, F387-238:2; for land every seventh year, B176:1; present and future, F391:4-394:2.
Misc.: In early Church, custom, not law, F381-382:1; influence of, attached to first day of week, F382:2- 384:2; is Christ’s reign, B39:2; New Creature not obliged to keep literal, F380; obligatory only upon Jews, F390:2; of land fulfilled by seventy year desolation, B191:2; of Mat.
24:30, means seventh millennium, D579:1; seventh thousand, venerable tradition, B39:2; signifies rest, B175:F; typified Millennial, B40:T; F391:1-2; why Jesus kept, F379- 380:1.

Became important in second century, B285:1; of baptism in Westminister Confession, F425:4; of baptism, necessary in Catholic catechism, F424:2.

Antitypical: In order to establish, Law Covenant sacrifices set aside, E426:1; merit of, presented to God by Jesus, E449:3; true, replaced typical at 33 A.D., B68:1-3.
Atonement: Made by Mediator of, E32:2.
Better: Finished at close of Gospel Age, E487:2; T73:3; 118:T; law typified, A157:2; D592:2; E449:3; offered by antitypical priesthood, B208:1; F121:1.
Continual: Set aside by Papacy, C98:2-104:1.
For Sins: No further, needed after full restitution, E477:2; was for all, E19:1; T90:2; wisdom waited 2,000 years after, to begin restitution work and 4,000 years before, to give the ransom, A158:T; E452:2.
Living: Each priest required to offer himself, while administering word of reconciliation, E490:1-2.
Measure Of: Faithfulness, E490:3; love, F675:1.
Of Christ: A free gift of forgiveness, A156:1; bought blessings of Millennium for world, E221:2; for Adam’s sin, not for wilful sin, F167:1; for Church and the world, E446:2; T79:3; gave all he had, E440:1; 453:1; included possible race of his own, E139:1; Jesus’ humanity sacrificed forever, B129:T; D649:3; E105:3; 151:1; 299:4; 454:1; justice did not compel, E462:1; made available by resurrection and ascension, E442:1; our hope centered in, E464:T; pictured in Genesis, A57:2; pomegranate showed faithful, T30:3; presented at age of 30, E426:T; proves death wages of sin, E441:1; 480; sacrificial death of Church part of, E411:T; seals New Covenant making it operative, E28:T; 426:1; 455:1.
Of Church: A living, A196:1; 198:3; T20:2; acceptable only after the Atonement, E19:3; 487:3-488; F121:1; acceptable only through ransom, A226:1; E442:1; 445:2; Covenant of, A141:1; Golden Rule is the only limitation on, F603:2; includes curtailing earthly interests, F469:1; now acceptable time for, A212:2; part of Jesus’ sacrifice, E419:2; T26:3.
Of Israel: Public teachers refer to bloody, as barbaric, D592:2.
Of Jesus And Church: Impossible without permission of evil, A136:T; is willing, unlike other class which finds it burdensome, T72:2.
Of Law Covenant: All pointed to sin-offering, E446:1.
Typical: Gave typical justification to Israel, A71:3; 221:4; 229:1; of Isaac represented Christ Jesus, A155:1.
Misc.: Consecration to, vs. consecration to righteousness, F124:1-127:1; fanaticism in, to be avoided, F603:1; love moved to, A225:2; New Creation voluntary, F92:1; New Creature called to, E336:8; F71; 108:1; 111:2; 116:1; 121:1; 636:2- 637:1; not acceptable in Millennium, A212:2; 215:1; of human nature and rights, A196:1; 212:1; 213:1; of human will, first thing, A198:3; of labor and service is sweet incense to God, A234:1-2; once accepted cannot be taken back, A213:2; “spiritual” (1 Pet. 2:5) omitted in Sinaitic MS, A83:F; B208:3; T22:F.
See Sacrifices; Sin-Offering; Types.

The Church: Must receive at-onement from Redeemer before becoming, E487:2.

Infidels, E351:1; refuted by Lord on resurrection, E352:1-2.

Attitude Of: Carefully guard justice and honesty, D524:1; duty of, during trouble, A338:2-342:2; in the world but not of the world, D522-525; not to judge as between wheat and tares until harvest, C137:1; operating business, D521:1-525:1; rejoice in Kingdom prospects, C304:1; should use their wealth, D521:3; to stand separate from closing struggle of age, B360:1.
Experiences Of: Escape special wrath, but not general wrath of God, E410:1; persecuted for centuries, D52:T; wearing out, crushing of, B328:4; 337:1.
Gathered: Out of Babylon, A239:1; C165:2; to present truth, D610:1-4.
Victory Of: Each individual must be victorious over sin, E193:1; overcoming, to spiritual phase of Kingdom, A288:2.
Warfare Of: Need to battle selfishness, D308:1; 352:2; 475-477; not the Lord’s great army, D543:1; share in work of breaking to pieces present kingdoms, B100:1; D624:1-3.
Misc.: Advice regarding operating business, D521:1-526:1; always held fast to ransom, D591:2; begotten by word of, A196:2; Elohim applicable to, E68:9-10; encouraged to faithfulness, A346-349; God’s Word allabsorbing theme for, A347:1; “housetop” higher than nominal church members; D575:1; if many, could revolutionize society, D515:4; in Christ, only those begotten as New Creatures, E243:4; 328:2,3; Kingdom of the, D618:1; living, share in Kingdom work, C235:2-238:T; 302:1-2; D622:1; 624:3; not hindered now from understanding all truth, D605:2; not to be left in ignorance, B21:1; proved to have Spirit of Christ, D636:2; reign begins before resurrection of sleeping, D622:3; 624:3; resurrected, present in earth with Lord, C234:1-302:2; shall judge the world, A145:3; sustained by Christ, A89:2; to escape Time of Trouble, D516:1; tribulation, represented by lambs, D17:1; trusted with autocratic power, D636:1-2; with Jesus, constitute “The Christ,” A81.
See Elect; Faithful; Little Flock.

Of earth, preserves from utter moral corruption, D15:1.

Everlasting: Has limitations placed by Mediator, E473:1; not promised by 1 Tim. 2:4, E468:3.
In Gospel Age: Not of works but of grace, F410-411; nothing beyond Scriptures needed for, A21:2; of Church, separate work, E25:2; 489:1; only of Little Flock, E414:2; only one way of, A103:T.
Of World: General and special, A107:2; offered under reign of Prince of Peace, A106:1; pictured in God’s dealing with Sodom and Amalekites, A111:1-112:3.
Plan Of: Advantageous to mankind, E483:3-486; Biblical view, A100:5- 102; 116:2,3; gave opportunity for election of Church, E485:2; in Bible alone, F331:1; steps in, F333:2-334.
Source Of: Arm of Lord, E417:2- 418; came from the Lord when none could help, E418:1; God is author of, 33:2; Jehovah is the, E33:1,2; 35:3- 36:10; 427:T; 418:1.
Two: Contrasted, A106-107; F67; failure to recognize difference between, F67:1-2.
Universal: Everlasting, unbiblical, E466:1-469; 473:1; 475:1.
Work Of: By Jesus as representative of God, E35:1; sending of Jesus was first step in, E425:1; 427:T.
See Saved, All Men To Be.

Returned from captivity of death, A112:2.

By Holy Spirit: Is a witness, E242:T; marked by world’s disapproval, F132:2; through Word, E242:1-243; 245:2-246; 251:2; 256:1; F137:2- 138.
By Jesus: Made unto us, F119:3- 137:1; makes us acceptable to the Father, E435:1; merit and the holy Spirit, E242:1.
Church’s: Does not mean human perfection, but heart loyalty and diligence in service, F136:1-137:1; erroneous views of attaining actual sinlessness, F157:1-158:1; in Christ, the Head, preserver, guide, instructor, F119:3-120:1; marks of, by holy Spirit, F132:2; not emotion, but understanding of truth and joy of faith, F140:1-143:2; power of prayer in, E245:2-246:1; progressive, F133:1; 136:2; setting apart justified class to holy service, F121:1; two parts, F133:1-134:1.
Meaning Of: In Heb. 10:29 is justified, E473:1; signifies setting apart or separating, E241:3; what it implies, F136-137:1.
Typical: Consecration for typical Israelites, Levites and priests, F123:2-124:3.
World’s: In Millennium, outward vs. heart, E478:2; F122:1.

All are New Creatures in Christ, E243:4; by “Thy truth,” not any truth, error or ignorance, F137:2-139:1; must be first justified, E241:3; saints are, by difficulties of way, A214:2.

And Host: Both defiled by Papacy, C104:2; 146:2; division of Church into two classes, C37:1.
Class: Freed from Papal bondage at end of 1260 years, C122:2-123; gradually enlightened, C116:1; 118-123; D610-612; the true Church, C36:1; 98:1; 118:2; D30:1.
Cleansing Of: Abomination of desolation until, D571:3; after 1846 a season for unfolding God’s plan, C120:2-3; at end of 2300 years, C105-108:1; 119; defilements of, C95:3; 108:3; 146:2; errors removed by Wm. Miller’s teachings, C115:2- 118; gradual, C109-120; obstructed by church-state union, C111:3,4; reformers stopped short, D31:1; valuable work of reformation, D30:1.
Misc.: After work of reconciliation God will place his, among men, T76:2; base of, ransom, overthrown, C96:2; 103:2-3; or “Most Holy” sometimes called “Holy Place,” T13:F; trodden under foot 2300 years, C104:2.

Of peace, part of Christian’s armor, F657:5.

Under law of Moses, A53:1.

See Ananias.

Typified the Abrahamic Covenant, A85:T; E105:T; F170:1.

Ambitions Of: Will result in abasement, E423:1; to be like God opposite to that of Jesus, E81:10; to be monarch instigated his rebellion, E113:1.
Binding Of: Already accomplished in world’s judgment day, A146:2; during thousand-year reign, F619:1; during trouble, A69:1; 307:1; 318:3; first work of Christ in Millennial reign, A68:2; 73:1; E20:T; 470:T; in lapping of Gospel and Millennial Ages, A73:1; 251:1; 261:1; 307:1; increase of knowledge works to, A265:1; misleading influences will be restrained, D519:2; results of, D635:1; taken unawares by Lord’s parousia, D612:1.
Blinding Influence Of: Affects some more than others, A158:1; God wills men to be saved from, E470:T; on world, E19:2-3; 186:2; 189:1; 220:2; 448:1; on world to be removed, E218:T; some more easily susceptible to, A152:2; with truth, E61:1- 62:1; F616:2; would have no dominion without sin, E448:1.
Deceptions Of: An angel of light, especially in harvest, F638:2-641:1; as angel of light introduces false hopes into creeds, F660:3-664:1; as reformer, E113:1-116:1; by physical healing, D612:1; cause unbelief in a God by some, E18:3; denies man’s fall into sin, E116:T; doctrine of Trinity, E61:T; 166:T; enslaved mankind through ignorance, superstition and their own weaknesses, E448:1; eternal torment, E441:1- 442:T; hiding and misrepresenting truth, E61:1-62:1; his original lie and spiritism, F621:1-623:3; 624:3-627:1; on New Creation, F609:1-611:9; uses counterfeits for ransom and restitution, F624:1-2; when successful on New Creatures, his greatest triumph, E294:2; why God permits, F626:1- 633:2; wilful, scheming adversary of New Creation, F609:1-611:9.
Delivered To: Adam, by Justice when he sinned, E451:1; Great Company, for destruction of flesh, A214:1.
Destruction Of: As leader of disobedient to be destroyed at end of Millennial Age, E480:T; in due time, E390:1; not until God’s plan is accomplished, E412:T; prince of air to be overthrown by Christ, C238:1; proves angels are mortal, A187:1; subsequent to reign, F619:1; to be destroyed along with spirit of evil, E193:T.
God Of This World: Controller of “present evil world,” A67:1; 68:T; 69:1; 75:1; 220:1-221:1; 318:3; controls Gentile kingdoms, A249:2; 250:2-251:1; 263:T; dominion of earth abandoned to, F650:1; prince by usurpation, A249:2-250:2.
Nature Of: A spirit being, E188:1; is mortal, E390:1; 392:2.
Spirit Of: Error, fear, bondage, etc., E198:3; has an unholy Spirit, E188:1; selfishness, envy, hatred, etc., E186:2; spirit of evil, E193:T; vs. Spirit of Lord, E79:2-82.
Temptation Of: First, on Jesus, E110:3; on nominal church to abandon way of the cross, E114:3; reformers failed to resist, E114:4; second, on Jesus, E111:1; suggested is “social uplift,” E115:1; third, on Jesus, E112:2-114:2.
Used Antichrist System As: Agency to resist new order, B359-361; chief representative, F617:1-619:1; his counterfeit kingdom, B348:2; his workmanship, B302:2.
Work Of: Chief foe of ransom, E428:2; energetic, accompanies Christ’s presence, B359:T; has not thwarted God’s plans, A116:1; identified with infliction of death penalty, E448:1-2; 449:1; limited to extent of ability to operate through mankind, A262:2; operates through great ones of Babylon, C238:1; operates through human agencies, B122:1; 137:1; prompt in opposing the Divine Plan, D611:2; serves as the executioner of God’s laws, E449:1; successful in operating through human agents, B137:1-2.
Misc.: Catholic claim regarding loosing of, J6:2 (1912); change from Rome Pagan to Rome Papal illustrated chief characteristic of, A258:3; exalted by view of Arminianism, A115:1-116:1; had no title to rule authoritatively, E448:1; heavenly Father’s course toward, D611:3; Jesus did not dispute claim of, that he controlled world, E113:T; Jesus refused to acknowledge, and his great power in the, world, E74:2; “householder” (Mat. 24:42), D611:1-612:3; personality denied by many, E187:2; pride brought his abasement, A189:2; ransom-price not paid to, E449:3; Scriptures regarding, F609-611; supposed he was frustrating Divine will, E485:T; symbolized by Dragon-star, C321:1; why he instigated the French Revolution, C65:2-66:1.
See Temptations, To Jesus.

Of Justice: Accomplished by payment of penalty for sin, E461:1; first phase of Atonement, E20:1; Jesus and Church make, during Gospel Age, T76:2; place of making, Mercy Seat, E442:F; propitiation, E441:1; 461:T; sacrifice for sins completes, E17:5; without, God could not accept us as sons, E432:2.
Of New Creature: Enjoyed in this present life, F93:1; must partake of truth to experience, F225:1; of mind, in obedience to symbol of baptism, F452:2.
Misc.: Each nature will have, in his own state, F63:T.

King Of Israel: Defeated by Philistines at Megiddo; J2:2 (1912); had the Spirit of God, but lost it, E176:1; reigned during 40 years following last judge, B50:1.
Of Tarsus: Conscientiously persecuted the saints, B280:1; only, saw Christ’s spirit body, C235:T; served God ignorantly, J13:3 (1912); was an Antichrist–opposer of Christ, B281:1.

All Men To Be: And come to knowledge of truth, E466:1-470:T; God wills, from Satan’s blinding influences, E470:T; God’s will for, from ignorance, blindness, degradation, E469:T.
Church: By grace, not by works of the flesh, F410:1; by hope, faith, reckoned, not completely, F161:1; from death as yet only by hope, F697:1; from state of sin and alienation from God, A233:T; from trouble following their departure, C241:3; in an anticipatory sense, F664:3.
Fleshly Israel: Remnant of, through meekness and faith, B229:1.
Great Company: By destruction of flesh in great tribulation, T69:2; by being delivered to Satan for destruction of flesh, A214:1; F412:1; some when Babylon destroyed, C364:1.
How Many: Our Lord refused to answer, E401.
Israel To Be: Not all saved eternally, but from blindness, E469:3; recovered to favor, A300:T.
Nominal Spiritual Israel: Remnant of, from fall of nominal mass, B229:1.
Through Christ: By no other name under heaven, E472:2.

Christ: If Christ be not risen, we have no, F695:1; Messiah, Physician and, E472:2; every appellative of, significant, E85:2.
God: By being author of plan of salvation, E33:2; through Jesus Christ, E33-36:10; will show himself a great, C317:T.
Jewish Belief Of: Knew was to come out of Judah, C251:T; many, not an individual, C172:T; some declare civilization is the only, C249:2.
Misc.: A dead, could not aid the redeemed, F161:2; Christian Science suggests there is no, F549:2; Evolution Theory caused many to conclude they needed no, C345:3; mean and fallen of human family realize more keenly their need of a, F89:1.

Christ’s: Of earth shall be wielded in Jehovah’s name, E44:1; resisted by those who will resist righteousness, B300:1.
Or Right: Lord secured to himself, of earth’s dominion, B85:1; to rule, B86:2; to rule was not removed, B83:2; when passed to Jesus, Law Covenant ended, B85:2.
Removed: In the days of Zedekiah, A248:2; interregnum between, and Restoration is Times of Gentiles, A250:T.
Misc.: And crown distinguished, B81:2; 83:2; did not depart until Jesus became heir, B82:T.

Of Christ: Ante-Chamber symbolizes, C352:T; consecrated have entered, F154:1; 327:1; have Spirit’s witness of growth in grace and knowledge, E239:2; instruction on principles of justice and righteousness, F563:2; only are sanctified through truth, F138:T; teaches the real meaning of Love, F369:1.
Public: Justice demands be freed from religion, F542:1.
Theological: Evolution markedly shown in, E21:T; grinds spiritual food for Babylon, D609:4.
Misc.: And Bibles are Antichrist’s enemies, B322:1; Ante-Chamber suggests idea of a, C332:1; of adversity disciplines for future, D634:2.
See Sunday, School.

Christian: Cures are works of devil, F624:2; 640:1; denies ransom, D66:T; F624:2; 639:2; false suggestions, F549:1-2; 640:T; ignores truth and science, F624:1; is a Bible-denying theory, E62:1; making special attacks upon Protestants, E370:T; women chief apostles and prophets in, T103:2.
Declares: Children inherit vices and virtues, E309:1; Jesus died because his heart burst, F649:T; man is a soul, E322:2; matter is indestructible, E399:2; our component atoms change each seven years, A202:F; views on man, soul, God, Evolution, E304:1-2.
Misc.: And Bible harmonious, A163:2; and education used as weapons against truth, F658:1; and invention, affect on social equilibrium, D460:2; conclusions of, by no means infallible, A163:1; Divine Plan of the Ages the highest of all, F138; gatherings of New Creatures not for consideration of worldly, F318:T; Great Pyramid important witness to natural, C320:1; Greek philosophers were leaders of world in, B323:1; not absolutely correct, F138; Phrenology, E322:2; sanitary arrangements of Mosaic Law, A53:1; Satan transforms himself into messenger of, F639:T.

Agree below crust the earth is hot and molten, F23:2; agree with Scriptures that life comes from the male, E100:2; 103:2-3; can’t account for darkening of sun in 1780, D585:2; Great Pyramid an object of wonder to, A165:2; Great Pyramid confounds atheistical, C37:2; have attempted to show man’s life not from Creator, E398:7; repudiate science of previous times, F139:T.

As to Lord’s presence, nominal Christians, B167:1-2.

Of typical temple typified harvest truth, C150:2; 189:2-3.

As representatives of church-nation did not receive Jesus, C170:1; had perverted conceptions of Sabbath, F379:2; Lord recognized as legitimate instructors of people until A.D.
33, C152:1; represented Jewish nation as a whole, C168:T; whether amenable to Second Death we cannot judge, E272:2; would not have persecuted Jesus had he refrained from exposing, E236:2.

Alone: Cure for world’s disease, D468:4; explain plan of salvation, F331:1; need nothing beyond, A21:2.
Harmony Of: In testimony of fall and redemption, A56:2-57:1; E405:2; proof of their Divine inspiration, E405:2; F233:1.
Searching Of: Ascertain God’s will by, E276:T; in early Church, F232:1- 233:1; Miller Movement brought, C85:1; nominal church members have ceased, D163:2; our duty, D66:1; to be filled with the Spirit, E204:3-205:2; 246:T; to prove elders’ presentations, F245:T; in early Church, F232:1-F233:1; with reverent spirit, B25:T.
Misc.: Are not of human origination, E405:2; are the “harp of God,” F233:1; Babylon’s teachers seek to undermine and destroy authority of, D162:T; comfort New Creatures, how, E268:1; do not give date when door closed, C205:4; lamps represent in parable of virgins, C92:1; Lord convinced disciples of his resurrection by, B124:T; not to be separated from context, F180:1; preserved in comparative purity, F202:2; prove every step of truth by, B14:1; rules for harmonizing and interpreting the, B143:3-145:T; second coming of Lord most prominent topic of, B29:1; testify of things new and old, F233:2; text cards in home useful, F554:1; translations of, Lord provides in harvest, C124:1; truth-seeker will verify statements by, B172:T.
See Bible; Word, Of God.

Churches Rolling Together As:
Distinct and separate, yet in close proximity, D259:T; folden together as thorns, D267:1; for self-protection, D258:2; of little consequence to anarchy, D551:3; opposed and yet connected, D3:1; two ends rapidly approaching, D552:T.
Of Life: Has names of probationary members of church, C222:1.
Of Revelation: Given to Jesus, E37:T-1; represents Divine Plan, E36:11.
See Church.

Babylon Cast Into: Like a millstone, I4:1; D3:2; 40:1; of ungovernable peoples, D110:4.
Carried Into Midst Of: In anarchy, D46:T; 551:1; 596:3; swallowed up by turbulent masses, A323.
Red: Represents Second Death, F459:T.
Restless: Of humanity curbed, but not fully restrained, D596:1-2; of ungovernable peoples, D111:T; turbulent, dissatisfied masses, A318:1.
Roaring: Already, against social system, D551:1; due to wane of ecclesi astical influence, D597:1; represents threats of anarchists and discontents, A325:1; represents voice of discontented mass, D149:4; 596:3.
Misc.: Ships of state wrecked in surging, of anarchy, D67:1.
See Anarchy; Masses.

Of Holy Spirit: Defined, E246:2- 248:2; 264:2; evidence we are children of God, F191:2; first-fruit of the Spirit, E437:T; from the Father and through Christ, E246:4; given unto probationary members of New Creation, F132:1; T29:1; if lost, no part in First Resurrection, E437:T; is the evidence of our justification and sanctification, E242:T; not an outward mark, E247:3; not the gifts of the holy Spirit, E247:3; or pledge is in the heart, E247:4; or seal of sonship, E437:T.
Of New Covenant: By sacrifice of Christ, E28:T-1; 30:4; 426:1; 455:1.
Of Sonship: He who has it delights to do the Father’s will, E248:T; must not be marred or quenched, but kept fresh and bright, E248:2; one of the most advanced witness of the Spirit, E248:1; sealing in foreheads an evidence of, B169:T; shows being at-one with the Father, E247:5.
With Spirit Of Promise: Advanced evidence of God’s covenant with the sealed, E247:T; or have first-fruits of the Spirit, E247:1; shows a binding contract between the Lord and us, E247:2.
Misc.: Death of Jesus was a, B68:3.
See Holy Spirit.

Before: Armageddon battle, D548:1; dark night, C211:4-212:1; 225:1; 232:T; fall of Babylon, C165:2; four winds loosed, C225:1.
Daniel’s Prophecy: Still to many prophetic students, C25:T; until end of this Dispensation, J3:2 (1912); until Time of the End, C24:2.
Divine Plan: By God until time of the end, B15:1; by God with his Time-Lock, B24:1; until needed and appreciated, C320:2.
In Foreheads: Before storm of trouble, B169:T; C211:2; high calling continues until all Church are, C195:1; intellectual appreciation of time, presence, B169:T; intellectually with the truth, B235:1; 264:1; C165:2-166:2; 195:1; 211:2; 225:1; 303:1; now progressing, C166:2.
Law Covenant: With blood of bulls and goats, B178:T.
Others: Church engaged in harvest work of, C211:2; 303:1.
Misc.: Faithful are being, C220:3; faithful ones will not fall with Babylon, C167:2; glorification does not immediately follow, C212:1.

Knowledge withheld until broken, D605:2; purpose of in olden times, E246:3.

God’s Word: Consecration to God will insure, T119:2; daily, F729; Miller’s Movement led to, C85:1; 118:3; prompted by new mind to know Divine will, E201:1; required in order to be filled with the Spirit, E205:1; symbolized by trimming of lamps, C92:1; used to ascertain God’s will, E275:3.

Changing: Arranged by God in their order, F572:1; produced by removal of last ring around earth, F28:1.
“It Is Not For You To Know Times And”: Does not mean Jesus doesn’t now know, B18:2; 21:1; does not mean we can never know, B18:2; 21:1; not for disciples before Pentecost, B120:T; not for disciples in Jesus’ day, A80:T; 275:1; F225:1.
Times And: Adversary uses his knowledge of, D611:2; Brethren will not be in darkness of, B22:1-2; C215:T, 2; discernment of, proof of presence of Lord, D599:1; God is pleased to show us, B25:1; Great Pyramid a corroboration of, C320:2; hidden by God until due time, B42:3; hidden in past to prevent discouragement, B25:1; not intended to be convincing to surface reader or insincere skeptic, B39:T; now clearly discernible, B19:T; Second Volume offers chain of testimony on, B15:2; should be confined to record of Scriptures, B18:T; understood by Church for a proper witnessing, B120:F.
Misc.: From Greek word kairos, B78:F; Hebrews divided year into two, D602:F.

Blessing after full consecration of profound rest, F134:1; chance for Adam and first individual opportunity for descendants, A130:1.

All may receive life by accepting, A106:1; 108:T; F696:T; 699:T; at second advent gives life by restitution, E137:2-138:1; 140:2; by purchasing Adam’s place and rights, E139:1; 221:2; 453:1; 454:4; is Father of restored human race, E453:1; 454:3- 4; 457:1-458:2; not in the flesh, E137:2; 221:3; 454:3-4; since his resurrection, E221:3.

False Theory Of: By nominal Christians makes void promises, C172:1-2; Church is to first establish Kingdom on earth, A287:1; in the future caused by neglect to study, E158:1.
Object Of: Restitution, A94:3; E24:T; 137:2; to set up Christ’s Kingdom on earth, A345:2.
Prophecies Of: Aided by Seventy Weeks prophecy, B64:2; do not all mark moment of arrival, B106:2- 107:T; more numerous than first advent, B106:T-1; to be understood about time of event, B26:T.
Time Of: Apparent inharmony of beginning of 7,000 years and, explained, C127:1-128:2; central object of time prophecies to mark, C124:2; due when times of restitution due in 1874, B188:1; 211:2; first advent would have occurred at, if there was no Church, A94:1; E477:T; Millennial reign of Christ is at, A219:2; 249:1; proven to be in October 1874, C125:2; 127:T; 341:1.
View On: Apostles did not expect in their lifetime, F225:1; disciples expected would probably occur in their day, B160:T; 225:1.
Misc.: Apostles guarded in expressions respecting, F225:1; Church does Elijah work and announces, B250:1; 253:1-2; first step in accomplishment of salvation, A116:3; first work of, gathering church, B104:2; F419:1; most prominent topic of Scripture, B29:1; relates to first advent as effect to cause, B104:1; study of, a test to consecrated, C86:1; time for giving restitution to world is after, K3:T; we long for, more than Jew longed for first advent, A116:3.
See Advent, Second.

Definition: Everlasting destruction, C358:3; E199:T; 273:1; 330:1; 388:T; 465:2; gehenna signifies, E333:T; 380:2; lasting death, A130:T; nowhere spoken of as a sleep, E330:1; to be returned to sheol, E365:T; utter destruction, E380:2; will be penalty for any who sin wilfully, A144:1-2; 151:T; 158:1; 321:1; E203:2; 218:1; 272:2-273:2; 387:3.
For: Satan and his followers after Little Season, J6:4 (1912); those who sin against holy Spirit, E272:T-273:2.
Penalty For New Creatures: Not a numerous class, F165:2; only have as yet sufficient light to incur, A145:1; to those with full light who sin wilfully, F165:3-168:1; 203:2; who sin wilfully in gross immorality or deny ransom, F166:1-168:2; will not fall in, if trust in God, F161:2.
Penalty For World: All who obey because compelled by force will be cut off in, D520:1; all who refuse offer of reconciliation in Millennium, E30:T; after their trial in Millennial Age, E20:1; 330:2-332:4; 402:1; 473:1-475:1; cut off in, at age 100 if will not progress, E478:2; goat class of sheep and goats, E480:T; The Christ shall destroy incorrigible in, D633:1; those rejecting Divine mercy, E468:2; who practice or sympathize with sin at end of Millennial Age, E474:2; whose influence could not be beneficial and existence would not glorify God, E31:1; wilful sinners who will not hear The Christ, E218:1; 387:3; 471:1; 473:1.
Misc.: Use of rod on children may possibly save them from, E368:1; whether Scribes and Pharisees in, we cannot judge, E272:2.

Chambers: Elect are warned against deception of Christ in, B165:1; seances will claim to show Christ in, B158:T; Spiritists are claiming they see Christ at seances, D582:1.
Place Of Most High: Condition of entire consecration, D43:2; 66:T; Church’s dwelling place, D157:2; 616:1; typified by the Most Holy, D43:2.
Misc.: Societies, not to be entangled with, D44:3.

Spirit Of: Broke out amongst Corinthians, F81:1; developed with error in Dark Ages, F207:2; condemned by Paul, F81:1.
Misc.: Carnal-mindedness, F80:2- 84:T; is being shaken, J12:3 (1912); Lord has not refused any who came to him through, C186:2; many of Lord’s people in Babylon confused by, F206:T; present truth condemns, C141:T; should not be considered in invitations to partake of the Memorial, F473:T; true teachers of Bible dangerous to, C144:2.

Are: Antichrists, D580:2,4; Babylon, F430:2; contrary to Divine institution, F430:1; followers of different men, F82:T; not channels for sealing work, C166:2; shackles to be struck off, C184:1-186:T.
Claiming: Each, long ago to be the one true church, D159:2; essential to salvation to be joined to a sect, C141:1-142:1; 186:1-2; they are all branches of one church, D161:2.
Creeds Of: Are fixed and stationary, A11:2; errors in, devised by Satan, A147:T; truth found in, value not discernible because mixed with error, A24:2; used to judge individuals’ hearts and motives, C138.
Doctrines Of: Claim apostolic succession, D33:3; developed tares and choked and separated wheat, C138; false, inherited from Papacy, D30:T; of divine right of kings, D36:2; Spirit of truth is lost in, D32:1; true Church has no need for, C186:1-187:1.
Do Not Claim: Now, theirs is not the only true Church, C141:1-142:1; D161:2; 581:T; now most, member- ship in theirs secures heavenly glory, C186:2; to be free from tares, C138.
Unite: Efforts to, D180:4-182:T; for mutual cooperation and defense, D266:3; for strength, D171:T-3; to form cooperative union or federation, C258:2; to make imposing appearance before the world, C142:1; to oppose present truth, C141:T.
Misc.: Born virgins through Reformers, D29:3; conflicting doctrines divided nominal church into, D159:2; court favor and patronage of world, D31:1-32:2; Evangelical Alliance is organization of Protestant, C119:2; harvest truth not designed to convert whole, B236:1; Jewish, Lord did not reform, C159:3-160:2; majority in, not members of Body, F446:1; Reformation divided former veneration of Papacy among several, C51:1; Sanctuary class since 1846 kept separate from, C119:2; some nominal Christians are consecrated to, E194:T; some of Miller Movement bound themselves as new, C85:1; why Lord does not reform, C158:2- 162:2.

Good: Are spiritual children, classes “n” and “m” on Chart, A238:1; is truth from which springs wheat class, C146:2; time to sow, is past, C215:2.
Of Abraham: By end of Millennium, all obedient will be earthly, L2:1-2.
FLESHLY: Called first, B206:T; given land of promise, C265:1; proved unfit for chief honor, C169:2; 297:2; typified by Ishmael, C298:1; 366:1.
Israel’s promises indefinite whether heavenly or earthly, A299:2; Jesus proved to be, by fulfilling Law, B85:1; F355:T-357:1; Jesus was antitypical, F380:1; seemingly had failed, A77:3-80:T.
SPIRITUAL: Babylon claims to be true, C171:1; seed of Jehovah, B206:T; The Christ, A82:1-85:T; 95:1; C217:2; E476:3; F177:1; 361:T-362:2; The Christ received as the only seed of promise, C297:2; to bless all the families of the earth, F193:1; 222:1; to bless natural seed, D651:2; typified by Isaac, A84:2; 155:1; C298:1; 366:1-2.
TWO: Of Abrahamic Covenant, F355:T-1; natural and spiritual, E403:2; Paul shows God intended, T35:T; promises will be fulfilled unto, C299:1.
Of Adam: Jesus, through Eve, E152:T; sentence of condemnation extended to, A156:1.
Of Christ: Those of Adam’s seed who accept adoption, A129:1.
Of Men: Church mingle with, to form Babylon (Dan. 2:43), A254:T.
Of The Woman: Antagonist of the seed of the serpent, E152:T; to bruise serpent’s head, A98:1; E383:4; F353:1; was ray of hope, A77:2; 154:1.
Misc.: Man Jesus had perfect unborn, A129:T; E453:1; of Jewish Age sown by Moses and prophets, B233:1; to every, his own body, F706:1.

Of Little Flock: Antichrist has misrepresented plan regarding, B301:T; began at Pentecost, E210:1; just enough time between first advent and blessing time to allow for, A94:2.
See Election.

Exercising, by living celibate life profitable, F511:1; God highly appreciates, F552:T; only perfect men are prepared to have, F628:T; parents should teach, to children, F553:1; sufferings from lack of, not for right eousness, F634:T; to the Father, E31:T.

And sacrifice measure consecration, F344:2-345:1; costs, to have Spirit of truth, C94:T; in social reforms not an evidence of true consecration, T119:2; parents should teach children to practice, F552:T; progress in Lord’s way means, F116:2; 153:2; redeeming the time will cost, E431:1; tares opposed to, A287:2.

Needed to see witnesses of holy Spirit, E234:2.

Mankind prefers Broad Way of, A212:T; race sold by Adam through sin in, E453:T.

Condition upon which one is accepted to New Creation, F116:1; elders should have spirit of, F245:T; feebleminded should be encouraged to, F305:1; God measures faithfulness by our, E234:1; 490:3; F344:2; 675:1; Great Company do not carry out their contract of, T69:2.

One of the chief battles of Church is against, E112:1; opposing it gave Jesus the victory, E112:1.

Eradication Of: By Christ’s reign, A171:T; 310:1; 333:1; D525:1; Great Physician has only cure for, D469:2; in society by Lord’s power, D383:4; near, D376:4; needs to be replaced by love, D460:2; 463:1; through Time of Trouble, B140:1; 153:T; D272:1; 461:T; 615:2; will require 1,000 years, D311:2.
Of Christendom: Fruit of false vine, F206:1; its controlling principle, D311:1; results of, D307:1.
Of Satan: In ambitions cause of his degradation, E423:1; same spirit which controls the world, E186:2.
Of World: Assembles the nations, D271:1; both factions of society impelled by, A170:2; 311:3; 325:1; D308:2-310:T; 352:2; 460:2; 517:2; breeds discontent, A339:1; C345:3; evidences of, D475:2; governing law of depravity, D305:1; if thwarted will break out elsewhere, D513:1; is spirit of Antichrist, E186:2-187:1; leading to anarchy, C345:3; D272:3; 450:T; leading to Time of Trouble, D315:3; 317:1; 442:2; 460:2; organized trusts, etc., D372:2; prevents lessening of Time of Trouble, B140:1; prevents remedies for social crisis, D436:2; 463:1; 486:3-487:1; 488:T; 492:T; 513:1; Satan will use in final struggle, B359:1.
Misc.: Circumstances prompting, when exiled from Eden, A310:2; gave place to love in early Church, D474:4; in combination with liberty, D305:2-308:1; lessons from, D525:2; New Creature opposed to, F604:1-3; 606:2; parents should correct, F528:1; 530:1; 536:2-537:T; result of Adamic fall, D517:2; saints to guard against, D308:1; 352:2; 476:3; Scriptures only cure, D468:4; 469:2.

Death: A just sentence, E412:2; 421:2; 440:T; came because of one man’s sin, E422:2; F395:1; chosen for man by God’s wisdom, E413:T-1; Church’s escape from, reckoned by faith, A140:2; God did not pardon, E460:1; God rested by not stopping the course of the, F48:1; hindrance to restitution unless lifted, E421:1; Jesus could redeem man because not under, E482:1; only way to set aside is by corresponding price, E422:T; 440:T; 452:3; F111:1; Satan permitted to help carry out, E448:2; was everlasting destruction, E446:T.
For Angels: God’s wisdom chose restraint, E413:T-1.

For Violators Of Law Covenant:
Death was not intended to be everlasting, F168:1.

From Sinners: Christ Jesus was, E95:1; 156:T; how Jesus was, yet born of Mary, E97:1-106:1; 139:1; how Jesus was, yet made like his brethren, E108:2-110:1; 117:1-2; how Jesus was, yet took our infirmities, E122:3-123:1; Isa. 53:2-3 does not deny Jesus was, E156:1-2; Redeemer must be of our race and yet, E97:3; T52:1.
From World: Church in wilderness condition, D27:T; how Church is a part of the world and yet, E145:1-2 ; Lord’s brethren must stand, E115:T; F440:1; witness of the holy Spirit, E235:2.

Work: Going on between true and nominal Christians, B150:T; C139:T- 2; in nominal church during harvest, D600:2; in parable of the drag-net, C214:1-2; of sheep and goats, E479:3; of three ages, D644:1-2; one taken and another left, D608:2-610:T; prohibited before harvest, C137:1.

From God: Jesus required to suffer, E128:T.

Conditions greatly changed since, D312:2; fight against return to former, D80:2; had good features under feudal system, D424:1; masses recently stepped into liberty from, D308:2; masses sinking into, D372:2; 457:T; throughout Europe and Asia, D370:2.

House Of: Fleshly Israel, B204:2; only could pass by faith into house of sons, F433:T; overcomers preceding Christian dispensation, A145:3; tithing was law only for, F345:2; under Mosaic Law, F365:2; 386:1.
Of Christ: Ancient Worthies will be, during Millennium, F707:1; spiritual child-bearers, D575:3.
Of Church: Deacons are, F253:1; elders, appointed by God, E278:3-4.
Of God: Ancient Worthies were used as, E177:2; guided by holy Spirit, E276:2; highest privilege before ransom was to be, E28:1.
Of New Creature: Spirit of fear may be valuable, E197:2.
Of Sin: New Creatures no longer, E432:1; world has become, E188:1.
WiseAndFaithful: Characteristic of, D613:3; dispensing of food to household, D613:1-614:2; ruler of all his goods, B163:2-164:1.
Misc.: All consecrated called to be, of truth, E274:2; and handmaids only receive holy Spirit in Gospel Age, A86:3; D639:T; E219:2; 239:3; 262:3; treatment of, under Mosaic Law, A52:3.

Of Truth: Faithful rejoice in any, F296:1; more valuable than money gifts, F341:1-2; special ability and opportunity a call to more public work in, E274:2.
Misc.: Of Jesus part of joy set before him, E118:4; our reasonable, what we consecrate to God, A225:2; Spirit of love, Spirit of; F137:1; 342:2-343:2.

Trumpets Of Revelation: All symbolic, B148:T-1.
Misc.: Signifies all or the whole, T47:2.

Day: Appointed for reign of Christ, J15:1 (1912); began in 1873, H2:2-3.
Millennium: Commenced 1873, B54:T; C305:T; since October 1872, B33:1; 363:1; C127:2.
Trumpet: Covers entire Millennial Age, B149:T; last in series refers to Lord’s work, B148:T; mystery of God finished during sounding of, A87:2.

Weeks: End of, limit of Israel’s favor, C217:2; 346:T; forepart of the 2300 days, C107:2-3; Gentiles could not be accepted until end of, E213:2; Messiah cut off in midst of last week of, B234:2; of favor, A223:3-4; B63:1-70:2.
Years Of Desolation: Beginning of seven Gentile Times, B192:1; ended 536 B.C., B80:T.
Misc.: Men to bear burden of people with Moses, A46:1; not apostles, F210:1; 214:2.

Penalty for sin not too, as God is just, E463:2; test of loyalty to God was providing the ransom, E423:1.

Discrimination between, for symbolic and typical purposes, F265:T; ignored by Lord in selecting New Creation, F264:3; metes and bounds set by nature, F266:2.

False: Hireling in pulpit, D62:1; F287:T; lead away from truth, B259:1; C252:1.
Kings: Assumed to have built Pyramid, C322:2-3; traditions of Egypt respecting, C322:2-3.
True: Pastor, F246:T; 251:T.

And buckler, Bible, C229:T; protection from skepticism, higher criticism, F657:6.

Expected to be as great general instead of a High Priest, B86:1; Lion of the Tribe of Judah, B81:2-86; two ways Jesus fulfills, B85:1.

Instrumentality for accomplishment of harvest work, B149:2; now in process of fulfillment, B149:1; of encouragement, B146:1; public message for mixed multitude, B146:1.

Son raised to life by Elisha, B266:1.

Spiritual: Calling in elders of Ecclesia, F637:2-638:1; prayer of faith saves, F637:2; restoration from, a sign of forgiveness, F638:1; soul, leanness of the New Creature, F144:3-150:2.
Misc.: And infirmity borne for us by Jesus, E124:2; 127:T; Divine aid in healing, in derogation of covenant, F630:1-637:1; for man’s instruction, F644:1; permitted to Lord’s faithful, E633:1; Satan heals though he is prince of disease and, D612: 1.

Of Truth: For harvesting, B233:2; overcoming saints must thrust in, C183:2; then due, separated in harvest, A238:2; used in both harvests, B190:1.

Of Presence: Attesting Lord’s first and second advents, D597:3; 598:6; Israel could not discern, at first advent, D597:4; not for world, B162:T; 597:1; of Son of Man, D150:T; 597-599; parousia in heaven, D598:7; second advent fulfilled, C129:1; Time of Trouble is, D149:4- 150:2.
Misc.: From Greek word seemion meaning “proof,” D598:1; literal and symbolic of sun, moon and stars, D585:1; of times regarding Lord’s Great Army, D542:3; 545:2; symbolic fulfillment of Time of End, D590- 601; 604:2.
See Presence, Signs Of.

Meaning of is seal, E246:3.

Demonetization: By Christendom, D400:1; called “dishonest money,” D472:T; classes who benefit from, D394:1-395:2; 401:1; doubled value of gold, D334:1; 393:3-394; 401:1; effect on farmers, D392:3-395; 407; effect on masses, D393:3-395; 398; 401:1; 471:2; effect on U.S. national disaster, D395:2; 405-409; evils of, D334:3-335; 393:3; 405-409; fraud of financiers, D401-411:3; 471:2- 472; fraud of senate bill, D402-404; free, and protective tariff remedies, D471-473; how demonetized, D396:1; 471:2; Orient benefit of, D334:3-336; originated in Great Britain 1816, D397-398:1; 404:3; 407; purpose, D394:2-399:1; 404:3; invasion of gold standard countries, D335:2.
Misc.: Insufficient for world’s business, D400:3; regarding Jam. 5:1-9, D392-393; symbolizes Divine truth, A240; 321:T; F608:1; will not be restored to monetary power, D393:1; 395:3; 410:4; 472:2; world’s money standard from earliest history, D397:1; 471:2; 472:T.
See Gold.

Adamic: Adam sold self and human race into, E452:3; all have sinned and cannot ransom brothers from fall, E418:T; all mankind to be delivered from, E468:T; F120:1; all share in original sin, E407:2; children’s teeth set on edge, E331:2.
Against The Holy Spirit: Explained, E270:3-273:2; F165:2-166; persistence in that recognized as wrong, F166:T; those who, die the Second Death, E203:2; 272:T-273:2.
Experience With: God has permitted, though not the author, A124:1; 126:1; E309:1; 471:1; lessons benefit all intelligent creatures for eternity, E403:1; 486:T; prepares Royal Priesthood for reign, E478:1; 485:1.
Forgiveness Of: By God is not unconditional, E462:3; extended to Church through Jesus for sins not wilful, E461:T; no degradation too deep for, D639:3.
Knowledge Of: Like Adam, most of mankind deficient in, E476:T; will benefit those who use it, E469:1.
Opposition To: Divine Justice must be satisfied before God could deal with sinners through the Mediator, E28:T; God cannot look on sin, E418:T; radically enforced by the Mediator in Millennium, E474:2; reconciliation with God means, E489:2.
Original: All die for Adam’s, A109:1; Evolution Theory denies, E21:1; if Eve alone had sinned, the human race would not have died, E101:2; indirectly resulted from Eve’s lack of knowledge, E412:1; pardon not used with reference to, E461:1; Satan teaches no fall into, E116:T; unwilful acts of sin counted as coming from, E461:T.
Penalty For: Borne by Redeemer, E126:2; E432:2; 436:T; 461:T-462:2; death, including dying state, A153:2; E22; 415:3; 422:1; 465:2; death, not eternal torment, A128:1; 187:2; E422:1; 444:1; 464:2; 480:2; less severe for man than angels, E415:3; 463:2; meant man Jesus suffered death in absolute sense, E422:2; pronounced 6,000 years ago, A167:1; E463:2; satisfaction of Justice by, E461:1.
Permission Of: Enables greater appreciation of God’s character, E412:1; for a time to teach lessons, E412:T; why, E411:2.
Ransom For: Does not excuse, A152:1; Satan would have us deny, E116:T.
Result Of: Abounding, is underpriests suffer for righteousness, E489:3; death was, E24:2; destruction; E413:2.
Sacrifice For: By Jesus redeemed Church from thraldom of sin, E432:1- 2; no further, needed after full restitution, E477:2; was for all, E19:1.
Sentence Against: Ransom does not abrogate, E440:T.
Servants Of: World have become, E188:1.
Sinfulness Of: An object lesson for all time, E416:1; evil permitted to appreciate, A124:1; D548:3; Gentile governments permitted to teach, A250:1; man has had opportunity to learn, E469:1; world in Millennium will have knowledge of, D645:2.
Suffering For: Jesus suffered for our sins, not his own, E123:1.
SymbolizedBy:Dragon-Star, C321:1.
Victory Over: By Royal Priesthood, E478:1.
Wages Of: Death, A158:2; fallen man learning ultimate end of, E413:2; 414:1; not eternal torment, E441:1; 480:2.
Wilful: And partly wilful, F718:2- 720:1; brings Second Death, A144:1; 158:1; F367:2,3; how discerned and judged, F302:1; measured by knowledge of Lord and conscience, F718:2- 720:1; Millennial Age will result in Second Death, E474:2; no ransomprice for, E474:T; F167:1-168:1; pain and regret are sign that violation is not, D375; readily discerned, F302:1; stumbling of flesh and, F367:1-368:2.
Misc.: Adam transgressed with fuller realization of, A123:1; all evil is not, A125:F; all who sympathize with, at end of Millennial Age will die Second Death, E474:2; and death regarding Lam. 2:1, D649:2; blotted out in Millennial Age, A222:2; D639:3; 644:2; F359; confined to limits, A132:3; deliverance from, how typified, F458; 460:2; erased much of man’s likeness of God, A120:3; God could not excuse, A155:1; holy Spirit reproves world of, A266:2; E191:4- 192:1; 291-294; new will dead to, F368:T; of Ananias and Sapphira, D479:2; of Great Company, F168:2; ours imputed to Christ, his righteousness to us, A231:4; not charged to New Creature, F369:T; power of, in our hearts broken by Spirit of adoption, E432:2; primary cause of suffering and evil, A117:1; punishment of, D548:3-549:1; Satan would have no dominion without, E448:1; universally acknowledged, D198:4; used by God for discipline of Church, A135:3.
See Remission, Of Sin; Sacrifice, For Sins.

Church’s Share In: Reckoned part of Christ’s sacrifice, E410:2; 419:2; 425:1; 446:1.
Jesus As: Messiah portrayed by prophets, E22:2; Scriptures referring to, E446:1; taking lower nature did not provide, E425-426.
Results Of: Mankind drawn after Church complete (Jn. 6:44), E414:2; redeems Adam’s earthly right, kingship, dominion, E152:2.
Typical: Aaron slew, T80:3; bullock represented, of Head and Body, T41:3; T52:1; 54:1; 55:2; High Priest wore white garments during, T73:3; in connection with peace offering, T81:4; Law sacrifices pointed to, E446:1; Lord’s goat represents members of Body, T60:2; 65:2; only ani mals of, were burned outside the Camp, T62:1; scape-goat no part of, T68:T; trespass offering or, T99:3.
Misc.: Ancient Worthies no part of, T108:2; application of, made at end of Gospel Age, F115:1; T50:1; denied by Christendom and Heathen, D228:2; ends forever when last member of Lord’s goat sacrificed, T66:2; “it is finished” meant end of, F479:T; Lord made his soul a, E362:4; 337:T; old nature covered by, E117:2; sinner could not be a, E108:1; 122:1.

Heart: Of fallen nature sees no beauty in goodness, truth and love, E161:1.

Redeemer must be, member of human race, E97:3.

Pardon Of: Not by Jehovah, but Christ Jesus, E463:1; would be unjust without ransom, E463:2.
Substitute For: Required Jesus to suffer dying process and complete separation from God, E128:T.
Wilful: Who will not hear Prophet of Millennial Age after 100 years will die Second Death, A144:1; D63:1; 643:1; E20:1; 218:1; 387:3; 471:1; 473:1; 478:2.
Misc.: Cut off at 100 years in Millennium, E27:2; 472:1; God just while justifying, E419:3; 439:3; guilt of, borne by the Redeemer, E444:2; must put away sins and accept Divine standard of righteousness, E217:3; relation to God readjusted through Atonement, D198:3-199:2; vilest of, redeemed by ransom, E364:2.
See Separate, From Sinners.

May teach but not in Church, F267:2- 268:2; represent Church under her Head, F271:2,3; should wear headcovering in Church, F271:2-272:3; what is teaching on part of, F270:1; 271:2; 272:3.

Trumpets Of Revelation: Refer to humanity’s doings, B148:T.

Years: Between world’s first and second judgment, A145:2; followed by seventh millennium, A167:1; 336:3; B33:1; 39:2; C128:1; from creation of Adam to 1872, B54:2; 242:1; period of time of wrath, E410:1; permission of evil, A97:T.

Will be disappointed in Bible Chronology, B39:T.

Disfellowship of brethren would not mean, F416:1; indicates triumph of spirit of evil, E190:2; is assassination of character, F585:T; of elder, Church matter, F417:2-418:2; seeds of, develops roots of bitterness, F586:T.

Abolished in the last century, D370:2; at one time may have been a beneficial institution, D424:1; barbaric vs. civilized bondage, D370-372; Christianity hastened abolition of, D371:T; thousands in cities work harder than southern, D374:2.

Of Death: Adamic death compared to, E462:2; 465:2; 478:1; unconscious state, E329:1; 344:2; 346:5.
Misc.: Redeemed said to, why, E328- 330:1; 333:1; 344:2-346; 353:T; 359:T; 465:2; Second Death not a, E330:1; temporary, sentence of death, A140:2; we shall not all, C239:3; F662-663; 723-724:2.

Of image, A255:2-3; 257:1; 261:3.

Professor, on Great Pyramid, C320:T; 321-322:1; 337:1; 338:2; 342:1; 348:2-3; 362:3; 369:3.

Churches And: “...problems and the church,” D104:3.
Symbols Of: Elements preparing for fire, D371:2-374; 431:1; sea and waves already roaring against system, D551:1; structure now being shaken, D542:T; system represented by earth, D272:1; 542:3; 544:T; 548:1.
Proposed Remedies: And moral reforms, D632-636; evils, proposed remedies, D473:1-2; redistribution of land not remedy, D513:2-514; redistribution of wealth not remedy, D436:3-437:1; single tax not remedy for, D460:2; 512-514.
Revolution: Change effected by; D536:4; in U.S. to come, D147:2; through invention, D460:2.
Misc.: Chaos remedied by Kingdom, D383:4; 424:1; 432:3; 514:2; 517:3; condition in U.S. was equality a century ago, D417:1; discontent, etc., preparing for...combustion, D292- 296; elements ignore Golden Rule, D272:3; humans powerless to alter trend, D437:1; present, structure causes more dependence, D540:T; reform possible through millionaires, D303:7; system of Christendom under inspection, D96-102; twentieth century changes, D463:3; two laws control present system, D492:2-494; uplift Satan’s latest temptation and deception, E115:1.

Effects Of: Error, D506:2; for undermining empires of earth, B99:T; selfishness causes collapse of, D487:T-1; 488:T; will result in anarchy, J14:2 (1912).
Movement: Ahead in Europe, D483:1; demonstrations of, in Europe, D127-129; in England, D129:3; 350:3; increase of in Germany, D141:4; 356-358:1; 446:1, movement crushed by church, state and capital, D486:2; operative in U.S., D483:1.

Related To Other “Isms”:
“Collectivism” as a remedy, D461- 463; different from Nationalism and Communism, D483:1; 487:1; foe to Capitalism and Monarchism, D486:T; tends toward Atheism, why, D507:2.
Misc.: Attempts to prevent, J3:1 (1912); claim of Roman Catholic church of only bulwark against, D131:4; compared with single tax theory, D512:2; considered a logical outcome by some, D60:1; 440:9; ignores natural selection principle, D492:2; in Millennial Age, D523:T; is greatest disaster world has known, D487:1; 488-490; motto of “everyone according to his deeds,” D483:T; “natural monopolies” an item of, D466:2; nominal church regarding, D486:T.

Defects of, C21:1; discontents, one of two great parties in closing struggle of age, B360:1; in Lord’s Great Army, D550:3; often not an outgrowth of principle, C21:1.

Non-religious, Christian’s attitude toward, F581:2-582; saints to be free from, D44:3; will prove worthless, D45:1.

As constituted, beyond human power to change, D383:3,4; baser element of, and necessity of governments, A263:3; earth represents, A69:1; 318:1; 323; 334:1; B138:1; 168:1 D150:2; 528:3-5; 529:1; 543:4; 551:1; leveled in Day of Vengeance, D634:3; overturned by Time of Trouble, A241:1; present, only changed by Lord’s power, D383:4; reorganized, symbolized as new heavens and earth, A344:1; B168:1; tinder-box ready for match, D547:1.

Did not have full opportunity, A110:1; Lot fleeing from, typical, D606:4-607; not as guilty as Jews who had more knowledge, A109:3; restitution for, A109:3-111:1; 112:2; typified Christendom, D607:T; why destroyed, A112:1.

Of Israel, B46:1-2.

Failure Of: To walk after Divine precepts, E131:3-5.
Line Of: Debased, E132:1-133:4; is proud contrasted with Nathan, E133:4; Joseph was of, E129:2; Messiah could not come through, E130:1-133:2; promise of Kingdom to, was conditional, E130:2-131:2; ten tribes were rent from, E132:1.
Reign Of: Error as to fourth year of, B53:T; typical of Messiah’s reign, B248:1; universal dominion expected under, B82:2.
Typical Of: The Christ, Head and Body, A79:1; B255:1.

Adoption Of: Granted holy Spirit after ransom accepted, E190:T; Lord’s brethren promised full, E109:T.
House Of: Begettal of holy Spirit guaranteed only to, E177:1; faithful overcomers during Christian Age, A145:3; unknown until Christ redeemed world, E177:1.
Meaning Of: One who has received life from another, E60:1.
Of Glory: Jesus with the “brethren” shall be, E144:2.
Of The Father And By The: All things are of the Father and by the Son, E45:T; 398:7; work of redemption was, E38:2; 223:T.
Of The Prophets: Theologians, B266:T.
Misc.: Kiss the, explained (Psa.
2:12), B300:1; J8:2-3 (1912); New Creatures are human, justified, A233:T; son-in-law could redeem forfeited possession, E152:2; world to be treated as, A153:T.

Distinctions Between God And:
Father greater than, E54:1-55:1; 59:1- 60:1; Greek adonai title of both, E47:6-48:1; Jesus always claimed, E89:1; not one in person, E49:1; one in purpose, not personal oneness, E75:1-4; shown in Jn. 14:7-10, E76:2-3; the Father is always excepted in comparisons with, E79:T.
Jesus Was: A perfect son under favorable conditions, E120:1; and son of Adam, E152:2; given opportunity to manifest love, humility, obedience, E423:1; sent by God to be Savior, E425:1; sent forth in due time, F49:1.

Evidence New Creatures Are: By witness of holy Spirit, E226:2; 233:1; have chastisements, E233:1-2; relationship in doubt if no persecution, D567:1.
How New Creatures Become: By coming into Christ, D242:1; by reckoned justification, E145:1-2; God arranged through Jesus, E435:2; Jesus gave opportunity, E176:3- 177:1.
New Creatures Considered: And sealed as such after being quickened of the Spirit, E248:1; favored above angels, E177:2-178:1; full liberty of, attained through First Resurrection, E458:T; led by Captain to immortali ty, E395:2; led by His spirit, A213:2; not mortal bodies, F631:2; not unless “begotten of spirit,” D576:1; not until ransom-price paid, E432:2; only after giving of holy Spirit, E177:T; 209:2; those called during Gospel Age, A145:1; E108:2; 456:1; whoever receives Spirit of adoption, E487:4.
Should: Be filled more and more with God’s spirit, E202:1; examine themselves to see witness of Spirit, E234:2; study God’s plan, A66:1.
Misc.: Adam was one of the, until his fall, E108:2; mankind not, after fall of Adam, D242:1; on different planes of being, A140:2.

Identity Of: Countenance of, E159:3-160:2; eulogies on, E154- 155:4; in Revelation the Reaper of the Gospel Age Harvest, E151:T.
Presence Of: Only in light of, has the holy Spirit been understood, E165:1.
Title: Applies to glorified Lord, man Jesus and the Logos, E149-151:2; 153:1-2; because Jesus was seed of Adam through Eve, E152:T; belongs to Jesus during Gospel and Millennial Ages, E153:2; does not mean Joseph was Jesus’ father, E149:1; Scriptures using, E150:1-7; should be “THE Son of THE Man,” E153:1; shows Jesus’ humility, E151:2.

Evidence Of: Witnesses of the Spirit, E226:2.
Opening Of: Outwardly manifest at Pentecost, E210:T.
Seal Of: Comes after anointing, begetting and quickening, E248:1; he who has it delights to do Divine will, E248:T; one of the most advanced witnesses of the Spirit, E247:5-248:1.
See Seal, Of Sonship.

Of Satan: Cause unbelief in a God by some, E18:3.

Applicable To: Church collectively, E353:1; God, E350:1; lower animals, E323:1-326:2; man, E308:1; 322:2; 333:1; 339:1-3; sentient being, E322:3; 339:3; 341:T; 388:4; union of body and breath of life, E308:1; 322:3; 338:10-339:3; 340:3; 341:2; 388:4; 399:2.
Death Of: Is Biblical, E328-333:1; 341:2-342:2; 362:1-4; 363:5; that sins, A143:2; 151:1; without redemption would have been everlasting, E465:2.
Immortality Of: Error from Platonic philosophers, E323:2; 365:5,6; unbiblical, E322:1; 392:1.
Of Adam: Forfeited through disobedience E428:1.
Of Jesus: Delivered from lowest hell, E365:1-2; poured out to be sin-offering, E127:1.
Of Man: Differentiated from lower animals, E323:1; 326:3-327:3; misconceptions regarding, E320:1-322:1; Orthodox view on, E302:2-3; redeemed by ransom, E474:1; scientific view, E304:1; will be lost in Millennial Age by any who refuse to obey, E474:1.
Misc.: For what will man exchange his, E258:1; what is, illustrated, E340:2-343:1.
See Immortality, Of The Soul.

Mind: Spirit of, E251:1-254:2; 256:1-262:3; Spirit of, leads to character development, E260:1-261:1; Spirit of, in child bearing, E262:2; have Spirit of, when Christ becomes our wisdom, E435:1.

Done by patriarchs and prophets, C136:T; Gospel Age, the calling, C214:2; Millennial, future, C136:1.

In corruption, raised in incorruption, F726:2-728:3.

Evil: Can be witness of holy Spirit to have others, of us, E236:T; forbidden by Golden Rule, F376:2; indicates lack of love, F587:1,2; of brethren, F290:2-292:1; 406:1-406:2; 585:1; of dignities, F166:1.
The Truth: Will cause persecution, E236:1-2.

Blending or evolving of, impossible, A30:2; no fixed, with Evolution, A31:1.

Free and mails will be curtailed, J13:1 (1912).

A Right: One of the terms of the New Covenant, E468:1.
Battles: Began at Jesus’ first advent, E189:2; majority of nominal Christians know little about, E193:2.
Begotten: All must pass into death before New Covenant will begin, K5:2; are at present dual beings, E199:2; difference between, and born of the spirit, A280:1-281:1; one of most serious foes of, is evil spirit of fear, E196:2; their spiritual being is yet imperfect, A226:2; those who accept as Savior and have made full consecration; E183:6.
Body: Not flesh and bone, B128:2.
Comforter: Channel of truth, E265:2-266:3; correct meaning of parakletos translated; E202:2; for whom and why, E268:1; not a person, E204:1.
Filled With: How, E200:1; 205:1; 225:2; 244:2; 245:1-246:1; 257:2; more and more fills obedient sons, E202:1; must be, to be an overcomer, F92:2; not unreasonable millions can be, at same time, E268:2-3; rests with ourselves how largely we will be, E244:2.
First-fruit Of The: Is the seal of the holy Spirit, E437:T.
Fruits Of: Developed by suffering, E411:1; development of, dependent on knowledge, E239:2; elements of love, E186:1-2; gradually developed, E180:2; 185:T; 206:T-206:1; greater than gifts, F238:2; growth in, required of New Creatures, F78:2; 319:1; growth in, is a witness of the Spirit, E239:2; vs. gifts, E178:2- 180:2; 206:2-208:1.
Gifts Of: Apostles, prophets, teachers are among, E207:1; 283:2; F240:2-241:1; Brethren tempted to misuse, E111:T; conferred only by apostles, E212:2; holy Spirit distinguished from, E179:1; 205:3; imparting of, F284:5; inferior to fruits, F238; miraculously bestowed, E180:T; 207:1; 268:3; not all vanished, E179:2; of prophecy used to direct early Church, E274:2; 277:1; why bestowed, E179:1-180:1; 268:3; F313:T.
Graces Of: Alone insufficient, B28:2; development in, brings us into closer fellowship with God and Jesus; E238:2; need to be cultivated as well as knowledge, F319:1; order of operation for developing, F98:1-100:3.
Groaning Of The: Which cannot be uttered, E287:2-290:3.
Holy: Apostles led by, how, E276:2; begotten of, plane “M” on Chart, A234:1; by measure and without measure, E184-185:1; channel of reconciliation, E208:2; 217:2; 268:T; chief blessing, E222:3; Church anointed with; A81:3; Church has never been without those who had, D516:1; descent of, at Pentecost not the second coming, A89:2-3; Divine mind understood only through, E201:1-202:1; forbidden of, means hindered, E276:1; God and, used interchangeably, E269:2; grieve not the, E264:2; 436:3; guards against false teachings, E283:1-287:1; impelled Apostle Paul to tell of ransom for all, E488:1; influence or power, E165:2; 167:2-3; 182:1; 183:3-5; 210:1; 215:3; 224:2; 228:2; 267:1; 269:T; 270:4; 273:3; 275:1; 282:1-2; 295:2; is in God’s people in proportion to their consecration and zeal, E191:2; is the, of joy, peace, and holiness, E199:1; is the, of power and love, E250:3; Jesus filled with and anointed with, A230:1-2; lying to, E269:1-2; mission of, twofold, E191:1-3; not a person, E169- 172:7; 186:1; 204:1; 215:3; 224:2; 228:2; 244:3; 267:1; 270:4; 273:3; 275:1; 277:1; 278:4; 279:2; 282:1-2; 287:3-288:1; 295:2; 315:5; obtained how, E195:T; 215:3; 225:1-2; 242:1; of Father and by Son, E263:1; 267:1; 270:4; Orthodox views on, E302:2-3; 321:1; 326:2; personal pronoun used with reference to, E170:3-171:8; 204:2; 274:2; poured out on servants and handmaids in Gospel Age, E219:2; 262:3; 282:2; poured out on all flesh in Millennium, A86:3; E164:1; 218:T-221:2; 239:3; 262:3; power of God which is with the Church individually and collectively, E203:1; prophets moved by, A55:2; quenching of, by worldliness, E264:1; quickening of, E248:1; sound mind in proportion to filling of, E257:2; teachings of, how ascertained, E275:3; transforming power of, E183:1,5; 256:T; 260:2-261:1; F337:1; translations responsible for errors on, E263:1; 333:2; two classes which were begotten by, “n” and “m” on Chart, A235:2; unction from Holy One, F261:1; useless to pray for, if word of truth is neglected, E225:2; various operations of, E181:1; we should pray for, E222:1; 223:1-225:2; witnesses to world on conviction of sin, E191:4-192:1; 293:T-294:2; witnesses with our spirits through the Bible, E229:T-230:1-2.
Life: Church have a new, through justification, E306:T; laying aside, was only preparation for ransom, E426:T.
Mind Of: Versus mind of flesh, E199:2-200:2.
Nature: Birth to, preceded by begetting of, E197:3; Divine nature is highest, E84:6; Great Company received into, if saved by scourging, A214:1; Jesus did not become sinoffering by leaving, E425:1; possession of holy, in Millennial Age will not mean a begetting to, E220:3; promised only to Church, A173:1.
Of Adoption: Breaks power of sin in our hearts, E432:2; constitutes one a son of God, E487:4; impels one to begin the ministry of reconciliation, E487:4; Jesus opened the way for, E209:2.
Of Antichrist: Is opposed to Christ, E187:1; is, of selfishness and evil, E187:1.
Of Error: Assumes to be wiser than Word of God, E198:3; is, of Satan, E198:3; leads in unbelief, E199:1.
Of Evil: Battles with holy, in hearts of mankind, E189:1; is, of Antichrist, opposed to Christ, E187:1; is, of Satan, E193:T; seems to be favored in battle with holy Spirit, E190:1-191:1; to be de-stroyed along with Satan, E193:T; triumphs when faithful are evilly treated, E190:2; victory against, E193:1.
Of Fear: Antidote for, is holy, of truth, E196:3-197:2; contrasted to holy, E249:2; 255:2; denies that Christ died for all, E198:2; is a natural influence to every fallen human being of humble mind, E196:3; is not of God and must never enter into the heart, E198:1; may be made a valuable servant of New Creature, E197:2; one of most serious foes of, begotten, E196:2.
Of God: Exercised through the Logos, E183:T; influenced those working on Tabernacle, E175:1-2; invisible, but with tangible effects, E203:2; King Saul had it, but lost it, E176:1; leads to faith, E199:1; might properly have masculine gender because God is masculine, E172:7; Moses had in judging Israel, E176:1; natural man receiveth not the things of, E201:1-202:1; 279:3- 280:1; opposite of, of world, E186:2; or holy, is God’s will or influence, E182:1; sons of God led by, A213:2; to guide Church into all truth, A21:2; victory of, against,of evil, will be victory of Church, E193:1; we know, by His Word, E229:1.
Of Holiness: Father desires us to have more and more of, E223:T; seeming defeat of, is actually a triumph, E191:1; 193:T; shines into darkness of sin reprovingly, E191:3.
Of Life: Animating spark from God descending from Adam, E314:1; breath of, life-energy, or life-spark, E316:2-317:9; is a power or privilege from God, E315:5.
Of The Law: Justified ones forgiven under, not letter, E461:T.
Of Truth: Came first to Jesus and then to Church at Pentecost, E189:2; comes through the Word of God, E204:3; 242:1; deep things revealed by the, E279:2-280:1; guides the Church, E184:T; is antidote for, of fear, E197:T-2; knowledge of Word of God not the same as, E205:2; leads to activity, E199:1; not the same as gifts or fruits of the, E205:3; points us to the great Atonement, E197:T; requires heart harmony with truth, E205:2; sanctifies the Church, E243:3; test to be used on all teachers, E295:2-3; the promised Comforter sent to the Church, E266:2-3; to guide Church into all truth, A80:1; to supplant Satan’s influence, E217:4.
Of World: And, of Christ cannot be united, D183:5; controls masses through ignorance and intelligent through pride, E189:1; must be driven out of our hearts to fill it with holy, E223:2; opposite of the, of God, E186:2; tends to displace the new, E205:1.
Oneness Of: Of Father and Son, E59:1; 85:1; 165:2.
Operation Of: Diversified, E178:2- 181:1; 186:1; in Gospel Age to sonship, E176:3-177; 219:2-220; 239:3; in Millennial Age along Kingdom lines, E192:2; on Ancient Worthies, mechanical, E175:1; 177:2; 288:1; on Church, E163:3; 179:2; on Church does not repair brain, E253:T; on mankind, E217:4; 219:2; on servants and sons different, E177:2-181; operates for Church throughout Gospel Age, B203:1; two-fold, E268:2-3; various results from, E183:4-5.
Use Of The Word: Applied to Church collectively, E353:1; can mean a generative power, E175:1; can relate to personality as in, beings, E175:T; can signify disposition or power, not personality, E168:1; examined throughout Scriptures, E173:T-184:T; in regarding new nature, E311:2; must distinguish between, beings and, influences, both holy and unholy, E187:2; primary and secondary definitions, E173:1-2; 310:2; use of term in New Testament, E311:1-313:12; use of term in Old Testament, E314-315:5; 316:2-317:7; 318:1-11.
Witnesses Of: Developed Christians should have all, E240:1; only to sons, E233:1; seal of sonship is one of the most advanced, E248:1; sons of God must repeatedly examine themselves to see if they have, E234:2; to Church, trials and afflictions, E230:2- 232; what are and what are not, E226:1-228:1; 229:1-230:2; 234- 241:1; 248:1; 280:1; world will have in next age, E239:3.
Misc.: Dispensation, A224:1; law of, frees from Law Covenant, E121:1; of Jesus vs., of Satan, E79:2-81:10; Second Adam a life-giving, E138:3; 455:T.
See Holy Spirit; Greek and Hebrew Wood Index.

Are: Evil, permitted to help carry out death sentence, E448:2; invisible yet present, A182:2; 280:2-3; mental faculties of, similar to human, A201:1; perfect in every particular, B133:T; personalities, E175:T; Satan and fallen angels, E188:1; separate from terrestrial in its glory, A181:1.
Jesus Was A: Before being made flesh, E63:T; 84:1; incarnation theory teaches, covered by his own human body, E94:T; not while a man, E175:T; when raised, A184:1; 230:2; E84:5; 175:T; 453:2-454:2.
New Creatures Are: Not until resurrection, A197:2; reckonedly from begettal, A197:2; 199:1; E289:1; when born of the Spirit, A280-281:1.
Misc.: And spirit influences distinguished, E187:2-188:1; could not give a ransom for man, E424:2; general information regarding, A182:2- 183:3; God is a, E174:17; grades or orders of, A176:1; 178:1; Great Company to be, A240:1; perfect man is not a, A177:2; powers and laws governing, A181:1-184:1.

Began with fall of angels, F620:1; claims Lord is in secret chamber, B157:2; D582:1-583:1; does not explain Lord’s manifestations, B126:4; growth of in Time of Trouble, A239:1; practiced by mediums of demons, F620:1-621:1; 625:1; sometimes teaches Christ is present, B158:T; uses truths as a garment of light, B157:2.

Doctrines must be tried and tested, E187:1; 286:1-287:1; 295:3; three unclean, like frogs, J10:2-13:1 (1912).

Bodies change from human body to, instantaneous, A200:1; controlling powers are symbolized by heavens, A69:1; embryo children are on plane “M” on Chart, A226:2; energy is the holy Spirit, E203:2; mind becomes, through consecration, A199:1; nature left by Jesus to become a man, A177:2; pride, F310:1; sense cultivated, F80:1; temple used to reconcile world, E231:2; things, how discerned, F79:1-80:1.

Jesus made a perfect man, unblemished, undefiled, E97:3; 118:2; 440:1.

Texts: 1 Jn. 5:7 shown to be, by many Bible authorities, E56:2-58; some words of Jn. 3:13, E150:7; used to prove Trinity, E55:2-56:2.

Massacre of, 1572 A.D., B338:2- 340:2.

Divine, of righteousness must be accepted by sinners, E217:3; symbolizes Divine truth (Isa. 13:1), D40:2.

Falling of: Last sign of presence of Son of Man, D604:2; literal and symbolic fulfillment, D588:1-595:1; 596:1; meteoric showers of Nov. 13, 1833, D588:1-590:3; 604:2; usage of Greek word aster for, D593:2; withdraw their shining, D593:T-595:1.
Represent: Ancient Worthies, A291:1; Church glorified, D594:1; false teachers, D593:3; 594:2-595:1; 596:1; the apostles, D544:T; 591:T; 593:T-3; 594:2; E207:1; F273:1.
Misc.: Differs from star in glory, D594:1; F419:1; 725:1-726:1.

Church allied with, B287:T-1.

Had the face of an angel at death, E162:T.

In Spiritual Temple: Church are living, A82:4-83:2; 243:2; E232:T; corner top, laid first, called the foundation, A243:2; Jesus Christ is chief corner, A83:1; E232:T.
Of Nebuchadnezzar’s Vision: Cut without hands, represents true Church, the Kingdom, A255:2-3; God’s Kingdom, A254:T; D623:3-4; imitated by clay, representing Babylon, A253:3.
Stumbling: Cross of Christ, A239:1; to both houses of Israel, B228:2-3.
Misc.: Precious, symbolize character, A240:1; 321:T.

Figurative: Of all who accept and teach truth by opponents of truth, E91:T.

God’s Word is a great, A24:2-25:1; things new and old from, A25:1; D613:3; F233:2; 274:T.

Instructions in hiding from coming, D540:1-2; symbol of Day of Trouble, A322:1; 324:1; symbol of Day of Vengeance, D527:4; 528:5.
See Vengeance.

The object of special legislation under Mosaic Law, A50:2-4; 52:3.

Given by witness of holy Spirit, E228:3.

The meaning of the word parakletos, E203:T.

Of 1895, D464:1.

Beaten with few or many, F719:1- 720:1; to be rendered in Kingdom, A303:1.

Seeking to understand, is a witness of holy Spirit, E238:2.

STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES: Disclaim inspiration, I1:2; harmonizes Bible with Divine character and sanctified common sense, A348:2; name changed from MILLENNIAL DAWN, G3:1; purpose of series, C88:6; text books for Bible studies, F325:2; VOLUME I, first edition 1886, G1:1; VOLUME II, first edition 1889, H1:1; VOLUME III, first edition 1890, I1:1; VOLUME IV, first edition 1897, J1:1; VOLUME V, first edition 1899, K1:1; VOLUME VI, first edition 1899, L1:1; VOLUME VI, influence of, L1:2.

Of Bible: Ennobling, A13:1; 38:2; should be orderly and thorough, A13:T; through the STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES, A347:2-348:2.
Of Prophetic Time: Given to strengthen and comfort Church, B30:2; odium attached to, B29:1.

Lessons to be learned from, F161:3.

To Jehovah: All will be back in, at close of Millennial reign, E46:1; 78:1.

An attribute of divinity, E155:2.

Of Jesus to abuses, people were surprised at, E159:1-2.

For Adam: Jesus was, E482:1; must be of human nature and free from sin, E440:T.
For Man: If eternal torment were penalty for sin, Jesus would have experienced it to be the, E480:2; Jesus freely gave himself as, E462:1; must bear sinner’s penalty in all particulars, E128:T.
See Sinners, Substitute For.

The Word: As applied to ransom, proper, E480:2-483:1; not found in Hebrew/Greek Scripture, E481:1.

Woe to them that give, D576:3-577:1.

For Truth: Is a witness of holy Spirit, E236:2; priest who is not, is unfaithful ambassador, E490:3.
Of Church: Because following Christ’s footsteps, C207:T-1; 209:2; counted as part of Jesus’ sacrifice, F467:1; develops fruits of the spirit, E411:1; for righteousness, E489:3; includes what is common to man, F644:1; is a measure of faithfulness, E490:3; is to be joint-heirs, E456:1; 490:3; made perfect through, E120:4; necessary to be perfected as New Creatures, E121:T; not worthy to be compared with glory, F467:2; precedes their reward, D516:1; 563:1.
Of Jesus: Alone would not provide ransom, E127:T; necessary to be made perfect, E51:2; 118:1; 119:4; why necessary, E128:T-1.
Of Man: Allowed by Wisdom for 6,000 years, E451:1.
Misc.: Dead are not now in condition of, A103:2; for righteousness’ sake versus for wrongdoing, F633:3- 634:1; is not penalty of sin, but death, A154:T; relationship to God doubted if no, D567:1.
See Jesus, Sufferings Of.

Female: And prohibition as remedies, D470:1-471:1.
Universal: But political power by few, D430:1; has not proved a panacea for evil society, D418:1; Napoleon leader of, D446:1; trades union congress endeavor to obtain, D359:T.
Misc.: Japanese deprived of, in Hawaiian Islands, D221:1; power for good or evil, F549-554:1.

Darkening Of: And moon and stars only partly fulfilled yet, D596:1; E219:2; and moon turned to blood in nominal church, D591:2; 592:2; on May 19, 1780, D585:1-587:7.
Standing Still Of, Through Joshua:
Typical of power to be displayed in future, A60:2.
Symbolic Of: Gospel light and Christ Jesus, D590:5; illuminating influences of the Gospel, D544:T; 593:1; Spiritual Kingdom, F481:2.
Misc.: Christ, Head and Body, to shine as, A292:1; emerging compared to presence of Jesus, B155:1-156:1; woman clothed with, explained, D591:T.

Is Christ, Head and Body, A86:2; light from, reveals present truth, A10:2; shall arise (Mat. 24:27), D581:1-583:1; ushers in glorious day after dark night, A9:1; will shine for all the world in Millennial Day, A21:3.

School: Injurious to children of believers, why, C144:1; F544:1- 546:1; International Lessons aid sectarianism, C142:T-143:1; methods leave much to be desired, C144:1; nursery of the church, C144:1; D105:3; origin, F456:3; parental responsibility largely resigned in favor of, C144:1; pupils from, in prisons, D105:3; teachers dilute “milk” and hinder growth, D577:T.
Observance Of: Advice to New Creation, F386:1-2; 388:2-390:1; and breaking of bread in early Church, F384:1; by children of New Creation, F389:2; how began, F382:2-384:2; liberty concerning, should not be misused, F386:2; 389:1-390:1; one object of the National Reform Movement, D264:5; optional (news article), D105:5.

Of Jesus recognized by Pilate, E154:T; of Nephilim to Adam’s race, E104:1-2.

And ignorance lifted through modern facilities and inventions, A311:1; caused by Satan deceiving world, J6:4 (1912); Christendom losing restraint of, in 20th century, D550:2; Satan used to enslave mankind, E448:1; unrest due to, D597:1.

Lord’s: Symbolic injunction commanded, F228:1; took place of Passover, why, F463:2-464:1.

Death of Jesus was a, for New Covenant, A80:T; F88:T; on notes and bonds, F568:2.

Permits that day to come unawares, B22:3.

Regarding resignation of King Oscar, D125:1.

Of Spirit: Apostate church laid aside, B331:1; Man of Sin has been smitten with, B358:2; Word of God, B345:1; D542:2; F658:2.
Misc.: Beaten into plowshares after Time of Trouble, D629:T; claimed as “remedy which never fails,” D55:2- 56:3; of truth is to smite every evil system and custom, B101:T; 101:3.

Year: A “time,” B89:1.
Misc.: Injunctions commanded on Lord’s people, F228:1; must always bend in interpretation to the plainer statements, B144:2.

John described may be understood when due, A70:1; earth and heavens used as, A69:1; Revelation is book of, J2:3 (1912); J4:4 (1912); used for Kingdom conditions, D650:1-652:1; 655:4; used for Time of Trouble, J3:3 (1912); used to describe Day of Vengeance, D527:4-529:1; 655:3; used to hide important truths regarding Revelation, J2:1 (1912).

Of Jesus: Developed through experiencing sufferings, E128:1; possessed in greatest measure, E126:1.
With Sin: All who have at end of Millennium, will die Second Death, D425:T; E474:2.
Misc.: Feeling infirmities of others depends on one’s degree of, E125:2; of doves, E126:T.

Animals: Bullocks and rams of consecration (Lev. 8), T41:2-46T; bullock (Lev. 16), T51-54; Lord’s goat (Lev. 16), T59-67; scape-goat (Lev.
16), T68-72.
Building: Holy and Most Holy, T13.
See Veil, First, Second, Gate.
Day of Atonement: “After death the judgment,” T87:1-89:1; another type of (Lev. 9), T79-92; blessings following sacrifices on (Lev. 16), T76-78; blessing the people (Lev. 9), T82:1- 83:1; glory of Lord appeared to people, T83:2-86; incense on, T55:2- 56:2; Lev. 16, T49-78; stench without the Camp, T57:3-58:T.
Furniture: Furnishings and antitypes, T11-24; 117-120.
PEOPLE’S: Burnt, T97:1-2; meat, T98:4; peace, T98:1-3; trespass, T99:1-100:3.
Wave offering, cakes leavened and unleavened, T46:T-47:3.
ANOINTING: Of, T28; 37-38; oil of consecration, T46:4.
Consecration of, T39-48.
GARMENTS: Ephod, covenants foreshadowed in, T33; their significance, T29-36.
Two destroyed represent Second Death class, T40:1-3; typical, B173:2; 208:1; D650:1.
Sacrifices: After Day of Atonement, T93-103; red heifer, T105-112; typifying repentance, vows and covenants, T94-96.
Workers On: Were influenced by Spirit of God, E175:1.
Misc.: Correspondencies of Pyramid with, C355:2-357:1; had a manifestation of Jehovah’s presence, A45:2; gold of, symbolized in Pyramid’s granite, C355:3; holy place of true Church, C229:2; male and female distinctions cease, T100:4-103; mankind typified by Israelites, T25- 26:1; Household of Faith typified by Levites, T26:2; Jesus and Church typified by Priests, T26:2-27; 36; 126- 127; lesson of the Chart taught in, A244:1; typical and true, B208:1.

By faith Church seated at Master’s, and he is serving (Lk. 12:37), C197:T; first, of Law broken represents, D631:1; “Make it plain on tables” (charts), (Hab. 2:2), B15:1; C89:2; of shew-bread represents, T115; two kings speak lies at one (Dan. 11:27), C34:4.

And pounds parables contrary to Communism, D480:2; buried in earth, F419:2; consecration of every, A226:T; each steward of his, F277:1; 345-346; 574:2-576; exhorting, one of, F250:1; how exercised, F246:2; 250:1; 277:1; 284:7; liberty in use of, F252:2-254; responsibility for use of, F540:2; use of, encouraged individually in early Church, F312:2-313:1; what they include, F596:4.

Avoid gossip, scandal, evil speaking, F407-408; 414:2,3; 585:1; avoid slanderous, F291-292; tongue, an unruly member, F586:1-588.

Like “Systematic Theology,” to large extent makes void the Word of God, D64:T; says since destruction of Temple, gates of prayer closed and gates of tears open, C276:T; strict Talmudic Jews got Jacob Scheinmann transported to Siberia, why, C286:T.

Effects: Spirit of God has, E203:2.

Bundling And Burning Of:
Destroyed as such, C146:1; 148:1; 149:1-2.
IN: Fire, B265:T; Time of Trouble, C140-146; 148:1; D578:2.
Included in harvest, B105:T; part of harvest work, C137:1; 139:2.
Counterfeit: All of class “q,” many of class “p” on Chart, A238:1; imitation wheat, A287:2; C137:T; F446:T.
Developed By: Error, C138:1; 146:2; 147:2-3; International Sunday School Lessons, C144:1.
Wheat: Pure from, under Apostles, D479:3; separated from, in harvest, A237:1-238:2; D30:1; unrecognized in midst of, C146-147.
Misc.: Constituted Christendom, C137:T; 154:T-155; F197:1; contain spirit of world, D30:1; escape bondage when Babylon destroyed, C364:1; field sown with, by Satan and servants, C146:2; E295:2; F60:1; 200:2-201; 431:T; flourishing in Christendom, D159:1; grow in ground of world, C139:2-140:2; in pulpit and pew, C148:T; D61:1; mostly in wealthy congregations, D62:1; oppose truth while uniting with each other, C141:T; predominate, D515:4; 576:1; sought to reign and avoid suffering with Christ, A287; the masses of nominal Spiritual Israel, B205:1; the whirlwind harvest of, B171:T.

Misc.: In U.S., effects, D328:3; 345:4; of Africa, D355:2; of France, D355:2; protective, and free silver remedies, D471-473.

At both advents, a disappointment of 30 years, B240:3; C126:T; evil servant says, “My Master tarries,” B163:4; foretold, of 30 years developed patience, humility, submission, C123:2; fulfillment of predicted tarrying, C306:T; seeming tarrying or delay was mistake by Miller, foreknown and permitted for testing, C89:2.

Single: As remedy for social conditions, D457-460; 494-495; 500:3; 507:3-512; compared with Socialism, D506:2-512:2; explanation of theory, D494:2; 499:2-3; 500:3; 507:3; 508- 510:1; failure in India, D512:3; in redistribution of land, D494:2-495:1; 500:3-512; not panacea for social ills, D512-514; powerless against selfishness, D514:1.
See Land.

People of God, each other, F263:1; Ye need not that any man, you, E283- 287; F259-260.

Church: Among gifts of Spirit, E207:1; 283:2; be not many of you, F258; 267:1; donations to support, F264:1; for upbuilding of, F262:1; must be chosen by, F254:2; of people during trouble, B31:T; women in Church, not to be, F264:2-270:2.
False: Church to withdraw from, F255; drifting into darkness, why, F239:T; Paul warned against, F201:1; messiahs and, D580-581; wandering stars, D593:2-596:1.
Heavenly Father: Great teacher and law-giver, E50:2; taught Jesus, E51:2.
Jesus: All who have learned of the Father come to, the great, E50:1; great, of men by God’s appointment, E50:3.
Stars: And evangelists not stars, D593:1; symbolize inspired, D591:T.
Misc.: And teachings to be tested, E295:2; F278:2; appointed by Jesus, E50:4; heart condition most important quality in, E208:T; him that is taught should criticize and support, F263:1-264:1; holy Spirit a, E279:1- 2; 282:3-287:1; like Jesus should not attempt or claim originality, E51:1; not infallible, F262:2; originality as, claimed neither by Lord nor apostles, E50-51; Second Death class at end of age chiefly, F166:1; should preach the Word, not man’s wisdom or false doctrines, F255:1; 270:2; tests to be applied to, E208:1; 295:2.

Bible: Things to come and strong meat, E238:2; unity, not Trinity, E59:1; vs. human, A22:2-24.
Erroneous: Eternal torment awaits all except Little Flock, E466:2; incarnation, that Jesus was a spirit being while on earth, E94:T; no fall into sin, E116:T; Trinity in Catechism, E166:T.
Of Lessons: By permission of sin, E412:T.
Of Paul and Peter: Opposite of Evolution Theory, E23:1-2; that Christ died for Adam and his race, E24:2.
Of Trinity: Denies teaching of one God, E55:1; examination of Scriptures some use to teach, E65-82; has rendered much of Word of God of none effect, E166:T; not by Bible, E59:1; of three equal gods denies teaching of one God, E55:1.
Misc.: Not limited to clergy, F257:2; of Jesus mystery to mankind, A86:T.

Bereaved will have wiped away, when they realize the resurrection, A192; God shall wipe away all, (Rev.
21:4), A73; D642:2.

Children’s: When they are set on edge (Jer. 31:29-30; Ezek. 18:2, 4, 30), A109; 143; B92:1; E309:1; 331:2; 332:1-3; 473:1.
Weeping and Gnashing Of: Foolish virgins, C195:2; in fire of Time of Trouble, (Mat. 13:39), C214:T; in Time of Trouble not recognized as Bride, D632:1; not in literal fire, C145:2; unfaithful servant, B164:T; D614:2.

Church: Apostles used no privileges for relief of, ailments or necessities, F651:1; as well as spiritual matters subject to Divine supervision, F564:2; Divine care over earthly interests should not lead us to indifference regarding, affairs, F647:1; he who would shut up his compassion toward a brother having, need gives evidence of, F469:1; responsibility increased by transforming of mind, F563:1; Satan’s temptations regarding, interests, E110:3; spiritual interests to be valued far beyond, F652; when to ask Lord such, blessings as He sees best, F652.
Israel: Blessings of, typified conditions and terms in Millennial Age, F631:2; Leviticus records blessings and cursings of, an earthly and, character, B87:3.
Jesus: Not use spiritual gifts for, interests, E110:3-111:T; sinful misuse of power for, to have used holy Spirit to relieve his, needs, F636:2.
Power of Papacy: 1870 A.D. lost last vestige of, to Victor Emmanuel, A259:2; B356:5; C58:T; after 1800 A.D. Papacy cast off from, authority over kings, B355:T; first 300 years of 1260 mark rise of, B296:1; gradually established by Charlemagne and Pepin, C81-82:2; Papacy will regain, sovereignty, D38:2; Papacy without, or authority it having been wholly consumed, C59:T; Pius VII by decree of Napoleon (1808-1809) bereft of every shred of, C56:2; set up in 539 A.D., B354:2.
Misc.: Prospering of, interests by Divine protection is natural, not spiritual, reasoning, F630:2; things seen with natural eyes are, F691; T85:1.

Ardent, loved by Lord, F135; choosing mates of different, F514:T; difference in experiences of consecrated due to natural, F135; “Emotion not Sanctification,” F140-143.

Let justice be tempered with mercy, F416:T; moderation is love in training, F186:3.

Symbol of Day of Vengeance, D527:4; 528:5.

Antitypical: Cleansing typical and, B239; C189:1-2; for pure in heart, A301; meeting place between God and man, F195; stones, F195; 221:T; true Church, A318:2; B239; F73:1.
Jewish: Destruction of; B159:3.
Of God: Antichrist sits in, B272:3; 274:3; 280; C26:1; 104:1; Great Company servants in, F127:2; True Church pillars and living stones of, E375:5; F128:T; 195:1; 221:T.
Pinnacle Of: Satan’s temptation to leap from, E111:1.
Spiritual: Church are living stones in, E232; Jesus Christ is chief corner stone, E232; reconciliation of world through, E231:2.
Typical: Correspondencies of Pyramid, C355:3-356:1.
Misc.: Disciples’ question on destruction of, why ignored by Lord, D568:3; Roman Prince destroyed, B71:3; Solomon’s, typical of New Creation, F73:1; 195:1-196:1; the consecrated of the, class in nominal church, B239.

Of Christendom: Closed to poor at night, D291:T-1; 293:1.

Of Adam and Eve wisely permitted by God, A122:2.

To Church: Along lines of social uplift, E115:1; similar to those of Jesus, E110:1; 111:T; 117:1; to use dare-devil deeds, E111:2.
To Jesus: For earthly dominion without suffering and death, E112:2; he refused to cooperate with Satan, E114:2; in wilderness according to new will, E110:1-2; like to his brethren, not like the world, E110:1; 117:1; regarding temporal interests, E110:3; to leap from pinnacle, E111:1; wilderness, illustrates those of New Creation, F630:1.
To Nominal Church: Reformers failed to resist, E114:4; that all men are brethren, E116:T-1; to abandon the way of the cross, E114:3.
To World: Not like those to Jesus and Church, E110:1; 117:1.
See Satan, Temptation Of.

Tribes: Were rent from Solomon’s line, E132:1.

First work of, physician is often to open wounds, cleanse and amputate, B197:1; if consecrated has, heart, will go promptly to throne of grace in any difficulty, F147; if God loved us as sinners, He loves us more, now as adopted, F411:T; perfect character is, gentle, loving, sympathetic, not hard, heartless, calloused, E126:1; separation will mean uprooting of earthly friendship and sundering many, ties, B236:1; we would have God’s will done even if it break every, tie, E235:1.

Employment of Paul, example for Lord’s people, F651:1.

Advantage of the, F117:3; children of consecrated, F532:1,2; 684:2; counting the cost, F153:T; defined, like Ancient Worthies’, F116:2; L3; “I beseech you, therefore, brethren,” are (Rom. 12:1), F447:1; if fail to go on to consecration, F126:T; 129:2; 155:T; Levitical types of, F124:2; merely the beginning of approaching God, F682:T; must be, before have any dealings with God, F152:1; precedes sanctification, F151:1.

Death Of: Abrahamic Covenant made directly thereafter, B45:T; time period of, to Exodus from Egypt, B231:T-3.

Of New Covenant: World to be blessed under, E456:1.

Of Jesus: His willingness to die as man’s ransom by crucifixion, E443:2.
Of Love And Devotion: Chastening can sometimes be, E234:1.
Of Loyalty To God: Providing of ransom the severest test, E423:1.
Of Obedience: For Jesus accompanied with prospect of joy, E118:3; of Jesus under humiliating conditions, E119:4; plan for ransom, of Logos, E485:1.
Of Orthodoxy: Doctrine of Trinity by Protestants, E64:2.
Of Truth: Doctrine of ransom is, E296:T; 297:1; 299:4; doctrines must be tried and tested, E187:1; 295:2-3.

Old And New: Foster spirit of liberty, D306; Harp of God, F233:1; Lord’s two witnesses, C122:2; D652:T; Song of Moses and Lamb, F233:1; typical and real Kingdom’s representatives of, D652:T.

Writers: Actuated only by good motives, A39:1-40:1; claim Divine anointing, A59:1.
Misc.: Closes with grand allegorical prophecy of Millennial reign, A60:T; corroborates miracles of Old Testament, A61; harmonizes with Law and Prophets, A59:2; records fulfilled predictions of Old, A58-59; records how Jesus fulfilled predictions, A58:1; translated in Hebrew since 1878, B223:2; use of words “Lord” and “God” in, E69-71; writers of, base all hope upon resurrection, A60:1.

Writers: Miracles, united and interwoven with whole Bible, A61.
Misc.: Evidence of trustworthiness, A41-58; Hebrew version more reliable than Septuagint, B39:1; Septuagint version translated by Egyptians, B39:1; translations not exact or uniform in appellations of deity, E65-71.

Of Scriptures: Some denied by universal salvation, E467:2; united concerning fall and redemption, E405:2.
Meetings: Description, F314:5; profitable, F314:5.

Of Church: F78; Allowed by the permission of sin, E485:1; for their perfecting, F643-648:1; in harvest, C135:1; 213:2; is fit for fair testing, E408:1; of New Creature alone, not flesh, E117:2; similar to Lord’s, F66; symbolized in Pyramid, C332:1; 352:1; vs. testings of angels and world, F642:1; why necessary, F63- 65; 642; world’s disapproval one of, F132:2.

Copy of blanks used by, B328:1-2; his indulgences led to the Reformation, B327:2.

Would hold three times estimated number of race who have lived, A160:2-3.

Ailments received with, F634:1; martyrs, while dying by inches, often enabled to sing hymns of, B346:1; must largely take the place of requests, F685:2; Pentecost, a day of rejoicing and, among the Jews, B175:3; people’s Burnt Offering typified, prayers for ransom, T97:2; people’s Peace Offering, a willing, offering, T98:1; Pope Gregory XIII went in grand procession to thank God for victory and carnage over Waldensians, B339:1.

Israel’s government was, A46:1
Roman Church, had spirit of persecution in 1758, B349:T; Sons of the Prophets’ mess of pottage, B266:T.

Substituted for Word of God by nominal church, D161:1; systematic, erroneous doctrinal systems, D161:1; systematic, like Talmud, D64:T.

Of Eternal Torment: Annulled by doctrine of ransom, E441:1; 480:2.
Of Evolution: Denies fall into sin, E21:1; Peter taught opposite of, E23:1-2; very elect guarded against, E22:T.
Of Incarnation: Teaches Jesus still a spirit being while on earth, E94:T.
Of No-Ransom: Opponents of truth fear truth would condemn, E460:T.
Of Universal Salvation: Denies ransom, E466:1-467:2.
See Evolution, Theory.

And Christian Science, F624.

Arguments to, concerning the Lord’s Presence, B270:1-2; Second, written to correct error on Lord’s return, B268-270.

Day of Lord comes as, (1 Thes. 5:4), A318:3; 334:1; B21:T-22; C139:T; D582:2; 606:1; F95:2; 223:1; 226:T; 640:1; householder not know what hour, comes (Mat. 24:42), D611:1-3; Lord comes as, without outward observation, B142:2-143:1; 144:1; 148:T; 163:1; 168:2; 269:1; penitent, remembered in Paradise, F666:6- 669:8.

Manifestation of Christ’s resurrection to, B116:1; 125:1-3; 126:2; F208:3.

Paul’s: Imperfect eyesight a, in the flesh, F448:2; physical ailment permitted, F633:1; 649:T.
Misc.: Folden as, D267:1; 552:1.

Of Church: Bride’s constant, on Bridegroom, C199:T; heart loyalty means continual effort to bring, into subjection to Divine will, F136:2; put themselves under certain restrictions, limitations, bondage regarding words, conduct, F149:1; take no, for tomorrow, F572-573:2; unable to alter methods of, but able to regulate them, E253:T; unwilful blemishes of, part of original sin, E461:T.
Of God: Above man’s (Isa. 55:8-9), A10:1; 113:2.
Misc.: Bible not to be merely read, but to be studied with, A38:2; God can reproduce, in new brains so no lessons lost, E343:2.

Two Thousand Years: Wisdom waited, after ransom sacrifice to begin restitution work, E452:2.
Years: A, required for gradual blotting out of evil, A67:4; appointed for work of restitution to help overcome weaknesses and ignorance, E473:T; 477:1; for man’s judgment, E469:1; Great Physician to restore mankind to life during, E473:T; period most favorable for work of Millennial Kingdom, E470:T.
Misc.: Millennium signifies, A73:2; permission of evil for six, years, A94:1; 206:1; shall fall at thy side, C241:3; D592:1.

Marauders who leap over the, A315:2.

Of David: Jehoiachin not allowed to sit on, E132:1-3; Zedekiah not allowed to remain on, E132:1.
Misc.: Great Company, before the, A214:1; of God, not a material one, A92:2.

God’s judgment given through, A49:1; T91:2.

Sons of, James and John, F135.

Did not reign before Augustus’ death, B59:1; when became emperor, helps to establish date of Jesus’ birth, B58:3-58:4.

Acceptable: Now is, for sacrifice, A213:T; D621:1.
Due: Explains difficult texts, A107:3; key to understanding God’s plans, A105:1; ransom testified in, A105:1.
Features: Hidden from Satan, D611:3; if symbolic, 360 days, C64:6; related directly to nominal Israel, C150:1; revealed as due, B17- 24; types fulfilled on same day antitype is due, B180:2; why hidden in past, B25:1.
Of First Advent: Israel was looking for Messiah, E157:1.
Of The End: Consummation of God’s plan, B14:2-15:T; for revealing of God’s secrets, B18:T; revealed prophecies, not given to satisfy mere curiosity, B25:3.
Of Trouble: Day of Vengeance, E410:1; has begun, H3:3; Saints will escape, E410:1.
Misc.: And means, God a wise economist of, A73:3; combination lock, B24:T; correspondencies between Jewish and Gospel Ages, B210:T; day in Bible signifies period of, A138:4; B40:1; exceeding sinfulness of sin an object lesson for all, E416:1; God’s love acted in fulness of, E451:2; is short, F225:2; needed to develop fruits of the Spirit, E206:1; now at hand for culmination of Divine Plan, B13:1; object of, prophecies, B364:2- 365:1; period of wrath is 6,000 years, E410:1; redeem the, how to, E431:1; regulation furnished by manner of reckoning Jubilees, B175-187:2; set for every feature of God’s plan, B25:2; D546:2; seven trumpets, seven periods of, and events, B148:1; three questions in Lord’s Great Prophecy regarding harvest, D564- 565; used to represent a year, B89:1.
See Trouble, Time Of; End, Time Of.

And Seasons: Divinely appointed, B13-32; not for you to know (Acts 1:6, 7), A275:1; short in view of 7,000 years, F225:T-2.
Dispensation Of Fulness Of: Beginning of Christ’s reign for “Ages to Come,” A219:2.
Of Gentiles: (* Please see H:1 for correction by author) 1914: Anarchy will follow, C364:T*; complete destruction of powers that be in Oct., D622:2*; Day of Wrath closes with, B356:6*; defined, end in Oct., D616:4*; ended, H3:1; expect earthly phase of Kingdom in Oct., D624*; harvest progressing since, I1:3; Jewish State in Palestine not before, the full end of, D604:1*; lease of dominion ran fully out in, B170:2; terminus of, C126:T*; Time of Trouble culminates with end of in Oct., F579:2*; will expire in, C305:T.* 1915: Christendom’s destruction fully accomplished by, D111:1*; closing of the, B232:1; Israel not in full favor until after, B221:2; present governments must be overturned about, B232:1.* A definitely appointed limit, B78:2; at close, civil institutions must render accounts, D12:1; complete establishment of glorious Kingdom at end of, B366:T*; Day of Jehovah ends with expiration of, B250:2*; defined, A250:T; B73-102; events when expire, A251:1; fulness of Gentiles vs. times of Gentiles, B210:F; interval between typical and true Kingdom, B73:2; mistake not regarding ending of, but in parallels, H5:1*; not affected by ending of 6,000 years, B243:T; signifies a period of time Gentile nations control, H3:1; Time of the End, the end of, D36:2*.
Of Restitution: 6,000 years preparatory for, A158:T; act of free grace, A154:T; antitype of year of Jubilee, B181:T; 186-187.
BEGAN: At second advent, E23:1; Oct. 1874, B190:1; 194-196; 242:T; 363:1.
In its highest ultimate sense will be, E393:4; “In those days” (Jer. 31:39- 34), E332:3.
ISRAEL: First among nations, A294:1; return of favor to, B211:1- 2; 212:T.
Life-rights on Divine terms to be given to mankind during, E466:T; not instantaneous work, E477:1; referred to as Millennial Age, A71:2; 94:3; 241:2; E473:1; D311:2; F391:2; restitution life reckoned to Church, E145:2.
RESTORE: All lost in Adam, A236:1; earthly life lost by Adam, E145:3; man’s first estate and liberty, B178:1; to perfection, F40:2; T101:1.
Results from second presence, B172:1; Time of Refreshing, B182:1; E23:1.
Seven: 2520 years, explanation of calculation, B88-90; 93:T; could not be literal years, B89:2; 92:1; Nebuchadnezzar’s, literal years, B90:T-1; 95-97; of punishment upon Israel, B88:1.
Three And One Half: 1260 days or years, B91:1.
1260 YEARS: “Flood” marked beginning and end of, C67:1; from 539 A.D. to 1799 A.D., C58:2; 306:T; Miller’s application same, C86:2; of wilderness hiding, C65; period of Papacy’s power, C64:6; well marked at both ends, C82:2.
Misc.: And laws, Antichrist shall think to change, B310:3; 314:1; blood of red heifer sprinkled seven, T105:1; blood sprinkled seven, on Mercy Seat, T61:2; forgive seventy, seven, F417:1; in last days, perilous, C200:2.

And Paul, deacons of God and of New Testament, F252:1; circumcised, why, F226:1-227; James and all the elders laid hands on, F284:6; occupied position of general overseer or elder, F251:1; Paul’s advice to, for medicinal purposes, F653; served under Apostle Paul, F244:2.

Abraham paid to Melchizedek, C322:1; F72:1; by Jews as servants, in contrast to everything consecrated by sons of God, F345:2-346:2; church claims, requirement for world conversion, D244:2; Levi paid to Melchizedek (Heb. 7:9-10), B47:T; Levites supported by, A51:2-3; only for house of servants, F345:2; principle of no public collections and consecration of all, F339-347; when Israel came into land, based on strict equality, A51:2-3.

Blasphemous: Applied to pope, B307:T; 308:1-2.
Logos Of God: Very fitting, for work or office of our Master, E85:3.
See Son Of Man, Title.

Christian: General overseer of early Church, F249:1; Paul resisted having, a Greek, circumcised, F227:T; Paul’s charge to on selection of elders, F278:1-2; voted on to travel with Paul, F277:T.
Roman General: Laid siege to Jerusalem, D48:2; Roman Prince, B63:2.

Spirit of image exists in ten, A256:2; the last of Gentile power, D623:4.

Council Of: 630 A.D.; compelled kings to tolerate no heresy, B333:2.

More, for Sodom in Day of Judgment, A110:1; 111:1.

Redemption From: By Jesus’ sacrifice, E432:1-2.

Bridled in vain if we neglect heart, F409:1; elder not to be double, F249:1; influence for good or evil, F407:2-3; keep, from evil, A309:1; mischief-maker, F291:2; of flame on eleven apostles only, E180:1; 212:2- 213:2; 443:T; restrained and curbed through heart, F586:1-587:2; scattering kindness or poisonous seeds, F407-408.
SPEAKING WITH: For a sign, E180:1; keep silent unless interpreter present, F268:2.

Doctrine Of Eternal: Clergy reaction to attempted explanations of, D106:4-110; criticized, D106:3; 164:2; for “heretics” of Papacy, D159:3; stimulated desire to bring forth “children,” D576:1.
Hell Of: Delusion of Satan, E441:1; if wages of sin, Jesus would have experienced it to be our substitute, E480:2; not penalty, E422:1; 441:1; rich man in, represents Israel, E376:3-4; taught in error, E466:2; wrath of God not revealed in, but in undertaker’s sign, E409:1.
See Eternal, Torment.

Inquisitor General, caused 10,220 persons to be burned alive, B345:3.

Not in Scriptures, A128:1; 159:1; not penalty of sin, A127:3; 158:2.
See Torment.

Free: In England, D338:T; 354:1-2; 396:2; in Japan, D345:1-348:1.
Unions: Applied to all industries would create caste system, D506:T; beaten by capital, D350:2; ignore general causes of labor conditions, D506:T.
Misc.: Competition increased if general education of mechanics, D492:1; effect of middleman on, D375:1.
See Unions.

Church Overcomes: Command is “Come” out of bondage to human, C167:1; faith in God builds on Divine promises, not human, C689:1; Millerites blessed because learned to place Word of God above, of men, C118:3.
Negative Effects Of: Caused both houses of Israel to stumble, B241:T; Great Company in subject to fear of men and men’s, and opinions, T70:1; milk of Word greatly diluted by, C143:1; of men made void the Word of God, F664:1; wood, hay, stubble, errors and corresponding unstable characters, A321:T.
Misc.: Declares Paul was acquitted by Nero and had five years of liberty before death, F672:T; decrees of Papacy built upon, A23:1; expectations built on, instead of Scriptures, E158:1; no part of Jewish system, B201; taught by Pharisees, A55:1; venerable, seventh thousand year day will be great Sabbath Day, B39:2.

Explanation of vision, F675-677; Mount of, B255:2-20:1; Mt. Tabor, place of Lord’s, C45:3.

Of Character: A gradual bending heavenward of that which naturally bends earthward, A198:1-200; 202:1; be not conformed to world but, by heavenly influences, A203:1; by submission to God’s will, A203:1; difference between, and, of nature, A198:3; how done, A203:1; spirit of condemning impedes progress of, F404:1; where it comes from, E256:T.
Of: Caterpillars into butterflies, not changes of nature, A30:F; Golden Rule, F375-377.
MIND: Gradual, A200:1; increases certain duties to fellow men, F89:T; the beginning of change of nature, A202:1.
Nature begins with sacrifice of human will, A198:3.
Power Of:
HOLY SPIRIT: E183:1; weaknesses made strong by, E250:1.
Truth illustrated, F89:T.

Adam’s: Death result of, E380:2-3; wilful, E408:T.
Of Divine Law: Unwillingness to, is a witness of holy Spirit, E235:1.
Misc.: Fruitfulness in posterity no part of Adam’s, F41:2; infirmities of Jesus, the wounding for our, E122- 128; of Jews, redemption from, E437:1; punished swiftly in God’s Kingdom, D519:3; wilful, no pardon for justified class, E461:T.

Interpolation: Of 1 Jn. 5:7, E56-58.
Proper: Of Phil. 2:6 examined, E79:2-81:9; of name Jehovah feared by Trinitarians, E65:F.
Misc.: Over 200, of Bible (1886), A38:1; Hebrew New Testament, C223:1.
PAPACY: Condemned Wycliffe’s, Tyndale’s, and Luther’s, C319:3; prohibited, of Bible in vernacular tongues, D63:1; view of Protestant Bible translation is perversion of Bible, C322:3.
RHEMISH: Catholic, to counteract Protestant, C320:T; superseded by Douay, but less pointed, C320:1.
Septuagint and Hebrew compared, B39:1; Young’s and Leeser’s on Isa.
53:2-3; E156:1.
See Greek and Hebrew Word Index; Tischendorf.

Doctrine of, of souls, F622:5.

“Change of substance” in the Mass, C99:1; defined in Roman Catholic (American) Catechism, C100; doctrine of, at bottom of Papal persecution, C102:2; Luther denounced, in 1520 A.D., C109:2; removed continual sacrifice of Christ, C36:2.

“He shall see the, of his soul” (Isa.
53:11), E441:T; F50:T; 121:T; of Time of Trouble, D284:2; 548:2; on woman with child compared with Time of Trouble, A334:1-335:1; B21:T; D548:2; whole creation, Rom.
8:19-22, A98:2; 147:3; F77:1; 160:1; 181:1; 189:1; 460:1; 711:2; 718:2; T84:1; 89:T.

Earthly: Providing for our own not, F576:3-578:1; rich young ruler, F574-576:2; should plan for future, but not lay up earthly, F572:1-578:1; the heaping of, D274-283; vs. heavenly, F573:2-575.
Parable: Our Lord purchased mankind the, D648:1; of hidden, E440:1.
Truth: Not found on surface, A39:T; present truths are, new and old laid up for us, B165:T; search God’s Word as for hidden, A347:T.
Misc.: Earthly, as type of heavenly, B213:2; in heaven, A203:2; 340:T; is the Divine nature, T114:3; of new mind in earthen vessel, A200:1; 226:1; E195:3; 245:1; 306:1; F71:1.

In Eden: Life-sustaining grove, A209:1; E339:4; 400:2; F332:1; of knowledge, forbidden to eat of, A209:1; Satan’s suggestion regarding, F614:2.
Olive: Babylon to be cut down, not like the true, tree, C187:2; branches, wild and natural, C180:T; D651; F177:1; 433:T; meaning of, D650; Rom. 11:17, 24, D651:2; F432:1; root of Abrahamic Promise, C187:2; D651:2; typical and real Kingdoms, D651:2-3; Old Testament and New Testament (Zech. 4:3), D652:T.
Misc.: Almond, fruit buds before leaves, T122:2; as, falleth, so shall it be (Ecc. 11:3), A105:2; F714:1; fig, symbol of Jewish nation, D602- 604:1; green bay (Psa. 37:35), A68:T; of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream cut down, B93:2-95:1.

Council Of: Claimed exclusive right to interpret Scripture, B321:1-2.

Offering(s): For individual different than national sin offering, T96:T; males of priestly tribe ate, T102:3; peoples’, or sin offerings, T99-100.
Sins And: Ours imputed to Christ, E444:2; 461:1; still committed in Millennial Age, T94:1.
Misc.: Forgive our debts (Mat. 6:12), F403; if thy brother, against thee, F289-292:2; 414:2-415:3; of Israel was rejection of Christ, D557:3; unlimited forgiveness of, F417:1.

Of Adam: Adam was thoroughly fit for, E408:1; issues were life or death, E408:T; unjust if he was not capable of obedience, E408:T.
Of Church:
AND: Ancient Worthies more severe than world’s, A146:2; world’s contrasted, A146:2; 152:3-153:1.
Church is fit for fair testing, E408:1.
DESIGNED TO: Assist a brother to cor- rection, F414:2-417; be made perfect through suffering, E120:4; draw us near to Father, E227:1; test New Creature, not flesh, E117:2; work peaceable fruits of righteousness, F181:1.
Does not necessitate perfect knowledge or physical perfection, E479:1; fiery for Church, more crucial than for angels or world, F642:1-648:1; how to view, F646; intense at close of age, F192:T; not to expect freedom from, why, C210:1; F643-648.
OF: Ecclesia, how they are conducted, F415:3-416; individual members, predestined class, A193:2.
Occasions for overcoming, F183- 184; sin permitted for, D548:3; Spirit’s witness to, E231-232.
Of Doctrines: Must be tried and tested, E187:1; 295:2-3.
Of Jesus: His obedience needed to be tested, E118:3; 119:4; in opposing self-will gave him the victory, E112:1; obedience of Logos tested by plan for providing ransom, E485:1.
Of World:
IN MILLENNIAL AGE: F711:1-712:1; at least one hundred years of, A144:1; more favorable than Adam’s, A128:2; under New Covenant individual, A130:T; 143:2; will be fair, E408:1.
KNOWLEDGE: Given to world before, E479:1; knowledge of truth will help men make best possible use of new trial, E470:T.
No purpose for another, after Millennium, A151:1; whole human race represented in Adam’s, A140:1; word judgment includes idea of, A138:3.
Misc.: For life guaranteed by ransom, A150:1-151:1; one full individual, given to all, A242:T.

Judah And Benjamin: Held to promises, C251:T; 290:5-300.
Of Earth Will: Not see sign of presence, D599:3; will see clouds of trouble, D600:T.
Ten: Failed to return to Canaan because of unbelief, C250; House of Israel not merely, C293:1; were rent from Solomon’s line, E132:1.
Twelve: Faithful of, returned from Babylon, B206:1-2; C251:1; first called at Jacob’s death, A71:3.
Misc.: Gad returned to Jerusalem from Arabia, C273:T; of Judah, why pedigree kept, A42:1.

Great: A legitimate effect, D49-51; 525:2; distinguished from tribulation “of those days,” D583-584; of Gospel Age greater than Jewish Age, D529:2; religious systems overwhelmed in, D552:1; short, decisive conflict, D272:2; those who come through, D268:T; 577:2; 578:3.
Of: Great Company, F126:3-127; 707:2.
Tribulation Saints: Represented by lambs, D17:1.
Misc.: 1260 years of Papal power, D584:2; 585:2; blessed results of, more than offset trouble, B364:1; entire Gospel Age a period of, D584:2.
See Great Company.

Feared to translate Jehovah properly, E65:F.

Doctrine Of: A test of orthodoxy by Protestants, E64:2; arguments against, E54-55; 59-60:1; as taught in Catechism, E166:T; Bible teaches unity, not, E59:1; examination of Scriptures some use to teach, E65-82; false, E165:1; from Satan through Papacy, E60:2-63; 64:2; one of Satan’s dark mysteries, E61:T-1; Scriptures do not teach third person of, as another god, E224:2; spurious texts used to prove, E55:2-56:2; that holy Spirit cannot be a person shown in Eph. 5:18-20, E244:3.
Effect Of: Any disbelieving considered heretics by Church of Rome, E64:2; has led to wrong thought on holy Spirit, E165:1; has rendered much of Word of God of none effect, E166:T; held by many because of fear of eternal torture, E64:1; teaching of three equal gods denies teaching on one God, E55:1.
Not: Biblical, E54:1; 55:2-58:7; 75- 82:1; 165:2; implied by holy Spirit as Comforter, E204:1; reasonable, E60:2; 94:T; 165:2; 224:2; 244:3; 269:T; understood or explained and perplexing to Christendom, E54:1; 60:2.
Origin Of: Began in 2nd and 3rd century, E62:2; came from Gentile converts, E63:3; historian says, began in 4th century, E63:1-2.

Of Spirit Of Evil: Against faithful when they are slandered, E190:2; in crucifying Jesus, E190:2.
Of Spirit Of Holiness: Seeming defeat of, is actually a triumph, E191:1.

Causes Of: Antitypical Jubilee trumpet, B197:3; class struggle, A312:2- 315:1; 332:1; comes as natural result of sin, A308:2-309:1; differences between capital and labor, A313:2; elements now working, D13:1; increase of knowledge, A170:1-2; intensified by social conditions, D380:1; Lord’s presence, B100:1; 140:1-141:1; machinery vs. labor, D316-323; masses uprising, B140:1; natural causes, A325:1-333:2; retributive character of, D537:T; stockwatering, A329:2-330.
Effects On: Advantages of meek in, A334:T; all classes and nations, A316:T; D18:2; 68-73; 272:3; Babylon falling in, (figures “t,” “u” and “v” on Chart), A239:1; Great Company first to recognize Anointed in, B77:6; household of faith in harmony with discipline of, D14:1; instructions regarding hiding from, D540:1-2; Jehovah to fight against nations in, D650:T; judgment of, collective, D12:1; none will entirely escape, A334:T; present generation, D13:1; rich suffer most in, D273:T; selfishness prevents lessening of, B140:1; world after Babylon begins to fall, A241:1.
Jacob’s: Ancient Worthies appear at close of, D626:1; at end of Armageddon, J16:1 (1912); blindness of Israel removed in, D555:1; condition of Israel prior to, D554:2; God will reveal himself in, D555:1; Gog and Magog in, D554:2-3; revolution and anarchy conclude, D557:T; the time of, C286:2; D552-559.
Illustrated By: French Revolution, D531:1; Israel, a type, A315:1; on fleshly Israel type of nominal spiritual Israel, D568:3; two remarkable types of, D529-541.
Israel: Dwells safely in Palestine during, C277:4; of Jewish nation, A229:2; restored to God’s favor during, A241:1; upon Israel followed end of seventy weeks, B71:3; 233:2; 234:2.
Result Of: Blessings introduced by, D516:1; cleansing before healing, B197; closes Narrow Way, C208; destroys present order, A241; 271; 316:1; 332:1; 336:1; B76:1; 168:1; God’s Kingdom follows, D616:1; nations submissive after, D627:1- 628:3; needed to show man his need for God, A333:1; overthrow of present institutions, D617:T; purification of Levites in, A320:2; purpose of, D150:2; tares burned in, D578:2; to make ready for Millennial blessings, D627:1; to prepare world to gratefully accept Christ, B251:T; will end with Prince of Peace commanding peace, A171:1; will humble arrogant, D518:1.
Saints: All selected before “dark night,” C210:2; attitude and conduct in, A338-342; F608:T; bear witness to cause of, B141:1; bread and water sure, A338:2; Church completed and glorified during, A241:1; D530:1; delivered just before, D540:2; E358:1-2; elect will intervene in, D579:2; escape, how, A338:2; B162:2; C228:2-229; D516:1; E410; light bearers in, A341-342; B141:2; meaning revealed to, B30:2-31:1; 141:2; need not fear in, D45:2; not to alarm world respecting, F592:1; protected in, A338:2; persecution of, in, B261:3-264:1; 360:2-361:1; separate from both sides in, B360:1; serene in midst of, C229; some in flesh during, A338:2; C212:1; 228:2.
Symbols: Described in the book of Revelation with battle and winepress, A324:1-2; fire, A317:1; 318:1; night, D608:3; plowman, C216:2; storm, A322; 324:1; travail, comes in spasms, A334:1-335:2; D548:2; various used, J3:3; vivid descriptions of, by David in Psalms, A322:1; C229:1; voices and trumpets, B145.
When: At lapping of ages, D518:1; began October 1874, D604:2; began with nominal church, C343:T; beginning of Millennial reign, A336:2; 338:1; first on Christendom, finally on Israel, D552:2; follows Gospel Harvest, A238:2; forepart of Millennium, B33:1; harvest ends with and includes, C208; 210:2-211; D583:4; in the end of the Gospel Age, D570-574; in the end of the Jewish Age, D569-570; Kingdom of Christ begins with, E141:2; Millennial dawn, B40:2; D627:1; reign begins before, D622:3; time of transfer of dominion, A68:2-69:1.
Misc.: Approaching, inevitable, D13:2; bonds as good as gold and silver in, D329:T; character of, A313:1- 2; 316:1; end of, D556:2; Europe and U.S. facing, D442:3; four points of Mat. 24 and Mk. 13 regarding Gospel Age end, D570:4; just, D68-73; 518:1; 526:1; Lord’s opportunity, J4:3; no great human leader found in, D19:T; not a repetition of history, D414:1; not “tribulation of those days,” D583:4; Seventh Trumpet sounds throughout, A316:1; shown in Pyramid, C331:1; 341-343; so much greater than any previous revolution, A307:1; truth clarified in, E370:3; truth suppressed in, B262:2; 263.
SeeArmageddon; Time, Of Trouble.

Vine: Probationary members of, must have taken specific steps, E230:1.
See Vine and Branches, True.

Of God, Seventh Trumpet, A316:1; B147:3-149; 197:2.


SEVENTH: Mat. 24:31, D600-601:2; Trumpet, last trump, B197:2; sounding since Oct. 1874, D601:2.
Announces liberty in a time of disturbances, B197:2; antitypical, brings Time of Trouble, B197:3; in reform movements, B197:2-199.
Seventh: From Oct. 1874 to the end of Millennium, B148:1; D601:2; gathers elect out of Babylon, D601:2,3; harvest began with sounding of, D601:2; mystery of God finished during, A87:2; order of events under, D622:3-624; refers to Lord’s work, B148:T; symbolic, A316:1; sounds throughout Time of Trouble, A316:1.
Misc.: Not literal, D601:2; B145:1; 147:3; seven, blown during seven periods of time and events, B148:1; silver, Divine truth, F608:1; six refer to humanity’s doings, B147:3-148; voices and, explained, B145.

New Creatures: God implicitly, F90:1; in God made possible by knowledge of ransom, E464:1; in the Lord implies contentment, F565:1.
LEARN: Not to, themselves, F368:1; to, where cannot trace Him, F142:2.
Lift hearts to Lord in confidence and, desiring to learn lessons, F648:T; Lord to guide, teach and show truth, F331:2; none dare, unqualifiedly his own judgment of right and wrong, F351:1; receive with, whatever benefits or trouble Lord’s providence sends, F647:1; so fully, God that it will influence and shape course of life, F108:1; so implicitly as to shut out anxiety, F573:1.
Misc.: God seeks those who love and, Him, F142:2; Pharisees, in themselves, B83:3.

Development Of: D280:4; 330:3; 359:1; 368:2; 454-456; formed by corporations, D359:1; start and end of, D370:T-1; substituted for competitive system of industry, D454:2-456; why created, D330:3.
Effects Of: Become a menace to people, J4:2; D464:3: evils of, D359- 364:3; 365:3-369:3; 464:3; “licensed robbers” (news article), D365:3; “possessed of the demon of theft and murder” (news article), D366:1-2; profits of, D365:1,4; social reform and, D456:2; soon to control world, D369:T; wages affected by, D364:1; 369:T; warning of uprising against, D367:3.
Misc.: Coal, D363-364; 366:T; destroyed in “flood of fire,” D370:1; in England, D368:1-2; list of, D360- 363; mankind at mercy of, D369:1; ministers praise, D366:1; organized selfishness, D372:2; system pushed in U.S., D367:4.
See Giants; Corporations.
TRUTH(S) Characteristics Of: Alone can stand searching examination, E167:1; antidote for fear, E196:3; 197:T; Author of, Jehovah, E267:T; channel of the holy Spirit, E265:2-266; develops wheat, C146:2; 154:2; gathers into Christ, D609-610; is reasonable, E88:1; knowledge of, test of hearts, F96:T; sanctifies, E65:T; F137:2- 139; spirit of, E203:1; too deep for human origin, B15:2; will ultimately prevail, E65:T; Word of God called, why, E183:5.
Dispensational: A24:1; 74:3; B31:1; failure to rightly divide leads to confusion, A216:1; only meat for those prepared to receive, B14:1; present, A10:2; progressive light of, A11:2; 21-28:1; respecting Divine Plan and presence, a test of heart condition, F95:2; revealed only as due, A25:3- 27; B17:3-22:1; summarized, A343- 345; when due, meat, A349:1.
In Gospel Age: Covered in prophecies exclusively for Christian Age, A26:T; feeble light in past, A21:4; neglected by early Church, results, A22:2-24; only for Church, B169:2; 123:2; C123:2; sown by Lord and apostles, E266:3; 295:2.
In Harvest: Channel of, no longer Christendom, C151:2-152:T; 154:2; Divine providence over U.S. in interests of, D143-145:1; does separating work, B28:1; 236; C149:3; 183; 215:1; 216:1; effects of preaching, C182-183; favorable for spread of, B257:3-258:1; made plain on tables, B14:2-15:1; C92:3; saints not now hindered from understanding all, D605:2; separates earnest and humble, B28:1; separating work of present, D609:4; served by Lord, B170:3; sickle of both harvests, A238:2; 240:1; B150:1; 190:1; 233:2; C139:1; 141:T; sickle and test of faithfulness, B29:T; will do the separating, B236:1; understood, every feature to be, B18:T.
In Millennial Age: All men to be saved and come to, E466:1; and righteousness established after Judgment Day, D165:5; for all in due time, E401:2; 475:1; 479:1; revival of, in Kingdom, D638:4; will be free and common to all, E220:2; will help men make best use of new trial, E470:T; will rule, E220:2.
In Time Of Trouble: Against error in the battle of the great day, D541:2; clarified, E370:3; opposed during Babylon’s rise to power, J3:2; suppressed by the clergy, C231:2-3; suppressed, B262:2-263; C231:2-3; to smite every evil system and custom, B101:3.
Of Ransom: Error tested by, E295:3-297:1; F640:T; K1:3; guide in discriminating between, and error, E15; 21:2; key to test, E296:T; 297:1; 299:4; K1:3.
Of Second Presence: Necessary, B28:2; on every subject manifests Lord’s, B165:1; D598:7; to penetrate every subject during bright shining, B358:4.
Opposition To: Nominal leaders, B237:1; F629:1; persecution in U.S.
possible, B263:2; science and education used as weapons, F658:1; sects unite in, C141:T.
Responsibility: All consecrated ministers of, E274:2; brings responsibility, A349:1; F129:2; 130:T; 719:1; 720:T; dispensing of food to household, D613-614; individual responsibility for learning, D66:1; obedience to, before more given, A278:2; opponents figuratively stone all who accept it, E91:T; those who fear it would condemn their “no-ransom” theories, E460:T; witnessing to, part of Church’s mission, E294:2.
Seekers: Beauty of, not seen by sinful heart of fallen nature, E161:1; causes of ignorance of, B23:1; comprehended by faith, A20:2; deep, for whom, how comprehended, E192:1; 279-280:1; F118:1; gradually built up, B14:1; gradually unfolded, A26:1; C123; honesty necessary to progress in, F263:2; how obtained, A11; B27; E238:2-239:2; must harmonize every Bible statement, B143:3; 144:T; New Creature desires guidance of holy Spirit into all, E184:T; not sought by masses, D163:2.
ONLY: A remnant prepared to receive, B26:2-27; for faithful, A349; B21-22:1; for humble and holy, C86:1.
Revealed by Spirit, E201:2; 279- 280:1; searching beam of, causes confusion amongst men, D583:1; statements to be verified by Scriptures, B171:1-172; storehouse, God’s Word, A24:2-25:1; study of, necessary to victory, E204:3-205:1; to whom God sends, D609:T; two methods of seeking, A11:2; under stood by faith, A20:2-21:1; what is our object, A11:1-12:1.
Spirit Of: Came first upon Jesus, E189:2; came on Church at Pentecost, E189:2; Christ produced by knowledge of, D582:T; comes through Word of God, E204:3; 242:1; comforts, E268:1; defined, E183:5; encourages and restrains, E255:3; expounded spiritual truths to disciples after Atonement, E266:1; guides into all truth, E265-266; how attained, E205:2; New Creature desires guidance of holy Spirit into all, E184:T; not same as knowledge of Word of God, E205:2; not to be confused with gifts and fruits of Spirit, E205:3; receiving, meaning of, E205:2; strengthens for overcoming, E242:1; transforming power of, E183:6; truth itself main channel of, E203:1; washing by, E244:T; when he, is come, E170:3; 265:2-266; will reprove world, A266:2; E191:4; 291- 294.
Symbolized As/By: “Breath of his lips,” D18:3; carcass, D610-611; gold, silver, A240:1; 320:3; B171:1; F608:1; gold vessels, C120:3; 187:1; hail, A20:2; 231:3; hidden in symbols, B169:1-2; light, C93:1; 194:1; D609:T; oil, C92:1; 93:1; 194:1; rod of his mouth, D18:3; scourge, C151:T; 189:2-3; silver trumpets, F608:1; standard (Isa. 13:1), D40:2; sword, B101:T-3; 147:2; vessel, C187:1; water, A302:1; wine, C160- 161:1.
Tests Of: A different mode of warfare, B100:2; after receipt of, wilful sin leaves no more sacrifice for sins, E474:T; compromising, D187-193; covered or mixed by error in creeds, A24:2; danger of trifling with, F263:2; error substituted for, by sects, A23-24; C181:3; D63-65; every item of, important; smallest error, injurious, F327:3; hidden by extremes of error, E296:2-3; if neglected, it is useless to pray for the Spirit, E225:2; knowledge of, without Christ’s spirit dwarfs New Creature, F319; must be loved more than peace, B237:T; neglect of, resulted in Papacy, A22:2- 23:1; on every subject shall judge men, B147:2; once held by all who cast off wedding garment, C203:2- 204:1; persecution for, witness of Spirit, E235:2-236; those not accepting, blinded, B28:2; trials, siftings, delusions closest to one’s possessing largest degree of present, D581:2.
See Truth, In Harvest.
Misc.: Begotten of, E183:5-6; Church guided into, by holy Spirit, A21:2; 22:1; deserters of generally Universalists, F629:2; deserters of not to be fellowshipped, F630:T; historic, prophetic, scientific, in Pyramid, C314:3; knowledge of “that servant” dispenser, not author of, D613:4; Protestants have made little progress in, A23:1; Satan blinds to, E61-62:1; F616:2; those in present, waiting for consummation of matters, D605:T.
See Spirit, Of Truth.

Compensation for debt of, C290:1; condition of, C262:2-3; England assumed protectorate over, B218:2; C260:2-261:2; Sultan of, afflicted with melancholia, D82:2; Turks tortured and killed Armenian Christians, D89:1.

Adam and Eve were one and not, A124:T; when made, God called their name “Adam,” T101:T.

Translation of Bible condemned, B319:3.

Nations: Babylon, of nominal systems, A313:1; Egypt, of world, A313:1; Israel often, of world justified, A313:1; Israel was a, E417:1; Jewish nation, of Christian Church, A221:4.
People: Isaac, of Jesus’ sacrifice, A155:1; Joshua, David, Solomon, of great deliverer, A79:1; Moses, of glorified Church, D630:2; Moses and Law Covenant, of Christ and New Covenant, D629-631; priest typified Jesus when presenting merit of sacrifice to God, E449:3; Sarah, Abraham, Isaac, were, A85:T.
Sacrifices: All point to Jesus, A157:2; blood of bulls and goats, E442:2; foreshadowed God’s love, E451:1; gave typical justification, A229:1; show ransom paid to God via priest representing Jesus, E449:3.
Misc.: Antitypes fulfilled on larger scale than, B180:2-181; continually repeated until antitype appears, B174:1; human races, various, explained, F42:F; in Jubilees of Jewish law, B173:2-190:1; keeping of, not a fulfilling of them, B174:1; not every Bible character and incident a, B174:T; of fleshly and nominal spiritual Israel’s trouble, D568:3; God will not coerce in use of, F174:2- 175.

And Sidon, seaports of activity and wealth, C262:2; siege of by Alexander the Great, C26:5; strong ones of earth, Psa. 45:12-17, C193:T.

In A God: Is because of the sophistries of Satan, E18:3.
Israel: Entered not into God’s rest because of, F392:T.
GOD: Hath concluded them all in, Rom. 11:32, F178:1; 355:1; willing and able to graft in again if continue not in, A299:1.
Natural branches cut off because of, A292:3; not obtain what they sought because of, A298:1; ten tribes strayed from two, a sign of infidelity and, C251:T.
Nominal Church: After its fall from favor and being mouthpiece, will settle into, C167:2.
Misc.: Spirit of error leads to, E199:1; Tabernacle Court, linen curtain a wall of, T18:1.

Jesus made a perfect man, undefiled, spotless, A129:T; E97:3; 106:1; 118:2; 440:1.

God is, A155:1.

At Memorial, distinction between consecrated and, F473:T; “Holy” condition beyond sight of world and, T21:T; influence of consecrated parent offsets and overrules influence of, to child, F532:1; not to mate, child with one who is consecrated, F559:T; one parent consecrated and one, does not alter Divine arrangement in respect to headship, F533:T.

From: Holy Spirit, E281-287:1; the Holy One, E280-282; F261:1.
Misc.: Evidence of anointing, F262:T; Greek word chrisma, significance, E281:3-282.

Jesus: Mediator of Atonement, E97- 106; was different from other men, unblemished, and spotless, E107:2; 118:2; 440:1.

Of Royal Priesthood: Apostle Paul felt spirit impel him to tell of ransom for all, E488:1; are by nature children of wrath, E487:3; like High Priest Jesus, each must realize the leadings of holy Spirit in ministry of reconciliation, E488:T; must suffer for righteousness’ sake because sin abounds, E489:3.

Brought by holy Spirit, E279:2- 280:1; many cannot, how Jesus was separate from sinners, E95:2; meaning of redeem requires holy Spirit, E431:4; natural man cannot, New Creature, E202:1; only in light of parousia of Son of Man has the holy Spirit been understood, E165:1; ransom doctrine helps us, God’s laws, E440:T.

Sign Of: Reveals wrath of God, E409:1.

After World War, problem of nations, J2:2; caused by labor-saving machinery, A328:1-3; conditions universal, D381-384; effects of in U.S., D377- 380; natural result in day of trouble, A314.

Ambassadors: New Covenant, E490:3.
Branches: Can be cut off, E231:T.
Nominal Church: Church of Rome in, alliance with earthly empire called a harlot, C42:F; to measure of truth retained, D159:1.
Servant(s): And hypocrites will scoff during second presence, B167:1; if wise servant, disposed of, put into outer darkness and replaced, D613:3; not aware of second presence until intense fire of trouble commenced, B165:T.
Virgins: After general call ceased, faithful virgins still being sealed and separated from, C220:3; second presence separates and proves faithful from, C192:2; though foolish, may lose Divine nature, not mean eternal torment, F75:1.
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