This page is to provide access to CT Russell's publications or related materials in file formats compatible with the free (MS Windows) e-Sword Bible program.

If you do not have e-Sword installed you can download the current version of the program from the website.

If you have e-Sword 9 or up installed use the links below to install the associated files. Depending on the configuration of the browser you are using you may be able to install the associated files directly from this web site. If your browser does not support this function you will need to save the installation files to your local computer and run each from that location.


All installation files linked below will install a file (or files) to the e-Sword program directory. If you are running the 64 bit version of Windows you will need to make sure the files install to the "C:\\Program Files(x86)\e-sword" program directory. If you are not sure whether or not you are running the 64 bit version Windows then when you are prompted in the installation process to select the destination location click the "Browse" button and if you see "Program Files(x86)" in the list of folders select the folder and click "Ok". Otherwise click "Cancel" to accept the default folder "C:\\Program Files\e-sword".

You must have e-Sword version 10 and up to take advantage of the new "Reference Library" feature. Otherwise the files noted as "Reference Library Files" will show up as editable e-Sword Topic Note files. If you have version 10 and you would still like any of these files to appear as editable e-Sword Topic Note files then install the file to the e-Sword folder under "My Documents".

Reference Library Files (Click the Reference Library tool bar icon or use the menu option "Tools / Reference Library..." to access these publications).
6 Volumes of Studies in the Scriptures and Tabernacle Shadows

Zion's Watchtower and Herald of Christ's Presence (1879-1916)

What Pastor Russell Wrote for the Overland Monthly

What Pastor Russell Said (Question Book)

Pastor Russell's Sermons

Commentary File
Expanded Biblical Comments

Dictionary Files
New Brunswick Topical Index

ZWT Topical Index

Devotional Files (Use the e-Sword menu option "Tools / Daily Devotions..." to access these publications)
Daily Devotions (Manna, Songs in the Night, Resolve, Vow)