Topical Index for Studies In The Scriptures and other helps

“All scripture given by inspiration of God is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” II Timothy 3:16

Published in 2005

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Publishers’ Foreword

We are happy to provide this book of study helps to the STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES and TABERNACLE SHADOWS. Included are a General Topical Index; Tischendorf’s Footnotes; Scriptures Quoted, but Not Cited; Parallel Reprint Articles to Forewords; and Supplementary Indexes of Biblical Names, Secular Names, Places, Dates, and Greek and Hebrew Words.

The major portion is the topical index which involves more than a word index. For example, citations are included under the heading Sanctification, where Br. Russell deals with the subject but does not necessarily use the word sanctification. Of course, it would be impossible for all minds to agree that every citation given is relevant to the topic under which it is listed. All we can hope to accomplish is that the majority of citations will be meaningful to all.

Although not directly related to the Six Volumes, the section on Tischendorf is invaluable to Bible Students. Br. Russell published both the DIAGLOTT and THE NEW TESTAMENT WITH READINGS OF OLD MANUSCRIPTS, with Tischendorf’s footnotes on each page. The footnotes contain all the Sinaitic, Vatican 1209 and Alexandrine manuscript readings that corrected the King James text. THE NEW TESTAMENT WITH READINGS OF OLD MANUSCRIPTS was never republished after Br. Russell’s death. This is the first major effort to provide these invaluable early manuscript readings for the Bible Students.

We trust these study helps will assist all who seek to study to show themselves approved unto God.

Bible Students Congregation of New Brunswick


A = Volume One
B = Volume Two
C = Volume Three
D = Volume Four
E = Volume Five
F = Volume Six
:F = Footnote
G = Volume One Foreword
H = Volume Two Foreword
I = Volume Three Foreword
J = Volume Four Foreword
J (1912) = Volume Four 1912 Foreword
K = Volume Five Foreword
L = Volume Six Foreword
M = Tabernacle Shadows Foreword
T = Tabernacle Shadows
:T = Top of Page