2 John


This epistle was written to a private individual. What is true of one individual, however, would be true of a number of individuals in the Church of Christ, since we are members of the body. QB41:3

2 John 1

2 John 1:1

The elder -- John was an Apostle, but to be such he must be recognized as an elder in the Church. F244

Unto the elect lady -- A letter from John to a private individual. What is true of one individual, however, would be true of a number of individuals in the Church of Christ, since we are members of the one Body. Q41:3

2 John 1:6

After his commandments -- "As many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God." (Gal. 6:16) R1589:5

2 John 1:7

Are entered -- Went forth. (Diaglott) R1994:1*

Is come -- Greek, erchomia. R909:4

Greek, erchomenon. R1993:6*

Did come. (Diaglott) R909:1*, 1993:6*; E299

Not "is coming." R143:6, 149:1

The construction of the Greek signifies a past coming. R909:4

A "coming in the flesh" already in the past, and having no reference whatever to a future event. R909:5, 293:4*, 148:3*

The context proves beyond peradventure that an occurrence of the past is referred to. E298

In the flesh -- Infidels in common with Jews deny that Jesus came in the flesh. In the early days of the Church before false christs and false systems had come in, it was more easy to define a Christian than now. R143:6

Antichrist -- The counterfeit nominal system, the "Man of Sin"--an organized body. No reference to a sinful individual. R980:2

See comments on 1 John 4:1-3.

2 John 1:8

A full reward -- The high calling, joint-heirship, the Kingdom, the divine nature. R4079:4

Only the "more than conquerors," will gain the prize. The faithful are but a Little Flock, heirs of the Kingdom, joint-heirs with their Redeemer. R4078:3, 4079:1; SM261:1

It is proper that every child of God should look to it that he win the great prize, that he be not one of those merely "saved so as by fire." (1 Cor. 3:15) NS506:1

It is in great mercy that the Lord will deal with the Great Company. These will be saved with the lesser salvation--on the spirit plane, but not as partakers of the divine nature, nor joint-heirs with Christ. R4079:1, 5949:6

Those who do all they have covenanted to do receive the full reward. R5949:6

2 John 1:9

Transgresseth -- Whoever commits wilful sin unto death it will surely become manifest outwardly--by their lips, if they are doctrinal transgressions, or by their immoralities if they have turned to walk after the flesh. F302

Abideth in -- One cannot be in Christ without being in his doctrine. R811:4*

Doctrine of Christ -- That the Son of man came to give himself a ransom for all. R3142:6, 5948:5, 1482:5*, 1453:4 Teachings of the Bible. R5052:6

The word of God and the doctrine of Christ are identical. R811:4

The Father -- The world may not call God Father, but we "have received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry Abba, Father." (Rom. 8:15) R520:6

The Son -- Who are made nigh by the blood of Christ and have made a covenant of self-sacrifice. R520:6

2 John 1:10

Come any unto you -- A man, or a paper, professing to be a teacher. R1453:4

As a would-be teacher of the flock. R3142:6

Among those whom we bid God-speed as faithful brethren in Christ, it is our duty to judge as to whether they are still faithful when the magnet of truth makes their judgments so manifest in this day of the Lord. R1362:5

Bring not -- Bring any other doctrine. R753:6

Not pointing to Christ as the door to the sheepfold, but trying to teach men how to climb up some other way. R3200:4

Those who wrest (twist) the Scriptures and thus turn the truth of God into a lie. R1575:3

This doctrine -- The confession that Christ came into the world in the flesh to redeem our race, etc. R3035:1

To discern between truth and error, we ought to know what we believe and why we believe it, then be bold and uncompromising in declaring it. R3200:5 Those who have real and sincere faith in God are willing to take him at his word; and with these the first principles of the doctrine should long ago have been established. R3200:4, 3034:6

Not referring to slight differences of understanding, but radical differences, all of which may be quickly proved by the test of the ransom doctrine. R5949:1, 3034:6, 1860:6

A false gospel. R2675:3

Doctrinal disorders are among the chief. R1575:3

There is generally less danger from immoral persons who desire fellowship than from those who become doctrinally corrupted. R1453:5

Receive him not -- These should be considered and treated as of the world; not to be numbered among our friends, for the friendship of such is enmity against God. R5949:2, 1861:1

For those whom we recognize as being doctrinally astray from the foundation principles of Christ very drastic measures are appropriate--a proper showing of our disfellowship with the false doctrines taught. R3035:1

A proper protection so that our influence shall not be in any manner or degree used to uphold the denial of the fundamentals of the Gospel. R3035:1

It is an ignoble, compromising spirit that is unwilling to forego the friendship of those who oppose the Lord by opposing the truth. R3200:4

Those who would affiliate with those who commit wilful sin unto death, would be accounted as taking their places as enemies of God and as partaking of the evil deeds or doctrines, as the case might be. F302

Not referring to those who never knew the truth, but those who have known it and have been blessed by it, and who have afterward turned away from it. R1589:4

"Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." (Eph. 5:11) R1320:5, 1482:5*, 1453:5, 753:6

Into your house -- Be careful not to entertain, not to assist. R2675:3, 5949:2, 1861:1

Neither bid him -- Nor his work. R5949:2, 1861:1

We are to love righteousness and hate iniquity and oppose it, even to the extent of refusing to fellowship with those who continue not in the doctrine of Christ. R1254:5, 753:6

God speed -- Some who have neglected the plain statement of God's Word on this subject have suffered spiritually for their disobedience. R5949:2, 1861:1

Or in any way encourage or approve, any person or journal which denies that we were "reconciled to God by the death of his Son," (Rom. 5:10) who gave himself a ransom for all. R735:6, 1453:2

Except we judge of one's course by his fidelity or infidelity to the truth, we shall be endorsing error quite as often as truth. R1362:5

2 John 1:11

Biddeth him God speed -- To encourage or assist. R1712:3, 735:6

Or who even indirectly helps to spread the "damnable heresy" (2 Pet. 2:1) that we were not bought by the Lord. R3142:6, 2675:3

When we meet false, seductive teaching, we must without strife and to the best of our ability unmask it and be careful neither in word nor deed to wish it God speed. R3185:3, 3035:1, 1320:5

To claim a generosity and benevolence beyond that expressed in the Word of God, is to assume superiority to God, and is very un-Christlike. R764:5

Is partaker -- To endorse one who is pursuing the path of darkness is to add our influence, in some measure, at least, to the error and in opposition to the truth, and we thus become partaker of the evil deeds. R1362:5

He who sympathizes with the evil doer whom God condemns, is partaker of his evil deeds. R764:5, 1712:3

It is the duty of under-shepherds to protect the flock from deceptive wolves, as well as to feed them meat in due season. R3142:6, 1712:3, 1589:2

Deeds -- Work of him who publicly and openly does so. R3142:6