This page is to provide access to the CT Russell publications and related materials in a search application that can be used on a personal computer running any of the following operating systems: Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

Java Requirement
A Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.7 or higher, is required. Use the option below for your computer's operating system to make sure you have the latest version of Java installed before you attempt to install and run the Truth Search Tool application.

- Windows:
- Linux: In the official software repository of your distribution.
- OS X:

The Truth Search Tool application uses the same installation file for Windows, Linux and the Mac OS X operating systems. After completing steps 1 and 2 follow the additional instructions below on how to start the application based on the operating system you are using.

1. Download the installation file: Truth Search Tool zipped application folder (The file is 108 Mb and could take a while to download)

2. Extract the folder to your local hard drive or to a USB thumb drive.

Note: if you are not sure how to complete step 2 above then search Google on how to extract a zipped folder using your specific operating system. For example: "extract zipped folder using Windows" or "extract zipped folder using Linux" or "extract zipped folder using OS X"

Operating system specific start instructions
Windows: Double-click truthsearchtool.exe in the TruthSearchTool folder to start the application. Alternatively, right click on truthsearchtool.exe and then left click the menu option Send To > Desktop (create shortcut). After that you can double click the truthsearchtool.exe shortcut on your desktop to start the application.

1. One time setup - Set the permissions property on the file in the TruthSearchTool folder to run as an application.
2. One time setup - Send a link to the file to your Desktop.
3. Double click the link that is on your Desktop to start the application.

Note: The above only works if the files are on a local hard drive. If the file opens up in a text editor instead of launching the application or if you desire to run the application from a USB thumb drive you will need to open the TruthSearchTool folder in a terminal window and type ./ at the prompt to launch the application.

MAC OS X: Launch the program by double-clicking on the application bundle in the TruthSearchTool folder.

Application Help
Once you install and start the application on a local computer you will find links within the application on searching, setting preferences, general information and to the embedded CT Russell files. Additionally, you will find a TST_Help.pdf file in the TruthSearchTool application folder with screen shots explaining the basics to the interface and navigating search results.